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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  July 10, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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ents in nature. nature valley. losest look yet >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald as investigators sift through the rubble at sfo, the ntsb gives us the closest look yet at what's left of the charred plane.
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good afternoon, i'm michelle griego. frank mallicoat is on assignment. we have new details in the asiana plane crash investigation that killed two people on saturday. the ntsb is still interviewing the pilots who were never drug tested after the crash. kpix 5's anne makovec with the concerns that also being raised about the plane's mechanics. >> reporter: yeah, a lot of concerns this afternoon. but the ntsb is warning us all to not jump to conclusions. i know that's easier said than done. they are still out there at the wreckage. you can see i'm in burlingame now. that's the view of the wreckage still on the runway right now. now, the ntsb still gathering the facts at this point. they are going to put it together and see what it tells us. >> our investigators, the flight data recorder is invaluable and we got great cooperation from the pilot in the interviews yesterday and the day before. >> reporter: was it pilot error, mechanical failure or both? much of the investigation is focused on the auto throttle,
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which is similar to cruise control in a car. it wasn't maintaining speed; and by the time the pilots reacted, it was too late. >> we have three people in the cockpit. we have a crew that needs to work together. we want to make sure that they understand the automation in the aircraft -- wasn't to make sure we understand what's going on in the aircraft. >> reporter: the ntsb says it looks like the auto throttle was armed but they can't say yet if it was engaged. two different settings on the boeing 777. it turns out the flying pilot doesn't have much experience with that model. and this was his first time landing one at sfo. he was being supervised by a captain who had been certified as an instructor less than a month before the crash. >> we're going to be looking at their training and we're going to be looking at not just training in korea but also training in the united states and seeing how those things compare. >> reporter: the plane crash- landed on saturday coming into
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sfo from seoul, south korea. it hit a seawall skidded and flipped, killing 2 and injuring 180. the pilots were never tested for drugs or alcohol. >> in the u.s. we would expect that post-crash, that safety sensitive positions pilots would be drug and alcohol- tested. for u.s. carriers that is the rule. the operator is required within a few hours of the crash to do that testing. that didn't happen in this situation. and we're looking at what the requirements are for foreign carriers operating into the united states. >> reporter: now, this wreckage will be here until at least next week. this investigation is going to take months. we'll hear more from the ntsb this afternoon at 2 p.m. and, of course, bring it to you on our evening broadcast. back to you. >> anne, are we hearing anything from the faa on this? >> reporter: the faa has been busy with its own announcement. it just announced today a new
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requirement that copilots must have 1500 hours of training before they fly a commercial jet. the old rule was only 250 so that is a significant job. that is not because of this crash. that is because of a crash in 2009 in buffalo. >> anne makovec, live in burlingame, thank you. runway 28-left at sfo is closed marking a fifth day of delays and cancellations. we just checked, there are still some significant ground delays lasting from one to two hours. there are also 63 flight cancellations including departures and arrivals. 70 flights were canceled altogether at sfo yesterday. most passengers flying out of san francisco had 90-minute delays. a former sfo air traffic controller says the tower did everything right when flight 214 crash-landed. bill pong tells kpix 5 he has had nightmares about something like this happening. he retired just days before the incident after 26 years on the job. pong says he had never seen a
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plane come into sfo the way flight 214 did. >> you don't hear pilots landing short. they're generally able to, you know, recognize if they're low and they take corrective action. >> pong says sfo's especially challenging because the runways intersect rather than run parallel to each other. this morning, vice president joe biden expressed his condolences for the two victims killed saturday. >> i want to start by expressing my sadness, the sadness of quite frankly the american people and the loss of two beautiful young lives, young chinese students in the asiana plane crash on saturday. our sympathies to their families and to your country. >> biden and other government officials are meeting with chinese leaders in washington for two days of bilateral talks. we have an update on the survivors of the asiana crash at sfo. more than a dozen passengers
