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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  July 24, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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going on. the mayor quickly called a recess, hoping to stop the disruption. >> we're in recess. we're in recess. >> reporter: things actually escalated. someone in the group pulled out a bull horn and started criticizing the mayor. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: councilman tom butts recorded the scene with his phone. >> i have been on the city council 18 years. i have never seen anything like this. >> reporter: he says this same group of about 2 dozen people has been disrupting city council meetings for months now but the bull horn and the singing, that's new. >> i'm getting less sleep. a lot of other people are getting less sleep. we're not getting city business done. >> reporter: there was nothing controversial on last night's agenda. and it's not clear why protestors were disrupting the meeting. some of them are from a local church. councilman corky booze says there's a reason they don't respect the mayor. >> they are dissatisfied the way the mayor treats the community of color. >> reporter: booze supports the
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protestors but says accusations by other councilmembers that he paid these people to disrupt the meeting are not true. it's public knowledge that booze and the mayor don't get along. >> did i encourage them to come and do that? the answer is no. >> reporter: things got so chaotic at the meeting that police eventually had to move everyone out of the council chambers. in richmond, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> we reached out to some of the protestors today to ask why. so far we haven't heard back. developing news out of oakland tonight where police say an elderly woman was shot and killed while she was driving this afternoon. her car then slammed into a parked car. police don't have any suspects. fern street between brookdale and fairfax is closed between the investigation. the suspect in the jewelrymart murders was back in court today to face a judge and the victim's families. kpix 5's linda yee on what they
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had to say ahead of today's hearing. >> reporter: the family buried a victim this weekend and a few hours ago they stood here on the steps of the hall of justice to cry out for justice one hour before they faced a killer in court. [ crying ] >> i want my sister back. >> this is our baby sister. [ screaming and crying ] >> reporter: their anguish is still raw. several dozen family members 52- year-old lena lim called for justice one of two women shot and stabbed to death at the jewelrymart two weeks ago. [ screaming and crying ] >> our hearts are broken!! >> reporter: family for both victims crowd need court this afternoon. so did the family of suspect barry white. they did not comment. in his brief appearance white was assigned a public defender. white is accused of going on a rampage at the jewelrymart in a dispute over jewelry he bought.
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the district attorney had described the attack in graphic detail. the public defender filed a court motion to stop prosecutors from talking about the case. >> just based on what i know, it seemed to me that this young man had a serious mental breakdown on july 12. the kind of press that we've seen has been inappropriate for pretrial comments from the district attorney's office. >> reporter: the victims' family wants the harshest punishment for the suspect. >> the killer is beyond human to --you know to create an act like this. >> what he gonna do? [ screaming and crying ] >> why he kill my niece? why? why? >> i'm very aware that there are grieving families , uhm, who lost loved ones on july the 12th. there's also a families who' son, brother and sister -- whose son, brother, sister is incarcerated charged with serious crimes. i understand this is really, really serious to a lot of people.
