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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  July 10, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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and others. django? jameses ? i don't think so. are these celebrity baby names? >> lawrence? nowhere on the list. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it is wednesday, july 10th, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." a long night leads to short tempers at the george zimmerman trial. see why the judge walked out of the court. >> and john miller shows us a video the u.s. government is using. it teaches workers to watch for a threat in the very next cubical. we begin with today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> let me be very clear. one of the very critical things that needs to be monitored on an approach to landing is speed. >> investigators reveal new
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details in the crash of asiana 214. >> the pilots assumed the auto throttle was worki ing and decid the last minute they were flying too slow. >> two flight attendants working in the back of the jet were ejected from the back of the plane during the crash. they survived. >> trayvon martin's text messages will not come into evidence. >> the 13-hour day in court yesterday. the judge walking out as tensions rise between both sides. >> -- physically able to keep up this pace much longer. >> the boston marathon bombing suspect is due to make his first public court appearance today to hear the charges against him. >> thousands paying tribute to the 19 fallen firefighters in arizona tuesday. >> all men are created equal and then a few became firefighters. >> in canada, investigators say there's evidence. criminal tampering aboard a plane that derailed and
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exploded. at least 15 people killed. >> aaron hernandez -- revealed to police a third suspect told him the football star admitted to shooting. >> all that -- >> a car dealership in florida got a surprising call. workers had to pull a massive boa constrictor out of a car's tail light. >> and all that matters. >> the obama welcomed 54 young winners of the second annual healthy lunchtime challenge to the white house. >> michelle never said to me, i can just pick up something with my fingers at a state dinner. that's not fair. >> on "cbs this morning." >> popular baby names are katniss because they come from big blockbuster movies. which means you won't run into any babies name d tonto. welcome to "cbs this morning."
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charlie rose is off so anthony mason is with us. the pressure to financers in the crash of asiana crash 214 is growing. the airline's ceo arrived in san francisco yesterday. >> the investigation is now focused on the speed control used by the pilot. john blackstone is at san francisco international airport. john, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, anthony and norah. national transportation safety board investigators are now making one focus of their investigation the plane's auto throttle system. now, this is roughly like a cruise control in a car. if you think it's on and it's not, then you could just slow down and that might be what happened to flight 214 over san francisco bay. the debris bet bell the story. according to the national transportation safety board, asiana flight 214 wasn't going fast enough on its final approach into san francisco. but why? a built-in auto throttle system was supposed to help the pilot
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avoid that problem. >> they had set speed at 137 knots. he assumed the auto throttles were maintaining speed. >> reporter: they weren't. the ntsb says they found the plane's so-called flight director guidance system switched on for one pilot but off for the other. a situation that has caused confusion for pilots in the past. >> automation is a mixed blessing. it doesn't elimination error. it changes the kinds of errors that are made. it introduces more complexity and knewannuances and introduce some cases. >> reporter: the landing gear and the plane's table were torn off when they hit the seawall. >> two of the flight attendants in the rear of the aircraft were ejected. those flight attendants survived. >> reporter: also among the survivors, a group returning from a martial arts competition. they got off the plane but returned to the wrexage of the tail section where they found four seriously injured people.
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>> there was lots of blood. very significant injuries. we tried to comfort then the best we could, keep them conscious till qualified personnel got there. >> reporter: the san francisco police department's hit and run unit has reportedly taken over the investigation into whether one of the the two girls killed was hit by a rescue vehicle after she was off the plane. a report says the coroner's office has identified that girl as 16-year-old ye mengyuan, seen here on the left. the fbi is still coaching the wreckage even as flights take off and land. >> we're working with the sallage team to talk about how to remove the 777. >> reporter: investigators have spent the past two days interviewing all four pilots who were aboard the plane. now, those interviews have taken a little longer than usual because of the need for translation. the first language of all the pilots is korean. anthony, norah. >> john blackstone, thank you. and the defense in the
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george zimmerman trial may call its final witness today without putting him on the stand. on tuesday, jurors heard forensic evidence about the gunshot that killed trayvon martin. things got tense in court last night between lawyers and the judge. near the end of a 13-hour marathon session. >> -- physically able to keep up this pace much longer. it's 10:00 at night. we started this morning. we've had full days every day -- weekend depositions at night -- >> mark strassmann is watching those developments at the courthouse in sanford, florida. good morning. it got heated last night. >> reporter: the impact of that long night is clear in court today. they look tired. judge deborah nelson has made two rulings on evidence motions. both of those rulings, losses for zimmerman's defense. they will not be allowed to introduce a computer animation of the confrontation between martin and zimmerman. and they will be allowed to introduce text messages found on
