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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  July 12, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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about their own business but they shut it down earlier when police got calls around 2:00, they got calls for help at the san francisco jewelry mart. when officers arrived they came upon a suspect, who then opened fire on then triggering a lockdown of the streets while the officers believed that a second suspect may be on the loose. chief greg suhr gave us the latest information about a half hour ago. >> reporter: a loan suspect went into 147, shot -- a lone suspect went into store 147 and shot one man and there are two female victims, as well. we believe there were gunshots and/or an edge weapon. we'll let the coroner decide.
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those two women are deceased. the suspect then exited 888 where he was engaged by three police officers responded to a shots fired call. he produced a revolver fired upon the officers. he then retreated into a restaurant, additional officers came on scene. multiple more rounds were fired. none of the rounds hit any of the officers. and prior to the officers being able to return fire, owe discarded the revolve -- he discarded the revolver and surrendered. >> reporter: the one man injured inside that jewelry mart was taken to san francisco general hospital where he is being treated for critical injuries. also, the suspect was also taken to the hospital police believe that he had superficial injuries to his hands. as far as the mode of his concerns, police chief did not have any information to give us that of course is being investigated. they would like to talk to that injured man when he comes out of surgery or when he is better.
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maybe he could better tell them what may have happened this afternoon. the chief did tell us though that that suspect was seen in the jewelry store before. so there apparently has been some relationship with that jewelry store owner which is a gold jewelry store and that suspect then -- that is all the information we have now, juliette. >> obviously unfolding. i'm curious about the two victims. do we have any information about them if they were customers or employees there? >> reporter: we asked the chief and he is not releasing that information because so far, the next of kin hasn't been notified. >> linda, thank you. the 800 block of brannan street still closed this evening as authorities continue their investigation on the scene. the police chief just told us that area will remain closed for some time. you're looking at live pictures now from chopper 5 with the closure there from the streets being blocked off and the traffic backup in that area. breaking news in just the past hour, authorities at sfo
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reopened runway 28-left. crews did work around the clock to remove the debris and the wreckage of asiana flight 214. southwest airlines was the first to land there on the runway where the flight crashed on saturday morning. airlines now resuming their normal scheduled flights and departures. we did learn today a third victim of the plane crash has died. a young passenger who had been in critical condition at san francisco general hospital died today from her injuries. hospital officials are respecting the family's request not to disclose the girl's name or age. >> she died of her injuries. it is a pediatric patient who has been in our intensive care unit since the time of her crash. i can say that she received outstanding treatment from every, single person that touched her and we're all very sad for this occurrence today. six more patients are recovering at san francisco general. two of them are in critical condition. meanwhile, crews have dismantled the wreckage of flight 214 and moved it from runway 28-left to another
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airport location for further inspection. kpix 5's ryan takeo is live near sfo and ryan, how soon could this runway be back open? how could they open it so quickly a day and a half ahead of time? >> reporter: it was expected to open sunday. but it -- they got it done sooner than expected. they never had done anything like this before obviously. within the last hour that first plane took off from the reopened runway. >> once the runways open we'll be back to full normal operations. >> reporter: it's tough to imagine things ever being normal at sfo again especially an runway 28-left. the airport's director can't forget seeing the scene saturday. >> see the baggage and engine parts and the gouges in the runway, it was --it was very, very shocking and quite an emotional experience to know that 300 people were on board. >> reporter: today on our tour crews were putting on the final touches. more than 100 people have worked the last 48 hours.