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>> reporter: well, in response to the public defender's request that the prosecutors limit what they say, the d.a. would only say that this is a case of two brutal murders and everything he had to say was already said in court. live at the hall of justice, linda yee, kpix 5. >> barry white, jr., is due back in court next week to enter a plea. a brazen heist at one of the bay area's biggest gun stores landed three suspects behind bars. overnight, the thieves broke into reed's indoor shooting range in santa clara. they smashed a window, grabbed a stash of guns but their plan was doomed almost from the start. police were quickly on the trail of brothers jorel and marcus moreno and tina marie guzman. at one point the three were throwing guns out of the getaway car windows. they tripped a silent alarm during the break-in. >> until you need it, you pay a
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lot of money for it you figure, well, you hope you never need it but if you every do you hope it works and it's the first time this has ever happened here and it worked great. >> police were able to recover all of the stolen merchandise. those suspects apparently all have criminal pasts. other bay area headlines, a close call in oakland's chinatown this afternoon when a minivan careened through a porch of a house. it smashed a gas meter causing a minor leak which is now capped. two people inside the home at the time were not hurt, but the driver suffered minor injuries. the cause of the crash is under investigation. pg&e patched up a gas leak in alamo am a third party contractor -- in alamo. a third party contractor broke a line around noon. it forced people in the area to leave. but the evacuation order has since been lifted. the golden state warriors' plans for a any every new waterfront arena -- for a new waterfront arena in san francisco hit another snag. the building which would be on piers 30 and 32 was already
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going to be expensive but it turns out there was another price increase hidden just below the surface of the bay. >> the extent to which we're going to have to rebuild those piers is becoming more visible over time. originally we had hoped that would be a 60 to $70 million project. now i think it's projected at something like $120 million with still a couple of question marks that could probably take up to as high as 150 million. >> add that to a $700 million arena and another retail space and you're not talking about a -- you're now talking about a $1 billion project. it will be privately financed. it's not the cost of the arena that has people worried. it's the added traffic on an already congested embarcadero right down the street from the giants ballpark. believe it or not, the city of san francisco says it can work. >> we know it's not 100% efficient the way it is now. >> reporter: and that's without an arena. >> our greatest concern and the concern of a lot of the
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residents is how to manage traffic. >> reporter: at sfmta it's peter albert's job to get the embarcadero moving. >> the arena is better than the giants. it's half the walk from bart. >> reporter: it's not just the proposed arena. there is a massive development led by the giants at mission rock. preventing a traffic meltdown will be a complicated job. but it starts with the little things. >> lombard, for instance, at the embarcadero, the green light wasn't allowing the doors get out in time and the queue was getting longer and longer in back so we found 10 more seconds, little temperatures like that completely un-- little touches like that completely unblocked four blocks. >> reporter: the heavy lifting will be done by caltrain, bart and, of course, -- >> a lot of people say again and again they would love to use muni if they could squeeze on and if it were reliable. so they're forced to be the person in the car ahead of you. >> reporter: solution? ask the developers to pay for muni's deficiencies. >> this is an opportunity for anybody developing in this area to be told, yes, you want to
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build new housing, this is where muni needs help and where we need one more streetcar, two more buses. >> reporter: like a good basketball team, the city has been practicing. >> remember that weekend where we had america's cup, fleet week, giants and 49ers had games it worked really well by a lot of metrics. transit ridership was broken, congestion was less severe than a typical fleet week weekend. >> reporter: the challenge now taking those lessons and drawing up a game plan that will work for basketball, baseball, both simultaneously and on more than one weekend. >> it could be a series of events that happen at the same time 60 times, 100 times a year. what we're doing now is we're actually looking 25 years out in the future. >> one thing they are looking at is where would warriors fans park? there's no parking down there. the team is trying to get access to the downtown parking garages that are usually empty and closed by 7 p.m. so new buy a ticket and you plan to drive, the added cost
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of parking would include an assigned spot in some high-rise or downtown garage. oakland mayor jean quan has more than a year left to go in her term but candidates are already lining up to try to take her seat. joe too man announced he is joe tooman is making another run. he said today he respects mayor quan but she has had her chance. >> this is not personal with jean. and i think she works very hard but i think what's required in this situation is arresting what's basically a city in a freefall. >> tuman could have tough competition. larry reid says he is strongly considering a run. other potential candidates include port commissioner brian parker and neighborhood activist patrick mccullough. >> then the bart strike in
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july, you can expect a worse experience in option. >> the options that happen if bart strikes again. >> the way is clear for detroit to file for bankruptcy. tonight, we examine how big cities can emerge from financial disaster by visiting a bay area city that's actually pulled it off. >> humidity tropical moisture out of here sunshine is back and temperatures pretty darn comfortable outside. find out if we can hang on to this weather winner for the weekend. >> it does make me nervous. >> coming up at 6:30, it's strawberry season. we'll show you what one family did that they say exposes just what a dirty business it can be. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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could go on strike again. if bart workers don't have n the clock is ticking just a week and a half until bart could go on strike again. if bart workers don't have a
