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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  July 8, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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should turn out to be very nice day. high pressure begins to build in overhead. temperatures in the 50s. 55 in san jose. and 56 in san francisco . this afternoon, we'll heat things up a bit. a little warmer than yesterday. topped out in the 70s and 80s. and low 90 in livermore. 1 to 5 degrees warmer and warmer weather on the way. talk more about that. let's check out the roads. >> good morning, everybody. busy wood side road remains shut down because of that apartment fire over the weekend. it's closed in both directions west of 101 close to el camino. it will be closed. they are expecting until at least 8:00 this morning. all bart trains are running. the bart strike is over for now. they did resume service friday.
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if you plan on making golden gate commute, it's fine. southbound traffic looking good. as with highway 92. all of our bridge commutes are moving well. westbound traffic is moving at the speed limit approaching the toll plaza. that's a look at the commute. now to michelle. >> thank you. we're following several developt s surrounding the asiana airline's crash. the airline says the pilot at the controls had only 43 hours of flying time on the boeing 777 as it was his first time landing that type of plane at sfo. investigators say the pilot tried to abort the landing 1.5 seconds before impact. flight data shows the approach speed was significantly slower than what was needed to land. >> we're awaiting the results of an autopsy to determine if one of the victims was killed by a rescue vehicle on the run way. 30 people remain in the hospital. 2 people are paralyzed. let's take a live
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look at the wreckage which is expected to remain on the tarmac for at least a week now as they continue to investigate. run way will remain closed while the wreckage is still there. cate caugurian is over at sfo this morning. the investigation is revealing very vivid details about the final seconds right before that crash. >> reporter: good morning, frank. we are learning this morning that the pilot of the controls of the boeing 777 was a veteran flyer. as you mentioned, asiana airlines said he had never driven into this airport before. the airline says the pilot was still in training with this type of plane. asiana airlines says the pilot only had 43 hours flight time with the boeing 777. federal investigators revealed the pilot struggled with the aircraft, almost stalled out in
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the seconds before those final minutes. about 7 seconds before the plane hit, the crew called for more speed. the plane was going dangerously slow and about a second and a half before impact, a crew member calls for a go around to avoid crashing but the ntsb says it's too soon to point any fingers. >> the ntsb conducts thorough investigations. we will not reach a determination of probable cause in the first few days we're on an accident scene. we want to make sure we gather all the evidence and the facts early in the investigation. >> reporter: officials are also investigating whether the airports or plane's equipment could have malfunctioned. and as you mentioned earlier, we will have another update later this morning. there is a plan press conference around 11:00 this morning. back to you in the studio. >> we know the pilot was in training. i believe he only had 43 hours on that 777.
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do we know anything about his co-pilots? >> asiana airlines says the co-pilot did have more experience. he clocked about 3400 hours of flight time. >> all right. cate caugurian live at sfo this morning. thanks. >> there is incredible video out now of the crash as it happened. an amateur photographer captured these images. >> look at that one. look how his nose is up in the air. oh, my god. oh, it's an accident. >> oh, you are filming it too. >> oh, my god. >> oh, no. >> oh, my god. >> oh, my gosh, you are filming it. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. oh, my god. >> you filmed the whole thing. >> oh, lord have mercy. >> obviously, he was shocked. he and his wife were taking a walk. they decided to videotape
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flames when the crash happened. >> kind of surreal. my wife gina, she took it pretty hard. we did. we all did. it was a tragedy. and our initial reaction was that everybody on the plane was in bad shape. and we're just really happy that it was minimal. and not everybody on the plane lost their life. >> his video could now play a key part in the investigation. >> the ceo of asiana airlines says he does not believe the crash was caused by mechanical failure. >> [ foreign language ]. >> in a press conference, did not comment directly on whether the pilot might be to blame but said the pilots had thousands of experience. he apologized to
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the passenger's families. >> 17 patients remain hospitalized at sf general hospital. 6 are in critical condition including one child. 10 are still hospitalized. two of them critically hurt. and three are still at cpnc hospital. sue kwon is at san francisco general this morning where most of the patients are being treated. >> reporter: good morning. just a couple minutes ago we saw about a dozen, what looks like some of the possible middle school students and young people. look to be asian or chinese coming on to an muni bus. come in with crutches. as we wait to get more information, i can tell you what we do know. 17 were still being treated this morning. about 53 patients in all. half of them children.