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>> the moment they gave us clearance to access the runway, we started doing the grinding work on the runways. the moment they said we're ready to go and removing the aircraft itself, the contractors were standing by with the big rigs and cranes ready to begin work. >> reporter: the clean-up was challenging. some runway scrapes were longer than 100 feet but overall the work went smoother than expected. >> the airlines will return to their normal schedules tomorrow. i don't expect to see any cancellations at all tomorrow. >> reporter: almost one week after the crash there are still signs of asiana flight asiana. back to normal is a relative term. the airport will bill asiana airlines for repairs. live near sfo, i'm ryan takeo, kpix 5. we are also learning more about one of the chinese teens killed in flight 214. san francisco police chief greg suhr confirming a girl was run over by an emergency vehicle but it's not clear that is how
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she died. he spoke to kpix 5's phil matier earlier today. >> we know for sure she was at least run over one time. but at the time, she was under foam. so nobody could have seen her. and the question is whether or not she was still alive at the time. so the coroner in san mateo county will be determining that. >> the girl was covered in the white foam crews sprayed on the flames to douse the flames. the fire department is conducting an internal investigation while it awaits the coroner's final report. a blood drive is being held at sfo tomorrow to replenish blood supplies following the deadly crash. that drive will be held at 9 a.m. at the baggage claim area of terminal 3. travelers and others welcomed and certainly encouraged to donate blood. you'll hear much more on the other extraordinary actions of those who saved lives the day
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of the crash. the heroes of flight 214 airs again here on kpix 5 sunday at 7:30 a.m. after cbs sunday morning. homeland security secretary janet napolitano is stepping down to pursue another high- profile position, president of the university of california. kpix 5's len ramirez is live at santa clara university. napolitano's alma mater, len. >> reporter: the napolitano is set to become the first female head of the university of california system, it's something that she may be getting used to. she's already in the history books here at her alma mater santa clara university. reporter: before she was elected as governor of arizona, before becoming the head of the u.s. department of homeland security, janet napolitano was a student at santa clara university. >> she was top 1% of all the students i have had since then. >> reporter: and she made an impression on her political science professor in 1979. >> very, very intelligent, but at the same time, didn't show off her intelligence. she was very popular with the other students and they elected
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her the first female valedictorian. >> reporter: napolitano will now be the first female head of the university of california in its 145-year history. >> it's an outside the box choice. you get someone with a fresh perspective, with an outsider's perspective but a remarkable capacity to work within governing institutions not only at the federal level but she understands state government. >> reporter: one former regent says napolitano's experience dealing with complicated issues will help. >> she has been dealing pretty well, i think, with really difficult issues in washington, principally lately around the immigration issue, and homeland security, and it can't get any more complicated than that, although i'm not sure she may be jumping from the frying pan into the fire. >> the budget does include a plan to increase the uc budget 5% a year for the next five years. >> reporter: state senator jim bell of san jose says the funding picture is getting better but she will still face a situation in california where more money goes to prisons than universities.
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>> i think in terms of the past when budget problems occurred, there was more and more out of state students and i think we have to serve the population that we have in california and have the diversity of california represented on the campus. >> reporter: her salary will likely be set at a meeting of the board of regents in san francisco on july 18. her predecessor mark yudof was making around $600,000 a year. if she is in that range, it would be quite a bump for her. she was making $199,000 working for the federal government. reporting live in santa clara, len ramirez, kpix 5. at least one immigration group is raising concerns about napolitano saying that as the head of the department of homeland security, she oversaw some controversial programs, allen, including the secure communities program which forced local law enforcement agencies to turn over information to the federal government about local immigrants they arrest. coming up, as bay area police search for a missing bay
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area toddler, why police aren't so sure that they can trust that little girl's father. >> what's responsible for a shrimp shortage that could cause seafood prices to skyrocket? >> nothing particularly that will cause temperatures to skyrocket. but they will get bumped up a little bit. not as much as the lady's salary, but nevertheless the numbers will be about 90 degrees inland and we'll have 60s along the shoreline and then some changes for the coming week. stay tuned. >> the travel of the future could be closer than you think. how you can get from the bay area to los angeles in a half hour in a tube. ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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a homicide investigation. investigators went back to e the search for a missing toddler in oakland is looking more and more like a homicide investigation. investigators went back to the father's apartment today looking for more evidence. kpix 5's kpix 5's da lin live
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at the santa rita jail. is the father set to be released at any time? >> reporter: that's right. police say the father of the toddler is not considered a suspect officially in the disappearance. but he was arrested for child endangerment. the d.a. says the case isn't very strong so she declined to file charges against the father john anthony webb. so authorities are set to release him from santa rita jail in dub soon. a police source close to the case tells me new information led detectives to john anthony webb's apartment for the third time since he reported his daughter missing wednesday. about 20 homicide detectives and fbi agents searched his apartment and interviewed neighbors. >> asked me if i seen anything unusual, has anybody been messing around with the trash cans, anything found or see anything unusual on the block. >> reporter: sounds like they are looking for a body. >> seems like. >> reporter: police are
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skeptical about the father's story that afternoon he walked into a store, someone kidnapped his daughter, 21-month-old daphne webb, from his suv. detectives spent two hours recanvassing the neighborhood. >> it's right here on my block. >> reporter: nearby authorities posted missing person's flyers near the store where webb reported his daughter missing. neighbors say they haven't seen the toddler in a while. one neighbor in the same apartment complex says webb and his wife argued a lot. >> i used to hear them hollering and screaming at each other. i don't know was he beating her, arguing or something like that. >> reporter: all the neighbors say regardless of who is at fault, they just pray that the little girl comes home safe. >> they have her, just return her. >> i hope they find that baby. >> reporter: just a quick update from county officials here saying they plan to release him within the next hour. as for the little girl, oakland police will continue to search for her this weekend.
