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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  July 12, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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is facing and will bring you the latest in the search efforts. >> asiana flight 214 is in the process of being moved right now. we'll have the very latest on the investigation. >> starting with plenty of low clouds and fog in spots. sunshine in others. what about the weekend? we'll talk about that coming up. >> and traffic is lighter than normal at the bay bridge toll plaza. we're also watching a couple of accidents. we'll have more on that in just a few minutes. >> thank you, liz. good morning, everyone. friday has arrived. july 12, i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:00. let's check on our weekend forecast. >> guys, going to look good around the bay area at least in some spots. i think at the coastline we may see plenty of fog but out there now in the valleys in the interior from our mount vaca cam you have a lot of sunshine there. still some gray skies filtering into the bay at this hour and the temperatures holding mainly in the 50s outside. so if you are stepping out there now, you will see some cool temperatures into santa rosa. 52. 55 in san francisco. 53 san jose. looks like this weekend though we are going to see some gradual warming that will begin today. and in fact, temperatures
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soaring to 86 degrees in livermore. 64 and cool and breezy in san francisco. more on the weekend forecast coming up. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thanks, lawrence. and we are going towards the altamont pass. westbound 580 there is an accident there approaching north flynn and you can see on our sensors that we are beginning to see some slowdowns now continuing towards 680 and the dublin interchange. this accident is by grant line road. i take that back. it was an accident there. it is blocking one lane so that's westbound 580 approaching grant line road but seeing brake lights past vasco. past that our speed sensors turn back to green and we see better conditions approaching the dublin interchange. this is our other accident. this is an overturn crash. it is in the center divide coming through sunol. southbound 680 approaching 84, we are seeing brake lights one of our sensors picking up speeds only about 24 miles per hour. coming up, we'll get another check of the bay bridge toll plaza. in the meantime, back to you. >> liz, thank you. developing news in the search for this oakland toddler daphne
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web. she has been missing for two days and police say time is of the essence. the girl's father says she was taken from his suv in oakland on wednesday. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is along the shoreline in oakland and it's one of the places being searched for the toddler. cate. >> reporter: oakland's marine unit combed through the area yesterday. unfortunately, that search turned up nothing. that robot came up empty and now time is ticking. as you mentioned, it's day 2 and still no sign of 21-month- old daphne webb. investigators were out searching this waterfront area because police say it was where the father and daughter liked to come. webb is facing felony child endangerment charges for leaving his daughter in his suv wednesday with his mother who suffers from dementia. he is still not a suspect but it seems investigators are zeroing in on webb. >> it's important it balance
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the missing person and the kidnapping at the same time leaving the focus open for if there should be foul play. >> reporter: witnesses reported seeing a long-haired black or hispanic woman with a child shortly afterward. no witnesses have come forward placing the little girl with her father at the market. we know investigators will be continuing the search again this morning and we expect another update from oakland police in the next hour. reporting live in oakland back to you. >> what are you learning about daphne's biological mother? >> reporter: her mother does not live with daphne her father or daphne's grandmother. however, oakland police say they have interviewed and spoken with her. she has been cooperative and isn't a suspect. >> thank you. new this morning, firefighters back at the crash site at sfo this morning after smoke was seen coming out of the wreckage there at sfo while crews were clearing debris overnight. the wreckage of flight 214 is
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on the move at this hour. runway 28-left is expected to open on sunday. the investigators in the engine in the automatic flight controls were all working normally before saturday's crash and the pilot told them that a flash of light he saw did not affect his vision. anne makovec has the latest developments. >> reporter: good morning. smoke seen pouring from the fuselage from the wreckage of asiana flight 214 at about 3:30 this morning. fire crews moved input out the fire and in the meantime they have been moving the plane. we don't know where. we believe it's to a hangar here at the airport. but we don't know which one. they have been moving it very slowly. very difficult to see but we shot some video over the past hour of them moving the wreckage of that aircraft, that boeing 777. we're trying to find out more information this morning. of course, the flight crash-
