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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  July 23, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> a teen accused of taking advantage of a woman he helped get home. >> a mom and her teenage son helped carry the victims up stairs and into her bedroom. >> very disappointed and frustrated. this affects our future. >> important test scores tossed out at a bay area school. >> i am on board with filing a lawsuit. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. >> good morning, tuesday july 23rd. >> i'm brian hackney. frank is off this morning. >> i'm michelle griego. london is waiting a glimpse of the new prince. there is a gun solute for the baby prince. this is to mark the birth of a new heir. very traditional here. a lot of pomp and circumstance in this. i'm sure this is going to continue throughout his life. you can see the crowds there
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gathered as well for this gun solute here. a lot of celebrations too. >> a lot of celebrations there expecting a probability of the baby will go home today. it's being referred to as baby cambridge. we've been standing by for this gun solute which is part of the tradition of the birth of a royal. >> the baby and the parents could go home today. she could stay in the hospital another day. but outside of the london hospital, a lot of reporters and photographers and a lot of people out there waiting for a glimpse of the couple and their new baby. and cbs reporter is outside the london hospital with more too. >> reporter: the vigil tons outside this hospital -- the vigil continues outside the hospital. >> the party outside the palace lasted into the early morning
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hours as britain celebrated the first son of william and kate. >> had a new baby. fantastic. >> his royal heiness is the prince of cambridge. weighed in at 8 pounds, 6 ounces. >> the town was the first to announce the birth. tony says he wasn't at all surprised to find out it was a boy. >> a little whistler on the grapevine. >> if anyone heard whispers about the baby's name, they are not talking. least of all the royal family. during tour this morning, prince charles seemed to revel in the congratulations on becoming a new grandfather. he refused to divulge the baby's name. >> some names are more popular than others. >> we haven't had a george for a while. the queen thought it
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was george. >> george is popular with gamblers as well. giving that name 3 to 1 odds. james is 4 to 1. then alexander, lewis and henry. no matter what name his parents give him, we do know it's likely we'll one day be called king. >> and we're looking at live pictures of the gun solute. now, aside from the gun solute and the large crowd, how else is london celebrating this birth? >> reporter: london is not thinking rain is on and off. everybody is waiting to see what's going to happen in that building when the duke comes out carrying the little prince. >> a lot of people are betting on the name too. we'll try and check back in with you. a lot of celebration. thanks so much.
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>> you can see the royal gun support. that looks exciting. and obviously, the rain is not allowing the firing guns to get dampened by that. >> the headlines in the british newspapers got in on the excitement like the son renaming son. -- the sun renaming son. >> also delivered yesterday, this baby was the lucky recipient to the mint made 2013 of these coins. on average, about 2,000 babies are born everyday in britain. proud new parents will receive one of the silver pennies with a card and a special pouch. you can find complete coverage of the royal baby including links of a history of royal births and first time celebrity moms on >> you said she was going to have a boy. now can you call the name? >> no, i cannot. sir lawrence
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would be a good one to start with. >> i don't think so. >> we are starting out with scattered showers. unsettled weather throughout the day. sliding in along the peninsula. we've seen a few scattered showers outside making for a neat beginning in the morning. the clouds slightly broken. throughout the day today and very mild and muggy temperatures. already 67 degrees in livermore. 63 in san jose. and 56 in san francisco. by the afternoon, we'll keep the temperatures cooler than the average. it's going to be very muggy outside. going to feel uncomfortable in spots. 80s in the valley. 60s inside the bay. right now, let's check out the roads with elizabeth. >> start with a look at our sensors. a crash has traffic backing up. the accident right
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there blocking middle lane. 14 miles per hour. one of our sensors is reporting. 25 minutes between the altamont pass and the dublin inter change. that late running road work causing delays that has been cleared. everything is improving. and take you outside. here's a live look at 880. things are flowing freely. coming up a check of the bay bridge. back to you guys. >> thanks. new details this morning. the southwest plane that blocked a run way was towed away in the last couple hours. both run ways are back open. and the airport is back to normal operations. here's what that accident looked like from a window. the nose gear collapsed as a southwest flight was landing yesterday afternoon. sparks flew as the plane skidded to a stop.