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are still in the hospital. 12 people remain at san francisco general. five of them are in critical condition. four passengers are still at stanford hospital. one is in critical but stable condition. passengers on flight 214 could be paid millions. leading aviation law experts say those who are paralyzed will probably get the largest settlement, 182 passengers sent to the hospital for injuries and could be eligible for money based on lost wages, pain and medical costs. experts say passengers who escaped unharmed could also see 7-figure settlements from asiana and its insurance carriers. more passengers from that flight are coming forward with their stories of survival. kpix 5's cate caugiran has more on what they saw as the plane came crashing down. >> reporter: one passenger was on board with his wife and three children. wearing a neck brace he talked about his terrifying point of view. >> i think most of the injury
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came from the impact of moving forward and banging on the seat in front of us. actually, i don't remember the impact and the next thing i remember is that i'm laying down on the field and first responders are working on me. >> reporter: another passenger was in seat 3k towards the front of the plane. >> as soon as the plane stopped, there was a moment of silence. no one saying anything, no one screaming, no one cried for just a few seconds before people cry again. and i looked around, everyone was seated. i don't see any fierce injury in front part of the aircraft. >> reporter: in the moments that followed, terror and confusion were rampant across runway 28-left. but in all of the chaos, rau witnessed heroism. >> she was talking to passengers going back and forth and later she was still running around helping other crew and
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working with the firemen. she was crying and in fear, of course, but she did a great job. >> reporter: many of the survivors are still recovering at bay area hospitals. jun and his family are expected to be okay and are ready for life to get back to normal. >> we just want to go back to our regular life and the only thing that i can think of is that we are very grateful, very thankful that we are all alive and certainly was a very scary moment for us. >> cate caugiran, kpix 5. we'll have continuing coverage of the crash-landing on kpix 5 and also we'll bring you that news conference live today at 2:00 and be sure to tune in for a special look at the heroes of flight 214. that's tomorrow night at 7:00 right here on kpix 5. bart management and unions are talking once again. they resumed labor talks with state mediators yesterday. it was the first time both sides had met since last thursday when they agreed to
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extend workers' contracts 30 days. the agreement temporarily ended last week's strike. a bart spokesman says state mediators will lay down the format for formal negotiations for later this week. a bay bridge oversite commit addressed problems with the new eastern span. the caltrans director said the department has learned its lessons after broken bolts and welds pushed back the opening of the bridge. the mtc's executive director also pointed out that the wrong bolts were selected and certain sections of steel are just not strong enough. caltrans says december 10 is the new target date for the bridge opening. checking other bay area headlines, a van burst into flames in emeryville around 1:00 near powell street when it hit a car. oil spilled from the big rig. both drivers were able to get out before the fire. no one was injured. a brush fire burned dangerously close to a major roadway in napa county. chp closed the eastbound lanes
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of highway 128 after flames broke out shortly after 1:00 this morning near lake berryessa. officials have reopened lanes. the fire is under investigation. san jose police are questioning a possible suspect in connection with the death of a homeless man early this morning. they say the victim was stabbed to death at the julian street homeless shelter after residents got into a fight. the state puc appears ready to withdraw a plan to fine pg&e $2.25 billion for the san bruno pipeline explosion. puc lawyers told two judges they want to correct some inaccuracies. the city criticized the plan as too lenient because it would have allowed pg&e to count safety improvement expenses toward the penalty. the explosion and fire killed 8 people and destroyed 38 homes in 2010. a rude awakening for some 7 million college students this month. interest rates on loans have
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doubled and they could stay that way if congress can't reach an agreement. hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the kpix 5 weather center. skies beginning to clear out now. the temperatures will be cooler today. how much cooler can it get? we'll talk about that coming up. [muffled] i am sir can-a-lot. can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! (woman) hmmm... that's actually a good idea. [nervous giggle] (male announcer) break the monotony. for more fun ideas visit
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minutes from its last meeti a live look now at the big board. you can see that the dow is down 23 points. stocks are higher this morning after the fed released minutes from its last meeting showing many policymakers wanted to continue this stimulus until 2014. breaking news out of texas where the house there just approved a bill to ban abortions after 20 weeks. abortions will only be allowed in surgical centers. opponents of the bill have been protesting for days.
