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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  July 24, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> that's right. hey, guys, we have some changes today. that subtropical moisture is gone. dense fog in parts of the area this morning. temperatures mild, some 50s and some 60s out there. 61 in san jose. 61 in concord. we're warming up, though. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and this morning, we're going to take you live towards the dublin interchange. headlights are moving westbound. but it's actually eastbound we're watching this morning because there is some overnight roadwork through the livermore valley. a lot of lanes are block. so we'll tell you if it's causing any delays coming up. >> good deal. thanks, elizabeth. the oakland city council is demanding answers about the violence that followed this month's acquittal of george zimmerman in florida. the main question is why the police department was caught off guard. kpix 5 reporter linda yee got the answer from the police chief. >> reporter: within hours of the zimmerman verdict, the protest turned violent and there were not enough cops to stop it. police chief sean whent. >> what happened that evening,
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really largely is an intelligence failure. >> reporter: the chief explained they expected a big protest the next day. >> we had a plan for responding. but when -- all the information we were getting was all contrary to bringing people in that night. the decision was made to bring them in the next night. >> reporter: you didn't anticipate any type of protest based on a verdict saturday afternoon? >> well, there's always the possibility this could happen. and in hindsight i would say we would do things differently. >> reporter: later protest brought more violence of a waiter attacked with a hammer and demonstrators marched on the streets and on 880 blocking traffic. monday seemed like were you caught off guard again. >> monday we planned on it to be similar for sunday. we staffed the same way as sunday. sunday was successful. >> reporter: there doesn't seem to be any easy answer on how to tackle future demonstrations and protests. there is one problem: the oakland police force is undermanned. in oakland, linda yee, kpix 5.
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>> the chief says overtime pay will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and it doesn't include damages to businesses witnesses say a woman driving a camry in alamo square ran a hayes street stop sign and crashed into cars on steiner. police don't think she had been drinking. women in san carlos are being warned about a serial peeping tom in the area. the san mateo county sheriff's office put out the alerts last night. he has been seen twice on the north side of town spying on women in the shower at night. authorities say to call the police if you see anything suspicious. in san mateo unit high school, the district plans to sue the education national testing service. they have thrown out more than 600 advanced placement scores of mills high school students. ets invalidated the scores
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because of improper seating during the tests. more than 200 students will need to retake exams next month. san francisco's next in line to get google's free wi-fi service. plans are expected to be announced today. if approved, google will bring wireless internet access to 31 city parks, including rec centers, plazas. google will pay the $600,000 cost. the chp is about to begin a first-of-its-kind crackdown. starting today, highway patrol officers from the bay area to new jersey will join forces in the i-80 challenge to be on the lookout for drivers not wearing seatbelts as well as speeders and drunk drivers. research shows traffic deaths increase on the nearly 3,000 miles of i-80 during the summer vacation period. the crackdown will last one week. well, a bay area neighborhood is at war over a garbage can. kpix 5's christin ayers shows us why the leaky trash can has been sitting by a curb in
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martinez for a month. >> i think it's gross. crazy that the city is not picking it up. reporter: martinez neighbors talking trash about this trash can parked here for about a month and there's more than just garbage inside. >> paint, motor oil, cleansers,. >> reporter: all hazardous materials. neighbors say they have complained to the city and to waste management. >> pretty much every week i have seen a trash truck stop here. >> reporter: but instead of trashing the can, waste management wrote it a ticket citing it for no lid among other violations. >> it's silly. >> it's a shame. the city has time to tag it, do nothing about it. >> reporter: while the can is caught in a bureaucratic back and forth over who should dump it, things are getting worse. in the past couple of days it started leaking motor oil and residents are worried it will flow into a storm drain a block away. we reached out to the city after hours and got no call
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back but a stormwater manager for contra costa county who lives nearby says this is a matter of jurisdiction. >> it's my understanding that the trash companies are not supposed to be picking up hazardous materials as part of their routine cleanups. >> reporter: she poured kitty litter on it to soak up some of the oil. but she says it's up to the county's hazardous materials division to pick it up but a month has passed and still no movement. >> i'm disappointed. >> reporter: in martinez, christin ayers, kpix 5. >> neighbors say they worry in a worst-case scenario a heavy rain could wash the oil into nearby hidden lakes. 4:35. let's check weather. >> all right. some changes today. i think we start warming up. all those beautiful subtropical moisture clouds are moving out. we have dense fog at the coastline thick, but clear in the valleys. temperatures in the 50s and 60s so another mild start although
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not as warm as yesterday. 62 in livermore. 59 oakland. 56 in san francisco. toward the afternoon we'll notice changes. looks like high pressure going to start to take over. all the monsoonal clouds sweeping to the north and east of the bay area. maybe some thunderstorms over the sierra nevada. but we are going to clear out nicely and the temperatures will start to warm up today. these numbers right around seasonal this afternoon. highs up to 91 in livermore, 88 concord, 66 spot-on average in san francisco. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thanks, lawrence. and we haven't showed you the bay bridge yesterday so we'll show you this live look at cars approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. so far, it is an easy commute all the way into san francisco. we have some lower deck roadwork, though, on eastbound 80 various lanes blocked. to the golden gate bridge, here's some of that fog once again across the deck and this is traffic coming into san francisco a few headlights heading towards doyle drive and here's a look at the maps.
