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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  July 18, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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transportation, environmental, housing, but some of opponents say their concerns have been ignored. one of the central themes of plan bay area is to encourage more housing near transit centers such as this development near the west oakland bart station. planners say housing is critical because the bay area is expected to boom over the next 30 years with the population growing 30% to over 9 million people by the year 2040. the number of jobs is also projected to grow more than 30% to about 4.5 million. >> what we're trying to do is to have a long-term look so that we can make choices today that make some sense. >> reporter: randy with the metropolitan transportation commission says the plan is more complex than previous efforts because of new laws. >> state law has changed asking us to incorporate issues that are more controversial than just, where the next freeway is going to be, if that's not controversial enough, but to deal with things such as climate change and emission
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reductions and where housing should be located. >> reporter: protestors have greeted planners at a series of public hearings held all around the bay area. many concerned about targets for new housing including affordable housing and the numbers are substantial. santa clara county tops the list with over 59,000 units needed in the next eight years. alameda county needs 44,000 units. and san francisco nearly 29,000. the plan calls for 188,000 housing units around the entire bay area. >> so even if you're in a city that's been built out like saratoga or corte madera, you still have an obligation to plan for a development in your area. >> reporter: one person said it was racist. >> we expect larger number of asians and hispanics in the community and they have shown a preference for living in multi- family homes and less likely to own vehicles. i took major exception to that.
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>> reporter: tonight both the boards of the metropolitan transportation commission and the bay area governments are meeting to vote on the plan and emphasize that it doesn't set anything in stone for the next 30 years. plan can be revised every four years based on real conditions depending on the economy. >> mark, for the cities that don't want to follow these recommendations, what's the penalty for them? >> reporter: no real criminal penalty but a lot of money on the line. they are looking at focusing some of the housing in the planned development areas where they are hoping a development takes place for cities that don't follow through with that no money for you. also there's some state laws that they need to look at and people could take them to court if they don't fulfill all their obligations under the plan. >> thank you. new at 6:00, california is closing the gap on the national jobless rate. the state's unemployment rate fell to 8.5% last month down a tenth of a percent from may. california added more than 30,000 jobs in june more than any other state. the national unemployment rate
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is 7.6%. looking to buy a home in the bay area? take a deep breath. prices have jumped in all nine counties and the upward pace set a new record. ken bastida joins us where home prices have jumped the most in alameda county. >> reporter: jumped is an understatement. 33% is what the median price of a home has gone up in the nine bay area counties june to june just in the last year. alameda county up a whopping 44% jump over one year. some people were under water. now they're way above. in fact, refinancing and happy about it. here's a good example. this house, $280,000 a year ago, is in escrow right now at $400,000. multiple offers. and there's really no end in sight. mary leon is checking out a house in oakland. she has the cash but is concerned about the competition.
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>> i thought i was a very good buyer with a lot of money down. but these days, people are just coming in with cash only. >> reporter: now a new real estate report may only fuel her worries. last month, the median price paid for a home in the nine- county bay area jumped to $555,000. that is up 33% in a year. the fastest pace on record. >> it has been a hot market. >> reporter: real estate broker andrew has been in the business for 15 years. >> we have a huge influx of various people who want to live here. >> reporter: as to why the record jump in prices? experts point to fewer bank- owned properties, an improving economy and lower mortgage rates. add to that a very low inventory of available homes. however, a change is under way. >> there has been more inventory on the market over the last couple of months. >> reporter: interest rates are creeping up pricing some folks out of the market. that means less competition and fewer bids per home.
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>> i have seen more homes staying on the market longer over the last four to five weeks, and i've also seen more price reductions from sellers. >> reporter: that could be the silver lining for folks like leon. >> more is coming on the market and making me a little more hopeful about my chances of actually getting something. >> reporter: real estate experts say this is going to settle down eventually. if you are a buyer, that is good news. you probably will not see the giant multiple offers, $100,000- plus offers that are coming in for some of these homes in cash and things like that. that's going to settle down as more homes come on the market. they do say, though, that as far as the bay area is concerned, cash is still king. so save it up. in san lorenzo, ken bastida, kpix 5. >> we posted bay area home
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prices county by county on our website, the uc system officially has its first woman president. homeland security secretary janet napolitano. but kpix 5's len ramirez shows us critics were so confrontational today, police had to tackle one of them. >> students of color and students of colors are going to be safe in the university? >> reporter: tensions had been high as students voiced their opposition of janet napolitano as the new president of the university of california but those feelings spilled over into a physical confrontation when two students rushed the regents' table. [ screaming ] >> reporter: uc police officers blocked one student and tackled another before shutting down the meeting. [ screaming ] >> reporter: officers also arrested four other students who refused to disperse the meeting which was at that point declared an unlawful assembly. all of this happened outside the presence of napolitano who was let into the meeting after order was restored and her official confirmation by a voice vote of the regents.
