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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  July 24, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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get a bus ride home. the prognosis wasn't good. >> for those people who were tied up in the bart strike in july, you can expect a worse experience in august. >> reporter: in the last strike, bart ran about 50 shuttle buses to the east bay in san francisco. ac transit also increased its transbay service as did the bay ferries. but even then -- >> it really was very limited service. the demand for that service far out stripped the supply that was available. >> reporter: about the only changes in the plan this time are to add another ferry, add a bus-shuttle service between san francisco and concord, and have the buses go to the city instead of linking up in west oakland. but after that, it's going to be pretty much the same as the last time. and the reasons why more buses won't be rolling are both practical and political. first, the practical. >> one operation had six buses they cologne, the other had 5. i don't think if we were to cobble them together, i don't think it would be enough. >> reporter: and okay, the other part of the politics,
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let's remember, a lot of this is the public's reaction to this. i'm not sure they will be happy when they find out that not much more is being done since the last strike. >> it was so ugly last time. phil, what about the idea of bart training replacement drivers? >> reporter: again, it's politics. as we reported, i think it was last week, bart can't begin even training replacement workers until the current ones go on strike. even then, i'm not sure them to because if they look like they're training replacement drivers, it looks like they're trying to break the strike and in labor-friendly bay area, that's not exactly the message they want to be sending. unfortunately, the people are really going to get the message are those people over there and everybody else trying to get where they need to go if there is a strike. >> sure. all right, sounds like not a lot of options. thank you, phil. the public defenders office wants the district attorney to keep quiet about the san francisco jewelrymart murders. but the families of these
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victims had plenty to say ahead of the suspect's latest court hearing today. here's kpix 5 reporter linda yee. [ crying ] >> i want my sister back. >> this is our baby sister. >> reporter: their anguish is still raw. several dozen family members 52- year-old lena lim called for justice one of two women shot and stabbed to death at the jewelrymart two weeks ago. [ screaming and crying ] >> our hearts are broken!! >> reporter: family for both victims crowd need court this afternoon. so did the family of suspect barry white. they did not comment. in his brief appearance white was assigned a public defender. white is accused of going on a rampage at the jewelrymart in a dispute over jewelry he bought. the district attorney had described the attack in graphic detail. the public defender filed a court motion to stop prosecutors from talking about
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the case. >> just basessed on what i know -- just based on what i know, it seemed to me that this young man had a serious mental breakdown on july 12. the kind of press that we've seen has been inappropriate for pretrial comments from the district attorney's office. >> reporter: the victims' family wants the harshest punishment for the suspect. >> the killer is beyond human to -- you know to create an act like this. >> what he gonna do? [ screaming and crying ] >> why he kill me niece? why? why? >> i'm very aware that there are grieving families, uhm, who lost loved ones on july the 12th. there's also a families who' son, brother and sister -- whose son, brother, sister is incarcerated charged with serious crimes. i understand this is really, really serious to a lot of people. >> reporter: it was a very emotional day for all of the
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victims involved in this case as well as the defendant's family. but tonight we're told that barry white, jr., is due back in court next week where he is scheduled to enter a plea. >> you sai it, a lot of emotion in the case. thank you, linda yee. funeral services this afternoon for the three teenagers who died in the asiana airlines crash. families gathered at cypress lawn in colma to remember the girls, who all attended the same middle school in china. mayor lee and officials from the chinese consulate attended the services, as well. their bodies will be cremated tomorrow and we are told their family members will head back to china this weekend. ye meng yuan was killed on the tarmac. two others died. a 62-year-old woman could be san jose's latest murder victim.
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firefighters responding to a distress call found her this morning in an apartment near lundy and berryessa. police won't say how she died. but they say her injuries are consistent with an assault. if so, it would be san jose's 30th homicide of the year. a 30% jump from this time last year. oakland police have blocked off streets near the scene of a homicide and crash. investigators say an elderly woman was shot this afternoon while driving. her car then slammed into a parked car. she died at the scene, fern street between brookdale and fairfax is closed during the investigation. and three suspects are behind bars for allegedly breaking into the bay area's biggest gun store. police arrested two brothers and a woman for the robbery last night. as kpix 5's michelle griego tells us a pricy piece of technology paid off for the store's owner. >> i'm sorry about what happened. >> reporter: shattered glass and merchandise cover the floor
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at reed's indoor range in santa clara. >> all the glass that's broken, it's a major inconvenience. you know, you feel violated because it feels like this is your own home, you know, it's personal to me. >> reporter: the owner, jim reed, got a call at 4 a.m. his shop around for 48 years had been broken in. >> i don't think they had much time to look at anything. i mean, they just came in as quick as they could and they grabbed some stuff off the shelf and broke some showcases made a big mess. >> reporter: what the burglars didn't know is they triggered a silent alarm alerting the santa clara police department. when officers arrived, they say the suspects were driving away with the stash of firearms. during a short car chase, the suspects tried to ditch the guns and ammo, tossing it out the car windows. but the two men and woman were eventually caught and taken into custody. >> most important thing the suspects were apprehended and everything was recovered. that's number one most important thing. >> reporter: and reed credits his security system that he says was well worth the money.
