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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  July 18, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning to our viewers in the west. it is thursday july 18 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." a wildfire threatens thousands of homes in southern california. back east the most intense heat wave of the year. >> trayvon martin's parents join us in studio 57 to talk about the george zimmerman verdict. plus is your license plate being tracked? former lapd insider john miller on how the government is watching you. >> we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> firefighters are doing what they can to keep the fire burning away from structures. >> wildfires force thousands to
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flee in california. >> out of control flames near palm springs. >> pushing toward the town of idyllwild. >> i'm just keeping my fingers crossed that it's okay. >> the heat dome spreading. 20 states under heat warnings and advisories. all the way west of the dakotas. >> now what? >> it's so hot, the cue card's melted. >> "rolling stone" magazine ripped off of store shelves all thanks to this story. >> the cover featured alleged boston bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev. >> nelson mandela turns 95. >> he is making remarkable
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progress. >> president obama plans to tell americans that health care reforms are a success. >> delay or appeal parts of the bill. >> a busy highway shut down after a military drone crashed minutes after crashoff.liftoff. >> let's hire her as a nanny -- >> i think you're stupid. >> tried to rob a grocery store in wisconsin. >> i said you can have all the tootsie rolls you want but i am not opening that cash register. >> an air force captain pulls off a unique homecoming in japan. he snuck up on his wife and kids with a set of scuba gear. >> are you kidding me? >> the headquarters was renamed s in honor of bill clinton in honor of his dedication to the environment. or as al gore put it, are you [ bleep ] me?
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welcome to "cbs this morning." hot weather continues to be a big story. >> it does. good morning, charlie. >> as you wake up in the west heat and winds are turning a wildfire into a potential disaster. thousands of people in the popular resort area near palm spring have been told to get out. >> the fire about 100 miles east of los angeles threatens thousands of homes and other buildings. bill whitaker is in the small town of idyllwild, california. bill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, norah and charlie. some,000 some 6,000 residents and visitors are now under mandatory-called mountain fire has now burned almost 23,000 acres and is only 15% contained. the cause of the mountain fire is under investigation. it started as a small wildfire just southwest of palm springs on monday. but yesterday afternoon, it
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shifted from something manageable to a monster. >> this fire still raging. and they're talking about massive evacuations of the area. >> reporter: nearly 3,000 firefighters are working to stop the blaze. assisted by 25 aircraft. so far, the fire has destroyed a half dozen structures. shifting winds are pointing the flames towards the community of idyllwild. thousands of people had little time to pack up their belongings and leave. >> we're in a cabin that's been built in the '20s. so -- and it's on five acres. i'm just keeping my fingers crossed that it's okay. >> reporter: the tinder dry covering of the area hasn't burned in years. evacuated residents don't know when or if they will see their hope homes again. >> that's our house right there. we've kind of had to, you know, say our good-byes just in case we don't come back.
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>> some 4,000 houses and cabins are being threatened by this fire. the good news these triple digit temperatures are expected to start coming down by the weekend. charlie. norah. >> thanks, bill. the brutal heat in the eastern u.s. is expected to peak today. it is blamed for one death in kentucky. tens of millions are threatened. >> more than three quarters of country could see 90 degree temperatures today. meteorologist jeff berardelli is watching it all for us. how much longer do you think this heat is going to hang on for people? >> three sweltering days. three days may not sound like much but it's already been about five days. that's going to make it a total of an eight-day heat wave. a very prolonged heat wave. let's go to the computer and show you high temperatures. new york city soaring to 98. feels like temperatures around 105. that extends at least two-thirds if not three quarters of the way
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across the country. chicago topping out at 93. demine tops moines topping out at 96. the heat bubbles across the east right now. the jet stream trapping the cool air in canada is traveling to the south. it will arrive on saturday. cooler air moves in on sunday. actually temperatures only drop to around 85 degrees or so. along that cold front, as you would imagine, because of the contrast of air masses we will see the threat of severe weather. tomorrow, chicago, detroit, buffalo and burlington. as we extend into the day on saturday, that threat moves into the northeast, especially in places like new york and pittsburgh. so it looks like relief is on the way but severe weather is in the middle. >> for the first time since george zimmerman was found not guilty of murdering their son, trayvon martin's parents are speaking publicly this morning about the public. sybrina fulton and tracy martin are with us along with their
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attorney. everybody understands, most importantly, the loss of your son. and you have to answer these questions, i mean, you don't have to but it's part a process you're going through. what is it you most want us to understand before we talk about the particulars of this verdict? >> i want america to know that trayvon was a fun-loving child. he was our child. we -- we miss him dearly. just to have your child's life taken away from you like that it hurts. and it's a process that will take a long time to start the recovery from. >> how are you feeling, sybrina, after the verdict? >> i was in a bit of shock. i thought surely that he would be found guilty of second degree
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murder. manslaughter at the lead. but i just knew that they would see that this was a teenager just trying to get home. this was no burglar. this was somebody's son that was trying to get home. >> you were stunned by the verdict. >> i was stunned. i was absolutely -- i couldn't believe it. >> you believe this was racial profiling and this happened because of that? >> um we didn't know details about the case. we knew some of them. but some of these details came out in the courtroom. as far as previous 911 calls and i think it was, you know, obvious that it was a black person, a black young person that they were looking for, but trayvon simply was not that person. trayvon was not a burglar. he wasn't doing anything wrong.
