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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  July 15, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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directly impacted by the sprinkler water damage and, of course, the smoke damage, as well. no injuries here, very fast response from san mateo. the foster city san mateo and other fire units all called in from the area so all in all a very resourceful and successful evening here fighting this apartment fire. reporting live in san mateo, now back to you. [ screaming ] across the country, protestors took to the streets angry about the acquittal of george zimmerman. this is los angeles where about 200 protestors took over interstate 10. they blocked traffic in both directions for about a half hour last night. marlie hall joins us from sanford, florida, where it's clear the zimmerman fallout is not over yet. marlie. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. the case that started right here in sanford has thousands marching and rallying in protest. reporter: more rallies are planned today as thousands have taken to the streets to protest the verdict in the george zimmerman trial.
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>> they are entering this intersection. >> reporter: demonstrations sunday lasted well into the night in cities from coast to coast. [ screaming ] >> reporter: in new york, protestors shut down times square and then marched through the streets to harlem. and in los angeles, demonstrators marched into the highway temporarily shutting down i-10. [ screaming ] >> reporter: most of the rallies sunday were peaceful but zimmerman's family and lawyers say his life is in jeopardy from people who are upset he was acquitted of second-degree murder in the shooting of trayvon martin. >> there's still a fringe element who have said at least in tweets and everything else that they want revenge. >> reporter: there are people who feel the legal system worked. >> it seems to me it was self- defense. justice was served. >> reporter: trayvon martin's parents were not in the courthouse when the verdict was read. family members spoke to the press sunday. >> very disappointed at this
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point. but we know in the end god will prevail and justice will be served. >> reporter: the martin family can still file civil lawsuits against zimmerman and the department of justice announced sunday it is looking into possible criminal civil rights charges. >> there seems to be evidence that suggest that is race may have been a factor. >> reporter: but experts say the legal barrier to even file charges in civil rights cases is high and it's even harder to get a conviction. marlie hall for cbs news, sanford, florida. >> reporter: in addition to those demonstrations, church services were held across the country to honor trayvon martin. michelle? >> marlie, the martin family was in the courtroom every day except the day of the verdict. is there any reason for that? >> reporter: lawyers for the martin family say they advised the family not to be there when the verdict was being read simply because they thought that it would be too emotional for them. >> marlie hall live in florida,
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thank you. oakland was one of the many cities where the zimmerman verdict led to protests. chopper 5 followed a group near 14th and broadway last night. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is in oakland where protestors were mostly peaceful but, cate, there was some damage caused, as well. >> reporter: yes. you can see that aftermath behind me. some windows have been boarded up at the sears in downtown oakland. but as you mentioned these protests were peaceful especially in comparison to what we saw saturday. when police told the crowd last night it was time to go home, they did. protestors spent most of the day marching making noise on behalf of trayvon martin. some protestors burned the american flag and took their anger to the streets of oakland. this is what the city will have to clean up starting this morning. there was a good amount of damage done this weekend. people broke windows, vandalized cars and buildings but last night's protestors told us it was more about the
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message not the mayhem. >> this is oakland. this is our home. and why rape where we live rather than try to pick it up? >> i don't get it. >> i don't think people want to hear from anybody throwing a tantrum which is what this is. >> reporter: oakland police say about 100 people came out. the crowd marched about five miles before settling at 14th and broadway. as of late last night, there were no reports of violence or arrests. reporting live in oakland, cate caugiran, kpix 5. oakland mayor jean quan issued a statement on the protests saying sadly some of them dishonored the memory of trayvon martin by engaging in violence that hurt the growing economy and endanger people. she added, we will not tolerate violence in our city. we must come together to heal and move forward. today demonstrators are expected to hit the streets of san francisco once again. protestors marched along a crowded market street
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yesterday. they contend zimmerman should have been convicted and put the blame on the legal system. >> i think the next thing to prevent more trayvon martins is to attack that system to attack the root cause that every 28 hours a black person is killed by a police officer, security guard or some other similar individual. >> the protestors marched through san francisco's downtown area then ended their rally at justin herman plaza. 5:05. let's check weather and traffic on what looks like a dewy day. >> it is very dewy outside, yeah. very cloudy all around the bay area except for in concord where we have clear skies there but elsewhere we're looking at clouds sweeping onshore. looks like a cool start to the workweek. outside now it's cloudy with drizzle at the immediate coastline. the temperatures hovering mainly in the 50s outside. looks like toward the afternoon, these temperatures are going to be below average because of all of this. those clouds have really swept onshore overnight. so kind of a cool start to the week. in fact, the average temperatures usually topping