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the shaken up passengers got off the plane using the emergency chutes. >> how did your body go again? >> the worst part was when the doors weren't being opened and the smoke was coming in. didn't know how long that was going to take. and clearly wanted to wait for the rescue teams to come and see if there was fire. that was the anxious moment. >> the flight was carrying about 150 moment. 10 were injured. the faa and ntsb are investigating what went wrong. investigators will try to determine what caused a small plane to crash shortly after take off. a man from palo alto died understand that crash. cate caugurian has more on what led up to it. >> reporter: witnesses are still puzzled over what they saw moments before that deadly decent. several witnesses say the pilot didn't climb straight
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up. made a sharp right turn barely clearing the first set of trees and moments later, the couple single engine crashed a mile east of lake tahoe. the pilot died on impact. his wife suffered moderate injuries and trapped in the wreckage. off duty rescue flight nurse was walking her dog and saw the wreckage. >> she was able to call her husband who is an on-duty deputy in our department and he was able to get gps coordinates. >> the nurse stayed by karen's side. that pilot's wife was taken to a hospital and is expected to survive. the cause of the crash is unknown at this point. we know the faa and ntsb will be back on scene in just a few hours. reporting live, cate caugurian, kpix 5. >> thanks. 16-year-old is accused of raping and burglarizing a woman who was passed out. police say the
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40-year-old woman had been drinking and took a cab to her house. the cabdriver flagged down a car to help get the woman out of the car. a mom and her son carried the woman into her bedroom. then police say the same 16-year-old came back later and raped her. >> he has disrespected himself and me and the whole family. and it's not worth it. now he's got a mark on him for the rest of his life. >> and detectives then say the teen left and came back again with friends to steal more than $1,000 worth of cash and other items. in other news, the man charged with kidnapping and killing a teenager more than a year ago might enter a plea today. postponed court appearance a number of times. he was arrested after dna evidence linked him to sierra lamar. she was last seen in
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march last year. >> a bicyclist will be sentenced to community service for hitting and killing a man. pleaded guilty last week to felony vehicular manslaughter. struck and killed 71-year-old last year. ch p is ready to begin a first of its kind crack down dubbed the i-80 challenge. for the first time ever, highway patrol officers from the bay area to new jersey will join forces. they'll be on the look out for drivers not wearing seat belts. speeders and drunk drivers. research shows traffic deaths increased on the 3,000 miles of i-80. the crack down will happen for a week starting tomorrow. >> police order the driver of a taxi to get out before he's burned alive. the risky rescue caught on camera. >> pope francis mobbed in
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brazil. the wrong turn that put his security at risk. >> the taco bell menu change that's a first for the industry. >> cloudy skies and showers around the bay area. the temperatures are something else too. we'll talk about that coming up. >> the metering lights turned on now. what does that mean? a traffic jama approaching the pay gates. how far it's backed up. we'll let you know after the break. goodnight. thanks, olivia. thank you. so you can make a payment from your cell to almost anyone's phone or email. (speaking french) so you can express your gratitude... in the moment.
