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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  July 22, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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this is kpix 5 news. >> good afternoon. i'm brian. >> and i'm michelle griego. first comes love, thern then comes marriage. and now a royal baby. we're waiting for word at this hour at the birth of britain's new royal edition.
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you can see all of the reporters outside the hospital. >> reporter: kate is at the same private area where princess diana gave birth to princess william and harry. a huge crowd is camped outside the london lom where kate has been in labor since early this morning. well wishers brought baby balloons when he or she arrives. even grandfather to be is waiting patiently for news. the great kate wait is now in the final stages. >> very exciting occasion and the whole country is excited with them. >> reporter: everyone is keeping an eye on this door where they will emerge with a birth notice. >> when the baby is born, there will be a call to the queen. then to the middleton family.
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and then to other members of the royal family. >> a police escort will rush the announcement from this hospital over to buckingham palace. >> people are gathering where the birth notice will be posted revealing the gender, weight and time of birth. >> a lot of my friends are seen placing bets on a boy or a girl and what the name is going to be. >> many brits are hoping for a girl. the government changed law giving the same rights to a girl as a boy. so prince or princess, third in line to the throne. >> might take time before the name is announced. with william it took a week and charles' name took a month. >> all right. thank you. and the royal birth is expected to
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be good for business. it's estimated retailers will said $121 million worth of related baby toys and souvenirs. diaper covers to a prince potty chair in the shape of a throne. >> must details are emerging in the limo fire that killed the bride and her friends. the driver's wife says he was arguing with her on the phone when the fire broke out. at the bridge with how this could change the course of the investigation. >> reporter: brian, chp and district attorney's office says they will be following up with the driver's estranged wife. earlier this morning we tried to catch up and get ahold of rachel hernandez brown but she was not at her san jose home. driver or brown's wife told san jose mercury he was arguing with his wife on the phone. he was upset while they were talking. she said he was trying to make up
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after a public fight they had. brown's wife even said he turned up the music volume so loud so the women would not hear the argument. how distracted he might have been. the driver already admitted he misunderstood the woman when he told him about the smoke. >> if i would have known she had saying smoke instead of i want to smoke a cigarette, maybe 30 seconds, 60 seconds would have been spared. but everything happened so fast. >> reporter: the incident happened back in may. 9 women were celebrating a woman's wedding. now brown's wife told the merc he called her before calling 911. brown told cnn that he had done everything he could to try to save the women but days after one of the survivors came forward and said he didn't do much to help them escape. reporting live, cate caugurian, back to you.
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>> do they know yet what caused the fire to begin with? >> reporter: chp said no at this point. we're going to get a formal report but the investigation is on going. >> developing news in san francisco. police are still searching for two people suspected of a violent home invasion in the bay view district. happened after 12:15 this morning near third street. police say a woman convinced the victim to open front gate and two men ran inside. the victim was stabbed and expected to survive. officers were able to catch one suspect as he jumped out of a back window. an ohio man has been charged with murder after the bodies of three women have been found over the weekend. michael madison appeared in court. one of the women has been identified as 38-year-old angela deskin. the bodies were wrapped in trash bags and within 200 yards of
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each other. >> these individuals were very decomposed at the time they were recovered. for this reason, they can't release a final cause of death at the present time nor can we release identification of the other two victims. >> all three women were killed in the past week and a half. they say madison told investigators a local serial killer inspired him. he faces the death penalty or life in prison if convicted. >> a heat sensor might have saved the life of the girl killed in the plane crash earlier this month. designed to detect heat from people and objects near a crash. but the truck that ran over 16-year-old ye meng yuan was older and did not have that technology. all new airport fire trucks to have heat sensors. >> bay area headlines, pg and e is working to repair a broken
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gas line. construction workers hit the line near miraga street this morning. it's a small line that feeds into one home. no one was evacuated. >> filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. the grocery chain says it reached an impasse. the filing will give the opportunity to reorganize. all of the company's 21 stores will stay open. >> today bart is showing off new train car that is a work in progress. reporters got access to a live mock up of a train interior. the model will stay at macarthur station. >> there is a shadow over that look to the future. a shadow by bart on going labor dispute. plan to go public of the agency's lead negotiate or.