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he went simply went to the store and was headed back home. and for somebody to look at him and perceive him to be a burglar, that is the problem that initiated everything. >> did you hear that juror who spoke out with anderson cooper? and what did you think when you heard her say that she believes that trayvon played a huge role in his own death? >> i don't think she knows trayvon. trayvon is not a confrontational person. so instead of placing the blame on the teenager we need to place the blame on the responsible adult. there were two people involved. we had an adult that was chasing a kid. and we had a kid who i feel was afraid. >> i understand you were not there for the verdict. you're speaking out now for the first time. do you believe you should -- do you plan to initiate a civil suit? >> we are looking at all the
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options right now. wear asking we're asking the department of justice to answer that question. can a person with a gun profile and follow our children home? the united states supreme court doesn't allow the police to profile based on race. >> what would you like if anything, for president obama to do? >> that's pretty tough. to say the least, at least investigate what happened. at leefrtast go through it with a fine-tooth comb and make sure all the ts were cross and all the is dotted. this is sending a terrible message. it's sending out a terrible message to young teenagers. trayvon was walking too slow. so should they be walking too fast? you know, so i don't think teenagers in whole know exactly
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what to do now. >> thank you develop forvery much for your time. >> the fallout is growing for "rolling stone," the magazine's new issue features a cover photo of the surviving suspect in the boston marathon attack. it's leading some stores to pull "rolling stone" magazine off the shelves. elaine quijano is in boston. charlie and norah. we're here near where the first deadly bomb went off just three months ago. many here in boston are wondering why "rolling stone" is putting on its cover the man authorities believe is responsible. with his wavy hair and deep-set brown eyes dzhokhar tsarnaev looks more like a celebrity than a criminal. an in depth look into the life of a seemingly normal boston teen. "rolling stone" says the story
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falls within the tradition of journalism. insisting on its heartfelt sympathy for the victims of the bombing. the magazine has a history of generating controversy with the images featured on its covers. >> i think the notion here is to frame a terrorist as an all-american boy. >> reporter: robert draper who wrote a book about "rolling stone" believes the magazine is doing the two things it does best, being provocative and driving profits. >> the magazine has always tried to find imagery that would stoke conversation and spur newsstand sales. >> reporter: the belief that "rolling stone" is more sales conscious than sensitive is angering locals. >> to put him on the cover is weak and shallow and they're just trying to sell magazines. >> reporter: cvs is already refusing to sell the cover.
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other stores have followed suit. the boston mayor called the story inconceived at best. >> the way you used to get on the cover of "rolling stone" is you got a band and you made some music. a kid went out there, rejected everything in this country and murdered and maimed. >> reporter: boston globe columnist kevin cullen believes the focus should be on the victims like lingzi lu. >> i would ask them what they think about brothers that came here, got every opportunity in this country and threw it back in penal's faceople's faces and killed americans. >> reporter: despite his outrage, cullen says as a journalist he's opposed to attempts at censorship. charlie, norah. >> elaine keyquijano, thank you.
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president obama speaks this morning from the white house. he's hoping to boost support for his signature health care law. his remarks after the republican-controlled house voted to delay key provisions. the 30th time the house has tried to cut funding for the law. bill plante is at the white house. bill good morning. >> reporter: good morning, norah. today's speech is all about selling a piece of the health care act that is already working. 8.5 million people are going to get rebates averaging $100 on their health care premiums last year because the law says insurance companies have to spend 80% of premium dollars on medical care or give the money back. also, an announcement that coverage when its insurance marketplace opens up is going to be up to 50% cheaper for some people. but his appearance today at a did i cut political time for the overall health of the health care law. the president will talk about the benefits the new law every few weeks but privately white
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house officials admit the next six months are going to be really bumpy. and they're hearing it even from their political allies. one senior official told us hey, we know our friends say we have problems, so we use the president to talk up the positive. norah, charlie. >> so, bill i want to ask you about what's going on at the white house. i know president obama is scheduled in september to fly to moscow to meet one on one with president putin being and edward snowden is still in that airport in moscow. is the white house now being deliberately vague about whether that meeting will take place in order to send a message to putin, just as edward snowden is trying to seek asylum? >> reporter: they're trying to send a message indeed. saying there's a possibility if you give asylum to snowden, the president won't go. they're not saying that they're just suggesting that. they want to make sure the russians get the message. he'll say putin in st. petersburg anyway.
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the question is will he meet with him separately in moscow. they're holding that out as a possibility that they would not do it because of snowden. >> bill plante thank you. top officials were in the hot seat yesterday over the nsa's surveillance program. lawmaker showed their frustration while pushing for answers. >> do you think a program of this magnitude gathering information involving a large number of people involved with telephone companies and so on could be indefinitely kept secret from the american people? >> well we tried. >> i understand. >> congressman james sensenbrenner says there's not enough votes to renew the phone record operation when it expires in two years. in london everyone's still waiting for the birth of the royal baby. even queen elizabeth is wondering why it's taking so long. mark phillips is part of the crowd outside st. mary's hospital. >> reporter: good morning,
7:17 am
norah. good morning charlie. ah, yes, the queen. times of great national stress the british can turn to the queen to provide leadership and inspiration. only she can sometimes put into words the sense of national frustration, of waiting for the next royal heir of the nation on hold. or not. with the reluctant to arrive great grandchild still being reluctant, the great-grandmother queen was out doing what queens do today lending her presence to the beginning of an international cricket game between two of the countries of which the royal fetus is destined to be like her, head of state. england and australia. unless the australians do what they've long threatened to do and dump the monarchy in the 50 or 60 years before kate and william's child is likely to come to the throne. anyway, the queen, like a lot of other people seems to be getting a little impatient. in an exchange with some school
7:18 am
kids, she was asked whether she wanted the baby to be a boy or a girl. she didn't care she said as long as it came quickly. queens need a break too. >> i don't think i mind. i would very much like it to arrive. i'm going on holiday. >> reporter: the british royals may not have the power they once comes to disrupting vacation plans, even their own. a lot of holidays are on hold around the world. >> i think we're all just kind of -- like what the queen said yesterday, really waiting, you know, maybe hurry a little bit. >> we are looking forward to seeing her and -- i can be patient because it's happy news. >> reporter: happy news but where. this hospital is the one that is the primary place that the palace says the birth is scheduled to take place. we learned, in fact, kate is staying at her parents, which is in a village west of london.