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and you may have heard earlier, these children were middle school students coming on a large group of about 70 to a camp, a language camp taking place in the los angeles area. this morning, 6 patients still remain in critical condition. these patients came in waves. most were korean or chinese decent. we're talking about whole families being brought in. the hospital going into disaster mode cleared an entire floor. brought in interpreters, social workers and er teams to treat injuries. head trauma, spine fractures and road rash. suggesting some of these patients may have been dragged. we also saw patients that had severe road rash suggesting they were dragged. not sure if those patients were outside of the plane. and this is what happened to them but both of those patients are alive. >> reporter: and once again,
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we'll find out who these young people are. it appears they've been about a dozen patients or family members have been loaded on to an muni bus here at sf general. we don't know where they are headed at the moment. we are expecting to get an update from the hospital at 11:00 this morning. we'll try our best to find out where these folks are headed. just so we can give an update as well, two remain in critical condition there. back to you. >> sue, thank you. the accident shows the 777 is well designed. they point out the fire retardant cabin interior enables many people to evacuate and remain mostly intact during the crash landing over the run way. the two chinese teens who died were heading to a study
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abroad program. at west valley christian church, church members mourned the deaths of 16-year-olds wang lin jia and ye meng yuan. the teens were part of a group of 35 students who were going to spend the summer with families learning english. now some may return home to china. 141 of the passengers are chinese. 70 others are korean. open this weekend to replace visas and passports. many came in to get paperwork in order. >> some of them might go back to china because this incident. and some of them might stay. >> officials say the ntsb wanted to meet with the students to get statements. >> our coverage continues online at we have more video of the plane crash from viewers plus survivors share their stories at some developing news out of
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egypt. 40 reported of ousted president egyptian soldiers and police opened fire today conducting a sit in outside a military building. the violence began when gunman tried to storm the building. and cuban president says he support's government's willing it to give asylum to edward snowden. castro called snowden a man persecuted for his ideals but didn't say whether cuba itself would help the contractor. snowden faces espionage charges for leaking classified information. still believed to be in transit somewhere at a russian airport. tomorrow a memorial service honors the 19 firefighters killed last week in arizona. thousands of people stood in triple degree heat to pay tribute. 19 white hearses
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carried their remains. hotshots crew died while building a fire line. it is 5:11. a big apartment fire forced 97 people out of their homes over the weekend. >> and chaos and cancellations. the scramble to get things back on track at sfo. >> temperatures warming up around the bay area. still have fog to get through this morning. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and busy wood side road remains shut down because of the large apartment fire over the weekend. information on detours and let you know how bad traffic is in just a few minutes. ,,,,,,
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wow. take a look. lost luggage piling up at sfo. this was the scene at the domestic baggage claim on saturday. dozens of bags and suitcases left behind following some confusion and cancellations at sfo following the plane crash on saturday morning. and this is what it looked like yesterday. a little better but still a lot of bags and suitcases all lined up waiting to be claimed. >> as of now, a few flights at san francisco canceled or diverted. things won't really get busy for another hour or so. also keeping an eye on minetta
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international and oakland international. could receive more diverted flights and potential delays. passengers at all three airports should check in with their airlines. >> yesterday sfo 9 hours of delays. if you are flying out, it's a bit of a mess. how about traffic on a monday? >> we have a couple things to watch out for. that massive apartment fire over the weekend. it has shut down woodside road. they have a couple blocks shut down. and it is expected to be closed until at least 8:00 this morning as they continue their investigation into that fire. so the detour takes you through the local neighborhood. it will cost you about five minutes to get through the detour this morning. the only section that's shut down would be near el camino. mass transit scene, the other big news, the bart strike is over. bart did
