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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  July 9, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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this is kpix 5 news. >> fbi and ntsb investigators are going to extreme lengths to protect the privacy of the victims since saturday's crash. good afternoon, i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm michelle griego. we'll get to that in a minute. the ntsb is set to release new details this afternoon about who
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was operating asiana flight 214 and what led up to the crash. investigators have already started interviewing the three captains and first officer from the flight. among the big questions why the plane was going 40 miles per hour below the recommended speed as it approached the run way. investigators are also looking into the condition of the pilots and the 72 hours prior to the crash and any possible miscommunication with the control tower. >> we don't believe there is a communication issue at this point. we have convened the cockpit work order working group populated with english and korean speakers. they'll be working to develop a transcript of that tape. it's a two hour tape. they are probably going to focus on the approach and landing phase. all communications with air traffic control are required to be in english. >> we're also learning today the ceo of asiana airlines is
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set to arrive within san francisco within the hour. sfpd says the hit and run unit is investigating the death of a 16-year-old girl who may have been run over by a fire truck. the fire chief one of its fire apparatis may have come in contact. >> some say the hotel is being common deared. >> reporter: it would appear that way. show you security is tight in this area. you can see they are making cars turn around over there. they told us they are only allowing people who are guests of this hotel into the parking lot. everyone else has to stay out. >> pete is a reporter for knx 1070 in los angeles. he's here covering the plane crash and was staying here at the crown plaza
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or so he thought. >> all of a sudden they look at me, see a painted news vehicle and say i'm sorry you're not allowed in here. >> sunday night he was stopped by an ntsb agent. he was told he wasn't allowed to be here even though he had a reservation until monday afternoon. >> i said i'm a member of the media, i also have a room booked at this hotel. they said not any more you don't. >> even tried to use his card to get into the elevator. the hotel told him his reservation was canceled. he wasn't the only one. >> i saw elderly people and saying we've been told we're going to have to leave and make arrangements for another hotel. >> they allowed him to stay his reservation but he says he was threatened by ntsb if you interview anyone in this hotel, you will be kicked out. >> all of a sudden all the windows were taped up. you had butcher block paper all over the windows to prevent anyone from
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seeing or taking pictures. >> he said he understood why it needed to be done but the way he was approached. that was poorly handled. reporting live, cate caugurian kpix 5. >> more than two dozen people rescued from flight 214 are still in the hospital. 12 are at san francisco general. 5 of them in critical condition. stanford has 5 patients. 1 in critical but stable condition. and three remain at cpnc hospitals. >> with one of the run ways still closed, passengers are facing delays and cancellations. delays are averaging between an hour and 90 minutes. and so far today, 70 flights have been canceled. passengers are trying their best to be patient and despite the crash they still feel safe. >> i think it's still safe to fly than driving.
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i'm not really scared. a little apprehensive about flying in general. but i know it's safer than driving and most of the other things we do. >> if you're planning to fly out of sfo or meet someone on ana riefbing flight, good idea to check with the airline. and kpix 5 will present a special look at the crash of the asiana airlines flight. the remarkable stories behind the heroes will air this thursday night at 7:00. >> developing news out of san francisco where a motorcycle officer crashed his bike. he's recovering in the hospital. the collision happened just before 9:00 this morning near 16th street in the mission district. a police rep says his injuries are not considered life threatening. a pedestrian was taken to the hospital after being hit by a car in san francisco. that patient's condition is also unknown at this time.