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>> she has no business here. >> reporter: outside the meeting students said why they are opposed to napolitano, the former governor of arizona and the chief of the federal homeland security department. >> she deported so many innocent immigrants, torn families apart and young dreamers and undocumented youth who had dreams to go to college but they have been deported because of our system. >> reporter: but that didn't stop her supporters. >> she understands the application of this law better than anyone and she, i think, will demonstrate that understanding and that experience in a very positive light. >> reporter: napolitano didn't mention the room-clearing disturbance during her remarks but did say she supports the "dream act" and comprehensive immigration reform. >> in fact, last summer, i proactively put in motion an administrative version of the "dream act." and today, more than 400,000
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young people have been granted deferred action with corresponding work authorization. and i did it because as i said in my directives it was the right thing to do. >> reporter: she becomes the first female president of the university of california system. as for the six students who were arrested they were cited for criminal trespass and released. in san francisco, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> the protestor was shouting "undocumented is not a crime." janet napolitano will finish her homeland security duties through the summer and will go to work in california in september. two men were found guilty in the gang-rape of a girl four years ago outside a homecoming dance at richmond/san rafael. kpix 5's da lin reports. >> reporter: liz, the guilty
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verdicts were not a surprise not even for the defense attorneys. it was a packed courtroom inside this building here. even the richmond police officers who responded to the crime scene in 2009 showed up today to listen to the verdicts. one juror tells me that there was simply a lot of evidence against the two defendants. >> we, the jury, in the above entitled case find the defendant marcelles james peter guilty of forcible rape while acting in concert. >> reporter: marcelles peter showed no emotion as the clerk read the verdicts. guilty on all three counts, gang-rape, sexual penetration in concert, and forced oral copulation in concert. his attorney grabbed his shoulder tightly as each guilty verdict was read. peter's co-defendant jose montano also guilty of the same charges. >> find the defendant jose carlos montano guilty of -- >> reporter: montano also showed no emotion as the court read his guilty verdicts. his mother and relatives were crying in the courtroom. peter, 20 years old, and montano, 22 years old, face 33 years to life in prison. >> i'm disappointed. i'm not shocked.
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>> reporter: the defendants' families declined to talk. a defense attorney says montano's family is heartbroken. >> there's going through a major devastation. >> reporter: one juror who doesn't want to show his face says despite the mountain of evidence against the defendants, things got heated at times. >> i know it's important to see the defendants held accountable. >> they said she was tortured for two hours. >> reporter: one juror says things got heated at times tried trying to reach the verdicts. >> people were moving at different speeds. the people that were moving slower, needed more time. some felt like they were being pushed so there was a lot of emotion in there. >> reporter: the victim and her family did not appear in court
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today. sentencing is set for august 15. again, two defendants facing a minimum of 33 years maximum life in prison. liz? >> da, is anyone else going on trial for this crime? >> reporter: yes. two more defendants. they are facing lesser sexual assault charges. >> thank you, da lin. she was such a sweet girl. such a loving girl. >> how much a sleepover turned deadly for an 8-year-old bay area girl, coming up. >> people are driving by and they see something like this, it's definitely a distraction. >> how pranksters are trying to trick bay area drivers into thinking drones are now a law enforcement tool. >> there are a lot of bay area drivers trying to get into the city right now. this is the oakland touchdown of the bay bridge and we have nothing but blue sky. there is some low cloud cover poised to move in but i have updated your weekend forecast. one day looking warmer than the other, details next. >> in terms of challenges in television this is probably about as hard as you can get.