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new contract by august 4, they say they'll go on strike plenty of time for officials to have a backup. phil matier reports they have one but you won't like it. >> reporter: that's right. it wasn't pretty last time and if there's a strike, it's not going to be pretty again. here's the story. leaders from around the bay area converged to hear the plan on how to deal with the possible repeat of the recent four-day bart strike that had hundreds of thousands of commuters stuck in traffic or waiting for hours just to get a bus ride home. the prognosis wasn't good. >> for those people who were tied up in the bart strike in july, you can expect a worse experience in august. >> reporter: in the last strike, bart ran about 50 shuttle buses to the east bay in san francisco. ac transit also increased its transbay service as did the bay ferries. but even then -- >> it really was very limited service. the demand for that service far just out stripped the supply that was available. >> reporter: about the only changes in the plan this time are to add another ferry, add a bus-shuttle service between san francisco and concord, and have the buses go to the city
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instead of linking up in west oakland. but after that, it's going to be pretty much the same as the last time. and the reasons why more buses won't be rolling are both practical and political. first, the practical. >> one operation had six buses they could lend, another one had five. so in total, i don't think that if we were to kind of cobble all those together, i don't think it would be enough. >> reporter: and then there's the political. at least a fear among other transit agencies that adding too many buses to help out bart might upset their own union drivers. >> i think we need to know who is withholding service because of concerns base leaving tens of thousands of riders without transportation is not acceptable. >> we barely have the money to get the buses out there running on a regular basis much less having a reserve fleet. >> reporter: and as for the idea of bringing in replacement drivers to run those automated
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bart cars, you can forget about that because under the contract, it takes 15 weeks to train new bart drivers and they can't start doing it until there's a strike. so if it happens, my advice is, make some plans on your own because you're largely going to be on your own. in san francisco, phil matier, kpix 5. at the same meeting officials also got an update on negotiations and both sides continue to be far apart on key issues. city of detroit won a legal victory today when a federal judge put a stop to all lawsuits threatening to halt the city's historic bankruptcy. retirees were among the groups who tried to sue the city of detroit claiming the constitution protects their city pensions, which are at risk in a bankruptcy. last week, michigan's governor approved the largest municipal bankruptcy case in u.s. history. a federal judge will now decide whether the city is eligible for bankruptcy. we wanted to find out what life is like in the city of vallejo,
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a city trying to bounce back from bankruptcy. the mayor told our ryan takeo while things are better, he foresees more cities facing a similar fate. >> doesn't look very professional to me. you know? >> reporter: if a building could symbolize vallejo, this is it. >> it's a reflection of vallejo, it's a little broke but i mean it can be fixed. >> i don't believe that vallejo is broke. vallejo was broke. vallejo is no longer broke. we have the -- the council has been bold. >> reporter: the vallejo mayor was in office when it went bankrupt and when it emerged last year. >> to me biggest hole in this city of the bankruptcy was on the lives of our employees. >> reporter: a 40% reduction hit the police department. the city has two fewer fire stations open. bankruptcy also brought city workers' salary and benefit cuts. years ago, a bankruptcy filing was a black eye for cities looking to borrow. now it's almost a necessity for
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some. >> when you get to the point that you can't do anything more, that's the only option left to you, i think there was a perception that bankruptcy wasn't even an option, say, 10 years ago. >> reporter: davis argues cities nationwide faced a similar issue to vallejo six years ago mainly because of rising benefits for workers and less money coming in from sources like property taxes so he is not shocked the motor city was forced into bankruptcy. >> so i'm not surprised and i'm -- i would bet you that there were going to be additional cities that are filing bankruptcy. >> reporter: how's that for a sign of the times? in vallejo, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> the mayor was quick to point out vallejo's budget is in much better shape now. it added a dozen police officers and it reopened the fire station it originally closed in the bankruptcy. paul it seems like our weather is in better shape these days. >> it is. >> a little less humid and more
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summer-like. >> it felt nice. >> we can expect this weather but when you get cloudy days a couple of sticky days with a rain chance, maybe you appreciate what we had outside even at the coast. the marine layer is quickly moving in this evening? >> highs in the low 60s. it's above average. san jose 86. napa 87. you go san rafael. 91 today. concord 93 for a high. sunny drier and warmer. hi-def doppler is dry. don't expect any rainfall for the rest of the month but the average rainfall in july is zero. that's average. we are losing a minute and a half of daylight a day. tomorrow morning in the upper 50s for concord. 59. mountain view 60. san francisco 54 degrees with cloudy skies but the marine layer will burn off rapidly. the monsoon season is gone.