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live in dublin, i'm da lin, kpix 5. a lot of people saying this case reminds them of the hasanni campbell case. it was a few years ago campbell's foster parents reported him missing in oakland. well, police arrested the foster parents, later released them. the little boy was never found. with the help of ground and air crews, firefighters put out a 50-acre grass fire in morgan hill. crews will still be on scene through the night looking for hot spots. heavy smoke poured from the sky this afternoon as firefighters fought the flames. the fire was reported just before 2 p.m. in the area of casa loma road and uvas road. no structures were threatened and there were no injuries. the conditions just right for that type of thing. >> well, the good thing about it is that the winds are calm. i mean, they weren't windy in morgan hill today and as you can see from the smoke rising from that, they weren't going anywhere so gusty winds would have been a big problem but the winds now in morgan hill 6 miles an hour out of the north, not a big deal.
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so that's good. we have got a stunning shot from chopper 5 for you of the fog and low clouds coming in. there's the transamerica pyramid, the tallest skyscraper in san francisco. and you can see the fog and low clouds draping all that. but on the other side, down to the embarcadero we have sunshine. but that's classic shot of san francisco. so cloudy there, but at the bay bridge, nice and sunny. 82 degrees in concord right now. 80 livermore. 61 at the airport. santa rosa 73. so we have a warm friday evening under way in the bay area. not as warm as we are going to have at the california state fair sacramento tomorrow will be 94 degrees. nice if you want to head there. for tonight, bay area sticking around we have numbers that will be mostly in the upper 50s and mid-60s. but around livermore it will still be in the low 70s after 7:00 tonight. so a very pleasant evening inland. and here's what's happening. the usual cloudy mornings will get clearing inland but plenty of afternoon sun except right along the shoreline.
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numbers will come up a little bit tomorrow. low pressure that's spinning off the gulf of alaska is going to slightly weaken and as it does, it allows this hype pressure to build in over the desert southwest going to be moving a little bit toward california. nevertheless we get plenty of that fog and low clouds along the shoreline. but the numbers inland come up a few degrees not so muching an lot beach. pinpoint -- not so much along the beach. pinpoint forecast, 97 at ukiah up highway 101. fresno 102. bay area 66, 90 livermore, 92 fairfield, 82 napa. san jose 83. mountain view 80. extended forecast, we warm up tomorrow by 5 to 7 degrees inland. sunday we maintain the warmth. and then monday, tuesday and wednesday, in the battle between the high and low, the low wins and we are going to cool off a little bit. you look ahead there's no dramatic changes and that's pretty typical for summertime
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in the bay area. >> you are on the mark. >> as usual. >> thank you. shrimp prices going up. it's because there's a disease killing shrimp that's been found in the largest shrimp producing country which is thailand. workers from that factory say that u.s. shrimp imports from thailand fell 27% last year. dropped 23% so far this year. the disease only harmful to the shrimp not a threat to humans. still ahead, they are not giving up. how prop 8 supporters are trying to stop same-sex marriages. >> san francisco to l.a., in half hour? how a tube transport system could make it possible. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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electric car company that makes a profit. it's like a cult following. we'll talk about this new latest edition here. mark sayre in milpitas of what could be next for the man behind tesla motors. fill us in. >> reporter: well, juliette, this is the first-ever meeting of the tesla motors club. just take a look at this. have you ever seen more teslas anywhere in one place? probably not. these are enthusiasts from around the nation and most have no doubt that the man behind tesla has even more big ideas in the picture. the tesla model s has been a hot commodity with the target of 400 sedans a week coming off the line in fremont. but the company has also built a very loyal following. take john peck, who didn't even really know much about tesla until he drove a friend's model s. >> i fell in love with it when i drove it. i come from luxury cars. i have luxury cars. i got in this thing and i asked the guy, can i open it up? and i floored it and i was sold.