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trayvon martin's cell phone. the defense could rest as soon as today. dr. vincent di maio, an expert on gunshot wounds, was called as a defense witness. in his analysis, when zimmerman pulled the trigger, the gun's muzzle was 2 to 4 inches away from martin's chest. >> this is consistent with mr. zimmerman's account that he -- that mr. martin was over hip, leaning forward, at the time he was shot. >> reporter: that is zimmerman's claim. martin was on top of him, beating his head into a concrete sidewalk and he killed the teenager to save his own life. prosecutors asking whether the gunshot wound could indicate that martin was pulling away from zimmerman. >> trayvon martin was backing up, backing away in terms of providing an angle, whether he was goingrd t forward, you can' say. >> all i said is it's consistent with his account, mr. zimmerman's account, that's all. >> reporter: di maio testified
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zimmerman's head had at least six injuries, consistent with having his head hit concrete. as this divisive case nears its e end, the cities have develop, a respond plan for the verdict. the sheriff's office in broward county put out this public service announcement urging calm. >> i'm sheriff scott israel and law enforcement does have your back. >> reporter: one more note about that computerized animation that zimmerman's defense team wants to introduce, they will be allowed to play it during their crossing arguments. they just cannot present it as evidence for the jury to consider as fact and for jurors to watch over again once they begin their deliberations. in court today, zimmerman's defense team is presenting more witnesses. >> mark strassmann, thanks. former president george w. bush says this morning he won't get involved in the immigration reform battle. he spoke at a ceremony for new citizens. >> the laws governing the immigration system aren't
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working. the system is broken. we're now in a important debate in reforming those laws. and that's good. >> house republicans are divided. they're meeting privately today. nancy cordes is on capitol hill. nancy, good morning. >> good morning. that meeting is taking place at noon pacific and it could be make or break for ingrags reform. because it will help determine whether house republicans can form any kind of consensus on this very critical but very contentious matter of what to do about the nation's 11 million illegal immigrants. >> the bill as amended is passed. >> reporter: 12 days after the senate passed its sweeping reform bill, the leader of the house made it clear. he's going to take a different approach. >> we all believe that if we're going to go forward on immigration reform, the first big step is you have to have a serious boarder security. >> reporter: border security is
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an issue that unites house republicans but the party is torn over what to do about the illegal immigrants already here. the senate bill would give them temporary legal status if they pay fines and pass background checks. and it would allow them to seek citizenship after a decade or more. for some house republicans like iowa's steve king, that's an unacceptable reward for breaking the law. is there any kind of legalization process that you could support? >> we have no moral obligation to do that. they came here to live in the shadows. they had to expect they were going to live in the shadows. >> reporter: how many house republicans do you think share your position? >> we're going to find out if it's a majority. >> reporter: he says it's not. >> we have a small group that doesn't want to solve the issue. >> reporter: he is part of a bipartisan group of seven house members who have been trying to hammer out a c resting spot tell th years. he believesp s many of his fel republicans could embrace some
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kind of conditional legal status for undocumented workers. >> it is clear we have a system that's broken. in washington, we're supposed to come up here to fix problems that are broken. does anybody doubt that our immigration system is broken from a to z? >> reporter: so serious issues to discuss today. house democrats are keeping up the pressure, saying they're not going to vote for anything less than a pathway to citizenship. the white house keeping up the pressure on republicans as well. releasing a new report this morning, anthony and norah, that shows all the economic benefits of passing the senate plan. >> nancy cordes, thank you. among the conservatives who have a problem with the reform plan, rich lowry, editor of "the national review." rich lower rlowry, good morning. the gop is splintered and confused on immigration and this has lefrt tleft the party with o
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coherent message. >> there's divisions on this issue, there's no doubt about it. you see it in the house. you see it in the senate. you see it with george w. bush who has been in favor of comprehensive immigration reform. i think the senate bill is a huge mistake it t. the house is right to kill it. >> what do you make of the congressional office report that sees economic benefits to passing it? you say passing this bill is worse than passing nothing. >> they say by a third or a half. that's assuming it's actually all going to be implemented which i think is a very dubious assumption. we've gone through this story before in 1986. they passed a similar bill. am naefnesty enforcement was prd in the future. it never actually happened. you still could get 6 million more illegal immigrants here in ten years. would be looking at the very say problem we're facing now.
