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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  July 14, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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this is kpix 5 news. >> out in force against the not guilty verdict for george zimmerman. crowds in los angeles blocking streets to get their message out. same message enoakland. >> as -- in oakland. >> as i was waking up i hear a big hang. >> the survivors of the asiana airlines flight 214 crash. how this family of 5 managed to walk away. good evening. >> a chaotic scene in los angeles tonight. protesters shut down part of interstate 10 showing opposition to the not guilty verdict in the george zimmerman trial. last night a jersey acquitted george zimmerman in the shooting death of trayvon martin. protesters flooded the roadway.
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police in riot gear tried to keep peace. and here is what it looked like over oakland. chopper 5 caught up with protesters and kpix's joe vazquez has been on the ground since the protest began. what is happening now? >> reporter: 7 hours into it it looks like things are getting back tonormal. you can see the -- to normal. you can see the flashing lights and the police said to the crowd, it is time to go home, disperse and they did. and it was peaceful. for the most part they took over this intersection, 14th and broadway. a while ago it got hairy as traffic was let back in and there were people still in their car and the gentleman with his child who had to back out of his spot there. they spent most of the day in
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the intersection. some cases matching around, making loud noises. demonstrating on behalf of trayvon martin. in some cases they lit the american flag on fire. and yet they also spent time marching through one of the neighborhoods of oakland. >> reporter: what are your thoughts? >> big impact. we need to be unified. big impact on the community. that could have been my son. i have four boys. that could have been my child. i don't condone violence but when are we going to be heard as a people? >> reporter: all right. just within the last minutes the crowd dispersed. police are chasing them down the street here. they have been making announcement, everybody left on the streets, you will be arrested and the crowds backed
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off. tonight no violence, no vandalism. and no arrests so far. >> joe vazquez live, thank you. >> a live look in los angeles tonight as protesters upset about the verdict hit the streets. police in riot gear are working. they issued a unlawful assemble order. it means if protesters don't scatter officers rill start making -- will start making arrests. they are just causing major traffic disrupttions -- disruption. kpix's dan nap has a look in san francisco. >> reporter: market street, trayvon martin supporters chose this place to deliver their
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message. >> reporter: demonstrators were angry and loud versing their disagreement with the not guilty verdict in the trial of george zimmerman. >> i think the next thing to prevent more trayvon martin is to attack the system, attack the root cause. every 28 hours a black person is killed. >> reporter: only a few police officers were seen in the crowd, many remained out of sight but ready for vandalism. after a half hour demonstrators marched past tourists. then through the downtown area, on to justin herman plaza.
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noisy and angry they remained peaceful. it was over but one said the protests would not be just a one day event. don knapp, kpix 5. >> people across the country are reacting to the george zimmerman not guilty verdict. in florida they held signs and chanted in support of trayvon martin. and in times square you can see it was crowded but it was also peaceful. george zimmerman supporters are also getting their say about the verdict. his brother tells cnn he will be looking over his shoulder for the rest of his life and several authorities found no evidence of racism in the shooting. >> i would encourage them to cool their jets. give people time to process what is going on. >> his defense attorney said he needs to be careful of people
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looking for revenge. a new search for daphne webb in oakland came up empty. the toddler was reported missing on wednesday. linda yee tells us the focus is on other places they went together. >> reporter: sheriff's department search teams conserated in the preserve. a -- concentrated in the preserves. they are looking for anything that could give them a clue where daphne webb could be. >> basically look through debris that we see. >> reporter: that could be what -- where someone could hide a body? >> could be anything. evidence. anything that looks -- blends in with the normal trash in the environment. >> she has been missing since wednesday. john webb said someone kidnapped her after he left her in his car with his mother who
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suffers from dementia. police are searching places throughout oakland where the father may have taken the child. this is the area behind the apartment complex where john webb lived with her. >> anything is possible. she could have wandered off. being the area is a wooded area, we asked them to conduct a search for us. >> this isn't any specific tip? >> no. >> the father was jailed on child endangerment charges. he hasn't been named a suspect. >> reporter: is the trail getting cold? >> that is the common belief but i refuse to believe it. >> reporter: so far nothing turned up in the searches in oakland. linda yee, kpix 5. >> police urge anyone with information to give them a call. 31 students and teachers who survivedvived the asiana
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airlines flight 214 crash are back home tonight. at last check they were headed to their home town where their families are waiting for them. they planned to attend a summer camp when their plane crash landed saturday. three girls from the group died. and a colorado family was sitting a couple rows in front of those girls. they had no warnings from the pilot before the tail hit the sea wall. >> i remember something crashed down from the ceiling of the airplane and then felt my chair go backwards. after that i don't remember anything. >> my parents were on the floor and i called out their name and they moaned and i wanted to get out of the plane. >> the mom suffered a spinal injury but made it to a slide and once outside she found her family and saying it is a
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miracle they all survived. a blood drive is being held at sfo tomorrow following the deadly crash, from 9 to mean 2:00 p.m. at terminal three. travelers and other are welcomed to donate. >> the opening of the eastern span of the bay bridge is once again up in the hair. last monday officials said it would be delayed till december but now the review group says a temporary fix could make it unnecessary. a lot still needs to happen. >> i do know that the plan, it needs to have a thorough bedding. caltrans and the engineers need review it and make sure it is a plan that could work. >> the state agency was looking into the idea as a way of protecting the span till the