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resume service this past friday and this morning reporting no delays. back outside and check on the golden gate bridge. southbound traffic fine approaching the toll plaza. no problems for the marin county commute. and the southbound 680 connector ramps are closed for road work. it will be shut down for another couple hours for on going construction. so far traffic is fine through the detour. and the san mateo bridge is trouble free holding steady for no delays. no problems at the san mateo bridge toll plaza. now to lawrence. >> starting out with low clouds and fog extending into the bay. still going to wind up with warmer temperatures. as high pressure begins to build up. mainly in the 50s now. getting a little hot in some of the valleys. 90s going to show up there. mild temperatures inside
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the bay with sunny conditions. up along the coastline, sunshine and clouds and temperatures mainly into the 60s. high pressure going to begin to build in. not going the heat wave but start to warm things up away from the coastline. keep you cool out toward the beaches. low clouds and fog in those areas. speaking of low clouds and the fog, here's our future cast. starting out with low clouds this morning. pull back throughout the morning hours and afternoon looking like a summer day. lots of sunshine in the bay and into the valleys. around the state today, if you want the heat you'll find it into fresno. 105 there. 94 in ukiah. around the bay, temperatures running around in the 80s. 60s out toward the coastline. east bay numbers sneaking back up by the afternoon. and looks like inside the bay, we'll see those numbers cooler.
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67 in san francisco. breezy in latter part of the day. and 63 in daly city. next couple day heat those temperatures up. mid 90s by tomorrow and wednesday go in another direction. really just minor up and down over the next few weeks. otherwise we are going to keep things normal for this time of year which is nice. >> yeah. >> very hot there. >> hot weather last week. >> denver was hot too. >> it was hot. but this is great. comfortable weather. >> i love it. >> thank you. this morning fire investigators will look into what started massive fire at an apartment complex. startded about 2:00 a.m. yesterday. between benita and hess avenues. more than 100 firefighter ands 20 engines were called to the scene. heavy flames and smoke coming from the building and people standing on balconies waiting to be rescued. 21 people were hurt and 97 people
5:19 am
are out of their homes. one man is still unaccounted for but possible he left without telling anyone. >> in bay area news on this monday, the animal control will be closed to the public two days a week starting today. a few staff members will be on hand sundays and mondays just to handle emergencies. a near beach is closing through november for a project to restore the redwood creek water shed. the parking lot restrooms are closing. a new vault toilets and brand new picnic area. the pedestrian bridge will be extended. >> 5:19 now. the sfo crash could have been worse. the construction standards that may have been the key in saving so many lives. >> straight ahead, the oakland as keep on raging. the giants, take one step forward and another one back. the dodgers did some damage over the weekend. come on back.
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want to check out a baseball game? the giants and mets today. game time 7:15. partly cloudy skies and cooler temperatures. >> traffic still wide open for bay area bridges. road work at the dublin inter change. traffic still looking okay. you can see here no delays for the golden gate or bay bridge. >> a rare monday morning appearance for your boy here. here to give you horse racing news. hall of fame jackie russell won 12,000th race late on sunday. very last race in pleasanton. he won in photo finish aboard a horse called handful of pearls. here are the giants. there's is barry bonds giving away. and he did not disappoint. 7 innings. nine strike outs. gave up one run. tied at one in the 9th.
5:24 am
a couple outs. aj found a hole. and that was the dagger. dodgers win the game 4-1. they win the series . mets coming in later on today. the as and josh doing it in kansas city. 4th of the year. four rbis for the day. first place as keep on hammering away. erik his first of the season. as beat the royals 10-4. second seat andy murray did it. he knocked off novik in straight sets to become the first brit since 1936 to win. a span of 77 years. a long wait before they party in the oasis in the union jack. have a good day everybody. >> thank you. play of the day,
5:25 am
san francisco giant catcher quick throw to second base preventing a steal. check this out. got him. see you later. not enough to beat the dodgers. they leave again late in that ballgame. nice play there. former president s pushed each other around down in san diego. >> it was in between innings in the dodger's nationals game. >> becoming more and more violent. politics can be a nasty dirty game. >> george is tough. >> he crashed right into the wall. the running presidents knocked each other down. and tripped themselves up. no wonder their heads are so big. george washington picked himself up to win the race. >> okay. 5:25. new video of the deadly plane crash up in alaska over the weekend. the challenges for emergency responders at that crash site.