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details on what the union calls a history of legal behavior. another sign both sides are dug in and no closer to a deal. following the story throughout the afternoon. >> dozens of evacuees are back in their homes as firefighters get a handle on southern california's mountain fire. the evacuation orders were lifted near communities in palm springs. 68% containment of the 42 square mile fire yesterday. 23 structures have been destroyed since early last week. >> still ahead. a roller coaster become s a nightmare for a texas family. what witnesses say happened seconds before the deadly ride. >> and octavia spencer sits down with us on her new role and how it's going to change the bay area. >> meteorologist lawrence karnow. kpix 5 hi-def doppler
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radar tracking rain. talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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(male announcer) break the monotony. visit accident that killed a woma six flags says it's using own staff as well as outside experts to investigate a roller coaster accident that killed a woman in texas. a woman fell to her death yesterday. a witness says the victim was worried about a safety bar. >> the texas roller coaster which reaches 14 stories remains closed after a passenger was thrown off the ride and killed. an eyewitness says before the ride began the dallas mother asked ana attendant to double-check her safety restraint. >> one of the employees from
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the park was waiting. she asked her to click her more than once. as long as you heard it click, you are okay. >> certified to inspect roller coasters, says there is a lack of federal state oversight. >> there is limited oversight from the state with just the fact of having insurance and having their rides witnessed. but that's it. no federal or state requirement. >> last year amusement theme parks saw 132 million visitors. there was an average of four injuries per million guests. and 1200 of those injuries were roller coaster related. they watched from inside fell to her death. >> they were screaming my mom, my mom. we got to get my mom. she's gone. >> ruled out foul play.
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six flags now says it's conducting own investigation as to why the restraints failed to keep her in her seat. cbs news. >> the ceo says the roller coaster will stay closed until officials are sure it's safe to ride again. he's refusing to speculate on how the accident happened. >> the duchess of cambridge will be giving birth to a new heir. she's been in the hospital for more than 12 hours tomorrow. and alfonso is live outside the hospital as the world waits for word. and after kate gives birth the news is going to be shared by tradition and new technology. >> reporter: that's right, michelle. what we are waiting on here, it's the end of the day and more and more people are coming outside of the hospital and most everybody wants to get a look. out of the building past this huge gamete of
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different press you see including some on a bike right here. he or she will be carrying a bulletin. will include the sex of the baby, the time the baby was born as well as the weight of the baby. and that will be taken two miles through london and using traditions, the palace will place that bulletin on an easel. there's a new twist this time around. new technology the royal family is embracing social media. the announcement will be placed on twitter. >> we might not find out the baby's name on twitter. what are the bookies preparing for at this point? >> reporter: well, that's an interesting thing about this country. what is happening is a lot of people are putting down their favorite. placing money on what the baby's name may be. of course, if it's a girl, some
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of the frontrunners, would be diana, elizabeth, caroline. what most people will tell you here when you ask them about the name. what's more important, they just want a healthy baby. they want this delivery to go well. at the end of the day, even though kate is a duchess, she's a first time mom and a lot of people can identify with that. they want the birth to go safely. >> that is a good point. live in london. thank you. >> i'm still saying a girl. >> i am on the edge of my seat. i can't wait to find out what's going on. >> i thought you were talking about the potential for thunderstorms. >> that too. of course. we have a slight chance of thunderstorms here in the bay area. could be an interesting afternoon outside. we have some of that subtropical moisture wrapping its way back into the central valley. you can see there's not a strong line along i-5. you can see some of that
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working its way off the coastline of the monterey bay. there's a slight chance for folks into the south bay. a lot of the clouds wrapping around right now. the temperature is beginning to warmup nicely. into the 80s now. 73 in concord. 74 in san jose. 61 in san francisco. throughout the afternoon sunshine and clouds moving by. and a slight chance of thunderstorms tomorrow as well. a couple systems out here. low pressure off the coastline. high pressure over the desert southwest wrapping moisture back into the bay area. we're going to leave that chance of thunderstorms in the forecast for today and into tomorrow as well. around the state a better chance in the high country expect thunderstorms in yosemite also lake tahoe. then you move to the northern parts of the state. around the bay area, numbers as high as 88 in livermore. 81 in san jose and 63 in san francisco.