6:22 pm
>> reporter: tesla fans say the man behind the brand elon musk is a big thinker. he also set up supercharging stations along major highways, is behind the commercial spacex program and now is talking about something called the hyperloop, musk calls it a fifth mode of transportation, after planes, trains, automobiles, boats similar to this automation. it's like a jetsons tunnel that whisks you away. he says it could take travelers from san francisco to l.a. in just 30 minutes. tesla fans say they don't doubted it. >> who thought you could get over 200 plus miles you can drive normal or beyond normal. i don't doubt anything he says at this point. what's next? >> reporter: so if he says there's' jetsons type -- >> pay attention. if there's any way you can ride the wave, you better be honest. >> he talks to you about
6:23 pm
hyperloop. >> what he has done with spacex and the tesla. he said let's make this car cool not silly and he went for the high-end works his way backwards. i think that's brilliant. >> reporter: is he a visionary? >> without a doubt. >> reporter: now, musk has discussed this concept of the hyperloop in online forums but the technical details and financing and property rights, all those types of things that we see in these big projects, all that has yet to be determined. but people here are believers. they say he is a big thinker. if he says it, you should believe it. >> seems like a little hinting behind the scenes of some good financial fortunes for that company. >> reporter: yeah, as it comes to tesla here, he told the "l.a. times" that they are actually ahead of their production. we mentioned the 400 cars per week coming off the line there in fremont. he kind of hinted that the numbers might be higher than that also, the company joins the nasdaq exchange on monday. so certainly perhaps some good financial news ahead. we'll know when they announce their 2nd quarter earnings
6:24 pm
later this month. >> we only go $100 over invoice, right? that's it. [ laughter ] >> reporter: i think they are about 62-5 after you get a $7,500 discount so do the math and it goes up from there. >> i bet it does. all right, mark marks, thank you. -- all right, mark sayre, thank you. the new bay bridge won't open until later this year but we are told it's ready for cars. crews are laying down the road surface on the westbound deck. that will take about 2,000 tons of asphalt. the eastbound lanes are already done. coming up in our next half hour, we are continuing to follow the breaking news out of san francisco where a jewelry mart the scene of a bloodbath. >> how prop 8 supporters are taking action once again to try to stop same-sex marriages. >> what the feds want to change about one of the most popular drinks for kids. ,,,,
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mary has one that day. that's when she finds out she has a tumor. she has a successful surgery and because her health provider has an amazing connected system, she has her life. i don't know what you have but i have kaiser permanente. kaiser permanente. thrive. now at 6:30: we're continuing to follow breaki news out of san francisco: a gunman covered her and all the customers immediately after the gunshots just ducked and covered. >> now at 6:30, we're continuing to follow breaking news out of san francisco where a gunman covered in blood opened fire at police. officers found two people dead this afternoon in the lobby of the gift center and jewelry
6:28 pm
mart on brannan street in the south of market neighborhood where linda yee joins us with the latest. >> reporter: well, allen, the 800 block of brannan between 7th and 8th streets you see behind me is still shut down, no traffic is going to be allowed as police continue their investigation. it all started around 2:00 this afternoon when they got calls for help from the san francisco jewelry mart. when officers arrived, they ran right into the suspect who then opened fire on them. that triggered a lockdown of all of the streets around here. they asked everybody to stay in their buildings and to close their doors. they were worried that there might be a second suspect out there. and this is what chief greg suhr told us about an hour ago. >> we now know it was a lone gunman single suspect entered 888 brannan and went into store number 147, shot one man and
6:29 pm
then there are two female victims, as well. we believe that there were gunshots and/or an edge weapon. we'll have to let the coroner decide that. those two women are deceased. the suspect then exited 888 brannan and went eastbound on the 800 block of brannan where he was engaged by three police officers responding to a shots fired call. he produced a revolver, fired upon the officers. he then retreated into a restaurant. additional officers came on scene. multiple rounds were found. none of the rounds hit any of the officers. prior to the officers being able to return fire, he discarded the revolver and surrendered. >> reporter: police say one man inside the jewelry store was shot and injured. two women were killed. the man who was injured was taken to the hospital being treated for critical injuries. the suspects after surrendering
6:30 pm
was also taken to the hospital. police believe that he may have superficial injuries on his hands. now, back to the live scene here, you do see members of the officers, the tac squad, they are out here, it appears they are finished with their floor- by-floor search. just to seal up the scene, they also had to talk to many of the witnesses. there were about 100 people still left inside hours after the shooting. police wanted to talk to them because they are potential witnesses. they wanted to know what they saw or heard as they continue this investigation. and as far as we know, allen, we still aren't told the motive but we know that this suspect is known to the jewelry store owner. >> but no more details about how they knew him, why he might have been in the building before? >> reporter: they just said he was in the building before and apparently people in the jewelry mart knew this person, the suspect who is now in custody. police say they want to talk to the man who was injured and then find out more about what may have happened. >> fill in the details.