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in terms of the economic benefits, it does have a redistribution effect on wages. it hurts people lower down on the income scale be an helps people higher up. is that really a sound policy? >> is it a sound argument to say because the bill's not perfect you shouldn't pass it at all? >> it's not just that it's not perfect, it's deeply flawed. >> most legislation than washington, come on. >> that's why i probably oppose most legislation in washington. look, marco rubio says we shouldn't do this if we have to come back and face the same problem and i think we are. >> let me ask you then about not doing anything. you've got essentially george w. bush. you have jeb bush. you have marco rubio. you have a number of conservative economic business leaders who all say you've got to pass some sort of immigration reform. the political element then is that the republican party is a demographic death spiral unless they do something on immigration reform. you thing the house republicans should just do nothing? >> they can pass increment
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enforcement measures they think makes sense. the idea that you have to pass this particular bill at this particular moment or you're never going to win any latino voters again i think is just silly. i think in 20 -- after the 2014 electi elections, republicans may control the senate, then you can have the opposite strategy chuck schumer has had here. and then dare president obama to veto it. >> rich lowry, thank you. victims of the boston marathon bombing will come face-to-face with dzhokhar tsarnaev today. he is charged with the destruction and the killing of an m.i.t. officer. at least 15 people con irm iffed dead, dozens still missing, as terrell brown tells
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us one town's business district is being treated as a crime scene. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: three days after the deadly oil train explosion devastated the small town of lac megantic, canadians announced the launch of a criminal investigation tuesday. >> focus of our investigation really is to look at all of these safety symptoms. >> reporter: police have ruled out terrorism but are investigating how fire crews responding to the initial blaze on the train may have disabled its brakes by shutting down one of the engines, a standard operating procedure. the unmanned oil train broke loose early saturday morning and sped down the hill at 63 miles per hour for nearly seven miles before derailing. dozens of residents were feared dead and thousands of families were forced from their homes. >> i'm not going back there. you know. she said, like, i don't want to go back to the fire. she's scared of that. >> reporter: this latest incident raises questions about
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the safety of transporting oil by train. but the parent company at the center of this tragedy says they're open to making adjustments. >> i think there's going to be a number of changes in the rail industry overall of what occurred here and i hope we'll be at the forefront. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," terrell brown, new york. now to egypt. prosecutors are ordering the arrest this morning of the leader of the muslim brotherhood and nine others suspected of inciting violence. a spokesperson for the brotherhood called it a way to break up the protest, trying to bring mohamed morsi back into power it a temporary prime minister was named tuesday. holly williams is in cairo for us. >> reporter: it has been a week since the egyptian military deposed its country's president and now a new interim government is pushing forward with plans to hold fresh elections. according to a timetable laid out by the interim president, egypt could go to the polls in just over six months time. this seeps to be an attempt to show that egypt is returning to
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democracy. and a white house spokesman said the u.s. is encouraged. supporters of egypt's ousted democratically elected president mohamed morsi say these new elections are a sham. thousands of them have rallied in cairo and vowed to continue their protest till morsi is reinstated. the former president is still in custody and arrest warrants have been issued for many of his political allies. for 2 1/2 years after the egyptian revolution, this country is still in the grips of political turmoil and remains deeply divided. for "cbs this morning," holly williams, cairo. >> we're learning more about the murder case against former new england patriots tight end aaron hernandez. d it comes from an unsealed search warrant. an aquaintance claims hernandez told another man he shot odin lloyd. investigators found a loaded gun and several boxes of ammunition at the house. an emotional memorial for
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the 19 firefighters killed battling a wildfire in arizona. thousands gathered for the service in prescott, arizona, including firefighters across the country. the elite hot shots died june 30 when the wind suddenly shifted. vice president joe biden called them men of uncommon valor. >> the day will come when the memory of your husband, your son, your dad, your brother, will bring a smile to your lips before it brings a tear to your eye. >> funerals for the men are being held this week. time to show you some of this morning's headlines from around the globe. "the wall street journal" says regulators want to rein in the country's biggest banks. to stop another financial meltdown. the plan would have banks double the amount of capital they hold. bankers say they could hurt the
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broader economy. >> "the washington post" says no one will use the new military headquarters in southwestern afghanistan. it cost $34 million. pentagon officials say with troops being withdrawn the building will probably be demolished. the austin american statesman says the texas house is expected to approve a controversial abortion bill today. the measure bans abortions after 20 weeks. the same bill failed last month after a filibuster by state senator wendy dams. >> and "usa today" says fbi director james couply denounced water boarding at a confirmation yesterday. comey said he unsuccessfully lobbied to abandon the process when he was deputy attorney general. tropical storm chantal may be breaking up but it's still a threat. it just missed puerto rico but it's expected to hit haiti and the dominican republic later today. officials say up to ten inches of rain could fall. closing landslides and heavy flooding. tropical storm warnings have been posted up to the bahamas.
