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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  July 16, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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to find their lost animals at 11:00.
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they haven't seen anything e what hap . this is kpix 5 news. police with plenty of experience tell us tonight they have not seen anything like what happened inside a san francisco jewelry mart when two women were brutally killed. good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> tonight, don knapp says it looks like the motive wasn't robbery, but a dispute over a few hundred bucks. >> that's my little sister. okay. >> heard that two women had been killed. >> they just show me stole so i know -- i -- i told my mom, she already dead. >> he described his family's loss after 23-year-old barry white of antioch appeared in
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court charged with two counts of murder and seven counts of attempted murder. >> we actually have excellent video where we show the defendant in a very calculated way going about stabbing and killing people. >> da george gascon says surveillance video shows a cold, calculated murder. the beef was over about $300 difference and a refund. >> you can see him going behind into a back room. of course, the police later on finds one female dead and the man critically wounded. they're being shot. they're being stabbed. >> but it appears the other woman had a chance to flee for her life. she hears the shots, turns, looks, and in her confusion and panic actually runs a few feet into the store instead of out of the store and he walks coldly up to her. >> he dumps the gun and then proceeds to knife her. he slashes her throat. we can actually see her going down on the dpround.
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>> despite the brutality of the murders, this being san francisco, it was highly unlikely to seek the death penalty for white. >> and barry white is held without bail. he'll be back in court noeshgs wednesday. this was the scene downtown about a half hour ago. protesters got into it with police after police asked them to turn down a loud speaker. we've seen violence in the last few nights in oakland just like this after the tray voun martin verdict. christin ayers says tonight was different. >> she was there, too, grant's mom. >> putting the finishing touches on a story about trayvon martin and oscar grant. >> the greatest take away from the trayvon martin case is that not everyone looks at young black men as human beings. it's about amplifying the youth voice and making sure justice was heard on all of us. >> from a teen to a man to a
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story teller. >> there's always a story to tell in downtown oakland. >> but last night, the place that taught hershaw how to be a journalist became the story. someone smashed the windows of youth radio, ironically in the after math of a trayvon martin protesz. >> we are in the eye of the storm. >> a storm executive director richard says that turns inexplicably against youth radio last night at the hands of a vandal. >> more than likely he was not from oakland because if you're from oakland you're aware of the community institution that youth radio is. >> that may be the problem of nine people arrested during last night's protest. oakland police say a majority did not have oakland addresses and perhaps no way of knowing that youth radio exists to tell the stories of young people of color. >> youth radio does so much work for the community, you would figure the people in the community fighting for justice would know. >> despite the vandalism, summer klasses started work here today.
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the people who work here cleend up the mess themselves. >> the only thing we can do is put boards over our windows at this point. >> and goat back to telling their stories. >> for youth radio. >> that's going to cost them about $15,000 to replace those windows, and they are collecting donations on their web site. meanwhile back out here you can see the scene here far more police than protesters out here, several dozen police lined up here and then small number of protesters who were here earlier have disappeared so certainly a different night tonight than all the other nights we've had so far protesting the verdict in the trayvon martin case. reporting live in oakland, christin ayers, kpix 5. >> a masked man attacked this waiter at the restaurant flora in downtown oakland smashing him in the face with a hammer. 32-year-old drew was part of a group trying to protect oakland's businesses when the
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protesters moved in. and in los angeles, protesters attacked kcbs television reporter dave brian and his photographer. they were in the middle of a live interview. cameras were rolling as the two guys who ait canned them ran away. dave and his photographer had minor injuries. one juror says at first there were three guilty votes. tonight she tells cnn's anderson cooper how they got from there to acquittal. >> can you talk about the process of the other jurors changing their minds? you talk about the first juror went from second-degree murder to manslaughter then put out the question to the judge for manslaughter then it was basically because of the jury's reading of the law that everybody finally decided manslaughter doesn't hold. >> that's exactly why. >> was there any holdout. >> there was a holdout, and
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probably -- well, we had another vote, and then everybody voted -- put it in a little tin. we had a little tin. folded our little papers and put it in a vote. she was the last one to vote. she could not find anything else to hold george on because you want to find him guilty of something. she wanted to find him guilty of something but couldn't because of the law, the way the law is written. >> the juror also said reyes didn't have anything to do with this trial, but she says people are looking for ways to make it play a part. also today u.s. attorney general eric holder called florida's stand your ground law senseless. similar laws are in effect in 26 different states right now. essentially they say that a person who is threatened can stand their ground and fight back. speaking at the naacp convention in florida, holder said it's time to question such laws, and he also admitted that even though he's the attorney
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general, he felt the need to have a touchy conversation with his son, the same one that his father had with him about being a black man in america and how to behave in public or in the presence of police. >> this was a father/son tradition i hoped would not need to be handed down, but as a father who loves his son and who is more knowing in the ways of the world, i had to do this to protect my boy. >> the president of the naacp is asking the attorney general to file civil rights charges against george zimmerman. daphne webb has been missing for a week now. she's the 21 month old from oakland. tonight we heard from her naem for the first time, but as linda yee shows us, one important person wasn't there. >> they prayed and then daphne's family asked the public to help find her. >> these past few days have been the worst nightmare of any parent and for me as baby daphne's grand naur.