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crashing his vehicle into a during a police ch we're following breaking news in the east bay. a man is under arrest and in the hospital after crashing his vehicle here into this house during a police chase in hercules. police say that an officer saw the driver run a red light this afternoon, tried to pull him over. the driver obviously kept going and reached speeds up to 85 miles per hour. the officer says the vehicle started to fishtail after turning and crashed into a house. police say the driver is a suspect in a crime committed in pinole earlier today and we have just learned officials have red-tagged that home saying it is too damaged to live in. a vigil for an 8-year-old girl killed during a sleepover in oakland is set to start in
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about 15 minutes. kpix 5's john ramos tells us a gunman opened fire on the wilson avenue home killing the girl hours before an appointment with a modeling agency. >> reporter: nothing about this shooting was random. this morning, someone came to this apartment building on wilson street in oakland, walked up to this unit, rang the bell, and then fired at least seven shots through the door. >> i thought my sister was coming home but there was somebody else at the door i don't know. i don't know the person. and then all i heard was shots. >> reporter: he was not hit but his 7-year-old niece and 4-year- old nephew and their grandmother were all injured. and family friend 8-year-old alaysha carradine, who was there on a sleepover, was killed. alaysha's stepfather lives nearby heard the gunshots and got a phone call. >> they said you need to come. you need to come now. from that moment. , i knew it was bad. >> reporter: alaysha was sleeping over while her mother was out of town and the girl
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was supposed to meet with a modeling agency later in the day. >> she was such a sweet girl. such a loving girl. >> reporter: sharon smith says alaysha was like a granddaughter but because of what happened she will keep her grandkids away from this neighborhood. >> they won't be coming over here no more. they won't. [ crying ] >> i can't let them come here. it's just not safe. i don't know what's going on. it's just not. [ crying ] >> reporter: oakland police and the saying much about why this apartment was clearly targeted and as yet no one is in custody. neighbors say this street has changed for the worse in the past few years. this person stopped to say a prayer and says most people here are good. >> but there's an element that just doesn't care about life and they don't honor their own lives so they don't honor anybody else's lives. that's what i think. >> reporter: and the growing memorial of stuffed animals is a reminder that just because violence isn't random doesn't mean it isn't senseless. in oakland, john ramos, kpix 5. >> the other children and the grandmother injured in the shooting are in stable
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condition. they are expected to recover. a vigil to remember alaysha is planned for 6:30 tonight on wilson avenue in the diamond district. there's been a lot of debate about the use of drones in the united states whether it's military, law enforcement, napa valley farmers or even your neighbors. but that discussion has now turned lethal in the bay area. at least if you believe the signs. >> as people are driving by and they see something like this, it's definitely a distraction. >> the first officer who saw this on highway 37 was out patrolling his beat did a double-take, flipped around, turned around and confirmed it was what he saw. >> reporter: what the officer saw was illegal. >> 21-465 california vehicle code. >> reporter: it was also a first class job. >> professional materials, a black and white reflective sign just like the signs that we use on the side of the road for speed limits and everything else. >> one of the signs that we
6:18 pm
found on highway 37 was mounted using tamper resistant bolts. the other two signs were strapped using metal strapping on poles on the side of the freeway. >> reporter: this is not the first time traffic control has turned lethal. we have seen zombies plunder san francisco and highway barrels roar to life but for some people, drones just hit a little closer to home. >> does the fbi own or currently use drones and in so for what purpose? >> yes, and for surveillance. >> reporter: but as for the california highway patrol -- >> chp, we definitely do not have drones. we use radar, lidar, pace, we have planes, helicopters. but we do not have drops. >> reporter: just to be extra clear -- >> along with not having drones, we definitely do not have any drones that would fire any type of weaponry. >> so no hellfire missiles but you can still get hit with a ticket. just in the past hour, we learned that more of those signs are popping up around the bay area. the highway patrol's investigating. actually checking with the sign
6:19 pm
makers to see if they filled that rather unique and expensive order. >> no kidding. those were the real deal. no! >> looked like it. >> they looked legit. you're not getting those at walmart. >> a lot of time and effort went into those signs. >> exactly. >> we'll take this weather. >> it's perfect outside. this is what you would expect about every spot including this. it's not sunny everywhere. at the golden gate usually the first spot to let us know that, yes, the marine layer is making its evening return and it has returned. we're only seeing a piece of that beautiful american landmark. bay bridge, man, it's going to take time to get in the city now. in oakland today, 17 for a high, very -- 71 for a high, very comfortable. redwood city 76. san rafael 83. concord 88. livermore 93. but half moon bay, right on the beach, on the coast 63 degrees. let's contrast what we have going on around here, perfectly normal weather. with all the mess going on back east, hot in the northeast and very wet in the south, miami had 4" of rainfall today, that's twice the amount of rain
