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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  July 25, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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things where you care so much about an animal, they are like a family member. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. captions by: caption colorado and good morning, thursday morning now, july 25. i'm brian hackney. frank is off today. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 5:00. let's get a look at weather with lawrence. how's it looking? >> good morning. the fog thick in spots. starting to thicken up out over the bay. looking at the bay bridge we are looking at fog. along the coastline we have dense fog toward the beaches so a little bit cloudy along the coastline and inside the bay. the temperatures are very, very mild though in spots. 56 in livermore. 59 in concord. looks like these temperatures are going to warm up nicely toward the afternoon except cool at the coastline right about average into san francisco. inland 80s and 90s. we'll talk about the weekend in a moment. let's check the roads with
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elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. a lot of the overnight roadwork is being picked up including some up and down 880. northbound 880 between 23rd and embarcadero and southbound between embarcadero and fruitvale you may still see some roadwork. also overnight roadwork for another hour or so northbound 680 from ygnacio towards treat boulevard in walnut creek. mass transit transit continues to run with no delays right now. bart has 31 trains reporting everything on time. that's traffic. back to you guys. new this morning, crews are on the scene of a house fire in vacaville. the flames started just before 3:00 in the morning on millbrook court. five people and two dogs were able to escape the burning home after neighbors knocked on the door telling them to get out. the flames started outside the house. firefighters are cleaning up the scene now and are investigating. friends and neighbors say 66-year-old judy salomon was in
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the wrong place at the wrong time when she was shot just a few blocks from home. she was killed while driving her car on fern street in oakland's fairfax district yesterday. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is at the oakland police department getting the latest on the investigation. cate. >> reporter: michelle, yes, as you mentioned, the woman's neighbors believe that this was just a case of poor timing as you mentioned. the phrase wrong place wrong time. now, this woman's neighbors identified the victim as 66- year-old judy salomon. oakland police say yesterday afternoon a woman was driving on fern street in the fairfax neighborhood when she was killed. they said the suspects fired directly into the woman's car and then rolled backward into a second car and crashed. neighbors say she was just a few blocks away from her home when it happened. they believe that she was caught in the crossfire. >> it could have been any of us and usually, this neighborhood is a pretty quiet place and so
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we're all just stunned and shocked and saddened. >> reporter: oakland police have not confirmed her identity. neighbors told us salomon was an animal lover a pet sitter who often took care of many of their dogs. police are hoping that beer bottles left at the scene could help them identify potential suspects. at this point they do not have a suspect description. and no arrests have been made. reporting live in oakland, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> this is oakland's 56th homicide of the year. a 62-year-old woman has become san jose's 30th murder victim this year. police think the woman was assaulted in her apartment near lundy and berryessa in north san jose before she was killed. police won't say exactly how she died. neighbors say another woman had been living with the victim until monday and had stolen items from her. just into the newsroom, a horrific train crash in spain caught on tape. watch as it speeds around the corner, then flies off the tracks splitting in half.
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77 people were killed. more than 140 are injured. those numbers are expected to rise. cbs reporter alfonso van marsh with how it all happened. reporter: firefighters doused a smoking train car shortly after the derailment in northwestern spain. rescuers rushed to the crash that happened just before 9 p.m. wednesday on a curve over stretch of track outside the city of santiago decompostela. it was traveling from madrid. this man said one of the carriages was already over the road that comes out over there. investigators combed through toppled railcars. one was severed in two. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: this government official says, there's still no clear reason why the accident happened. a spanish newspaper cited sources close to the investigation as saying the train was traveling more than twice the speed limit. >> this is the worst train accident in spain since 1972 when a train collided with a bus killing dozens and injuring more than 100. >> reporter: the accident happened the night before the
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start of an annual religious festival that brings tens of thousands to the city. officials cancelled all ceremonies planned for today. the state-owned train operator says it is cooperating with investigators. early today a team began removing the train cars as they tried to figure out what happened. alfonso van marsh, cbs news, london. >> and this is a live look in spain right now. you can see the crews are still out there, again, 77 people were killed. more than 140 injured and officials say more than 200 people were on board the train when it derailed. in florida, another derailment the port of tampa is closed after a train went off the tracks there leading to an ethanol spill. 15 railcars toppled over. firefighters are spraying foam as you can see there on the ethanol to prevent it from catching fire. crews are expected to work through much of the day today to upright the cars. off the louisiana coast that natural gas still burning out of control and leaking into
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the gulf of mexico. you can see the beams that support the derrek and the rig floor have collapsed. 44 workers had to evacuate when the fire started on tuesday. an uncontrolled eruption of gas caused the disaster. the company leasing the rig is expected to work with safety officials to possibly drill a relief well. today is the deadline for pg&e to respond to the latest plan for penalties from the 2010 san bruno pipeline explosion. the puc wants the utility to pay a $300 million fine that would go to the state. that would be part of a $2.25 billion penalty and most of that money would go for pipeline repairs and upgrades. the man accused of killing two women in the san francisco jewelrymart appeared before a judge yesterday. 23-year-old barry white stood before a judge and the victims' families in a brief court appearance. police say he shot and stabbed store employees over a price dispute of an item that he previously purchased. family members of the victims were in court to face the