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raging floodwaters, the worst in 50 years, tore through western china tuesday. the water was so powerful it washed away a forklift. it even tore down a bridge. the flood has destroyed 300 homes and forced more than 6,000 we are look at a cooler day ahead, low clouds and fog surging onshore. a little further this morning, even some drizzle out toward the coastline. outside we go, we have some cloudy skies out over the bay bridge. that continues to extend onshore. slowly burning off today, and a cooler weather pattern setting up over the next couple of days. high pressure kind of moving out of the way so the temperatures will be dropping off. still, warm to hot inland, 80s and 90s there. a lot of 70s and few 80s around the bay, 60s at the coast. cool over the next few days. >> announcer: this national we port sponsored by k9
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going over the debris fieldt s- f-o, left by saturday's deadly accident. vestigators good morning, 7:26. i'm frank mallicoat. get you updated on some bay area headlines tonight. >> today the ntsb continues going over that debris field at sfo left by saturday's deadly accident. investigators will also be checking the cabin of that asiana flight 214 and interviewing the cabin crew, as well. san jose police have a possible suspect for their 26th murder of the year about midnight at the julian street inn. that's a homeless shelter. a man stabbed to death during an argument. and we could find out today whether the party planned for the bay bridge opening will be canceled altogether because of the delay of the opening of the new span. the bay area toll authority may consider alternative plans today. right now it's scheduled to
7:27 am
open in december. traffic and weather for your wednesday coming up right after the break. ,,,,,,
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good morning. we are watching a new accident in livermore. it's in the commute direction. westbound 580 right there by vasco road, it is blocking the right lane and this is what it's doing to the morning commute. we are seeing delays behind it up to 32 minutes now as that drive time between the altamont pass and 680. quick check of the bay bridge, it's been a busy morning since we had a stall on the upper deck. still backed up into the maze. here's lawrence. >> all right. low clouds and fog surging onshore today. looks like it's going to be a cooler day outside. still warm to hot though in some spots inland. in the bay you have some fog into san jose right now. the temperatures in the 50s and the 60s. this afternoon, still some low 90s inland, 70s and 80s around the bay, 60s at the coast. ,,,,,,,,f4
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7:47 am
cb wcbho's dry overacblls? >>elsderly,mh t11hecb 30jeser a tmhrick tcbenst t o p bp why?mh11 >> a numbecbrs o s fcb prmhim11arbpil30y it's a red 30 the cbmore hcbonsebp t30hatndcbs 11habpve. cb mhhisgher rmhis11kbp c30ateghe spes30trog's tcbhemh solu tionb cbmh t11hebpre30 are a can mhdo tbpo rmhed11ucbpe t h 11nd the30 20/2mh0/1120bp mh mhcb msinutes11 bpyo30u're o n the30 cocbmpsut0 30mh a11wabpy o rmh sy11 at asp 11fubprt30her fo r 2011cbs mhyo11u bpca30n put as littlmhe we are looking at a cooler day ahead, low clouds and fog
7:48 am
surging onshore. a little further this morning, even some drizzle out toward the coastline. outside we go, we have some cloudy skies out over the bay bridge. that continues to extend onshore. slowly burning off today, and a cooler weather pattern setting up over the next couple of days. high pressure kind of moving out of the way so the temperatures will be dropping off. still, warm to hot inland, 80s and 90s there. a lot of 70s and few 80s around the bay, 60s at the coast. cool over the next few days. s cb 11mh> 11prmh mhjunkfo od, bucbt swhat he'bps bpthat's30 ahead" s>> annmhou11ncer: bpcbsmh11 "bs one mgsmrtal30l 56bill.cb
7:49 am
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7:50 am
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7:51 am
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7:52 am
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7:53 am
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7:54 am
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7:55 am
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7:56 am
investigators will keep goi over the debris field... ley saturday's deadly plane crat airport. good morning, it's 7:56. i'm michelle griego. today federal investigators will keep going over the debris field left by saturday's deadly plane crash at the san francisco airport. they will also check the cabin of asiana flight 214 and interview the cabin crew. the u.s. patent and trait mark office will -- trademark office will not get a permanent home in silicon valley anytime soon. the search for a location is on hold indefinitely because of federal budget problems. the sequestration has cut $150 million from the budget. the temporary office will continue to operate in menlo park. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment. ,,,,,,,,
7:57 am
7:58 am
good morning. we got some delays now in mountain view. there was an accident being cleared right now northbound 101 approaching shoreline. traffic was backed up to 237 and now continuous line of brake lights to san jose. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge. good on the flat section of the span. bay bridge toll plaza backed up for 20 to 25 minutes. that is traffic. for your forecast, here's lawrence. >> we are seeing more clouds around the bay area elizabeth today. we are going to see cooler temperatures outside in most spots today. numbers in fact 50s and 60s. 80s and low 90s there. 70s and out around the bay. 60s at the coast. cooler over the next couple of days. enn stonebarger ] we are a family farm.