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so the westbound 580 commute looks okay. it's eastbound 580 approaching hacienda various lanes blocked and they have been doing that overnight roadwork in the livermore valley so it's farther west. it's been causing a few slowdowns in the meantime out of the altamont pass. so far no big delays. coming up we'll check mass transit. back to you guys. we are learning more about a fire that broke out late yesterday on a blown-out gas rig in the gulf of mexico. the well is about 60 miles southwest of grand isle, louisiana. this is what the rig looked like yesterday with natural gas spewing out of it. 44 workers were evacuated. no one was injured. the company, wild well control, is assessing how to bring the well under control. according to the bureau of safety and environmental enforcement, only gas is flowing from the well, not oil. three years ago, an oil rig exploded in the gulf. it was the worst offshore disaster ever in the u.s.
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new york congressman anthony weiner just can't stop "sexting." he is apologizing again for sending more explicit photos and messages. we first heard his public apology in 2011 when he resigned his house seat so he is former congressman. this time he is in the running for new york city mayor and despite the accusations of another inappropriate online "relationship" he isn't dropping out and his wife is standing by his side. >> our marriage like any others has had its ups and downs. it took a lot of work and a lot of therapy to forgive him. >> until yesterday he was running neck and neck in the mayor's race. the duke and duchess of cambridge spent their first night at home in london with their baby. they haven't named him. tina kraus at kensington palace with more.
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reporter: the queen of england arrived at kensington palace this morning to meet her great-grandson and successor to the throne. but she wasn't the first to get to see the newest member of the royal family. both sets of grandparents prince charles and camilla as well as michael and carol middleton got their first look at the baby on tuesday. >> beautiful. both doing really well and we're so thrilled. >> reporter: after that, william and kate more formally known as the duke and duchess of cambridge introduced their son to the world. they were beaming with pride just like any other first-time parents. [ screaming ] le. >> -- any parent know what they are feeling. >> reporter: dad secured his son's child seat in the suv and drove the family off to their new home at kensington palace. the baby prince's new home is set in a peaceful park and for a moment you feel like you're in the english countryside but it's actually right in the heart of london. >> lovely place. i come here most mornings.
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it's a beautiful place as you can see when it's not raining . it's fantastic. the royal baby is right here in the middle. >> reporter: prince william spent much of his childhood living in the house and now he is back with his own family. he and kate have reportedly spent millions of dollars refurbishing the home to get ready for their new arrival. and a touchup or two probably was needed. a spokesman says the palatial estate was last updated more than 50 years ago. tina kraus, cbs news, london. >> the queen has invited prince william, kate and baby to visit her royal residence in scotland but it's believed kate will first go home to buckleberry just outside london. there is a new legal fight brewing over strawberry fields in california. how one family exposed a dirty planting practice. >> and a money-saving plan for the usps that leaves your own mailbox on the chopping block. ,,
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a new plan to save money foe time now 4:42. you know what i noticed driving in? it looked clear out there. yeah. no fog. no thunderstorms. >> what's clear, especially in the interior valleys, but you get toward the coastline there's some dense fog out there this morning. so watch out for that early on as we're seeing thick fog along the coast. some of that is slipping inside the bay. otherwise, mostly clear in the valleys. the temperatures fairly mild in the 50s and 60s again this morning although not quite as warm as this time yesterday. as we head toward the afternoon, it should be warmer. you will see temperatures in the 90s in the valleys. lots of 70s inside the bay and sunshine and mild temperatures. coastline, clouds in the 60s. monsoonal clouds that have been sweeping across the skies last couple of days and brought us some showers they are moving out. high pressure is going to reestablish itself. so a little warmer for motor. can't get away from low clouds and fog. we'll see that near the coastline toward the afternoon.