6:20 pm
that livermore has had in the entire year. miami had it this morning. new york felt like 102 and trenton, new jersey, state capital, 107 degrees. so why are we normal? it's because we have high pressure in control. and it's also where high pressure is located. this h, the center of high pressure, was up here, we would have an offshore wind and everybody would be hot even san francisco could be at 90 this time of year. not the case. high pressure is to our south and east. we're warm, not hot. low pressure will come in, in a couple of days on sunday. highs tomorrow exactly normal for san francisco. 66. concord 3 degrees above average at 90. and san jose 84 degrees. flow extremes around here. you may get an extreme sunburn. fremont 78. fairfield tomorrow 94. santa rosa beautiful, sunny, 84 degrees. we will stay warmer than average through saturday. then we'll drop a few degrees on sunday. and by the middle of next week, we may be one or two degrees below average. >> what? >> we may have to put
6:21 pm
outbreaking news. >> outrage! >> what?! >> this is very pleasant weather and exactly what to expect for mid-july. >> thank you. still ahead, how this year's america's cup competition features a whole new level of sophistication never seen before in the world of sailing. >> it's extremely frustrating. we didn't do it maliciously. >> why some bay area homeowners who were just trying to protect public safety could face big fines even if they do a good job. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a marin county superior cou at the oyster farm drakes bay oyster company is being allowed to stay open for now. a marin county superior court judge ruled that the oyster farm can continue to operate until a federal lawsuit is resolved. but the judge says drakes bay must clean up its operation including removing manila clams from the tomales bay and
6:24 pm
cleaning up plastic debris. drakes bay is fighting to stay open after the federal government decided not to extend its lease at the point reyes national seashore. muni stands for the america's cup race have been empty. will more people watch on tv? kpix 5 reporter don ford takes a look behind the scene of the enormous television production crew. reporter: they are the most sophisticated most advanced fastest boats ever to compete in the america's cup. it's no surprise then that the most technologically advanced television gear in the history of sailing will be used to cover the raise too. >> carry on. >> reporter: dennis harvey is executive producer. he has covered sailing at three olympic games, five previous america's cups and many other worldwide events. >> i've kind of got hooked on this. it's a bit like a drug the america's cup. you keep coming back to it. >> reporter: he is in charge of three helicopters, two chase
6:25 pm
boats, and 17 hd cameras. even boat will have 7 custom- made cameras complete with their own tiny wipers. >> all of our incoming sources are wireless so in terms of technical challenges in television this is probably about as hard as you can get. >> reporter: but it's the impressive graphics that has everyone talking. stan honey is one of the world's leading television graphics designers. he and his team won a national emmy when they found out how to super impose computer generated graphics on moving boats traveling on a moving surface from a moving helicopter camera. now he says even nonsailors can understand what's happening. ask when you take the racecourse and you put boundaries around it and you put those 100-meter lines, it looks so much like a football field of play that even a non- sailor can figure out who is furthest down the field, who is ahead. >> reporter: the telemetry is so accurate, the boats' exact positions are measured in millimeters. your next chance to see these award winning graphics will be this coming sunday when they
6:26 pm
finally have a two-boat race again. at the america's cup, don ford, kpix 5. >> makes it understandable. the races are being broadcast on six continents around the world and being streamed live on the internet. the san francisco zoo is celebrating a new arrival. a female gorilla was born yesterday. zoo staff say she is doing well and appears healthy. she weighed in at 5 pounds 1 ounce. it's the first baby for mama nanika and second for a silverback dad. the last gorilla born at the san francisco zoo was back in 2008. >> forget about the royal baby. we are on gorilla baby watch. they did the city's dirty work but then got fined for it. >> we were trying to do the right thing. >> why some bay area homeowners face hefty fines for going out on a limb trying to protect the public. >> we're concerned about everybody's homes, everybody's property and everybody's safety. >> thousands of homes evacuated
6:27 pm
and right now a popular resort destination is threatened. why it could be a while before this wildfire is under control. >> and what is considered the most serious plan of action ever to combat a bay area city's bike theft epidemic. who sees that she's due for a mammogram. mary has one that day. that's when she finds out she has a tumor. she has a successful surgery and because her health provider has an amazing connected system, she has her life. i don't know what you have but i have kaiser permanente. kaiser permanente. thrive.