7:59 am
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8:00 am
good morning. 8:00 in the west. welcome back to "cbs this morning." the ceo of asiana airlines was bombarded with questions when he got to san francisco airport yesterday. now, there may be new answers about the crash of flight 214. is there really such a thing as a mid-life crisis? or is it just an excuse for men to behave badly? we will show you the results of a new 60 minutes and "vanity fair" poll. the new haeir british thron is just about to arrive and prince william is not about to
8:01 am
make it. >> the ntsb is making a focus of his investigation, the throttle system. >> both rulings lost in the zimmerman's defense. they will not be allowed to introduce computer animation and text messages found on trayvon martin's cell phone i think the senate bill is a huge mistake and the house is right to kill it. i would expect it to kill it. the supporters in egypt ousted democratically elected president, mohamed morsi think the new elections are a sham. the government video that warning intelligence officers about insider threats to our national security. >> special agent mcclain and kim. >> this is a sweeping program. it is more than just this video. they are tweaking and rebuilding the security system. >> a lady explodes in the courtroom after a one-time friend turns on him. >> the jury may say i am not
8:02 am
sure if i believe kevin weeks about everything but i sure believe how they feel about each other right now. >> president obama is getting a new mini-van that will have advanced night vision capability. the technology even has a cool name called a head light. i'm norah o'donnell with gayle king and anthony mason. charlie rose is off. four days after the deadly crash of asiana 214, the focus is turning to a key piece of equipment in the cockpit. it controls the speed of the jet. john blackstone is watching the investigation the asan francisco international airport. the ntsb chair said yesterday at a press conference that the pilots assumed the auto throttles were maintaining speed. we now know that wasn't the case. the ntsb said they also found
8:03 am
the plane flight director guidance system switched on for one pilot but off for the other, a situation that has caused confusion for pilots in the past. >> it would have ott flight atep dants in the rear of the boeing 777 were ejected on impact, found by first responders down the roadway. they survived. asiana airlines ceo landed on tuesday in san francisco and was warmed by media. the ntsb is still combing the wreckage, even as flights take off and land. for "cbs this morning," john blackstone, san francisco 19 funerals will start this week for the arizona firefighters killed near yarnell last month. yesterday's ben tracy reports, there was a large and emotional tribute to the elite shot shots. sean michael meisner. >> reporter: as 19 names echoed throughout the arena, 19 uniforms laid empty on the stage.
8:04 am
brandon mcdonough, the seoul survivor of the 20-man granite mountain hot shot crew read the hot shot crew. >> for this day on the line, i should answer death's call, lord, bless my hot shot crew, my family, one and all. thank you and i miss my brothers. ♪ >> reporter: firefighters were all over the country packed the 6,000 feet arena while hundreds more watched in the parking lot outside in 90-degree heat. >> reporter: you came here all the way from wisconsin? >> yeah. where why did you want to be here? >> these guys are my brothers. to see 19 go at one time, it is such a loss. >> reporter: the firefighters rang a bell three times, the final alarm, symbolizing the end of duty. the prescott fire chief dan
8:05 am
fraijo. >> if i could fulfill my fondest wish, my tears would wash away the pain and loss we feel. >> reporter: the hot shots on june 30g9 were battling the yarnell hill fire. the wind changed direction and the firefighters found themselves trapped on a ridge. many of them left behind young wives and children. vice president joe biden who left his first wife and daughter in a car crash tried to give the families hope. >> the day will come when the memory of your husband, your son, your dad, your brother will bring a smile to your lips before it brings a tear to your eye. >> reporter: the yarnell wild fire is now fully contained while the total amount of damage is still unknown. >> travis clay carter.