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around the state getting hot in spots. maybe 101 degrees today in fresno. 99 in redding. 93 in the sacramento valley. 20% chance of thunderstorms in tahoe and yosemite. 68 and cloudy into the monterey bay. around our bay 82 in san jose, 93 morgan hill, 77 hayward, east bay numbers in the 80s and also the 90s by the afternoon. inside the bay you will still see a sea breeze so we keep the temperatures down to 66 in san francisco, 73 mostly sunny this afternoon in oakland. next couple of days we'll see temperatures steady, nice into the weekend too although our temperatures likely to cool off a few degrees. just some night and morning low clouds and fog. lots of sunshine by the afternoon. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thanks, lawrence. good looking forecast. outside good-looking roads, as well. no big hot spots to start you off with. if you have to get an early head start on your morning commute here's the san mateo bridge, traffic is moving at
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the limit, 14 minutes out of hayward heading towards foster city. and a quick check of the nimitz. we have a lot of overnight roadwork. i was checking in with caltrans. southbound 880 this morning from embarcadero to 23rd. northbound 880 from "a" street to 238 various lanes blocked. we'll let you know as soon as they wrap it up. a lot of this should be cleared by 5:00 this morning. a quick check of the maps other drive times westbound 580 free and clear out of the altamont pass. we have roadwork eastbound in the dublin-pleasanton area approaching hacienda. coming down the eastshore freeway no delays through richmond or berkeley. bart has 14 trains all on time. that is another look at your "timesaver traffic." back to you. >> thank you. a new plan to save money for the postal service would drop one of its basic services. southern california congressman darrell issa is proposing an end to door-to-door mail delivery . under the plan, people would pick up their mail from cluster boxes in their
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neighborhoods. issa says it would save the postal service $4.5 billion a year. there's mixed news in apple's quarterly report. it reported earnings of nearly $7 billion which beat wall street's expectations. it's still down 22% from last year. iphone sales were strong last quarter but ipad sales are down. berkeley's labor commission meets today to talk about minimum wage. it's recommending an increase from $8 and hour to $10.55 more than a 20% increase. some restaurants want exemptions for employees who can earn hundreds of dollars a day in tips. >> right now, we pay servers $8 an hour, okay? but they are the highest wage earners in the restaurant because there's 44 states in the union that have a tipped wage law where you don't have to pay tipped employees the full minimum wage. if you go to new york city, for example, or the state of new
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york, you pay your servers $2.15 an hour. >> well, some employers say they would have to cut back on benefits if the minimum wage goes up. later today a bay area environmental group will file a lawsuit against the environmental protection agency accusing the feds of not protecting kids from what's called pesticide drift. linda yee shows us what one family found happening in the field next to their house, a field that grows a well-known brand of strawberries. reporter: in the northern california farming community, strawberry fields are everywhere. >> it does make me nervous. >> reporter: melissa and sam live just feet away from one owned by driscoll's, the popular brand we see in supermarkets. it's fallow now but once a year it gets fumigated before planting. >> we see a machine with 12, 13 people in these white chemical suits gas masks full gear. >> reporter: the fumigant con
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tears a former chemical warfare agent. there are conflicting studies over whether it causes cancer. but melissa points to a uc scientific panel that warns the chemical could be a potent carcinogen. >> we have all grown our children here. they talk about it being 76 times more likely to get cancer having been exposed to this stuff. >> reporter: driscoll's always reassured them there is no risk. >> they bring us strawberries and say oh, you're perfectly fine we would never put new danger. >> reporter: the children's grandfather was skeptical. the oakland-based pesticide action network helped him set up drift catchers to catch droplets in the area in fumigation times. >> it was scarey especially for the kids. >> reporter: they found levels of the chemical almost 2 times higher than what scientists paid by the state say is acceptable for adults. for children, it was four times
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higher. but california considers much higher levels acceptable. so despite the family's appeals, the state did not find driscoll's in violation. >> the state and the federal government has set these levels so high that they will never be -- it's impossible for them not to be within their legal rights. >> we follow, uhm, you know, all the appropriate laws and -- and best practices in the industry. >> reporter: kelly citadel with driscoll. she says the company has gone above and beyond the law paying for the silvera family to stay in a hotel during fumigation. >> we do take precautions. >> reporter: your workers wear their hazardous suits? >> absolutely. >> reporter: and you do put tarps on it? >> mm-hm. >> reporter: and you do pay them to leave if them concerned about it. so all that points to that there is something back there that concerns you about these fumigants. >> reporter: what i think that points to is that we are completely committed to following the law. >> reporter: it's all very disappointing for the family. >> we have to try to come together and just come up with, you know, a way away from these
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really super dangerous chemicals. >> reporter: but the strawberry industry says those safer alternatives are years away. in tehama county, linda yee, kpix 5. >> the state decided to go with higher acceptable levels of chloropick rin to conform with laws. the pesticide action network wants the feds to make the regulations stricter for children. agents with the california department of justice arrested two state employees accused in a bribery scandal. attorney general kamala harris says 42-year-old stephanie clark and 62-year-old danny compton took bribes from a vendor to inflate quotes for office supplies. investigators are still combing through the evidence. >> hard to say -- we have a lot of things to go through. we seized computers and paperwork. we have to go through all that and see if it leads anywhere.
