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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  July 20, 2013 1:35am-2:11am PDT

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i love you more so don't be scared when we're old and near the end we'll go home and start again start again all right now do do do do do do do do do do ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] craig: goo goo dolls, everybody. we've got to go! good night! [cheers and applause] captioned by the national captioning institute ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. this is kpix 5 news. we have breaking news. wet mess on the vegas strip tonight because of record rain fall. >> water poured into a nightclub from the roof and all while friday night partying was getting underway. paul has more to show us. paul. >> the interesting thing is the same ridge of high pressure has
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been giving us the calm weather and the weather very close to normal has been giving las vegas anything but normal weather. there it is, steerg all the storms right over the las vegas strip. look at all those thunderstorms heading right toward the city, and we had a quarter of an inch of rain fall. this is the result. street flooding las vegas strip normally slow because traffic was slow today because of a couple feet of water. let's show you more of that nightclub video. the roof did not collapse, but all the -- all the water that was being carried across the roof decided to come into the facility instead so problems there for all the party goers in las vegas. take a look of this picture of a lightening strike right near the strass to -- the rain fall was more since concord has seen since easter. also, tonight, president obama's very personal comments
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about his life as a young black man have many americans talking, once again, about reyes. in a moment, sharon chen will walk us through what generations of black parents say is the special kind of talk that they have to have with their kids, but first, here is some of what the president said about the trayvon martin case. >> there are very few african american men in this country who haven't had the experience of being followed when they were shopping at a department store. that includes me. there are very few african american men who haven't had the experience of walking across the street and hearing the locks click on the doors of cars. that happens to me, at least before i was a senator. now, this isn't to say that the african american community is naive about the fact that african american young men are disproportionally involved in criminal justice system, that
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they're disproportionally both victims and perpetrators of violence. the question for me, at least, and i think for a lot of folks is where do we take this? we need to spend some time in thinking about how do we bolster and reinforce our african american boys, and this is something that michelle and i talk a lot about. a lot of kids out there who need help who are getting a lot of negative reinforcement, and is there more that we can do to give them a sense that their country cares about them and values them and is willing to invest in them. >> the president isn't saying anything that hasn't been said in a lot of african american homes around the country for years now. sharon chen tells us while most parents talk to their kids about the birds and the bees, some black parents feel that they also have to talk about
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something else. >> the talk, like chess game, is a black man's strategy for street survival and the talk of sam jordan's bar on third street in san francisco's bayview. >> he's never been in any type of trouble at all, thank god. >> bridge et bush told her 18-year-old son devon how to behave if he didn't do anything wrong but gets stopped by police or others anyway. he'll be a college freshman studying engineering. >> you answer everything. you show id. everything is here in the car. you do what you need to do, and you don't try to be defensive. >> walter taylor passed on what he learned from his generation. >> i tell my children, hey, my children -- none of my children has been arrested. know that you are going to be treated differently than what other people may be treated. >> when he was 11, coleman got the talk several times from his grandparents and mother. >> make sure that your hands are
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apparent, make sure that when you're reaching for something, you're telling them what you're reaching for, don't make any sudden movements. >> the former navy serviceman says he was wrongly accused in two separate drive by shootings just because he was nearby. he says being black means having to prove you're not suspicious. >> that's how we live. we live in a constant state of being approved. you know, when i go to different areas in san francisco or when i'm in la or wherever i may be, you know, it's like i have to be in a constant state of proving that i'm not that guy or i'm not here to do this or to do that. >> because of all the publicity surrounding the trayvon martin verdict, coleman says he will have to give the talk to his ten-year-old son this weekend. he says he's sad he has to do it at all. >> interesting to hear the president spend the time he spent today on this subject. thank you, sharon. in oakland tonight, hundreds of people fanned out in the
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streets once again with signs reading justice for trayvon. this protest was peaceful unlike the other demonstrations we've seen earlier this week. while out there tonight, our joe vasquez came across a remarkable about protest and violence. if you ever wonder why some protesters feel the need to break windows and wreak havoc, joe got answers for you. >> within the protests, a demonstration of huge differences of opinions. >> the verdict has everybody outraged. >> the guys in the ties call themselves the black menu nieted group. they pleaded with fellow protesters to stop attacking local businesses. >> everybody has little venting to do, but there's more positive ways you can vent than damage the same people who's gef giving your brothers, your sisters, your mom and dad jobs. >> what should happen?
