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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  July 21, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> glor: tonight, the bankruptcy battle, the largest u.s. city ever to declare bankruptcy weighs its options, all of them controversial. >> this is a very tragic situation. and this is a very difficult decision, but it is the right one. >> glor: terrell brown reports on detroit's dilemma. the roller coaster death in texas, the family releases new details on the victim, as manuel bojorquez follows the investigation. the comeback kid, one month after heartbreak, phil mickelson has a round for the ages to win the open championship. and saving a species, carter evans reports on the
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population in just the last 13 years. we begin tonight with terrell brown. >> reporter: city leaders vigorously defended the filing today. >> we don't have a choice. we have crossed the rubicon on the level, we have 18 plus, 18, $19 billion in debt, and no funding mechanism for it. so this is question of necessity. >> reporter: the city has been called an urban disaster area, for detroit's citizens michigan governor rick schneider says bankruptcy protection is the only way forward. >> they are not getting the services they deserve and they haven't for a very long time.
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so this can has been kicked down the road for decades. >> reporter: the move has infuriated some of the city's 9,700 public employees and 20,000 retirees, worried they are getting cheated out of their pension and retirement savings. emergency manager kevyn orr said they will probably feel the sting. >> there are going to be some adjustments there probably going to need to be some adjustments. >> reporter: one major question, after the success of the american auto bailout in 2008, will detroit ask washington for help again? city mayor dave binge says not yet. >> i think it is very difficult right now to ask directly for support, and i think we have got to take a step back and see what is next. >> reporter: the city has requested a hearing in the case for this tuesday. as for full recovery that could take years if it happens at all. in order for detroit to move forward with bankruptcy protection, city leaders first have to prove that bankruptcy is a last resort. if approved by a federal judge, a plan for reorganization will be put in place and voted on by the city's creditors. jeff. >> glor: terrell brown, thank you. detroit is home to one of the
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most prestigious collections of art in the world, and one of the options on the table is for all of that to be sold. but it is not so simple. >> oh, wow, this is the top of the triangle. >> to rod expenser the detroit institute of art is priceless. >> the d.i.a. is the history of detroit. that is what it means to me. they have a most interesting piece... >> reporter: he has been coming to the museum at least once a month for 25 years but now the city is talking about selling everything from works by van gogh to picasso, to the original howdy doodle difficult doll. >> that is from a private collection, where will this go? >> we must address these issues. >> reporter: detroit's emergency manager kevyn orr says all assets must be on the table to appease the city's creditors. they valued the works at two and a half billion dollars, around ten percent of the city's potential long-term debt. but it would be challenging to sell the work quickly. >> it would just flood the market.
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there are only so many billionaires that could absorb all of that material. >> reporter: there is also the question of whether it is even detroit's art to sell. the state's attorney general issued an opinion that the check hundred is held by a charitable trust for the people of michigan, ty dthe cisn't really own it the citizens do. >> this man is with the american society of alliance they are going to go through this rebuilding process, and the museum absolutely can be part of that. the collection is there to make it a great city, to provide that foundation for the city's recovery. >> we are talking about selling history. how can you sell family history? >> glor: if the sale does happen, it would be the biggest american museum auction ever. the tallest roller coaster of its kind remains closed tonight as the investigation into friday night's fatal accident in texas continues. manuel bojorquez is on-site. >> reporter: investigators in arlington, texas are still
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working to determine what caused the tragic death of rosie esparza friday night at six flags over texas. it was esparza's first time visiting the amusement park, park visitors are still shaken by the incident. >> very sad. i feel horrible for the family. >> reporter: the 51-year-old dallas mother was riding the texas giant roller coaster with her family, stunned eyewitnesses say she flew out of her seat moments after the ride began. this family saw it all and heard the reaction from esparza's children as the ride finished. >> they were screaming when they came back and they were trying to get out of the restraint and screaming my mom, my mom we have to get my mom, she is gone. an eye-witness said before the ride began, esparza asked the attendant to double-check her safety restraints because she did not feel safe and the attendant assured esparza she was. >> one of the employees from the park, one of the ladies she was like, she asked for her to check her more than once and once you
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hear it click you are okay. >> reporter: police and fire department officials say there is no evidence of foul play. this video shot by pbs news earlier this year shows how fast this coast search can go with a drop of 79 degrees and a bank of 95 degrees, the texas giant climbs 14 stories high at its tallest point. the ride was closed for the 2010 season. the all wooden track was replaced with a new prefabricated steel system. it is now closed while the investigation continues. jeff, this is only the second death at this park since it opened in 1961. and since 2008, there have been reports of 14 minor injuries that occurred on the texas giant, to be clear the ride behind me is not the texas giant. in a statement to cbs news today, six flags officials said we are committed to determining the cause of this accident, but they also added that at this point it would be a disservice to speculate on what transpired. >> glor: manuel, thank you very much.