6:31 pm
linda yee, thank you. same-sex marriage opponents aren't giving up their fight over prop 8. they filed a lawsuit accusing california's county clerks of issuing licenses illegally. >> i think our case has a very strong chance of success in getting some order restored. >> reporter: an attorney and former assembly candidate seeking to storm same-sex marriage. he is accusing all 58 county clerks in california of breaking the law. >> the only thing standing in the way of proposition 8 right now is not that the people have changed their mind, not that the courts have declared it unconstitutional, but that government officials are lawlessly refusing to enforce it. >> reporter: same-sex marriages resumed almost immediately last month after the u.s. supreme court let a lower court ruling stand. that ruling declared the ban on gay marriage unconstitutional. but he says the definition of marriage between a man and a woman is still a valid part of the state's constitution because it was passed by the
6:32 pm
voters. >> the united states supreme court did not rule against proposition 8. the supreme court of the united states decided to stay out of it and did not make a decision. >> so we know we still have so much to do in helping folks to understand equality is important. >> reporter: members of the lgbt community are still celebrating the right for same- sex couples to marry here and say they aren't worried about the latest push to stop it again. >> it changes nothing in the fact that our country stood and said quite clearly that equal rights are equal for all. >> the lawsuit is requesting an immediate stay on all same-sex marriages while the case is considered. u.s. fugitive edward snowden is asking for temporary asylum in russia. he met with human rights activists and lawyers in a moscow airport transit zone to negotiate asylum. >> i did not seek to sell u.s. secrets. i did not partner with any foreign government to guarantee my safety. i announce today my formal
6:33 pm
acceptance of all offers of support or asylum. >> presidents of venezuela and bolivia have already offered asylum but snowden faces many charges in the u.s. for leaking classified information. heathrow airport in london is re-opening its runways after a dreamliner plane caught on fire. no one was on board. ethiopian airlines say its plane had been parked for more than 8 hours. investigators are figuring out what sparked the fire. in march, dreamliners were grounded because of overheating problems. the proposed changes for one of the most popular drinks for kids still ahead what the feds say is unacceptable about apple juice. >> and proof you're never too old to be a customer service superstar. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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today! "twinkies" lovers can now hd down to walmart and grab ash as they want. the world's largest retail store made t ilable at twinkies made an early comeback today.
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twinkie lovers can head to walmart and grab as much as they want. the world's largest retail store made the yellow sponge cake available at 1600 stores and by sunday, about 3,000 more stores will have them in stock. twinkies were pulled off shelves since last november due to bankruptcy. the food and drug administration is proposing limits on the amount of inorganic arsenic found in apple juice. that announcement comes after consumers and parents expressed concerns about how the contaminant would affect children. here's teresa garcia with the details. >> reporter: it's one of the most popular drinks among children. >> what is your kid's favorite drink? >> apple juice. >> maybe a couple of cups a day. maybe a cup a day. >> reporter: in recent years, many parents and consumer groups have expressed their concern about arsenic in apple juice. now the food and drug administration wants to limit the contaminant to the same levels currently allowed in drinking water. >> the case of inorganic arsenic we want to be sure
6:37 pm
given that apple juice is consumed by kids, we want to be sure we continue to have as low as possible. >> reporter: arsenic occurs naturally in the environment and is also in pesticides. the inorganic type can be toxic and high levels can cause cancer. but experts don't know exactly what that level is. the fda has been monitoring apple juice for the past 20 years. last year, the agency released an analysis that showed all the samples they tested were below the new levels being proposed for inorganic arsenic. >> we think that the levels that we have set is the right level to protect public health. and we think it will continue to assure the people can have confidence in the overall safety of apple juice. >> the juice products association is reviewing the fda proposal and says safety is the number one priority for juice producers. drew seymour is happy to hear the fda is keeping apple juice safe for children. >> just another thing that can help parents to rest easy at
6:38 pm
night. >> reporter: she also tries to limit her kids' favorite drinks because of the sugar. teresa garcia, cbs news, los angeles. >> the fda is also considering new limits on arsenic in rice. parents from low-income families lined up at a san jose charity to get free school supplies for their kids. san jose's sacred heart community kicked off their 11th year of their back a pack program. one parent expressed his feelings about the giveaway. >> this is very important. backpacks and especially for school is not very cheap so i mean, they give you new backpacks, they give you all the accessories that you need, your binders pens, pencils and everything so it's important. it really helps a lot. >> the actual distribution. backpacks is next month. 2300 children will be getting them. what do you imagine you're going to be doing should you live to be 99 years old? coming up, how one man is living his golden years as a retail rock star. >> good for him.
