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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  July 17, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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moment. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thanks, lawrence. just about 5 a.m., and we're just beginning to see that slowing coming out of the altamont pass and through the livermore valley. so we are starting to see those changing colors on the sensors. the drive time is clear though, 20 minutes between the altamont pass and 680. that eastbound roadwork approaching north greenville is still there as well as westbound. once you reach the dublin- pleasanton approaching hacienda to foothill, we have various lanes blocked. so just a heads up there. no delay, though. and also still no delay through and. that westbound -- through antioch. that westbound 4 road off to a nice stay. bart, muni, caltrain and ace all on time. that's traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. breaking news out of san jose where police have blocked off a neighborhood north of downtown. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is there with the latest. cate. >> reporter: michelle, unfortunately, at this point we're still working on
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confirming information the police activity that's going on. i'm at third and empire where there's police activity. you can see a number of cars in the area. officers appear to be talking to a whole bunch of people in this neighborhood. what i can confirm for you at this point that we spoke with the san jose fire department. they responded to this particular area just after 3:30 a.m. for reports of a dog bite in this location. again, we are still sort of trying to figure out the details surrounding this incident. but again, take a look here, roads are blocked in this area. several san jose police cars are here. officers are out in the area. i do know that there will be a san jose police officer to brief us on what happened at the intersection of third and empire in just a few moments and when we have that update we'll bring that to you. reporting live in san jose, cate caugiran, kpix 5. an oakland toddler has been missing for a week. 21-month-old daphne webb was reported missing last wednesday.
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tonight a candlelight vigil will be held at 79th and international boulevard where the girl's father said the girl was last seen inside his suv. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec reports oakland this morning where most of the family gathered yesterday. they have a lot of questions today. >> reporter: good morning. yes. searchers and police are really trying to establish this morning a timeline for when little daphne and her father were last seen together sometimes over the last two weeks. they are having trouble nailing that down. many of daphne's family gathered together last night. she has been missing since last week when her father says someone kidnapped her from his car while he went to the store to grab a drink. the father was arrested on suspicion of child endangerment but released. police say he is not a suspect in daphne's disappearance but he was noticeably absent from yesterday's family gathering. our linda yee asked marc klaas about that. he is helping the family with the search. >> you have to not last time
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when the child was seen. >> reporter: it implies you suspect of father of having something to do with the disappearance. >> it implies we need to find someone who saw the child since the 27th. that's what it means. you can read what you want into it, linda. i think that already a lot of suspicions out there. and they need to be either alleviated or confirmed. >> reporter: are you suspicious? >> sure. >> reporter: now, in the meantime, searchers have scoured the waterways in the area. they have put flyers up in the neighborhood and police are asking anyone who saw daphne or her father in the last two weeks to come forward. that father says he doesn't know who might have seen them together. he says he has mainly stayed home with daphne during that time period. the fbi is now helping in the search for daphne. back to you. >> there were reports last week that a woman was seen with daphne. has anything come out of that? >> reporter: police are still looking into that possibility. at least two people confirm that they did see a woman in
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her 30s dark skin with long straight black hair with the girl matching daphne's description within a couple of blocks from the area that she disappeared. so that is another possible lead this morning. >> all right. anne makovec live for us this morning in oakland, thank you. oakland police officers outnumbered protestors in the fourth night of demonstrations after the verdict in the george zimmerman trial. the protests were peaceful much of the night. our cameras did capture a brief clash with officers when police asked the group to turn down a loudspeaker. an oakland organization that gives a voice to young people is dealing with damage from vandals. youth radio needs $15,000 to replace windows that were smashed monday night. a youth radio personality says he doesn't think the vandals knew the group works to tell the stories of young people. >> youth radio does so much work for the community. you would figure that the people in the community who are fighting for justice would know it's about amplifying the youth voice and making sure that justice is heard on all levels. >> the vandalism didn't stop
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youth radio from starting its summer classes yesterday after they cleaned up. the naacp in san francisco is hoping a civil lawsuit will bring zimmerman back to court. >> our criminal justice system is broken. >> yeah. yes. >> and it needs to be straightened out. >> yes. >> togetherness. >> the naacp organized a rally yesterday evening outside the san francisco city hall. al sharpton is calling for a national day of action saturday. demonstrations are planned in more than 100 cities nationwide. [ chanting ] meanwhile, demonstrators interrupted muni rail service in san francisco for a short time yesterday. the group was protesting the officer-involved shooting of 19- year-old kenneth harding, jr., two years ago. he was a parolee and a person of interest in a murder when investigators say he ran from a muni fare inspector, pulled a
