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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  July 18, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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bay area is teaching hollywood a lesson. next.
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. this is kpix 5 news. uninvited guests take over a multimillion dollar bay area home for a year. tonight the swat team was just called in. kiet doe is in walnut creek tonight. kiet. >> reporter: no one knows what they were doing herement but they had guns, drugsings possibly hooker, making this a six bed five bath 7500 square foot squattered paradise. now the house had only been vacant a short time. and we're hearing that the damage isn't that bad inside. a small crew is in there right now making repairs. a squat team arrived to arrest the squatters. investigators say the squatters were living there. neighbors say there was
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possible prostitution going on. this began after the previous tenants moved out. neighbors noticed suspicious people moving in. saw them carrying guns into the house. the owner showed up to confront the squatters but found that the locks had been changed. officers arrived and they produced a fake lease. >> due to the complex laws in california regarding landlord tenant issues it wasn't immediately clear to the first officers on scene that the individuals that were squatting here were in fact squatting. it appeared that they had a valid lease and they said that they had been scammed. >> a gentleman, one of the neighbors said something and saw pictures and said that's the house in my neighborhood and made a notice to the law enforcement officers. >> reporter: that's what caught the attention of police. neighbors saw photos online of illegal activity going on at the house. a total of five people were on
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the warrant for trespassing and burglary. >> i'm a little confused kiet on, i guess they're going to sort out this whole thing with leases and all of that. but where is the owner in all this? >> as best as we can tell the owner is an investment company. there's a gentleman out here putting up no trespassing signs. once they get the property for sale they'll put it on the market. last year it was appraised at 1.6 million. he's guessing it will be somewhere under $3 million. >> kiet in walnut creek tonight. last night a gunman walked up to an open apartment and started firing. don't know who he was or why he did it but he killed an eight- year-old girl. kpix 5 juliette goodrich tells us she was at a sleep over in that diamond district
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apartment. >> reporter: she was about to start third grade. she wanted to be a model. her nickname, lady bug. her uncle was there as bullets went flying into the apartment. >> i thought my sister was coming home. but it was somebody else i didn't know. and then all i heard was shots. >> reporter: he wasn't shot but his seven-year-old niece four- year-old nephew and grandmother were. they're expected to survive. elasha was killed instantly. >> she was such a sweet girl. >> reporter: tonight sharon smith that lives in the complex says she won't have her own grandchildren over any more. it's simply not safe. >> i can't let them come here. it's just not safe. i don't know what's going on. >> reporter: tonight a vigil for elasha the street of oakland went from sad to mad. trayvon martin supporters showing up to the vigil by the
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bullet ridden apartment. >> my heart bleeds. my son was only 22 but this baby. this is a baby. >> reporter: random shooting, hardly. someone actually walked through this gate, down a pathway, right up to the front door and fired a barrage of bullets right through the security screen. the shooter reportedly range the doorbell. police remutual removed it for fingerprints. police hunt for a killer and an emotional police chief says enough is enough. >> eight-year-old girls getting shot in an apartment that's unacceptable. >> reporter: what does it mean when you say emergency? what's done then? >> there's a lot of cops out here dedicated to this. we're going to catch the guy that did this. it's not going to be accepted and it's not going to be
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tolerated. >> an oakland occupier showed up saying he wanted to pay respects to the little girl but the girl's family said he wasn't welcome. two young men face 33 years in life for the gang rape of a girl at richmond high school. 20-year-old marcelos peter sat stoically as the verdicts were read. the rape happened four years ago outside a homecoming dance. tonight we're seeing the boston bombing suspect in a whole new light. a boston police officer is retaliating against the rolling stone cover by releasing his own photos from the arrest. boston magazine's website posted photographs of dzhokhar tsarnaev where he was hiding. there's blood on his hands and face and the laser target from
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a sniper rifle shines on his forehead. in one image he's draped over the side of the boat. another shows him receiving emergency aid. sean murphy took the photos. he gave them to boston magazine because he was outraged over the latest rolling stone cover. critics say it glamourizes a teen terror suspect. i hope that the people that see these images will know that this was real. it was as real as it gets. many of boston's first responders had the same reaction as murphy to the rolling stone cover. >> they could have put anyone on that cover. the doctors and nurses that help people. anybody but this kid. state police didn't authorize the photos release and they're now conducting an internal investigation. right now 100-foot flames are raging in southwest palm springs.