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out into the 80s in the interior valleys, 60s into san francisco. today well below average as much as 3 to almost 10 degrees below average about 74 in santa rosa, should be about 76 and comfortable but below normal in san jose and about 61 and cool into san francisco. we do have a heatup on the horizon. we'll talk about that coming up. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thanks, lawrence. we are starting with a look at the south bay this morning where the main freeways the guadalupe parkway, 101, 280 all moving at the limit and they just reopened. there was some closures to the connector ramps around the southbound 280 to southbound 17 interchange. everything just reopened within the last few minutes. so yeah, everything is flowing nicely. mass transit also off to a great start. bart systemwide on time. they have more than 22 trains all running on time. and taking a live look outside, here's a live look this morning near the dublin interchange. starting to get crowded in the westbound lanes but the drive time is still under 20 minutes from the altamont pass to the
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dublin interchange. the san mateo bridge the right side of the screen the commute direction and the drive time now is 14 minutes between hayward and foster city. this morning, searchers will focus in on a new area looking for the missing toddler in the east bay. this weekend's search is for 21- month-old daphne webb. it came up empty. they searched in the leona canyon hills in the hills. she was reported missing wednesday. her father said she was taken from his suv while he stopped at a store. now they are searching areas where the father and daughter were known to frequent. >> looking through debris piles. >> reporter: that could be where someone could hide a body? >> it could be evidence. it's anything that blends in with the normal trash that's out in the environment. >> the father was briefly held
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on child endangerment charges because he left the child with his mother with dementia. he isn't a suspect in her disappearance. verdicts in the richmond high school gang-rape case could come this week. juries in the trials of two young men will likely start deliberating today. marcelles peter of pinole and jose montano of richmond are accused of taking part in the attack on a teenaged girl in 2009. there is no word of any major progress in the latest talks between bart and the union leaders. the strike against the transit agency was suspended this month when they agreed to extend the previous contract for 30 days. that extension expires august 4, less than three weeks from now. time now 5:08. coming up, sprinkler star scandal. why one of the fastest men in the world is saying i'm sorry. >> the troubled tv star found dead in canada. how the world is remembering cory monteith. also ahead -- >> it was just like something off a tv.
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never thought it would happen to us. >> rude awakening. how two people escaped unheard after this dramatic crash. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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for over 60,000 california foster children, having necessary school supplies can mean the difference between success and failure. the day i start, i'm already behind. i never know what i'm gonna need. new school, new classes, new kids. it's hard starting over. to help, sleep train is collecting school supplies for local foster children. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help a foster child start the school year right. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child. motel in ohio. watch this. you can see a van come flyi into the parking lot ... and crashing right into a room. rochelle watson was sleeping in there until the crash. she told the a big surprise for a guest at a hotel in ohio.
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a van crashed into a room. michelle watson sleeping inside until the crash. she told the driver to turn off his engine because she was worried it was going to blow up. instead, the driver jumped out and as you can see, ran off. >> i didn't know what to think. i thought i was dreaming. thought i was dreaming. but at the same time, i was scared trying to get up. it was crazy. it was just like something off the tv. never thought it would happen to us. >> but it did. phone was hurt but the van destroyed three motel rooms. the driver was caught nearby. i think she got a free night's stay. >> i would think so. maybe a little more than that. how scary is that, liz? >> i know. that's very scary. nothing like that going on outside. in fact, it is really quiet all across the bay area. westbound 580 we are just now beginning to see our usual delays out of tracy so, yeah, the commute is starting to heat up here. the drive time suddenly turned yellow so the westbound 580 commute is up to, what does
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that say, 24 minutes between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. and i grow taller. all right. so yeah, the brake lights continue towards vasco road. along the peninsula no delays this morning if you are catching a flight to sfo. everything looks great down into san bruno and continues into san mateo at the limit. bart now has more than 39 trains all running on time. let's take you outside show you a couple more live traffic cameras. this is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. looks similar to how it looked about an hour ago. everything fine across the pay gates to the toll plaza and heading up the incline. and out towards the golden gate bridge now, once again we saw a few more lanes change trucks drive by but everything is at the limit. there was fog reported approaching the waldo grade. looks okay across the deck. lawrence will have more in your weather forecast coming up in a bit. in the meantime, let's go outside towards 880 in oakland.