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the tropical moisture over top of us is now in idaho, montana and wyoming. it raced out and high pressure is filling the void when it comes to weather. we haven't been hot since the 4th of july. we'll be warm inland but not more than 5 degrees above average. high pressure retreats, low pressure gets closer. it will drop temperatures and give us more morning cloud cover. look at the average highs and look at the highs for tomorrow. concord average 87, high 87. san francisco downtown average high 66. your high 66. that is average. oakland 72, redwood city 82 tomorrow, napa beautiful sunny 83 degrees. right around normal through saturday. we'll see that little drop in temperatures 3, 4, 5 degrees on sunday. that's where we'll hang for a couple of days before we get back to normal by the middle of
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next week. good stuff. july 0 for july for rainfall which is completely normal. >> thank you. still ahead, how free wireless internet is coming to dozens of parks in one bay area city. >> right here with her and she will get to have some social time with other kids. >> we'll show you the new option for some busy bay area parents to get their office work done and never be that far away from their children. ,,,, announcer: announcer: sunday's your last chance to save big during sleep train's triple choice sale. for a limited time, you can choose to save hundreds
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open spaces will be as easys taking a walk in the park. nced today its plan it won't be lock before connecting to the internet in san francisco's open spaces will be as easy as taking a walk in the park. google announced today that it plans to bring wireless internet access to 31 san francisco city parks. mayor leon hand to talk about the -- lee was on hand to talk about the partnership. wi-fi will be available in december. google is footing the entire bill. if you would like to see a list of the parks with wi-fi, please
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go to google has launched another salvo in the tablet wars unveiling its new nexus 7 tablet in san francisco today packed with a lot more pixels, special stereo speakers and nine hours of battery life. the 7" tablet has a price tag of $300 to $400. google hopes to have more apps available for users. facebook's mobile ad strategy appears to be paying off big time. the company today reported earnings of $1.6 billion, much of that from mobile advertising. the earnings report sent company stock after hours up 17% to nearly $31 a share. just a year ago the company had virtually no mobile ads. yahoo may have banned employees from working from home, but now it looks like the company may be looking for ways for parents to balance work with raising children. sue kwon is live with a
6:24 pm
potential solution. sue. >> reporter: yes. yahoo is informally talking here to the founder of nextkids. now, this is an office of co-op shared office space where every day is bring your kids to work day. for working parents everywhere, there is the dilemma, go into the office and miss these sweet faces, or work from home and be distracted by them. >> kind of difficult when they're like right there in the room with you. we have a very small apartment because we live in san francisco. [ laughter ] >> reporter: she is an engineer who gets rid of working mothers guilt at a new facility that offers snacks and diapers with its community office supplies. >> i can still be right here with her. and she will get to have some social time with other kids. >> reporter: diana rothchild founded the business out of necessity. >> i have one child, sophia, who is two, and i actually am about to have another child in several months. >> reporter: there's demand.
