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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  July 22, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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let's take a look at why this is happening. typically we're sunny. all this tropical moisture that was over arizona, southern nevada and california is working its way towards us. this is water vapor. that is an atmosphere ripe to see rainfall. last time we had any widespread rain here almost a month ago, june 25th. today was the first cloudy day in a month w. will talk more about the timing of this rain chance in a few minutes. >> we'll see you then. time is running out to make a deal before another possible b.a.r.t strike. with less than two weeks to go, b.a.r.t's lead negotiator is on vacation. work we workers could walk off again on sunday, august 4th. kpix 5's phil matier is at the b.a.r.t station with more on the union's charge that
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b.a.r.t's hired negotiator has gone mia. >> reporter: that's right. you have to remember that in the last strike they were seen in the public relations eyes as the underdogs, the ones that walked out too soon. this time, the unions might have one that even the folks on b.a.r.t can get a drift of. take a look. >> with just 13 days left until a possible second b.a.r.t strike and little progress being made at the bargaining table, union leaders came out swinging over b.a. r.t's chief negotiator planning one week vacation in the middle of the talks. >> we were advised he was scheduled to take a vacation. we requested that he not take the vacation or that someone else be put in his place. >> they say hawk doesn't seem interested in hawking.
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>> we presented them and asked if he had any questions. no, he had no questions. he was in the room precisely 12 minutes will. we asked when he would be back. he said i will be back in about 45 minutes. never came back, and's been his style. >> we have negotiating teams available to respond to anything. >> where is mr. hook? >> he had previous commitments. i don't know where he is. >> is he on vacation? >> he had previous commitments is all i have been told. >> are you concerned about how this is going to look to the public? >> we're concerned about getting a fair contract. >> we are committed and will be here everyday and are asking that the b.a.r.t board of directors and general manager send someone who has authority to bargain. >> they are just smoke screens. we need to talk about the economic issues. >> as art union extending the deadline. >> the contract has been
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extended until august 4th, and that is the deadline. >> reporter: so, looks like both sorts sort of hunkering down and already playing the blame game. liz. >> there is sort of an aspect to all this today, right? the union is calling out b.a.r.t's negotiator. b.a.r.t is calling ate smoke screen. i don't feel like we are getting any closer to an actual deal. >> reporter: no, it doesn't appear so. they are still far apart on those key elements which are how much the b.a.r.t workers are going to pay into their pension and that $92 a month for health care regardless of whether it's one person or a family of four. liz, like you said n is perception, and a lot of times, what you're seeing, if you can understand something like what do you mean you're not at the table when all this is supposed to be going on, it sends a message. >> sure. all right, phil, thankings. we also got a pick today of b.a.r.t's fleet for the future. this is what it looks like
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inside the agency's life-sized model train car. b.a.r.t says the new trains will be more technologically advanced. >> some of the features are three doors per side for faster exiting and entrances, microplugged doors for a quieter ride, automated audio and visual messages. >> want to take a look for yourself, walk through the model train in oakland all this week. b.a.r.t is asking for feedback for the final stein. u.s. coast guard arrested a sailor who led them on a slow speed chase on the bay after making false distress calls. the chase ended about two and a half miles you have a point bonita. kpix 5's don ford on the suspicious sight that start the whole thing. >> it started as a normal sunday afternoon patrol. the coast guard noticed a sailboat with no markings, no numbers and no flag.
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they pulled up to conduct a routine safety boarding. >> the master of the vessel basically threatened the board team and said if you come board i have weapons and i won't be afraid to use them. >> the small coast guard backed away and placed the call they would need a bigger boat. >> they sent out another 25- foot response boat. time it has police department on it. >> the sailboat made its way under the golden gate bridge and was headed out to sea. coast guard had to get another boat and started to chase the sailboat. >> we brought in an 87-foot patrol boat like you see behind as well as a 47-foot boat from station goaden gate. >> the coast guard had their noncompliance boarding team this time. it is heavily armed maritime s.w.a.t. team. according to the coast guard the skipper was arrested after
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a brief altercation. he is identified as david john mccormick. he is holding two passports, one from new zealand, the other from ireland. >> reporter: if you ever get pulled over by the coast guard, it is never a good idea to argue with someone who is always eventually going to have a bigger boat than you. don ford kpix 5. >> u.s. attorneys' in san francisco will decide what charges he will face, if any. his sailboat name fortune was towed to be inspected. other bay area headlines. pg e has repaired a broken gas line in san francisco's sunset district. construction workers hit the line on 46th avenue at around 8:15 this morning. pge says it was not a main gas line but a smaller one that feeds into one home. no one was evacuated. san francisco police continue to search for a man and woman suspected in an overnight hominal vision in the bayview district.
