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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  July 4, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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get it done, both sides. >> reporter: but by lunch break, union negotiators said talks were deteriorating. >> it's not going good. bart wants to impose. bart wants to force a contract. they want to keep us out on strike. they think the public's going to completely turn. >> reporter: union leaders rallied striking workers hoping to keep spirits up. [ chanting ] >> we will fight for the rights of working people, will we not? >> yes! >> reporter: the union's chief negotiator greeted picketers. its their fourth day without a paycheck and it's starting to hurt. >> thank you, guys, thank you. i don't know what we would do if you weren't out here on the 4th of july keeping strong. >> reporter: breaking their silence, union negotiators say bart management continues to ignore safety issues in the talks and say bart will use unfair tactics. >> they can try to reach impasse with us and say we're walking away from the table. that's it, we're ready to do nothing else, and then impose the terms of the contract.
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we believe that's what them and their union-busting consultants -- they have hired union- busting consultants -- want to do. >> reporter: a bart spokesman denied talks have gotten to that point. >> we are diligently working to reach a fair contract for our workers, whom we appreciate, and to come to some agreements that will allow us to do what we need to do for the future of bart. >> reporter: striking workers are frustrated. >> i want to go back to work. i'm sure the bay area is tired of it, too. i don't know. it's a mess. this is my fourth contract and this is the worst i've seen. >> reporter: well, the union leaders say they do like having these new state mediators in the negotiations. they are working well. but they insist that bart management isn't doing their part. both sides, however, allen, are committed to being here as long as it takes. >> it could be a long weekend. all right, linda, thanks so much. bart provided free shuttle buses again to san francisco for the holiday. but today it was a case of more
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buses than riders. now, the short lines in walnut creek this morning were in stark contrast to the long lines that we've seen the past three days. buses will be available for return trips until 6:00 tonight. ac transit is beefing up its service for the holiday. the nl and f lines are running every 15 minutes to accommodate people going to fireworks events. service goes back to normal tomorrow. however, add midnight, extra buses will be added to the 800 line from san francisco to the east bay for the onslaught of people going to ballgames, the america's cup and other weekend festivities. kpix 5 has continuing coverage of the bart strike and negotiations. we have posted a strike survival guide with commute alternatives on you can also sign up to get a text alert when the strike ends from kcbs radio. new at 5:00, the bay area heat intensifies the fire in los altos forcing a call for extra firefighters. [ coughing ] >> flames broke out just before 2:00 on j street on the
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mountain view in los altos -- [ coughing ] >> a fence in between two homes caught fire and was spreading quickly to both houses. 45 firefighters were able to contain the damage to one home. a san francisco police officer credited with saving the life of an elderly woman whose apartment caught fire this afternoon. the officer was responding to a different call in japantown when someone flagged him down. he got the woman out in time but suffered some heat exhaustion in the process. both are expected to be okay. when you combine extreme heat will legal fireworks, you have a recipe for disaster. kpix 5's mark sayre is in gilroy just one community with strict rules for anyone thinking of setting off their own displays tonight. mark. >> reporter: well, elizabeth, gilroy is the only city in santa clara county and one of few in the bay area that allows safe and sane fireworks for sale and use. you can see this particular fireworks display being heavily promoted by a group of cheerleaders. but fire and police officials are very concerned about
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tonight and they are going to be on the lookout for violators. >> two bags. >> okay. >> and one family fun pack. >> reporter: the fireworks are flying off the stands in gilroy. >> the big one and -- >> reporter: customers say you can never have too much fire power on the 4th of july. >> a thrill just to see it right in front of your eyes light up and explode. it's all inside of us to see something explode and light something up. >> did you need any sparklers? >> reporter: but fireworks sales are serious business. all stands must display these signs which make it clear that any fireworks purchased in gilroy must be used in gilroy and are illegal elsewhere in the county. >> see your id? >> reporter: merchants say they get plenty of questions but say there's not much they can do about where somebody uses the fireworks after the sale. >> can we take them to the beach, to san jose? we say no. we have limits, you have to do