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gun and started firing at the police. a dispute over a few hundred dollars appears to be the motive for the stabbing and shooting spree at a san francisco jewelry store. kin win min was a worker at victoga a story inside the jewelrymart complex. she and another woman were killed friday. investigators say 23-year-old barry white, jr., was angry about a $300 difference in a refund. they say surveillance video paints a picture of a cold calculated murder. >> see him going behind into the back room. of course, the police later on finds one female dead and the man critically wounded. they're being shot and stabbed. >> white is charged with two counts of murder and 7 counts of attempted murder. in bay area news, this morning one of two juries on the east bay rape trial has reached a verdict. the judge has sealed the verdict that has been reached. the second jury will resume deliberations this morning. two men tried in the same
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courtroom before two different juries. they are accused in the gang- rape of a 16-year-old on the richmond high school campus in 2009. opponents of walmart grocery store plan to protest this morning at the grand opening in pleasanton. they accuse walmart of poor working conditions, low wages and hurting local businesses there. the rally on santa rita road is set to begin at 8 a.m. a new state committee recommendation calls for a record fine against pg&e for the 2010 san bruno pipeline explosion. the amount of the penalty is still $2.25 billion. but under the new plan, at least $300 million of that would be paid as a fine to the state's general fund. it would not be tax-deductible. most of the remaining money would go toward gas pipeline upgrades easing the financial burden on ratepayers. >> the fact is that accountability should hurt a little and pg&e seems to think that it shouldn't hurt at all.
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>> the public utilities commission is expected to vote on the plan before the end of the year. the 2010 explosion killed 8 people and destroyed 38 homes. pg&e said, "in its zeal to punish pg&e, the staff of the cpuc has lost sight of our important shared goal of making pg&e's natural gas operations the safest in the country as quickly as we possibly can." state workers will be out to kill a destructive pest in san jose today. guava fruit flies were found in the city's mayfair neighborhood. crews will lay out traps throughout the area later this morning. the flies feed on citrus, tomatoes and other plants. california department of food and agriculture hopes to kill the pests before they can do serious damage to the crops. >> a fly can't fly here from india or pakistan or thailand. it could easily be transported in fruit. the eggs would hatch and they are like maggots, they eat the inside of the fruit.
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>> crews will begin a 13 square mile eradication treatment this morning covering the area between berryessa and white roads and tully road. workers will use bait traps to catch the flies. 5:09. controversial cover. rolling stone sparks online outrage over its upcoming august issue. >> and anger in india. how more than 20 children died eating lunch while at school. >> and caught in a tight spot. why it was so hard for firefighters to get this woman out. >> get ready, temperatures start heating up around the bay area. some places near triple digits possibly by the weekend. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and we have a new traffic mess in walnut creek. a traffic alert just issued. three-car crash. we'll tell you where and what's going on, what's blocked, coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
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died after eating a free sc lunch yesterday. the students in india, a violent outburst after at least 21 children died after eating a free school lunch yesterday. the students used sticks to trash buses to express anger. some of the food had pesticide.
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26 others are in the hospital. legalizing gay marriage in england is now in the hands of the queen. the legislature paved the way to have same-sex marriage. the only thing left is the queen's signature to become law. a similar law in scotland is expected to make gay marriage legal there by 2015. and check this out. firefighters rushed to rescue a woman trapped between two walls in china. the woman got stuck in the gap saturday and wasn't discovered until sunday. crews had to break down the wall to get her out and she is said to be doing okay. still no idea how she got stuck there in the first place. >> what was she thinking? it's like she crawled in the hole. >> i don't know. >> that would freak me out. >> she is all right. all right, liz. it's 5:13 and we have issues on the road. >> we have problems in walnut creek. we were confused where the location is. there's two separate accidents. traffic alert issued so definitely give yourself some extra time if you are traveling anywhere near 24, 680 and north
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main. we'll fill you in. first accident southbound 680 approaching highway 24. the left lanes are blocked and then the right lanes are blocked southbound 680 by north main. one of these is an injury crash. don't know how long it will be out there but we are starting to see some delays. once you get past the 24 interchange then speeds improve again on our sensors towards the caldecott tunnel free and clear through lafayette and orinda. westbound four starting to see a few brake lights there past "a" street but it's the altamont pass commute and really through tracy starting to stack up. you can see it in the westbound lanes. eastbound roadwork, various lanes blocked approaching north greenville. that's scheduled to wrap up around 9 a.m. so that's probably our slowest drive time now but walnut creek may be catching up. let's go outside show you a couple of live traffic cameras. golden gate bridge we continue to see the lanes change truck drive past so so far things are flowing nicely.
