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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  July 13, 2013 1:35am-2:11am PDT

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good night, everybody! [cheers and applause] captioned by the national captioning institute ,,,,,,,,,,
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. >> this is kpix 5 news. >> a crazy scene in one of the busiest neighborhoods in san francisco. a man walks into a jewelry store and starts shooting. good evening i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm allen martin. ken bastida and elizabeth cook had the night off. linda yee was driving in the area at the time and was at the scene right away. >> reporter: minutes after i got here all the streets were guarded off. it was chaotic. police weren't sure if there was a second gunman out there. i walked by heavily armed officers standing by in the alleys and the streets around
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eighth and brannan. the gunman walked into a showroom that specialized in gold jewelry and shot three people working there. other shop owners say the two women that work at the jewelry shop were killed. the owner injured. he was taken to san francisco general with critical wounds. >> we heard somebody was shooting around. so that was really scary. >> reporter: when the first officers arrived. they saw a man covered in blood walking outside the jewelrymart. >> the officers went to engage the suspect not knowing if he was a victim or a suspect. at that point in time the suspect produced a weapon and fired upon the officers. >> reporter: police say the gunman then ran into a nearby restaurant before officers could fire back. >> other officers came on scene. the suspect fired additional multiple rounds at the officers. and then ran out. we believe ran out of ammunition, threw the gun on the ground and brought himself out and surrendered.
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>> reporter: the suspect was taken to the hospital with superficial wounds on his hands. the jewelrymart and surrounding buildings were in lock down. police feared a second suspect may have escaped. swat teams ordered store owners to lock themselves inside their shop. >> on the main floor, they ask us to stay inside the doors. inside the showroom. so they locked the showroom. so they told us to put the lights off. and then that's it. >> reporter: by late afternoon, squat teams cleared the building. looked at store video and determined there was only one suspect. >> from talking to people it appears that this is not the first time that this suspect has been in the building. >> was it a robbery attempt? >> we don't know what the motive for this horrendous crime was. >> reporter: police never had to fire the weapon. the chief said when the gunman ran into the restaurant it was
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full of customers. they never had a clear shot. it wouldn't have been safe. reporting live in san francisco, linda yee, kpix 5. >> police are hoping to talk to the store owner to figure out what happened. the oakland father who says someone kidnapped his little girl from his car walked out of jail a few hours ago after the da said she would not file child endangerment charges. christin ayers is outside the jail. she spoke with the dad tonight. >> reporter: anthony web walked out of the doors behind me a couple hours ago. he struggled to answer some basic questions about when he and his daughter were last seen together and he told us he is racked with guilt. after two days behind bars, anthony web walked out of santa rita jail and broke down.
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>> my daughter's missing. even though i'm out of jail. i'm still not free. that's how i feel. i can't really sleep. i haven't slept since i've been here. >> reporter: web was in jail since wednesday arrested for child endangerment. he left his 21-month-old daughter daphone in an unlocked car with his mother who suffers from dementia. he walked in a store and when he came out. >> the car seat was pulled over. the back door was open. my mom's purse is gone. >> reporter: daphone was gone. web says he believes she's still alive but police and the fbi have been searching trails and water ways for any evidence linked to daphone's disappearance. they've been working to establish a time line of when daphone and anthony were last seen together by anyone other than his mother. but even anthony could not
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answer that question. >> i don't know who saw me to tell you the truth. i'm a home body. daphone's at home. my mom's at home. >> reporter: it's been two weeks since daphone's mother saw her. he confirmed trouble was brewing in his family. child protective services gave anthony custody of daphone after what he called a life- threatening incident involving the child's mother who's in rehab. the community stepped in to help find daphone. passing out fliers outside the store where she disappeared. web is still holding out hope. >> i'm still having faith that she's alive. i'm praying for her. i'm worried about her. >> reporter: he refused to discuss issues with us. one of daphone's distinct features is that she's missing part of one ear. he told us that she was not born that way but declined to tell us what happened to her. live at santa rita jail, christin ayers, kpix 5.