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rescue in orange county... deputies save a man from a burning ca dance cam video shows a dramatic rescue as deputies save a man from a burning car. authorities came across but couldn't move. when the victim continued to be nonresponsive
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and flames were ingulfing the car, cutting the victim's seat belt and dragging him out of the car. pretty amazing and it all ended with everybody okay. and in other news, george zimmerman was interviewed by police again, this time for saving somebody's life. >> just days after being acquitted in the death of trayvon martin, he helped save a family in a car crash. a sheriff's spokes person says when deputies arrive, they found zimmerman and another man had helped the couple and two kids out of overturned suv. brazilian police are stepping up security for pope francis's visit today. when he arrived yesterday, the pope's fiat was stuck in traffic after the driver took a wrong turn. well wishers swarmed the small car. he is taken today off to rest. he is there on a 7 day visit. >> traffic jam of our own. let's find out. >> >> we do have a traffic jam. i want to show you all this fog. lawrence will talk more
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of our forecast. it's thick and visibility is going to be an issue. the back ups are over at the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights turned on around 6:00. now delays are filling in into the middle lanes. there you go, it's backing up beyond the over crossings. jamming up towards the foot of the maze. you are looking at 15 minutes to get you on to the bridge. as far as accidents go, relatively quiet. but we've been pretty good. let's go flying over highway 4. this is one of our heaviest drive times. from a street to summersville. seeing those red traffic sensors. speeds below 25 miles an hour. and speeds improve. also we had that earlier crash westbound 580. that is now clear. chp confirmed with us out of lanes. backing up towards mountain house.
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the earlier accident scene still sluggish. 26 minutes between the pass and the dublin inter change and the road work is clear. that's traffic. lawrence giddy together over this monsoonal moisture. >> is it that easy to notice? >> it is. >> i am excited. a little monsoonal moisture sweeping on by. making for an interesting day if you are headed out the door. we have fog and low clouds out toward the coastline and hi-def doppler radar. some of that making its way in headed toward montera. the weather staying unsettled. nothing heavy outside. just a chance of scattered light showers. this afternoon a mix of sun and clouds. and more seasonal weather returns in towards wednesday. that monsoonal moisture continuing to wrap around to our east and low pressure off the coastline and funneling back toward the bay
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area. unsettled again for today and looks like things begin to settle down. right now no delays reported but possible delays this morning. temperatures in the 70s by the afternoon at sfo. around the country, delays headed toward philadelphia. thunderstorms expected in new york. a chance of thunderstorms in chicago. 97 and sunny in denver. around the bay, temperatures running as high as 81 in san jose. 72 in oakland. well into the 80s in some of the valleys. by the way, we've got a very rare double header today. the giants are playing the red inside a double header continuing this afternoon. and another night game tonight. partly cloudy if you are headed out there. the next couple days, the weather settles down. warmer weather and nice right into next weekend. today, very fun. >> sounds good. thanks. >> new this morning, parents are picking up less of the tab in college costs because grants
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and scholarships are covering the bills. according to -- parents' income and savings took care of 20%. student loans only 18%. american eagle outfitters is opening first corporate office in san francisco. mayor ed lee will be can company officials this afternoon. company is based in pennsylvania but opening a technology center in san francisco. american eagle expects to higher about 100 people in the next year. >> no longer be able to buy a kid's meal at taco bell. discontinuing kid's meals and toys. it's the first in the industry to do so. items from the kid's line up including the taco, soft taco and bean burrito which will appear on the regular menu. consumers have been losing interest as young diners are more open to healthy food. >> the brand new boat that's
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ready to sail. >> and coming up, a former mvp has been suspended by major league baseball. how did tim follow up that no hitter? the answer is next.
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for over 60,000 california foster children, having necessary school supplies can mean the difference
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between success and failure. the day i start, i'm already behind. i never know what i'm gonna need. new school, new classes, new kids. it's hard starting over. to help, sleep train is collecting school supplies for local foster children. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help a foster child start the school year right. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child.
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launched it's new america sp racing boat into the bay yesterday. sweden's racing is putting the win back into sales. launched new boat yesterday. that happened more than two months before another boat capsized killing a team member. it won't join the louis vuitton races on august 6th. >> good morning, everyone. san francisco native erik wright failed a physical. he will not be a 49er. as for tim, how did he fair in his first start after the no hitter? as good as he was
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in that no-no, he was bad last night. bases loaded, crushed one over the head that cleared to make it 3-1 cincinnati. then played home run dirby. 8 runs in less than four innings. and the key to the 8 second half is josh down 3-2. two run blast. only 5th home run of the year. he skips the strike out to end the game. the as beat houston. 4-3 is the final there. no technicalities this time around. he's been suspended for the rest of the season for using performance enhancing drugs. 65 games and over $3 million. the warriors are an nba champion for the first time since 1974-75.