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it's an easy drive from san rafael into san francisco. the nimitz there's been a lot of overnight roadwork up and down the nimitz freeway. not so much through oakland where this camera is. the taillights are moving northbound towards downtown. everything looks good there in hayward, san leandro. you'll find various lanes blocked blocked especially in the northbound lanes scheduled to wrap up this morning. that's a check of your latest "timesaver traffic." for more on your forecast, here's lawrence. >> we are going to start heating things up around the bay area today. we are starting out with plenty of low clouds and fog similar to yesterday. but no drizzle at the coastline early on. temperatures mild 50s and 60s now. by the afternoon, though, you'll see temperatures pop especially inland. you will see near 90 degrees in some of the hottest interior valleys, lots of 70s inside the bay, 60s at the coastline. high pressure showing signs of building in. as it builds in out of the desert southwest, that is going to crank up the numbers especially away from the coastline so more sunshine today. warming trend begins. i think getting hot as we head
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in toward the latter part of the week. low clouds and fog extending onshore will pull back earlier. as we look toward noon, most of that will combine with the coastline. temperatures getting hot inland as well. the interior valley of the state 99 in fresno, about 93 in sacramento, 96 in yosemite and around the bay those temperatures soaring to 88 degrees today in livermore, 87 in fairfield, and 80 degrees in san jose. 60s at the coastline. next couple of days, though, we'll crank up the heat a little further. by saturday and sunday, hey, we could see near triple-digit heat. >> if you drive around with some of those fancy cars you may find some triple digits. >> i'm predicting i'm going to hang out in the east bay. >> you like the heat. >> it will be hot. >> all right, lawrence, thanks.
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it is 5:16 now. a russian news agency says u.s. fugitive edward snowden could leave a moscow airport transit zone in just the next couple of days. he has been there for quite a while for weeks while seeking asylum in several countries. russian president vladimir putin is considering giving him temporary asylum but warned snowden not to take any actions that could damage relations between russia and the united states. some top u.s. intelligence experts will be on capitol hill today answering more questions about the house judiciary -- to the house judiciary committee about surveillance of american phone records. that's part of the information leaked by snowden weeks ago. the cleveland man arrested for holding three women captive for more than a decade and raping them is facing more charges. ariel castro will be charged with 179 counts of kidnapping, rape, child endangerment and assault. 329-count indictment is already filed. among the charges the 53-year-
5:18 am
old is accused of murder for terminating the pregnancy of one of his victims. boston bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev will appear on the cover of rolling stone magazine. the cover features a self-taken portrait of tsarnaev with shaggy hair and labels him as the bomber. the cover is sparking outrage on social media. three people were killed and 200 were injured in the marathon bombings. the magazine hits newsstands august 3. you might think a grocery store would be a safe place to seek shelter from a storm. but in louisiana, a woman had her 2-year-old in a grocery cart when the storm hit. so she tried to get out of the weather's way, went into the store and that's when she was struck by lightning. >> right when i pushed her out of the way it went straight through me. it went like from my head down the back of my spine to my left thigh and on my foot. >> well, she is going to be okay. so is another woman from the
5:19 am
same town who was struck by lightning just a couple of weeks ago while she was cooking jambalaya in her kitchen. >> right. >> thank you. 5:19. coming up a shark attack caught on camera. how a fisherman turned the tables. >> good morning, everyone. i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, why the as starter bartolo colon is sleeping better and a heroes sendoff for the as king in the all-star game coming up. look at 'em. living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver. you see in my day, when my mom was repainting the house,
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all right. we are starting out with some low clouds and fog around the bay area this morning. temperatures mild in the 50s and 60s. starting to heat things up, though. we'll talk about that coming up a traffic alert in effect a couple of different accidents in walnut creek. we'll tell you what's blocked plus the latest drive times. your "timesaver traffic" coming up. good morning, everyone. mariano rivera has been to 13 all-star games and last night was his final one. the very classy move, rivera was given a proper sendoff in new york. just three hits for bruce bochy's national league squad a feeling he knows too well. american league up in the sixth. mccutcheon was struck out and the lead was preserved. kirchner drove in a run with a base hit. 3-0 american league in the 8th inning.