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>> until you need it, you pay a lot of money for it and you figure, well, hope, you know, you never need it. but if you ever do, you hope it works. and it's the first time this has ever happened here, and it worked great. >> reporter: michelle griego, kpix 5. >> police recovered all of the stolen firearms. they say all three suspects have a criminal past. close call in oakland's chinatown this afternoon when a minivan plowed into the front of a home. take a look at this. the van careened through the front porch and smashed into a gas meter. pg&e crews were able to shut off the leaking gas. neighbors had to be evacuated. two people were home at the time of the accident. and they were not injured. the driver suffered minor injuries. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. and a gas leak in alamo is now secure. pg&e crews started working on it just before noon after a third party contractor ruptured a line. the leak forced homeowners and people near the alamo plaza shopping center to leave.
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but the evacuation order has since been lifted. you're not sitting at home in your pajamas and everything else distracting you. >> but you can get your work done. the new option for working mothers trying to balance jobs and children. >> and the new prince is named. what the royal family will be calling their new bundle of joy and the history behind his name. >> hello, sunshine! sunshine is back, that humidity is gone. nothing but blue sky outside right now, even sunny at the beach! will this trend continue through the weekend sniff the answer in my forecast coming up. >> and they're not the most popular kinds of birds. why the seagull population is growing and why scientists say that means trouble. ,,,,,,
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meet his royal highness prie "george alexander louis"... although the baby boy will ce george william and kate have named their new baby boy. meet his royal highness prince george alexander louis, although the baby boy will officially go by the name of
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prince george of cambridge. there have been six previous kings georges including the queen's father and grandfather. >> it sounds regal. >> george is -- i think it's a surprise. >> my prediction georgie. that's what he will be known as. george was the odds-on favorite among bookmakers. the family spent their first night out of the hospital at their home at kensington palace but they are now in bucklebury, kate's hometown, just outside of london. a new survey of working mothers found one of their biggest challenges for the upcoming school year has nothing to do with their children's performance in the classroom. moms are worried about their own performance, balancing their jobs in the office and at home. on the consumerwatch, sue kwon is in san francisco at a place that might help. sue. reporter: i am at next kids here in san francisco. as you can see, it is part
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office space and it also has a daycare right here on site. these parents share one thing in common. they are trying to balance work and life and you know what? it could become a business. >> go. go. reporter: leona doyle loves interacting with her 11-month- old daughter but not while she is trying to work. >> kind of difficult when they're like right there in the room with you. we have a very small apartment because we live in san francisco. [ laughter ] >> reporter: she is an engineer and suffers from what many women feel, working mothers' guilt over leaving her baby while she goes to work. >> i can be right here with her and she will get to have some social time with other kids. >> reporter: she is at next kids a shared office space that also has daycare and high-end amenities. diana rothchild founded the business out of necessity. >> i have one child, sophia, who is two, and i actually am about to have another child in several months. >> reporter: there's demand. >> they are independent
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workers, freelancer, consultants, they are startup entrepreneurs. >> reporter: and according to a working mother's magazine study, the biggest worry for a third of these working mothers in the upcoming school year is balancing work and children's needs. in fact, 37% are planning on fitting work hours around their children. rothchild says at least six businesses are in talks about offering their mother employees membership including yahoo which got some work for ending some work-from-home arrangements. it's a way to keep good talent happy and happy mothers make happy children. the cost is about the same as full-time daycare but you get this place where you can make conference calls and not hear the kids screaming in the background. now, next space is a parent company, who got a million dollars in funding to start. this is the first kids space but because so many people are now working from home and independent contractors, they expect this to also expand to new locations. reporting live in san francisco, sue kwon, kpix 5.