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if it do, if we find other employees, other companies, other invoices, we'll take a look at those. >> clark works at the department of fish & game. compton works for caltrans. the vendor was also arrested. all three are accused of bribery, conspiracy and misappropriating state funds. 4:51. a little boy playing at a baseball diamond in the tri- valley got a nasty surprise. a rattlesnake bite. where players and parents are being told to tread lightly. >> two northern california girls hit it big. why sharing what they learned cut them the break of a lifetime.
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only at one of our over 400 sleep number stores nationwide, where queen mattresses start at just $699. sleep number. comfort individualized. after an encounter with a rattlesnake. kpix 5's juliette goodrich tells us e is considered a safe a bay area little league team is moving to a different field after an encounter with a rattlesnake.
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kpix 5's juliette goodrich tells us the new field is considered a safer place despite what its name may suggest. reporter: the tassajara valley little league put out a warning email to all parents: keep an eye out for rattlesnakes after a player's little brother was bitten by a rattler at one of the baseball games. >> he kind of wandered off into the grassy areas next to the field apparently to use the "restroom" and next thing we knew we heard a commotion. >> reporter: the boy was bitten at blackhawk field. since then all games have been moved to -- >> the snake park. >> reporter: yes, is making park. >> because there's a big statue of the snake at the playground. >> reporter: the league says it's safer here less dry brush. rattlers have also been spotted at sycamore park near the batting cages. kids know to be on the lookout. >> they tell us there are grass snakes in the hills. >> we're listening to our parents and we're not going up there. >> reporter: the california poison control center says
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about 800 people are bitten a year, about 2 a year die. signs posted snake park advise visitors to stay alert and stay out of the dry brush especially in the early-morning when snakes are sunning themselves. rattlers won't strike unless provoked or scared and if ever bitten, call 911 immediately. kim knows firsthand, younger siblings have a tendency to wander off during the ballgames. >> that is my 3-year-old blake so he is going to have to watch where he is roaming around too. >> i do absolutely. nevermind running on the field and getting hit by a ball. but just keeping him out of the street and away from rattlesnakes now. >> reporter: juliette goodrich, kpix 5. >> rattlesnake season generally runs between april and october. two little northern california girls just landed the deal of a lifetime. >> amazing. their book on advice for life is going to be published. the story of two cousins from
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sacramento county, there they are, and their book of rules went viral when one of the girls lost her handwritten notebook in a walmart parking lot. an employee found it and went to the media to find the owner. >> it's advice -- [overlapping speakers] >> published, i would have probably made it a little neater. >> the girls are 8 and 10. here's some of the rules. don't bite the dentist. don't stuff food in your mouth. and color on paper, not on people. simon and schuster is publishing the book and it's due out in october. >> that's good advice, don't bice the dentist. >> i stopped doing it a -- don't bite the dentist. >> i stopped doing it a few years ago. [ laughter ] violence following the george zimmerman verdict. why the oakland police chief said he never saw it coming. >> reporter: and there's going to be a crackdown along i-80
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all week long on several offenses. tell you about the lofty goal behind the campaign next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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'm brian the world gets its first peek at the new royal prince. >> any parent would know what it feels like. >> there is no question that what i did was wrong. >> new york city mayoral candidate anthony weiner is apologizing for more explicit photos and messages. >> i have forgiven him. i believe in him. >> what happened that evening really largely is an intelligence failure. >> oakland's police chief explains how they were caught off guard by protests over the zimmerman verdict. >> i think it's pretty gross. >> a bay area neighborhood at war over a garbage can. >> it was everything from paint cans to pesticide bottles and leaking oil. >> little league games moved because of rattlesnakes. >> listening to our parents and we're not going out there. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories
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that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald an ime is 5- i want to see that bridge story! good morning, it's wednesday, july 24. i'm brian hackney. mr. mallicoat is off. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 5:00. let's check the weather with lawrence. >> good morning. the weather improving around the bay area today. of course last couple of days a little unsettled with showers. starting out with fog this morning thick at the coastline. some fog slipping inside the bay, as well. temperature-wise it is still a mild start to the day. 63 degrees in livermore. 61 in san jose. and 56 in san francisco. a lot of that subtropical moisture sweeping out of town still a chance of some leftover thunderstorms in the sierra nevada but we're done with it for now here in the bay area and that means we're going to see a very nice typical summer day. lots of sunshine in most spots. except at the coastline cool temperatures in the mid-60s in san francisco


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