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frustrating. it's also expensive. bay area it was extremely frustrating. we didn't do it maliciously. >> now at 6:30, not just frustrating. it's also expensive. bay area homeowners facing hefty fines for doing the city's dirty work. thousands of homeowners in san francisco are finding they are in the tree trimming business forced to take care of the city's trees. on the consumerwatch, sue kwon found out being edward scissor hands is leaving homeowners facing some hefty fines. >> reporter: you know, that's thousands of trees on city property are now becoming the responsibility of the nearest homeowner. if you trim a tree incorrectly, you're breaking the law. the tree had a full canopy. >> reporter: ann admits she won't win any prizes for tree trimming. she and her husband started worries when the tree in front of their house start sprouting. >> we weren't trying to make it ugly. >> reporter: but they worry the branches could break off and blow away in a storm. >> we knew that if the tree fell down and hit somebody, we as a property owner would be responsible if they were hurt in any way.
6:31 pm
>> reporter: a serious concern because the property is just steps away from a busy muni stop. back in april the husband cut away leaves and limbs turning the decades-old carob tree from this --to this. >> we were trying to do the right thing. >> reporter: but the trim was the wrong thing, at least as far as san francisco was concerned. two weeks after the couple cut the tree the city received a complaint and the couple got a ticket for excessive pruning. the fine? more than $1,700! >> it was extremely frustrating. we didn't do it maliciously. we wanted to preserve safety. >> this is an extreme case. we don't go after people for aesthetic pruning reasons. it's somebody that jeopardizes the street tree in san francisco. >> reporter: the public works department says homeowners are required to maintain the trees according to specific guidelines posted on the city's website. one thing it warns against is topping, or cutting off large branches to stubs or removing more than half of the tree's crown or the leafy part.
6:32 pm
>> the best thing that people can do is to hire professional tree trimmers. >> the city contends the couple removed 95% of the tree's canopy leaving the tree vulnerable to disease, sunburn and even death. she feels like they are in the middle of a growing dispute. >> i see where it's thin. but even since we trim ited, it's already blossoming. >> reporter: after consumerwatch got involved, dpw decided to reduce that fine for the couple. and, you know, the city is in the process of transferring about 20,000 more trees over to private ownership. they have 100,000 trees around the city. so find the licensed knowledgeable tree trimmer. it's a lot less expensive than that $1,700 fine. >> could be money well spent. plus, the money goes to the city. how do they spend it? >> reporter: they spend it to, uhm, actually put money into a
6:33 pm
fund to plant more trees. and, you know, in just the time that they started transferring the first 4,000 trees to private ownership, they have saved $600,000. so that is a big cost saving and you know, this is the street i live on. about $250 to $800 per tree every two to three years depending on the size so less expensive than a fine. >> you better budget that in, though, right? >> reporter: true. >> thank you, sue kwon. developing news right now. a quick moving wildfire and thick, black smoke are taking over homes and businesses in southern california. flames have scorched nearly 23,000 acres in the mountains west of palm springs. now, despite air and ground attacks, it's only 15% contained since monday. some 6,000 people had to be evacuated. now, when winds shifted yesterday, causing the fire to
6:34 pm
head towards tourist communities, idylwild and fern valley, melanie woodrow reports on how some refuse to evacuate. melanie? >> reporter: liz, you can see that dark thick smoke overhead. a little while ago we really saw the winds pick up and that's a major concern for firefighters. other big issues out here include the extreme heat and drought that this area has experienced over the last several months. it's for those reasons residents tell me they were not surprised this fire has been so difficult to control. [ knock knock ] >> reporter: deputies knocked on every door in idylwild marking vacant homes with yellow tape. fire crews raced to contain the wildfire between the popular resort community and palm springs. >> it has flopped over into the other side and the desert side and it's within two miles of palm springs. >> reporter: most of the 6,000 residents and tourists ordered to leave have already fled. >> fewer than 5% refused the evacuation order. >> reporter: that includes are
6:35 pm
