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tv   KPIX 5 News at 630pm  CBS  July 13, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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ials are pursui >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. bay bridge officials are pursuing a short-term fix for the new eastern span and if it works, the temporary repair could give bridge officials an option to open as planned on
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labor day weekend. kpix 5 reporter christin ayers is on treasure island to explain. >> reporter: hi, ann. this is yet another step in this saga. caltrans is sending this letter to the federal highway administration just yesterday asking them to review a backup plan that would allow the bridge to open on labor day. the plan is a temporary fix that would essentially stabilize the plan not far from where 32 bolts busted in march leaving the bridge seismically unsafe and keeping it from opening on september 3rd as planned. the plan would involve installing wedges called shims into the bridge's bearings to prevent the bearings from moving too much in case of an earthquake. >> based on the what the toll bridge program oversight committee said labor day is off the table. if this is a possibility, we want to really vet this extremely well and then if we do get that vetting and feel comfortable with it, then we'll look at a new date. >> reporter: you can hear that
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spokesman not so sure the plan would work. but he did say drawings of the backup plan are being drafted right now. bridge officials still say they have a lot of questions and now they have to wait on the response from the federal highway administration. gordon also told us that there is not currently a timeline for when this could be completed. so again, ann, still not clear whether this could open on labor day. >> yes. no timeline, not sure if it would work. any idea on how much it could cost, though? >> reporter: you know, that is also still up in the air. apparently, caltrans working on cost estimates as we speak. >> all right, christin ayers, thank you. an illegal left turn is blamed for a muni crash that sent nearly 20 people to the hospital. the crash happened around 1:00 this afternoon at 3rd street and evans avenue. the van and light rail train were traveling on 3rd street when authorities say the van turned in front of the train. >> i understand there's been approximately 17 to 19 people that were transported to either san francisco general and other hospitals in the area to be treated for their injuries.
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as of this moment, there are no life-threatening injuries. >> the crash caused major delays on muni's kt line. pg&e handled downed power lines. a memorial today for the passengers of asiana flight 214. the interfaith ceremony was held along the waterfront just across from the runways at sfo. the parents of two of the three teen girls killed were there and they say there is a cultural significance to the timing of the service. >> it's just a chinese culture, you know, they believe the soul is still around, the spirit still around this area. >> the parents were flown to san francisco after the death of their daughters. they have been staying at the chinese consulate. police aren't say haig behind the shootings that left two women dead and a man with
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life-threatening injuries in san francisco's gift center and jewelry mart. don knapp reports. >> i had gotten two phone calls almost simultaneously. >> reporter: her husband was one of scores of store owners and customers who stayed in shops inside the gift center and jewelry mart after friday's shooting left two dead and a man wounded. >> one was from my daughter telling me there was a shooting at my husband's building. and the other was my husband just letting me know there was a shooting and that he was okay. >> the suspect then exited 888 brannan and went eastbound on the 800 block of brannan, where he was engaged by three police officers responding with shots fired call. he produced a revolver, fired upon the officers. >> reporter: chief greg suhr says the suspect ran in a restaurant continued shooting but before police returned fire, threw down his gun and surrendered. the man who was shot is
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hospitalized in stable condition. today the restaurant owner told us police asked them not to talk. a crew was cleaning up the crime scene it the victoga jewelry store inside the building. but the talk was about the murder victims, women he referred to as the girls. >> while everybody was crying for these girls. nobody was talking about anything else but about the girls because we know the girls. the girls are such sweet people. >> reporter: he and other merchants were locked out of their stores today except for a few minutes to retrieve merchandise. i met customers at the curb with a sample wedding band. >> we had no idea what happened. why here? what happened? why did somebody just come in or, you know, we're kind of shocked as well that we had no idea what happened or whatever so -- >> reporter: but you're going to get the ring? >> oh, yeah, of course, yeah. absolutely. >> reporter: he says he couldn't sleep last night. everyone is shocked. >> when i saw my husband last night, i just hugged him and thank god he's alive.
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scary. >> reporter: nothing from investigators today on whether they've talked with the suspect or what they think the motive may have been. in san francisco, don knapp, kpix 5. >> some of the merchants returning to the scene today were talking about getting better security for the collection of stores that sell gold, silver and diamond jewelry. well, the first real contest of the america's cup finally took place today. but anne makovec says there were doubts the race would actually happen. >> it's a world first today. >> reporter: the first official two-boat race of the america's cup on the san francisco bay team new zealand and italy's luna rosa challenge head to head in ac72s. >> you are going to see for the first time ever racing in earnest, the two fastest round the course racing vessels that ahave ever --that have ever existed on this planet. >> reporter: in the end new zealand won decisively. >> thought there would be more people and boats in the race but it looks amazing. >> reporter: today we were lucky to have two boats.