6:25 pm
it's not just for mothers. >> had i know the had a nanny already that was attached to her i would use it full time. >> they are independent workers, freelancer, consultants, they are startup entrepreneurs. >> reporter: they are also businesses who want to offer employees memberships. she says even yahoo called recently. remember the company came under fire for banning employees from working from home. the cost per month, $1,000 to $2,000 depending on hours or amenity, the same price as full-time daycare but this comes with a quiet space to work. nextkids also offers $175 day rate for drop-in which at $20 an hour is the going rate for babysitting here in san francisco. it ends up being about the same but do you get diapers, organic snacks here. this way you can have a conference call without having screaming children in the background. sue kwon, kpix 5. >> the parent company nextspace which offers office space
6:26 pm
without the daycare received a million dollars to launch nextkids. similar services are thriving in berkeley, oregon and austin. coming up in our next half hour, it's strawberry season. >> it was scary. it was scary especially for the kids. >> only on 5, we'll show you what one family did that they say exposes just what a dirty business this really can be. >> we think it sounds regal, a lovely name. >> the name game is over. the royal baby's name is revealed. and it's a long one. >> and there is something in the water. what's behind a spike in leopard sharks in the bay. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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but doubters say pesticidese a toxic threat to everyone. of farmworker and now at 6:30, the strawberry industry says there's no risk but doubters say pesticides are a toxic threat to everyone. a coalition of farm workers and environmental groups filed a lawsuit this afternoon against the environmental protection agency for failing to protect children from toxic pesticides. at issue is something called pesticide drift. airborne droplets of toxic chemicals that can travel far
6:30 pm
away from sprayed or fumigated fields into neighbors communities. the lawsuit claims the epa is 7 years behind schedule on meeting a deadline set by congress to protect children from that drift. >> we have an entire generation that has been exposed throughout the most vulnerable period of their lives to chemicals that we know are harmful to children. so it's -- the time frame is not acceptable. we need to put rules in place much more quickly. >> the petition asks the epa to set safety standards for children, improve warnings on labels and increase no spray buffer zones around homes and schools. the epa says it doesn't comment on pending litigation. pesticide drift is a hot button issue in one northern california farming commute. linda yee shows us what one family found happening in the field right next to their house, a field that grows a well-known brand of
6:31 pm
strawberries. >> reporter: in this northern california farming community, strawberry fields are everywhere. >> it does make me nervous. >> reporter: melissa and sam live just feet away from one owned by driscoll's the popular brand we all see in supermarkets. it's lightning fallow now but once a year, it gets fumigated before planting. >> we see a machine with 12, 13 people in these white chemical suits gas masks, full gear. >> reporter: the fumigant contains chloropicrin a former chemical warfare agent. there are conflicting studies over whether it causes cancer, but melissa points to a uc scientific panel that warns, chloropicrin could be a potent carcinogen. >> we have all grown our children here. they talk about they are 76 times more likely to get cancer having been exposed to this stuff. >> reporter: driscoll's has always reassured you there's no risk. >> they bring you strawberries
6:32 pm
and say they're fine, no danger. >> reporter: the children's grandfather was skeptical. oakland-based pesticide action network helped him set up drift catchers to monitor chemical droplets in the air during fumigation. the results? >> it was scary. it was scary for especially the kids. >> reporter: pesticide action network found levels of chloropicrin almost two times higher than what scientists paid by the state say is acceptable for adults. for children, it was four times higher. but california considers much higher levels acceptable so despite the family's appeals, the state did not find driscoll's in violation. >> the state and the federal government have set these levels so high that they will never be -- it's impossible for them to not to be within their legal rights. >> we follow, uhm, you know, all the appropriate laws and -- and best practices in the industry. >> reporter: kelly bell is with driscoll's. she says the company has gone above and beyond the law paying for the silvera family to stay
6:33 pm
in a hotel during fumigation. you do take precautions? >> mm-hm. >> reporter: you pay them to leave if they feel concerned. >> mm-hm. >> reporter: your workers wear suits. >> mm-hm. >> reporter: there is something back there that concerns you about these fumigants. >> i think that points to that we are completely committed to following the law. >> reporter: it's all very disappointing for the family. >> we have to try to come together and come up with, you know, a way away from these really super dangerous chemicals. >> reporter: but the strawberry industry says those safer alternatives are years away. in tehama county, linda yee, kpix 5. >> the state of california decided to go with those higher acceptable levels of chloropicrin to conform with u.s. epa guidelines. the world finally knows how to address the new addition to the royal family. meet his royal highness prince george alexander louis.