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it is the summer league but they beat the suns 91-77. more bad news giant's fans. guess who is in first place? the dodgers. see you tonight. >> thrilling end to the braves/mets game. play of the day. justin turner trying to drive in the winning run. brave's center fielder makes a diving catch to save the game for atlanta. the out fielder slid across to make the final out. very nice. >> i want to tell my children, i was here that the possible monarch was here. >> sharing the joy of a royal baby boy. the celebrations are in full swing. >> the bart blame game less than two weeks until another possible strike. how the key player's vacation is stalling talks. >> reporter: and students here are hearing get your number 2 pencils out again. they are not
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happy about it. why they may plan to sue the college board. ,,
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this is kpix 5 news. >> it's just not right. >> felt very disappointed and frustrated. this affects our future. >> test scores tossed out a bay area school admits it messed up. now students are fighting for a second chance. >> bart on the brink of another strike. how the key players vacation is holding up. >> the summer monsoon is here. even scattered showers around the bay area. tell you all about it coming up. >> word of a new crash this time in hayward. the latest on lane closures and delays coming
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up. >> good morning, it's tuesday july 23rd. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm brian hackney. frank's got the day off. it is 6:30 right now. it was a solute fit for a king. half an hour ago the royal baby's arrival was welcomed with a 41 gun solute. you can see them on the tower bridge in the background. this is a tradition for the birth of every prince or princess no matter where their place is in the line of succession to the thrown. the royal prince was born yesterday. crowds are hoping to see a glimpse of the royal couple and their new born baby. coming up a live report with more of the party at the palace. >> we should throw a party here for the royal baby. >> i would love that. i'm so excited i can't contain myself. >> i can tell. >> you can tell. >> you are excited what the hi-def doppler is showing us. >> that is fascinating.
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scattered showers around the bay area. unsettled weather continuing as the monsoon rotated the moisture across the bay area. for a closer look, some of those showers in toward montera. the valley there expecting showers here shortly. what a neat start to the day. you've got the clouds out there. the sun coming up and a beautiful sunrise outside. the temperatures are very mild. numbers in the 50s and even upper 60s inland. 67 degrees right now in livermore. 63 in san jose and 62 in concord. by the afternoon, muggy outside. slight chance more showers and isolated thunderstorms. 70s and 80s in the south bay. a lot of 80s in the east bay with a mix of sunshine and clouds. 65 degrees and muggy. 72 in oakland. >> let's check out the roadways. >> thank you, lawrence. this crash in hayward already cleared to the right shoulder.
6:32 am
southbound 880 approaching whipple road. looks like once you get past highway 92, sluggish. bart system wide on time. ace train 1 and 3 are running like clockwork. muni and call train reporting no delay. a busy morning commute. it is stacking up towards the foot of the maze. back to you guys. >> thank you. dozens of test scores are tossed out and bay area high school students will have to retake their college board test. sue kwon is there live. it wasn't the student's fault but the school. >> reporter: they are going to be the ones paying the price. those test scores from the ap exam in may all tossed out. this impacts about 224 students who took those tests. now the
6:33 am
board is cancelling those scores. and those are important for placement into college courses. a student called to complain the desks may have been placed too close with students facing each other. apparently that's against the rules. citing too many irregularities, the college board is killing scores and offering a do over. students are crying foul and now they threaten to sue. >> felt very disappointed and frustrated. this affects our future. >> that is not a viable option. the college board says the recommended time for students to take these tests is with 6 weeks of review. they are only offering us 3 weeks of review. >> reporter: a book of guidelines shows how students should be seated in one direction. this is no evidence of cheating and this impacts about 600 exams or tests. today at noon the parents and students
6:34 am