5:23 am
mariano rivera was summoned from the bullpen in the 8th. he was the only player on the field when he warmed up in his final all-star appearance. he pitched a perfect inning to set up the american league shutout 3-0. he got the game's mvp and corvette to go with it. 20 players are expected to be suspended after the all-star break for a link to steroids. according to the major league union leader those suspensions now won't happen until next year. that is good news for the as and bartolo colon. gold cup soccer to whet your appetite for the world cup next year. the u.s. playing costa rica. donovan with the game's only goal. the u.s. advances to the gold cup quarters where they will play el salvador. that's it for sports, everybody. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. thank you, dennis. back to major league baseball's all-star game. in new york, play of the day, baltimore orioles machado at third, will he get him at first? you better believe it! the play of the day.
5:24 am
great defensive gem. not a lot of hits in this. we'll grab that and run with it. the american league won 3-0. a nantucket man's fishing trip changed from angling to shark wrangling. take a look, elliott was surf casting when he reeled in a 7- foot shark. an experienced shark man, he ran into the surf, grabbed the shark by the tail and wrestled it to the beach. after some photos, the shark was released back into the ocean. >> you sure he is a fisherman or weightlifter? he's a stud! >> exactly. >> he pulled him out by his tail. >> and' has the video. that's -- and he has the video. that's the best part. usually with fish stories, you don't have anything. >> you would want to go the other way with a shark! it's 5:24. coming up, a heat wave blankets half the nation. the biggest worries as millions swelter under record temperatures, coming up. >> i'm cate caugiran live in san jose where a police officer is recovering after being
5:25 am
attacked by a pit bull. we'll have the details in a live report.
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riot police face off with protestors for a fourth night in oakland. >> far more police than protestors out here. >> oakland businesses are trying to pick up the pieces. >> we are in the eye of the storm. >> i told my mama, she's dead. >> new evidence in the deadly attack at a san francisco jewelry store. >> it looks like the motive for murder wasn't robbery but a dispute over a few hundred dollars. >> we actually have excellent video. >> these past few days have been the worst nightmare of any parent and for me as baby daphne's grandfather. >> a family pleads for help to find a missing oakland toddler. >> we need to find people that
5:29 am
have seen the child over the course of the last several weeks. >> this really is a train wreck. >> the house will have another vote today on the affordable care act. >> voted to repeal it 40 times. what's happened 40 times? of course it's a failed. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. good morning. wednesday is here, it's july 17. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. you time now 5:289. new information involving breaking news out of san jose. a police officers has shot and killed a pit bull just north of downtown. cate caugiran found out it reported with mail theft. >> reporter: we are at third and empire. there's still quite a bit of activity going on now.
5:30 am
we know that officers were conducting a follow-up investigations at this house at third and empire. they were doing a probation search. when the officers get to the home a woman answered the door, then san jose police say a pit bull came out of the basement area and then police say the dog bit the officer on the lower left leg. then the other officers on scene shot and killed the dog fearing for the officer's life. the injured officer was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. now, san jose police tell me they came to this area after witnesses saw three suspects drive away after breaking into mailboxes at another apartment complex and police tracked down the license plate to this address and they tell me now that they are continuing the investigation in that case. we'll have new information shortly. reporting live in san jose, cate caugiran, kpix 5. it's been a mystery for a week now. what happened to that oakland
5:31 am
toddler whose father reported her missing? 21-month-old daphne webb disappeared last wednesday. tonight a candlelight vigil will go held at 79th and international boulevard where the girl's father says she was last seen inside his suv. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is in oakland where the missing girl's family has a lot of questions i would imagine, anne. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. investigators are trying to establish some sort of timeline as to when daphne and her father were last seen together. family members gathered yesterday to speak to the media praying and asking the public to help find her. she has been missing since last week when her father says someone stole her out of his car while he went to the store to grab a drink. that father john webb was arrested on suspicion of child endangerment but released from jail. police say he is not a suspect in daphne's disappearance. now, he was not at last night's event. daphne's family says they want the focus of the search to be on bringing daphne home rather than their family troubles.