7:19 am
it's about 50 miles away. even with the police escort can be a long way when push comes to shove. >> very fine reporting, mark. it is time to show you some of this morning's headlines from around the globe. "the wall street journal" says at least 28 children have died in india after eating a poisoned school lunch. others are skill in the hospital. they're expected to recover. the head of the school has disappeared. doctors suspect the cooking oil was tainted with insecticide. the captain of the costa concordia is looking for a plea deal. he faces charges of manslaughter and abandoning ship in last year's deisasterdisaster. lawyers for the captain are planning to request a 3 1/2 year plea deal. "the new york times" looks at possible early signs of dementia. a study shows that people who feel memory or thinking skill ys slipping are likely to have an al himser's related starting out with some low
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clouds and fog around the bay area, of course more clouds out toward the coastline. it's going to stay cool there while the rest of the bay area is going to start to bake. you can find some cool weather at the coastline. plenty of low clouds even inside the bay and some of the valleys this morning. but by the afternoon, sunshine and these temperatures starting to get on the hot side inland in the upper 80s some low 90s there. 70s a few 80s around the bay and 60s approaching the coast. next couple of days, we crank it up near triple digits into saturday. cooling off next week. >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by devry university. learn more an
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the government may be monitoring more than phone calls and e-mails and reports say agencies are taking millions of pictures of license plates. they show us why. plus, the bill no one expected at some of the nation's biggest restaurant chance. terrell brown is in new york's times square. >> reporter: norah and charlie, tipping isn't a choice for some people dining out. it is mandatory and now some dining spots are being sued for millions. the news is back on "cbs this morning." stay tuned for your local news. >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsoring by party city. choose from over 100 choices.
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there are no suspects in the murder of an eight- year- old girl in oaklan >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald hi, everyone. good morning. i'm frank mallicoat. 7:26 your time. get you caught up with some bay area headlines now. there are no suspects in the murder of an-year-old girl in oakland. the girl was at a sleepover when a gunman opened fire on an apartment building late last night. 7-year-old girl her 4-year-old brother and their grandmother were also wounded in the shooting. there is now a $25,000 reward to catch the killer. janet napolitano is expected to be named the next university of california president this afternoon. the uc regents are meeting in san francisco to vote on her nomination. traffic and weather coming up right after the break. so stay right there.
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7:28 am
an unusual amount of delays right now in woodside. we're talking about 280. there's two separate crashes in both directions. the first one is reported southbound 280 by farm hill boulevard. but a new crash reported going northbound so both directions of the freeway are jammed up. also the cummings skyway on- ramp is blocked. there was an overturned truck approaching eastbound 80 main lines of the freeway though not impacted. that is traffic. for your forecast, here's lawrence. >> starting out with clouds this morning in many spots. it is going to break up around the bay area. we are going to see mostly sunny skies except out at the beaches. cloudy there and as temperatures cool. but it's going to start to heat up in many spots inland. looking toward mount diablo, covered by clouds. this afternoon 80s and 90s inland. 60s at the coastline. hotter in the triple digits this weekend.
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7:30 am
all right. i'm going to send it to him on facebook. >> look at this. >> are you freaking kidding me? >> mrs. johnson, your husband is here reporting for duty. >> daddy. >> that is stephanie bronson. she was actually taping a video message for her husband, who is captain bronson serving in afghanistan. he snuck up behind her in scuba gear. surprised her home three weeks early. he's serving in okinawa, japan. look at the kids so happy. mom hugging her husband who's been in afghanistan for six
7:31 am
months. >> i love her remark. are you freaking kidding me? >> and he said reporting for duty. i just love it. one of the best things if you read the story about this. she was saying i love you and i miss you and i want your body. and then he shows up behind her. >> yes. what a sweet, sweet surprise. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in half hour he believes they're trying to censure him. plus critics call it double dipping. tips added to your restaurant bill. we'll show you which big eateries are now being taken to court. that's ahead. millions are being photographed by special cameras. that i can be kept for decades. our senior correspondent john
7:32 am
miller served in top positions at the new york and los angeles police departments. john, good morning. >> good morning from washington charlie. >> i was going to ask where you were. imt's good to know you're from washington. how does this work and what does it do for law enforcement? >> this is a great tool and something we started using in the lapd in the early 2000s. what it is is cameras fixed to the fronts and backs of police cars. it records the license plate and run s runs runs against data. is it wanted for a crime, suspended, so on so on. so basically what it has is a thousand eyes a great memory and it's color blind. when it says a car is suspicious, it's based on data. >> does it stop crime? >> it does.