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>> daphne's mother was there, but grandfather kevin davis said no one in the family would be answering questions. noticeably absent, the father who told police someone kidnapped her, but the family expressed their doubts about webb asking for anyone who has seen the father with daphne in the past two weeks to come forward. >> we have to know when the last time the child was seen was. >> it implies you suspect the taur of having something to do with her disappearance. >> it just implies that we need to find people that have seen the child over the course of the last several weeks since the 27th. that's what it means. you can read what you want into it, linda. i think that flr a lot of suspicions out there, and they need to be either alleviated or confirmed. >> are you suspicious. >> sure. >> daphne's father was briefly jailed for child endangerment. he is not a suspect in her disappearance, but oakland police say nothing has been ruled out. >> daphne's father told police a
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woman took her from his car. also tonight the city of saven hose is out to kill a nasty pest, the guava fruit fly. in a matter of hours, the city will start setting traps in the may fair neighborhood. one orchard owner found a swarm of those flies in front of his yard. the guava fruit fly is not native in california, and the city wants to kill it off before they can do serious damage to crops. >> a fly can't fly here from india or pakistan or thailand so anyway, but it could very easily be transported in the fruit. the eggs would hatch, and they are like maggots. they eat the inside of the fruit. >> the traps that are being put out contain a sticky substance that traps the flies. the traps will be checked in two weeks and monitored for three months until the city is sure the flies are not reproducing. we told you about the beaver with some sort of plastic tie around its back. it was having trouble swimming. in the last hour, we have
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learned some good news. rescue groups finally found the beaver, trapped it and took off the plastic, and this is video we just got. a few minutes ags rescuers freed the beaver back into the river in downtown san jose. they are nicknamed it mama beaver, and we are told she is doing just fine. coming up, a new lawsuit in the asiana crash and why the pilots were reluctant to go back home to south korea. an american man wakes up with no memory of his past and he can only speak swedish now. what doctors think happened. do you know what's in your yo gurt? the new push to get a popular brand to live up to its all natural label. one of the coldest amps in the past two months hit the bay area with highs inland only in the 70s. coming up, find out why sorm will be exactly the same and also entirely different.
