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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  July 16, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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was looting and vandalism, hundreds of arrests. that resulted in a $1.25 million settlement that went to the demonstrators. okay. you go up to 11, the dramatic riots with the "occupy" movement downtown. frank ogawa plaza, a lot of people were assaulted by police officers there. that resulted in a $1.17 million settlement. so we wanted to ask the police chief today with the threat of lawsuits coming from these demonstrators, is that affecting your officers' performance on the street? >> i talked to all of the officers last night and that's not anything that they told me. i mean, if it's in the back of their mind i guess it could be a possibility. i really don't think that's the case. i think really the officers -- we've done a lot of training about allow to, you know, safely make arrests in these type of scenarios and it is labor-intensive. it requires a fair number of officers to pull that off. and so that's really what drives it is they want to do it safely.
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>> reporter: so they are still wondering, you know, what is going on in the city of oakland with respect to the last 72 hours or so? the chief told us that frankly, saturday night they were caught flat-footed. they were completely surprised that there would be a verdict. he explains it this way, that it's very difficult for police to amass a force to take on a roving mob of demonstrators relatively quickly. the demonstrators have social media and they can be on bart in 10 minutes and over here or here already and go and start vandalizing streets and businesses and what not. he says it takes officers a lot longer to do that and it simply takes longer to ramp up to go after demonstrators. he had one clear example. he said, officers were watching somebody breaking a window across the street. by the time they could get across the street, that person who was masked was gone. just had run into the crowd. so you can kind of see the situation that oakland pd is
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facing right now. the problem is, people here are losing patience over it especially the citizenry. and there are a lot of questions being asked of the police department and the mayor's office. when are you going to do something to protect businesses, protect property here in oakland? reporting live from oakland, i'm ken bastida, kpix 5. >> thank you, ken. moving on to los angeles, demonstrations in l.a. got out of hand, as well. large crowds broke off from a peaceful gathering and vandalized their way through the streets of southwest los angeles last night. police chief charlie beck says he will allow protests in the street if they are peaceful but only if they are peaceful. >> to be sure, for those of you that were here last night and came for the wrong reasons, if you come here again tonight, you will go to jail. not only will you go to jail, but your actions will take away from the power of this moment.
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>> chief beck says protesting is a first amendment right that should be allowed and even facilitated but he will not tolerate violence. well, in oakland, we watched as a group of violent protestors used the trayvon martin verdict to vandalize businesses and attack people. kpix 5's mark sayre is at the flora restaurant at 19th and telegraph. a wait there are attacked with a hammer -- a waiter there attacked with a hammer. mark. >> reporter: oakland police estimate 250 people were involved in the protests and vandalism. a waiter at flora was attacked, there were broken windows and fires, leaving business owners on edge. the repairs continued into the afternoon along both broadway and telegraph avenues in oakland where businesses were targeted by protestors. workers cut up plywood and boarded up broken windows. for business owners like alexis, it is getting old. >> so we basically had to push people off the building and we got in confrontations with them. >> reporter: she owns the
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dogwood bar at 17th and telegraph and says the past two days have been scary. >> saturday night was really scary because we basically had this human shield the whole bar and, you know, my bartender and manager, he was outside with the fire extinguisher putting out fires because the fire department wasn't around. >> reporter: she says business owners are just trying to make a living and have nothing to do with the trayvon martin case. >> you know, it's smashing us and smashing flora and it's like i don't understand what these restaurants have to do with this movement. >> reporter: flora is just down telegraph avenue, where windows are still boarded up. it was here on monday night that waiter drew cribley was assaulted while trying to protect business. >> it's just terrible. >> reporter: oakland developer phil tagami had been dining at the restaurant just before the violence broke out. >> and then we got a phone call hearing that our waiter had been attacked with a hammer. >> reporter: but with the bad also comes the good.