6:34 pm
although the baby boy will officially go by prince george of cambridge. when he becomes king, he will be known as george vii. george was the odds-on favorite among bookmakers. the family spent last night at home in kensington palace but they are now in bucklebury, kate's hometown just outside of london. coming up, sharks in the bay. and we're not talking about san jose's hockey teams. >> what's behind a boom of the leopard kind? >> and it looks like something out of paranormal activities. the mystery of a swaying chandelier at a well-known bay area mansion. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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tested positive for rabies. zoo keepers say the bat do't even belong to the zoo services a bat flying around the oakland zoo has tested positive for rabies but zookeepers say the bat doesn't even belong to the zoo. ee teenaged volunteer found the bat near the otter exhibit and told zoo officials that she may have been bitten. the girl received multiple injections to make sure her immune system fights off the virus. >> three best thing to do is -- the best thing to do is stay away from and call someone who knows how to handle it.
6:38 pm
. >> a section of the south bay is absolutely infested with sharks right now. they are a side effect of the largest wetland restoration project attempted on the west coast. and kpix 5's don ford explains, researchers are thrilled to see them. >> just a successful restoration project flooding salt ponds in the south bay. the changes are amazing. >> 100% increase in shore birds and waterfowl. amazing to see. there are fish, crabs and something else. >> in all these ponds already sharks. >> reporter: sharks, lep parted sharks, lots of them. uc researchers say like the birds, they are feeding on the explosion of small fish, shrimp and crabs. they are studying the tide dal
6:39 pm
march progress. >> when predators are doing good that means there's a lot of prey in the water and that tells me that the water quality is getting bedder. >> they are not dangerous to humans. >> reporter: they have tiny teeth and are more like rough sandpaper than teeth. >> i was surprised. i mean, wouldn't anybody be surprised that sharks would be in water that's so shallow? >> reporter: researchers are surprised and delighted that silt mud is replacing old salt at twice the rate expected. >> really exciting to see the things coming full circle and that what had been destroyed previously is now being rebuilt. >> reporter: with such an accelerated success, the u.s. fish and wildlife says by this time next year, they will have an additional 500 acres returned to nature. don ford, kpix 5. >> so far more than 3,000 acres of former salt ponds have been opened up to bay water.
6:40 pm
the goal is to eventually expand that to 15,000 acres. do you believe in ghosts? well, what we're about to show you just might make you a believer. cell phone footage captured a chandelier at san jose's winchester mystery house swaying back and forth. you can see nothing else is moving there just the chandelier. you think it's staged? well, the person who shot this video is the closing operations manager at the mystery house and he says, no way. to make things creepier, another tour leader said she saw a different chandelier in another room swinging at the very same time. >> do-do-do-do. >> just saying. >> it's a mystery. a bay area doctor going the extra mile for patients who can't even pay him. >> you don't expect the doctor to call you at home and ask you how are you doing, how do you feel?
6:41 pm
how is your pain? and he does. >> reporter: he does? >> he do, yes. >> how his own life story has inspired this fremont physician to get out of the office and into the community. time for a two-for-one deal for you weather and traffic. traffic, bay bridge, bad. the weather behind it, really good! humidity is gone. sunshine is back. yeah, it might take you a while to get in the city but i think you'll love the forecast coming up. >> i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, is a-rod really hurt? are the yankees just playing hardball? the as try to rebound after last night's blunder and who says journalists are all wet? sports is next. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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smoke in san jose. fire crews are on the scene of t breaking news right now in the south bay. we have some images of a brush fire that is sending up a little bit of smoke in san jose. firefighters are on the scene of a 2-acre hire at orchard parkway and component drive. it's close to the san jose airport. and fire crews are responding right now. we'll also keep an eye on it.