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the whole event has been in question for weeks. first the death of sailor andrew simpson in may, his team artemis from sweden still working on a new boat. then there was a fight over boat design finally resolved by an america's cup jury this week. there was a fighted over design that was solved this week. luna rosa refused to sail because of it last weekend. so new zealand was the only competitor. this weekend, finally a real race. >> did you see the speed? it was unbelievable. >> reporter: and although far from packing the marina green, those who came to see the race were impressed. >> picturesque scenery here and being able to have the boats that are arm's length taking picture, this is just beautiful. >> reporter: boosting hopes for the rest of the summer schedule of events. >> this is the first time we have actually raced these boats and there's a lot of things that could go wrong and it won't take much to go wrong for there to be a different winner. >> reporter: in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> the winner of the louis vuitton cup will go on to challenge software mogul larry ellison's oracle team usa which won the america's cup in 2010.
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waiting on a verdict in the george zimmerman murder trial. the developments that sent everyone back into the courtroom. ,, look at 'em.
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first raise in six years. the workers staged a one-day st only reached a deal that -- oakland reached a deal that will give city workers the first raise in 6 years. they struck on july 1 but agreed to negotiate. the new contract gives them a 2% raise this year and a 1% increase next july. the raises double the amount allotted in the city budget. the unions did not agree to new concession the city was asking for including paying for health insurance and more toward their pensions. no verdict yet but a lot of action today. the 6 jurors determining the fate of george zimmerman are working into the night on their reporter susan mcginnis on the question from the jurors that sent everyone back into the courtroom. >> reporter: demonstrators awaiting a verdict rallied outside the seminole county courthouse while jurors inside considered the fate of george zimmerman. >> justice for trayvon! >> reporter: some are here to support trayvon martin's family.
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>> we want justice. we want to make sure that zimmerman is convicted of second-degree murder and nothing less. >> reporter: for others, justice is an acquittal for zimmerman. >> i'm hoping for a not guilty which is the way it should be. >> good morning, ladies. >> reporter: just after 9 a.m., the jury of 6 women began a second day of deliberations. about nine hours into their day, they had a question. >> question reads as follows: "may we please have clarification on the instructions regarding manslaughter?" >> reporter: the jurors must determine if zimmerman is guilty of second-degree murder, guilty of manslaughter or not guilty. the 29-year-old claims he shot martin in self-defense during a confrontation in february of last year. prosecutors claim zimmerman targeted the 17-year-old. more than a year ago, shortly after the shooting, tens of thousands of people protested in sanford. the crowds are much smaller today. but police say they are ready for any reaction. the police chief has increased patrols by as much as 40% ahead of the verdict. >> one of the things we wanted
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to do is make sure that if something does occur that we have the ability to respond to those issues. >> reporter: people in downtown sanford don't anticipate violence. >> people are going to be a lot more level headed than that, you know, they're just not going to get caught up in the drama. >> reporter: both the martin and zimmerman families have called for calm after the verdict is read. susan mcginnis, kpix 5, sanford, florida. >> zimmerman faces life in prison if convicted of second- degree murder. he could spend 30 years behind bars if convicted of the lesser charge of manslaughter. out in the east a bit skies are as blue as a swimmer's lips. that will change. we'll have the weather forecast after a break. ,,,,,,
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all right. brian was in such a brian hackney way telling us that the sky is blue. [ laughter ] >> you know, the bay is cold. you turn blue. and -- >> there we go. >> and the rest is history. although it was actually warm for much of the day today. it was up by 3 to 9 degrees over yesterday's readings. we'll go the other direction tomorrow. but right now it's quarter to 7:00 and it's 86 degrees in concord. still warm there. but then you come over the altamont pass -- not the altamont pass, you go through 24 over oakland and it's 66