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sent to prison. . new twists tonight in the crash of 214 -- asiana 214. the pilots are worried they'll be thrown in prison. the pilots express concern about
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being criminally charged. south coree yan law allows prison sentences of up to three years for a pilot negligence. so far we know of no plans to charge those pilots, but the final decision will hing on the country's own investigation. also tonight, asiana faces its first lawsuit over the crash. a bay area woman and her eight-year-old son accusing the airline of wanton and willful disregard for the rights and safety of all passengers so they suffered back and neck injuries, and they want $5 million. it's a story that sounds too crazy to be true. a man wakes up in a hotel room with no memory of who he is or where he came from, and he only speaks swedish. tonight the pieces of the puzzle are starting to fall into place. >> four months ago, police found this navy veteran unconscious in a motel 6 in palm springs. on him, a u.s. passport and his veterans id identifying him as
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michael boatright, but when he woke up in the emergency room, he'd never heard of michael boatwright. he said his name was yohan and he spoke only sweeldish according to this interview. he couldn't explain why he had five tennis rackets in his luggage or who the woman was in this photo with him. his whole past a blank. a hospital social worker helped boatwright set up this facebook page. she discovered he lived in sweden in the 1980s and ran a consulting company. on the school web site was this photo and boatwright's own essay revealing he was married to a japanese woman and had a 12-year-old son. so why was he in south california. he told cnn the clues suggest he's a tennis coach. his diagnose nis, boatwright is in what a called a fugue state
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brought on by trauma. >> stressful events, life-changing events, family deaths or loved ones deaths, recent travel or major accidents. >> tonight the desert sun newspaper says it finally tracked down a relative, boatwright's sister. she lives in louisiana. she says she hadn't seen her brother in ten years, and the family had no idea where he was. coroner in british columbia said today that actor cory montieth died after overdosing on heroin and alcohol. montieth had a history of addiction problems and had been in rehab earlier this year. 31-year-old actor was found dead in a vancouver hotel room over the weekend. tonight police say they will not investigate how montieth got the heroin. do you railly know what's in your gogurt? do you care? well, tonight kiet do shows us the anti gmo movement hopes you care. >> the latest company to feel
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the heat is chobani greek yogurt. here's chobani ceo. >> it's authentic, and it's real. you don't have to say much about it. >> chobani, a billion-tlar company and the country's no. 1 yogurt said it cannot say the grain fed is gmo modified so launched a campaign asking how nauch is that and calling on chobani to stop using natural and real in its marketing. >> i can label natural and it account kill somebody. >> new trigsist says gmos have been around for years and are safe. in november, voters did not pass prop 37, a bill that would have required corporations to label gmo foods. watch dog groups are now taking a bottom-up approach and calling out individual corporations. >> you can't fight them all so uong it's a battle they're going to win. >> chobani issued a statement
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claiming, "we do not claim to be gmo free and according to some, doing so would require us to ensure the feed to 78 thousand plus cows across 875 farms is gmo free. we know that this is important to our consumers and promise to take great care in exploring all option." until then, customer thomas will think twice about buying chobani. >> well, then you can't post on your package it's gmo free, et cetera, because you don't know. >> nongho ingredients are more expensive and hard to come by shths i've got a tank top just like that guy, but i don't like to show it on tv. >> it's right under your suit. >> of course. >> anyway, cooler temps today. a lot hotter tomorrow. >> we were running 15 degrees below average. tomorrow, changes. the morning will start off exactly like what we had today, but tomorrow afternoon, the warmth will come back, and the
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sun will come out earlier. live look in the city. we're already cloudy. we're already cloudy in places like concord and livermore. it's going to get chilly and cloudy overnight tonight. usually i show you this graphic to show you the huge temperature spread to show you coastal locations and what we have going on inland. downtown san francisco today, 65. 25 miles away. we have concord where it was, 5 degrees warmer. that's it. about the most narrow temperature spread we've seen in a couple months, concord only 5 degrees warmer. pleasant hill tomorrow, you're going to warm up. lots of afternoon sunshine back up to 84. sunny and warmer. 91 for a high in pleasant hill coming up on thursday. changes are coming. we had that very strong, very thick marine layer because this low pressure area made its closest pass to us. it takes off nudged out of here by this ridge of high pressure. this is going to pipe in some of that desert southwest heat, warm us back up, get rid of the morning cloud cover very
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efficiently for the next several days so widespread cloud overtomorrow morning. sunnier finish and that warming trend which begins tomorrow will last all the way into the weekend, hello 90s as soon as thursday in places like livermore where you'll have a high of 86 tomorrow. san jose 79. warmer but still five degrees below average. redwood city 77. looking at mid 80s for pleasant hill, walnut kriek and san ramon. downtown san francisco 65. clear lake tomorrow 89 -- degrees. near the bay i'm looking at mid 70s thursday through the top of next week. morning clouds, afternoon sunshine. that's your forecast. be right back. kpix 5's mobile weather lab powered by toyota, the fully redesigned toyota rav4 is here and ready for your next adventure. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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so she sees her allergist who has a receptionist susan, who sees that she's due for a mammogram. mary has one that day. that's when she finds out she has a tumor. she has a successful surgery and because her health provider has an amazing connected system, she has her life. i don't know what you have but i have kaiser permanente.