on the and diane, who packed their car but weren't ready to leave. >> we're aware of the danger and like i say, once the fire crests over the ridge, then we'll go. >> reporter: flames have burned more than 35 square miles in the san jacinto mountains destroying homes and threatening thousands more. this solid line represents the fire's 15% containment. firefighters aren't the only ones sharing information with residents. over here on this other side of the board, some residents have listed their phone numbers. they are offering others a place to stay and they are even offering to shelter animals like horses. nearly 3,000 firefighters are scrambling to build firelines as two dozen planes and helicopters drop water and fire retardant but officials are worried about shifting winds and temperatures above 100 degrees. and it's not just people that had to leave this area. on monday a nearby animal sanctuary was evacuated. an employee said they moved more than 100 cats and dogs to
6:36 pm
safety but that they brought them back the next day. if the winds continue to shift direction, they will have to move those animals again. liz? >> that area, melanie, no stranger to wildfires. we have also heard a bunch of camps were evacuated. >> reporter: yes. there were several camps that were going on in this area and as you said they were evacuated. there was one religious camp that included a couple of hundred campers and counselors that were here from states all over the u.s. i ran into one camp counselor who was here from texas on her way to this area. he told me he was fielding a lot of concerned phone calls from parents but that every camper had been accounted for and is safe. those campers are now on the way back home. >> all right, melanie. thank you. you think iphones get stolen a lot? they do. but police in one bay area city say bike thefts are three times worse. tonight their most serious plan of action ever to combat that epidemic. ♪[ music ] >> and why a bay area transit agency is going "bollywood."
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just last year. kpix 5's mike sugerman on how cyclis want the city to stop the hemorrhaging. a new epidemic is it hadding san francisco, bicycle thefts. $4.6 million in losses just last year. kpix 5's mike sugerman on how cyclists want the city to stop the hemorrhaging. >> reporter: eric marr has had three bikes stolen. >> my first was a middle school student first day of class.
6:40 pm
>> reporter: it's a common story. >> i had three bikes stolen. >> reporter: she grew up to be the head of the city's bike coalition. eric was a member of the board of supervisors and while i probably knew they just found out officially they are not alone. >> the bike thefts are up 70%. and i think that's over the past five years. >> reporter: last year more than 4,000 bikes were stolen. you hear a bunch about iphone theft epidemic but bicycle thefts? three times higher! >> the san francisco bicycle coalition has been trying for many years to encourage the city to pay more attention. and actually do something about the bike theft problem. >> reporter: what can the city do? >> 75,000 people use bicycles to -- for trips each day but there's only 3,000 bike racks in the city. >> reporter: he would like to see more bike racks. >> one thing we're encouraging the city to follow up is creating a voluntary bike registration system. there's no place. we want to be able to register
6:41 pm
your serial number and a photo. if your bike is stolen there's actually a viable way to prove it's yours. >> some people, mike, wanted a dedicated unit of the police to work on this. and one of the deputy chiefs, john, was talking about creating that unit. but also just more standard operating procedures. >> reporter: the increase in stolen bikes does mirror the increase in bike ridership and the momentum for the city to do something gathering speed like a downhill racer. mike sugerman, kpix 5. >> to make matters worse, a citi bike sharing program is going to start later this summer and that could be lucrative for thieves but nobody knows for sure, of course. well, what do you get when you mix transportation with "slumdog millionaire"? why a bay area transit agency is going "bollywood." >> maybe you're dancing and enjoying all the beautiful sunshine but here comes the
6:42 pm
cloud cover just about to envelope the bay bridge spilling over the city as we speak. find out who will wake up cloudy, who will wake up sunny and what about that weekend? your forecast is next. i'm dennis o'donnell. old guys out there, you still have hope on the golf course. >> the old man is like 5-under after nine. how is he doing that? >> not everyone was happy talking about their age. >> trust me, it was the young guys struggling today. the sportscast for the ages -- or aged, coming up. ,, [ birds chirping ] [ reel clicking ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] seize your vacation with southwest's nationwide sale.