5:32 am
>> these past few days have been the worst nightmare of any parent and for me as baby daphne's grandfather. >> reporter: now, the search has been ongoing in local waterways, people have been putting up flyers in the enabled where she was last seen. police are asking for anyone who saw the two in the past two weeks to come forward because they don't have any reports of them being seen together. the father said he doesn't know who saw them together because they stayed home during that period. the fbi is helping in the searc for daphne. there will be a candlelight vigil at 6:30 tonight. anne makovec, kpix 5. the latest protests over the george zimmerman trial were more peaceful than the previous nights. we saw more police than protestors in some spots in oakland. a small group clashed with officers after police asked them to turn down a
5:33 am
loudspeaker. but other than that, things were low key. an oakland organization giving voices to young people is dealing with damage from vandals. youth radio needs $15,000 to replace windows that were smashed monday night. their executive director doesn't think the vandals were local or they wouldn't have hit the facility. >> more than likely he was not from oakland because if you are from oakland you're aware of the community institution that youth radio is. >> oakland police say most of the people arrested for vandalism monday night were not from oakland. an oakland waiter is recovering after he was attacked by protestors on monday. a masked man hit him in the face with a hammer at the restaurant flora in oakland. drew cribley was trying to protect the business when the protestors moved in. in l.a., protestors attacked a kcbs tv reporter, dave bryan, and his photographer. they were in the middle of a live interview monday night. cameras were rolling as the two men who attacked them ran away.
5:34 am
dave and his photographer had minor injuries. so many developing news out of southern california. crews are fighting a huge wildfire in the mountains west of palm springs. the flames and smoke can be seen for miles. firefighters have the mountain fire 10% contained. now, the fire has burned 8,000 acres since it started monday. at least 650 firefighters are on the firelines. there are mandatory evacuations in the area. a dangerous heat wave gripping much of the east coast scorching temperatures expected to last through the week. new york city's largest power company consolidated edison has activated its emergency command center to handle what could be record-breaking demand for power. >> we're all on 12-hour shifts around the clock through the weekend to make sure that whatever comes our way we can deal with. >> the utility estimates nearly 6 millionaire conditioners are running -- 6 million air- conditioners are running at
5:35 am
full power. other utilities have made arrangements to meet demand including asking customers to reduce electricity use. but it's hard to do when you have high humidity. >> so uncomfortable. >> many people die in that kind of heat. but we'll see our own heat in the bay area at least you will have a place to escape i think if you head to the coastline. you'll be saying, what heat wave? but the next few days going to get hot especially as you head inland. this morning, though, we are starting out with low clouds and fog, stretching well onshore. 50s and 60s out the door. you can see the fog bank has made its way well inland but high pressure building overhead so i think that's going to compress it somewhat. it means it's going to burn off earlier so these temperatures going to be warmer in the afternoon as high as 89 in morgan hill. about 83 in cupertino. 80 in san jose and sunny. east bay temperatures really going to pop. upper 80s into antioch. 88 in livermore. 86 in walnut creek. and then inside the bay not as hot but still comfortable. 70 degrees in oakland. and about 66 degrees in san francisco. some places headed near triple digits in the next few days.