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police in cleveland ohio tonight are searching for the victim of a suspected serial killer, the remains of three female bodies have been found in the past two days around a rundown neighborhood in east cleveland. investigators say they do expect to find more victims. the suspected killer is in custody, he is identified as 35- year-old michael madison. the city's mayor says he is a register sex offender. in arizona, a storm that pushed through phoenix today triggered flash flooding. more than an inch sent water rushing through neighborhoods several motorists as you can see was trapped after trying to drive through the rising water, others had to be rescued before being washed away, no one was hurt. a norwegian woman imprisoned after reporting a rape is speaking out tonight. inter your designer says she was assaulted by a co-worker last march, when she reported the rape to police, they in turn accused her of having sex outside marriage as well as
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public intoxication, both of which are against local law. she says she is going public now in order to spread the word to other western women in dubai. she is currently confined to a norwegian run facility pending appeal. secretary of state john kerry returned from the middle east late last week with word of an agreement to reboot israeli- palestinian peace talks, at least in principle, as jeff reports as usual in the long history of these talks, the delve is in the details. >> reporter: secretary kerry insists the stalled peace process is moving again. >> this is a significant and welcomed step forward. >> reporter: israeli and palestinian negotiators he says will meet in washington as soon as this week. kerry hasn't offered other specifics. >> i think all of us know that candid, private conversations are the very best way to preserve the time and the space for progress and understanding when you face difficult, complicated issues, such as
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middle east peace. >> reporter: complicated because the two sides are still deeply divided on several issues, including the division of jerusalem, the holy city for both jews and muslims, and israeli built settlements on territory claimed by both. today israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu seemed to lower expectations that a new push toward peace would succeed. he acknowledged that any peace negotiations with the palestinians would be tough. >> a spokesperson for palestinian president mahmoud abbas says he has not yet received an invitation to washington but there is movement on one sticking point, israel is now promising to release several long serving political prisoners. edward walker is a former u.s. ambassador to israel. >> the person who wants this the most is secretary kerry. this is a very tough nut to crack, and i don't see it being easily managed at this time given the politics of the situation on both sides.
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>> reporter: it has been three years since there was a significant advance in middle east peace talks and there is a lot of skepticism that kerry's current efforts will produce lasting results. jeff. >> glor: thank you. in syria president bashar al- assad killed 50 rebels in damascus, the media called them terrorists. >> secretary kerry also got a firsthand look at some of the misery caused by syria's civil war. he found a refugee camp just inside jordan. here is clarissa ward. >> reporter: from above, it looks like a desolate wasteland, dusty and impoverished, destroyed of color but this is the fastest growing city in jordan and it is inhabited entirely by some 115,000 syrian refugees. late last week, secretary of state john kerry became the most senior official to visit the refugee camp, he told reporter
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he was shocked by what he found. >> the burdens on jordan are huge, and this is building into one of the great humanitarian crises on the face of the planet and it is getting worse by the day, not better. >> reporter: more than half a million syrians have flooded into this tiny country, six million, that is the equivalent of 26 million refugees arriving in the u.s., the entire population of texas. in a country that can hardly support its own population, the refugees are putting strain on jordan's water and electricity supplies. when we visited the camp in may, we found many inhabitants were frustrated with the desperate living conditions. riots and protests are a regular occurrence here. most simply want to return home, but with the war in syria still raging on and with president assad forces gaining momentum on the battlefield, that is not likely to happen soon.