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buses. that's the new gimmi being used by the santa cla valley transportation autho to get more people on the b. kpix 5's ryan takeo shows uw company is caterin "bollywood" and buses the new gimmick used by the santa clara valley transportation authority to get mere people on the bus. ryan takeo shows us how the company is catering to a younger crowd. reporter: if this ear worm has you hooked join the club. >> energetic visual. ♪[ music ] >> by using a catchy tune to help breakthrough the clutter that you see. >> reporter: this 30-second spot is the valley
6:46 pm
transportation authority's new trick to attract younger riders "bollywood" style. why "bollywood" or even dancing? what about busting a move makes you want to ride a bus or light rail? >> it isn't the connection as such but it was a fun thing to do. >> reporter: she drove the bus in the commercial and taught her dance group the moves before filming the shoot. ♪[ music ] >> 3, 4 -- >> reporter: they are the vehicles that move the vta's message. >> i think transit agencies across the nation right now are looking to really attract people to the system. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: it's these rider reactions, if they are any indication the company's outside the box thinking is working -- kind of. >> i thought it was fun, hilarious. >> reporter: you got into it? >> i got into it. >> i thought it was funny actually. you know? it was a bit corny, though. >> the vta drivers and bus conductors we used in the shoot as well so a couple of them are
6:47 pm
indian and doing the whole turban and moves. i can see it was funny but i don't think that was the idea. it was just a fun thing to do. >> reporter: the idea came down to breaking through with a tune hard to forget. >> just kind of catches in your mind and you kind of sing it throughout the day. >> reporter: you want to sing it? >> vta ♪ ♪[ music ] >> reporter: in san jose, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> well, the vta ♪ also plans hip-hop and other themed commercials. the company says this "bollywood" promo was not geared to attract only indian- americans. >> now we'll be humming it all night. >> vta! >> i'll be talking to people about the forecast and all they will be thinking about is the vta in the back of their minds. >> you could go with a little "bollywood" theme. >> not happening. no dancing in this shot here. let's take a look at what we
6:48 pm
have going on. we have blue sky. that's our dublin cam pointed toward mount diablo. earlier it was pointed toward a fire. this is video of the fire near livermore, was, past tense. about five acres just to show how dry we have been over the past several months. taking a look at what's going on around the country we have the wettest start to a year ever in four states in the upper midwest. but for us, we are the have nots. this is the driest start to a year. first half of the year the data has all been crunched and california officially has had its driest first half of the year ever in our history. we go back about 119 years of data. let's go back to what we have going on this weekend. sunshine, hot, the california state fair is going on if you want to go over to sacramento, 100 degrees. toasty especially saturday. and your microclimate forecast taking you to santa cruz maybe you want to go to the beach. it will be 30 degrees cooler, morning fog tomorrow and saturday. afternoon sunshine though with highs very comfortable in the low 70s. if you are going to the beach boardwalk, it should be
6:49 pm
beautiful weather tomorrow, saturday and i'll throw in sunday, as well. the reason why we're warm but not too terribly hot is because of the location of high pressure that's been sending the moisture into the upper midwest, where it's been very wet. but for us it's been deflecting that onshore flow and giving us less of that the past couple of days allowing us to warm up and get sunshine earlier continuing tomorrow and saturday. then by sunday, high pressure is kind of sliding away. kind of like a vta thing. we have a strong onshore flow dropping down temperatures and giving us more fog and cloud cover on the bay. saturday will be the warmest day. then we drop down a little bit temperature-wise but all in all we'll be close to normal every day of the next 7. highs within five degrees of average. livermore tomorrow 93. san jose 84. oakland 73. sunnyvale your high tomorrow 81. milpitas 82. union city morning clouds afternoon sunshine 77. danville 92 for you tomorrow.
6:50 pm
antioch 92. vallejo 80 especially close to the water. petaluma 83. mill valley comfortable 78 a little bit of morning clouds for you. san leandro 71. hot spots include lakeport clearlake and ukaih, each of those fine communities up near 100 degrees. so we're warm through saturday, cooler on sunday. by next week the upper 80s inland. low 70s near the bay with morning clouds, afternoon sunshine. beautiful mid-july weather with very few weather extremes. that is your forecast. we have sports and the british open coming up next.