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landed at sfo on saturday morning. two people died and more than 180 others were injured. the jet has been on the runway ever since as the collection of physical evidence has continued. now, two of our congressional delegates visited the crash site yesterday praising the ntsb and first responders who helped save lives. >> thank god that fewer lives -- that more lives were not lost. so sad for those that were. and just how fragile life is and here's this plane that came down in san francisco. >> i have had much too much experience unfortunately having to deal with explosions in san bruno and now this at the airport and the ntsb has just shown that they are an incredible partner. >> so before this incident of the smoke pouring out of the wreckage the ntsb plan was to
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cut up and store the remainder of the plane's fuselage in a secure location here in the bay area. that part of their plan may have been expedited by what happened overnight. the feds were planning on saving some of the pieces to be taken to washington, d.c. for further analysis. and the entire investigation is expected to take months. again we have calls out to airport officials. we'll let you know when we find out more about this fire overnight. right now live near the airport, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> new pictures from the ntsb are showing us some of the damage from inside the plane much of the section completely destroyed with rows of seats just gone. the remaining seats are pretty badly burned, as well. much of the roof or the portion of the plane was destroyed. check out debris from the crash on the runway. rocks from the seawall you see there, parts of the plane spread over a wide area near that runway. [ singing ] >> and dozens of people gathered for a memorial in los
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angeles last night to honor the two teenaged girls killed in the crash. vigil at the west valley christian school where the teens from china were going to attend a summer camp. stay here with kpix 5 for the very latest updates on the crash-landing. head over to to see video of the crash and hear the 911 calls and read survivor stories. vallejo police are looking for leads three weeks after a person's body was found partially buried. the discovery was made near lemon street in vallejo on july 5. right now officers need help identifying the body. these are pictures of what the victim was wearing an extra large shirt similar to this one and straight slim jeans size 36. police are investigating the death as a homicide. an assault investigator is being investigated for a sex crime. the san jose d.a. says 33-year-old tony trigger met a teen on facebook exchanged explicit photos even after she shared her age.
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according to the d.a.'s office friger said, you 17? oh, man. i thought were 21, lol. the eight-year veteran is now on administrative leave and expected to be in court next week. san jose police officers will not be getting their salaries restored. a retired superior court judge sided with chuck reed yesterday refusing to restore a 10% pay cut put into place two years ago to save the city money. the judge said giving it back would have resulted in more cuts in the department. the officers are fed up. >> we still have this exodus of officers leaving as you know over the last two years, we have averaged 70 resignations. this year we're on pace for that again. >> because fewer officers are on the street, they say there will continue to be a delayed response time to emergency calls. jury deliberations begin on monday for two men accused of raping a 16-year-old outside a richmond high school in 2009.
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in closing arguments, the defense attorney for jose montano said he was guilty of sexual battery but not rape. separate juries will consider the fates of montano and marcelles peter. a movie depicting the shooting at the bart station detailing the final days of oscar grant's life before he was shot by a bart police officer in 2009 opens today. the movie opens nationwide. a preview was held last month in oakland. there is tough talk from union members as bart contract talks resume this morning. negotiators from bart and two unions are set to meet this morning for the first time since last week's strike. some union members went to the bart board meeting and warned of another walkout when the current cooling-off period ends august 4. >> we love to serve the public but we will be prepared for the
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bloodiest longest strike since the 1970s. >> reporter: riders should be worried. after all, bart struck once and people weren't expecting it. this time, we're dealing with some very, very difficult issues. >> those issues include pay, healthcare and pensions. state mediators met separately this week with union and management officials. >> 6:10. is he the missing piece in the puzzle? you're going to meet the warriors' new swiss army knife. >> plus, closing drama in the courtroom. what we can expect as the george zimmerman trial wraps up today. plus -- >> daddy, mommy's choking. >> she's choking? >> yup. she can't talk right now. >> and a little lifesaver. the 5-year-old who did something remarkable for her mother. >> starting out cloudy on this friday. what about the weekend? will we see some sunshine? we'll talk about that coming up. >> and over at the bay bridge, traffic is so light they still haven't turned on the metering lights. check of the east, south and north bays that's all coming up. farmers presents: 15 seconds of smart.