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a volunteer team from hayward's day labor center showed up to help the businesses clean up. >> i'm almost tearing up right now because, uhm, the workers, uhm, like i said, they are a pretty poor. so if they can do volunteer time, anybody can do volunteer time. >> reporter: back to a live picture here at telegraph and 19th. kpix 5 spoke with the injured waiter drew cribley on the phone. mr. cribley says he cannot be sure it was a hammer that he was hit with. he says that his jaw and face hurt. but he is at home recovering. he says he hopes to be back at work here at flora in a couple of days. back to you. >> all right. as far as the arrests, though, mark, last night what do we know about the people arrested? >> reporter: not a lot. officially there were nine arrested. there were some felonies, assault with a deadly weapon, easiesing arrest among the
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charges. most of the people are from outside of oakland. police say as soon as the d.a. files charges they will release the names of those arrested but they are saying most of those arrested are not from oakland. >> thank you, mark sayre. kpix 5's mike sugerman shows us why one place vandals hit is causing some to tune out the demonstrators' message. >> reporter: miles best is working on a story about very current events. >> my story is about my perception and my perspective on the whole trayvon martin case. >> reporter: he didn't have to go far to get an eyewitness account. >> they got us a gift. >> reporter: brandon mcfarlane has lived through this before. oakland rioters broke the windows of youth radio during the oscar grant riots and last night in the wake of the trayvon martin case. the story of the attack on youth radio drips with irony. this is exactly the type of place nonprofit youth oriented that is working to make this community better! who would want to attack that?!
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>> i wouldn't call them community activists. that's a pretty liberal use of the term for the folks that are vandalizing things. >> reporter: vandalism never makes sense. but this is even more senseless. >> it means so much to me just like a second place to call home a safety place where we can come and be ourselves. we are able to talk about anything. >> reporter: this girl has been here six years learning the craft of storytelling and radio with like-minded kids who might be looking for a safe place in an unsafe neighborhood that's been doing this for 20 years. the twitter sphere was alive. they busted the windows of youth radio, seriously? someone please try to justify that, you protestors attack youth radio how that ever parallels supporting trayvon martin or humanity is unfathomable. really sad to hear that people are ruining oakland. especially youth radio. >> you know, we service hundreds of youth every year, you know? and youth like trayvon and
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oscar grant. we are a community staple. >> reporter: maybe miles best will be able to make sense of it all in his commentary. in oakland, mike sugerman, kpix 5. >> it could cost youth radio $6,000 to fix the windows. pg&e will have to pay a $300 million fine for the san bruno explosion. regulators originally recommended pg&e spend $2.25 billion on safety improvements. now $300 million of that will be paid as a fine to the state's general fund. the 2010 explosion killed 8 people and destroyed 38 homes. checking bay area headlines now, firefighters heard a woman yelling for help from inside this burning home on parkside drive in walnut creek this afternoon. firefighters rescued her and at least 2 dogs. the cause of the fire is under investigation. san francisco police arrested two men after nearly three hours' standoff in the mission this morning. it started after a man called 911 and told police he had been shot in his home at bryant and
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22nd. officers surrounded that building and arrested the suspects just after 7:00. the victim should be okay but why was he shot? police aren't saying. you see her final moments and the terror on her face and you see the frustration and she realizes she is going to die. >> remembering the horror inside a bay area jewelry mart when police say a man killed two women. tonight we learned what may have set him off. >> another one-boat race that almost nobody showed up to watch today. how somber -- how some bay area homeowners are losing money because of the lack of attendance to watch the america's cup the temperatures barely in the 70s away from the water. more widespread cloud cover tomorrow and beyond, more coming up. >> in warehouse will soon be filled with workers. how you can get a job with the
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kill a pest. the guava fruit fly. tonight the city of san jose is getting ready to kill a pest, the guava fruit fly. the city has already found three of the flies in traps in the mayfair neighborhood. so kpix 5's len ramirez shows us tomorrow the city will set out traps. >> reporter: phil's orchard and fruit stand is one of the last of its kind in san jose. >> thank you. >> reporter: his family has had it since 1945. but a new troublemaker may be coming to his trees. county ag officials discovered three guava fruit flies in traps near downtown san jose indicating a potentially destructive infestation. >> this looks clean. this is good. >> reporter: so far, so good in
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his 500 trees but the pests were found in front yard fruit trees a few weeks ago near highway 280. >> it probably came in on some contraband fruit. >> reporter: the ag commissioner says the contaminated fruit was probably hand-carried into the country by unsuspecting travelers. >> a fly can't fly here from india, pakistan or thailand but it can very easily be transported in the fruit. the eggs would hatch and they are like maggots, they eat the inside of the fruit. >> reporter: left unchecked, it could devastate california's fruit tree industry including peaches, nectarines and guavas, local ag officials now launching a targeted eradication effort. it uses traps to disrupt the fly's breeding cycle not aerial spraying. >> the hope is we caught it early on and responded quickly and that we won have to cover a large area. >> reporter: that's what he hopes. >> every year another new insect out there.