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would you guys take people down. >> you just need to get hand to hand with them and explain to them, like, hey, stop it, stop it. >> also in the crowd, men in masks, including zachary of berkeley who we've seen at many protests throughout the years on a variety of causes. >> look at the positive, not the negative. the courthouse, i mean, it's ridiculous. >> you tell me what's the negative. you saw these young men say that it's negative to break windows. >> it's not negative for me. i mean, the bank bailouts. you have chase manhattan getting $21 trillion and then asking the people to pay that back. a window is nothing. >> when they beat beat up that guy, hit him with a hammer. >> oh, i'm not into people hitting each other with hammers. i can't be everywhere and policing everything, but i totally -- yes, i mean, what got hit was perfect. >> as far as you're concerned, breaking windows, that's all
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appropriate. >> oh, come on, that's ridiculous. somebody said how about the grieving mother, is a window got feelings? i mean, we're talking about inanimate objects. >> oakland police say they will have every available officer on the street for a larger protest planned for tomorrow. also in the news tonight, the mother of that 8-year-old girl arrived back at the bay area tonight to plan her daughter's funeral. there was a visual for her who was shot and killed two nights ago when a gunman fired into the apartment where she was attending a sleepover. juliette goodrich on the message her mom has for the killer. >> i just wish she was here right now so i could just, like, hold her and just give her one last hug and a kiss and let her know that i love her. >> chiquita's world changed forever when her eight-year-old daughter she calls lady bug was shot and killed at a friend's sleepover. >> i'm so sad that she didn't
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get to live. she didn't get to even see 23 or see a prom or just see anything. >> she was on vacation when she got the horrifying phone call no parent should ever have to hear. >> this is really tearing me apart daly, having to pick out caskets. >> alasia's grandmother says she is heartbroken. >> i don't have anybody to make cakes with anymore. i don't have anybody to dye eggs with anymore. that's all we did. she would come over and say, momo, i'll be little helper. >> and to the shooter who took an innocent life and injured a grandmother and two other children with bullets comes a mother's message. >> you don't -- you don't knock on the door and shoot three kids. >> what do you want to say to the person out there that did this. >> i want them to come forward. i want them to come forward because they took someone dearly to me. i love her. >> her mom told me she is touched by all the heartfelt
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messages that have been left. she says she truly believes there is good in this world, just not here. >> even though the city of oakland failed her, i want her to know that the people in oakland love her. >> in oakland, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. >> the killer is still on the loose tonight. police won't say if they know who they're looking for. we learned today that one of the three victims of asiana flight 214 at sfo died not from the crash but from being run over by emergency vehicle. 16-year-old ye meng yuan was killed when a fire rescue rig hit her on the tarmac, the fire chief does not expect disciplinary action against the driver or drivers, but in a statement the chinese consulate in san francisco is urging swift action to find who's responsible. coming up, counting down to another bart strike mess. >> still no deal so why won't the two sides be going to the table for another week. and someone takes off in a
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transit bus. how the chp eventually tracked it down and eventually stopped the driver. >> i wanted that kind of --. and why a bay area artist says he felt the,,,,,,,,
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delivers amazing clean and shine, even in the hardest water, which cascade just can't do. take the finish shine challenge with quantum. voted product of the year by consumers ! caltrans has another proble its hands tonight. . a live look at d bay bridge where caltrans has yet another problem on its hands tonight. that's right, kpix 5 insider phil reports 37 seismic shock absorbers on the western span are leaking lubricant. these are called dampers. there are 96 of them all together. it's going to cost about $13 million to fix them. caltrans installed them nine years ago as part of a seismic upgrade. again, this is the western section of the bridge. caltrans plans on replacing those starting in 20 15. there will be no discussions
