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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  July 12, 2013 1:35am-2:11am PDT

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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight craig ♪ [meow] craig: as i stand here warming my testicles by the fire, geoffrey -- geoff: yes? craig: i think it's time for you to know that i know that you and sophia are having an affair. geoff: craig, are you suggesting that i and sophia are having an affair? craig: i am, but then i think she also likes a portion of the horse. geoff: secretariat, you bastard. craig: yes, but which part? [laughter] just trying to make your holiday a little better, sophia, that's all. did you a nice time? >> i had a very nice time. thank you. craig: good.
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good. good. you're quite a blushy girl aren't you? >> i had a bit too much sun. craig: oh, really? you have red hair. you should be careful in the sun. >> thank you for that advice. [applause] craig: hey, hey, hey. [laughter] good night, everybody. say good night, sophia. [cheers and applause] captioned by the national captioning institutala,
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for over 60,000 california foster children, having necessary school supplies can mean the difference between success and failure. the day i start, i'm already behind. i never know what i'm gonna need. new school, new classes, new kids.
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it's hard starting over. to help, sleep train is collecting school supplies for local foster children. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help a foster child start the school year right. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child. threatening now. good evening, i'm allen martin. i'm elizabeth cook. here we go again: and juliette goodrich says - this time around, it could even uglier: both sides are heading to t bargaining table tomorrow. but tonight, the tough talk already started it was a regular bart board - that turned into a showdo-
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"we will be prepared for the contract extension is f0 days. if no deal is
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reached, unions could walk t again august 4th. a live look at runway 2-8-lt at s-f-o. the airport hopes to have it back open sometime sunday. right now, crews are using a giant crao remove the remains of asiana 2-14.. piece by piece. (new1) they've been at it for mostf the night. this time-lapse
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shows a crane lifting the battered fuselage off the tc about 9 tonight. it will be cut into 7 pieces, and storn a secure location. some of the pieces will go to washingtor analysis. (new1) today the n-t-s-b released e pictures. they show just how much debris was strewn across the runway. crews have to clean up spild jet fuel, repair lights, anx the landing surface itself. it will take more than a thousand tons of concrete to repave. then, the f-a-a will have t- certify it. here's the latest on the investigation: the n-t-s-b says the engines and automac flight controls were all wog normally. the pilot told th that flash of light he saw d not affect his vision. and, a second pilot called for a go-around in the final moments of the flight but too late. (new1) we have heard a lot about throttles, air speed and altitude. but tonight we're getting a new perspective oe crash.. and a better idea of what should have happened dg the landing. this animation shows how fl 214 came into sfo. the seco,
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blue image is how it "shoul the blue plane is meant to the proper flight path. but in order to make the compar, it had to be slowed down we beyond the proper speed... e speed 2-14 should have been going. there's still no sign of 21-month old daphne webb... 36 hours after her dad says someone kidnapd her. tonight, christin ayers tel us: cops still aren't sure what really happened. ((pkg)) time is of the esse a search on the water... na and in the sky, for
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morning. we learned a few hours ago a san jose cop.. who is supd to investigate and solve sex crimes... is himself under investigation for a sex cri. the d-a says 33 year old to fregger exchanged explicit photos with a teenager he m on facebook.. even after she sent him a message reveg her age:
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according to the d-a's offi, fregger replied: you 17? oh man, i thought you were lik. l-o-l. the 8-year veteran turned himself in tonight. he's on administrative leave. as foe rest of the force: they just learned they won'e getting the raise they've bn pushing for. today a judge refused to reverse a 10- pet pay cut the city imposed 2 s ago... saying it would onlyd to more cuts in the long ru tonight even more complications for the amer's cup. an international sailing federation upheld a 2-team protest of new rudder rules. the federation says regatta director iain murphy.. who the new rules for safety reasons.. oversteppes authority. so now murphy has to go back to the coast guard to get a revised perm for the race. linda yee is along the embarcadero in the city. linda... let's look at the bigger picture. the entire event sort of seems like a t down, not what we were prom at all. all the pomp.. the cheers..
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the whole: "the city isn't the hole yet? so far, the city
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has enough money to pay for share of the costs.. but fundraising has fallen shord corporate sponsors aren't cg together. in the end, the city could be on the hook f- million in losses. it took 50 years... but cops say they've identid the boston strangler. the st way they got a d-n-a sample without digging up a body. a princess hauled into cour. on human trafficking charge a california mayor under fi for mistreating women. toni- he admits, he needs help! still a lot happening on ru 2-8-left out at s-f-o.
