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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  July 19, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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and i'm frank mallicoat. breaking news... a strange e has come to a quick en good afternoon. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. we begin with some breaking news. a strange crime ended. a stolen ac transit bus found 75 miles away from where it was taken. an ac transit official says the
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bus was parked and locked when it was stolen in san francisco at the transbay terminal. chp followed it to stanislaus county. the bus stopped in oakdale a short time ago. one man has been arrested. in concord, pg&e cruise just capped a gas leak minutes ago. chopper 5 was overhead shortly after the leak was reported just before 9:45 this morning near burnett avenue and meridien park boulevard. a four-block area had to be evacuated. pg&e says the break on the 2" line was caused by a third party contractor. investigators now confirm one of the three victims of the plane crash at sfo died from being run over by an emergency vehicle, not the crash. kpix 5's anne makovec reports, san francisco's fire chief is heartbroken by the news. >> devastating, heartbroken, there's -- there's -- there's not a lot of words to describe how badly we feel, how sorry we
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feel about it. >> reporter: fire chief joanne hayes-white on the confirmation her department feared that it was their truck that killed a teenager on the tarmac after asiana flight 214 crash-landed at sfo on july 6. three chinese students died. one of the bodies was found near the plane's left wing. the girl was on the ground covered in firefighting foam when she was run over by one, possibly two, of the department's advanced fire rescue vehicles. >> it was a difficult challenging scene. >> reporter: ye meng yuan is picture here on the tarmac with another victim. this morning the coroner made the announcement about ye meng yuan. >> multiple blunt injuries that are consistent with being run over by a motor vehicle. those injuries she received she was alive at the time. >> reporter: she died of internal hemorrhaging. the coroner says we will never know what kind of injuries she
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may have sustained in the crash before being hit by the truck. the investigation into how this happened continues by the san francisco police and the ntsb. >> i plan to visit the airport to talk to the crews that are working today with some of the members of my staff to -- to grieve with them and continue to support their efforts in what they do and choose to do every day. >> reporter: the coroner met with the family of the victims yesterday to speak with them before all this information went public. the fire chief said she would also like to meet with the families. she has reached out through the consulate but hasn't had the meeting yet. in san mateo, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> the mayor of san francisco released a statement further offering condolences to the girl's family and praising emergency workers for the lives they saved. mayor lee added, "this tragic accident is especially hard for them and all of us to endure." one armed robbery suspect is dead another on the run after a shooting at an alameda
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convenience store. it happened around 10:30 last night at the bonfair market on high street. police say an off-duty sheriff's deputy just happened to be shopping in the store when the two masked men entered. the deputies fatally shot one suspect and may have wounded the second suspect who got away. the same store was robbed last week. they are trying to see if they are linked. vacaville police shot and killed a man overnight when officers approached him he drove away spike strips slowed his escape. but he still tried to run over an officer. police say the man was armed with multiple weapons and was shot when he charged officers. this is the city's second deadly officer-involved shooting in less than three weeks. a brazen and violent robbery on the san jose state campus. police are looking for three armed robbers who attacked a man and took his computer. kpix 5's cate caugiran on why it's rattled students' nerves. >> reporter: alexander is a senior at san jose state. he told us he got an email alert last night about an armed robbery on campus where the
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three suspects were women. >> i was pretty shocked when i heard it was three women. yeah, i'm really shocked. i don't know what to say. >> reporter: he noticed an uptick of crime on campus over the past few months. >> again, [ indiscernible ] probably every two months now. >> reporter: why do you think? >> i think it's because the campus is public, you know, anyone can walk around and it's in the middle of downtown. >> reporter: the robbery happened last night around 8:00. the victim was not a student a but a visitor sitting alone. >> reporter: police say the victim was sitting here in front of clark hall next to the statues when the three suspects came up from behind him pistol- whipped him and took his laptop. police say the victim was a male in his 50s and is expected to be okay. as for the students on campus, they have mixed reviews about safety. >> i'm thinking about carrying pepper spray or a knife with me on campus. >> reporter: that's serious. >> i'm kind of scared. >> i think it's really concerning to people who go
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here. i feel like people should have more common sense than that. go around in groups. >> reporter: police say to take advantage of the escort services where officers will escort you to and from your destination as well as a shuttle service. more importantly police say if you see something, say something. >> we're not talking about looking at people just because of the way they're dressed or how they look. we are talking with behavior that draws your attention to it, out of the ordinary. police call us. >> reporter: the investigation is open and the three suspects still at large. police say they are reviewing surveillance footage and following up on leads. in san jose, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> the suspects were described as three black women in their 20s. two of them were reported wearing red sweatshirts. the other a black shirt. the suspect who was armed had a lip piercing. a group of squatters has been evicted from a multi- million dollar home in walnut creek. neighbors called police when they saw people bringing guns
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into the house. officers showed up with the s.w.a.t. team. the owner says, the locks had been changed and the people inside produced a lease but it turned out to be fake. >> we, the jury, find the defendant marcelles james peter guilty -- >> two east bay men are facing possible life sentences after being convicted for a brutal gang-rape. 20-year-old marcelles peter and 22-year-old jose montano were found guilty yesterday by separate jurors of attacking a 16-year-old girl four years ago outside a homecoming dance at richmond high school. two other men have already been convicted and two more are awaiting trial. and the movie fruitvale station is showing in theaters across the country starting today. it's based on the last day in the life of 22-year-old oscar grant. he was shot to death by a bart police officer in 2009. the film won two major awards at sundance and another prize at the cannes film festival. it will be another brutal day on the firelines west of palm springs. the mountain fire has already