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for the next ten dayings because bart's chief negotiator is going on vacation. today's announcement came even though both sides were in caltran's oakland headquarters but apparently not in the same room. the chief negotiator for bart's workers put much of the blame on the agency's noeshter thomas hock. >> for the chief negotiator for the district to be gone for ten days of the 15 days that the parties have available before the deadline is a serious, serious problem. >> earlier today, a bart spokesman said his agency is ready to negotiate a fair contract, and despite what the union says, all sides signed off on this five-day absence well ahead of time. the strike deadline is august 4th. the hunt for a bus stolen from san francisco's transbay terminal ended two hours and 100 miles later. the bus wusz taken around 9: jnt 20 this morning. this was finally spotted and stopped near oakdale just south
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of stockton. ac transit says it was a standby bus parked at the transit terminal. the van the driver led offices on a 20-minute chase. bus drivers we spoke with say stealing a bus isn't that hard, but getting away with it is. >> that's pretty gut si. i mean, the guy who took it, i mean, i don't know what he was thinking. you can't get far with that bus. >> that's for sure. chp officers stopped the bus by using spike strips to flatten the tires. they arrested 29-year-old san franciscociscan justin moss. why did he take the bus? we still don't know. these drone signs are popping up in places around the bay area like on highway 37. they're fake, of course, but they certainly look real. the chp wants to remind everyone it does not have drones. now, the bigamistly was who made these things. well, we took a look and found the guy. he is an a rtist who lives in the north bay, and here's what
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he had to say. >> i went to a sign shop. i cut the aluminum myself. i figured out the font. >> just like the signs that we use on the side of the road. >> a sign that really looks like something that caltrans would have made. >> did it professionally. >> i wanted that kind of, "what? ". >> the first officer who saw this on highway 37 did a double take. >> what the [ bleep ] was going on here. >> the jenisis of this idea was just seeing signs that say speed enforced by aircraft and thinking about the ababsurdity of that idea. but there's a relly serious side to this. you know, i think we all have to be aware of what's going on with the nsa and with all the snooping in the internet and on the phones and i think that drones really tie into that. >> along with not having drones, we definitely do not have any drones that would fire any type of weaponry.
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>> well, fire missiles. that was a little bit of an added touch. i have to admit that i did it for the graphic quality. that's more of the joke part, but, you know. >> but it is illegal to post any sign that resembles an official trafg sign. >> i don't know what the consequences will be. i just felt like it was something i needed to do, plus, well, it has brought some excitement into my life. >> so what happens next? well, steven says he doesn't know. we'll find out so stay tuned. well, paul, we're actually pretty relieved to say the weather here pretty normal. >> very normal. >> we'll take it. >> because --. >> easy. >> it could be doing this. >> yeah. >> no. i mean, the picture. here's what could be going on. look at this. las vegas, we showed you about 15 minutes ago what's going on outside the strip. this is inside. >> that's carpeting.
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>> yeah. that is flooding inside cesar's. those are slot machines. those are the blackjack tables off in the background. they have floogd inside the casinos right now. that's how much rain is falling in the greater las vegas area. new flood warnings up for the san bernardino valley, as well. here's what we have going on around here. truckload full of normal. we've got normal clouds sitting over the bay right now. normal temperatures, and we will continue to see that. inland, it can get hot. been above 92 degrees in concord only one time out of the past 15 days in the next 7 days in my forecast we do not have any temperatures like that. heading up to tahoe perhaps tomorrow, sunny start, stormy finish, though. high of 87 degrees. here's the setup for sonoma. maybe you're heading up to wine country. sunny, warm, 86 for a high. mostly sunny skies. 82 on sunday. we're trending a little bit
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cooler after tomorrow but in general stay very close to normal. same area of high pressure giving all the storms to vegas, arizona and utah. that will play into our weather the top of next week as low pressure approaches the coastline we get cooler on sunday. that's going to act like a magnet and draw up some of that moisture giving us some clouds. that's the only change in the forecast over the next seven days. these are your highs tomorrow, 94 for livermore, few degrees above average, san jose 83, sunny vail 80, fremont tomorrow beautiful daze 77 degrees. 92 for pleasant hill, 93 san ramon, 87 for napa. downtown san francisco a popular destination for the weekend, 67 along the embarcadero. extended forecast, little bit cooler on sunday, little bit cloudier. sunshine is back on wednesday and look at those highs near the bay in the 70s every day for the next seven. very close to norma