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here's a live look inside t florid nd, right now, george zimmerman's lawyers are giving their closing arguments. this is a live look inside the florida courtroom and deliberations could begin as soon as this afternoon in the second degree murder trial of george zimmerman. yesterday the judge ruled the jury will be able to consider a lesser charge of manslaughter. prosecutors finished their closing arguments saying zimmerman shot trayvon martin after profiling the teen as a criminal. >> the defendant pardon my language he was one of those [ censored ] that get away. part my language, he was one of those [ censored ] punks! >> zimmerman has admitted to the shooting martin last year but claims he did it in self-
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defense after martin sucker punched him and slammed his head on concrete pavement. today boston police will exhume the body of the boston strangler. albert desalvo was killed in prison in 1973. he confessed to the murders of 11 women back in the 60s sections but he was not convicted of the crimes. now dna secretly taken from his nephew links him to the final murder. they want desalvo's dna now to confirm that. well, a quick-thinking five-year-old likely saved her mother's life. she picked up the phone and said this: the mother was eating a chip and the daughter called 911. she thought she was talking to her father. thankfully, the mom stopped choking before emergency crews got to the house. she own told the dispatcher, i
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love you, when she got off the phone. . word of a crash, northbound 101 coming into sausalito. just north of the golden gate bridge. all those headlights traffic coming towards san francisco. that looks pretty good actually from san rafael down. let's go to the bay bridge where traffic has been exceptionally light on this friday morning. we are finally seeing this light summertime traffic pattern. still no metering lights. they really haven't had any need for them yet. we are only seeing delays growing in the cash lanes but the rest of the lanes look okay so far heading up the incline. we'll let you know when they turn the metering lights on. elsewhere, here's a live look at the east bay, 880 in oakland. taillights are moving
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northbound towards downtown oakland. the drive time is still about 15 minutes. this is the coliseum and 66 exit. let's go to the maps and this accident should be in the clearing stages now. southbound 680 by highway 48 was in sunol starting to see those delays though 14 minutes actually dropped a little bit the speeds as you approach the accident scene which is likely just off the shoulder. westbound 580 one of our biggest drive times right now 24 minutes between the altamont pass and 680. just the usual stuff there. there was an earlier accident approaching grant line that should be cleared to the right shoulder as well and the nimitz in oakland and once again the eastshore freeway no big delays yet from richmond down into berkeley and emeryville. that is your latest "timesaver traffic." for more on your forecast the weekend is here with that here's lawrence. >> you're very happy and excited today, liz. >> i am. >> spunky out there today. >> right. throughout the bay area we have some low clouds and fog that have moved onshore. no big surprise there. summer weather pattern setting up so as we head to the
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afternoon it will be milder outside for today. low clouds and fog all day long for the next five to seven days. low pressure passing to the north high pressure building in. that will allow the temperatures to warm up a few degrees at least inside the bay and the valleys. but out at the coastline, not much change. around the state, you can find hot weather into fresno about 99 degrees there, partly cloudy skies. our temperature warming up under mostly sunny skies, 87 morgan hill, 78 san jose, 81 cupertino. and 80 degrees in redwood city. east bay temperatures up in the 80s again although right in through the delta you will see the breeze keeping the numbers down mid-70s into vallejo and also into benicia. and then as you head inside the bay you will find cooler weather today about 68 degrees in oakland. 64 degrees and breezy in san
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francisco and only about 60 and clouds into daly city. next couple of days, it looks like warming things up inland not much change at the beaches. and then really just a mine for fluctuation in the weather through about the middle of next week. that's a look at weather, guys. back to you. >> thank you. they asked me if i have any enemies. i say no. >> one nutty story. the unusual suspect behind this vehicle vandalism. >> coming up, folks, you're going to want to see this. after four straight giants losses, last night was the night in san diego. ,, ,,,,
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check out a game on friday
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night. partly cloudy skies and cool conditions. we have the as and the red sox in town. >> the metering lights are on at the bay bridge toll plaza. so we are seeing slight delays backed up to the first overcrossing but the golden gate and the san mateo bridge flowing freely. more "timesaver traffic" coming u hey, good morning, everybody. history made in oakland yesterday. little lucy lee 10 years old fired a 75 at sequoia country club in oakland to become the youngest girl to qualify for the u.s. women's amateur. that will be in south carolina. the young lady is from redwood shores. again, very distinctive. if you love golf, just 10 years old an can hit it a country mile if you fought that was impressive, how about last -- if you thought that was impressive, how about last night? giants fans spilling into the gas lamp district. san diego. pablo sandoval backed away and thanks to a friendly bounce, it's gone. first home run since late may. cut the padres' lead in half 2- 1. after tying it they went ahead in the 8th.
