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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  July 20, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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action... stretching across . this is kpix 5 news. messages of peace in honor of trayvon martin. the day of action stretching across the country and the bay area. turning what was a day of tragedy into a celebration, how survivors are marking the one-year an verse oi of the aurora, colorado shooting. and a medical way for men to improve their looks and sex lives. the big business behind low tee treatments. good evening. i'm an na. there's relative calm in oakland tonight on the left. peaceful rallies today in honor of trayvon martin. compare that to protests last weekend where set fires and broke windows. kpix 5 on the much calmer scene one week later. >> here at the new amp theater, people paused. >> i've been carrying a lot of pain this week and wanted to feel surrounded by other people who wanted things to get better.
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>> there were at least three demonstrations in oakland today calling for justice for trayvon martin. first, a rally. plans to march joining a student march were sate side after police were concerned about violent demonstrations asked for cooperation. says it was caught off guard and unprepared for the violence that erupted last weekend after the george zimmerman not guilty verdict. this time police were out in force ready for any repeat, but small business operators were still worried. >> i will keep my finger crossed that hopefully it's not going to happen. >> at 3:00 in the afternoon, another rally outside oakland city hal. it, too, was peaceful except for the shoving match between a mayor gene quan critic and her supporters. around 6:00, a large group of bicyclists circled two motorcycle officer getting closer and closer e but officers were able to eventually drive through the koud without incident. back here at the vigil,
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folks say they came to appeal for peace. >> for trayvon and his family, for the city of oakland, for the young people who last their lives in this city and other cities around the nation all over this country, all over this world. >> oakland police officers are working extra shifts. all days offer have been cancelled. in oakland, don knapp, kpix 5. in san francisco, another peaceful protest in memory of trayvon martin today. protesters want federal charges filed against george zimmerman calling the shooting a civil rights violation. also today heard from house minority nancy pelosi said she disagrees with one law that played a major role in this case. >> stand your ground, while it is a law in that state, i don't know how it has stangding to justify what happened, and i don't know if it did. you know, i don't know what the attitude was of the jurors. >> pelosi says florida's stand
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your ground law was more provocative than protect i have in this case. san francisco and oakland were two of the dozen cities across the country where rallies took place. the teen's parents took part and had a strong message for the crowds. >> in front of huvens in new york city, trayvon martin's mother held back tears as she pledge today make sure no other family thooz endure the pain hers is going through. >> not only do i vow to you to do what i can for trayvon martin, i promise you i'm going to work hard for your children. >> singers jay z and beyonce were among the masses who came out to protest the acquittal of george zimmerman in the shooting death of the 17-year-old. it's personal for maxi and his 19-year-old son. >> today was trayvon martin got killed, but tomorrow, who know. it could have been my son or someone else son. >> more than a hundred rallies like this one here in manhattan took place in cities across the country.
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demonstrators are united in their message. justice for trayvon. >> from california to chicago to baltimore. they were calling for the jus tisz department to pursue civil rights charges against zimmerman and there's a push to end florida's stand your ground law that allows people to use deadly force to protect thements. >> if we don't get justice, real justice and the absurd stand your ground law is not abolished then what do we stand for. >> martin's father joined supporters in miami. >> i vow to trayvon when he's laying in his casket that i would use every ounce of energy in my body to seek justice for him. >> while the martin family wants the nation to continue to fight for justice, they're asking the fight remain peaceful. cbs news new york. >> the man behind the nationwide rally, refrpd al sharpton hopes that public pressure will force the u.s. department to take action against zimmerman. a state of emergency in the
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mountain communities near palm springs where biggest fire this year has destroid 42 square miles, however, cooler temperatures helped firefighters goat 50% containment. cbs reporter has more. >> congressman raul ruiz surveys the destruction from the wild fire burning. the area is under a state of emergency after the fire scorched more than 27,200 acres. >> one of the purposes of our visit today was to determine the flow of resources. >> behind congressman ruiz is what's left, one of at least seven homes devoured by the wild fire. he had just moments to get out. >> i told him to get all his stuff you can think of and throw it in the car. >> you can see the path of destruction. it took out this building, then this shed. the flames traveled ail the way to the steps of this camp, but firefighters stopped the fire just in time. fire crews trudged through the steep rugged terrain mopping up