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>> reporter: that the fruit fly will be killed off before it has a chance to ruin his fruit and the produce of so many other california growers. in san jose, kpix 5's len ramirez, kpix 5. >> those sticky bait traps will be checked in two weeks and monitored for three months until authorities are sure the flies aren't reproducing. new details of what happened inside san francisco's jewelry mart friday when police say that a man killed two women in cold blood. we have learned what may have set that man off. don knapp tells us it was a tip over a few hundred dollars. >> this was a savage brutal attack and gratuities on the two women inside the jewelry store. >> reporter: cold calculating chilling. just some of the words used by san francisco law enforcement as they announced 16 felony counts against 23-year-old barry white of antioch. >> this individual should be in prison for the rest of his life. >> reporter: white is the suspect in a double homicide that happened friday at the jewelry mart. as to why the police are so sure they got the right guy,
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the crime was caught in detail on videocameras. >> it's a very high quality video one of the best i've seen in my business. so identification is not going to be a problem here. >> reporter: seen here in a red jail jumpsuit, white showed up briefly in court but his arraignment was postponed to next week. also in court, the family of one of the murdered women. >> my little sister, okay? that's my father, her father, too, my mother, our mother too. we are the same family, we live in the same place. she's very nice, and very -- very -- very gentle girl. [ crying ] >> i don't know why, why these people come and kill my sister. [ crying ] >> reporter: as to what was behind the killings, investigators say the suspect had a minor beef with the owner over jewelry he had previously bought. >> the difference between what he was seeking from the store owner and what the store owner was willing to give was less than $300. >> reporter: as to whether his
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sister or their family knew the shooter? >> i don't know this son of a [ censored ]. i have no idea. i don't see him. i don't know who is it. i don't even know -- that's why i tried to pick it up who this guy is. >> reporter: don knapp, kpix 5. >> investigators say that white went into the store. he sat for 20 minutes until all the other customers left. that is when they say he began his brutal rampage. a lot of san francisco homeowners counted on making a killing by renting their view properties during the america's cup races. but kpix 5's don ford says once sky high rental rates are declining along with declining interest. >> reporter: another one-boat louis vuitton cup race today. the italian boat luna rosa sailed alone again because the swedish boat artemis still isn' ready. there were only three spectator boats watching. people are losing interest. >> i have a 100% view of the racecourse. >> reporter: he has incredible
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views from his lower russian hill deck. the america's cup boats will pass right in front of him and he plans to rent out the lower unit during the races. >> for $5,000 a week. and i had to continuously cut it back until i was able to get somebody interested in it at $3,000. >> reporter: he says the same [ indiscernible ] are a free bonus, the birds on his deck. but if you are looking for a luxury lookout, some of the fairmont heritage place private residences are still available. their prices have dropped, too. general manager david burke says some are available on a daily basis. >> prices starting anywhere from $800 going all the way up so, you know, that is probably not far off where we started. >> reporter: but it's the racing that counts. it's the competition that matters. these two are visiting from austria, european sailors. >> this was a little
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disappointing because we expect more boats and we only saw a race with one boat. >> reporter: if it's only one boat it's hardly a race. >> they won, though. >> reporter: the swedish boat will be back in the water in a couple of weeks. don ford, kpix 5. >> homeowners a place to rent aren't giving up hope. it's early in the season and they expect a turnaround in september when the final races start. more boats, more wind, more second to non -- more sun? >> yeah, maybe, soon. the boats may have been humming -- the boat. that boat was moving really good. >> the wind. >> it was really windy. that wind was coming from the ocean and went all the way to sacramento it was cloudy this morning. sometimes that fog and low cloud cover stops at the bay but today it went to the central valley and filling in once again tomorrow morning,