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righsave hundreds onrain, beautyrest and posturepedic. choose $300 in free gifts with tempur-pedic. even choose 48 months interest-free financing on the new tempur-choice. the triple choice sale ends soon at sleep train. this ten game homestand, the giants will know whether t'e going to be buyers or sellet
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e . giants got them right where they want them right now. >> it's a new season. anything can happen. >> yeah, absolutely. >> that's why they have the all star break and they split it up in halves. by the end of this ten-game home stand, the giants will know whether they're going to be buyers or serls at the trade deadline. hatch pi birthday. 90 years young. that's a strike. first inning, buster posey drives one deep to left center. just misses a home run. blanco scores all the way from first. one nothing giants. that would be more than enough run support for chad who had another fine performance. seven innings, eight strike outs. the jiebts shut out the d backs two to nothing to begin the second half. home run derby champ scratched late due to wrist soreness in anaheim. knows a thing or two about home runs. a deep shot to left off a. j. griffin. griffin gave up three solo home runs, first one up to mike trout
2:02 am
in the fifth, this one a no doubter. the halos hand the a's a 4-1 loss. tielger woods seed off at 1:45 this morning our time. round 2 of the british open. tiger sinks the birdie put on three. he's tied for 2nd and just one shot off the lead. after 69 in round 1, phil mick elson's four puts on 16 for a double bogey. lefty finishes the day one over four shots become of the leader. he shot a 71 round 2 at three under jimenez takes a one streak lead in the weekend and at 49-year-old looking to become golf's oldest champ yoven. eric wright is now 49er. the corner back was traded with the bucks. roll the friday night top 5. friday night fight, charles martin absolutely pummelled aaron. just vicious blows by martin. he wince by tko in just four
2:03 am
rounds. curry has got a nice little golf game, too. look at the putt. he's fourth at the celebrity golf tournament up in tahoe. and no. 3, tour defrance is notorious for fans running alongside cyclists. think twice if you want to join us. blatantly tripped one of the runners. that's going to leave a mark. no. 2, back to the diamond. nick markakis of the arls takes it away from adran beltran. and at no. 1, back to the british open, robert didn't make the cut. 11 over, but who cares when you 11 over, but who cares when you can make this, a 100-foot putt. 3q another one killed by lime scale. how can the dishwasher do its job ? adding finish power up to your detergent brings your dishwasher back to life. dishwasher buildup, cloudiness, spots, even tough stains-- gone ! so don't give up. add finish power up. wow ! see the difference. your carpet stains can reappear. [ laughing ]
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"enlightened one" himself. remains of . new tonight, people are becoming one with the enlightened one himself. remains of buddha and great buddha masters are on tour here in the bay area. >> and kiet do shows us visitors are walking away with more than
2:06 am
just positive energy. >> arrived in campbell with little fanfare, none theless, buddhists say there hasn't been this much positive energy in the bay area in one place in quite some time. >> it's a rare opportunity to actually see a relic because normally they're enshrined in india or asia so to have a collection this big is really quite profound. >> relics are pearl-like objects found only in the kre mated remains of masters. buddhists believe the lifetime of meditation changes the mind and body on a molecular level. >> they cultivate this qualify then when they go through the kre mags it chris allizes to form these relics. average, normal people wouldn't have relics. >> the tour features 45 relics from present-day spiritual leaders going all the way back to the first original bud ha himself. they've been handed down through the generations surviving war
2:07 am
and conflict and are priceless. >> are you worried about the safety of the relics. >> no. they take care of themselves. >> about a hundred people came to the opening ceremony. the event is free. the highlight? getting blessed with the relic of the original buddha. >> you're touched in every cell, and you know you're connected to something so much bigger and holy and -- and the whole universe. i don't know how to explain it. >> the relics have been seen by 1.8 million people in 67 countries and only here in the bay area once every couple of years. it'll be here in campbell,,,,,,
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