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work was done. protesting the george zimmerman verdict but not by hitting the streets. the online movements demanding charges against george zimmerman and huge waves over seas. a typhoon forcing people out of their home. >> low cloud cover rushing into san francisco bay. which way the temperature will go tomorrow and behind, seven- day forecast coming up. ,, could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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aftermath after protesters angry about the verdict in e george zimmerman case marchn the streets. in oakland last night, night, the after math after protesters angry about the george zimmerman case. there are shattered windows and death threats on walls in downtown oakland. for those who might support this, others say it might hurt the cause. >> first of all we denooned be heard. it might -- denooned be heard. it -- demand to be heard. >> protesters burned flags and damaged a bart police car. last night there were no arrests or injuries. people are using the
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internet to voice their frustration in the george zimmerman case. anne makovec on the protest clogging some websites. [ singing ] >> reporter: from protests in florida to riots in the bay area. people are speaking out in disagreement on the jury's call on george zimmerman's guilt. >> an unarmed teen has been killed. >> reporter: thousands of people are calling for charges to be brought against george zimmerman. >> it was about race. >> reporter: petitions are spreading like wildfire like this one demanding a civil rights case be brought against george zimmerman. it got so much traffic the website couldn't keep up. the naacp website crashed as well. that petition had more than
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350,000 signatures by noon. >> all around race was involved in the denial of racism as a motivation here and the broader network of racial associations. we know now you can have stereotypes in your mind and profile somebody and that could have lethal consequences. >> reporter: he was shocked by the verdict. >> and yet i should have known that profiling is an issue in america. >> reporter: he faced it himself growing up and still today. >> we got many more bat tools confront and that gives ossense of commitment and destiny and we will not give up. >> reporter: anne makovec, kpix
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5. >> the justdous apartment is looking at whether prosecutors -- justice department is looking at whether prosecutors should file charges. today mirth ruth jones celebrated her 107th birthday. the party honored her with a special tribute of music and prayer. she started black panther programs. a very lucky someone bought a powerball ticket in san francisco worth more than $2 million. it was bought at wine and spirit. 5-6 numbers matched, missing only the powerball. 2-8-22-35-7. the winner has 180 days to claim the prize. >> get a down payment for a
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house now. good to have you here. >> good to be here, great weather. really we are in the summer time pattern. the onshow floor. cooler at the coast. warmnerland. we will see changes. sunday night -- warmer inland. we will see changes. sunday night, clear right now. tomorrow morning, clouds. the clouds which has been around san francisco all evening, temperatures in the city were chilly, 61 degrees. average high is 66. san jose 5. warm spots, livermore and morgan hill, 88. san jose each of the past 5 days have been below normal. yesterday you hit 82. steep drop between yesterday and today, 7 degrees. you will stay below normal for
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the next couple days. central marin county, cloudy tomorrow afternoon. 72. tuesday with a high of 70. southern california, los angeles, orange county, san diego county, we had a few showers wrapping around moisture from the south around the ridge of high pressure. that hasn't made it to the bay area. we got a strong area of low pressure to the west. high pressure to the south and east. and which one is closer to us will impact our weather here. couple days it has been this low pressure. that will get closer over the next couple days. we will have cooler than normal conditions on monday and tuesday. wednesday, high pressure will
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win out. and temperatures go back up. we will have a cool start to the week. lots of clouds tomorrow morning and tuesday morning with which will be the coolest day. by the end of the week above average. livermore 84. san jose 79. south bay 77. fremont 73. clouds inland, danville and pleasant hill. daily city 61. and clear lake 90 for a high tomorrow. wednesday we warm up. thursday 90s inland. beautiful weekend next week near the bay, mid-70s. with each morning morning clouds. the typhoon video. conditions around here calm. but look at this. a typhoon is pounding china.
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huge waves. strong winds. they have caused flooding and land slides and 300,000 people have evacuated their homes. this is the 7th typhoon to hit china this year. how stars are looking back at the life of glee's cory monteith. and a secret project revealed. what "harry potter" rother is admitting she now wrote. >> coming up next on game day a special guest in studio, josh cribs. you do not believe this is a rebuilding year for the raiders? >> it is a year for us to show everyone what the raiders can do. we have a new team, new style. we are ready for play. >> he was so good, he will be a great interview. the new raider coming up next on game day.
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we have the giants and the a's. see you in a few minutes. ,,,,,, medications?
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as the lovable "finn" on tht show "glee." today those hearts are broken -- as news spread of actor cory monte's eporter wendy he stole millions of hearts on glee and today the hearts are broken as news spread of cory monteith's death. the legacy he leaves behind in his short life. [ music playing ] >> reporter: cory monteith became a break out star on glee. about a high school glee club in ohio. [ music ] [ music ]
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>> reporter: on some show he had a off and on romance. they became a well known couple off screen. cory monteith spent the past week here at the hotel. staff entered his room after noon and found him dead. he had talked about his struggles with drugs. he went to rehab at 19 and then again in april. police say it shows people were in the room friday night but he returned alone saturday. >> they will determine next steps with respect to establishing cause of death. all indications are there was no foul play. >> reporter: they said cory monteith was an exceptional performer and person. his girlfriend asked for privacy during this devastating
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time. others celebrities tweeted their reaction. taylor swift said speechless for the worse reason. and she said you will be loved always. cory monteith's fans are shocked. >> very trackage. somebody that young. >> reporter: an autopsy is scheduled monday. the woman who wrote the "harry potter" novel wrote a detective novel but nobody knew it was her. it was a hit with critics when it came out in april. she said she wished the secret would last longer because it was a liberating experience. ,, [ male announcer ] on vacation, you want more of the things you love.
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