6:51 pm
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6:53 pm
mark o'meara has won two majors...both came in 1998.d at 56, his major days are over..or, are . you want drama? you got drama at the open. >> you know tom watson nearly won it a couple of years ago at the age of 59. that story is evolving again. mark o'meara won two majors both in 1998 and at 56, his major days are over. or are they? british open, muirfield, where it opened with benjamin harrison in the oval office, allen, what year? >> that would be back before i was born. >> phil mickelson -- [ laughter ] >> 1891! >> 1891! exactly. that golfer hit a camera and $80,000 lens was broken. >> oh!! >> and that is charles swartz, he shot a 4-over 75 and he
6:54 pm
needs a new golf club. zach johnson lost in a play-off last week at the john deere classic four days later in the lead at the british open. he shot a 66! he tore it up. phil mickelson in the mix after a round 1. lefty shot a 69 leaving him three shots behind johnson. the most surprising name on the leaderboard, that man! mark o'meara hit 78% of his fairways leading to putts like this for eagle on 17. yes! he is at 4-under, one shot off the lead. tiger hasn't played since the u.s. open. he is in contention with four birdies on the back nine. [ applause and cheers ] >> woods finishes at 2-under after an opening round 69. 54-year-old tom lehman also in the mix at 3-under, one stroke behind o'meara who had a little extra pep in his step after a quick exchange with tiger who happens to be his neighbor back in florida.
6:55 pm
>> when i was on the tee on 10, you know, tiger was walking across to go to the putting green. and i hadn't seen him, i really haven't seen him since the masters to be honest with you. and haven't spent anytime with him but he kind of gave me a wink and i got up and i piped my drive on 10. so when i can pipe my drive on 10 in front of him, that's a good feeling, you know, because he is probably thinking oh, god the old man is live 5- under after 9, how the hell is he doing that? he is going to hit a squirrely one here. i piped it. i was pleased with that. >> the anchor picks so far: >> who is in the lead right now? >> that would be dennis. >> poor elizabeth, rory mcilroy -- >> i'm holding out hope. >> you better at 8-over par. you need a wing and a prayer. 8-over. and mcilroy said he is brain- dead. >> oh. >> south brooklyn, yeah.
6:56 pm
>> the nets introduced their new marquee acquisitions, kevin garnett, paul pierce and jason terry. they all command big salaries but there's question how much the trio has left in the tank. >> both of you guys are a little up there in age. how do you envision -- >> how old are you,er? >> i'm 35. i have a long life to live. what are you taking about? >> there's 50-year-olds and 60- year-olds -- >> they are not playing basketball. >> i have heard of losing your shirt in vegas but never your shorts. nuggets forward jordan hamilton has hits shorts fall down as he hits the ground. good thing he was wearing what you would call those, longjohns? another exclusive shot there. there's an old saying that the clothes don't make the man which is probably a good thing for colin kaepernick who has made some interesting fashion choices this off season. >> buy a hat like this i get you get a free bowl of soup. >> this hat didn't go over well
6:57 pm
with his teammates. it's a miami dolphins hat he was caught wearing. here he is in a warrior play- off game. okay? no wardrobe and he posed nude for espn's body issue and last night at the espies. i did a blog on cbs calling him the west coast version of broadway joe. now how flamboyant joe namath was in new york city. but he is, huh? >> making a name for himself. >> so incharacteristic for a 49er character. you think of montana and young. >> is this a sportscast or -- >> this is a fashion show. >> i like it. fashion police. >> where's joan rivers in all this? >> i defer to elizabeth on this. >> you know, i applaud his courage. >> it matched the car. >> we have a live audience. do you like kaepernick's getup? >> yeah! >> all right. captions by: caption colorado
6:58 pm
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>> we were both arrested for child endangerment. >> announcer: they didn't see where they went wrong. >> judge judy: the police came and took your children. there were drug paraphernalia as well as a variety of animals in your house. >> announcer: but it's an eye-opener for grandma. >> judge judy: you ever seen the conditions that your grandchildren were living in? would you like to see them? >> i don't know. [ chuckles ] >> judge judy: well, i think you should. >> announcer: "judge judy." >> judge judy: i wouldn't give you back your children for a really long time. >> announcer: you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. the people are real. the cases are real. the people are real. the cases are real. the rulings are final. captions paid for by cbs television distribution kirk and crystal harris are suing their landlord, ed rush, and neighbor jill smith for an illegal eviction, and for dumping their belongings. >> byrd: order! all rise! your honor, this is case number


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