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police say a woman convinced the victim to open the front beat and two men then ran inside. the victim was stabbed but is expected to survive. officer esiason caught one of the suspects as he was jumping out of a back window. a dump truck pageup truck crashed on 101 this morning causing traffic to move slowly for a couple hours. chp closed a couple lanes in both directions because fuel spilled onto the road. investigators say neither driver was seriously hurt. colleges across the state gearing up for the busiest fall semester they have seen in years. comes after voters approved prop 30. the tax measure to raise money for education. ann notarangelo shows us one college in the east bay. >> andrew pinell had simple goal today, to get the one english class he needs. >> i am trying to get into this english class i have been struggling to get into for some
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time. >> it is expected to get easier for community if colleges to get those this credits now. $210million more than they had last year. >> is it more fun to be a teacher right now? >> it is a lot easier because we have a scheduling committee that over the last few years has done mostly cut, cut, cut. >> valley college and pleasant hill sent out postcards announcing they are adding more than 100 new classes this pennsylvania they include career technical education and general education classes. it is a welcome challenge for the college that has been laying off people for years now. >> do we have the staff for our services? do we have the faculty? >> more classes, more teachers, you think it would be easy to get exactly the classes you want, but it's not. >> you came to get three classes and you're for sure in one. >> yes. one. i'm glad. >> that was sign language.
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she teaches on the wait list for bright -- biology. many community colleges are in transition. fromd focusing on economics to the occasional philosophical indulgence. >> i guess once it starts we will see if it is a little more simple. >> at the very least, there is optimism, something that's been missing on community college campuses for years. ann notarangelo kpix 5. >> ann tells us andrew didn't get the english class he needed but he left the student center hopeful that it will work out. >> takes me aback a bit just because of where the source is coming from. you might find it hard to swallow. why people in one bay area county could be drinking water from recycled sausage. it is a lucrative career if you can get a job. why it's never been heard, though, for aspiring lawyer are also. >> they were working them to death.
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coming up at 6:30, what we found when we went undercover at a bay area stable accused of mistreating horses. ,,,,,,,, [ male announcer ] at montrose pet hospital,
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guardia airport when its no collapsed. new reports say five passengers and three cw members required medical a southwest plane landed hard on the runway when its nose collapsed. new reports say five passengers and three crew members required medical treatment. not clear the extent of the injuries. the flight was from nashville carrying 149 passengers and crew. the cause is unknown. a plane crash near lake tahoe killed a man and injured his wife this morning. the small plane went down shortly after take off from the airport. the pilot was identified as steven leston. officials say his wife is suffering serious injuries but will survive. the cause of the crash is
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unknown. the fire rescue truck that ran over an asiana plane crash victim at sfo did not have a heat sensor installed, technology that could possibly have prevented the teenager's death. some of the first response trucks at sfo have technology designed to detect heat from people and objects near a crash site, but the truck that ran over the 16-year-old was i woulder and did not have that new technology. it wasn't required before 2011, but it is now a requirement on new airport fire trucks. federal officials say draught conditions could bring water levels to five year lows. must bureau is estimating the lake will fall to about one fourth of total capacity by year's end. in fact, people who have boats texas department of criminal justice at the lake are being told to take them out. a lower lake also means less water in the american river which supplies water to sacramento. people in santa clara county will get a new water
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source in the next few months, but they may not be too thrilled when they find out where this water is coming from. kpix 5's len ramirez is in san jose with a look at the source of the newfound water supply. >> reporter: talking about turning sewage water into drinking water. in fact, drinking water that's even more pure than what you would get in one of these water bottles. but no one is going toddling water yet. it will be used for decoration and irrigation because of public perception. >> san jose kids have been playing in recycled fountain water for years. now water that is pure pure enough to drink coming from where? for most people that's just too much to stomach. >> takes me aback a little bit just because of where the source is coming from. >> the source for the virtually limitless water is the sewage plant.