8:06 am
>> reporter: the people are all too aware of how much they have lost. for "cbs this morning," ben tracy, prescott valley, arizona very tough to watch. i think joe biden's words will be comfortable, hope to know one day it will bring a smile. hard to think that in the middle of pain and grief. >> very tough for many of the spouses and children that are left behind. very tough. country music star, randy travis, remains in critical condition. doctors inserted a device into his heart to help it pump on its own. the 54-year-old grammy award-winning wag admitted with a virus that weakens and enlarges the heart more man six decades after his death, we are getting our first look at president franklin roosevelt being pushed in a wheelchair. it is something the public never saw throughout his life. it was only eight seconds long and found in the national archives by a professor from
8:07 am
franklin college, named for benjamin franklin and not fdr michelle obama's let's move campaign is designed to get kids to exercise and eat healthier foods. what about her husband? he enjoys his junk food. something he said to a group of young people at the white house caught a lot of people's attention. major garrett is there with this new obama controversy. this stunning revelation. major, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, nor ah, gayle, and anthony. there is no documentation for the story i am about to tell. it did not happen in front of tv quam ras. we have confirmed that president obama told a student journal. iist that his favorite food was broccoli. there is a story on that. back to the president, he has had so many favorite foods, this new broccoli story is a bit fishy. >> reporter: it all started at a pseudosteak dinner at the white
8:08 am
house. a mid-day tribute to children who sent michelle obama a recipe for healthy foods. bring it on, brussels sprouts wraps. slam-dunk veggie burger. >> reporter: then came president obama with a story about the boiled vegetables he was served as a child. >> they would get all soft and mushy. nobody wanted to eat a pea or a brussels sprouts, because they tasted horrible because they were all mushed. broccoli, it would be all mushy. >> reporter: then, mr. obama revealed that broccoli was his favorite food. really? in 2012, the president told scholastic magazine his favorite food was chili, french fries, and pork chops. then, there is the visual proof, devouring cheeseburgers with the russian president. chili with washington, d.c.'s mayor. in iowa, pork chop and beer.
8:09 am
>> he is so pleased with himself. >> reporter: the first lady told cbs sunday morning's lee cowan friday was steak night. >> we are not vegetarians. we love red meat. >> reporter: then, there is ice-cream in new hampshire. it is enough to remind america of bill clinton's famous junk food obsession and "saturday night live's" unforgettable spoof. >> it doesn't matter how much food you hold. the blt, the hot apple pie. >> reporter: clinton has turned over a new leif by eating many of them as a vegan. >> reporter: an earlier president stands against broccoli. >> i do not like broccoli. i haven't since i was a little kid and my mother made me eat it
8:10 am
and i am president of the united states and i am not going to eat any more broccoli. >> reporter: president obama apparently will eat broccoli so long as it is not boiled and doesn't compete with steak or pork chops or chili or french fries or ice-cream. back to you. >> i can honestly say i would have never picked broccoli as a favorite of the president. i am thinking maybe michelle obama's healthy ways rubbed off on him. >> they are calling it a baroccoli hash tag controversy on twitter. >> if you,, ghnow
8:11 am
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8:14 am
8:15 am
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8:16 am
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8:18 am
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8:19 am
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8:25 am
today, the n-t- s-b continu going over the debris fieldt s- f-o, left by sa good morning. it's 8:25. i'm frank mallicoat. we have your kpix 5 news headlines for this wednesday morning. today ntsb back to work. they continue going over the debris field at sfo left by saturday's deadly accident. investigators will also be checking the cabin of the asiana flight 214 interviewing the cabin crew, as well. san jose police have a possible suspect for their 26th murder of the year. it happened midnight last night at the julian street inn homeless shelter. police say a man was stabbed to death during an argument. a van burst into flames after colliding with a big rig on i-80 this morning in emeryville just before 1:00 near powell street. chp says both drivers got out
8:26 am
safely before the fire. the truck leaked oil and the clean-up shut down eastbound highway 380 for three hours. all is clear now. traffic and weather coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
8:27 am
good morning. we're watching a new accident this time in danville. so let's go out towards the east bay. it is in the northbound direction. northbound 680 by sycamore valley, getting word that it is an injury crash so an ambulance is heading to the scene now. one lane is blocked.