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taillights northbound traffic but it's southbound we are seeing the overnight roadwork this morning. once you come into san leandro, marina to davis, various lanes blocked until further notice. but right now the drive time is about 15 minutes between 238 and the maze. that would be both directions. that is your latest "timesaver traffic." for more on your forecast, here is lawrence. >> short or tall, i like you just the same, liz. >> really, like "alice in wonderland." [ laughter ] low clouds and fog surging well onshore. it's thick enough we are getting drizzle at the coastline so a little bit damp toward the beaches early on today, even some of that inside the bay. temperatures mainly in the 50s outside. by the afternoon, we will see some sunshine, some mild temperatures especially for this time of year running well below the average in many spots. still some 80s inland. we'll see a lot of 60s and 70s around the bay with a mix of sun and clouds. cloudy at the beaches with 50s and low 60s. trough of low pressure carving its way in along the west coast. that is going to ramp up the marine layer this morning and
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keep those temperatures down so a fairly cool start to the week. but by the end i think high pressure builds in maybe temperatures get hot next weekend. around the state you can find some hot weather. about 101 in fresno, 92 in sacramento, so 1 in redding and 81 lake tahoe. plenty of sunshine there. around the bay today still comfortable mostly sunny into san jose this afternoon about 76 degrees. 84 in morgan hill. about 68 degrees and breezy into hayward this afternoon. east bay temperatures running in the 70s and the mid-80s in the warmest spots and then inside the bay that sea breeds going to -- sea breeze going to keep temperature down to 61 degrees. 59 stinson beach. next couple of days we'll keep temperatures below average. wednesday, thursday warming up. by next weekend, well into the 90s and that may be conservative. we be talking about triple digits as we head in toward next weekend. so enjoy the cool weather while we have it. >> going to get hot.
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thank you. some developing news out of south africa. nelson mandela could be sent home from the hospital soon. he has been responding to treatment for a recurring lung infection and is getting better. he is still on a ventilator to breathe. he turns the 5 thursday. -- he turns 95 thursday. 15 people are still missing after a train accident in accident. so far 35 people have died. the disaster happened on july 6 when a train of tanker cars got loose after being parked for the night in canada. edward snowden reportedly has thousands of documents describing how the intelligence agency operates. the journalist who was first to disclose the documents says they appear to be an instruction manual and could help people evade surveillance. snowden insists the documents not be made public citing potential harm to the government. an autopsy is planned today
5:17 am
to determine what killed actor cory monteith. the 31-year-old actor known for the fox tv series "glee" was found dead in his hotel room in canada over the weekend. >> the coroner will establish cause of death. there was no foul play, from all indications. >> monteith had openly talked about struggling with being a drug addict since he was a teen. he had been in rehab this past april. the pro football hall of fame is distancing itself from aaron hernandez. the former new england patriots was accused of murder. his picture has been removed from there after visitors complained. hernandez is not an inductee but the picture of him scoring a touchdown was among a group of 60 photos in an exhibit. hernandez has pled not guilty to one count of murder and five gun related charges. american sprinter tyson gay plans to undergo a second test
5:18 am
afternoon learning friday he tested positive for a banned substance. in the meantime he is pulling out of the moscow championships. when asked how it happened he was vague saying he put his trust in someone and says he was let down. he is a 100-meter recordholder and promoted himself as an antidrug athlete coming up, a senior surprise. how men and women are proving age is just a number. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, the giants try to streak right into the all-star break and josh donaldson might not be an all-star but he is playing like one coming up. >> and what's cool about your school? submit your nomination on our website, we may come and feature your school on the show. ,,,,
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it is a gray foggy start to the day around the bay area. plenty of low clouds outside. temperatures mild this time of the year into the low 80s. >> live traffic cameras around the bay area everything is at the limit across the golden gate bridge. there are some slight delays in that far right cash lane at the bay bridge toll plaza. and the san mateo bridge