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hot spots, but some areas are so remote elite hot shot crews are using to access the fire. >> probably hardest way of fighting fires. old-fashioned way. you have to have boots on the ground to get the fire. >> that's what's unpredictable. they can throw out fire brands and spot fires. that's our big concern. >> 5,600 homes are still threatened. many residents have fled, but they've leftd behind signs of their gratitude to the more than 3,300 firefighters keeping their homes safe. melny woodrow for cbs news. >> and investigators believe that a person started the fire. they just don't know if it was an accident or arson. the cost of fight the fire so far, $12.2 million. well, water main break behind a home in laguna hills undermine a hillside today. the main busted just after 1:00
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this afternoon sending mud and debris toward the homes below. the threat of landslide meant at least 60 people had to evacuate their homes. and families of the three chinese teens killed in the asiana flight 214 crash have now hired lawyers. they chose a new york law firm to represent them. this week, we learned one of the girls actually survive it had crash but was hit by a san francisco fire department rescue truck. the ntsb is investigating her death. trail blazing white house reporter helen thomas has died at the age of 92. cbs reporter susan mcginnis looks back at the pioneering journalist who wasn't afraid to take on any president. >> helen thomas was never afraid to ask the tough questions. >> do you know of any country in the middle east that has nuclear weapons. >> she covered ten presidents from john kennedy to barack obama and became the unofficial dean of the white house press core, the one who signal ld the
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end of every white house news conference. she began her journalism career with united press international during world war ii when most female reporters wrote about social events and home making but her big break came with the election of john f. kennedy. thomas became the first woman to cover a president full time. she was the only female journalist to travel with president richard nixon and went onto cover the watergate schedule. thomas was a force to be reckoned with known for working long hours and asking difficult questions. >> my question is why did you reelly want to go to war from the moment you stepped into the white house. >> to assume i wanted war is flat wrong, helen. >> thomas abruptly announced retirement in 2010 after she made a controversial remark that was caught on video. >> any comments on israel? we're arresting everybody to. >> tell them to get the
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[ bleep ] out of palestine. she later said she regretted what he said. following her death at 92 president obama issued a statement calling thomas a pioneer who broke down barriers for women in journalism. he sadded she never failed to keep any president, myself included, on their toes. her family says she will be burr rid in detroit, and a memorial service is being planned for october in washington. breaking news, we're getting reports of an officer-involved shooting in san francisco's tenderloin district. intersection of o'farrell and lar kin streets. no word on injuries and arrests. we do have a crew on the scene. a promise for men of the certain age to improve their looks and sex lives. treatment offering solution to low testosterone and why some say they're not the best answer. and a special meeting, the life-saving link between these two bay area men and what else they happened to have in common.
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and weir seeing a marine layer deep overnight. could see fog overnight hours, as well. will tomorrow be just as hot in some of our inland spots? we'll let you know after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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deadly movie theater shootin aurora, colorado. today peoe stopped to remember the vic. :5 . it's been one year since the deadly movie theater shooting in aurora, colorado. today, people stopped to remember the victims. >> alex sullivan. >> the names of all 12 people killed were read allowed, a bill ringing once for each at a ceremony at the aurora municipal building. dozens more were injured when accused gunman james holmes opened fire at a midnight showing to batman. there is a bright side. shooting sur vooirs eugene hahn and kirsten davis got married today. eugene was hit in the knee and hip in the shooting. kirsten got scratches when he pushed her to safety. today a bay area man got the chance to thank the man who helped save his life. two years ago, 24-year-old jack chen was diagnosed with leukemia. thanks to a bone marrow
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transplant, he beat the disease, and today he beat the odds again by meeting his donor, something that rarely happens. chen says he's living proof that sdevent types of people need to get involved in bone marrow programs. >> there's some parts of asian culture don't -- aren't really open to, like, you know, donating, you know, blood or stem cells or organs, but, you know, it's so important to do so. >> koings coincidentally both mean graduated four years apart. have you seen the commercials, the ones promising men other 40 they can feel better, look better and have bert sex? these days, low t is big business. >> the ads are hard to miss. >> trust your instincts to make the calm. >> i have low testosterone. there, i said it. >> more middle-aged men may be