8:28 am
we're actually seeing delays in both directions in and out of the danville area. let's go outside. here is a live look at 880, this is in oakland pretty close to oakland airport and the coliseum. and it is really backed up in those northbound lanes. looks like that all the way out towards the downtown oakland exit. but we have better news, much better news, over at the bay bridge toll plaza. things have thinned out quite nicely. the metering lights are on but you're only look at probably a five- to ten-minute delay. that is traffic. for your latest forecast, here's lawrence. all right. we have a lot of sunshine coming our way toward the afternoon. we have to get through the low clouds and fog, pretty thick in spots towards the coastline an stretching inside the bay and some of the valleys. this afternoon mostly sunny skies, task force in the 50s and 60s -- temperatures in the 50s and 60s now. numbers 80s and low 90s inland. we'll see 80s and probably a few 70s around the bay. out along the coastline, gray, temperatures mainly into the 60s. i think the next couple of days we will continue to cool off the temperatures through thursday and friday. on saturday and sunday, a slow warming trend. still, some low clouds and fog
8:29 am
night and morning hours. ,, ,,,,
8:30 am
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8:31 am
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8:32 am
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8:33 am
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8:34 am
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8:35 am
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8:36 am
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8:37 am
in vent a salad.cb cbs >> my cbmom wancb eat a sal htecbds to eatcb sucbsh srecipe , so i comcbbisne er cbthscb as sushicb ssaladcb so icbt swould be focbrrser. cb>>s repor tecb cb u p as you wercbe goi ng? s almoncb ssalad witcbh a b secbeds, cano ocbils, soy sb andcbeesd. >> youcb csoulds only tastesb s> yep. cb he lcbiksed sus hi but oc cocbok wcbhesn m om mcbonsica cbwasrned mcb lsike raw cbish.
8:38 am
he morcbecb tshan acbbosuts cbns cbu'cbres cooki ng fowhy? >> t hen pcbeosple a recbs like that . s looks me srcby to tascbte nds they' re b this i cband tcbhast'scb hsow hcbe cb its get ente red a concb c hefscbs cbandcb wsas a mongcb >> y our r ecipe wcbas parcbt shealth y, whicbch s winncber. s>> r cbs ins of thecb gsarden acbndcs dinns ok who he hads as as lun sacbrtsner. cb >> my mom sai dse's cbs someoncbe snormal socb icbs
8:39 am
obvioucbslsy i k new she wcb sicbrst lad y. cb s> cb precbsisdent reald thoutscbtasndings li tocb cbcbstse the discb nacbmes?cbo t he wcbhiste cbho shal l we ccbalsl its .cb le t's gcbos for cborster: l s>> okaycb. cbths >> rcbepsorter: this cbiss tes s> tcbhank you>> reporcbtesr:b wo rld.s th iss onecbs chef u ps some big s ideas.nicbngs," barcbrycb s peadcberssen, cbedswardcolocbra tcbhast's sos hcbavse tha .
8:40 am
ancbd sthatcb ssaladcb a realls 'rcbe ssomeho w go cbcispe for peoplcbe swho a cbcboksing for gcbresatcb side. cong raur mom too.s s do m en,, 00cb06000
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30vys0,s youvycd r00aisevs s0000 cd00po06tb00el0ly, get0s 00 mvyinorcb surgvyery.vycd 00yo0u call ist vyacd 60svy ycdou00'll0 have0surgcbers thevy mcdus00ic is scbtill vycan't hcbearvycd its anyway?
8:43 am
best-selling author jennifer weiner is with us. for purposes of this conversation, let's define what a mid-life crisis is. i always thought it was a hot car and a hot bubble-brained girl and you're a married man and a cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater on top of all that. >> that's it. and throw in the earrings that harrison ford wore after he dumped his wife oraclecy gr kel grammer's tattoo. columnists are skeptical. they have mid-life crises but so do young people, old people. >> but there's no science that
8:44 am
supports it. >> there's a little bit but most people don't seem to. the reason it happens is we see these guys like harrison ford and kelsey grammer and we think -- there's not some irresistible biological undering for them. >> so why does george clooney keep dumping women? >> that's premid-life. >> he's only loyal to the potbelly big and i'm really getting worried about george. honestly with the mid-life crisis thing, i worry about the economics thing. if there's no mid-life crisis, what happens to the corvette dealer and the front waxers, back waxers, and erection pill people. >> but george isn't having one. >> if jennifer were to break up with justin, it would be, poor, j jen, will she be all right?
8:45 am
george, he's onto the next one. poor jen, she's tragic figure who can't get it together it's women who do two sorts. the popular stereo type is kind of wrong. the women are having more of the crises. >> women initiate the divorce? >> two thirds of the divorce are initiated by women. >> but you know it's all the guy's fault. >> always. >> always. >> somebody's got to take care of that. >> this is such an interesting poll. i know wives at home are hitting the dvr button to show their husbands later. women committed in relationships were asked what they could change about their man. 29% would change his temper, 9% would change his mother. >> with that you've got to wait. 7% would change his physique and 2% think his hygiene stinks. do any of the numbers surprise you? >> i'm surprised by physique.