7:33 am
what it does is rekonks stolen cars almost faster than any other system. you know, right here in washington where they use it they have a big stolen car and carjacking problem in prince george's county. they've been recovering more stolen cars since they started using the license plate readers and now they're getting them when they're freshly stolen as olmosed to finding them by the side of the road stripped. >> about what privacy concerns where the american government is saying they're taking pictures of my license plate, storing the data and this is an invasion of people's privacy. >> i say so what. you hang it on your car and you drive it around in public. what is your reasonable expectation as you drive around in public? anybody can see your license plate. the police chief is saying i don't know where this privacy
7:34 am
issue comes from. i thing the biggest push is on data and how long they can keep it and could they use it to piece together someone's life. i have to tell you we used it to piece together lifes and habits of criminals. when we had a rash of burglaries in bel air, we had cameras on the main route in and main route out. did the same car come only on the day of the burjly and leave right after? it gave us the leads that actually led us to the burglar. it's a powerful tool but it's going to need some standards. >> the police got a court order last year. they say you can track someone's location just with these cameras.
7:35 am
do you think it becomes a bigger issue? >> i think it becomes one of those things where it's a new system and they're just starting to realize in the business of policing what the pow over this tool is. that's usually a great time to attach policy and standards so you have those phen. lines before you end up in court. on the other hand there's a big difference between sticking a gps device on somebody's call and you're not following it and they're tracking it and spots it in public where you don't really have an expectation that nobody's looking at you. >> john miller, thank you. now to a controversy over a weekly parentally column. it is written by john rosemond. now some want it pulls from their papers. >> is the father of two and the
7:36 am
grandfather of seven. he's been offering parenting advice through his column and books for decades. but it was a q and a that got him in hot water. he started writing advice columns almost 40 years ago. he got a question about a 17-year-old failing two classes and borderline in the rest. told the parents they should start by stripping his room down to bare essentials, taking away all electronic devices and suspending all of his privileges. >> there were responses more psychological or clinical than this one. >> reporter: a child psychologist thought it was unethical. he complained to the kentucky licensing board. three months later the board sent rosemond a cease and desist
7:37 am
letter. they said his column was tantamount to providing a psychological service and they also ordered him to stop identifying himself as a psychologist because he wasn't a sigh kol licensed in kentucky. even markham said the board intervened to protect kentucky consumers. >> grandmother giving advice to her daughter-in-law is practicing psychology without a lie sense. >> reporter: he said if the board gets its way, other states could follow. not only for him but people like dr. phil. >> i've got some things to tell you about dr. phil dr. law rah, and all dr. drew. all of whom offer advice over
7:38 am
national programming. >> that's fascinating that this has turned into the first amendment. we're perfectly happy. he can say anything he wants to as long as it's clear he's not a psychologist in kentucky. >> rosemond believes he's being targeted because of his sometimes unorthodox views. he's sueing the state of kentucky for violating his rights. the head of the lexington herald leader will continue publishing the column. the reersd like it and it's freedom of speech. >> so for now while rosamond's lawsuit makes its way through federal court, kentucky residents will be able to read its column. they insist they have no problem
7:39 am
with his column only his stating he's a psychologist. >> vinita nair, thank you. eating out could have more added on the bill. some restaurant chains are putting tips on the bill. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." victory is seeing him find balance, watching a little girl become a little lady, and finding the courage to let her go. but what about the little victories? a smile... a confident glow... or a "thanks, mom." these are the victories we're famous for. famous brands, famously easy... famous footwear. victory is yours. man: okay, if you've just joined us, we have got a safe driver headed toward the freeway. he is doing 44 in a 45 now looks like he is headed into a tunnel. the headlights are coming on it's dark in there that's good. in the nation, safe just got a little
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going to your favorite restaurant might be getting more expensive not because of rising food prices but because gratuities are being added to your bills at some restaurants. terrell brown has more on the common practice. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. there are dozens of restaurants in times square. you won't have any problem finding a place to eat but the issue for some diners comes when the check arrives and the tip is already included. tourists dining in new york's times square often look to experience something new but are also faced with the very
7:44 am
familiar. applebee's, olive garden and red lobster are also here. they're now being named in a class action lawsuit. >> reporter: evan spencer is the lawyer who brought the complaint. he argues gra tuts should never be included. >> if you want to raise the prices, raise the price. they'll have an automatic gratuity included the price and then a line for an optional tip but a tip and a groo tuty are exactly the same thing. >> reporter: tipping while customary is not mandatory in new york city and according to the department of consumer ainferiors restaurants can only include automatic gratuity charges for parties of eight or more, but when we sent two cbs interns into this times square olive garden they returned with
7:45 am
a bill for 18%. over to applebee's over 17% is added to the check though a small sign on the door say use can tip what you want. applebee's says it would be premature to respond but dardenne restaurants who owns them says it's a convenience for our guest and a common practice for guests throughout management. they always have the opportunity to deduct it before they can. >> they're getting every possible dollar out of each consumer and to say it's optional when it's already included the tip is insulting. >> reporter: it isn't just happening in tourist destinations. it's happening in businesses all over the city and in the end it could affect over 2,000 businesses. >> thank you so much. with us now c b sbs news travel
7:46 am
editor peter greenberg. >> i've added 18% to this. tipping is about two words, choice and reward. this is being taken away right now. >> so this has been common practice, i think, in practice for many place if you have a party of six or eight or more. but we're finding out they're doing it when two people go to lunch. is it illegal? >> it's not illegal but it gets in the area of double dipping. this started with hotel rooms where you're paying a premium and then you got a service charge and when you got a receipt, yo there's ooh a line for a tip. >> is this going to be happening in other cities?