6:45 pm
fremont is one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse cities in the bay area. 43% of the population was born in other countries like this week's jefferson award winner, a man kate kelly reports is passionate about bringing healthcare to everyone in his community. >> did you check your bloop sometimes? >> reporter: dr. bhupinder bhandari is not in the office today but at the fremont senior center where he donates his services. a board-certified gastroenterologist it's not unusual to see him out in the community. fremont plan any commissioner yogi chugh says dr. bhandari was instrumental in starting free health clinics at the local sikh and hindu temples. >> gives care to those who are less fortunate. >> reporter: he wasn't born in the united states. fres a small village in india and doesn't forget the
6:46 pm
sacrifices his father made. >> he left a small town and came to a big city so that we could see better education. >> reporter: for almost 30 years, he has been paying it forward. >> there's always immigrant influx and many times the immigrant patients and the families don't have insurance coverage. >> reporter: john haider with the afghan elderly association says what sets dr. bhandari apart is his humanity. >> you don't expect a doctor to call you at home and ask you, how are you doing? how do you feel? how is your pain? and he does. >> reporter: he does? >> he does, yes. >> reporter: and he does it in farsi. in fact, he has learned the basics of 10 languages to help patients feel comfortable. and he has helped coordinate an annual health fair in fremont to bring awareness to local health issues. >> diabetes, hypertension, osteoarthritis, acid reflux, coronary disease, they are rampant. our community has an abundance of these ailments. >> reporter: when he isn't out
6:47 pm
in the community, dr. bhandari is seeing patients at his private practice. but even here, he is committed to mentoring young medical students. >> it's very fulfilling if i can use my expertise or my background and training and helping other people arrive at their destinations. >> reporter: it's what he calls his "true earnings." the satisfaction that comes from being of service. so for almost 30 years of volunteering in his community so that all families might have access to health education and care, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to dr. bhupinder bhandari. kate kelly, kpix 5. >> and you can nominate your local heroes for a jefferson award online at click the logo at the top of the page, then jefferson awards to find the email nomination form. >> paul is here. the humidity is gone. we're looking toward the weekend, it looks good. >> weekend looks really nice. kinds of a difference between
6:48 pm
two days. if you like it warmer we have a day for you, like it cooler, got a day two. this just in the weekend is two days long and the weather will be different between the two. >> the weather at the golden gate, we had sunshine at ocean beach and along the coasts at the peninsula today but that onshore flow is working its way back in like the tide. it's coming in now. a lot of traffic trying to get into the city. we're sunny in oakland, piedmont and emeryville. oakland currently 74, beautiful day there. san jose a very comfortable 80. less humidity in concord, 87. the hotspot today livermore at 91 degrees. another dry july rainfall in the bay area, zero, but guess what, that's not even below normal because normal july rainfall is zero. the forecast for the next couple of weeks will be dry.
6:49 pm
in rohnert park, beautiful weather, morning fog for you tomorrow. afternoon sunshine. this microclimate request came in from susan. thank you for emailing me. if you would like your town on tv, sent me a tweet. all that tropical moisture over top of us the past couple of days is out of here. stickiness is down, sunshine is up. temperatures will level off. high pressure it the north giving us the offshore wind comfortably off to the east giving us warm air but not hot stuff. saturday warmer. on sunday, it's all about this guy right here. low pressure getting closer to us from the north. kind of turning the fan on from the ocean from low to medium.
6:50 pm
sunday cooler day over the weekend. warmest day will be friday. tomorrow beautiful. palo alto 79. union city 77. 80s for concord, walnut creek, san ramon, pleasanton 90. sonoma 80. downtown san francisco 66. we're leveling off normal through saturday. warming up next week. beautiful weather next seven days. dennis is coming up with sports next.
6:51 pm
announcer: through sunday at sleep train, save hundreds on beautyrest and posturepedic. choose $300 in free gifts with tempur-pedic. even choose 48 months interest-free financing on the new tempur-choice. the triple choice sale ends sunday at sleep train.
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with houston..they didn't py good defense, and even their ve..but good the as were just three for 26 with runners scoring position in their three-game series with houston. they didn't play good defense. even the closer blew a save but good teams know how to win ugly. getaway in houston for the green and gold. tied at one in the 6th inning. carlos colpran two shot to right. aj griffin has now allowed 23 home runs tied for the second most in the majors. solo shot. coco crisp with a two-run shot into the crawford boxes. his tenth home run of the year.