6:39 pm
we have a nice weekend on tap for the bay area. the numbers even now still in the 80s in parts of the east bay. and it's going to get even warmer tomorrow. details still ahead. ahead, former warriors monta ellis is back in the western conference and it is the final weekend of baseball before we hit the all-star break. remember this guy? ah, good times for the old oakland as with jonny gomes. well, he is back in oakland but in the other clubhouse. ,, look at 'em.
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in closing arguments tod id the the george zimmerman murder trial is now in the hands of the jury. the closing arguments today prosecutors said the neighborhood watchman tracked down and killed trayvon martin. but the defense said zimmerman had no choice but to shoot in self-defense. susan mcginnis has the latest from sanford, florida. >> reporter: defense attorney mark o'mara spent three hours and used a number of props trying to convince the jury of his client's innocence. >> you look at all this evidence and you have to say, i have a reasonable doubt. >> reporter: in february of 2012, george zimmerman spotted
6:43 pm
trayvon martin walking through his neighborhood and called authorities. >> are you following him? >> yeah. >> okay, we don't need you to do that. >> reporter: the teenager ran toward his home but minutes later the two men met up. the defense played the jury this animation showing the teen attacking their client unprovoked. >> self-defense is a defense to everything. >> reporter: but the prosecution claims it was zimmerman who tracked down martin. >> the defendant didn't shoot trayvon martin because he had to; he shot him because he wanted to. >> reporter: the jury has three choices. they can find zimmerman guilt of manslaughter, or second- degree murder, or they can find him not guilty. police initially let zimmerman go after the shooting leading to nationwide protests. >> no justice, no peace! >> reporter: a handful of demonstrators rallied outside the courthouse friday calling for equal justice. community officials are asking for calm. >> it's a trying time for all of us. we're not sure what the verdict is going to bring out. >> your verdict is not going to change the past.
6:44 pm
but it will forever define it. >> reporter: if convicted of second-degree murder, zimmerman could face life in prison. susan mcginnis, cbs news, sanford, florida. >> the jury will resume deliberations tomorrow morning. well, some things never go out of style. service with a smile is one of them. joy benedict shows us when it comes to keeping the customer happy one grandfather in santa anita stands alone. >> reporter: the chaos is constant inside this busy nordstrom's store but on the west side entrance things take on a calmer tone. >> good morning, young lady. good morning. >> reporter: that's where you'll find ted standing tall dressed to the nines humming an old song that doesn't match the one blaring from the speaker and wearing a smile. >> this is my home right here. >> reporter: he is the store's greeter. >> they say, can you help me? by all means.