5:26 am
>> reporter: and i'm cate caugurian live at sfo. investigators are now questioning the pilot's experience with that boeing 777. we'll have an update on the investigation into saturday's crash.
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oh, my god. oh, it's an accident. >> the crash landing caught on camera. >> the wreckage of that jet remains on the tarmac at sfo. >> new questions about the pilot's experience. >> everything is on the table right now. it is too early to rule anything out. >> why didn't the pilots know they were flying low? >> a tragic twist was one of the victims killed by a rescue vehicle. >> that possibility, heart breaking to an already devastated family. >> when i see the picture with
5:30 am
the fire, it's horrible. >> a huge amount of spine fractures. some of them include poraysis. >> they were running low on blood. >> we could find out today if the bay bridge will open on time. >> 14 kids at the park. he proceeded to get in the street and continue to shoot. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. >> the throw down to second. >> good morning, everyone. it's monday july the 8th. good to have you with us. i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm michelle griego. time is 5:30. we start with live team coverage of the deadly plane crash at sfo. this is a live look at the wreckage which is expected to remain on the tarmac for at least a week. we start with cate caugurian at san francisco international. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. now investigators are trying to figure out if it was the pilot's inexperience with this type of plane, the boeing
5:31 am
777, that could have played a role in saturday's crash. take a look at this video. asiana airlines says this was the pilot's first time landing into this airport. the airline tells us he was an experienced flyer but still in training with this aircraft. he clocked only 43 hours flying time on this plane. we have an animation what happened seconds before saturday's crash. barely twol seconds before the plane struck down, the crew tried to abort the landing. federal investigators says the pilot struggled and almost stalled out. >> i will tell you the speed was significantly below 137 knots and we're not talking about a few knots. >> reporter: the airline says the co-pilot assisting did have more experience. asiana airline said he had at least 3400 hours flying time on the 777.
5:32 am
investigators still have their work cut out for them. they are planning to interview the crew and korean air safety will be joining this investigation. cate caugurian, back to you. >> is there any concern over other planes like this one? >> reporter: that's a really good question but at this point we still don't know what caused that crash. but we know that other airlines are taking precautions or this particular airline is taking extra precaution. south korea plans to inspect the landing equipment and gear for all 777s overed by asiana airlines. >> we will learn more. cate caugurian live at sfo. thank you. a new photo shows two teen victims together and smiling. 16-year-old wang lin jia and ye meng yuan were heading to a summer camp with their classmates. san francisco fire chief says they are looking into the possibility that emergency vehicle rushing to the scene may
5:33 am
have hit one of the girls and killed her. a photographer in china captured this moment. the family of wang lin jia got the news their daughter was killed. officials believe the girls were sitting in the back of the plane. >> 17 patients remain hospitalized at san francisco general hospital. 6 were in critical condition. stanford hospital, 10 are still there. 2 of them are critically injured. and 3 are at cpnc hospitals. the most seriously hurt had spinal injuries. one crash survivor who has five family members in the hospital including her 4 year old son. >> when i see the picture with the fire, it's horrible. >> speaks calmly outside of the hospital about the nightmare she just went through. >> the plane tail touched the ground directly. >> and you felt that? >> yeah, yeah. >> she and her 4 year old son were hitting in row 40 near the
5:34 am
back of the plane right next to a hole that ripped open large enough for two. >> i had the time to walk out. the hole is very close to my seat. so i take my baby and take my carry on baggage and walk out. >> many weren't as lucky. and of all the hospitals that took in patients, sf general took the most. the chief of surgery described the injury. >> a huge amount of spine fractures. some of them include poralysis. >> the most critical patients had head trauma, and internal bleeding. >> had severe road rash suggesting they were dragged. not sure if those patients were outside of the plane but both of those patients are alive. >> other injuries came from the seat belts. >> one of the patients we talked to said the seats in front of her collapse willed d
5:35 am
and came at her. >> she was sitting in the back of the plane which turned out to be the most dangerous area for passengers. her son has a broken leg but all five family members are expected to survive. >> i will fly again but maybe i need some time. >> kpix 5. >> can only imagine. doctors say they are in need of blood donations now as many of the patients need several surgeries. crash of the asiana plane happened so suddenly, even the crew was taken by surprise. passengers were able to get out of that plane in a hurry. one man said it helped there was no fire immediately in a cabin. in part because of flame retardant material in the cabin. and other features may have also saved lives according to experts. >> now, with the new seats and the new fasteners and the stronger floors, those seats now stay in place.