8:46 am
if 75% of american men are overweight and why aren't they bothered? >> there's two things wrong with the buddha bellies. >> as long as they keep their temper, they can keep their beer belly. >> and the 2% that are sad about the hygiene, my heart goes out to you ladies who can't get your men to bathe. i mean what's going on with that? it's like bad temper, get that. maybe not so funny. i get that. but like dial soap is cheap. >> and you wonder if they didn't consider all these things before they got into the relationship in the first place. >> well, that's interesting too. did he just start stinking like fish, like he smelled okay for the first little while? >> hygiene is something you can control. i like this too. seven out of ten americans believe mothers have a lot of control in the process of trying
8:47 am
to make their son the perfect man. what do you say about that? >> i want to say one thing first. the whole concept of the perfect man just bugs me. >> i always thought of you that way. >> thanks. >> as a mother, not a son, i feel like my kids were sort of born who they were and i did not have much to do with it. they just popped out with their little personalities and quirks and sensibilities, so i don't know how much you can blame on the mother if the guy is stinky or unfunny or mean. >> i think a mom has a big influence on their daughters and a women. >> how a woman should be treated and if a mom works and a son sees that, it is important when his wife works, i agree. >> self-control. i mean most of the qualities we see in that poll, what they want, they want men to control their temper, to be educated, hard-working, a gentleman. that all involves parents.
8:48 am
>> i think they can get in control. >> i think you can certainly influence that. >> actually, parents have more power to screw up kids. >> than to make it better. >> absolutely. >> i think when you try to make a perfect person -- >> all right. 23% think 40 is a good age in determining whether a man has been successful. >> i think 40 is a good age or even 30 if you're thinking about who you want to marry and settle down with. i think for men it's nicer to think that the back 90 have some possibilities there. we all love the idea of redemption. >> the back wax 9. >> yeah. but it's interesting because you think of the guys who founded facebook and google. shouldn't we be checking in. where's your company and bazillion dollars. >> if he's 40 living at home with mom, that's not a good thing. >> she's not created the perfect
8:49 am
man. >> all right. >> you talked -- let's just hit on this briefly. you talked about this briefly. that the most important thing is for young men to be educated. >> women want a lot of things. >> we want it all and we all can't have you but the educated thing was interesting to me because there was this huge uproar at my alma mater at princeton when the woman wrote a letter to the graduates saying educated lady, lock in on the educated man because they'll gravitate toward the pretty girl. get your smart guy now. >> we'll leave i ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, s es thiscbs whole b
8:50 am
8:51 am
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one1>>00 no, no, no. 00here onwas a0 wholeon ce1on001 onhat w omen one1wa00nt. >>900 that's a0 big90 0ques ti s>> i'm not0 tou ching cbit. si thincb peonrfe1ec00t 90gu0y, i meanos cbpe00rs90ondy sdoes. e1 oka it easy0 close den 00 citr90ac0al.90
8:53 am
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headlines... today, the n-t- s-b continu going over the debris fieldt s- f-o, left by saturday's de good morning, 8:55. i'm frank mallicoat. we have your headlines on this wednesday morning. today ntsb back to work. they continue to go over the debris field over at sfo left by saturday's deadly accident. investigators will also be check the cabin of that asiana flight 214 interviewing the cabin crew today, as well. we could find out today whether the party planned for the bay bridge opening will be canceled altogether. a problem with defective bolts postponed the labor day opening of the eastern span and it may not happen at all, the party, even for the scheduled reopen sometime in december. bart management and union resumed labor talks with state mediators yesterday, the first
8:56 am
time both sides had met since last thursday when they agreed to extend workers' contracts 30 days to get people back to work. the agreement temporarily ended last week's strike. here's lawrence with a look at the forecast. and it's looking mighty good. >> yeah. very nice for this time of year. cooler weather pattern settling into the bay area. we are seeing more low clouds and fog even some drizzle at the coastline. pretty gray out toward the beaches as we head in toward the afternoon with the sea breeze there. high pressure now sliding eastward and that cooler air is going to continue to settle in over the next couple of days. but it's relative. no triple digits inland but you will still see 80s and 90s there, 70s and 80s around the bay, 60s at the coast. the next few days we'll watch those temperatures falling off a few more degrees. then slowly warming up over the weekend. we're going to check your "timesaver traffic" coming up next. (sir can-a-lot) good day, ma' lady. i am sir can-a-lot, herewake up thos fromwius spam!reakfast bore. (male announcer) break the monotony.
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8:58 am
good morning. here is a live look at a lot of gridlock this morning coming up northbound 880 near the oakland coliseum. there are no incidents reported just a lot of folks heading towards those downtown oakland exits. let's go to our maps. just getting word of a new incident now westbound 80 approaching albany. there is an accident there blocking the middle lanes. half hour from the carquinez bridge to the maze in the slow category right now. as for the bay bridge, dramatic change in the last half hour, no delay getting into san francisco.
8:59 am
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