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they say the restrictions would close 37 of the state's 42 abortion clinics. a final vote will be held on friday. the senate failed to vote today on a plan to bring student loan rates back down for 7 million college students. on july1, those rates double to 6.8%. both sides of the aisle acknowledged that's too high. but efforts to pass a plan went nowhere. the republican-controlled house passed a bill that would tie the student loan rate to the us treasury borrowing cost but democratic senators say it's too much to collect from students. >> so expensive, states have cut back on the support they give colleges so this is just a very, very difficult situation. students shouldn't suffer. >> senate democrats are still blocking bipartisan student loan reform. this is just the kind of thing that makes people so cynical about washington. >> the white house says it
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doesn't favor one proposal over the other. it just says congress needs to come up with a fix sooner rather than later. defense attorneys in the george zimmerman trial hit a few setbacks this morning. the florida judge ruled against the admission of a 3-d reenactment that shows a struggle between trayvon martin and george zimmerman. text messages on martin's phone about fighting and guns were also disallowed. zimmerman says he shot and killed the teenager last year in self-defense. the defense is expected to finish its case today. media have swarmed the courthouse where boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev is set to be arraigned this afternoon. it will be his first court appearance since he was found hiding in a boat days after the april explosion. the 19-year-old faces 30 federal charges and possibly the death penalty for his alleged role in the bombings. three people were killed in the attack and more than 260 were injured. the courtroom will be packed with many survivors of the
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bombings as well as family members of those killed. go, go, go, go! >> in southwest klein, state media is report -- in southwest china, state media is reporting rescue crews are in full force after floods swept away houses and bridges. up to 40 people are missing. let's check on the weather. went outside earlier today and it was a bit cooler. >> and so far, so good. right? the forecast coming together. >> it was a bit cooler. >> yesterday a little bit hot in spots. we saw some triple digits in the valleys but not today. still going to be nice enough overlooking san jose. we have plenty of sunshine there after starting out with low clouds and fog. a cooling trend now beginning but still looking good outside. 73 degrees and very comfortable in san jose. a cool 69. breezy in san francisco. through the day we'll see plenty of sunshine this afternoon but not as warm and then low clouds and fog likely to move further onshore
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tonight, maybe with some drizzle out toward the coastline . high pressure in the southwest is sliding east. we may see a little wraparound moisture some monsoonal clouds working across our skies today. that's about it. low pressure dropping in here. so a cooler weather pattern on tap for the bay area still warm to hot in some spots inland by the afternoon. in the central valley as high as 101 today in fresno. we have a tropical storm in the atlantic now. the track changed a little over the last 24 hours. looks like sustained winds of 45 miles per hour heading toward jamaica then sliding across cuba because it moves across land maybe it will make landfall in florida now but it's a much weaker tropical storm system going to dump a lot of rain though. touchdowns 82 san jose, 61 pacifica, east bay temperatures in the 80s and low 90s inland and inside the bay we'll see a
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lot of numbers in the 60s and 70s. next couple of days we are going to cool those temperatures down. but it looks like as we get into the weekend we should see some nice mild temperatures at least along the coast line. sunny inside the bay. i almost fell off the chair. you were giggling! you would have laughed if i fell down. >> i would have helped you up and then laughed. >> what are friends for. >> you know i love ya! [ laughter ] plus sized women's clothing isn't the only thing abercrombie & fitch refuses to sell. which color it's now banning from its shelves. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the judge found that apple played a central role when e compan a federal judge ruled today that apple conspired with 5 publishers to raise prices on ebooks. the judge found that apple played a central role when the companies teamed up against amazon to race prizes of best sellers to 12.99 or 14.99. amazon had been selling the ebooks for 9.99. the five publishers settled out of court but apple was the only company to go to trial. the iphone maker is expected to appeal the ruling. abercrombie & fitch is doing away with black clothing. the retailer told business insider the color just doesn't fit with its casual image. employees can't wear black to work. you may remember abercrombie & fitch's ceo mike jeffries recently made waves by saying only thin cool kids belong in
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his clothes. france has a great reputation for restaurants but here's something that might burst that bubble. some of those eateries use you canned or frozen ingredients. french lawmakers are working on legislation that would actually ban restaurants from using the term homemade if their dishes are in fact not. some in the industry are concerned saying that would be too costly. >> makes frozen food, fresh food, they kind of do -- in another way, because again, the profitability of the installation actually is so poor. >> many french restaurant critics applaud the legislation but are concerned about the fate of smaller restaurants. for meals that are always fresh and never frozen, we toss it to tony tantillo who shows us what's for lunch. >> there are so many watermelons out there every farmer's market, produce, it's out there and price is great. >> it's a good time to use it.
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we start off with romaine that we chopped up. >> romaine is perfect because it's crunchy, crispy, especially the hearts of the. >> some chopped red onion. can you put in prosciutto snow. >> the salt perfect. >> and then basil. i'm going to sprinkle sea salt on top of the watermelon which it just tastes delicious because the watermelon is so sweet that when you rub the salt on there it brings out so much flavor. >> a little pepper. >> all right. that looks nice. >> you don't need to add salt. >> it finish it off, red onions. perfect. we are going to put a little bit of balsamic in it. there we go. steffi, another great idea. watermelon plate with a salad on top. beautiful! ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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asiana flight 214... we will bring that to you liven we're expecting an update on the investigation into the crash of asiana flight 214. we'll bring you that live when it happens. it's expected to start at 2:00. plus at 5:00 we look at the steps needed to get the new bay bridge open. for and out of the world idea from washington, reps from
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texas and maryland are proposing legislation to make moon landing sites as a national historic park. why? to protect artifacts left by astronauts from future commercia development. it would only apply to flags, the rover and other objects because the moon's surface doesn't belong to anyone or any in addition. >> how will they police it? >> good luck. >> a whole other world. >> there you go. have a great afternoon. captions by: caption colorado ,,
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