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clarissa ward, cbs news, london. >> glor: a string of bombings and shootings across iraq killed at least 13 people today driving the weekend death toll to more than 70. many died saturday when multiple car bombs went off in mostly resident neighborhoods. an interview on tomorrow's cbs this morning, new york governor andrew cuomo offers his view on two scandal plagued politicians, former congressman anthony weiner running for new york city mayor and former governor eliot spitzer who is running for city comptroller. >> it is part of the charm of new york, you know, we tend to have the eccentric, we tend to have the entertaining and this is a little political theatre, i think that is how people think of it. i don't think people think anything more of hit. >> do you wish they hadn't gotten in, one or the other or both? >> no, i think, again, running for office is a very personal
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decision. >> glor: you can see the full interview first thing tomorrow on "cbs this morning." later here, a new weapon to fight the scourge of prescription drug abuse. a desperate measure to save a rare rhino species, and phil mickelson's magical day, those stories when the "cbs evening news" continues. continue. >> tu"hb
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axiron. >> glor: opioids are a family of drugs that range from legal prescription painkillers like oxycontin to illegal drugs like heroin. every year opioids overdoses kill more americans than homicides. one city in massachusetts is fighting back in a new way. don dahler reports from quincy. >> reporter: quincy massachusetts police officer ryan donnelley has a new weapon in his cruiser, narcan. >> the narcan is administered -- >> reporter: as shown in this training video, narcan reverses an overdose by blocking the
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opioids ability to attach to brain cells, normal breathing can resume in minutes. >> we gave narcan and... ( snaps ) >> reporter: this policeman used the nasal spray form to reverse overdoses nine times. quincy is the first police department to carry this drug on the patrol. >> the cop aspect he is engaging in illegal activity but the human aspect, like this is a life. >> reporter: in the past two and a half years, quincy police have used narcan 179 times in reverse to 170 overdoses. >> if somebody's daughter or son or father or brother or mother, that is what puts it in your head. >> reporter: when nancy's son overdosed an officer used narcan to revive him. >> people think that this is the homeless junky that lives on the street, but these are our
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children. we have a very serious epidemic in this country that started with prescription drugs. >> reporter: brendon's addiction began when he started sneaking painkillers prescribed for his father's back injury, that was his gateway to heroin. >> constant worrying, when the phone rings, oh, my gosh, did something happen? >> we always have two doses in every cruiser. >> reporter: veteran narcotics detective patrick glynn oversees the narcan program and dismisses critics who say it encourages addicts to keep using. >> it is just a simple change, where we decided we cannot arrest our way out of this epidemic. >> reporter: narcan gives addicts another chance to seek treatment and to stop stealing to pay for their habit. >> if we can stop them from being sick and take care of the disease, they won't commit the crime, there won't be a criminal. >> reporter: white house office of national drug policy encourages wilder distribution of narcan which only costs $22 a dose. in quincy private citizens can be trained to use it and nancy holler carries it everywhere, just in case. >> i keep one in my cabinet, one in my minivan, and one in my pocketbook. >> reporter: always within reach? >> always. this is my child. i am going to do everything i can to save his life. >> reporter: don dahler, quincy massachusetts. >> glor: it has been a day of
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the royal transition in belgium the country's new king and royal family were greeted by thousands of people today, they appeared on a palace balcony, philippe the first who is 53, after his father abdi indicated because of poor health. flush to avoid politics as much as possible, in belgium the royal title is mostly ceremonial. as a rule, baseball players don't like getting hit by wild pitches. they don't like skydivers much either. that story is next. next.
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>> glor: one month after leading an, and losing the u.s. >> glor: one month after leading and losing the u.s. open on the final day, golfer figure phil mickelson was vindicated overseas today. a birdie on 18 was the capper, followed by a double fist pump, the 43 years old finished a stunning in scotland to win the open championship. mickelson began five strokes off the lead but bird did four of the last six holes to win by three, the fifth major championship of his career and his first at the british, and his family was there for all of it.
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>> well, this was a day that i will remember my entire life. it was one of the best rounds of golf i have ever played, and to be able to share this moment with amy and my children amanda, sophie and evan, it just makes the moment even more special. >> glor: there are plenty of ways to get hurt in sports. this may be a first. a shortstop in the missouri summer league was talking to teammates when a skydiver dropped in and took him out. despite getting knocked over, mattingly romanin still played and turned in a double play in the first inning, we are told. a new world record was set in dublin, ireland, more than 2000 dancers from 44 countries created the largest ever river dance. previous record was held by 652 dancers from tennessee. still ahead, an endangered rhino and a drastic plan to save it.
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>> glor: finally this evening, zoologist in cincinnati are planning a highly unusual step to save a species from another
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era, unusual and for some experts, unwarranted.
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together alone is up to nature. carter evans, cbs news, los angeles. >> glor: that is the "cbs evening news" for tonight. later on cbs "60 minutes," i am jeff glor, cbs news in new york, scott pelley will be her
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when seconds counted... wase on the phone? the new allegations that may shed l on a good samaritan's death. when seconds counted, was he on the phone? the new allegations that may shed light on why five women died inside of a limo in may. explosion of flocks of seagulls and what they brought to the bay area. ,,,,,,,,
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and ended up getting killede c-h-p says it's investigati ist who pull good evening. he stopped to help others and ended up getting killed. the chp


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