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what you can't see beyond the plumes of black smoke is more than 23,000-acres of scorched land. including several homes burned to the ground. the fire is only about 15 percent contained tonight. about 6,000 homeowners and tourists are being told to evacuate. cbs reporter tom wait on the devastation and new information on how this may have gotten started. >> reporter: tonight this fire has been so devastating for families and business owners in the area. look behind me. this is the building that burned to the ground. seven homes burned in this area. right now firefighters are trying to fight off the flames that are approaching idyllwild. they say they're making good progress but it's under threat and the evacuation remains in effect. as for the cause of this fire, it's very much under investigation but they're calling this a human caused fire. which means again this was not started by mother nature. not by a lightning strike. but by someone who ignited
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these flames. outside idyllwild, kpix 5. a man who was going to testify against former mob boss whitey bulger was just found dead. >> reporter: he had been eager to testify against bulger but was removed from the prosecution's witness list one day before his body was discovered. he owned a liquor store in south boston in the 1980s. he claimed bulger and his boss forced him to sell them his store at gun front. >> he put the gun on the table. and then they picked up one of my children and said you know it would be a sin. it would be a sin to see this child grow up without a father.
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>> reporter: the 79-year-old who's serving a life sentence for ten murders was today's star witness. it was the first time in nearly 20 years that he had come face to face with bulger. he described his relationship with bulger as strictly criminal and characterized the former crime boss as forceful. he was an informant for the fbi. after testimony, the former partners in crime glared at each other and exchanged heated words. >> the ultimate betrayal. >> it is the ultimate betrayal. in their world, you don't rat out your friends. you could see the tension. you could see the body language. they hate each other. >> police say there were no obvious signs of trauma to rakes body but the whole thing is very suspicious.
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the bay area is giving hollywood a run for its money. >> the bay area university forces to send classes because too many students were failing. one homeowner got slapped with a big ticket. pushing 90 in saratoga and pittsburgh. and 100 toward clearlake. your updated forecast for the weekend, next.
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. >> this program is brought to you by your california ford dealer. ford is the right choice for california. lights camera, well you may have heard by now that net flix walked away with a very impressive list of emmy nominations there's been talk about how the internet may eventually take over tv. tonight joe vasquez shows us it may very well have started to day. >> a preview from the heard and watch you die in the wilderness. >> five emmy nominations for kevin and his show house of cards. >> we are extremely happy. very proud to have received 14 emmy nominations. >> reporter: all this from a company that was mailing dvds in red envelopes.
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then net flix decided to start producing its own shows. and that's what makes these emmy nominations so historic. you can't watch these tv shows on broadcast tv or cable. they're only available through the internet. you have to buy a subscription. >> not many companies are able to do that where you can have one leg in hollywood and one leg in silicon valley. and it's great for net flix and silicon valley. >> some media experts are saying this is just the beginning. >> reporter: the mercury news says winning a tv award when you're an internet company is a major development. >> net flix has been trying to compete with the big boys like hbo and the other tv networks. and they've done this by, you know, financing the creation of original shows. >> reporter: house of cards cost net flix $100 million to produce. but get this, net flix reports it's spending $2 billion a year
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on original programming so look for even more shows and maybe more awards to come. joe vasquez, kpix 5. >> since you're watching a cbs station, 53 nominations for big bang theory and the amazing race. you can watch the annual emmys right here on kpix 5 on september 22nd. san jose state university suspending some online classes because too many students were failing. university debuted a number of cheap online courses back in january. but early results show pass rates as low as 20 percent in remedial math and college level algebra. san jose state and partner agreed to pull five courses to make adjustments. also tonight the uc system has a brand new president. former homeland security secretary janette becomes the first woman to hold that position. she gets a base salary of
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570,000-dollars a year. her first job will be in late september. and the palatano's nomination did not come without confrontation. students rushed the tables at their meeting upset about his roll in supporting illegal immigrants. four students were arrested. later she said she supports the dream act and comprehensive immigration reform. a tree dispute in san francisco is growing out of control. a homeowner was slapped with a big bill for doing what the city told her to do. >> the tree had a full canopy. >> reporter: she admits she won't win any prizes for tree trimming. but anne and her husband worry the branches could break off and blow away in a storm. we new if the tree fell down and hit somebody we as the property owner would be responsible.
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back in april, they cut away leaves and limbs turning the tree from this to this. two weeks after the mars cut the tree, the city says it received a complaint. and the couple got a ticket for excessive pruning. the fine? more than $1,700. >> this was an extreme case. we don't go after people for aesthetic pruning reasons. rachel gordon of the city public works department says homeowners are required to maintain the trees according to guidelines posting on the city's websites. it warns against cutting off large branches. the city contends they remove 95 percent of the tree's canopy. leaving the tree vulnerable to disease, sunburn, and death. >> the best thing people can do is higher professional tree pruners. >> even since we trimmed it
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it's all ready blossoming. >> sue kwan, kpix 5. >> the city said it would reduce the fine. so far 4,000 of san francisco's hundred thousand trees have been turned over to homeowners. san francisco's zoo is celebrating a new arrival. a female gorilla born yesterday. she's doing well. she weighed in at five pounds and one ounce. that's dad. this is the first gorilla to be born at the zoo in five years. a proud papa it looks like. saying that's my kid. >> five pounds one ounce. going to get a lot bigger. temperatures around here just starting to climb. 90s inland. we may approach 100 degrees over the weekend. saturday the warmer day over the weekend. tonight, thursday night, friday evening we have the blanket. the blanket back over the city. we'll start off cloudy near the bay tomorrow. plenty of afternoon sunshine.