6:24 am
blanco ground rule double. you bet. giants reaction in the dugout? they like it. giants 4, padres 2. derek jeter made his yankees season debut. he missed 91 games because of a fractured left ankle. looks good legging this one out. but he did leave the game after some tightness. and andre iguodala introduced yesterday to the bay area and we can already tell, he is going it be a favorite with the media --he is going to be a favorite with the media. >> steph curry is like the second coming of jesus christ. seems like the most loved man on earth right now. >> indeed he is. and indeed iguodala will be. we have an extended interview with him coming up on game day and that will be late sunday night. we'll see you later everybody. >> thank you, vern. today's play of the day
6:25 am
from former oakland a and pride of petaluma jonny gomes he and the sox up in seattle. you want to see a great catch? watch johnny gomes launch, grab and run into the wall. great catch right there. boston went on to beat the mariners 8-7 and a big comebacker, the sox in oakland tonight. first of three. nice catch. a woman in florida walked out to find her vehicle vandalized not by someone but something. a squirrel to be exact. norah was understandably stunned along with police to find out that the squirrel actually chewed up the fender of her suv. i didn't even know they could do that. norah says she is happy it want a person targeting her just a squirrel. >> bet the insurance guy is saying, sure, right. >> exactly. coming up at 6:25, what's next for the world's most wanted man? why edward snowden is emerging from hiding today. >> plus, an east bay toddler still missing where police plan to search for the little girl today. >> and within the past few
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that we will be prepared for the bloodiest, longest strike since the 1970s. >> bart gears up for another strike. >> this time around could get even uglier. >> riders should be worried. >> i'm so frustrated with both. >> the carnage that exists at that fuselage is horrific. >> all systems were go for what should have been a routine landing. >> the wreckage of asiana flight 214 is cut up and carted away. >> going to need to be removed
6:30 am
very carefully. >> there's still no sign of 21- month-old daphne webb. >> cops still aren't sure what really happened. >> the search for daphne looks increasingly like a recovery. >> george zimmerman's fate will be handed over to the jury today. >> we want people to be vocal not violent. >> the america's cup is half empty. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. good morning, everyone. the weekend is almost here. it's friday, july 12. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. new this morning, what remains of asiana flight 214 that crashed at sfo saturday is on the move. overnight firefighters rushed to the crash site after smoke was seen coming out of the wreckage. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec joins us live with the latest developments overnight.