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>> police are offering $10,000 for information leading to daphone. the wreckage of asiana 2014 sits in sfa area known at plot 41. it was moved there temporarily. in the next two weeks it will be taken to a permanent location off site. the run way opened a few hours ago. sharon chen tells us it's welcome news after a week of big delays and lots of cancellations. >> reporter: here at the domestic terminal it's been like a zoo here all week long. lots of long lines. lots of frustrated passengers but look at the scene tonight. it's getting back to normal. run way 28 left reopened just after 5:00 tonight. >> i'm really, really happy. nobody wants to be trapped. >> reporter: the run way delayed her flight by two hours on monday but tonight the lines
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are shorter the cancellations fewer and no more diversions to san jose and oakland that we've seen all week. >> my friend at work was rerouted to oakland i was worried i would have to be changed to oakland. >> reporter: the fourth run way opened at 5:00 tonight. on a tour of the run way hours before it reopened sfo's airport director showed the challenges of clearing the debris and making repairs. some scrapes were longer than 100 feet but the clean up went faster than planned. more than 100 people worked around the clock the last 48 hours. >> the moment they gave us clearance to access the run way we did the grinding work on the run way. the moment they said we're ready to go in removing the aircraft itself the contractors were standing by with big rigs and cranes ready to begin work. >> reporter: sfo says it willb bill asiana airlines and the insurance companies for the cost of the run way repairs. live at sfo, sharon chen, kpis
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5. >> a third victim died from the injuries she suffered in the crash. she had been in intensive care since saturday. the hospital is respecting the family's request not to disclose her name or her age. one of the chinese teens who died the day of the crash may have been killed by an emergency vehicle. san francisco police chief greg confirmed yai ming juan was run over. but it's not clear if that's how she died. >> we know for sure she was at least run over one time. but at the time she was under foam. nobody could have seen her and the question is whether or not she was still alive at the time. so the corner in san mateo county will determine that. >> juan was covered in the white foam crews spray on the plane to douse the flames. there's an internal investigation while waiting for the corner report.
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reporters are trying to stop same sex marriages. they've asked the state supreme court to stop the weddings because the u.s. supreme court never ruled on the prop 8 case. attorney general pamela harris calls the petition baseless. the texas senate passed one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the nation. allows abortions only in surgical centers. hundreds of women packed the capital for tonight's vote. opponents say the bill is unconstitutional and would force all but five abortion clinics in the state to close. >> i don't think it's constitutional. this is about politics. this is not about policy. this is about having things to talk about in republican primary campaigns. >> abortion rights group will file a federal lawsuit as soon as rick perry signs the bill into law. a couple makes a porn video
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on bart without getting caught. how did this happen? the nsa leeker comes out in hiding and asked russia for a big favor. the one thing he'll have to do in return. are you driving with dangerous tires ? the new technology that lets you know when it's time for new ones. time for the all important weekend forecast coming up. things will change a little bit as numbers warm up around the bay area. we'll ha,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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problems: an amateur porn film has been shot on a movg shows a . >> as if bart didn't have
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enough problems. an amateur porn film has been shot on a moving train. the video shows a partially clothed couple having sex on one of the trains seats. and they appear to know they're being recorded. police are trying to identify the couple. meanwhile, bart and its union spent a full day talking. they have until august 4th to come up with a deal on pay, pensions, and benefits. if they don't, bart workers said they're prepared for the bloodiest, longest strike since the 1970s. that one shot the system down for three months. tonight long lines wrapped around bay area theaters for the opening of the movie fruitvale station. the movie about oscar grant is being shown on a limited number of big screens nationwide. we caught up with some movie goers with oakland in berkeley after they saw him. >> this really goes on in the bay area in real life between the youth and the police.
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it goes both ways. it hurt. >> in what way? >> it makes me think of trayvon martin. >> many people gave the movie a thumbs up. edward snowden has been laying low in the moscow airport now. the nsa leaker wants the russians to do him a big favor. >> reporter: edward snowden briefly emerged today from his hiding place inside this moscow airport to huddle behind this closed door with a group of human rights advocates. >> a month ago i had a family and a home in paradise and i lived in great comfort. snowden can be seen standing next to his advisor. the former nsa contractor that reveals some of the u.s. governments programs said he
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did nothing wrong. snowden has been offered refuge in venezuela, nicaragua, and bolivia, but he apparently wants asylum from russia before trying to board a plane. president putton said before russia can consider that request snowden must stop leaking classified information. >> he all ready asked for political asylum from russia. and they said they would on one condition that he stops. so the ball is on his side of the field. >> reporter: post game spoke with president putton about the stand off. the white house position is clear. he's not a human rights activist. he's a fugitive wanted on three felonies. cbs news, washington. the united states revoked snowden's passport. if russia grants him asylum he
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would be able to apply for citizenship in five years. a caltrans contractor that duped taxpayers out of $2 million was ordered to pay up. including giving up his star wars collection. he will forfeit $10,000 worth of memorabilia. he'll also give up two homes, two cars, and his retirement savings. he owns a printing company in elk grove. caltrans paid him for ads that never ran. he was sentenced to nine years behind bars as well. when the last time you changed your tires ? do you know how to tell when it's time for new ones? christine johnson shows us the new technology that makes it crystal clear. >> i never changed the tires for four years. >> reporter: like many people, she never gave the tires on her car a second thought until she nearly slammed into the back of a van. her mechanic found her tires were so bald, so wonder down,
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that they had almost no tread so they couldn't grip the road. all tires in the u.s. are required to have a tread wear indicator like this. the indicator tells car owners when a tire needs to be replaced. when the tread wears down to the same level as these indicators, it's time for new tires. >> about 2/3 of people don't know those are in there. >> reporter: there's new technology that will make it clear when it's time for a change. first there are tires made of a special rubber that change color when they're wonder down. >> when your tire wears out. you see this vibrant color, red or orange or some other color. >> reporter: then there's a new indicator stud that will send you a signal when a tire is going bald. >> green you're good. when you see yellow it's caution. it's time to think about starting to replace those tires and if you see red, you should be replacing the tires. >> reporter: experts say one of the best ways to test a tires tread is with a penny. and here's how it works.