5:22 am
flowing freely, as well. we'll have more "timesaver traffic" coming up. good morning, everyone. grant balfour the as closer will be the team's lone representative on the active roster of the all-star team replacing teammate bartolo colon who pitched sunday. that leaves josh donaldson as the team's only all-star snub. he made a statement about it yesterday. he hit a game tying home run and won it in the 11th with this rbi base hit. they beat the red sox and a two- game lead in the a.l. west. well deserved day off for tim lincecum after last night's 148- pitch no-hitter. different story yesterday. the padres offense pounded out 12 hits including three home runs off barry zito who is winless on the road. san diego a 10-1 winner. nascar new hampshire joey logano not making any friends. brian vickers won for the first
5:23 am
time since 2009. and finally, pga final round john deere classic 19- year-old jordan speeds holds out on the bunker on 18 to get into a play-off and wins becoming the tour's youngest winner since the hoover administration. i know frank, i know, that game against the series against the as is killing you. that's it, everybody. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. >> i don't know. i felt okay about it. thank you, dennis. play of the day, we have baseball. marlins and nationals. misses the flyball. quickly he goes to play it from right field. pick it up, pick it up, he is going to get the out from his knees, little one hop in the second. see you later! but they lost to the nationals 5-2. but it is a great play. when you think of flash mobs you probably think of young people brought together by social media but a group in
5:24 am
oregon turned that notion upside-down. ♪[ music ] >> they're great, right on queue. doing a great job. >> there you go. 73-year-old richard walker organized the senior citizen flash mob. he used the newspaper to make word. he got more than 100 responses. the group spent more than 4 months practicing and hit the big time surprising a shopping center crowd in eugene on saturday. as i was waking up, you know, i just hear, oh, big bang, impact. >> coming up, survivors stories. how this family of five managed to walk away from asiana flight 214. >> and an early-morning wake-up call for residents here in an apartment complex in san mateo. i'll tell you what started the fire. ,,
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no justice no peace! >> anger over the george zimmerman verdict spills on to the streets of the u.s. >> that could have been my son. >> the flashing lights next to city hall. >> from san francisco -- >> this is a system that doesn't give a damn about a black life. >> -- to los angeles. >> protestors shut down part of interstate 10. >> the naacp wants federal prosecutors to file civil rights charges against zimmerman. >> anything is possible at this point. >> a new search for an oakland toddler reported missing by her father. >> police say they are now searching places throughout oakland where the father may have taken his child. >> as i was waking up, i just hear a big bang. >> i look to my parents, they were on the floor. >> new accounts from the asiana
5:29 am
plane crash as survivors return home. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. captions by: caption colorado good morning. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 5:29. breaking news in san mateo. a fire at a multilevel apartment complex gutted six homes. firefighters are on the scene mopping up. kpix 5's sue kwon is there with the tool that helped firefighters pinpoint the fire. >> reporter: this fire broke out around 1:00 at 2201 bridgepoint parkway. it's an apartment complex in san mateo. and residents woke up to the sound of fire alarms and the smell of smoke. firefighters tell me that somewhere on the second floor, a fire broke out in the vent attached to a dryer. so possibly lint caught on fire or it was an electrical fire. that sent smoke to the second
5:30 am
and third floors. right around the time they arrived, the sprinkler system went off so residents were seen evacuating the building. water damage, smoke damage in about 6 units. firefighters used a special device, a thermal imaging camera, to pinpoint the hot areas, the heat spots in the walls. once they found it they knocked through the wall and put out the fire with no injuries, no really serious damage. mostly just water and smoke damage in the building. but 20 units, boy, out on the scene very quickly, they were able to put out the flames, get the smoke down and get people back in except for the people who lived in the 6 units. but overall a successful approach to the fire. and they had that technology tool in hand. right now, they are doing some mop-up in the area. and all quiet here residents trying to get some sleep. reporting live in san mateo, i'm sue kwon. [ screaming ] >> crazy scene in l.a.