6:45 pm
that's what i'm here for. >> reporter: with more than 200 stores nationwide ted is the only greeter employed by nordstrom's. >> no mom and pop store. the owner used to say good morning and people come in. >> reporter: a time this gran father remembers. >> i'll be 100 december 30th. good morning, young ladies. welcome to nordstrom's. >> reporter: still quick, 99 years young on his feet, working. >> when you get old, you got to keep moving around. you can't just sit down and watch tv. >> reporter: denunzio retired from being a meat cutter in the '80s to help his wife. >> she had cancer. i had to retire because i had to take care of her. >> reporter: but after she died, he realized he needed something more a way to stay connected. >> good morning, high five. thank you. >> reporter: this nordstrom's store opened in 1994 one of its first customers ted denunzio. it didn't take long before they hired him. >> i have been standing for 13 years. >> reporter: despite the fact that nordstrom's gives him a chair. >> have to have good shoes. >> reporter: which he buys here along with more than 100 ties
6:46 pm
and he has quite an audience. >> thousands. thousands of people. especially on saturday. they come in droves. good morning, young lady. welcome to nordstrom's. >> reporter: and mr. denunzio tries to speak to all of them. >> i don't want to miss anybody. >> reporter: it's hard to talk that fast. >> good morning morning, bye- bye, thank you. welcome to nordstrom's. >> reporter: although most customers respond a few just walk on by. >> it doesn't bother me. you have to be nice to everybody. that's the secret. >> reporter: the secret to staying happy and young. >> be nice to people. you know? so they can come back. >> reporter: a simple idea this company doesn't mind employing, which is a good thing for this centenarian because he doesn't plan to sit down any time soon. >> thank you for shopping at nordstrom's. >> that is great! >> wonderful. >> drives himself to work! >> like the purple tie, too. sharply dressed. >> kind of reminds you of the way things used to be when people looked you in the eye and said good morning, how are you, hello. now with everybody doing this, no time for that. except for right now.
6:47 pm
good evening. and thank you for coming by kpix 5. we got a nice fork you, a lot of blue around the bay area temperatures in the low 80s with numbers expected to -- a little north this weekend. we are going to warm up a touch. 80 degrees at livermore at sfo, 61. san jose 73 degrees. and 73 in santa rosa. you can see at the bay bridge it's sunny but along the shoreline lots of low clouds. but if you are heading to the coliseum for the game, cloudy and cool as the as play the red sox at 7:05 tonight. a temperature of 62 degrees. how about the america's cup this weekend? temperatures out on the bay will be brisk, brisk, 62 degrees and sun out there. inland temperatures this weekend will be near 90. there will be stratus at the shoreline and a little bit warmer this week. the numbers will come up just a touch as that high pressure that gave us record heat a couple of weeks ago still over the desert southwest, the low that gave us rain about three weeks ago, still up in the gulf of alaska, low will ease up a
6:48 pm
little bit as a result getting a little bit of a weekend warmup. it won't be dramatic but the numbers will come up a few degrees. and that means if you are heading out of sfo on saturday, we get morning clouds and westerlies 25 miles an hour in the afternoon. but the weather shouldn't slow you down. los angeles sunshine, denver has thunderstorms so does new york. new york will have 82. back in the bay area, 73 for oakland will do it. 90 at livermore tomorrow. very close to seasonal averages for this time of year. 83 in san jose as it was a degree cooler than average. and for the entire bay area, morgan hill tomorrow at 80 degrees, 83 for los gatos, over skyline boulevard to half moon bay and the number will be 63 degrees. 64 at pacifica. 80 degrees for san mateo. how about the east bay? looks good. 88 at danville, 90 livermore, pleasanton aptly named at 88 degrees. and 91 at brentwood. north bay will be nice, very pleasant, mid-70s to upper 70s except at the shore. 61 at bodega bay. and in the far north up at
6:49 pm
ukiah, 93 degrees. and around clearlake 90 degrees for a high and 88 in wine country. extended forecast with stratus quo the usually clouds in the morning and clearing in the afternoon. temperatures peak tomorrow at 90 inland, mid-60s along the shoreline. into the workweek we'll cool back down. we'll have plenty of sun inland but by the time we hit next weekend we'll be looking for numbers to be back in the mid- 80s. and a very mild very pleasant week ahead. very mild, very pleasant, reminds me of vern glenn. he will be here after a break. stay tuned. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
...good for oakland... a's d red sox...the top two teamsn the american league as finally getting some people in the house. >> you get the red sox in town. look out. >> open the doors, just let the red sox nation in. hey, this is good for oakland. as and the red sox top two teams in the american league meet in moments at the coliseum tonight. here was the scene just a little while ago. i ought to know because i shot it. a lot of reacquaintances from players of the both sides. red sox come into the three- game series with 57 wins most in baseball and the as equally as hot ahead of the rangers in the a.l. west by a game. by the way, the as swept the
6:53 pm