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insert the edge of a penny into the tire tread upside down. if the top of lincoln's head is covered by the tread, that means you still have an acceptable and safe amount of tread. >> a new tire will stop at 70 miles an hour in about 190 feet and a worn out tire will stop at 379 feet which can mean the difference between life and death. >> a study found 13 percent of vehicles on the road have at least one bald tire. good to know and check and brian's here with our weekend forecast. it's here. >> it happened just like that, didn't it? and things will be happening over the next couple days. the change in the weather. slightly warmer temperatures on the way. we're going to go out live and show you the back-to-back suspension span. two back-to-back -- the golden gate bridge gets so much publicity. but you have two suspension bridges sitting out there.
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that ones been totally retrofit. it's all been done. and the numbers right now in terms of wind speeds out of the northwest in san jose and free month, and then up north out of the south, fairly light until up in the ridges by fairfield, winds out of the southwest at 22. if you're looking for something to do this weekend california state fair. out in sacramento. don't wear a lot of clothes. 94 degrees. if you want to cool down, 62 for the americas cup on the marina in san francisco. that's a little on the chilly side. it will be heading out the door tomorrow morning. clouds close to the shore line. partly sunny skies across the bay. inland mostly sunny to start out your saturday morning. inland temperatures will be to 90 degrees tomorrow. stratus at the shore and a little bit warmer for everybody this weekend as high pressure nudges a little bit from the desert southwest but the low pressure that gave us rain three weeks ago that persists.
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the high, persists. that will result in temperatures coming up a little bit but we'll go with stratus quo for the weekend. the usual clouds along the shore line. the low clouds pulled back to the shore line. mostly sunny day. and tomorrow night back in they come. but not as extensive. the results, tomorrow 90 at livermore. 80 at morgan hill. and out on the east bay, numbers in the 80s tomorrow. north bay looking nice. mid 70s. and in the far north, 86 degrees. 93 at yukiah. extended forecast will top out tomorrow for temperatures as we head toward the latter part of the week numbers will ease back into the 80s. >> it makes you want to go to a night giants game or a baseball game. are you asking? >> if this was a date a relationship broke up what the giants did tonight i would call
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that rebound. big time in san diego. the giants looking for their first back-to-back win since mid june and who would win the first place show down ,,,,,,,,,,
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what a way to finish up the half... red sox at athletic . you want to be red hot when you go up against the red sox. >> last year the a's swept these guys in a four-game series. what a way to finish up the first half. red sox and athletics. two first place teams going toe to toe in the o. red sox nation in full force. there's wood side native justin, third baseman brock. and brock a slapper into left. two runs come in to score. it was 2-0 early. the a's they would get one back. they were down one in the 6th. and then they called up jedd lowrie. and lowrie did not disappoint. back, away, gone. tied up at 2 all around.
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joint jumping. the home boy out of wood side with runners going. this would bring home two. and the sox, first in the east. took the a's best in the west. final of 4-2. mean time giants in san diego. looks like at&t. all that sea of orange. 1st inning. chase headley the double down the right field line. the runner scores the padres are up 1-0 early. keyword early. because that's all they would get. bases loaded for buster posey. and a fellow with the hottest selling jersey slapped the single to bring home two. posey a big night as the giants put ten on the board. they win 10-1. first back-to- back win since late june. maybe they got the mojo back. we'll have to see.
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sliding into the weekend. all right, in my hand the top five were tigers torii hunter shows us all how to handle dodging a question. >> people say that this is how bad blood is created, is this true in this situation? >> hot tamale. >> he hits it for a birdie. hits it like it's nothing. let's go to number three. classic movie, happy gilmour. here's how adam sandler does it. incredible swing. here's how phil mickelson does it. lefty using a right-handed driver. we'll give him that. have a little fun at the site of the brittish open. number two, twins rookie center fielder aaron hicks and his arm strength or man strength. he's going to zero in on vernon wells from the warning track
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and he gets him. yeah. here's it again. boom. and he's out at third. number one, i call this i got your back. there. look at that. brandon barnes got his teammate making the grab when he couldn't deliver. couldn't deliver. that's a,,,,,,,,,,,,
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whisks you away. but he has not revealed the technical details and business plan. he said he may try to patten the concept and open source it and let ,,,,,, that is a sweet, toasted, maple waffle, stacked with cheese, stacked with a savory sausage patty.
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