5:31 am
over the weekend one of several cities where demonstrators protested the acquittal of george zimmerman. about 200 people blocking traffic. this is interstate 10 in both directions for about a half hour yesterday evening. nearby city streets protestors throwing rocks bottles and batteries at police officers. >> very disappointed at this point. but we know in the end god will prevail and he will -- justice will be served. >> zimmerman's troubles may not be over. other options are being considered. carrying signs hundreds marched through the streets of oakland showing support for trayvon martin. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is in oakland this morning. the latest protests were mostly peaceful, cate, but there were some problems. >> reporter: that's right, michelle. behind me, you can see the aftermath of last night's -- or this past weekend's protests. windows were broken at the
5:32 am
sears in downtown but over all the crowd was calm. but they were not quiet. demonstrators made lots of noise over this weekend's verdict. the group marched for miles throughout downtown oakland taking over 14th and broadway. earlier in the day, protestors burned an american flag. oakland police say about 100 demonstrators were out on the streets. oakland police say a smaller group vandalized some businesses and there was graffiti reported. >> it's a big impact on the community. that could have been my son. i have four boys. and that could have been my child. i don't condone them having violence or doing it their way but when are we going to be heard? >> reporter: as of late last night, there were no reports of arrests or violence. this could just be the beginning of a series of demonstrations and hopefully a continuation of peaceful protest. reporting live in oakland, cate
5:33 am
caugiran, kpix 5. >> zimmerman protests in san francisco are expected again today. yesterday, the crowd was vocal but mostly trouble-free. they marched through the downtown area before ending their rally at justin herman plaza. she is known as the mother of the black panthers party. and on sunday, mother ruth jones celebrated her 107th birthday in the bay area. the party at glide honored her with music and prayer. she is credited with starting black panther programs to fight injustice and fostering education and equality. >> she was born in 1916. >> wow. >> imagine what she's seen over all the years. >> can't even imagine. all the different types of weather she could have seen. that's what i think about. >> in the bay area. financial, around the bay area today we have low clouds and fog surging onshore. thick enough we are getting drizzle at the coastline and maybe just inside the bay. today looks like a cooler day ahead. in fact, a cooler beginning to the week with these temperatures running below average for this time of year
5:34 am
mainly in the 50s now. see that cloud deck stretched well onshore into many of the valleys right now although concord is reporting some clear skies. by the afternoon, we have some sunshine into cupertino about 81 degrees. sunny and mild into san jose at 76. about 84 in morgan hill. east bay numbers still on the warm side by the afternoon. mainly into the 80s outside maybe some mid-80s in the warmest spots and then inside the bay maybe a couple of lingering clouds a cool 61 intoch is and breezy. 67 in oakland. 64 in sausalito. we have a heatup on the horizon. we'll talk about that coming up. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thanks, lawrence. an accident on city streets in berkeley. they have had to close some of the on- and off-ramps on interstate 80 around the university avenue exit. so the main lines of the freeway are not impacted but again, they are trying to block some of the on- and off-ramps in the area in order to ease congestion because the accident is just off of the freeway. elsewhere let's go out check the sensors on highway 4. and
5:35 am
you can see some changing colors especially as you pass "a" street bottlenecking. slow towards loveridge. the pittsburg-bay point and concord commutes though still no delay there. westbound 580 got an early- morning slow start. 27 minutes already from the altamont pass to the dublin interchange. and if you are coming from tracy, that drive time jumps up to about 43 to 45 minutes out towards the dublin interchange. looking outside here's a live look at the nimitz starting to get more crowded especially in the northbound lanes as you head up towards downtown. but a lot of the overnight roadwork has been cleared. that is traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. 5:35. 31 students and teachers who survived that deadly asiana airlines plane crash are now home in china. they arrived in beijing saturday night. the families were waiting for them at their middle school. the group was going to summer camp when the plane crash-
5:36 am
landed at sfo nine days ago. three girls from the group died in the crash. colorado family was sitting just a couple rows in front of the girls. they say they had no warning from the pilot before that tail hit the seawall. >> i remember something crashed down from the ceiling of the airplane and then felt my chair going backward. after that, i don't remember anything. >> i looked to my parents and they were on the floor. and i called out their name and they moaned and i knew they were alive and i just wanted to get out of the plane. >> the mother suffered a spinal injury but somehow still made it off the plane to an escape slide. once outside she found her family. she says it is just a miracle they all survived. when passengers take asiana to court there could be a big difference in payouts for americans versus foreign passengers.