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kaiser permanente. thrive. world series... . all right. got to admit, i didn't even watch a single inning. didn't watch any of it. >> not one of the most thrilling ones, but the winner got a corvette. >> well, he always does. >> and this doesn't leak unlike the one you have. tonight's all star game, home
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field advantage in the world series just three hits for bruce's national league squad, a feeling he knows all too well. american league up two to nothing in the sixth. struck out andrew mccutchen to preserve the lead. now, buster posey was the only giant to get in the game with a chance to tie it with home run in the 7th. strikes him out to end the inning. still 2 to nothing american league. jason was the only player to drive in a run with a base hit. 3 to nothing al in the 8th inning. this was the story of the night. yankees closer rivera entered in the 8th. it was the only player on the field when he warmed up in his final all star appearance, and he pitched a perfect inning to set up the american league shut out of 3 to nothing. he also got the mvp. what did he get, ken? . >> the keys to the car, corvette. >> last week we told you about our pavilion employee tony bones davis whose promising basketball career ended before it even began. >> i already had two blackball
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players, you know, i don't think they wanted three. >> well, davis was drafted in the 9th roupd by the knicks in the 1960s. at 79 he still has game. in fact, because of our story, bones was i think vieted to be on the high wie yan senior games team that will compete in cleveland later this month and the team paid for his ticket. after winning the scottish open last week, phil mickelson has 146 to 1 odds winning the british open this weekend. it's been 2006 that a golfer has won a major after winning the week before. mickelson was asked about that. he gets tonight's top 5. >> it's difficult to -- to win the -- the week before a major and then follow it up winning the major, but then again, the last person to do it, you're looking at him. >> you know, the fast ers man on
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two legs, the fastest on all fours. 100 meters in a record 17.47 seconds. no. 3, back to new york. not much so fence but a little defense thanks to manny machado with a hot corner. look at that. no. 2. this hurts to watch. throwing out the most impressive first pitch in baseball history. and at no. 1, the nan tuck et coast elliot pulled ashore 7-foot sand bar shark with his bare hands. it was the fourth shark he hooked that day but the only one he managed to pull in, hence he used bare hands to get him in. after a couple pictures, he released him. he has caught a hundred sharks in the last eight months, and he releases all the females. >> where is that. >> this is in nan tuck et. >> we're not going swimming there. not happening. >> note to self. >> exactly. >> all right. dennis, thanks so much. we'll be right back. ,,
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. this is a bay bridge highlight from kpix 5. >> the piles holding up the 196 eastern span are wooden, but the new bridge stands on 160 concrete-filled steel piles. the biggest are 8 feet around and more than 300 feet long. those under the suspensions are anchored in bedrock closer to the oakland touchdown. they're rooted in solid soil. >> this bay bridge highlight is sponsored by chase. chase what matters. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the new app "finding rover" now help owners find t . is your dog last? . >> i don't have a dog, but if i did, there would be an app for that. the new app finding rover can now help owners find their lost pets. the app uses facial recognition to identify the pet. >> anybody that ever finds your dog if you report it lost, take a picture of your dog. they put the little circles on the eyes, triangle on the nose and hit it and we're with 98 percent accuracy we're going to locate your dog right on the spot. >> that's good. >> the other features of the app include posting comments, pictures and chatting with other users. >> all right. we'll be right back. >> one more time. >> that's scooby doo.
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. we got plenty. >> do you have a cat named bob. >> yeah. how's taco? we haven't seen him in awhile. >> he's been spending the summer fishing up in auburn. >> is he on vacation. >> yeah. i'm going to bring you videotape. he loves to fish. >> all right. thanks for watching. david letterman is next. >> good night.
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