5:36 am
>> it's also possible, in flight safety videos made a difference. they tend to be more interesting than in year's past. key at saving lives in the last three crashed in indonesia, in london and toronto in 05. no one died in any of those plane crashes. >> and we're learning more about the history of this specific plane. it's a lowing 777. it was rolled out in february of 2006 and delivered about a month later. the ntsb says the aircraft logged about 36,000 hours and flown five thousand cycles. and our coverage continues online at we have more video of the plane crash from the viewers online plus survivors share their stories from sfo. again, that's on >> a quick look at traffic and weather now.
5:37 am
and the furnace that was northern california is over i guess. >> isn't that nice? it is back to normal here and a good place to be. we have low clouds and fog around the bay area along the coastline and inside the bay. even some of the valleys. and there you go . this is summer in the bay area. not so bad after all. temperatures in the 50s if you are stepping out the door. we're going to see warmer temperatures. especially inland. 85 expected in cupertino. into the east bay, low 90s popping up inland. maybe as high as 93. about 92 in antioch. still have the sea breeze and slower breakup. about 67 degrees. sunshine into san francisco this afternoon and 72 in oakland. let's check out the roads. >> a busy start for the north bay commute with this accident. happened in the santa rosa area.
5:38 am
northbound 101 before todd road. a jack knifed big rig off to the right hand shoulder. it's in the noncommute direction. it is off to the shoulder and all lanes are open. heads up for this if you plan on making that commute. a lot of people have been gone on vacation catching up what's been going on. bart strike is over. bart service did resume this last friday. bart reporting no delays. full service for them. no problem for the commuter express. go outside and check on the bay bridge commute. westbound traffic is fine. we are looking at a back up. but overall a good start to the commute. >> thank you. we may finally get answers about the new bay bridge. will it be safe enough for big labor day opening? we'll tell you. ,,,,
5:39 am
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5:41 am
from burlingame.. he took these chilling photos. you can see several family we're seeing first-hand pictures from saturday's crash. eugene took these capitol hilling photos. you can see several family members crowded
5:42 am
around helping one another helping the injured as black plooms of smoke were nearby. watched the whole ordeal from her balcony. >> before i knew that he was okay, there was a long waiting time when i was on my balcony and my vantage point was the crash. i could see the line of fire trucks and medics. i could see the smoke and just watching it from my balcony was just enough. and i was sweating. cause i didn't know if he was okay. >> she didn't learn for another 6 or 7 hours later that he was okay. and said she ran across the room once she finally was reunited. >> flight delays will be worse than usual at san francisco as one of the airport's four run ways will stay closed until further notice. since the crash, passengers on canceled flights have been scrambling to find alternate plans to get out of san francisco. most have
5:43 am
been understanding considering the situation. >> diverted into shanghai and other parts of china and it's a two and a half day trip for me. >> sounds like a mess. >> it's a mess. you are trying hard. >> yesterday more san francisco bound flights were diverted to oakland international and minetta international. passengers at all three airports should check in for possible schedule changes. >> wall street starts less than an hour from now. looks like the market could build on friday's gains. joya joins us now. >> good morning to you. good morning, everyone. the markets are pointing to a higher open after stocks finished on a positive note thanks in part to a strong june job's report. the nasdaq finished higher by 36 points. we do kick off the
5:44 am