5:37 am
an international treaty governs the payouts. that means u.s. courts will likely be closed to people from other countries. it will force them to pursue claims in asia where lawsuits are more rare and tend to result in smaller payouts. a blood drive is being held at sfo today to replenish blood supplies following the crash. the drive happens from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the arrivals level of terminal 3. travelers and others are welcome and encouraged to donate. 5:37. coming up, back on the water finally the big shake-up coming to the america's cup race. >> plus, don't wait. why you should plan on filling up at the gas station this morning. also ahead -- >> be out there -- >> and rattled nerves. what rocked a texas tv station live on air. we'll show you coming up. ,,
5:38 am
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on friday... at k-i-i-i in corpus christi. anchors were saying good the shock wave from an explosion rocking the studios of a tv station in texas? it happened on friday at k iii in corpus christi. anchors were saying good morning to viewers at the time the explosion which came from a nearby home. two people who lived there now have critical injuries. the explosion destroyed three homes and damaged 15 others. we had an earthquake here where the desk moved a little. >> they heard an explosion. that would be scary.
5:41 am
stock futures on the rise on this monday morning. >> traders are watching corporate earnings reports this week and hoping the markets just keep soaring. ashley morrison of joins us now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yeah. they like to think the 401(k)s will keep soaring, as well. more record highs on wall street friday. the dow was up 3 points to end the week at 15,464. that is a new all-time record. while the nasdaq rose 22 points to finish at 3600 its best close in 13 years. starting today, you can learn how to give away money like warren buffett -- from warren buffett. buffett one of the world's rich he was men is giving away his $56 billion fortune. -- he is gradually giving away his $56 billion fortune. thousands of people have signed up for his online course to learn how to donate more than $100,000 of buffett's sister's money. hope she is knows about that.
5:42 am
twinkies are returning to store shelves today. walmart has it in 1600 stores nationwide last friday. coffee cakes, ho ho's, suzie qs and others will be available this week. i never thought zingers got the respect they deserved. >> my favorite. >> thank you. >> we digress. we're big wine buffs here outside of san francisco. but coca-cola and wine? not so sure that sounds so good. >> reporter: i have a rouge suzette. it's 75% wine, 25% sugar water and cola flavoring. apparently, this is already popular overseas. one wine critic says she has seen young people in spain buying the cheapest wine and
5:43 am
then mixing it with cola. >> ew. >> so it's like when you buy that boons farm for $2 strawberry hill back in college? >> $2.39. >> lawrence is a connoisseur am we'll ask him in a moment. >> reporter: that's what they are doing now, young kids. >> doesn't sound good. ashley morrison of have a great monday. how's it taste, lawrence, good? >> delicious. you have to try it. [ laughter ] >> no thanks. plan on paying more for gasoline real soon. some analysts say the cost of gas could go up 10 to 15 cents a gallon just in the next couple of weeks mainly because of the rising cost of crude oil. here are the current local gas prices by metro area according to regular unleaded averages $3.96 in san jose. $4.07 in san francisco. and $3.97 in oakland. these prices are roughly 25 cents higher than a year ago. >> all right. >> we need to fill up. now we can bring lawrence into the game.