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later this fall pretreated waste water from the plant will flow into a new $68 million silicon valley advanced water purification system. >> the reality is we are able to produce water cleaner than our other sources. >> water from the new facility won't flow into homes or businesses. it will go into purple pipes to be used for pyree fire hydrants, landscaping or decorative fountains. >> takes a long time to educate folks and for people to grasp this concept that this water can be purified to a level that is cleaner than what we are already drink. >> the plant will produce 8 million gallonsover water a day using microfiltration r reversos know sis and finally ultraviolet light which will zap away any impurities that may be left. recycled water may some day be a ready source people will want to tap into. >> just another step in the
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process we could actually take this water and maybe recharge the groundwater system to be used as another source of supply for the valley. >> reporter: that, of course, is going to be years away, but the water purification plant will be opening in october. it will be open for public tours so people can come in, get familiar with the technology and see it for themselves. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> san jose's advanced water purification plant will be the largest in northern california. the largest such plant in the world is already operating in orange county. california has a bunch of lawyers. there are so many out of work tones that it has resulted in a sharp decline in law school enrollment. kpix 5's mike sugerman reports that law schools are losing money and laying off teachers. >> here is a indictment call your mother. tell her the serious do you want your becoming a lawyer. >> it would cost more than a
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dime these days, but there is more and more serious doubt of young people become lawyers. >> it is about half of what it was back in 2002. >> that's the number nationwide of law school applications. >> you see those doors over there? they are a lot easier to get into these days, but are you sure you want to? >> overdares of the last four or five years, the number of jobs in the legal community has dropped substantially. >> about half the number of last year's law school graduates had law jobs six months after passing the bar. >> years ago we decided to shrink the size of the incoming class in order to provide better opportunities for our graduates. >> that sent shock waves to to legal community. >> when i graduated in 1979 you could walk down the street and get so offers. >> this attorney ran the state's unemployment office. >> companies are getting much tougher in terms of working
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with law firms and law firms are getting much more efficient. >> my mom told me when i was a kid i have the personality of a lawyer and this was the field i would be appreciated in. >> there are offices like this to work in and six figures to start. maybe 80 hours a week of work. you better like it. >> you have to show you're really interested and you have to really show a passion and show what you can do for that employer. >> that's not the law, but you better be able to argue otherwise. mike sugerman kpix 5. >> now, many would-be lawyers these days end up volunteering for public agencies before they actually get paid to be attorneys. we pay him a lot of money, and he looks at the sky and says looks like rain. i don't know. what do you think? >> reporter: more to it than that. >> just kidding. >> reporter: all right.
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here is what we have going. thank you, ken. >> you're welcome. >> reporter: here is live look outside. you don't need me to tell you it's cloudy, but i can tell you why, how long it's going to last and i can tell you if there will be any rain. here is our live picture over the bay bridge. livermore, sticky. did you feel the increase in humidtism san jose 77. oakland 69. look at this active radar. time lapse here, notice everything moving the east to the west. that is key because of all the rain and thunderstorm esiason off to the east. some of that moisture and unstable air may move into the bay area. we have a 20% chance of a shower or thunderstorm overnight tonight. as a matter of fact, right now we are seeing a few light returns on kpix 5 highdf doppler. watch out for a -- high def can
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doppler. moisture has worked its way north and will be with us until about lunchtime tomorrow. as you see all that gray and white bubbling up on your television screen, that is an indication of how humid it is outside. water vapor is lighter than regular air. air has to go up to make rain or thunderstorms. that'll be with us through lunchtime tomorrow. that rain chance, only 10 or 20%. any rain chance in july is a big indictment after that, high pressure builds back in. warm and sunny inland with morning fog, afternoon sunshine near the bit. slight chance of a thunderstorm. little bit of sunshine in the afternoon. high of 80. san francisco 67 tomorrow. slight chance of a shower for you. vallejo 78. only cord 82. tropical moisture, how oldty, rain chance, gone after tomorrow morning. pretty rare to have a rain chance in july. san francisco's average rainfall pa chance in july