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another very cloudy start even in concord, walnut creek and danville. everywhere starting off cloudy again. today's highs, morgan hill avoided the cloud cover you were warm at 83. but napa only 74. hayward, concord, barely 70. oakland 67 and richmond today 63 degrees. so well below normal especially away from the water. some of you were 15 to 17 degrees below average. always check the radar. hi-def doppler radar the strongest radar in town coming up with nothing a little drizzle at the coast but no organized rain. this is not the time of year for that. so low pressure which gave us this incredibly thick and strong marine layer which went all the way to the central valley and will again tomorrow morning, after tomorrow morning will begin to move out. that's key for your weather because if you love the sunshine and want it a little bit warmer, you want this guy to be closer to us. this is an area of high pressure which will bind in from east to west, which is off, but it happens from time to time during the summer. this will move in starting tomorrow afternoon and that get us cranking, inland areas back to the 90s. that will limit the morning cloud cover primarily it the bay and the coast and that will
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get us all above normal after tomorrow. tomorrow one more day a couple of degrees close to normal. san francisco normal 66, tomorrow 65. concord 4 degrees below average, 12 degrees warmer than today. san jose still 5 degrees below normal with a high of 79. fairfield 87. napa back to 80 tomorrow. santa rosa tomorrow 77 degrees. look how warm we get starting thursday as high pressure builds in. weekend good pool weather golfing near the bay mid-70s. we'll have morning cloud cover every morning near the bay. but we will have lots of afternoon sunshine once we get finished with tomorrow. so kind of a chilly change gone after tomorrow. >> but i love your kids going, dad, i need a longer shirt. must be california. >> yeah. it's nice to live in a place where 70 is deemed chilly. >> there aren't many of those. >> mid-july. >> thank you. all right. just because the economy is getting better doesn't necessarily mean it's easier to find a john. >> right now it's very hard,
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you know, to find any type of work, period. >> but a million-square-foot warehouse is a golden opportunity. how you can get a job with the world's largest retailer. >> and how you can upgrade your smartphone or tablet every year and avoid the hefty termination fees. ,,,,,,,,
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for over 60,000 california foster children, having necessary school supplies can mean the difference between success and failure. the day i start, i'm already behind. i never know what i'm gonna need. new school, new classes, new kids. it's hard starting over. to help, sleep train is collecting school supplies for local foster children. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help a foster child start the school year right. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child.
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building a mega- shipping center. so you know what th means: amazon needs people work there... a lot of people. kx 5's ryan takeo t amazon is building a megashipping center so that means they need people to work there a lot of people. kpix 5's ryan takeo takes us just over the altamont. >> reporter: in a word, the new amazon warehouse in tracy is huge! we put chopper 5 in the air to show you the 1 million-square- foot warehouse from the sky. to drive the point home, it takes 1 full minute to drive the site lengthwise while going 25 miles an hour. a warehouse this large needs a lot of workers. >> those calls online orders will come right to this facility. >> reporter: tracy city manager leon churchill envisions there will be at least 1,000 workers and during the holiday shopping season, that could boost to 3,000 or 4,000.
6:24 pm
some argue the area needs much more than a warehouse with starting pay at $14 an hour. >> i know there's a lot of people looking for jobs and it's not enough. >> reporter: this person is applying for an hr job at amazon. she says the area needs more office type jobs and hopes a warehouse coming in is a start. >> you do need hr persons and accounting staff to support these jobs. >> reporter: others like james barrett will take anything. he and about 50 others use computers at san joaquin county work net to send amazon's online application. >> right now it's very hard to find work. >> reporter: for an area hard hit by unemployment, the central valley has always been the hardest hit in california, this will be a god send. churchill points out 14 bucks an hour is better than nothing and says there will also be supervisor roles and support positions available. >> there's a wide array of -- of --of duties and responsibilities that have to be fulfilled.
6:25 pm
>> reporter: in a site this size, there's plenty of room. this project has a very tight deadline. amazon wants in act 1st just in time for the -- amazon wants in october 1st, just in time for the holiday shopping season. ryan takeo kpix 5. >> the city manager hopes other companies will coming to the county. at&t customers won't have to pay a big termination fee to get a new smartphone anymore. customers now have the option to ditch the two-year contracts. and you won't have to pay the full price for your phone or tablet up front. no activate fees, either. instead you can pay for your gadget monthly installments and trade it in for a new model after a year. but here's the catch. you will have to pay about $30 more every month in installment fees on top of the current cost of your service plan. so unless you pay a termination fee every year just to get a new phone you'll spend more in the long run.