will be meating to determine whether or not they will file a lawsuit against the college board to prevent this whole thing from happening to allow the scores to rest. reporting live, sue kwon, kpix 5. >> the college board says it will expedite the results of new test and send official to monitor the test. >> a santa cruz family was first denied a claim after dozens of bullets riddled. wants to reconsider a matter in a closed session at 1:30 this afternoon. the family is seeking $5,000 in repair reimbursement after the february shooting. >> today investigators will try to figure out what went wrong in the moments leading up to a deadly crash of a small plane. a man from palo alto died in that crash. cate caugurian has more on what we know moments before the plane went down. good morning. >> reporter: brian, the cause of the crash is still unknown at this point. we do know the faa
6:35 am
and ntsb will be back on the scene shortly to start its investigation. let's take a look at the wreckage. the couple took off late monday morning. moments later their single engine muni m-20 plane landed upside down. several witnesses saw what happened. an expert who does not want to be identified says he is still puzzled by what he saw during take off. >> he started a right turn out of the airport which the airport is surrounded on all sides by about 200 foot trees. i have no intellect, no reason why any pilot would do that. once you have enough altitude, you clear. >> reporter: the pilot died on impact. his wife was trapped in the wreckage. a flight nurse walking her dog through the woods was first to spot the plane. she stayed at the
6:36 am
injured woman's side. the pilot's wife was flown to a hospital and expected to survive. cate caugurian, kpix 5. >> thanks. time is running out to avoid another bart strike. and bart's lead negotiator is on vacation with less than two weeks to go before the deadline. the chief negotiator is on a one week vacation. his absence was approved by the state mediator. that didn't do much to curb the anger. >> we are, however, committed and will be here everyday and are asking that the bart board of directors and general managers send someone with authority to bargain. >> these are side issues. they are smoke screen s. need to talk about the economic issues. the current proposals would require a double digit increase in fairs for our riders. >> remain far apart. strike deadline august 4th.
6:37 am
bart says it's getting ready to introduce the fleet of the future. this is what it looks like inside the model train car. bart says the new trains will be greener, quieter and more technologically advanced. you can walk through the model train in oakland all this week. bart does want feedback for the final design. >> time is 6:37. this new television trend . >> a childhood hobby now a promising career. the uc campus offering a master's degree in video games. >> and the market just opened up ten minutes ago. a look at the early numbers here. everything is looking up. an update from financial reporter jason brooks.
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let's listen in to the bells ringing right now celebrations are underway. london awaiting a new prince. let's listen in. the place where william and kate got married back in april of 2011. the bells will ring consecutively for three hours to mark the new arrival. listen.
6:42 am
>> gorgeous. >> cbs reporter is outside. two big questions right now. what's his name. when can we see him? >> reporter: two very good questions. two questions that we are waiting for answers ourselves. i can tell you people are waiting for the duke and duchess to come out. ideally carrying that prince. calling the prince of cambridge because we don't know his name. we can go along with tradition where it takes time for the royals to announce the name of a new child. when william was young, it took a week before found out his name. prince charles, his name was a mystery for a month. >> i have to ask you too, sorry about the satellite delay. nothing we can do about the speed. that's why we keep hearing a pause before we get your response. i did want to ask you, are they going to pop out the door or give you as a
6:43 am
reporter and gather some warning that something is about to happen? >> well, you have to keep in mind, i'm not the only reporter here. you truly have an international scene of journalists all up and down this road. at any moment you can hear italian being spoken, spanish, mandarin. truly showing how the world is interested in this story. they want to see the duke and the duchess. for now, have to settle for newspapers like this which are doing special editions on the duke and the duchess offering them congratulations on the birth of the royal baby. even saying welcome to the world. the world is waiting to see the new prince. >> the world is waiting. we heard the fountains were died blue. what other celebrations were going on? >> reporter: a lot of celebrations are going on.