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zero. >> i can tease you because you're always right. it's kind of annoying the. >> reporter: we talked about taco bell increase in clouds. >> all right. still waiting for you to be wrong. >> reporter: nothing wrong with being right when you're a weather guy. >> definitely not. why a bay area city is sue one of its own council members. and, doctors say the problem is increasing. why more children are being rushed to the hospital because of falling tvs. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the grocery store chain announced this morning it h filed for chapter 11. the company hasn't defaulted ony payments... but reached an impasse with its bank. mi pueblo's c-e-o says the fedl filing will give the compana chance to reorganize... and become stronger and more competitive. all 21 stores will stay oper business. falling tvs are sending over 17,000 children to emergency rooms every year. on the falling tvs are sending over 17,000 children to
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emergency rooms every year. on the consumer watch sue quan reports the problem is blamed on new flat screen tvs as well as older models. >> tvs could be dangerous to your children. the commission found the number of kids injured by a tv falling on them grew 125% between 1990 and 2011. children under 5 are most at risk. the study is a call to parents to secure your tv with straps and move them out of an area where children can climb up to reach them. the quote from the analyst who offered this report on airline fees says it all. he says the captains are become more compliant. consumers have been more willing to pay them. 40% of us purchase meals. that is up from 28% of travelers two years ago. one out of every four fliers
6:25 pm
paid for extra leg room and movies and early board. one of the reasons sited for the increased willington pay is people want to be comfortable because flights have become more packed. finally, a company called net it solution has official technology to spot vip. now retailers can use it to distracted ticket celeb reimbursementses or big spenders, so i guess that means they will be treated better. it is tested in stores in the u.s. and stores in the far east. i am sue quan, kpix 5 consumer want. >> call 888-5-84ens you if you have more. animal abuse a bay area horse stable. the owner says no way. >> it's just a bunch of horse crap is what this is. >> so we went undercover. you be the judge. >> as we're coming up i'm noticing smoke out of a garage. how a former wrestler saved
6:26 pm
a man from a burning bay area home. >> congratulations william and kate. we love you. it's a boy. royal baby has arrived. how the announcement marked a first. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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they are being used to the point that they are sick, diseased, diagnose. now at 6:30, question esiason about how horses at a bay area stable are being treated. the owner tells us everything is fine, but two women say they have pictures to prove him wrong. so what's the real story? we went undercover to see for ourselves. >> it is a sight most customers don't see. what happens after hours at the mar vista stables in daily city. the stables offer horse back rides to the beach, and a summer camp for kids. beneath the surface liz barnes her friend alice anderson who both boarded horses at the stable describe a darker picture of what they say is horse neglect and abuse. >> i would see the same horses
6:30 pm
going out up to four times, never being fed water. >> they are being used to the point that they are lame, sick, diseased, dying. >> somebody needed to do something >> so they took pictures of what they say are filthy stalls, moldy hay, other grown hoofs, and videotaped skinny horses, limping horses, even a dying horse that they say never got veterinary treatment. >> they were working them to death. >> stable owner wouldn't let us in for a visit. >> it's just a bunch of horse crap is what it is. >> he admits his barn may be in need of a remodel. >> it is an old ranch. >> but he says he treats his horses well. >> reporter: after complaining to the humane society for months with no results, the two women compiled this binder filled with evidence and
6:31 pm
delivered it in person. but to their surprise it hasn't been a slam dunk. >> this is an ongoing investigation so i'm really not going to be able to give you specifics about it. >> humane society director white says state law prose ticket horses for hire, but even if violations are found. >> there is sort of a fix it opportunity. it is fix the conditions of the animal and the crime, if you will, goes away. >> so if things are fixed at mar vista. we paid a visit and noticed a state code violation right away. horses were standing waiting with saddles not loosened and no shelter. >> it's required that they be provided with shelter from the elements? s this horse was so tightly tied to the fence he you would con't fully lie down to rest. >> it is awful, disgraceful, disgusting and sad. >> reporter: an investigator with the peninsula humane society did conduct an inspection of the stable, but he called before showing up.