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it within the city limits. >> reporter: with the brush extremely dry due to low rainfall this past winter, combined with the weak-long heat wave, cal fire is very concerned about fireworks. >> everything is dry, very receptive to starting fires. >> reporter: the battalion chief says it doesn't take much to ignite a serious and potentially deadly fire. >> this year in particular with the shortage of rainfall that we have, the likelihood of fire starting due to careless acts with fireworks whether they're safe and sane fireworks or not are highly probable. >> reporter: but those who plan to use their fireworks legally are looking forward to tonight's celebrations. so you see the real fireworks and then have your own fireworks, two fireworks celebrations? >> that's it. >> reporter: now, here in gilroy and throughout santa clara county, cal fire plans to be out tonight with citizen volunteers looking for both illegal use of legitimate fireworks and also illegal fireworks. anyone caught could face a fine
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or be sent to county jail. reporting live in gilroy, i'm mark sayre, kpix 5. a very hot 4th of july in parts of the bay area. but relief is in sight. live look from our sutro tower camera in san francisco. roberta gonzales has our fireworks forecast. hi, roberta. >> reporter: hi there, liz. and good evening, allen. and hello, everybody. happy 4th of july. let's head to marina green where currently, it is 73 degrees. typically this time of the year it is 67 degrees. we're seeing a bit of a robust sea breeze out of the west about 5 to 15 miles per hour. the folks are now beginning to camp out for their particular location for the viewing of tonight's fireworks right here in the city by the bay, usually hampered by a thick deck of low clouds and fog commonly referred to as marine layer. but that will not be so much the case tonight. right now 73 degrees, clear skies in san francisco. it's 85 degrees at this hour in oakland. mid-80s in san jose. and away from the bay due east
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we are still talking triple digits. so far today 102 degrees in livermore. 90s in santa rosa. here you go, your fireworks forecast. mid-60s in san francisco. we'll have some patchy coastal fog at the seashore gradually trickling into the bay towards the tail end of the fireworks. and we are going to talk about the cooling trend that's moving this way. the day to anticipate it is all coming up later on in this newscast. >> thank you. a new interim president and suspended constitution leave egypt in a state of limbo tonight. the country's senior judge was sworn in today as the interim leader after the military ousted president mohamed morsi. thousands of morsi protestors celebrated while his supporters demanded that he finish his term. the major power shift has u.s. leaders treading cautiously. >> defense minister and the military has to show us and the world that they are making a
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rapid transition back to democracy. >> the obama administration's careful not to identify the military takeover as a "coup." if they do, they have to end the $1.3 billion aid to egypt every year. there was a sudden end to a study abroad trip for uc students. don knapp just spoke to the mother of one of those students from the bay area. >> reporter: parents come to sfo to welcome their kids home safe and sound from egypt will no doubt be very happy to see them. but the kids ending their summer vacation adventure so soon, it may not be what they wanted for the summer. lisa was watching events unfold in egypt and worrying about her son alex. she learned before he did that his group would be evacuated and told him on facebook. >> he said seriously lame. i'm going to check my email and talk to my teacher. he didn't know about it. >> reporter: after the military
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gave president mohamed morsi 48 hours to get out, she was worried as her son was being evacuated getting a glimpse of the crisis. >> the only thing i heard he called me when was on the van going to the airport. and i heard shouting. >> reporter: 8 students from uc- davis, alex from uc-santa cruz and the teacher have been planning their trip to egypt since the first of the year. they arrived for a month long stay. they were having a good time. >> before that, they managed to climb up here, ride some camels, go on a boat cruise. >> reporter: she was given surprised given egypt's instability that uc went ahead with the trip. was he frightened for his safety? >> no. >> reporter: were you? >> yes. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the students apparently were reluctant to leave and u.s. authorities had to prompt them to get out. >> sent out another note that said, this evacuation is mandatory.
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nobody can stay there. >> reporter: so the students want d to stay to stay? >> uhm, he was hoping to go to europe and stay there. >> reporter: summer in europe may not be a bad alternative to the summer in crisis in egypt. reporting live at sfo, don knapp, kpix 5. >> the students paid a little more than $4,000 each for the trip. the u.s. government picks up the tab for the evacuation. poison meatballs making bay area dogs sick. >> i almost fainted when i saw my dog go into seizures. >> why police think pets are being targeted. why owners should be watching out for. >> i'm addicted to the america's cup. it's like taking heroin. >> talk about a racing rush. the excitement and controversy as america's cup finally kicks off. [ drumming ] >> the bay area bursting with red, white and blue. the record broken in one of today's patriotic parades.