5:36 am
we'll talk about that coming up. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thanks, lawrence. they are heating up somewhat towards the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights yet but we are starting to see delays grow in the cash lanes. it seems to be our typical pattern now. it's the far left cash lanes that stack up first but once again if you are a fast track user still no delay because they have not activated the metering lights. out towards the dublin interchange, westbound 580 a little crowded as you approach the dublin-pleasanton commute. the drive time is still under 30 minutes coming from the altamont pass. and to our maps, we still have this traffic alert in walnut creek. it is southbound 680 approaching highway 24 and then there's another accident approaching north main. so we have mull i am lanes blocked and our delays are actually really picking up. we're seeing red traffic sensors now. jammed from at least geary. i would expect probably 15- to 20-minute delays at this point. also, westbound 4 is starting to get slow especially in that
5:37 am
"a" street to lone tree way and bart right now has 43 trains and they are all running on time. that's traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. the pilots of asiana flight 214 are worried they will be sent to prison. the korean flight crew returned to seoul a few days ago. the "wall street journal" says the pilots expressed concern about being criminally charged. south korea law allows prison sentences up to three years for pilot negligence. the final decision will hinge on that country's own investigation. three chinese students died in the crash at sfo on july 6. a bay area woman is the first passenger to sue asiana. the woman and her 8-year-old son suffered back and neck injuries. they are suing the airline for $5 million. 5:37 now. the lion that mauled a volunteer at a fresno area wild park was in perfect health when it attacked. investigators originally thought the lion may have had a diseased brain from rabies but that wasn't the case. the 24-year-old diane hanson was mauled by the lion in march
5:38 am
as she was cleaning out its cage. 550-pound lion was shot and killed shortly thereafter. 5:38. coming up, calling for change. why you no longer have to wait so long to get a new smartphone. >> and obamacare is it in jeopardy? the key votes being taken in the house today. >> and a medical mystery in southern california. the man who woke up speaking another language with no memory of his past. ,,,,,,,,,,
5:39 am
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in san jose. she was found near the guadalupe river.... it had some sort of plastic arou a beaver in trouble got help in san jose. she was funnel near the guadalupe river -- she was found near the guadalupe river. she had trouble walking and swimming. rescuers trapped her yesterday. they got the wrap off her and she is free now. they nicknamed her the mama beaver. we are told mama beaver doing just fine now. >> stock futures mostly flat on this wednesday. >> trading is light ahead of more earnings reports and word from the fed. ashley morrison of joins us. >> good morning. bank of america, ibm and other major corporations are revealing their 2nd quarter earnings today. bank of america coming out with better-than-expected results already this morning. it's coming a day after a disappointing batch of results
5:42 am
pushed stocks into the red yesterday. the dow dropped 32 points while the nasdaq closed down nearly 9 points. invests are eager to hear what -- investors are eager to hear what ben bernanke has to say to lawmakers today. he could reveal whether federal reserve will ease its $85 billion a month stimulus program. last month markets plunged when ben bernanke mentioned scaling back those measures but then said it would only be done if the economy continues to improve. and at&t users can now upgrade to a new cell phone more often for a fee. the new plan gives customers a new phone every year if they pay an additional monthly charge instead of paying for the device up front. it is between 15 and $50 depending on the phone. for example, a galaxy s4 is $32 a month. that works out to $384 a year. so really depends what you like. if you like to upgrade a lot, maybe that's a good option.
5:43 am
>> brian cooley says if you don't do it every year you get a raw deal. >> reporter: yes. >> i guess google wants to change the way you watch tv. i'm not sure the cable companies will like this. >> reporter: i'm not sure, either. google, yes, they want to deliver you favorite tv shows right to your computer screen right along with all your search results. the tech giant is in talks with media companies to distribute shows via internet instead of by cable or satellite. intel and apple are both thought to be developing similar technology. so it could be kind of cool but people like myself, i like to be on the sofa with a big screen got my pjs on just chill out. >> get a big computer screen and you can watch whatever you want. >> i kind of just got this new tv, frank, and i paid a lot of money for it so -- [ laughter ] >> enjoy that, ashley. enjoy it. all right. thanks so much. checks are in the mail for many who bought skechers bootie firming shape-ups. the federal trade commission is
5:44 am
mailing more than a half million checks to consumers who bought the shoes. the company agreed to pay a $40 million settlement after it was accused of deceiving consumers with false promises saying the shoes would help people lose weight and strengthen muscles. >> lawrence was so hopeful. [ laughter ] [ pause ] >> sure. amazon is building a megashipping center in tracy and bringing hundreds of new jobs along with it. the city manager says there will be at least 1,000 workers. some people are looking at this as a big opportunity. >> we do need hr persons and accounting staff to support these jobs. >> right now it's very hard to find any type of work, period. >> amazon hopes to open on october 1 just in time for the holidays. >> what is lawrence hopeful for? >> the skechers and shaping up. >> that's right. >> his derriere. >> i could use all the help i
5:45 am
can get. now i'm disappointed they don't work. i have them on, though. [ laughter ] we have some changes coming up in the weather here. if you like the heat you will like it a lot as we head in toward the weekend. it will be nice though. we are going to keep things fairly cool at the coastline so you have a place to go if you don't like the heat. numbers in the 50s and 60s kind of a mild start to the day. by the afternoon, well, we are going to see those temperatures cranking up in in the valleys near 90 in some of the hottest spots inland. 70s inside the bay. and out at the coastline we'll still keep clouds and some 60s. high pressure though building in out of the desert southwest. that is going to send many of these temperatures soaring in the interior parts of california and in the bay area away from the coastline, as well. so more sunshine on the way. warming trend begins today probably a bit of a heat wave toward the weekend. all right. sfo we have some possible delays there with some low clouds and fog this morning. temperature of 70 degrees this afternoon. thunderstorms as you make your way in the heat. houston hot about 90. 90 in denver.