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>> a wildfire is still burning out of control. right now the fire is about 40% contained with more than 800 firefighters working on it. the fire prompted the closure of highway 50 yesterday alternating one way traffic is being allowed. the fire burned 160 acres of dry brush. believed to have started monday when a truck's wheel came off causing sparks. federal investigators are now involved in the probe of a deadly apartment complex fire. a man 's body was found inside the apartment early sunday morning when flames engulfed a house apartment on woodside road. nearly 100 people are homeless now. one woman says she got out thanks to a boy who alerted residents. >> i hear somebody running in the hallway and knocked on all doors and screaming hard saying
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get out of here, hurry up, the fire is in the building. >> police are giving people a chance to go inside and retrieve belongings. so far agents from the atf think the fire was caused by an accident. >> thousands of firefighters are at a memorial service for the 19 men who died fighting a wildfire in arizona. >> ♪ >> ceremony is happening at a hockey arena in prescott valley not far from where the firefighters died nine days ago. joe biden is at the ceremony. individual funerals will be held later in the week. fire's still smoldering. and 90% contained. >> a posting from the twitter account of a russian law maker says snowden accepted venezuela
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venezuela's offer. leaking classified information about surveillance programs. he's believed to still be in the transit zone. >> the three women held captive in a cleveland home for a decade are saying thank you to the public for the out pouring of support. the women broke their silence for the first time since escaping back in may. >> amanda, michelle and gina have a message for the public. >> thank you for the support. >> the three women released a video looking healthy and expressing hope about the future. >> i'm getting stronger each day and having my privacy has helped immensely. i ask everyone continue to respect our privacy and give us time to have a normal life. >> the last time we heard her voice was in may after she escaped from a home of ariel castro. >> help me.
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i'm amanda berry. >> the former bus driver accused of repeatedly abusing the women. he fathered a 6 year old daughter with berry and raped michelle knight and beat her to cause a miscarriage. she won't be consumed by hatred. >> i may have been through hell and back but i am strong enough to walk through hell with a smile on my face. >> appeared in the video alongside her parents to thank the community with her support. >> they know who they are. awesome. >> the women also acknowledged the cleveland courage fund which has raised more than a million dollars. >> there was no mention of castro in the video. he has pleaded not guilty to 329 charges related to the kidnappings. kpix 5. >> that video was from july the 2nd posted on youtube. their lawyers say they do not want to discuss their case with the news
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media or anyone else. >> all eyes are on one big brother character after racist comments and now it's cost her a job. >> reporter: the last minute details have been worked out for the arrival of the royal baby. i'll have the latest coming up. >> i'm meteorologist lawrence where the america's cub race is just about to get underway. we'll talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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sunday night--the networ several cast members on cbs's big brother are out of a job but they don't know it yet. sunday night the network decided a 22-year-old college student and 22-year-old making racist remarks about fellow house mates.
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>> no one is going to vote for whoever he puts up. >> i try and help you. >> the comments were first made during a live 24 hour feed of the show. last week the modeling agency dropped her. gina fired as a pageant coordinator. since the show doesn't allow contestants any contact. as far as they know they are still employed. >> the count down is still on for the royal baby. a look at the final preparations in london. >> buzzing about the birth of the royal baby. >> definitely a baby saver all throughout the uk. everyone is talking about it. >> nothing is being left to chance. >> the doctors are on stand by. the press are on stand by. all we need now is a birth.
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>> the duchess of cambridge is in london. prince william is on duty with the air force 300 miles away. he's planning to take a helicopter home to make it to the hospital on time. >> he's got to be there with her. a modern dad. charles was there when william was born. >> give the world a first glimpse at the thrown. >> already camping outside the hospital to try to catch kate and the royal baby. >> excited to see if it's a female or male. >> certainly exciting for the family. >> the first word of the baby will go to the queen. all set to call her on a telephone. and a notice will be posted outside bucking ham palace. the palace
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would also tweet news of the birth. >> there is another royal baby on the way. the queen's granddaughter is expecting her first child in the new year. there you go. >> you know the names right now are? they are betting for george and alexandra. >> the fog is starting to clear. lawrence and mobile weather lab are live. >> reporter: yeah, hey guys. we are out at the field. this is the start of the race. this is the team new zealand. a healthy sea breeze . and really scoot them along. moving over 30 miles per hour this ship is going to sail by. i was very impressed coming out here. didn't think that would be that exciting. if you want to come check it out. this is going to
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be going on day after day and there they go. the race is underway. we've got the winds kicking up around the bay area. and looks like a typical summer's day as the sea breeze is blowing in along the coastline. many places inland. it is going to be on the hot side. we have patchy fog continuing out towards the beaches. a lot of sunshine as you make your way inside the bay. the temperatures, it's already getting hot. 90s in some spots inland. as you approach the coastline, we have that sea breeze. that is keeping the temperatures down. here's how we're going to play it. the warmest day of the week for today and looks like things are going to begin to cool down. more fog and low clouds overnight and temperatures will start to drop off. that is cranking up the temperatures for today. and keeping those numbers on a hot side. out along the coastline, enough of a sea breeze to keep the temperatures down.