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nothing like what's going on back east. it's all about extreme rain in the east southeast and extreme heat. heat index trenton new jersey, 107. and miami florida got twice as much rainfall today than livermore has had for the entire first half of the year. for us we're exceedingly average and that's a good thing. morning fog for berkeley. our forecast for tonight. 70 your high for tomorrow. on saturday, 71 for a high. here's the set up. high pressure in control. but high pressure in my opinion is in the perfect spot. not to the north. that would give us an offshore wind. and the city would be about 90. most of us don't want that. we want some of the warm. with high pressure to the southeast we're getting some of that warm. we'll stay warm but not hot. change on sunday. minor change. but it's a change. the on shore flow picks up. high pressure moves out. low pressure moves in. temperatures will continue to start dropping on sunday and
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continue to next week. so saturday will be the warmest day of the the next several. cooling trend begins on sunday. but everyday will feature temperatures very close to normal. that's a good thing. san jose 84 tomorrow. that's your average high for this time of year. mountain view, 80. pretty cloudy. concord 90. san ramon 93. 66 in the city. the warmest weather up toward clearlake. extended forecast, warm through saturday. cooling off sunday. and then 80s will be in the forecast for next week everyday close to normal. >> beautiful. >> perfect. >> gorgeous. >> thanks. we'll be right back. >> pinpoint weather is sponsored by mancini's sleep world. visit sleep and start sleeping better tonight. ,,
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kpix 5 news the brought to you by mercedes-benz. >> i was way off on my pick. >> just a little bit. just a tad. she picked roy mcilroy to win. roy mcilroy was eight over par. luke donald shot an 80. and a 56-year-old man is one stroke off the lead. brilliant weather. temperatures in the 80s.
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tiger woods hasn't played since the u.s. open in june but he's in contention. four birdies on the back nine. including that baby that fired up the gallery. any time tiger is there you love it. mark o'mara last won a major in 1998. he hasn't won any tournaments since 2004. but the eagle landed on 17. he's four under. at 56 years old. and he's chasing. one stroke behind that man. masters champion. zach johnson who lost in a playoff last weekend. he tore the old lady up today. that 45 footer to save par. five under 67 he's alone at the top. 54-year-old tommy is also in the mix at three under. there's phil at two under. o'mara is close friends with tiger and he loves shooting a lower score than his buddy. >> i got up and i piped my drive on ten. when i can pipe my drive on ten in front of him, that's a good feeling. because he's probably thinking the old man's like five under
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after nine how the hell's he doing that. >> the giants at the ball park before they open up a weekend series against the diamondbacks. could matt garza be on the giants list. bruce revealed a little too much when asked about his pitching depth. >> we have pettitte. they're throwing well. matt garza. i was just kidding. please. that's all i need. >> tampering. it's called tampering. media predicted the southeastern conference football champion. four of the last 24 years which alabama coach nick sabine pounced on today he starts the top five. >> if i was 4 and 17 as a coach, i would be back in west virginia pumping my gas at my daddy's gas station. >> i'll show you who's pumping
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gas, look at kent, if warriors in the summer league, golden state knocked off dallas tonight. and number three shows his opponent the lights. they did not do this -- we did not do this. look at him. number two. that's called the bastida. charles schwartz pulled a bastida. thomas bjorn hid the fair way camera and broke the lense. you know how much that cost? 80,000-dollar lense on that camera. they're going to replace it with a go pro. i'm going to show you the picks. up to this point, i hate to say it. i picked snedeker. allen. phil mickelson. look at mcilroy. and wayne is our director is at two over. >> why did you leaf me off?
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i had o'mara. >> thanks a lot guys. you are a genius. >> ken bastida is in the lead of your picks. >> as always. >> coming up why bay area bus transit agency is going bollywood. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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bus and train. "vta!" . >> bay area transit agency is trying something a little different to get more people to take the bus and train. >> santa claire county's vta is going bollywood with its 30 second ad. they're trying to attract younger drivers. the bus conductors we used in the shoot as well. they were doing the neck move. so i kind of see why it could come across as being funny. but i don't think that was the idea at all. but it was a fun thing to do. >> they also plans hip hop and tela novela commercials. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i walk around the produce department a few times, just to see that box. i'm like...yes! really, really proud. to know that they're buying locally is important. [ female announcer ] safeway works with hundreds of local farmers because local means fresher. ♪ . this kpix 5 program is sponsored by lazy boy furniture galleries. >> up next with schriber. >> news cast tomorrow morning
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