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scorched 35 square miles of national forest and has force the some 6,000 people out of their homes. reporter melanie woodrow reports from idyllwild with an update. >> reporter: here in lake hemet the weather is definitely a factor again today. it is not just the heat but the threat for thunderstorms that could bring lightning strikes and wind and with that, officials are warning residents in pine cove they could be the next ordered to evacuate. california fire officials now say somebody not lightning started the wildfire that threatens mountain towns east of los angeles and the city of palm springs. an investigation is under way to determine if it was started intentionally. as the fire inches closer to the town of idyllwild, authorities plan to airlift firefighters to the ridge between the town and the blaze. >> the whole idea is to keep the fire on the ridge. we are painting the ridge with fire retardant. we are going to get troops up
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there to cut firelines where it's safe to do so. >> reporter: a mandatory evacuation order has been issued for the residents in idyllwild but no one is being forced to leave. authorities say if the fire spreads into town, it may not be able to help those who decide to stay. aaron is willing to take that chance for now. >> the fire is in no imminent danger. it can be a danger but it's imminent so there's no need to leave right now. >> reporter: since monday the fire has scorched at least six homes and this summer camp. officials are hoping cooler temperatures and maybe some rain over the weekend will help about 3,000 firefighters get a handle on this wildfire. and those firefighters continue to focus their efforts on the northwest section of the fire. they want to minimize growth and maintain the established firelines that have been created. reporting live in lake health, california, melanie woodrow, kpix 5. another case of people held
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captive for years. the developing story this morning of the rescue in texas. >> they don't sign up to potentially be subject to sexual assault. >> congress tackles a crisis in the military. the suffering of soldiers, sailors and marines and the story of a marin woman decades after being attacked. >> hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the kpix 5 weather center. the sunshine breaking out now. we're getting towards the weekend and it's going to be hot. we'll talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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from a home -- one held prir for up to a decade. four of them are men between the agf 50 and 80 years old. and breaking news out of houston. people rescued eight people from a home one held prisoner for up to a decade. four of them are men between the ages of 50 and 80.
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the others women suffering from mental illness. the scene is a prison room with no beds or chairs littered with trash. the malnourished victims were lured into the home. the tech sectors are dragging down the market. the dow is down 15 points. both the nasdaq and s&p are also seeing some losses. disappointing earnings from google, microsoft and the chipmaker advanced microdevices are being blamed by analysts. these are desperate times for a city that once was one of the most prosperous in north america. detroit is now the largest american city to file for bankruptcy. its long-term debt could be $20 billion. chapter 9 plan could include layoffs, selling off assets and further cutting basic services. but the michigan governor said this morning it is a necessary step toward a long-term rebuilding process. >> one of the first things i was concerned about are people going to think the police
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aren't going to come anymore or if something is going to stop. that's why we want to have this to reassure the citizens of detroit of normal operations continuing. people will be paid. >> it's a far cry from the 1950s. the heyday of the auto industry, detroit had 1.8 million people. population today is about 700,000. it's the military's not so secret crisis. thousands of men and women in uniform assaulted by their fellow servicemembers. danielle nottingham on the congressional hearing today that included testimony from a marin woman. >> thank you, miss wilkin. >> reporter: military veterans told their storieses of sexual assault to lawmakers explaining the frustration they experienced when they sought help. >> my rapist confessed to enough of his crimes that he was reduced in rank, lost pay and was confined to barracks. this is an example of chain of command harassment because the barracks he was confined to was the one where i worked. >> reporter: a recent pentagon
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report estimated as many as 26,000 military members may have been victims of sexual assault last year alone with most of those cases going unreported. president obama and defense secretary chuck hagel have made ending the epidemic a top priority. today, lawmakers were looking for ways to offer more support to sexual assault survivors. >> i just want to personally apologize to -- to all of you. >> reporter: there's a push in the senate to take military sexual assault cases out of the hands of the victim's chain of command and put them in the hands of seasoned military lawyers. new york senator kirsten gillibrand is sponsoring a bill that picked up some republican support this week. >> they willingly appear tis pay the facing -- anticipate facing hostile fire from enemy forces but they don't sign up to be subject to sexual assault. >> reporter: but the measure still faces opposition from both sides of the aisle with many lawmakers arguing
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commanders need to be in the process to help change the culture in the military. danielle nottingham, cbs news, capitol hill. >> statistics show that more than half of military sexual assault victims are men. much of the country is stuck in a heat wave. six blistering days of near triple digits and counting. temperatures in 47 of 50 states will be above 90 and jfk has a new record, 100 degrees set. the extreme heat may be to blame for the sparking wires at an industrial park. this is in new jersey. firefighters worked quickly to put out the flames but it is mighty tough weather out there. >> i know. we are getting hot weather here, too. >> we are going to see some heat away from the immediate coastline. it's going to be interesting how it breaks down over the next couple of days. some of those temperatures warming up. the clouds are just moving away back toward the coastline. looking good out over the bay right now. these temperatures running warmer than yesterday at this time. we're already at 80 degrees in livermore. 75 in concord.