6:32 pm
the agency says that is routine procedure, but they feel it allow the stable owner to hide any potential problem. a trip to hit some golf balls put a hercules man in perfect position to make a dramatic rescue this weekend. this happened on saturday afternoon. as kpix 5 east ryan takeo explains, flames coming a garage led to a life saving condition. >> as we ear coming up i'm noticing smoke coming out a garage. >> on his way to golf, joseph noticed something wrong. he saw a house on fire so he pulled over, went to the door looking and yelling for anyone inside. then he kick the door in. >> i started kicking bedroom doors open. the third and last bedroom door i found an elderly man who had no idea what was going on. i think he thought i was an intruder. i grabbed him by the shirt and drag him out. >> this neighbor saw it all out
6:33 pm
her window. >> i believe he went in the second time just to make sure everything was okay. >> the man he saved did not speak english. >> to make sure i didn't leave anyone behind. >> joseph does not call himself a hero. he feels that title is given torse more deserving. >> i'm around a lot of elderly. i'm around a lot of ward war two vets. those type of guys -- world war ii vets. those guys are heroes. i don't think i'm anything close to those guys at all. to me, in my eyes. >> no doubt there is at least one person who thinks he meets the criteria. in hercules, ryan takeo kpix 5. >> joseph is a former paramedic, something he credits with helping him keep calm under pressure. the fire is still under investigation, but believe it was started by a car in the garage. the city of richmond is now suing one of its own councilmen. the property hath fire ohio
6:34 pm
avenue is filled with rusted out cars and oil drums. kpix 5's john ramos says the councilman says it is a legitimate business. >> this is the city councilman h. owns this property on carlson boulevard i. doesn't look like much from outside the solid walls, but inside is a whole lot of junk. only don't tell that to corky. >> i buy from auctions. bring them to my facility, separate them and put them back in an auction. >> but the city says he has no right to have this business in this neighborhood, and they have now filed a lawsuit against him to make him remove it, but he has current city and state licenses for an automotive repair facility, and he says he was grandfathered in when the property's zoning changed in 1992. >> therefore, as the court order said, i can continue to do that business in that property until i quit doing it. >> the city didn't respond to
6:35 pm
us today, but they've told him that because he let his city license lapse for a short time a few years ago, the business was technically closed and is now violating zoning laws. it's been an ongoing fight for years. who's in the right depends on who you ask. >> what is their impetus in making this a prior because there is probably not a city official that lives on this block. >> just looks like a little business to memento don't really bother me. >> they haven't lived here when it was a real nuisance. >> tressy may remembers told days when broke down cars lined the street in front of her house. she says as much as she would like to see the business shut doing she doesn't have much faith in the lawsuit. >> nothing is going to happen. they might make him clean up a little bit of it, but he'll still be there. >> hersheys the lawsuit is coming from an adversary on the city council b he says he
6:36 pm
respects the legal process. >> i don't want to be treated any different than a citizen, but i don't want a citizen treated wrongly. >>p. i will do whatever they say. >> until it's decided, he will continue fighting city hall, even though he happens to work there. in richmond, john ramos kpix 5. >> if the city is successful in the lawsuit, he will have 30 days to remove everything from the property or face a $3,500 fine everyday after that until it's cleaned up. coming up, helping breast cancer patients with a strange looking experimental device. coming up, how a real killer to combat one of chemo therapy's dreaded side effects. >> so excited. the royal couple welcomes a baby boy. have a mono far citations announced delivery in a way
6:37 pm
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the duchess of cambridge ga birth to her first child toy it's a boy. after weeks of anticipation and so and a half hours of laborrings the duchess overcame bridge gave birth -- of. came bridge gave birth today. the fanfare that followed the royal arrival. >> huge crowds gathered at bucking ham palace following the announcement that prince william and his wife kate had a son. >> it's a boy. >> the duchess of cambridge went to the hospital and gave birth to an eight pound six ounce boy. the prince was with her. outside the hospital the crowd cheered with the news. many royal watchers had camped out to be a part of history. >> william and kate has a lovely bit. congratulations. we love you. >> a royal aid carried the birth announcement where it was
6:40 pm
put on an easel. the announcement was also posted to twitter and facebook. >> the excitement won't die down any time soon. all eyes will be on those hospital steps. that's where kate and prince william will exit the hospital and introduce the world to the new heir. >> they are the same steps prince charles and princess diana walked in 1982. prince charles released a statement saying he was enormously proud and happy to be a grandfather. the child is now third in line to the throne. palace officials say both mother and child are doing well and will remain in the hospital overnight. alfonso van marsh kpix. >> in keeping with palace tradition, it could be days before we know the name the couple has chosen for their son. british book makers are favoring traditional royal names like george or james.