5:44 am
>> we have some delicious wine with coke in it. we have some zingers and twinkies. love those. low clouds and fog stretching onshore, a little gray and thick at the beaches. we're looking at drizzle at the coastline. it's going to be a slow burnoff with the low clouds and fog. so afternoon clearing, cool temperatures at the beaches, some mild temperatures for this time of year but a warming trend and maybe some hot weather as we head in toward the end of the week. right now we have a low pressure trough camped out along the west coast enough to ramp up the low clouds and fog and send it onshore to bring drizzle and starting out on the cooler side for this time of year. looks like low clouds and fog pushing into the valleys although concord is clear this morning but by the afternoon that will breakaway maybe a couple of lingering showers right inside the bay even toward the afternoon maybe some clouds into san francisco. sfo, we have some possible delays there. temperature about 66 partly
5:45 am
cloudy this afternoon. around the country, if you are flying out, the possibility of some thunderstorms into houston, thunderstorms and 81 in denver. partly cloudy skies 86 in chicago. and a chance of some thunderstorms in new york and 93 degrees. around the bay today we'll see some sunshine this afternoon, 60s and 70s there. maybe some 80s in the valleys and only 50s and low 60s mostly cloudy at the coast. next couple of days we'll keep things cool. then we'll warm up and by the end of the week getting hot. it's traffic time. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thanks, lawrence. we have some traffic troubles right now. if you are in berkeley, police have confirmed with us there is an accident on surface streets on city streets. it's right around the university exit so even though it's not on the main lines of the freeway they are blocking the off-ramp on eastbound and westbound 80 to university avenue to ease the congestion while they investigate the accident on the surface streets. main lines of the eastshore freeway, light from the carquinez bridge to the maze
5:46 am
but you can use gilman or ashby in the meantime. westbound 580 usual monday back-to-work commute slowing up to 29 minutes towards 680 and the dublin interchange. and it looks like our brake lights are continuing just past vasco road. and then it does improve once you get towards the dublin- pleasanton area. the commute along the peninsula looks good no delay on 101 where to two. and it's a nice drive all the -- no delay on 101 to 280. and it's a nice right on no delays on bart or ace. metering lights not turned on yet on the bay bridge toll plaza. but these lines outer cash lanes are backed up towards the overcrossing. i wouldn't be surprised if they turn on the metering lights soon because that's when we'll see delays fill in, in the middle lanes. out towards the golden gate
5:47 am
bridge? i believe we put that in there? there is some fog some kind of misty conditions reported near the waldo tunnel so heads up there. but overall traffic is flowing nicely both directions across the span. that is your latest "timesaver traffic" on this monday morning. back to you. developing this morning, firefighters are getting a handle on a wildfire in nevada and homeowners are finally able to go back home morning a week after massive flames forced them out. the carpenter one wildfire which was kindled by lightning this month now 70% contained. cirque du soleil will resume performances in las vegas, 17 days after a performer died in the final act at the mgm grand. they have replaced the battle scene act with one that still supporting the story line. tuesday's performance will be dedicated in the memory of the dead performer. and a trial is set to begin today in pennsylvania on the constitutionality of the state's voter identification law. critics say the law would discourage young adults, the
5:48 am
elderly, poor and disabled from voting since they would be required to present a photo i.d. supporters say the law would ensure clean elections. the judge has blocked it from being enforced since it was passed in 2012. the suspect in friday's deadly shooting at a san francisco jewelry mart has a history of violence involving police. 23-year-old barry white junior is charged with killing two clerks in the store on brannan street and also accused of firing at 6 police officers at the scene. he was arrested two years ago for allegedly trying to run down a police officer who fired at him. the swedish team artemis racing hopes to compete in the america's cup on this weekend. there is a mysterious millionaire out there after someone bought a second prize powerball lottery ticket right here in the bay area. lottery officials say the ticket was bought in san francisco at the cable car wine and spirit grocery on clemment
5:49 am
street. it matched the five main numbers in saturday night's drawing. 2, 8, 22, 35 and 37. but it didn't match the powerball number 6 which would have made the ticket worth a lot more. the winner now has 180 days to come claim the prize. time now is 5:49. the nightmare commute on i-5 gets worse. how long it will take to fix the damage from this tanker truck fire. >> i woke up this morning and said, okay, yeah, that really happened yesterday. [ laughter ] >> an unlikely hitchhiker. how one couple's kindness paid off in a big way. [ male announcer ] every day, your car takes you to work, school, practice, dance class, shopping, and more. so do something nice for it.