6:31 am
anne. >> reporter: as of about 45 minutes ago, we can't see the wreckage anymore of the flight. they have now moved it behind some buildings here at sfo. that is after what appears to be a fire broke out overnight. there were reports at 3:30 a.m. of smoke pouring out of the wreckage of that flight. it's difficult to see but we shot this video about an hour ago of the wreckage being moved. they were pulling it we believe, to a hangar here at sfo after it likely was more damaged overnight by again what appears to be a fire. we are waiting for a call-back from airport officials for some confirmation on exactly what happened here overnight. now, of course, asiana flight 214 crash-landed here at sfo on saturday morning. two people died more than 180 others were injured. the 777 jet has been on the runway ever since as investigators continue to collect physical evidence. now, two of our congressional delegates visited the crash site yesterday praising the
6:32 am
ntsb and first responders who helped save lives. >> the carnage that exists at that fuselage is horrific. and we are so grateful that so many lives were saved and our first responders were there to make sure they got out when they did. >> it was emotional. but what is impressive to me is as emotional as it was for us to just arrive and see it, carrying it in our hearts all week and seeing it in the news, was that these people here on the ground, chairman hersman for one and the mayor and the others, they had to deal with it minute by minute, the first responders. so they have to be unemotional about a very emotional thing. >> reporter: the plans before these overnight developments the ntsb is going to cut up and restore the remainder of the plane's fuselage at a secure location here in the bay area and take some of the pieces to be taken to washington, d.c. for further
6:33 am
analysis. the plan was also to have that runway reopened by sunday. now that the wreckage was moved out overnight, we'll see whether or not that date is being moved up. again, we are waiting for more information. we'll keep you posted. live near the airport, sfo, anne makovec, kpix 5. we are seeing a new perspective of saturday's crash. kpix 5 as allen martin gives you a better idea of what should have happened during the landing. reporter: this animation shows how flight 214 came into sfo. the second blue image is how it should have approached the runway. and about 9 seconds before impact a pilot makes the first comment about speed. you can see how much higher 214 should be. just after that, the plane's tail starts to drop. the first call to aboard the landing is too late. the rear landing gear slams into the rock wall at the end of the runway then the tail of the plane. >> one thing to note about that animation, the blue plane is meant to show the proper flight path but to make the comparison it had to be slowed down well beyond the proper speed 214 should have been going.
6:34 am
three crash victims are still in critical condition this morning at san francisco general hospital. a spokesman says one of them is a juvenile and at stanford hospital two patients are in serious and good conditions. california pacific medical center has three patients in good condition. and saint mary's and st. francis each has a patient in stable condition. stay right here with kpix 5 for the latest updates on the crash- landing. we'll have up to the minute developments. we also posted yesterday's entire ntsb news conference on our website. we are tracking the latest developments in the search for that missing toddler in the east bay. the fbi and the oakland police will return to the water at the martin luther king, jr. regional shoreline this morning. daphne webb's father said someone took her from the back of his suv on wednesday morning. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is along the waterfront where detectives will continue their search for daphne shortly. good morning, cate. >> reporter: frank, one of the newest developments in this case, daphne's father john
6:35 am
webb was arrested on suspicion of child endangerment because he left daphne alone in the car with his mother, who has dementia. now oakland police are investigating or concerned about the relationship between father and daughter still no one has come forward and said they saw the 21-month-old being taken from her dad's suv. meanwhile, time is ticking and fbi and police are working around the clock to find daphne. yesterday investigators were combing through this waterfront area. it was a search on the water in the sky and on the ground. >> that's an area where the father and the child used to frequent. so we want to make sure that we're very thorough and we search that area not only for witnesses or any evidence that may lead us in a direction during this investigation. >> reporter: webb says his daughter was taken from his parked suv as he ran into a corner store to grab an energy drink. he told police she was taken by a stranger. police say they are still
6:36 am