sox here last year. now, the most popular red sox player here wore the green and gold last season, that's petaluma native jonny gomes. not in the line-up because ortiz is dh'ing tonight. you might see him saturday. gomes in a utility role with boston is hitting .235 with six home runs many dramatic thi season. i caught up with him at the yard just before batting practice. now that i know that if the situation ai see res and you get you -- arises and you get up there, this place is going to go nuts. they love you here. >> i think it's just home field advantage where i was born and raised. maybe winning the west last year helps a little bit. >> oh, yeah. >> but last time i was here this place was rocking and rolling. >> here you are in the middle of this red sox nation. now, we read about it, we have seen it, i got a brother-in-law that's part of this whole red sox crazy thing. what's it like being inside this whole red sox nation? >> it's awesome, man. i mean, it's almost like a religion if you will up there
6:54 pm
how they like their sports in general. obviously, with the bruins and patriots that are huge up there, but man, i mean, you know, they love their sports up there. it's pretty cool. >> they love the fact that you guys are in first place so how about this, this battle of the two first place teams? >> yes. it's going to be exciting next three games. i don't know who is tops. it will be a nice way to end the first half. >> when the cardinals were here, carpenter was talking about, yeah, but that's the best team nobody knows. you been there. >> yeah. i been there. i was there all last year. i don't think anyone, you know, really thought, you know, much of us towards the ends. last year was the first time i played on the west coast to tell you the truth you do get forgotten on the west coast, which is good. which is great. gosh, flying under the radar is awesome. >> absolutely. i think we might have talked about this before. have you homered in every major league ballpark? are there some still out there? >> there are still a few out there but that would be a nice goal of mine. not too many. i got just a small handful
6:55 pm
left. i'll get them all. >> fair enough. hey, thanks for stopping by for just a few minutes. always great catching one a petaluma guy. >> always. i do appreciate it. >> we'll root on petaluma national, too. >> that's right. >> support that little league team with his wallet last year. giants and padres reliever sergio romo was going to the all-star game as an injury replacement giving the giants four all stars headed to new york. now if the giants can get two straight wins for the first time since mid-june. also from last night, goes flying to the stands but check the fan. wrestling the bat away from the -- just -- give it to me! obviously not his wife. >> not anymore. >> he had the bat only for a few moments because they wanted it back. so there you go. >> chivalry. >> keep your head on the swivel and the bat goes flying. derek jeter returned to the
6:56 pm
bigs short-lived. played his first game of the season yesterday and strained his quad running the bases. so he will be day to day. aren't we all? he will be reevaluated after the all-star break. he missed 91 games with a fractured ankle. >> former warrior guard monta ellis has a new home. the 27-year-old has reportedly agreed to a deal to take his talents to dallas. he will join the mavericsk. the deal is worth up to $30 million for three years. ellis spent the last year and a half with the milwaukee bucks. he actually opted out of the final year with his deal with milwaukee to take less money per year with the mavs. who is his agent? the buzz on twitter last night was a movie on the sci-fi channel called shark nato. espn thought it would be funny to tweet the sharks about changing their name to the sharknatos. they didn't like it and fired back at espn. hey, espn, thoughts on showing more hockey highlights?
6:57 pm
classic golf movie happy gilmore starred adam sandler incredible swing. today phil mickelson tried to replicate it. didn't work out. [ laughter ] >> now you know why he hits from the left side. >> oh, wow. >> somebody standing over there, nobody but the cameraman. [ laughter ] >> man. >> oh, phil, yeah. actually he throws right handed. >> does he? >> but he golfs level and does it well with the british open upon us next week. >> thanks for watching. for news throughout the evening the latest news and weather are always on >> our next newscast is 10:00 on the cw and we'll be back here at 11:00 on kpix 5. enjoy the night. captions by: caption colorado ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> announcer: from drinking... >> he starts yelling at us, going crazy. we obviously knew he was belligerently drunk. >> announcer: denying. >> judge judy: you saw who threw the bottle? >> yes. >> judge judy: who was it? >> it was him. >> announcer: but he's not apologizing. >> judge judy: you say, "i'm sorry about what happened. i'm sorry about your car." >> i don't know who threw the bottle, so... >> judge judy: are you trying to talk over me? >> no. i'm just trying to clear you up. >> judge judy: don't play with me. it's clear as a bell. >> announcer: "judge judy." you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. the people are real. the cases are real. the people are real. the cases are real. the rulings are final. captions paid for by cbs television distribution 23-year-old aaron taylor is suing fellow partygoer brent pease for damaging his car when he threw a bottle at it. >> byrd: order! all rise!


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