6:44 am
not just here. a little more formal. a total of 103 guns being fired across today. i think what's interesting here is people are so excited. there is fresh blood in the royal family. the future, the third in line to the throne and people are thrilled there is a safe delivery. >> that is great. live in london. thank you. >> and the royal fan fair did not end in the uk. this south san francisco baby was born within four minutes of the royal baby. there he is. in the british consulate was overwhelmed with an out pouring of royal congratulations. >> i'm very happy for them. >> it's wonderful. testament to the strength of the relationship. the wonderful out
6:45 am
pouring of support. >> please give gifts to a children's hospital or hostile spis. >> switch gears and attend a business quite literally in the bay area. san francisco company beat quarterly estimates. >> still disappointed wall street. here is financial reporter jason brooks. >> good morning. expectations are simply through the roof for netflix. stock has tripled in valley. has a number of hits including house of cards and the reboot of arrested development. profit of 29 million topped estimates of more than $1 billion up 20%. investors are expecting more. it added 630,000 new streaming subscribers to the u.s. and hopes for more than that. netflix shares are falling by 1% right now. apple reports earnings after closing bell. expectations are not that high.
6:46 am
remaining flat around 35 billion and it's the up coming fall that will matter the most. what new iphones and ipads going into the holiday season. cyber security firm for $2.7 billion. market off to a good start. the dow up 47 points. s&p up by two points. apple shares down by a half %. back do you. >> thank you. >> as the first television station on the air in the bay area. first broadcast the signal back in 1949. if anybody was receiving that signal, they would have done it on a curve screen and that's the way televisions remained for years and years. then in the 90s, we got flat panels. guess what's coming back? the first curved
6:47 am
screen tv sets will hit the store shelves this week. >> apparently it's all the buzz. the latest concept, may be the shape of the future. brian cooley gave us a history lesson. >> curve televisions but arrive this week. now they are hitting the market. and also a curve screen. they curve around you a little bit. you can see the cross-section. pretty gentle curve. samsung and lg putting this on the market. sit down. $15,000 each. take a breath. they are 55-inch. this is cutting edge tech. the real story here is the oled screen. organic light emitting. i've seen these in person and they are amazingly better. the curve is kind of a gimmick to get them noticed so they stand out and
6:48 am
people can say that's one of those new tvs. >> it doesn't make the picture better. >> it might be better for focus. the edges are not farther from you. but pretty minor. never heard anyone talk about that. now suddenly it's a big deal. these are coming out this week in small volumes. what this represents is the start of the future of what our tvs will be in a few years. the key here is it can show true black which no other tv can do with any sort of regularity. once you get a real black on the screen, everything else pops a lot more. that makes these things look amazingly rich and saturated. >> $15,000. >> did i mention $15,000? yeah. amazing price. the best buy magnolia stores are one place you can see these. other independent high end tv places will have them. >> flat panels were cool and
6:49 am
high def was cool. nothing ever stunning seeing bonanza for the first time. >> $15,000, that's a lot of money. >> i love bonanza by the way. you can find more segments on >> a master's in video games. it's no longer a dream. it's a real degree . uc santa cruz offers a degree. gives students a chance to take computer science experience and invent their own games. >> it's a very technically oriented program that requires a lot of hard work. not quite under water basket weaving. requires blood sweat and tears. >> succeeding requires a mastery of subjects. in so doing, students can take their skills to the next level and get a head start on working in the video
6:50 am
game industry. >> time now for a look on what's coming up later on cbs this morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. we have a lot coming up. we are at the london hospital as the world waits for the first glimpse of england's newest royal. a battle in dc. it is not in halls of congress. what happens when a city takes on wal-mart and what it may mean for big box stores. and nearly swallow whole. we head into the ocean off a coast of california with a group of divers who narrowly escaped death. >> there was a lot of beeping in that video. thanks so much. >> take care. >> happened off half-moon bay. that's exciting stuff. so is the weather. hi-def doppler up and running. >> haven't been able to do that much of the summer. interesting weather now. scattered showers popping up all because of that
6:51 am
monsoonal moisture rolling through the bay area. take you further to the south here as you make your way along the 101 south of gilroy. we are seeing showers there. pockets of rain drops coming down. these are just light showers. still this afternoon, a mixture of sunshine and clouds. muggy conditions and a chance we could see thunderstorms and more seasonal weather going to return by tomorrow. looks like the moisture will move out of the way. a lot of that funnel right through cranking it right back into the bay area. unsettled weather for today and tomorrow that should come to an end. flash flood watch is up as we're expecting thunderstorms to roll across there. 99 in fresno and 69 in the monterey bay. this afternoon, expect 81 degrees a few clouds in towards san jose.