looking for a suspect. witnesses say they saw a black or hispanic woman with long black hair walking away with a girl who looked like daphne. as far as the search on the waterfront yesterday, unfortunately it was not successful. that robot came up with nothing. we are expecting another update from oakland police later this morning. live in oakland, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> the father by the way is not considered a suspect at this time. it's early in the morning but already, there are long lines outside of san jose charity. parents from low-income families are waiting to apply to get free school supplies for their kids. sacred heart community service on south first street is in the 11th year of its annual back a pack program. today's for registration only between 9:30 this morning and 4:00 this afternoon. >> we want to make sure that every kid arrives at school ready to focus on the challenges of succeeding in
6:37 am
education and then for their future success. >> the distribution of the backpacks will take place next month. there will be at least 2300 each filled with school supplies. demand is expected to out number the supplies so sacred heart hopes for more donations. so if you can donate, please do. traffic and weather. nice that you can join us. >> i'm glad to be here with you on this friday. where else would i want to be? >> nowhere. >> nowhere -- well, breakfast is sounding good right now! low clouds and fog have courage onshore trying to break up in toward the san jose area right now. but i think it will be a slow burnoff as we head throughout the day. you can see plenty of gray out over the bay. and then it looks like by the afternoon, these temperatures are going to warm up nicely away from the coastline but out at the beaches going to be pretty cool and very gray. temperatures right now running in the 50s. we'll be at 87 and warm in morgan hill 78 and sunny in san jose and 81 in cupertino. east bay numbers back up into
6:38 am
the 80s by the afternoon. and inside the bay a cool sea breeze 64 in san francisco. more on your weekend forecast coming up. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thanks, lawrence. we have problems in the north bay. coming southbound 101 approaching sausalito that marin city exit, there is an overturn crash blocking two lanes and you can see that things are backing up behind it. there are slowdowns in the northbound direction. there are a number of emergency vehicles on scene so overturn likely injury crash. the location is southbound 101 approaching marin city. if you are using mass transit this morning, ace train number 3 has some signal issues so slightly behind schedule. we are told about 10 minutes. otherwise bart systemwide good to go. muni and caltrain also reporting no delay. we'll get a quick look at the bay bridge toll plaza this morning. the metering lights are on but traffic is "friday light." it is only backed up to the middle to the end of the parking lot. and that's in the very busiest spots. that is your latest "timesaver traffic." back to you. >> thank you. a lawsuit involving the port of oakland has been
6:39 am
settled. the agreement could pave the way for a stadium for the oakland as near jack london square park. the settlement will end maritime operations at the howard terminal and lets ssa terminals to end its lease at the howard terminal early. ssa would then be allowed to take over other terminals that could allow it to handle larger cargo ships. [ music ] and despite getting in trouble with officials, the concert by the ocean is back. back in february, maro fortissimo played a grand piano at sunset for two weeks in half moon bay. but someone complained about the noise and fortissimo was asked to stop. in his last concert, he burned the old baby grand. but now he is back. he and other artists will play in several locations along the san mateo county coast at sunset again now through july 22. hope he keeps the piano. critical injuries. we are trying to keep them
6:40 am
alive. >> the heroes of flight 214. coming up, we're live with san francisco police chief greg suhr who saw the chaos after the crash. >> looking for help. how nsa secret leaker edward snowden plans to get out of russia. >> and the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. let's check the early numbers. a bit of a mixed bag this morning. coming up an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:42 am
6:43 am
having a secret meeting with someone from "amnesty international." the human rights organization is not saying l edward snowden is having a secret meeting with someone from amnesty international. the human rights organization is not saying where the meeting will take place. it's believed he is in the transit zone of a moscow airport since june. he is trying charged with
6:44 am
leaking classified security information. quebec searchers have recovered 24 bodies from the weekend's fiery training wreck, another 26 missing are believed dead. the search is taking a while after the crash because it was too dangerous to enter. a bridge collapse in southwest klein has killed at least three people. a dozen others are still missing. rescuers yesterday rigged ropes to bring more than 200 stranded across the raging waters to safety. the bridge collapse was caused by floodwaters after heavy rains. today the texas state senate is scheduled to vote on a bill that would ban most abortions after 20 weeks. it will have enough votes to pass. so far democratic filibuster and a ruckus prevented the bill from becoming law. a plan is the in works to distribute more than $7 million all donated for the victims of
6:45 am