7:47 am
>> it's happening in other cities but just not the chance. it's happening around the country. >> what about the chains that say, look we have a lot of tourists, they may not know what the tipping policy is? >> it makes it easier fehr the restaurants, not for us. >> if the res straurchlt charged 20% more and said no tipping if people felt b starting out with some low clouds and fog around the bay area, of course more clouds out toward the coastline. it's going to stay cool there while the rest of the bay area is going to start to bake. you can find some cool weather at the coastline. plenty of low clouds even inside the bay and some of the valleys this morning. but by the afternoon, sunshine and these temperatures starting to get on the hot side inland in the upper 80s some low 90s there. 70s a few 80s around the bay and 60s approaching the coast. next couple of days, we crank it up near triple digits into saturday. cooling off next week.
7:48 am
normally when we talk about military drones the story's happening in another country but a drone fell out of the sky in northwest florida. we'll look at what went wrong ahead on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by huggies mommy'. get the best answers in one place at introducing huggies mommy answers. the best advice in one place. from the brand new moms trust.
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there are no suspects at this point... in th >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald it's 7:56. i'm michelle griego. there are no suspects at this point in the murder of an 8- year-old girl in oakland. she was at a sleepover when a gunman opened fire on an apartment building late last night. a 7-year-old girl, a 4-year-old boy and a grandmother were wounded. there is a $25,000 reward in the case. business at the port of oakland is expected to return to normal today after a 24-hour shutdown caused major backups. the work stoppage began after the death of a worker on tuesday. it appears she died from a nonwork-related health problem but the union says it's standard to stop work to investigate the situation and honor the fallen worker. stay with us, traffic and weather in just a moment.
7:57 am
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good morning. we have two traffic alerts out there right now. if you are about to head to work, avoid 280. 101 is actually a better option in the area near woodside. southbound 280 approaching farm hill boulevard we have an accident there blocking lanes. and you can see it's even slow in the northbound direction. there was some debris as the car went into the center divide. again, traffic alert there and on the cummings skyway on-ramp to eastbound 80 overturned truck. they are hoping to reopen lanes by 8:15. that is traffic. here's lawrence. >> low clouds and fog stretching over the bay right now. you got some clearing into concord, into fairfield right now so we are going to see more sunshine toward the afternoon. the clouds are going to march back toward the coast. still, enough cloud cover early on to keep things very cool toward the coastline. but in the valleys, 80s even some low 90s even hotter the next few days.
7:59 am
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>> i thought surely that he would be found guilty. what would you like if anything for president to do. >> i'm wondering why rolling stone is putting him on a cover. >> it comes at a difficult political time for the overall health of the healthcare laws. >> even though laws authors are realizing the world is unworkable. sometimes the back of the police car. it records the license plate and then runs it automatically against data. >> serving in afghanistan. he snuck up behind her in scuba
8:02 am
gear. surprised her home three weeks early. >> are you kidding me? >> she was saying i love you and i miss you and i want your body. >> today's eye opener at 8:00 is earl presented by choice hotels. >> gail king is off today. nearly 3,000 firefighters are facing a hot windy day in southern california. >> mandatory evacuations are in effect in the mountains outside palm springs. 4,000 homes and cabins are threatened. bill whitaker is in idyll wilde california. >> good morning. this so-called mountain fire burned 7 structures in this resort community and it's threatening thousands more. >> firefighters are doing what they can to keep the fire burning away from structures. it came out of nowhere seemingly on monday and within 24 hours it turned into this monster that
8:03 am
has now burned almost 23,000 acres and has forced the evacuation of some 6,000 people. still only 15% contained. it's being fed by high winds, high heat and bone dry vegetation. some of what is feeding this fire hasn't burned in decades. now, if there is some good news in all of this. it is that those high temperatures are going to start to come down by this weekend. charlie, nora? >> bill thanks. >> for the first time since the acquittal of george zimmerman trayvon martin's parents are speaking publicly this morning. sabrina fulton and tracy martin hey told us how they want people to remember their son and how they >> i wan feel about the verdict. >> i want america to know that trayvon was a fun loving child.g he was our child.
8:04 am
we miss him dearly. just to have your child's life taken away from you like that itrts. hurts. and it's a process that will take a long time to start the recov recovery from. >> and how are you feeling sybrina after the verdict. >> oh, i was in a bit of shock. i i thought surely that he would lty be found guilty of second-degreee murder manslaughter at the he least. but i just knew that they would see that this was a teenager a just trying to get home. this was no burglar. this was somebody -- somebody's son trying to get home. home >> you were stunned by the verdict. >> i was stunned. absolutely.lutely. i couldn't believe it. it >> sybrina fulton also said the juror that believed trayvon martin was partly responsible and
8:05 am
for his own death didn't know as her son. o >> a taliban leader has written a letter to the pakistan girl that sur arrived after being shot in the head. one of the group's most feared leaders doesn't apologize for the group's attempt to kill her yous last october.t he said it wasn't because of her activism for girl's education she but because she criticized the taliban. malala celebrated her 15th a birthday by giving a speech at the united nations. >> a military drone crashed yesterday and caused an explosion and sent black smoke into the sky. luckily no one was injured but highway 98 near the base is still closed this morning. that's because the drone is th programmed to blow itself up. it is the second drone incident this month involving the base. blow >> former south african president nelson mandela turns 95 today. a mandela is still hospitalized but officials say he is getting much better.
8:06 am
he is outside the hospital in petoria south africa where la is mandela is being treated. good morning. >> reporter: a busy celebration outside this hospital and we saw nelson mandela's former wife arrive with a giant birthday a cake.y but this year's birthday a y a little sadder than previous ones because it also marks the fact that nelson mandela spent 41 days in this hospital.hospit a presidential guard of honor for nelson mandela outside his ou hospital. a fitting tribute for south africa's revered former leader during a birthday visit by south african president jacob zuma. south africans turned out in their numbers at his petoria hospital hoping for good news about mandela's help. his daughter has been surprisingly upbeat saying he was watching television and she wa hopes he returns to his home in the johannesburg suburbs soon.