6:41 pm
pope frances making his first foreign trip since being elected pope. he is on a seven day viz to brazil. thousands fill the street to welcome the pope. at one point he got stuck in traffic and i then surrounded by well wishers. the goal of the trip is to help reconnect you to the catholic faith. how a unique device could help certain breast cancer patients by chilling their scalp. not typically how we spend our july afternoons, cloudy, humid with a chance of rain, but that's exactly where we find ourselves tonight. find out how long this rain chance will stick around in your 7 day forecast, coming up. coming up, 49ers camp is back. so is jim harbaugh. >> i don't agree with that. when is the truth not the truth? >> we won because the truth is on my side. >> why a baseball superstar was suspended. we're going to land this a little bit better than this guy did, coming up. ,,
6:42 pm
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breakfast: skipping it may increase your chances of a t attack. a new study found older men
6:45 pm
eat your breakfast. another reason your mom was right. skipping it may increase your chances of a heart attack. new study found older men who regularly skipped breakfast had a 27% higher risk of a heart attack than those who ate in the morning. why? well, the experts think maybe because people who don't eat breakfast are more likely to be hungrier later in the day and eat larger meals. that can spike sugar levels in the blood, even clog the arteries. the fda has just approved a new study to test out a pretty cool descries. it's a cap for certain breast cancer patients. she run chin shows us once or your head it puts your scalp into a deep chill for a good reason. >> two years ago, melissa lisben was diagnosed with breast cancer. that meant treatment. while effective, it's brutal. >> you go through surgery, chemo in some cases, radiation. sometimes you lose that sense
6:46 pm
of being a woman. >> in part because with chemo therapy you lose your hair p. but melissa's doctor told her about a strange experimental device. if it worked, her hair would be spared. >> i immediately said yes. >> it's called the dignity cap. it cools your cap continuously as you get chemo therapy. >> over a period of time the cam goes down. >> that is 41 degrees fahrenheit like the inside of a fridge. >> if you cool the scalp, you do reduce the amount of blood flow to the scalp to the hair follicles in the scalp. if you convict the blood vessels. >> less blood the flow means less chemo therapy gets into the scalp saving hair. while it doesn't always work. >> a couple women very successfully lose the cap and not lose their hair. >> melissa was one of 20 patients with early stage breast cancer who tested the device in 2011 she felt did not lose her hair after 12 weeks of
6:47 pm
treatment. >> by having your hair go through cancer treatment, at least from my experience it's given me such a positive motivation that i can get through the treatment. >> based on the results, the fda just approved a second larger trial. the cap could soon be available in the u.s. sharon chin kpix 5. >> the cap is already in use in europe and asian yeah. in the u.s., there was a concern cooling could allow cancer cells to hide out in the scalp area, but ucsf investigators saying that is highly unlikely. muggy, cloudy, looks like rain outside. >> reporter: this is not your typical monday forecast here in the bay area. >> no, no. >> reporter: typically we have the exact opposite. we do not have a chance of rain, but today we do. all of those things have come over the top of us. let's get to it. there is a rain chance tonight. this is a two layer cake. the low cloud sitting right
6:48 pm
behind downtown san francisco. mid and high level clouds above. mainly cloudy skies from our dublin cam as well. temperatures held down as humidity levels have been very high. livermore 78. santa rosa 706789 downtown san francisco in the low 60s. mid 70s right now for concord. look at the activity on kpix 5 high def doppler. what interests me the most is the rainfall down towards fresno. that area of low pressure is lifting in our direction. we had about a 20% chance of a widely scattered shower or thunderstorm. is it significant? no, but any rainfall that we get around here in july is a big indictment there are some showers sitting just off -- big deal. there are some showers. don't be surprised if there is a few sprinkles in your neck of the woods. last time we had rainfall around here was june 25th. today was the first widespread cloudy day of the entire month. this tropical moisture has been doing more than just rain and scattered thunderstorms down toward arizona. let me show you.
6:49 pm
look at the torrent going on. somebody had to be rescued from that car. thank goodness they were. very unsafe conditions in the desert. for us, slight chance of a morning shower tomorrow. you coulde you could hear a thunder boomer in the south bay. 80 for your high tomorrow. sunshine is back on wednesday. mainly sunny with a high of 84. have to talk about why this is happening. all that moisture that was down in arizona and old mexico and southern california has worked its way to the north. kind of grabbed by an area of low pressure that will be passing right over top of us tomorrow. as that happens, our rain chance increases. it will be sticky outside once again tomorrow. as soon as that low pressure air moves out, the moisture is gone. we go back to normal. that will be as soon as wednesday. warm to hot weather inland. morning clouds in the bay. no rain chance once we're finished with tomorrow morning. there is that slight thunderstorm chance tonight e early tomorrow before the
6:50 pm
unstable air moves out tomorrow evening. livermore tomorrow 86. pretty cloudy for san jose with that high of 80. freemont 76 degrees. redwood city 80. slight chance of a shower or thunderstorm for danville. highs in the upper 70s. san rafael 78. san francisco 67. windsor tomorrow 83 degrees. back to normal on wednesday. that's sunshine inland. afternoon, sunshine near the bit. going to level it off around 90 away from the water. low 70s near the bay. that's your forecast. be right back.