the sandy hook school shootings. the families of the 26 children and adults who were killed are expected to get $281,000 each. families of 12 surviving children will get $20,000 under the new proposal. 6:45. let's check weather. >> a sea breeze carrying the fog onshore this afternoon. i think gradual warming toward the weekend. high pressure going to start to slide in our way but right now you have the trough along the coastline. >> a lot of sunshine inside the
6:46 am
bay and the valleys but the temperatures, not too bad. also into gilroy and los gatos. 70s into san jose. and 60s it long the immediate coastline. plenty of 80s. a cool breeze blowing there. next couple of days in the 90s in the valley, not much change out toward the coastline with a lot of cloud cover. kind of keep things very similar over the next five to seven days. southbound 101 by aredskin city exit blocking the number three and four lanes. they are hoping to reopen lanes shortly. one of the speed sensors showing the backups in the area
6:47 am
southbound and northbound actually. 27 miles per hour toward sausalito this morning. once you get past the accident scene towards the golden gate bridge everything moves fine again. ace train 3 having signal issues this morning. slightly behind schedule. possibly about 10 maybe up to 15 minutes. otherwise bart systemwide on time. we'll show you a couple of live traffic cameras. here's a live look across the golden gate bridge. great flow of traffic both directions again just be careful because of that accident in sausalito because of the southbound lanes. rising gas prices led to a jump in wholesale prices. here to chat about it, kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: a warning when it comes to inflation as we are seeing at the wholesale level and certainly to be passed on to consumers too. in june, labor department said that wholesale side inflation
6:48 am
rose by .8% the strongest gain in nine months and blame gas prices up by 7.2%. it's going to get worse as oils have been going higher over the past month around $106 a barrel. if you strip out gas and food, the core rate was up .2% and still over the past year the core rate still up less than 2%. that's a key for the federal reserve as it maintains its key federal funds rate at its record low range. getting some big bank earnings in including wells fargo and jpmorgan chase. san francisco-based wells fargo topped earnings expectations. it saw its profits surge higher by 20% to $5.27 billion. a lot of that coming on cost- cutting moves. revenue was up slightly to $21.4 billion. some worries about wells fargo because of rising interest rates and mortgage rates because wells fargo has taken advantage of the housing recovery more so than other banks when it comes to writing new loans. market coming off a record day
6:49 am
yesterday, dow and s&p both finished at all-time highs. a bit of a breather this morning. let's check the numbers. the dow up by 11. nasdaq up by 3. s&p right now is flat. and off of its earnings beating wells fargo, shares up by 2.5%. >> thank you, jason. have a great weekend. >> reporter: you, too. san francisco's stint at hosting the america's cup yacht race may be in more trouble than it's worth. yesterday a panel rejected some changes in safety rules that challengers complained would have give an unfair advantage to larry ellison's oracle team usa. now the regatta director has to go back to the coast guard to get a revised permit for the rate. it was once touted by gavin newsom as the super bowl and the world series put together. the preliminary rounds have been under way with only one boat competing. and the huge crowds of spectators have just not been
6:50 am
there. >> so far, about $10 million. the total cost could be $10 million. >> it means lower cost. >> certainly wasn't the way it was envisioned when we first said yippee we got it. >> nothing has turned out the way it was discussed three years ago. >> fundraising has falling len short and corporate sponsors are not coming together as planned. in the end, san francisco could be on the hook for $8 million in losses. state leaders and community members are thanking first responders for saving lives at asiana flight 214 at sfo. phil matier and police chief greg suhr live at caffe roma at the city. chief suhr tell us what you saw when you arrived on the scene last saturday. >> well, for me, the fire has already been put out by the fire department that people had all been taken, all the passengers had gone away. then when we went up to the plane just the inside of the plane was unbelievable.
6:51 am
just everything completely collapsed. and what's lost on the people -- a lot of people watching on television was the smell. and that was just an incredible smell of gasoline or december of fuel or something that sounded like it was flammable. to have the cops and firefighters and the crew -- the cops and firefighters wade and and crews stay on the plane. it's unbelievable. >> everybody trains for it but the line between a heroic moment and tragedy is very thin. sometimes a split second makes it heroic or tragic. >> right. i mean, just the calculus that the folks again the crew was great on the plane and then the cops and firefighters people horribly injured, a lieutenant spoke of seeing smoke and flames and hearing the crackling and popping. again, they are standing in something that smelled to me like it was going to go at any time. and yet they stayed.