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if you plan to head out to the ballpark tonight, a lot of clouds and cool temperatures. a little muggy outside with some of that subtropical moisture. next couple days, keep things unsettled. as we get in toward wednesday, thursday and friday, back to more normal weather. temperatures slightly warmer and that chance of thunderstorms will be gone. >> are you just excited about the thunderstorms? >> yes. >> you guys love the thunderstorms. the movie fruit vale is making waves across the country. recreates the final hours before grant was shot and killed by a bart police officer new year's day 2009 in oakland. octavia spencer plays the mother in the movie. instead of a red carpet, the film premiered in oakland. i asked her about the impact she thinks it will have on the bay area. >> i think the bay area needed
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to heal more so than anyone with this incident. and we're grateful that bart allowed us to film on the platform. that was a huge statement that was made. it was amazing. the whole timeliness of it is amazing. >> fruitvale is nationwide but opens this friday. >> there's one thing research parents forget about and it's hurting more and more children. ,,
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today rising commodity pric. old and copper... here's a live look at the big board. right now the dow is up 8 points. rising commodity prices are making up for weak earning reports. several companies are out with results for the second quarter including mcdonalds and gui nett. we all hate it but have to pay it. gas prices are slowly rising and california ranks among the highest prices. california ranks third place for most expensive gas partially because of the state's high gas tax. the state averages $4.06 a gallon. hawaii sits at number one with $4.04. >> the number of kids getting hurt by falling televisions is on the rise. more than 12,000
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kids were hurt by falling tvs in 2011. up 126% from 1990. the study published -- were under the age of 5. the study found simply anchoring the tv can prevent most of those kinds of injuries. >> we tend to do that anyway because of the earthquakes. you have to bolt that down too. >> italian is on tony and stephanie's lunch menu. >> starting the week off with easy and tasty recipe. mushroom and tomato. >> it's great. >> started us off with mushrooms and extra olive oil. we started with white mushrooms and a nice sweetness to it.
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now you are adding in the sage. >> a little bit of pepper. and mix the sage around. and parsley in here . >> the parsley is going to counteract. what i forgot to mention is you have peppers in here. >> we have italian bread. perfect for bruscetta. slices so clean. >> we can show it to everybody. >> garnish it off with parsley. >> that's it. done. there you go. chow. thank you, honey. >> thank you . >> a one of a kind baby present headed to the palace , next. >> and a reminder. if you have a consumer problem or question call 888-5-helps-u. >> this is a bay bridge highlight from kpix 5.
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>> the single tower on the self anchored suspension span is made up of four gigantic legs. each leg arrived by barge in sections and lifted carefully into place. straddling all four of the top is the grillage where the cable saddle sits. the total height is 525 feet. >> this bay bridge highlight is sponsored by chase. thank you. so you can make a payment from your cell to almost anyone's phone or email. (speaking french) so you can express your gratitude... in the moment.
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most important meal of the we'll tell you why sk they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. we'll tell you why skipping it could have deadly consequences. and some are finding hard to swallow. that story and more at 5:00. >> princess kate is expecting a baby. people are going over board on the royal baby. this one takes the cake. a houston
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texas bakery is sending a life size cake to the palace. it's in the form of kate middleton holding the royal baby. >> that is creepy. >> held together with a pvc pipe system. >> and she's holding it with her wedding dress on too. >> again, we are waiting for word from london. this is outside the hospital. aren't you excited? royal baby on the way. have a great afternoon, everyone.
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