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72 in san jose. and 71 in santa rosa. so as we sail into the afternoon, looking like a very nice day outside. as you approach the coastline though, we'll still see some patchy fog. tonight, likely to see some patchy fog filling in along the coast and just inside the bay. but plenty of valley heat not only today but over the weekend. going to get hotter and stay cooler along the coastline. that's because we still have a sea breeze at the beaches and that's enough to bring some clouds here but that ridge is so strong up above, you're really seeing those temperatures heat up in the interior valleys. we'll see that fog toward the coastline and that hot desert air pumped back into california to crank up these temperatures. as high as 108 degrees today in redding. 104 and sizzling in fresno. 99 in sacramento. about 65 partly cloudy into monterey bay. these temperatures as high as 93 degrees in morgan hill. about 84 very nice warm in san jose. but only 64 degrees in pacifica. east bay temperatures that's where you'll find some of the hottest numbers. mid-90s in antioch and brentwood about 94 in livermore
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and about 91 degrees in walnut creek. inside the bay those temperatures very comfortable in the 60s and 70s and the afternoon breeze kicking in. next couple of days going to get hotter. and then more clouds coming our way toward tuesday and wednesday. those temperatures will start to drop off. so if you are looking for a nice cool place to go, how about this? go check out the america's cup. >> whoa! >> stay cool. the boats are -- what are there, three boats? they got three boats out there on the water. but it's neat and you will stay cool. >> it's a race. >> it is. >> good advice. >> cool. >> very nice. thanks. turning sadness to joy. how two victims of the aurora movie theater shooter will mark the one-year anniversary. ,,
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[ dad ] jan? ♪ (vroom vroom!) the guy on this motorcycle he didn't see the brake lig, as the camaro in front of h here's a disturbing but incredible post on youtube. watch. >> the guy on the motorcycle said he didn't see the brake lights as the car in front of him slowed down. we're in florida here. you can see the result of the no word on why he didn't choose the option of going left or right of the car. the motorcyclist was barely injured because he jumped and held on to the car. he is going to need a new bike. a lucky guy, though. look at that. >> very lucky. >> 70 miles an hour. >> oh, my goodness. yeah. amazing video there. some joy to mark a sad anniversary. kristin davis and eugene hahn
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survived a shooting at an aurora, colorado movie theater shooting a year ago. 12 people died and 60 were wounded, including the couple. to bring happiness to the horrifying day they are getting married tomorrow. >> the day that we could have died, uhm, is the day that we get to spend the rest of our lives together. >> it was a night of, you know, terror and horror and all of that stuff. but we wanted to change the date and you know kind of make it our own. >> hahn and davis have known each other since elementary school. davis suffered only cuts and scrapes but hahn was severely injured. he proposed a few months after the shooting and she said yes. it's lunchtime and we have a perfect summer topping for whatever you're whipping up today. our fresh grocer tony tantillo says think watermelon. >> with all this beautiful watermelon out there, steph and i decided to make something special with it. >> we decided to make a pico de gallo. >> i have done it with tomatoes
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but never with watermelons. put it in the bowl. >> then add yellow bell peppers, orange bell peppers. >> a lot of color in this dish. >> peppers on peppers on peppers and some red bell peppers. >> each pepper has its own flavor and texture. what else. >> cilantro which i will be generous with. >> you want to get the juices into the watermelon. >> exactly. >> some red onions. >> jalapenos. i seeded them but if you want it spicier then you should leave the seeds in. and lime juice. >> the lime is the binder. you don't have too much liquid in here. >> watermelon is 90% water so there's already a lot of liquid in here. >> look at this. >> a little bit of salt and pepper and we're done. >> party melon pico de gallo stephanie style. look at that. thank you, bella. this is good. [ rap ] internet craze reaching a seen juror center. how they are getting their
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hippest hottest new dance craze out there. here we go. ♪[ music ] >> remember this? it's called the harlem shake but if you look at the video closely you will see the people are not young. no, they are residents of a retirement community in alabama. and by the way, the man in the blue shirt, get this, he is 99 years old. >> that guy right there is 99? >> and you're older than frank. [ laughter ] >> better moves than frank. >> what a great way to send me off to the weekend. have a great afternoon. captions by: caption colorado (sir can-a-lot) good day, ma' lady. i am sir can-a-lot,
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