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t-mobile introduced a similar plan last week. now, yahoo giving you a chance to grab the user name of your dreams. yahoo announced it will be recycling unused accounts so now you can create a wish list of whatever email address you want that someone else snagged years ago but stopped using. yahoo's ceo hopes this will attract younger users. coming up in our next half hour, what killed cory monteith? tonight, coroners confirm the cause of death. >> i could see that flames were coming from my bedroom. >> she survived but almost 100 cats didn't. why this bay area pet owner says she owes her life to a dog named bunny. >> it's our day. we can do what we want and we're going to have fun. >> how much the state is expected to benefit from the business of same-sex marriages. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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prop-8 supporters face their latest defeat: how much california is expected to benefit, from the business same sex marriage. one day after prop 8 supporters faced their latest defy the, how much california is expected to benefit from the business of same-sex marriage. >> the number of applications for marriage licenses in the bay area has doubled in the past month. on the consumerwatch, sue kwon on how much money same-sex marriages are pouring into the local economy. >> we can both enter and have our best men already up there.
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>> reporter: chad and josh are tying the knot. >> maybe our dog walking the rings down the aisle. >> reporter: making plans for their upcoming wedding. >> color patterns, menus, cocktails, everything. open bar. >> reporter: and surveying the site of their 160-guest, $60,000 celebration. >> i feel like the budget just keeps getting bigger and bigger, the more you add to a wedding the more special we want to make it. it just seems like costs will increase. >> reporter: a ucla study found over the next three years, the state of california could gain about $500 million in new business with same-sex weddings. and san francisco hotels and restaurants want to be invited. >> there's no question it's going to have a very positive impact on california's economy and the bay area's economy and san francisco very specifically. >> these are the main colors. one of our signature items. >> reporter: this wedding planner tasting a wedding menu at a city restaurant says a lot of her business is coming from out of state.
6:31 pm
>> wonderful. >> reporter: and from lovebirds planning way ahead. >> we have been getting calls from couples in alabama, utah, arizona, all these places where same-sex marriage is illegal. >> we can do what we want and we're going to have fun. >> reporter: if even half of the estimated 780,000 same-sex couples living together in the u.s. were to walk down the aisle, the wedding industry would walk away with $10 billion in extra revenue. on the consumerwatch, sue kwon for kpix 5. >> and that figure comes from forbes and as always, if you have a consumer question, call our hotline at 888-5-helps-u. a new report says the proposed keystone xl pipeline would raise gas prices in the united states. representatives from consumer
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watchdogs laid out their findings today in san francisco. the pipeline would carry oil from the canadian tar stands. they say the true goal of oil companies and canadian politicians is to drive up the price. according to the report, spikes could be between 25 to 40 cents a gallon. >> you don't get one more thing for that 25 to 40 cents. you're just getting a gallon of gas and sending 25 to 40 cents to a company in canada. that means you don't have 25 to 40 cents to buy food, buy clothes, go to the movies. >> backers of the pipeline say it could make america more energy independent. but opponents are concerned about the potential environmental impact. early tests are back on actor cory monteith who died on saturday. his demons came back to haunt him. we have a report. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: canadian medical examiners say they now know
6:33 pm
what killed 31-year-old "glee" star cory monteith. >> the cause of death was mixed drug toxicity involving heroin primarily and also alcohol. >> reporter: the british columbia coroner's office did not reveal how much heroin was in his system or how it got there. he was found dead in a hotel room over the weekend. the vancouver staff missed his checkout time and his body was discovered. monteith became a star playing a musical jock on "glee" but monteith's real-life demons caught up with him. he was a drug addict. he went to rehab when he was 19 and earlier this year. police have concluded their investigation. they have no plans to look into who provided him with heroin. >> there was no foul play. and this was an overdose and a tragic accident. >> reporter: the coroner's office is continuing its investigation and will issue a
6:34 pm