6:52 am
>> now, on that we are getting the 911 tapes released that we're hearing. there's questions there about how long it took to get the fire trucks to the plane. >> sure. well, the fire trucks got there quickly. i think they're more talking about the ambulances. but you have to remember it was still an open airport at the time. >> which means? >> which means there's still planes landing and some scheduled to take off and you know, the news has reported accurately that a lot of planes were diverted to san jose and oakland. all that had to get figured out. you don't need a bunch of queue of ambulances driving on and then some other plane happens and we have more casualties. >> who makes the call? who coordinates this type of effort with that mean people responding in that short time? is there any coordination, is everybody on his own? >> they all have training how to be on what they call the aoa, the air field. everybody else came, mutual
6:53 am
aid, i would imagine just like air traffic controller controls what's landing and taking off, they also control -- >> there must be a lot of confusion when you enter a scene like this. everybody has to be -- you don't have a briefing before and say, hey we're going to do this. there was no heads up on this. you're just responding which way it goes. >> that's when your fight or flight they call it kicks in. and the fight kicked in for the officers and the firefighters and the crew. and then a lot of the passengers, you know? everybody got off that plane which is really the miracle in all this. >> then afterwards, we have the media and we have questions and sometimes there are still questions out there. one being whether or not one of the passengers was possibly run over by a rescue vehicle. >> right well we know for sure she was at least run over one time. but at the time, she was under foam so nobody could have seen her and the question is, whether or not she was still alive at the time. so the coroner in san mateo county will be determining
6:54 am
that. >> regardless, you know, everybody was in there to save lives. you know, 307 people on the plane sadly two lost their lives, but to have 305 people survive is pretty amazing. >> frank, michelle, any questions? >> you know, i think he covered it all very well. thank you very much. phil matier, chief suhr, thanks for your time. and you're going to hear much more on the story and the other extraordinary actions of those who saved lives that day right after cbs sunday morning on monday morning -- sunday morning at 7:30 right here on kpix 5. time is ticking for a missing toddler from oakland. where officers will start searching for daphne webb today. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ [ female announcer ] gentle lilac... ...fungi still there. ocean breeze... ...e. coli still around. air fresheners like febreze air effects... aren't approved to kill the germs that cause the odors. lysol disinfectant spray does more. we call it healthing... because it kills 99.9% of germs that cause odors at the source. and now you can use it to freshen the air too. lysol... a fresh smelling home... ...and a healthy one. san francisco police chief suhr just confirmed to phil matier that one of the teens killed in saturday's crash s
6:58 am
run over by an emergency ning... san francisco police chief greg suhr just confirmed with phil matier that one of the teens killed in saturday's crash was run over by an emergency vehicle on the tarmac. also this morning firefighters rush to the crash site overnight after smoke was seen coming out of the plane much of the plane is being moved to a secure location here in the bay area. i believe it's in a hangar right now. other parts will be taken to washington, d.c. >> oakland police will return to the water as they continue their search for a missing toddler. john webb and his 21-month-old daughter daphne were known to visit the shoreline along doolittle drive. webb says his daughter was kidnapped from his suv wednesday morning. 6:58. the all-important weekend forecast lawrence don't blow it. >> i'm going to try not to. looking good around the bay area starting out with low clouds and fog in spots partly cloudy in towards san jose right now. the temperatures running generally into the 50s. by this afternoon, looking good as the fog peels back to the peaches. cool at the coast only in the 60s there.
6:59 am
80s in the valleys. 60s and 70s around the bay and the weekend should be warmer inland but staying cool at the coastline. by the way, isn't frank buying breakfast today? >> he is! >> he volunteered. >> how did that work? >> bacon for everyone! [ laughter ] let's go out towards the north bay. we have just confirmed with chp all lanes are now opened. southbound 101 approaching marin city right by the accident. for a while there was an overturn crash multiple lanes blocked. still seeing delays in both directions with damage to the guardrail so crews may still be out there working on that. in the meantime, quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza, where it is -- this is your traffic gift, "friday light." getting into san francisco. the metering lights remain on. >> it's a long weekend for some. >> starting out with free breakfast from frank. that's fantastic. >> you have to eat bacon. >> i'll eat a little bit. >> i'm hungry. >> you in. >> i'm starving. >> talking about bacon. >> thanks for watching kpix 5 news this morning. remember, your next local update is at 7:25.
7:00 am
"cbs this morning" is coming up next. have a great weekend, everybody. good morning to our viewers in the west. it is friday, july 12th, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." nsa leaker snowden comes out of hiding at the moscow airport. in the zimmerman trial, police get ready for what comes next. and it doesn't behave like any other mosquito. what we can do about the aggressive insect invading dozens states. we begin with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> i want to show you what the evidence has shown my client beyond a


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