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5:51 am
low clouds and fog settling in over the bay area this morning. drizzle at the coastline. temperatures mainly in the 50s. >> you may need your windshield
5:52 am
wipers as you start off on your morning commute. here's a live look at several bridges for you this morning. obviously that middle lane on the bay bridge is the busiest but still no metering lights. more coming up. traffic is expected to be back up today along interstate 5 in l.a. as crews make repairs after a tanker fire. a tunnel-like underpass was damaged saturday night when a tanker truck flipped and blew up. caltrans says the fire was so intense, it made the concrete brittle. all northbound lanes and two southbound lanes are closed at least until tomorrow. the woman famous for writing the harry potter novels has apparently worked a little magic of her own. j.k. rowling wrote an acclaimed detective novel but nobody knew it was her. she penned the cuckoo's calling about a war veteran turned private investigator under the name robert galbraith. it was a hit with critics in april. and word has just now gotten
5:53 am
out that it was rowling who wrote it. she said she wished the secret could have lasted longer because using a pseudonym has been a liberating experience. universal's minions ran away with the box office for the second week in a row. the animated sequel came in number one. "despicable me" 2 brought in $50 million. friend ennsylvania. they were the reason he wase to get to his own concert on time. the singer signed dave matthews had some new friends in pennsylvania in a big way. >> yes. this is cool. they were the reason he got to his concert on time. the singer signed their tickets saying thanks for the ride. emily kraus and her boyfriend were on the way to the dave matthews show in hershey when they came upon matthews stranded with a broken bicycle and no cell phone. so they gave hm a lift.
5:54 am
>> we didn't know how to make conversation with him in fact so we were talking about his tour and stuff and where he had come from and they had just been in cincinnati and he said i'm taking a short break after this one because i have to drop my daughters off at camp and, you know, it was -- he is just a very humble guy. >> matthews invited them to dinner, took them back stage and got them front row seats for the show which he should have, right? nice thing to do. >> but if they are on the way to the show, what's dave matthews doing in the middle of nowhere riding a broken bike? >> big fans now. 5:54. next half hour coming up, protestors taking to the streets and stopping traffic, as well. the outrage here in the bay area following the george zimmerman verdict. >> i'm sue kwon in san mateo where firefighters put out a fire here at this apartment complex. i'll tell you what high-tech tool they used in their firefighting efforts. ,,,,,,,,,,
5:55 am
5:56 am
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5:58 am
>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald fire gutting an apartment complex on the peninsula. the special device that helped crews pinpoint the hot spots. >> freeways blocked and flags burned. the calls for justice from coast to coast after the george zimmerman verdict. >> sun now coming up and the fog is surging onshore. a cool start to the week. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and we have on- and off- ramps closed to university avenue from interstate 80. we're learning about an accident involving a pedestrian in berkeley. we'll have all the latest details coming up. thank you, liz. and good morning, everyone. monday has arrived. july 15th. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 5:58. right now, crews are keeping a close eye on an apartment complex in san mateo. a fire destroyed six units and left at least a dozen people homeless. kpix 5's sue kwon is live with more on the tool that was a key
5:59 am
to helping firefighters. sue. >> reporter: yeah. it was a high-tech tool. a camera that could sense heat that helped them figure out where this fire was,very complicated. we are here at the 2201 bridgepoint parkway address, an apartment complex. about three levels of several one- and two-bedroom apartment condos. what happened was around 1:00, the fire alarms went off and resident smelled smoke. the sprinklers were activated. there was water damage. but you couldn't see any flames. and when the firefighters got here, they used that high-tech camera to find out and pinpoint the hotspot within the wall and they figured out that it was a fire that was inside the wall and a venting system connected to a dryer. so possibly lint caught on fire or an electrical fire sparked. the smoke damage as well, they got the sprinklers turned off. but you know, after all the damage was done, we had quite a few residents standing out on
6:00 am
the sidewalk. they were let back in except for those who lived in about 6 units that had some heavy smoke and water damage. right now about five units left from about 20 that came here early overnight and right now it's a mop-up scene. but the good news is there were no injuries. in san mateo, sue kwon, kpix 5. calls for justice across the country in response to the george zimmerman verdict over the weekend. streets of l.a. are quiet this morning after protestors got out of hand. demonstrators throwing rocks and batteries at officers. they were upset about the acquittal of george zimmerman in his florida murder trial. [ screaming ] >> at one point about 200 protestors took over interstate 10. they blocked traffic in both directions for about a half hour yesterday. marlie hall joins us now from sanford, florida where the aftereffects of the zimmerman trial are not over yet. good morning, marlie. >>


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