full report. >> production on the show is set to resume at the end of the month. no word on how fox will handle the absence of a main character. nearly 100 cats die in a bay area house fire. coming up, how their owner says a dog saved her life. >> it was hard. >> how a bay area hair salon helps women with hair loss feel beautiful from the inside. >> analyzing bay area microclimates from the ground up . kpix 5's mobile weather powered by toyota. ,,,,,,
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a woman in her 70's -- who d herself... a fire at a house in south san jose killed nearly 100 cats. a woman in her 70s who lived there alone almost died herself. the fire started at the home in south san jose. kpix 5's michelle griego tells us the woman credits her dog for saving her life. >> i'm fine and bunny is fine
6:37 pm
and she saved me. >> reporter: shortly before 2:00 this morning, carol miller's dog bunny started barking. >> as soon as i stood up on the couch and turned around, i could see that flames were coming from my bedroom. >> reporter: they ran to an end closed patio in the back of the home and waited for firefighters to rescue them. the fire was under control in about an hour but crews had to deal with dozens of animals found inside. >> she had over 100 cats in her residence. >> they have nowhere else to go, they come home to me. >> reporter: miller says she takes in feral cats most of them elderly and too vulnerable to live on the streets. >> some need individual care. others just need to be in a secure safe location which i thought my home was. >> reporter: most of the 100 cats inside the home died in the fire. miller says they were well cared for and were like children. >> my friends and i will take
6:38 pm
all of their little bodies and we'll drive them up to napa where i have many, many animals buried. >> reporter: she credits bunny, a rescued animal, for saving her life. >> there just aren't enough good homes for them. and they come home to live with me as well and -- oh, my. >> reporter: michelle griego, kpix 5. >> miller had applied for status as a rescue organization but her request was denied by san jose animal services. dozens gathered for a groundbreaking ceremony for the new santa clara family justice center. the new eight-story courthouse just off north first street in downtown san jose. that building is designed to create less stressful ee environments especially for children. >> think about that. all the children are going to come in here. what kind of court would you like to have to make it friendly for those children? and that's the kind of thing we're trying to do here.
6:39 pm
>> there will be 20 courtrooms and separate hallways for the public, staff and in-custody defendants. doors will open in 2015. it's much more than just a hair salon. >> quite a few ladies that don't even take their hair off at home in front of their husbands. >> how some bay area hairdressers also play the role of therapist. i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, the impact of baseball's upcoming suspensions. >> it's over 100 million and it's been calculated by everyone. >> phil mickelson is nice and loose' he gets ready for the -- nice and loose as he gets ready for the british open. we have a few more tricks up our sleeve. sports is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, medications?
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i don't know. last immunization shots?
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really? honey, what's my blood pressure medicine called? one time i took something and i blew up like a puffer fish. i'm probably allergic to that. at kaiser permanente, your medical information is available to you and your doctors. quickly. securely. no guesswork required. better information. better care. kaiserpermanente. thrive. in southern california: a u navy veteran woke up with no memory of his past. speaking only swedish. a medical mystery in southern california. a u.s. navy veteran woke up with no memory of his past and speaking only swedish. he was found in a palm springs motel in february. days later he woke up in the emergency room.
6:43 pm
he said his name was johan eck and that he had never heard of michael boatwright, his real name. doctors diagnosed him with a rare form of amnesia. >> stress, life changing events, family death or loved ones' death, resent travel or major -- recent travel or major accident. >> how did boatwright know swedish? a social worker discovered he had lived in sweden in the '80s. doctors still trying to find out where he lives. it's something that happens to men knowingly, but for women, it's very uncomfortable to be bald. 40% of women suffering from some form of hair loss. elizabeth cook shows us a place in san francisco where they can go for help. i might want to trim the bangs. it looks long. >> reporter: it looks and sounds like a hair salon. >> you want it more like eyebrow length? >> yeah. >> reporter: but for debbie, it's a lot more. >> it's a refuge here. >> reporter: she has a disease called androgenetic alopecia and lost all her hair in high school.