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saying the same thing and taking action. >> men's hormone use is on the rise. >> libido issues, and -- but for the most part, i was feeling tired all the time. >> that was more than ten years ago when bob matteoli start taking weekly testosterone injections. >> there's a remarkable difference in the way i feel. >> it's not all about sex sex sex. a lot of this now is about general health. >> ab has been leading the way, and he's pleased that hormone therapy in men has tripled since 2001. >> this has been a totally underreck niedz, underappreciated aspect of male health. >> dr. morgan says low testosterone or low t can be a sign of poor health. men with low t are at hire risk for die bee tees, heart disease and os yo pro sis. >> i think the data are quite clear the single most important health indicator for men is this
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testosterone level. >> hormone therapy is not without controversy from men or women. critics believe it's being overprescribed raising concerns about possible sield effects. >> possible increased risk of prostate cancer. >> there has to be a caution. it has to be done well. has to be provided by a physician who knows what he's doing. >> only men with a true deficiency should be treated. it's not for healthy older men just looking for energy boost. then there's the stigma of testosterone use, whether ut's abused by proathletes or men who overdo it at the gym. >> that negativety goes away when you realize how really much better you file. >> a possible prescription for better health. >> and certain drugs like mor feeng and anabolic steroids can cause low testosterone. researchers in florida say they've developed an experimental drug that could some day improve exercise endurance. they sate boosts metabolism in the liver. lab mice on the drug ran 50%
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faster and longer than other mice. scientists hope their niendings will eventually help people with conditions like obesity and congestive heart failure which limit it is ability to exercise. lingering. i guess if anybody twoonts exercise tomorrow they can pick that you are range of temperatures. >> they can. if you like it hot, head to the inland spots. once again going to feel cooler along the coast. let's show you your weather headlines for overnight and into tomorrow for the last half of the weekend. patchy fog developing and some drizzle in the overnight, could be a little drizly to start you off tomorrow morning especially along the coast then going to feel slightly cooler especially in some inland spots. bigger drop off by next week then seasonal, dry weather conditions through the last half of the workweek. so pretty nice, dry pattern shaping up. here's a look at some of that fog and low clouds. you can see it over san francisco, and temperatures right now cooling off. 67 in concord.
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55 in oakland. 53 right now in san francisco, and 61 degrees in san jose. checking the satellite and radar, we've had that fog hugging the coastline all day today. that's why temperatures remain on the keerl side, and we got that marine layer deepening overnight tonight. morning drizzle, highs tomorrow in the coast, only in the mid to upper 60s and going to still feel pretty warm. toasty in inland spots, high of 89 degrees. wujs again, that is slightly cooler than what we saw today. overnight lows going to see low 60s to low a 0s. 56 in oakland, 61 in fire field overnight. once again seeing a rainbow of colors for forecasted highs for tomorrow. if you want the cool stuff, stick to the coast. 60 is your high in pacifica. going to see mainly 70s. very mild and pleasant in oakland. 70 greece there. then once again seeing warmer reter out in concord. high of 82 degrees. 89 is your forecasted high in livermore and one of our warmest
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spots 92 grows out in fairfield f. you railly like the hot stuff, go to the central valley. look at this. 106 degrees forecasted high. in fresno, 90 degrees out in tahoe and about 106 out for tomorrow. here's a look at forecast other the next several days. this dry weather pattern sticking around through next weekend. we're going to feel a slight drop off in those temperatures in inland spots for tomorrow then even further cooling to start you off with on the workweek by monday so kind of an interesting pattern there where you can see you'd like -- you said, you can pick where you want to go. if you like 60s, stick to the coast. 70s around the bay and could warm up by next weekend into the 90s, low 90s. >> just about ten-degree increment ifs you mouf. >> yeah, toetdly. not that far away. >> no. >> big difference. >> thank you. >> sure. all right. more breaking news, this time out of new zealand. a 6.9 earthquake struck off the coast rattling cities including the capital. no immediate reports of major
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damage and no tsunami warnings. >> all right. a's and giants. just getting started with the second half of the season. a's still looking for little bit of break and the giants tonight trying to create their own breaks with a win now tally. ,,,,,,,,
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righsave hundreds onrain, beautyrest and posturepedic. choose $300 in free gifts with tempur-pedic. even choose 48 months interest-free financing on the new tempur-choice. the triple choice sale ends soon at sleep train. it enuf? . matt cain did indeed bounce back from the worst start of his career. it went five plus innings. but was it enough? bacon wrapped hot dog, yeah, but few innings later, all gone.