8:07 am
>> we were all anxious and worried and prepared for the worse but he continues to amaze ut us every day. >> but mandela's grandson offered a strong word of caution in an exclusive interview with cvs news. >> the fact that he is in bed watching tv doesn't mean he's not critical anymore.more. he's still critical. t it hasn't really changed. he's a lot more alert now and a lot more aware of his surroundings. >> nelson mandela's grandson who surrou you just heard speaking there ndela' was attending a mandela day event called by the united e nations for people around the nation globe to mark nelson mandela's 67 years of public service with 67 minutes of charity work. charlie and nora. >> deborah, thank you. charlie a city in the eastern u.s. desperately needs cash so it's turning to the wild west. yesterday it auctioned off a gun
8:08 am
gun owned by wyatt urp for $45,000. it will take more than that to pay the bills. >> harrisburg was once considered the gateway to the ateway to west. now more than 8,000 of their wild west artifacts are hitting the auction block as they begin c to dig out of bankruptcy. >> we heard rumors of this collection. everyone in the world of mor antiques and historic objects had heard that some massive unknown collection in harrisburg. >> he is the president of the auction house which is managing the sale with items ranging from this gun to native american pottery. >> annie oakley original leather suitcase made expressly for her xpress by a then young company. how cool is that? >> they were purchased by the how co
8:09 am
former mayor steven r. reid. he spent $8.3 million of public funds on the collection with the the intention of opening a museum to increase tourism revenue but the museum never opened. >> he acquired thousands and thousands of objects from the smallest little pistols to major sized stagecoaches and taxidermy buffalo. it was as if everything was way. thrown in. >> they are a small fraction of orter: harrisburg's financial trouble.rom the right across the street from the w saddles and wagon wheels is the city's trash incinerator rebuilt he for $125 million it has broken down repeatedly and is the biggest drain on the town's budget. harrisburg's total debt is $350 million. >> we were just in a financial collapse when i took office. >> linda thompson became mayor
8:10 am
in 2009. >> finally the governor got follo involved and introduced legislation that gave us a lot of relief and took out the politics. >> william lynch is the state appointed receiver tasked with getting the city out of the red. >> it has a looming potential >> t disaster that weighs people down. the normal ways of doing business have been removed from the city. we have to raise the optimism level in the city. we have to have people focus on the future rather than the past. >> bidding at 100. >> but the city will focus on the past, at least for the next few days. for cbs this morning, washington. >> we should point out there's charges and some of the pieces in the auction are not authentic. there were items acquired that were not artifacts. they're for decorative purposes
8:11 am
and keeping with the time period and focus and in some cases for sale the pu to the public in the gift store but $350 million for one city. >> incredible. >> deep debt. . some say we have some say we have way too much sun right now and heat but a new study warns we're still not getting enough vitamin d. take a look at some of the health risks ahead. that's next on cbs this morning. "cbs this morning."
8:12 am
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we have important n we have important news this morning about vitamin c. a new study finds that can have long-term consequences your health. good morning. what does the study show? >> it looked at older people between the ages of 65 and 88 and they found out that people deficient in vitamin d were more likely to have trouble doing daily basic tasks like walking up the stairs and getting dressed. >> one of the reason we're finding people vitamin d deficient is we're looking for them now. it's become in fashion but that's really what has happened as we started to understand the risk of deficiency but one of the reasons we're so vitamin d deficient is many of us are avoiding the sun and lowering
8:17 am
sunscreen. great news for skin cancer prevention but not good news for our vitamin d levels. >> one of the questions is how is this related to other health issues? >> well, in addition to cognitive impairment we have known that vitamin d can cause week bones. vitamin d helps our bones to utilize and absorb calcium. without it they become weak but the vitamins are also linked with other issues. you're more likely to die from heart disease or have multiple sclerosis and difficulty sleeping. severe vitamin d deficiency can cause that. >> i know my levels were border line they said but i'm fair skinned so i wear sunscreen all the time. how much time do you have to spend in the sun to get vitamin d up? >> well 90% of the vitamin d we need, we can get from the sun just ten minutes a day. you don't have to layout in tan. it can be incorrect sun exposure walking to your car
8:18 am
from work. if you get it period on your hands, your face your arms that's enough to help our bodies to generate the vitamins. but we can also get it from foods. egg yolks and dishes. >> all right. see, less time at work. more time in the sun. >> there you go thank you, phillips. and this may be ground baking news and that's news. we're going to show you ahead on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: cbs "healthwatch" sponsored by lyrica.
8:19 am
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8:22 am
there you go. you can do this in your pool. they pass it around until someone dunks it. >> good times in the summer. and a large group of americans are being cheated out of their money at an alarming rate but there are ways to stop it. we'll have more. that's ahead on "cbs this morning."
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald hi, everyone. good morning. 8:25. i'm frank mallicoat with your kpix 5 news headlines on this thursday morning. oakland police are looking for suspects in the murder of an 8- year-old girl. she was at a sleepover last night at an apartment on wilson avenue when someone opened fire. a 7-year-old girl, her 4-year- old brother and their grandmother were all hurt during the shooting. the verdicts in the richmond high school gang-rape case are expected later today. marcelles peter and jose montano were tried in the same courtroom before different juries. the two men along with others allegedly assaulted a girl for two hours during a school dance in 2009. suspects could face life in
8:26 am
jail if they are convicted. and janet napolitano is expected to be named the next university of california president this afternoon. the uc regents are meeting here in san francisco to vote on her nomination today. traffic and weather coming up right after the break.