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degrees. what a difference the hayward fault makes. at sfo it's 63 degrees right now. 77 san jose, 75 santa rosa. and we have plenty of sun around right now and it will be a nice night to head out to the old ballgame. as taking on the red sox, game time temperature 64 degrees and a few low clouds before the game ends. tonight a little stratus at the shoreline but not much. we have mostly clear skies around the bay, inland will be nice and about 73 degrees in the next 90 minutes or so as we look live at san jose. also stratus-free. the weather headlines, we're looking for things to be a little cooler for sunday. temperatures will fall about 5 degrees inland and then a mild week ahead for the bay area. but very close to seasonal averages. what you can't see on this map is influencing is high pressure over the desert southwest begins to move back from whence it came. so the high pressure that nudged in over the bay area relaxes a bit. as a result the temperatures will fall and the temperatures come down just a little bit. we'll still have plenty of sunshine tomorrow. and on the futurecast, this is what the atmosphere should be
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looking like over the next 24 hours. it will be clear then the low clouds move into the peninsula, pack in over the sunset district. but then look what happens by midday. they sweep back to the shoreline. we'll get a mostly sunny sunday out of it. temperatures that look close to what they should be, 71 in oakland tomorrow is right on par. livermore at 87. very close, as well. san jose 81 degrees a little cooler than average but not by much. down in the south bay tomorrow temperatures about 80 degrees for the most part. 83 for sunnyvale. 83 cupertino. then half moon bay is just 63 degrees and the same for pacifica. out in the east bay tomorrow mid 80s will do it. 87 pittsburg, 84 san ramon, 87 livermore, 85 for pleasanton. 70s for parts of sonoma and marin counties. 71 at mill valley. 78 san rafael at the civic center. and 79 up at rohnert park over the county line. 78 degrees for santa rosa
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tomorrow but look at ukiah. boy, you get up there, it gets hot up 101, 95 degrees and 91 at calcyville in clearlake. low clouds and fog along the shoreline. but then plenty of sunshine in the afternoon, temperatures will be in the 80s inland to start out with tomorrow. then we'll cool down between now and tuesday but toward the end of the week, 90 again inland. so a little up, a little down, and temperatures around the bay in the 70s for the most part. very nice sunday on tap. make your plans now. looks thank you. g force, gary gelfand in the house tonight. >> thanks. >> good to see just thanks for the name. wow. >> i didn't come up with it. i took it from allen martin. >> exactly. >> he said that, didn't it's sports time. just right around the corner round 3 of the senior u.s. open. and a bay area soccer player continues to shine on the national stage. also, you have to meet one of the newest members of the warriors. vern sits down with nine-year vet andre iguodala coming up in sports. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the dodge summer clearance event. right now get 0% financing for up to 72 months and no payments for 90 days . gary has everything but you have some soccer first up. >> soccer action now. we'll get it going big time. gold cup stuff is good. let's talk about soccer. the u.s. and cuba from salt lake in the quarters of the gold cup that's where we're going. the last six games that the u.s. has played cuba the americans have outscored them 20-2. more of that same today. check this out from earlier this week. earthquakes star chris wondolowski had his name misspelled. too many ws. so they got it right.
6:52 pm
and it turned out good. a great performance turned in by wondolowski this afternoon after that hat trick tuesday. he had more goals, that beautiful one there making it 3- 1. then just for kicks he picked up the loose ball in the box and used his left foot. five goals in the first game for wondo. the u.s. beat cuba 4-1. two games for the price of one. the giants reds rainout in cincinnati from the 4th of july will be part of a traditional doubleheader at at&t park on july 23rd. pay for one, and get two. it's awesome. and since it's being played in san francisco, the giants will actually be the road team for the game for game one that is wearing thei road gray. are you kidding me? >> exactly. are you kidding me? from last night umpire tim timmons boxed out brandon crawford unintentionally. giants caught a break. it should have been fair. so the ump messed up both calls.
6:53 pm
got if the way and then blew the call. giants go for their third straight win in about two months later tonight when they play san diego. chris davis one of the orioles they call him crush davis and this is why. he hits a lot of home runs. crush leads the league with 36 and we haven't even reached the all-star break. maybe the record set by barry bonds could be in danger. the blue jays won the game by the count of 7-3. a little golf now for you. round three of the senior u.s. open from omaha, nebraska. shot of the day by gene jones his third shot or the par 5, lands past the hole. spins back in for the eagle on 1. he finished at plus 7 on the day even with the eagle . fred funk two shots behind the leader michael allen. very nice. to basketball. jerry west hanging out in las vegas for the nba summer league. warriors and wizards. coast to coast for the layup. bazemore expected to get more playing time with the departure of jared jacques. golden state one point lead late in the game break and find jones slams that one down.