6:44 pm
>> can you hold the front with your fingers? just so i can pull a little bit. >> reporter: she got a wig out of necessity. >> there's a lot of competition out there. and who are they going to hire but the person they perceive to be -- would fit in the best and looks, i'm afraid, is the reality of it, is part of that. >> reporter: this salon owner is part hairdresser, part therapist. >> it's a little bit too poofy for you. >> reporter: she offers expert advice or what kind of wig to get. but more importantly, privacy. customers can draw the curtain. >> the woman often feels sort of nude when they don't have their hair on. i have quite a few ladies that don't even take their hair off at home in front of their husbands. >> reporter: deb admits, that's her. >> i have a boyfriend right now and he knows that i have hair loss but hasn't seen me without my hair piece. >> hello. >> reporter: gina thompson lost all her hair in her mid-30s. >> i'm going to have you take it off yourself, gina. >> reporter: for her, it's no problem going au natural. >> it was very hard at first, but i think you come at least for me the realization of
6:45 pm
things could be worse. >> reporter: even with strangers, she is open. >> especially if they see me without my wig and they see me before with my wig to let them know that, you know, i'm not sick or there's nothing else going on that this is what's happening with me. so i --like i said in 12 years i think you learn a lot. >> here you go, gina. i think we're all set. >> reporter: for her, too, kelley has been a lifeline. >> she took the time to help me and figure out the best pieces and colors, something that would look natural and i think that's the big key is that it's something that looks natural. >> you look marvelous. >> oh, thank you. [ laughter ] >> all because of you. >> reporter: elizabeth cook, kpix 5. >> the salon featured called face to face works only with all-human hair. the price range for a hair
6:46 pm
piece is from $1500 to $4,500. can't find your dog? there is an app for that. the new mobile app finding rover can help owners find their lost pets. it uses facial recognition to identify the pet. users can add extra information about their dogs. >> let's say you're you whatting in the park on a -- you're walking in the park on a sunday afternoon and you see a dog. if you have an app, you take the picture of it and hopefully if they have reported it lost, you will be able to return it to its owner right then and there. >> other features of the app include posting comments, pictures and chatting with other dog owners. >> a 100 red pound named air needs that app except at dinnertime bear is right there. >> smiles for the picture. >> he does. yeah. i'll show it to you sometime. >> absolutely. >> they all do. >> bear is probably a little chilly today. >> really cool. >> it was chilly. the onshore flow typically stops at the east bills but today went all the way inland and it took a lock time to get the sunshine in places like san
6:47 pm
jose and walnut creek and livermore and pleasanton. live look outside right now we're sunny but not warm mainly sunny skies. what a gorgeous majestic view we have of mount diablo from the dublin cam. san jose is warm at 71. livermore currently 70. concord 67. santa rosa 67. oakland 63. we have been below normal for the past five days. we were as low as 75 on sunday, chillier yesterday and today, only a high of 72 degrees. that's 12 degrees below average. your microclimate forecast we have so many of those around the bay area so i focus on one town every day. and pleasant hill you're the town. your forecast for tomorrow, it will be cloudy to start, sunny warmer to finish. tomorrow's high 84. thursday, high pressure builds in, you will be back to the low 90s pleasant hill starting thursday and likely staying there until the top of next week. so a couple of things have to be changing. we'll talk about why we were so
6:48 pm
cloudy this morning and will be again tomorrow. it's a simple deal. we have what amounts to the world's largest refrigerator sitting offshore. cold pacific ocean air. anytime that door is left open, we will have clouds and we'll have cooler weather. today that door was open. there was a fan blowing all of that air toward us. after tomorrow morning, that door will be shut by this area of high pressure. this is acting like an oven taking that warm air, hot air over the desert southwest and sending it towards us. that will begin tomorrow a little bit but a much bigger bit thursday for the next several days and lots of 90s on the maps beginning thursday. so widespread cloud cover once again tomorrow. we still have the onshore flow tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon, though, it will be sunnier finish, not as chilly. the warming trend which begins tomorrow will last through the weekend so warmer weather coming one more day below normal tomorrow. san jose your average is 84. i just told you 72 was the high. you'll be 7 degrees warmer tomorrow up to 79 but still
6:49 pm
below average. fremont 74, cloudy start. palo alto 76. mountain view 77. still chilly at the coast half moon bay only 61 degrees. pittsburg tomorrow 84. benicia 80. napa 80. so warmer but still below normal. novato tomorrow 76. sausalito 64. oakland will hit 71. rohnert park 77. bodega bay 61. close to 90 for clearlake i think we get there for lakeport. toasty thursday, sunshine, high of 93 inland. 95 for friday and saturday. near the bay, you will get back to the mid-70s for the weekend with morning clouds afternoon sunshine. planning on a trip to the coast? it will be cooler but some afternoon sunshine with highs in the mid-60s. that's your forecast. sports with dennis coming up next.