6:52 am
62 and fog in pacifica. east bay numbers well into the 80s and very muggy all around the bay area. 65 in san francisco and 70 in san leandro. next couple days, going to see warmer weather and return to normal conditions. night and morning low clouds and fog. slightly cooler in latter part of the weekend. let's check out the roads with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. despite the monsoonal moisture , not seeing too many hot spots. it is coming through the altamont pass. 29 we caught one of those speed sensors. pretty sluggish and then things breakup and start to improve. the drive time is in the heavy category. 36 minutes from the pass and the dublin inter change. look at this, brake lights as well.
6:53 am
once you get closer to the willow pass exit in concord. and let's go down farther south and take you towards 880 and hayward. southbound 880 approaching whipple. still slow from 92. mass transit still on time. bart has 39 trains all on schedule. that's the latest in the traffic center. >> reporter: coming up, aviation investigators will be back on the scene of a crash that killed a pilot. the take off move that has witnesses puzzled. denny's red white & blue plate specials
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are as american as apple pie. especially, the apple pie french toast. come in today for specials starting at just $4.99. only at denny's. is running normally again ts morning. welcome back to kpix 5. i'm cate caugurian. a palo alto couple's plane crashes and now
6:57 am
witnesses are puzzled what they saw moments before that decent. the pilot did not climb straight up and said he made a sharp right turn barely clearing the first set of trees. moments later the couple's single engine crashed about a mile east of lake tahoe airport. the pilot died on impact. his wife suffered moderate injuries and trapped in the wreckage. a flight nurse was walking her dog and saw the wreckage. the nurse stayed by karen's side. the pilot's wife was taken to a hospital and is expected to survive. the cause of the crash is unknown at this point. we do know the faa and ntsb will be back on scene to start their investigation. cate caugurian, kpix 5. >> new york's la guardia airport is running again. >> they had to tow a plane
6:58 am
before they got back under control. 10 people were treated for minor injuries. >> dozens of bay area students will have their summer break interrupted to retake a test. and now mills high school students and their parents will get together this afternoon to decide whether to sue the college board because it tossed out advanced placement test scores. threw out the test scores because the school did not follow college board rules. >> two minutes before 7:00. the latest on traffic and weather. begin with weather. >> weather getting interesting outside today. kind of neat shot for you right now. the sun and the monsoonal clouds overhead. brought showers overnight. continuing to see scattered showers out there right now. temperatures are very mild this morning. 66 in livermore. 63 in san jose and scattered showers. 80s in the valleys. muggy conditions. warmer weather is ahead . >> sounds good.
6:59 am
what's not good is 880 southbound backed up through hayward now. earlier crash approaching whipple. usual gridlock in our area. it is jammed solid through the maze this morning. about 20 minutes on to the bay bridge. and we have time to show you the san mateo bridge where things are slowing smoothly here. westbound and eastbound 92. >> all right. thanks so much. and thank you for watching kpix 5 news this morning. the next local update is 7:25. >> leave you with the new royal prince. here's what it looked and sounded like. have a great tuesday.
7:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it is tuesday july 23rd, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." the world waits for the first look at the royal baby. what's next for the future king and his parents. fright think moments as an airliner skids across the runway at one of the busiest airports. a security scare and remarkable video. we'll talk to men almost swallowed by humpback whales. >> your world in 90 seconds. >> absolute madness here. >> london celebrates as


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