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>> next kids has already raised investment dollars for expansion. there are other offices for daycare with berkeley, oakland and austin. the price tag for the warriors' new arena, we'll show you what's upping the cost. >> trying to take a bite out of apple's ipad market. how google's latest tablet is looking to compete. ,, announcer:
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hurt when a train derailed spain today... dozens of rescue workers ran i at least 35 were killed and about 100 others hurt when a train derailed in spain today. dozens of rescue workers ran into the twisted cars pulling out survivors and bodies. the train was carrying 218 passengers between madrid and ferol when it ran off the tracks two miles from the station. investigators have not determined a cause. and speaking on the economy today, president obama said if his opponents know of a better way to run the country, he's happy to hear it. >> it's not enough for you to just oppose me. you got to be for something! what are your ideas? if you are willing to work with me to strengthen american manufacturing and rebuild this country's infrastructure, let's go! if you have better ideas to
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bring down the cost of college for working families, let's hear 'em! >> at an event in illinois, the president laid out a 6- point plan to get middle class growing and said he won't allow partisan gridlock to get in the way. republicans slammed the speech as the, quote, same old strategy. the president plans -- >> obviously, she estimates the decision that's right for her but she -- [overlapping speakers] >> the daughter of former president john f. kennedy has been a top obama supporter since his first presidential campaign. she also served as cochair of his vice-presidential search committee. if confirmed, caroline kennedy would be the first woman to serve as u.s. ambassador to japan. golden state warriors' plans for a new waterfront arena in san francisco have hit another snag. the building, which would sit on piers 30 and 32, was already going to be pretty expensive. as it turns out, there was another price increase hidden just below the surface of the bay. >> the extent to which we're going to have to rebuild those
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piers is becoming more visible over time. originally, we hoped it would be $60 million to $70.000000. now i think it's projected at something like $120 million with still a couple of question marks that could probably take that up to as high as $150 million. >> add that to a $700 million arena and other retail space, and you're now talking about a $1 billion project. your ability to connect to the internet just got a lot better in san francisco. google announced today its plan to bring wireless internet access to 31 city parks including rec centers and plazas. mayor ed lee spoke at balboa park about the important role technology plays in unifying the city. >> in order to bring benefits, bring equity, bridge not only digital divide but perhaps bring the whole innovative spirit to every community in san francisco, this is what i think this wi-fi effort of our
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31 parks is saying. >> google will assume the project's $600,000 cost and the wi-fi will be available in december. for a list of the wi-fi parks in san francisco, go to our website, and the wi-fi announcement came the same day google unveiled its new nexus tablet in san francisco. it looks like a cross between a smartphone and a tablet. google says it's thinner, faster and smarter than the last version of the nexus. some of the new features include a 5 megapixel camera and a processor that's 80% faster. the new tablet retails for around $270. you may know them as just an annoyance. seagulls. but a certain type of the bird is rapidly growing in numbers and causing environmental concerns in the bay area. kpix 5 reporter mark sayre live in fremont tonight with what the experts are saying. seagulls have been around forever, mark. what's the big deal?
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>> reporter: first off, we all call them seagulls but that very term makes the experts cringe. that's because there are about a dozen different species of gulls that live around the bay area and the specific kind we're talking about that's causing trouble is the california gull. >> reporter: the national wildlife refuge is home to at least a half dozen gull colonies like this one. it's home to thousands of the birds. the gulls fly from here to eat your trash and send droppings from on high right on to your car windshield. and experts say the population is out of hand. >> so that the level of concerns just getting higher and higher. >> reporter: sheryl strong is with the u.s. fish and wildlife service. >> this is a species that does not breed here before the 1980s. and now we have over 50,000 of them breeding in the southern part of the san francisco bay. >> reporter: why? strong says the california gulls like the weather and the topography of the bay and they
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have plenty of urban food resources nearby such as landfills. but she says, they also pose a big threat. not only do gulls eat their own, but they also prey on several other bird species. this video provided by the san francisco bird observatory shows a california gull swooping in on a western snowy plover's nest and eating three eggs. >> so california gulls are predators on these other species, as well. they are very opportunistic feeders. they will eat french fries. they will eat fish. and they will also eat the nests and chicks of other birds. >> reporter: for all the concern about the impacts of the gulls, this cyclist takes them in stride. >> they make a lot of noise. [ laughter ] >> just like right now. that's about it. >> reporter: now, these gulls are protected by the migratory bird treaty act of 1918. so experts say, there's really not a whole lot they can do to reduce them in any significant