5:46 am
92 partly cloudy skies in chicago. 92 and partly cloudy also and hot in new york. around the bay today, you will see those temperatures soaring with some sunshine to 80 in san jose. 89 in morgan hill. and about 75 degrees in fremont. 60s at the coastline. upper 80s in many of the interior valleys for today so those temperatures really beginning to warm up and then i think it turns into 90s as we head in toward tomorrow. and even some upper 90s as we get toward saturday and sunday. flirting with some triple-digit heat. then cooling down with a few more clouds coming our way as we head in toward next monday and tuesday. all right. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thanks, lawrence. back out to walnut creek it is definitely our problem spot so far this morning. so two separate accidents in fact. both on southbound 680. one approaching 24. another one approaching north main. that's why it's really beginning to stack up. it looks like it's in the clearing stages, one of these accidents already off to the right-hand shoulder. another one they say to give it another few minutes and then they hope to have all lanes open. in the meantime, a tow was actually stuck in the backup.
5:47 am
they were calling for a couple of flatbeds. right now it's jammed to geary and the delays continue to grow as long as lanes are blocked. westbound 580 sluggish out of the altamont pass the usual stuff. there is still some overnight roadwork in lanes eastbound 580 so it is going against the commute. that is not causing much of a problem. bart systemwide on time. last check, we have 44 trains all running on time. bart, muni, caltrain and ace all on time. let's take you outside show you a couple of live traffic cameras. our cash lanes improved. we were seeing a good sized backup in those far left cash lanes earlier. it was backing up towards the end of the parking lot. that's no longer the case. so all lanes are pretty much free and clear and no metering lights yet heading into san francisco. and a quick look at the nimitz if you are in oakland, here's a live look near the oakland coliseum. these taillights that is southbound traffic heading past
5:48 am
oakland airport. but northbound is moving at the limit. 15 minutes or so in the northbound lanes between 238 and the macarthur maze. that is your latest "timesaver traffic." the battle over filibusters in the u.s. senate is on hold at least for now. democrats and republicans reached a truce yesterday. republicans agree to move forward with president obama's nominees to various administration roles in exchange majority leader harry reid agreeing not to change filibuster rules that have allowed republicans to block votes on those nominees. and the house is expected to vote today to delay parts of president obama's healthcare reform program. the republican majority wants to postpone two key mandates, one that requires americans to purchase insurance, and one that requires employers to offer insurance to full-time workers. some critics are concerned businesses will cut employee hours to avoid paying health insurance. >> this is undermining the fundamentals of a 40 hour workweek in the united states.