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we're expecting things to stay cool out towards the beaches. 60s there today. as you head inland, those temperatures heating up in a hurry. 70s and 80s around the bay today. if you head to the valleys, you'll see the temperatures moving up into the 90s. you'll get the idea. big split in temperatures as much as 30 between the coast and the valleys. the temperatures do cool off. today the warmest day of the week and watch those numbers drop. a few more clouds and subtropical moisture tomorrow and right on through about friday and start to warmup in toward the weekend. hey, we are out at the race. this is a great place to come check it out. this is a nice place to park. a lot of places to sneak in here. they have all the course lined up. you can see all the buoys out here. on the other side the golden gate bridge and all the fog. beautiful site. it's actually a lot of fun and i like it too.
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back to you guys. >> that's what's important. nice job. pictures and video of the asiana crash can be hard for little ones to process. when we come back, we're going to talk with an expert on how mom and dad can walk children through the process. >> if you have a consumer problem or question call our hotline. 888-5-help-2s-u. ,,
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media as far as they can fr crash victims and their fams who are staying inside this hotn burlingame. wi investigators are keeping the media as far as they can from crash victims and families staying inside this hotel. windows are taped up and only guests are allowed inside. >> from the moment of impact, tv and social media have been bombarded with images. the heroes who saved the lives. come a lot of emotion, fear and sorrow and amazement as well. all that can be tough to die inject for adults and tougher for -- digest for adults and tougher for children. >> it is important for parents to be available to talk to their kids about such events and try to limit media exposure. >> really important we're keeping an opaline and giving
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them the message it's okay to talk about and they can have as many questions and responses to this. there's no one right way to feel. it's common to feel scared but also really common to have a lot of other reactions. people can feel angry, sad. may be guilt that comes up. all those are normal. >> also recommends parents lead the discussion and prompt them about what they've heard, seen and experienced. >> if i could, i'd take him over my knee and give him a good one. >> what justin bieber did that gets that mom fired up when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this is a really fun dish. >> definitely is a good one. >> the chorizo is fresh. i like it cooked very well caramelized on one side. then a minute to two minutes before it was all done. it gets the flavors right there. >> you can see the shrimp. it has beautiful color . it's extra virgin olive oil. chili powder. >> and that's in the dressing which smells so good. >> we're going to make one of these secures. this is fun -- skewers. this is fun to do with
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a lot of people. put it inside. and mix up the dressing too. it's flavored as well. >> everything right here. what a great dish . stephanie, great job. >> and it's beautiful. >> beautiful. >> and i learned how to say chorizo. coming up tonight, many of the survivors on the asiana flight have a common pattern of spinal injuries. how seat belts played a role. that coming up tonight at 5:00. >> some parents are angry with justin bieber. his concert on monday started at 7:00. but the singer didn't hit the stage until 10:00. parents and screaming teenage girls weren't happy to be headed home close to midnight. >> it's rude and ridiculous. i have a four
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hour drive to get home. if i could i'd take him over my knee and give him a good one. >> well, it was worth the wait. >> there you go. he's on a late streak. showed up two hours late for concerts in london, germany and due bay earlier this year. they are paying good money. he needs to show up on time. >> he's had issues lately. >> a little bit. >> beautiful shot. you can see the golden gate in the fog. have a great day, everybody.
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>> bill: katie, forgive me. don't ask me to be without my family. i can't do it. i made a mistake. look, granted, it was a big mistake, and you have every right to be upset. but i was upset, too, when you took your ring off and stormed out. >> katie: forcing you to sleep with my sister, because there was no other option. [ chuckles ] i'm sorry, but i think there's something fundamentally wrong with our relationship. >> bill: and i'll do whatever it takes to prove that isn't true. >> katie: i don't know how much longer i have on this earth, whether it's one year or 50, but i don't want to waste a single second being your doormat. i'm sorry.


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