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kpix 5's mike it's finally here. today's the america's cup park officially opened to the public for the first time. >> lots of fun. kpix 5's mike sugerman there for the big summer racing kickoff and things still looking good for sunday's louis vuitton cup race? >> ahoy, matey! well, yeah. it does. originally 14 challengers, we're down to 3. a half million people a day watching? that's not happening. it's been anything but smooth sailing but as you say the day is finally here. after three years of conflicts, complaints, politics and one death -- >> welcome to america's cup opening day. >> reporter: the america's cup park opening day. steven barkley is the ceo of america's cup so he has to put on a good face but for all of you for all who think this is a bunch of rich guys -- >> i'm addicted to the america's cup like taking
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heroin. >> reporter: he is not a rich snob. mike just knows sailing though know one knows what this is like. this is the first time these 72- foot honkest have raced. >> you get on the highway, roll your window down stick your head out the window. >> reporter: first round of racing starting sunday pits three challengers against each other to win the rights to race the current champs. >> there they are right there. two oracle boats. that's the united states team. >> reporter: oracle owned by larry ellison who is a billionaire. you have heard of this controversy about rudders? some say it could shut down the race. those in the know say no. >> it's typical. america's cup just before the start of racing. the teams are nervous and anxious and the elbowing each other to basically get some sort of competitive advantage. >> reporter: apparently it's like flopping in soccer. would it be a flop in fact city government remained in a $20 million hole helping to put on the event? >> economically, this is an event that's slated to bring close to a million dollars of spending from visitors from all over the world.
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>> reporter: that's billion with a b for the city. how about a turkey sandwich? how much is a turkey sandwich? $10.50? they may do it one $10.50 turkey sandwich at a time. today was free to come down to the village. after today, it's $10 a day. you can nose around, because the racing doesn't start until sunday. in san francisco, mike sugerman, kpix 5. and again, here's how it works. there are those three teams, the italian, the swedish, new zealand, they are racing each other throughout july and august. then the winner gets to challenge defending champion oracle in september for the america's cup. you can bet on crowded car lots this 4th of july weekend. >> the 3 factors that make this a great time to buy a car. >> i was beside myself. >> it's an atm era that, well, any of us could make. how a decimal point turned into a costly mistake for one bay area woman. ,,
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for independence day. parade nats in san pomp and parades all over the bay area today for independence day. ♪[ music ] >> in san jose the bagpipes got things going for the rose,
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white and blue parade. there were more than 170 entries in the two-hour long parade that stretched two miles. and in alameda, a military themed parade set a new record. 192 entries led by the u.s. army color guard and band. as many as 20,000 people lined the streets to see fire trucks, antique cars, bands and floats of all kinds. alameda has one of the longest 4th of july parades in the nation. and in danville, it's one of the oldest 4th of july events in the country. this parade has been around since the 1860s nearly 40,000 attending every year. well, maybe you have had new car on your mind wondering if it's time to buy? apparently if you go looking on the lots you won't be alone. kpix 5's ryan takeo shows us how car sales are expected to rev up this weekend. >> we thought we might get some good deals if we came and looked around today. >> reporter: if you are looking to buy a new ride like john stott your timing isn't bad.
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take this uc-merced student. >> i'm excited. i'm pretty excited. its going to be my first car. >> reporter: if she had left for school a couple of years ago, her mother would have bought her a car then. >> maybe not. >> reporter: but now it's a different story. >> he so you get a car? >> right. i do get a car. >> reporter: this week street stats show the strongest sales numbers since 2007. >> those are great. >> reporter: you can call it a comeback because this salesman's smile is back and he is seeing a lot of test rides rolling from his dealership. >> it's rewarding from me because, you know, i have seen good times, the bad times, and now i see it good again. there are. >> reporter: there are rereasons. new products, consumer demand and more financing available. >> the banks have opened back up again and their buying deals. >> our other car is kind of old and rundown. >> reporter: the stots family is looking to replace. >> we figured we would jump on the opportunity now. >> reporter: it's something he is more willing to do now than in recent years. >> actually i'm in a position where i can afford to buy a
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car. i mean, that's kind of an exciting pillar in our lives. >> reporter: for him and his family the timing is right. industry sales seem to be all lined up. in richmond, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> apparently since there's demand across the board, pickups and fuel-efficient cars, analysts say sales numbers could get better until at least the end of the year. roberta, looks like we're finally putting the brakes on this massive heat wave. >> it looks like you are suffering from what a lot of people are going to be ailing from, and that's when you're inside an air-conditioned building go outside it's hot, go back inside, reit? >> that's trouble aus. >> ing. >> are you feeling okay? >> making it through. >> you're a trooper on this 4th of july. >> trouble adjusting. we have crystal clear skies a good sign for tonight's fireworks display. this is a scene looking out towards the bay where current air temperatures are anywhere from 72 in san francisco to triple digits in throughout livermore, san ramon, dublin and in pleasanton.