6:54 pm
warriors over the wizards by the count of 55-52. all right. for the first time in forever, a free agent decided to play with the warriors. he could have picked any team in the nba and decided to go with the warriors. 29-year-old andre iguodala is still in his prime and took less money to come to the bay. our very own vern glenn sat down with him one on one. >> reporter: number nine, golden state warriors, how does that sound? >> pretty good. jersey looks pretty good. saw it in the locker room today. so really excited to put the jersey on and get to work. >> reporter: no pressure. you're just only the missing piece, huh? at least that's what they say. >> no pressure aall. >> come out and win a couple of games. >> it's more exciting me playing under pressure you know. i think we were ranked pretty high last year when i was in denver. we didn't start out too well but we did what we had to do, met expectations except for the play-offs.
6:55 pm
lost to a pretty solid team and now i'm part of that team. >> steph curry is like the second coming of jesus christ. [ laughter ] >> seems like the most loved man on earth right now. >> steph curry, i know is your boy. but second coming of jesus christ? >> steph has done a great job for himself in establishing that reputation which is well deserved, great human being. you know, just can't say enough about the type of person that he is. and just enjoys the game of basketball. and his game is so graceful, as well. that sweet shooting stroke. the things he did last year in the play-offs what he did in the garden, it was just amazing. he just loves to play basketball. you can't do anything but like him. everyone loves steph so hopefully, i'll get a few more fans by being his teammate. >> absolutely. steph, if you are listening, that equates to five, six
6:56 pm
points just per game just for saying that. >> yes, yes, yes. i'm here. watch what happens here, steve. this was earlier with sebastian. there goes that lovely crystal trophy. >> want to get away? >> oh. >> want to get away? sebastian bordais finished second in toronto for the indycar race and maybe that's why he dropped the trophy because he didn't want second place. i like how they put it back together. what's left of it. >> they will never forget that. >> all right. we have breaking news to report to you. jurors in sanford, florida have reached a verdict in the george zimmerman trial. as you know, that he was charged with murder -- second- degree murder in the death of 17-year-old trayvon martin. so these jurors now have let the judge know they have reached a verdict. we are hearing from cbs news that that verdict will be read in about 15 minutes. and, of course, stay tuned here to kpix 5. cbs news will have
6:57 pm
the very latest for you. of course, if you are also looking for updates, you can find them on that's it for us. we'll of course have the very latest for you tonight at 10:00 on the cw and, of course, right here at 11:00 on kpix 5 on the george zimmerman murder trial. thanks for joining us. good night. captions by: caption colorado ,,
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there is breaking news. the jury has reached a verdict. he is the neighborhood watch coordinator who shot the unarmed teenager to death last year. zimmerman claims it was self- defense. mark strassmann is at the courthouse in sanford. mark? jim, about 5 minutes ago, we received word through the court that a verdict had been reached. the judge has now called the court back into session. she has asked the jury to come in to deliver their verdict. and everyone of course has been waiting for the last two days since the deliberations began for the big news which is now only minutes away. again, there are two charges here, that the jury is considering. >> the court: please be seated. members of the jury, have you reached a verdict? >> yes, your honor. >> if you please fold the verdict form and hand it to
6:59 pm
deputy jarvis. >> if you will please publish the verdict. >> in the circuit court of 18th judicial >> the circuited court of the 18th judicial circuit in and for seminole county florida, state of florida versus george zimmerman, verdict we, the jury, find george zimmerman not guilty. so say we all foreperson. does either side want to poll the jury. >> we would, your honor. >> coladies and gentlemen, ladies, i'm sorry, as your juror number is called, please answer whether this is your verdict. >> juror -- is this your verdict. >> yes. >> juror b, 76, is this your verdict. >> yes. >> juror b 37, is this your verdict? >> yes. >> juror b 51, is this your verdict? >> yes. >> juror b 6, is this your verdict? >> yes.
7:00 pm
>> juror e 40, is this your verdict? >> yes. >> thank you. >> ladies, i wish to thank you for your time and consideration of this case, i also wish to advise you of some very special privileges enjoyed by jurors. no jurors could ever be required to talk about the discussions that occurred in the jury room, except by court order. for many centuries our society has relied upon juries for consideration of difficult cases. we have recognized for hundreds of years that a jury's deliberations, discussions and votes should remain the private affair as long, as long as they wish it, therefore the lawgivers you a unique privilege not to speak about the jury's work. although you are at liberty to speak with anyone about your deliberations, you are also at liberty to refuse to speak to anyone. every -- to discuss either your verdict or your deliberations may come from those who are simply curious, for those who might seek to find fault with f


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