6:54 pm
grant balfour the day off so it was ryan cook in for the save. he got the final four out. the as win 4-3 i thought this was one of their worst series of the year but they win it. they are now 11-1 against houston this series. alex rodriguez is expected to be baseball's next big name suspended for using performance- enhancing drugs and as always with a-rod there's drama. rodriguez has been on the dl all season. and just as he was ready to return last weekend, he was diagnosed with a "quad strain." but a-rod says the yankees made up the injury to prevent him from playing with a suspension looming. so rodriguez hires a private doctor who disputed the findings of the team's medical staff. >> oh. >> i look at his mri this morning. he asked me to look at it. and i spent about 20 minutes going over that. i looked particularly at his quadracep muscle. to be honest i don't see any sort of injury there. >> stay tuned.
6:55 pm
we showed you this last week. mattingly romanan got hit on the landing. the 20-year-old shortstop we have learned will miss the rest of the season with a concussion after being taken out by a skydiver before the game. the 49ers veterans reported for training camp this afternoon which means it will be a low key birthday celebration tonight for safety donte whitner. >> no extra room service. i'm right on my weight right now so i want to lose a couple of pounds so no extra room service tonight. just skittles. >> happy birthday. >> no ice cream, no cake, just skittles. >> they gave me a cake. it's in my locker right now. couple of the guys asking for it, might give it up. i don't need it. the pro bowl safety isn't laying low about his future. whitner who is entering a final year of his contract tweeted, quote, love san francisco. but will i be here next year? >> we don't really look at it as like a [ indiscernible ] because most of my teammates
6:56 pm
haven't seen it or heard about it. so it's the fans. >> he is on twitter. >> he follows me. [ laughter ] >> so pretty sure he saw it. former patriots tight end aaron hernandez had his probable cause hearing delayed until next month and while he was appearing in court, patriots head coach bill belichick addressed the media in foxboro for the first timesince hernandez was arrested for first-degree murder. >> i and other members of the organization were shocked and disappointed in what we had learned. having someone in your organization that's involved in a murder investigation is a terrible thing. >> without being too specific and getting too personal -- >> i don't think you have to worry about that. [ laughter ] >> it's time for the new england patriots to move on. that's what our job is. as i said, our goal is the same to have a winning football team, to be a pillar in the community. that's what our direction s that's what we're going to do -- that's what our direction is.
6:57 pm
that's what we're going to do. >> we're going streaking. team usa's record winning streak is now 10 games and counting. gold cup finalist landon donovan scored two goals. they will next face mexico or panama in the finals on sunday. you have to be prepared for anything when you're reporting in the field this. dutch reporter stays calm when the sprinklers washed way his guest. the guest bales but he stays and he actually finished the segment and we have all been in the field and we have all been exposed to sprinklers at some point. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> in many forms. >> yeah. kind of nice when it's only water. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> it could be worse. >> yeah. raider fans pouring beer on me one time. excuse me to the 49ers fans. see you at 11:00. captions by: caption colorado w,. call or click today.
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6:59 pm
7:00 pm
>> judge judy: it's up to you to explain to me why you grabbed the steering wheel. >> announcer: a gripping ride spins out of control. >> once we hit the pothole, like, i got scared and i grabbed the wheel, and then we ended up hitting the pole. >> judge judy: you were trying to prevent an accident. >> announcer: then the getaway... >> judge judy: you fled the scene. people who are guiltless don't flee the scene unless they're drunk. >> i was drunk. >> judge judy: if you are drunk, that means you have poor judgment. >> announcer: "judge judy." you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. the people are real. the cases are real. the people are real. the cases are real. the rulings are final. captions paid for by cbs television distribution jeff canetti is suing his former friend, 21-year-old james skinner, for causing an accident when he grabbed at his steering wheel. james says jeff was driving recklessly and he was trying to prevent an accident. >> byrd: order! all rise!


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