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oakland 78 degrees. and to the south san jose currently 87 degrees. it's 108 degrees at this hour in vacaville which is 16 degrees above normal. the winds are increasing out of the southwest at 13 in vacaville. official sundown 8:35. we'll have clear skies and 91 degrees tomorrow in vacaville. that signals a big cooldown and the extended forecast calls for seasonal weather in the offing. how hot was it today? 103 pleasanton and danville and blackhawk. lakeport 102 so far. same story in walnut creek. and it was 101 degrees in san ramon. this is why we still have that excessive heat warning in effect until 7:00 tonight with this very rare prolonged heat wave. this is day 7. but what we can all expect is to cool down beginning now. i can hear the sigh of relief in the inland areas. temperatures will be dropping everywhere and then we have seasonal highs all the way
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through the weekend. watch our futurecast. the layer of clouds, the marine layer, hanging tight to the coast, moving onshore all the way to the tri-valley. by 7:00 tomorrow morning even a little hint of green there which could be drizzle in the form of condensation from this very deep marine layer. it's going to hang tight to the coast tomorrow so we'll have highs tomorrow in the 60s. cooler weather in our inland areas due to the return of the marine layer. tonight's lows 50s and 60s a little bit more comfortable than what it has been. with the fog moving in towards the tail end of the fireworks, 90 degrees tomorrow to the east. to the south 76 degrees in morgan hill. wow, that's a big-time coldown. 82 in campbell. otherwise east of the bay 91 in brentwood, tracy and oakley. north of the golden gate bridge 60s to mid-80s. upstream we are talking about low 90s, as well. the extended forecast does call for complete cooldown actually below normal in our inland areas by saturday. >> what? >> then we begin to trend upward from sunday through tuesday and then back down
5:22 pm
again on tuesday. so again the fireworks should not be a wash in san francisco. >> how many years has it been the opposite? >> i think i'm here the every 4th of july. we can't see them from the roof. it's like a little stai -- a little stain in the sky. enjoy. a poison out trap for pets. hear from a bay area woman whose dog got seriously sick from eating a laced meatball. >> but first another look at the eastern span of the bay bridge. goodnight. thank you. thanks, olivia so you can make a payment from your cell to almost anyone's phone or email. (speaking french) so you can express your gratitude... in the moment.
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police say someone is poiso dogs by leaving "toxin- lac atballs" on the gr there is a warning to dog owners in san francisco. police say that someone is poisoning dogs by leaving toxin laced meatballs on the ground. dorothy's dog oscar became extremely sick within minutes of eating a poisoned meatball in diamond heights. >> pleases, whoever is doing this, stop it now.
5:25 pm
i almost fainted when i saw my dog go into seizures. he is healthy. >> meatballs were also found in twin peaks, cole valley, so far, two dogs have reportedly gotten sick from them. some of the symptoms include seizures, fatigue and trouble breathing. when making a bank deposit it's important to dot your dots. what happened to one viewer when she made a simple mistake. >> reporter: she made an error at the atm. she hit the wrong decimal point when she entered the deposit information on your irs refund check from $8,000 to $800. >> what if i needed that for my mortgage? >> reporter: citibank told mary beth it caught the mistake but there was a problem with the check and it could only cancel her deposit and mail the check back to her. >> so i came home and i looked to see if there is a check in the mail and there wasn't.
5:26 pm
this is 10 days from the time of deposit. >> reporter: after two weeks of letters and phone calls to citibank with no check and no account credit for her $8,000 tax refund she contacted kpix 5's consumerwatch. a volunteer contacted citibank. >> we got a provisional correction almost immediately. >> reporter: citibank put the $8,000 back into mary beth's account a move the banking giant says was already in the works when consumerwatch contacted them. either way, mary beth is relieved to have her $8,000 back and she says from now on, she will be a lot more careful with her atm deposit. >> i don't think i would have gotten as quick of a fix as i got because kpix 5 stepped in. >> reporter: in a statement to consumerwatch, citibank says customer service is a top priority and regrets the mistake that was ultimately resolved. now, if you have a consumer
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>> no rocky road? >> see you at 6:00. her is always on kpix dot-com. >> glor: tonight, the crisis in egypt: a new president is sworn in; the old one remains under house arrest as a military crackdown continues. clarissa ward is in cairo. progress in arizona: the wildfire that killed 19 men this week is coming under control, and some families discover their homes were saved. >> my heart is torn, torn between sadness and joy. >> glor: america celebrates independence and the reopening of the statue of liberty eight months after sandy. and a course of their own. veterans discover a critical link to their recovery. >> i love the game. if i didn't have the game, i don't know if i'd be the same person i am today. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> glor: good evening, everyone.


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