6:50 pm
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6:52 pm
big ever issue in baseball than all stars. >> there was a big fear in the second half of the -- big fear in the second half of the season that the drug suspensions may lose some players. baseball's biggest stars in new york this week for the all-star game. bud selig found himself under the microscope being grilled on the latest performance- enhancing drugs scandal. >> we believe that after the all-star game, there will be a reckoning, am i right about that? >> at some point in the future. >> how many are we talking
6:53 pm
about, five? >> we don't know. >> more than a dozen, less than a dozen. >> we don't know. [ laughter ] >> i'll say this. you are persistent. >> thank you. >> while we weigh sudden acceleration for -- wait for bud selig to drop the hammer, the head of the union says any suspensions handed out by major league baseball won't be served until next year due to what is expected to be a lengthy appeals process. that is great news for teams in contention with players in question. for every home run yoenis cespedes hit last night in winning the home run derby, the as took a dollar off ticket prices for an upcoming game against the angels. after belting 32 home runs, you could have purchased field level tickets for just five bucks. i say could have because they're already sold out. good night, that is a huge fish! >> this is a group of hedge fund traders that got a 505- pound blue marlin south of hong kong. it took them 3 1/2 hours to
6:54 pm
pull in the 12.5-foot-long fish. what's the term there allen? the rich get richer? last weekend phil mickelson won in europe for the first time since the clinton administration. he is hoping to end a longer drought this week and win his first british open. and look at this. as you can see, and he does this really every tournament, he is preparing for every shot possible. >> i love the shots that we get to hit over here. sometimes we can get a wedge that can actually -- you can hit forward off a level lie, can almost go behind you when the wind is strong enough. just having fun with shots around here is enjoyable. hopefully i won't have to hit that shot this week. >> he has nothing on this girl. the gymnast a cart we'll with one hand, and used her other hand to flip in the ball. she actually kicked it n but trick shot, better than mickelson. most 79-year-old basketball players made their last hook
6:55 pm
shot many years ago. not so for tony davis who still believes he has game in those old bones. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: if a piece were composed about the life of anthony bones davis, it would be a combination of beethoven, mozart and chopin. and bones just might be the one to play it. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: he is 79 years old, almost three-quarters of a century ago he picked up his first basketball and he has never stopped dribbling. >> my half-sister nicknamed me bones when i was so little because i'm so skinny. >> reporter: he learned tosh a rough player at a catholic school in danville, university, and he went to the university of hawaii where he earned all american honors. he was drafted in the ninth round by the new york knickerbockers. >> they already had 3 blackball
6:56 pm
players so i don't think they wanted three. >> reporter: today bones sweeps the floors at kezar pavilion before the pro-am game. >> how's the jump shot? >> that dude ain't got no ball. >> reporter: he says he does it to prevent injuries to the young kids but i think he just loves basketball. >> for me it's been my life. i didn't think i was going to live this long. ha ha and play basketball. >> reporter: can't stop now. >> no. i'm just beginning. i'm trying the hook shot from the middle of the floor. and every now and then it goes in the bottom of the net. ha ha! >> ho! >> reporter: he watches the game and he knows more than all the players on the floor this evening. but he offers little input. >> i like to approach the teenagers because they listen to you like you're in the pro league talking to old guys like me, you don't know nothing, you're sweeping the floor, you know? >> ouch. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: there is life in his music. just as there is in his game.
6:57 pm
and so he waits. >> i been blessed. i know i been blessed. ♪[ music ] >> bones is waiting for a call from another team to still play. so that story ran on our sunday night half hour show. it was sent to a team in hawaii who watched it. they called him and they are playing in a tournament in cleveland later this month. and they gave bones a plane ticket to keep playing basketball. he is going to cleveland. >> my goodness. >> great story! >> he is 79! he can shoot from half court. >> how tall is he? >> 6'9", 6'10." >> wow. >> all bones. >> who is the nba player that does the videos the old man -- looks like that guy. >> who? >> "who dat"? help me out. captions by: caption colorado feed me! ogressive.
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>> she was my realtor and sold me the house i'm living in. >> announcer: business brought them together... >> mr. weissman, being in the insurance business, approached me back in august. >> announcer: ...and everyone profited. >> she made a very good commission. i don't know the exact amount. >> judge judy: you actually made from her $14,000. >> announcer: but love and money don't mix. >> judge judy: while this transaction was ongoing, you were sharing a bedroom? >> yes. >> judge judy: the problem is that the relationship went south. >> announcer: "judge judy." you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. the people are real. the cases are real. the people are real. the cases are real. the rulings are final. captions paid for by cbs television distribution wayne weissman is suing his ex-girlfriend, mahshid vafai, for an unpaid loan to make renovations on her home. >> byrd: order! all rise! your honor, th


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