5:49 am
>> the white house has already announced a one-year delay on the employer mandate to give companies more time to "adjust." it sounds like a hollywood plot. a man wakes up in a hotel room no memory of who he is or where he came interest and he only speaks swedish. juliette goodrich tells us it's a true story. >> reporter: four months ago, police found this navy veteran unconscious in a motel 6 in palm springs. on him, a u.s. passport and his veterans id, identifying him as michael boatwright. but when he woke up in the emergency room, he had never heard that name. he said his name was johan x and he spoke only swedish according to in interview with the desert sun newspaper. he couldn't explain why he had five tennis raquets in his luggage or who the woman was in this photo found with him. his whole past a blank. a hospital social worker helped boatwright set up this facebook
5:50 am
page. she covered he had lived in sweden in the 1980s and ran a consulting company. he lived in china, too, teaching english. on the school website was this photo and boatwright's own essay revealing he was married to a japanese woman and had a 12-year-old son. so why was he is in southern california? he told cnn the clues suggest he is a tennis coach. he had arrived during tennis tournament season. his diagnosis, boatwright is in what is called a fugue state, brought on by trauma. >> stressful events, life changing events, family death or loved one's death, recent travel or major accident. >> could be a movie. that was juliette goodrich reporting. the newspaper says it tracked down his sister who lives in louisiana. she said she hadn't seen her brother in 10 years and the family had no idea where he was. wow. >> so strange, right?
5:51 am
5:50 now. coming up, when an ultrasound isn't enough. the realistic replica that's catching on with parents. >> talk about your odd couple. how a weiner dog and a lion became bffs. that's coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:52 am
5:53 am
around the bay area changes in the weather today. high pressure coming in. temperatures warming up, 80s and sunshine into san jose. >> everything flowing nicely on the bridges. golden gate no big delays at all at the bay bridge toll plaza. super quiet exceptionally quiet and the san mateo bridge bridge fine. thanks. 5:53 now. a deadly mix of heroin and
5:54 am
alcohol apparently killed "glee" star cory monteith. the 31-year-old actor was found dead in a vancouver hotel room on saturday morning. yesterday the coroner said he died from overdosing on drugs and alcohol. he had a history of addiction problems and had been in rehab earlier this year. in healthwatch, 40% of americans think marijuana should be legalized. that's according to a new survey by the partnership at a majority said pot should be legal for people 21 or older. 70% supported medical use of marijuana. those surveyed also supported strong laws to keep the drugs away from children. a company is offering a way to remember the pregnancy a big step beyond ultrasound photos. these mothers are seeing the faces of their babies. the faces are made in 3-d from the ultrasound scans. >> when we did it i was 8
5:55 am
months pregnant. he already had a human shape and babyface. i wondo how i would have felt if i -- i wonder how i would have felt if i saw him earlier in the pregnancy. >> you can do it after they come out, too. >> just saying. >> you get it before. >> you will find out eventually normally a weiner dog would be lunch for a lion but at an oklahoma zoo they are best friends. you have to see it to believe it. milo cleaning bone digger's teeth. are you kidding me? the lion was raised at the park manager's home where milo lives with a few friends. they all grew up together. sometimes you will see the mighty lion running away from the weiner dogs while they are playing. sounds like a disney show. >> it does. but yeah, they seem to love each other. >> look at that. friendly. until he gets hungry. coming up, the split second
5:56 am
decision that saved a woman's life. >> pg&e faces a record fine for the san bruno blast how it's easing the burden for its ratepayers. >> reporter: i'm cate caugiran live in san jose where a police investigation into stolen mail led them to a house where an officer was attacked by a pit bull. we'll have details coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald an officer shoots a pit bull in san jose. we'll have the very latest coming up. [ pause ] >> a family desperate to find a missing oakland toddler, the questions they hope the public can answer about daphne webb's father. >> the sun coming up, what looks to be a much warmer day outside. more on that coming up. >> all lanes just open because of this traffic alert
6:00 am
southbound 680. this is in walnut creek. we are still seeing some big delays. how far we're seeing gridlock? we'll let you know coming up. >> good morning it's wednesday, july 17. good to have you with us, i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:00. let's get right to lawrence and talk a little bit about this heat wave. >> yeah, guys. we are going to crank up the temperatures starting today. of course very gloomy around the bay area the last couple of days but now the sun, well, it's rising and looking good as we are going to see more sun on the way although we are starting out with some low clouds and fog extending well into the bay this morning. you might think it's going to be a similar day but a strong ridge of high pressure is building in overhead so temperatures are mild this morning. we have 50s and low 60s outside already. by the afternoon, it is going to be running much warmer than yesterday. in fact, yesterday we topped out in the 60s and 70s. today, moving well into the 80s. 90 degrees into livermore. i think we could get near triple digits as we head toward the weekend. we'll have more on that in a moment. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thanks, lawrence. we want to start off with a look at the bay


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