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pablo sandoval came early run sun port. first inning doubled down the line. scored skut row one to nothing. andres torres back, back. boom on the yahoo sign to rob former giants. g-man up two to one in the fifth. buster posey got all of this one. dead center blast. his 14th for the year. giants took a foir huff to-one lead. bad night to be a reliever. jeremy left the game with a groin strain. he'll likely go on the disabled list. sandy rosario tried to bare hand one. he gets hit. x-ray is negative. then romo almost gets taken out. you guys need target practice. romo stayed in. he held a one-run lead and faced cody ross and this time, ross is swinging away. giants take the first two games of the series nour to three, the
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final tonight. check out former giants closer brian wilson who has been spotted at the university of san francisco continuing his rehab after tommy john surgery. he reportedly played some golf in golden gate park. we will see if there will be any gloves looking for his service ts. stay tuned. the a's still without simpson nursing the sore wrist. they movtd on. dan seven innings strong but left one up to alberto callaspo. took him deep away and gone. two nothing halos. c. j. wilson, masterful. strike outs including josh reddick. retddick victim three times. to the ninth inning we go. josh donaldson representing tying run, and he chases a high one and then john jaso. go ahead run. strikes out on three pitches to end it and the a's, look to get a win as they lose final of two
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to nothing. coming up, life just keeps getting better for steph curry, and tiger woods the world's no. 1 player may be on the brink of the elusive 15th major. ,,,, ♪
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pull this one off?? never is run of 14 major championshi has he won without a piece the 54 hole lead... ...he'le trying to run do . can tiger woods pull this one off. never in his run after 14 championships has he won without a piece of the 54-hole lead.
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he'll be trying to run down the field on wednesday. second-round leader. what happened? six bogeys today. that's what happened. a round of 77. that eegs six over. he failed to tie for 11th place. check oit these great shots here. check out y. a. yang. he won a major and he was staring it downright there. jimmy from the cat box. trickle, trickle, bounce that w in. liej that one, huh. all right. back to the contenders, phil mick elson. he's in it. two over for the tournament. first sdmooint place separated by just five shots. only three guys under par, hunter mejan one of them. he shot a 68 and in the final group sunday. tiger woods is in the in the final pairing. two birdies today steady again at two and at nine. steady. dropped him out of a share of
11:29 pm
the lead. he's at wurnd par and two shots behind his playing pat ner today. that would be lee west wood. three birdies, missed one at the 17th. two shots clear of the field. has not won a major yet. oh, yes, the carlton. that actor was back in tahoe at the american century championship. fun and games, athletes and entertainers. john elway deep to former short jeremy who hauled it in. did not score a touchdown but got some style points. in second place behind steph curry but warriors point guard nice putt at 14, he sits in with a lead after four birdies and six-hole stretch. no basketball player ever won the tournament. look at this guy here. loofks like tito from the jackson. curry's team and the warriors against the lakers summer league.
11:30 pm
block in one hand. uh-huh. going to see a lot of basemore this season. warriors beat the lake show final of 83 to 77. and the top-selg jersey in the national football league belongs to colin kaepernick. that's him a few nights ago. no. 7, the top, rus el wilson of the seahawks the second. robert griffin, iii is third. we'll be back. ,,,,,,
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news... we now know at least one person is dead...n
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an . we now have an update for you on our breaking news. we now know at least one person is dead in an officer-involved shooting in san francisco's tenderloin district. police are investigating near the intersection of o'farrell and larkin stroets right now. we do have a crew on the scene, and we will have more information on our morning news. all right. that's it for us at 11:00. thanks so much for watching. see you back here tomorrow night at 5:30. until then news updates are on good night. ,,,,
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