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numbers. reporting live in fremont, i'm mark sayre, kpix 5. paul, it seemed like today we were back to normal supposedly with these summer- like temperatures. >> normal is a good place in late july. humidity gone, that cloud cover gone, a beautiful day outside today. maybe all this cloud cover we had over the past couple of days will make us appreciate normal a little bit more. hope you enjoyed today. fantastic. we'll push the repeat button a few times close to the weekend. love this oakley camera because we can gauge how thick the marine layer is. not that thick right now. about 900 feet. so yes, we'll have some low cloud cover and fog tomorrow morning but it will not be terribly widespread. now we're looking the other direction. hello, oakland! we're looking back at you. concord 90. oakland 74. san francisco mid-60s. a comfortable 81 in san jose, also 81 for santa rosa. hotspot livermore 93 degrees. you had a high of 95. the hottest day of the past five. now, with that cloud cover on monday and tuesday, a little bit cooler but each of the past five days inland including livermore have been above normal, 95 today. let's talk about what that
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tropical -- where it went, the tropical moisture. it's raced out of here and is now in southern idaho and western wyoming. gone. high pressure sweeping in. buy high pressure is off to our east, and that's -- but high pressure is off to our east and that's key for us. inland will be in the low 90s but this particular location of the high doesn't give everybody the offshore wind. we'll be just a few degrees above normal most of the warming away from the water. change on sunday will be a strong area of low pressure staying to our north and west. no rainfall, we don't get rain in july. but we can get a stronger onshore flow which will give us more widespread cloud cover and give us cooler temperatures temperatures. that begins on sunday. sunday is your better choice. every afternoon for the next week is sunny except at the coastline. the warmest day will likely be friday and starting sunday that's when we trend cooler by about 3 to 5 degrees every day of the next several. very close to average. san jose your normal is 83.
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tomorrow 84. fremont 77. redwood city 82. campbell 87 degrees. nice day inland pleasant hill your weather will be pleasant high of 88. san ramon 89. brentwood 91 for you. kentfield tomorrow 79. downtown san francisco in the mid-60s. sonoma 80. up toward clearlake in lakeport about 100 degrees tomorrow but that's pretty normal for late july. we stay in the low 90s inland through friday or saturday with a degree or two and near the bay we'll cool down to the 60s starting sunday and stay a few degrees below average for a couple of days. beautiful weather every day a winner to get outside. >> california gulls will love it. >> seagulls are very happy with this weather. probably why they stay. [ laughter ] >> thank you. a hot air balloon ride in the netherlands ended with some terrifying moments. take a look at this. unexpected winds sent it crashing into the water. now, before that the pilot tried to land several times but couldn't. so he decided to shoot for the water instead to lessen the impact. two of the 11 people on board were hurt. police determined the pilot did the right thing in that situation. we'll be right back. ,,
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they used to.
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the makers of coca-cola, pei and dr. pepper... all saw de e americans believe it or not aren't guzzling down soda as much as they used to. the makers of coca-cola, pepsi and dr. pepper all saw declines in soda sales in the 2nd quarter in north america. the declines are part of a multi-year trend. one industry tracker says per capita, soda consumption has been slipping steadily since 1998 as more people worry about gaining weight. to make up for the declines, companies are relying on their bottled waters, teas and sports drinks to boost sales. now for a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening news," scott pelley is in new york. >> in the gulf a natural gas well is on fire this evening after an explosion. we'll have full details on the threat to the environment tonight on the "cbs evening news." ,,,,,,
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blaring bullhorns.. and breg out into song.. rowdy demonstrators cause chaos aa bay area city council meeti. what's behind this disrupti. and why. new at 6:00 blaring bull horns and breaking out into song, rowdy demonstrators caused chaos in a bay area city council meeting. what's behind this disruption and why? >> and there's already traffic gridlock on a daily basis. imagine how much worse it could be if the warriors build their waterfront arena in san francisco? so tonight we ask, what's the plan to get the embarcadero moving with even more traffic? those stories and much more tonight at 6:00. and thanks for watching. "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is coming up next. >> and remember the latest news and weather are always on
5:30 pm captions by: caption colorado >> pelley: tonight, it's still the economy. mye president says the economy is not fixed yet. major gar oat his call to action. and we'll talk to the new treasury secretary. with the recovery now five years old, why aren't more americans feeling it? in the gulf, a natural gas well is on fire after an explosion. mark strassmann on the threat to the environment. an emotional moment for the pope before he celebrated his first public mass in brazil. dean reynolds is there. the new prince has a name, three of them, in fact. and michelle miller with american fishermen who fear that their way of life is slipping away. >> reporter: you feel you're getting squeezed. >> i haven't been squeezed. i've been-- i've been destroyed. captioning sponsored by cbs


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