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enhancing drugs overturned he won his app chnicality in the te last spring brewers slugger ryan braun had a 50 game suspension for using performance enhancing drugs overturned when he won his appeal based on a technicality in the testing process. >> we won because the truth is on my side. the truth is always relevant. the truth prevails. >> what a tangled web we weave. taco bell year later the former mvp has been suspended for the rest of the season for using performance enhancing drugs. this time he will not appeal the ruling which will cost him 65 games and over $3 million. you can now expect more names to follow. giants begin a series with
6:54 pm
the reds. tim linscum posting a 3.16 e.r.a. over his last eight starts. >> the difference in timmy really goes back to what we saw in the playoffs last year. kind of gone away from trying to throw the ball by everybody and has become a constant pitcher. he's moving a bit away from trying to strike everyone out and going a little bit towards getting an out any way he can as fast as he can. his last 48 pitches, if he pitches like that all the time, we may see the tim linscum of old. >> crafty. >> absolutely. i thought brantley hit it right on the money. farmer star eric wright failed his fill crystal with the 49ers which cancels the team's trade with tampa bay. wright was suspended last season for performance-
6:55 pm
enhancing drugs. was somewhat surprising considering jim harbaugh's criticism of the seattle seahawks were having multiple players banned for ped. >> you had pretty strong words about the seahawks and their problem. >> i don't agree with that. >> huh? >> the way you characterized it. >> you don't agree with how i characterized it? >> you cheat the wind and you've already lost according tob. he is -- to bo. he's close to god. >> were you aware of that when you signed him? >> he is a better chance to talk to about it. >> phil certainly assaulted his composition yesterday at the british open. 42 years or older, the third straight to win the open. >> probably the most fulfilling moment of my career because it's something i wasn't sure i
6:56 pm
would be able to ever do. >> he won his first british open title thanks to what he called the best round of his career. he has jumped to number two in the world. i am so glad 58 season not here to brag about how he he picked phil to win it. >> he knew. >> congratulations, allen. again, we're glad you're not here. if you're busy suffering face plants while wake boarding this weekend, here is what you missed. >> good shots were hard to find. last year's open winner on 17 for eagle. the big easy, though, fen issued tied for 26. the marlins have not scored a run in 37 innings. look at carlo. he pulled a conseco.
6:57 pm
>> too graceful on the sand at lake tahoe. caught the pass from elway. he is a hockey player. he likes a little physicality. the just because there is a screen behind the plate, don't trust it. the ball went through and hit her in the face. see that? she's okay, though. finally n is how you make an chance sky diver set to present the flag in a minor league baseball game, but he took out the short stop. >> uh-huh. >> he took out the short stop. the good news is there were no baseball players seriously injured in the taping of that landing. >> ouch. >> ouch. >> that is like a 6-3-1 triple play. >> exactly. >> see you at 11:00. ve couln hundreds more in your wallet year after year. saving you money -- now, that's progressive.
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>> judge judy: you lied to her, but why would you lie to me? >> announcer: a wife's trouble with the truth. >> judge judy: she lie to you, too? >> there's been times. >> judge judy: what?! >> there's been times, your honor, but... >> judge judy: you got to call them out when they lie to you. >> announcer: and there's more trouble ahead. >> judge judy: did you know that your wife owed this money? your wife didn't tell you? >> we're separated at the moment, ma'am. >> judge judy: great. probably great -- for you. >> announcer: "judge judy." you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. the people are real. the cases are real. the people are real. the cases are real. the rulings are final. captions paid for by cbs television distribution brittany mcclain and her boyfriend, ben beasley, are suing brittany's classmate katie perez and her husband, travis, for vandalizing ben's car. >> byrd: order! all rise!


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