earning season turning in results after the bell. temporary workers are becoming a bigger part of the u.s. workforce. the number of freelancers, contract workers increased by more than 50% at major companies in the past four years to almost 3 million. driving the trend is employer's encertainty about the economy and flexibility. facebook users might like this change. the company are release a tool to make it easier to find information on the site. engineers have refined search words and phrases. the change will get users to spend even more time on the site. just what we need to do. and make it more appealing to advertisers. and despicable me 2 was number one at the box office. took in $82.5 million. when you take a look at number 2 and 3, it's a wide gap. the loan ranger came in second place with
5:45 am
over $29 million hchlt and never guess who was in the number 3 spot. >> what's that? >> the heat. with sandra bullock with a cool $25 million. looking at the trailers and looks exactly like her character from miss congeniality. >> i thought despicable me 2, excellent. >> i thought the loan ranger raked it in. thank you so much. >> okay. i thought the loan ranger would be a big hit. >> i don't have time to take in a movie. i'm setting all my computer models and weather patterns. >> you are a joy today. >> i'd lofsh to do it -- love to do it. low clouds and fog that have surged on shore into the bay once again. a couple patches of fog. as we head through the day, more sun and that temperatures are going to warmup a bit. back into the 90s
5:46 am
in some spots. sunny and mild inside the bay and 60s along the coastline. high pressure looks to be back. remember when that happened last time. a lot of triple digit temperatures. we'll see warmer weather. at least away from the coastline. the beaches not a big change. low clouds and fog with our future cast fog product showing the clouds beginning to breakup and pulling back toward the coastline. a very typical summer day outside just the way we like it. plenty of sunshine. sfo not reporting any weather related delays just yet. 72 degrees expected high there. around the country, thunder storms across the board. possible delays around the country. around the bay, temperatures soaring to 87. 84 in san jose. 65 patchy fog into pacifica. low 90s by the afternoon. and inside the bay,
5:47 am
feel that sea breeze and a mixture of sunshine. oakland at 72. 67 in san francisco. and should be a pleasant 82 and sunny in santa rosa. next couple days we're going to heat things up more. ridge of high pressure builds back in. keeping you cool at the coastline with 60s and a trough of low pressure diving in through thursday and friday. that's a look at weather. check on the roadways. >> good morning, everybody. still watching the north bay commute where the ch p is working on this accident. no lanes are shut down. 101 is wide open. north 101 before todd road. and very busy in redwood city. we have a section that remains shut down because of that massive apartment fire. already busy on a normal morning. expect major delays through there. as we check on the rest of the commute, 880/237
5:48 am
inter change has been fine. both directions of 880 looks good between fremont and milpitas. expect delays for westbound 580. those back ups at the 205 inter change stays slow through the livermore valley. you can see still some room on the freeway for westbound 580. the bay bridge drive leaving oakland, this is what it looks like. back ups extending to the east parking lot. the metering lights are still off and the bart strike ended. bart trains are running with no delays. back to you. >> thank you. ntsb investigators are on their way to another deadly plane crash. happened just before noon yesterday at the soldotna airport. all 10 people on the air taxi were killed. the pilot and nine passengers. the plane went down shortly after taking
5:49 am
off from the small airport. it burst into flames keeping firefighters from the wreckage quickly. >> a 73 car train carrying crude oil derailed early saturday. set off a series of explosions. this is in eastern quebec. firefighters still working to contain the flames. five people were killed. 40 people have been reported missing when that 70 car plus train detached and ran 7 miles out of control. about 2,000 were forced out of their homes. >> we may find out today if the new bay bridge will open labor day weekend as planned. officials are expected to brief law makers in sacramento whether the contractor will finish fixing two stabilizers where bolts snapped in march. and test status shows the other 2200 bolts are sound. at this point, the new bridge is scheduled to open labor day weekend.