8:27 am
good morning. all lanes are finally open. that traffic alert canceled in woodside. unfortunately, we're still
8:28 am
seeing really big delays along southbound 280 so the accident was approaching farm hill boulevard. we have speeds under 25 miles per hour. it looks like as far back as highway 92. so consider using 101 or other routes until traffic cleared occupy. the traffic alert is extended for another hour on the cummings skyway because of an overturned truck. bay bridge no delays getting into san francisco. that's traffic. here's lawrence. >> i think it will be brighter this afternoon. we'll see sunshine in many spots today. right now let's get you out there and indeed we have had some patchy fog this morning. but beginning to break up inland, as well. and well, we're in for a warm to hot day in many spots. the fog will hug the coastline. 60s at the beaches. 80s and low 90s inland. hotter saturday. cooling down more clouds coming our way next week. (sir can-a-lot) good day, ma' lady.
8:29 am
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welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up this half hour, this year's prime time emmy nominees are being announced the morning. we oar going to go to california for the big moment. shows not seen on tv could make history today. and this some pioneering television programs could disappear together. we'll show you the race to save priceless moments featuring everyone from lucille ball to walter cronkite. that's ahead. but right now it's time to show you this morning's headlines from around the globe. that club does not accept women as members. the head of golf's governing policy. it says excluding women from
8:31 am
clubs is not sexist. he says it's a part of life that some people rather like. >> "the new york times" says michael bloomberg is expanding a case against obesity. he's asking people to take the stairs. and the "washington post" says gold on earth may have come from rare collisions of neutron stars in outer space. last month a powerful telescope spotted evidence of one explosion nearly 4 billion light years away. canadian astronaut craig hatfield found fame by performing david bowie's "space odyssey." it is the first music video to be made in orbit and it's being taken with a series of photographs he took from space that and you just get the camera and you almost feel like you're just -- on behalf of so many people you're trying to capture
8:32 am
something so fleeting and quick and rare to see and that's what's filling your head is the rapidly unrolling beauty and texture and color and rareness of it and you're trying your absolute best to do it with the skills you have to share it with everyone around the world. >> he's now working on a book about his space adventures. >> all right. you have to keep busy. >> a very creative guy. >> very creative. the scams happen through phone call, junk mail and businesses that seem legitimate. consumer reports investigates the growing problem in its latest issue. mandy walker is the magazine's senior editor and joins us this morning. you say more seniors have been targeted with these scams. how so? >> that's true. that's because the seniors
8:33 am
during the financial meltdown were particularly vulnerable. when their savings dropped, they were really hit hard. they're in foreclosure or be under water, so they really are a ripe group. >> so how do reverse mortgages fit into this? >> reverse mortgages, you have a mortgage you're cash strapped. so you approach the bank. instead of paying the bank each month, they pay you. it's a fixed amount per life and when the equity's being drained the loan is repaired with interest. >> i understand. you see a lot of celebrities promoting these reverse mortgages on tv. >> they tend to say use them as a last resort. they're expensive and complex. scammers will suggest you take out a reverse mortgage and either get you to sign the property over to them in some sneaky way or as settlement
8:34 am
drain it. >> there's self-directed ira aas. >> a self-directed i.r.a. holds things like real estate or special metals. they won't investigate the investment for you. you're responsible for doing that. so scammers try to pressure you to buy an investment that's not right for you or could be a ponzi scam. >> it sounds like people are preying on seniors. >> they really are. we wish the law enforcement would get more on the problems about there. >> what is this 876 scam? >> it's aimed where thes originateorangetheoriginate. to claim the winnings they have to wire a processing fee or taxes and they convince you to
8:35 am
do it and there are over 30,000 complaints. >> if you are a senior and you think you're getting scammed. what recourse do you have? what can be helpful? >> the first thing you do is call the attorney general's office and find out who the right people are. you want to make sure you check it out thundershowerly and not give them any information. >> the ftc, better business bureau. mandy walker. thank you. and the you. many movie stars could also be in the running. see if your favorite
8:36 am
8:37 am
nominations. >> chairman and ceo of the academy of arts and sciences. welcome to the 65th prime time
8:38 am
emmy awards nominations announcement. today's the start of our favorite time of the year. emmy season. with this morning's announcement we begin our primary role of nominating creative excellence. this past television season clearly reflektds the extraordinary creative vision within our television industry. the quality of our story-telling has never been better and more people are watching more television than ever before. television has evolved and is now experienced on mobile devices, on tablets, and on flat screens in the home. and television is on broadcast, on cable, and on demand over the internet. this is truly an exciting time for us to be honoring the best of television. now to get emmy season started it's my pleasure to introduce one of the stars of amc's hit series "breaking bad," two-time
8:39 am
emmy award winner aaron paul and host of this year's prime time emmy awards neil patrick harris. aaron, neil thank you so much for being here. the stage is now yours. >> thank you, bruce it this is exciting. >> it's very exciting to be on a show and special thanks for kate maura for getting me out of the house before my children wake up screaming and crying. i actually appreciate that. >> let's begin. our first category is lead act never a drama series and the nominees are hugh bonneville "downton abbey." bryan cranston breaking bad. >> jeff daniels, "the newsroom." >> jon hamm "mad man." >> 2k5i8 damien lewis,
8:40 am
"homeland,". >> and kevin spacey "house of cards." >> the nominees for a leading actress in a drama series are connie britton nashville, claire danes homeland, michelle dockery dockery, "downton abbey," elisabeth moss mad men, kerry washington scandal, and robin wright louishouse of cards. lead actress for a series cumberbatch, parade's end, matt damon, behind the candelabra michael douglas, behind the candelabra, toby jones, the girl and al peacino, inspector. jessica lange, american horror story asylum. laura lynny, the big "c,"
8:41 am
hereafter. elizabeth moss top of the lake and sigourney we'ver, political animals. >> the nominees for outstanding host for reality or reality programs are tom bergeron "dancing with the stars." anthony bourdain the taste. katecat dealey so you thing you can dance. heidi clue and tim dunne, project runway. ryan seacrest "american idol" and betty white and "betty whiek's: off their rockers." the people lead act never a comedy series are alec baldwin, "30 rock." jason bateman, "arrested development." lucci ck louis. don cheadle house of blinds.