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>> there is a massive grinder chewing up the runway so it can be repaired. before the night stalker
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there was the boston strangler. >> reporter: for years this case baffled case, 11 unmarried women were sexually assaulted and killed in their homes. the last victim was mary sullivan. >> she was 19 years of age and she was the joy of her irish catholic family. >> reporter: unlike the other murders, they found semen in her body. >> advances in dna testing have allowed us to make a match between biological evidence recovered from the crime scene and a suspect in her murder,
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and that suspect is albert desalvo. in 1973 he was stabbed by a fellow inmate, however. but they matched preserved dna from dna from a nephew listed from a discarded bottle. >> it's taken this long for police to say legitimately they got their man. they said this thing has never given us enough creditability to believe anything they are doing. >> police secretly followed albert's nephew and they were waiting for a chance auto grab something with his dna on it. a murder mystery has bay area police stunned. a body was found buried on july 5. they don't know if it was a man or woman. these were pictures of what the
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victim was wearing, an extra large shirt similar to this one, and slim jeans. if you know anything, police want to hear from you. a saudi princess made her first court appearance today, charged with forcing a woman to work 16 hours a day in an apartment develop plex down in irvine -- an apartment complex down in irvine. >> it's disappointing to see it in use here, and i think it may not be limited to this particular case but this is an example of forced labor. >> they say this is the first prosecution in orange county. tonight the mayor of california's second biggest city
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says he needs help for how he has treated women, so we see how it could cost the mayor his job. >> i believe what they have told me and they need to know that they are not alone. there's people who support and care about him. >> reporter: she urged the mayor to resign amongst allegations made by former employees. >> when i received evidence of more than one women being sexually harassed, i could not, not act. >> reporter: on a dvd handed out in city hall -- >> when a friend like donna frye is compelled to call for my resignation, i'm clearly doing something wrong. >> reporter: both of these would not provide the alleged victims, the names or allegations. >> there may come a time where
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the women come forward and there may not. what we do know is that the mayor knows why we are standing here. >> reporter: he says he not only failed to fully respect women in his office but he and his staff will participate in improving it. >> i'm capable of change and so that the vision for our city can be realized. >> on monday the mayor fiance announced they are done. this is a wonderful forecast that we have, a gift that will keep on giving, like a forecast of the day club is what we have going on. depending on where you are, you could be in the 60s or 70s or 80s, but very close to what is normal for this time. there is the blanket of marine
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air over there. much of the bay area is cloudy and chilly. check out the temperatures, and livermore is 57, santa rosa, 55. earlier today we had the wide temperature spread. your forecast for napa, tomorrow and saturday, beautiful, and tomorrow, sunny, mild and 82, a little bit warmer on saturday, 84 degrees. places like san diego typically don't see that much rain this year, but they have been because of this high pressure dome, tropical moisture, and they have been receiving rainful, but we have not. we have a high to the south and east and then one to the north and west, and which one will
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win? tomorrow we will have clouds lasting long and temperatures won't be as warm tomorrow as today. over the weekend the high pressure builds back in and temperatures will climb. san jose is 80 degrees for tomorrow, very comfortable. concord, 82, brentwood, 86. in the city tomorrow it will be a high of 64, and clear lake, 91 degrees. extended forecast, every day is very similar, sunny, 80s, inland, morning fog, and highs in the 70s. consistency is the key! >> kind of like my golf game! >> inconsistent! >> exactly. >> how does this player get ,,,,
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tomorrow... the night belond to the giants.... finally, baseball fans. >> we have the red sox tomorrow. like the sign says, tonight was the night. he went seven is and struck out six. sandoval, just over the fence. bla nco dumps one. romo, a one-two-three ninth, and the giants win 4-2! >> it's like the second coming of jesus christ.
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>> a step up to curry. introduced to the bay area, he brought up his new partner with his new pff. >> stef is your boy, i know. >> you can't say enough about the type of person he is. he enjoys the game of basketball. his game is so graceful, as well, that sweet shooting stroke and the things he did last year in the playoffs and the garden, it was all just amazing, and he just loves to play ball. you can't do anything but like him. >> time for the first top five.
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number 5, slippage. check this out. this guy wrestled the bat away from what we think is not the wife. number 4, a fractured left ankle, costing him 91 games, 1- 4 against the royals. number 3, 12th stage. tour de france, a massive pileup, and down the stretch, a photo finish, and look at how much -- or by how little! number 2, back, back, the willie mays over-the-shoulder bit, and the yankees win 8-and look at lee, the youngest woman to qualify for the u.s. amateur event which is in south
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carolina in august. isn't that something? get this. she didn't pick up the game until she was eight years old, so after two years, firing 75 like it's nothing. >> wow. good for her. amazing. >> ,, mom... yes honey? dad told me that cheerios is good for your heart, is that true? says here that cheerios has whole grain oats that can help remove some cholesterol, and that's heart healthy. [ dad ] jan?
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san francisco's popular pork restaurant will be sizzling again.. possibly by the endf august. the city says it can reopen, as long as the owner installs a new ventilation system. making bacon fans cancel bright. the restaurant will be up and running when they install the new ventilation system. neighbors complained about the bacon smell and they were shut down. if you see a bear, what are you supposed to do? wait until you see what one reporter said. >> you should avoid direct eye contact with the bear and don't
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run away and back off slowly and let the animal know you are human. stay quiet. if the bear attacks, crawl up into a ball. stay calm. >> if you see a bear and show him that video clip, you will die laughing. apparently a guy in rhode island came face-to-face with a bear between you and me, they're, they're strange creatures. they are. they don't think like you and i. you know it. they just, they ignore us. totally. it's like we're only here to serve them. yeah, that's what i been saying. but then they turn around and fill you up with chevron with techron. i guess we're doing something right. yeah but, come on, humans? humans are weird. [ male announcer ] your car takes care of you, care for it. chevron with techron. care for your car. and what's up with the cat? [ laughter ] [ laughter ] got my eye on him.
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but they. i'm bringing in my "bear aware" ,,,,,,,,,,
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