5:50 am
time now is 5:49. a new mission for man 's best friend. how they are helping service members injured on the front line. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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5:52 am
all right. checking out your forecast today. should see sunshine. temperatures comfortable in the mid 70s. >> it's feeling like a monday at the bay bridge toll plaza. back ups now with the metering lights off. bart is running with no delays on the system. more mantra for you in a few minutes. >> thank you, liza. sue kwon is at san francisco general this morning. about 40 minutes ago you saw what looked like survivors from the plane crash leaving the hospital. what can you tell us? >> reporter: yeah, there were about a dozen, couple in
5:53 am
crutches seeming to be in a positive mood boarding an muni bus to leave. we did not get confirmation they were survivors. could have been family members. but a positive sign there's progression here that the patients being treated are getting better for lack of a better word. we did talk to the doctor here with sf general who came out for unexpected update. what she says is her staff is preparing for more surgeries today. those surgeries including problems with abdominal injuries possibly from seats falling back or seat belts. and broken bones. she says there is a high need for blood donations. and basically gave an update saying she and her staff have been so busy, they haven't even seen the plane footage until late yesterday. so today is going to be a very busy day for this team.
5:54 am
they have 17 still being treated here. and more at 6:00 on what the mood is inside the hospital. >> all right. sue kwon live with that update at the hospital. in your health watch this morning, most parents underestimate the amount of radiation admitted from a ct scan. it's 0 to 80 times greater than that of just an x ray. after doctors told parents of the risk, they were 21 less likely to opt for a ct scan. >> new research suggests mothers may have difficulty making milk to breast-feed because glands are sensitive. often experience problems regular rating the insulin and could delay production. more and more animals are being trained.
5:55 am
beginning shortly after the puppies are born. jesse suffers from post traumatic stress disorder after blinded in a bombing in iraq. >> it's just like having a focus and a purpose in life. you have to take care of that animal who is going to take care of you. >> when the puppies are 8 weeks old, they are placed with temperature families during the year long training period. >> 5:55. the next half hour coming up, a bay area beach is shutting down. the major construction project and when will it reopen? we'll tell you. >> reporter: i'm cate caugurian live at sfo. new information of the pilot at the controls of the boeing 777 and question on his inexperience and if it played a factor. ,,,,,,
5:56 am
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this is kpix 5 news.
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>> reporter: i'm cate caugurian live at sfo. investigators are now questioning the pilot's experience with the boeing 777 and whether or not it played a role in saturday's crash. >> plus a tragic twist was one of the plane crash victims killed by a rescue truck rushing to the scene. >> foggy start to the day. here comes high pressure , sunshine may be coming your way. >> a slow start to the bay bridge commute with delays at the pay gates. details in a few minutes. >> good morning, everyone. monday is here. it's july the 8th. i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm michelle griego. time now is just about 6:00. let's get a look at weather and traffic. >> back to normal here in the bay area. sunshine coming our way. low clouds and fog. have to contend with that early on. by the afternoon, mostly sunny skies. outside from our cam looking good. the sun just coming up on what looks like a nice day. maybe getting hot in some of the interior valleys. we have low cloud and fog
6:00 am
extending there along the coastline. temperatures right now mainly into the 50s outside if you are stepping out the door. by the afternoon, maybe a little hot in spots inland. back into the 90s. a little warmer than yesterday. 93 degrees in livermore. 67 and comfortable into san francisco and 82 in santa rosa. more on your weather in a moment. let's check out the roads. >> busy woodside road remains shut down for a block because of that massive apartment fire over the weekend. if you normally take woodside road, give yourself extra time. there is a detour in place near el camino. expect delays getting through there. shut down both ways near el camino. on the rest of the commute, southbound 880 a little slow approaching the 237 inter change. if you plan on catching bart this morning, they are offering full


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