8:42 am
the episode and jim parsons, big bang thee. >> the nominee for a lead actress in a comedy series are laura dern ebb lightled. lena dunham girls. edy femaleco news jackie. tina fey 30 rock julia luis dry us the, veep and amy poehler parks & recreations. competition programs amazing race. shocker. "dancing with the stars." project runway. so you think you can dance. top chef, and "the voice." the nominees for a variety series are "the "colbert report," kts snoot the dlap show with john sturts.
8:43 am
>> jim and saturday night live. >> for outstanding meevgs american horror story asylum behind the candelabra the bible, phil specter, political animals, and top of the lake. >> the nominations in the comedy series category are "30 rocking" "the big bang theory," "girls," louie," "modern family," and "veep." >> let's bring bruce back to help announce the final category. v-dog? >> the nominations in the drama series category are "breaking bad," ""downton abbey,"" "game of thrones," "homeland," "house
8:44 am
of cards" and "mad men." aaron, i'm proud to announce you've been nominated and neil congratulations. you've been nominated for producer/host of the 66th annual grammys. >> thank you. on september 22nd tune in to cbs for the live telecast for the 65th prime time emmys and find out
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
a racist says history is under way. it's happening in rurj virginia. that's where old. they're waiting for digital conversion. the goal as jan crawford shows us is to guarantee iconic
8:50 am
american moments live on. >> reporter: you may think you've seen the original opening of "i love lucy," but odds are you haven't. caricature s caricatures provided advertising for phillip morris. >> i grew up seeing lucille ball getting in trouble and ricky getting my memories. >> it's being stored in culpepper culpepper, virginia. three million pieces of moving images. there's johnny carson. >> right now -- >> and cbs's ed sullivan and walter cronkite. rob stone is cure rater of the collection. >> reporter: why is it importantpthat we have that preserved? >> well, i mean --
8:51 am
>> i mean it's just a tv show. >> so that our heritage doesn't just disappear when we disappear. it remains. >> from dallas texas -- >> the day when walter cronkite could. hardly finish his sentence in 1963 when president kennedy was shot. you remember those moments. >> president kennedy died at 1:00 p.m. central standard took 2:00've standard time some 38 minutes ago. >> reporter: but preserving 58-year-old video has its challenges. how many reels would you say you have here? those tapes are often damaged and must be restored and then they only play on machines from the same era. the tapes often arrive from studios in cases that disguise
8:52 am
the jewels inside like this 1975 blues documentary from mississippi public television. preservationist had no idea he'd be playing bb king. that's the goal here. to unearth and preserve history. for "cbs this morning," jan crawford culpeper virginia. >> they can't do it fast enough. this is our heritage and culture. >> fabulous. if it's digital, hopefully congress can put it up so you can search stuff online. >> that's interesting. >> great story, jan. >> that does it for us. up next your local news. we'll see you tomorrow here on "cbs this morning."
8:53 am
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald headlines... there are no suspects at this point... in the murder of an eight-ye hi, everyone. good morning. 8:55. i'm frank mallicoat. we have your kpix 5 headlines on this thursday morning. there are no suspects in the murder of an 8-year-old girl in oakland. this photo of the girl just into the newsroom. she was asleep when a gunman opened fire in an apartment building last night. a 7-year-old girl, 4-year-old boy and their grandmother were all wounded. there is a $25,000 reward in the case. business at the port of oakland is expected to return to normal today. the work stopped yesterday after the death of an employee there. it appears she died from a nonwork-related health problem but the union says it's standard to stop work to investigate and honor the fallen worker. the man who stripped naked and harassed people at a bart
8:56 am
station last month will be in court today. the 24-year-old man is facing criminal charges for this stunt. bart police say he grabbed several passengers and kicked an employee at the 16th street bart station in san francisco. here's lawrence with your forecast. hot, i guess, right? >> yes, who the in spots today, frank, inland. temperatures into the upper 80s, maybe even some low 90s. so here we go. that ridge building in out of the desert southwest looking good toward mount diablo right now. but plenty of clouds still inside the bay and toward the coastline. even a few of the valleys. but by the afternoon becoming mostly sunny, 80s low 90s inland, 70s and 80s inside the bay 60s at the coast. next couple of days near 100 degrees as we get into saturday. cooling off though next week. we're going to check out your "timesaver traffic" coming up next.
8:57 am
8:58 am
good morning. a mess in oakland. northbound 880 looks like this, from san leandro all the way up towards downtown oakland. the only thing i found on our chp reports is a crash involving a big rig, a truck, northbound 880 by the 980 interchange. southbound traffic moves okay near oakland airport. let's go to our maps. a couple of things along the peninsula right now, as well. northbound 101 at san antonio road, accident there blocking two lanes. [ birds chirping ] [ reel clicking
8:59 am
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