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accused killer. [ screaming and crying ] >> our hearts are broken. >> the killer is beyond human to create an act like this. >> white was assigned a public defender. he is due back in court next week to enter a plea. in other bay area news, an oakland city council member could be censured at a special council meeting tonight. desley brooks is accused of interfering with the construction of two recreation centers and of hiring people to work for the city before they had required background checks. the city auditor and the alameda county grand jury investigated desley. pg&e has patched up a gas leak in alamo. a third party contractor ruptured a line near the alamo plaza shopping center just before noon yesterday. that forced evacuations in the area. but they were called off last night and everyone was allowed back home. you want to pay to stay in jail? that's what's happening in fremont. some inmates are, toking out
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the coins to do -- are forking out the coins to do it. the first pay as you go jail offers misdemeanor offenders a smaller quieter option. it is a standard jail with standard issue mattresses and shared showers. $10million building was originally built to house minimum security inmates from the county jail, but that never happened. >> we are the trustees of a large facility that was paid for by taxpayer money. we need to be good stewards of that investment and maximize its use and its efficiency for the taxpayers. >> the $155 a night a little bit of an upgrade open only to misdemeanors offenders who get a judge's okay. the money raised goes to the city of fremont. more soda is staying on the shelves. coming up, what's behind a decline in sales for the fizzy drinks. plus -- >> dribble and how to shoot. >> more than just basketball
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skills. the life lessons learned at this summer camp. >> and a watery crash caught on camera. why this hot air balloon operator says it was supposed to happen. >> thick fog over the bay area now should be warm to hot in spots. we'll show you where coming up. >> and look at the thick fog blanketing the golden gate bridge this morning. once again, visibility issues. your latest travel times coming up after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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take a look -- unexpected wd sent it crashing int fore that, the pil a hot air balloon ride in the netherlands ended with some terrifying moments. unexpected winds send it crashing into the water. before that, the pilot tried to land several times but just couldn't. so he decided to shoot for the water instead to lessen the impact. two of the 11 people on board were hurt and police determined the pilot did the right thing in that situation. but scary nonetheless. >> close to the shoreline but still looks like he did a good job. how often does that happen? we have commutes of our own to worry about this morning and we have no better person than elizabeth wenger. >> thanks, brian. you're making me blush. let's show what you it looks like outside. it's quiet on the roadways so if you have to get to work kickback and have an extra cup of coffee. there's not much to slow you down. there are some areas of overnight roadwork.
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we'll show you those places in just a minute. but the south bay commute 101 at trimble is fine. there was a stall reported on westbound 92 at the high-rise section but it's now off to the shoulder so you can see traffic looks okay on the flat section of the bridge. this camera is past the toll plaza. eastbound looking good as well heading towards hayward. the overnight roadwork this is where you'll find it near the airport actually northbound 101 broadway to sfo. we're seeing some slowdowns in the southbound direction various lanes blocked northbound until 6:00 this morning. westbound 580 just beginning now to see our usual delays beginning out of tracy and continuing to north flynn. that's when we see things improve on our sensors. the drive time still in the clear 22 minutes out towards the dublin interchange. we'll take a quick look at the silicon valley ride. actually busy for this time of the morning. we'll check what's going on westbound 237 right there. there may be some overnight roadwork in lanes. overall we are seeing green on our sensors out towards sunnyvale. and the walnut creek commute we
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got this going on. various lanes blocked again until 6:00. northbound 680. that would be between ignacio and treat boulevard out of walnut creek. mass transit continues to be a great option. bart has more than 35 trains all on schedule. that is your latest "timesaver traffic." with more on your forecast, what's going on? here's lawrence. >> we have some fog out there this morning, some thick summer fog settling in over the bay area and thick at the coastline. so be careful with that. looks like nice and clear though inland. the temperatures in the 50s and the 60s. so another mild start to the day in much of the bay area. this afternoon, we'll see those temperatures getting warm to hot inland. up in the mid-90s in the warmest spots, 70s and 80s inside the bay and along the coastline we'll see 60s with patchy fog and a mix of sun and clouds out toward the coast. high pressure holding on now pumping in some subtropical moisture most of that ending up in the sierra nevada not the bay area. so as long as this is in play
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we're looking at nice weather. things beginning to change. the low approaches the coastline tomorrow and the weekend ramping up the low clouds and fog and start to cool down our temperatures. speaking of low clouds and fog we have some of that in the bay this morning that's slowly going to pull back to the coastline throughout the day and by the afternoon we should see a lot of sunshine inside the bay but the clouds still lingering out toward the coastline, typical summer pattern around the bay area. numbers, about 86 degrees in san jose today. 90s in toward morgan hill and into gilroy. by the way they have the garlic festival tomorrow and guess what, we'll be there for that. can't wait. we are talking about some 90s in the interior valleys, as well. and then as you head inside the bay you will find about 74 degrees in oakland. 66 degrees in san francisco. and 86 degrees in santa rosa. next couple of days, we are going to watch those temperatures beginning to cool off maybe slightly below average over the weekend and then slow warm toward next week but yeah, the gilroy garlic festival starts tomorrow. i'm going to be out there sampling foods all morning long. >> you should bring some back. i love garlic. >> remember all the food i
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brought the last time from the snare. >> some of the best live shots i have ever seen on a weathercast were last year with you at the gilroy garlic festival. >> tough to beat now. >> a lot to live up to. >> wait until we see him tomorrow! in your healthwatch this morning, "plan b one-step" will be the only morning-after pill available without any age restrictions. the fda gave the drugmaker tevah pharmaceuticals exclusive marketing rights for three years. you can buy the drug over-the- counter without prescription. last month a federal court lifted age and sale restrictions on contraception. the fda is cracking down on illegal treatments for diabetics. 15 companies were asked to stop selling supplements and creams. fda says the products promise to lower blood sugar levels naturally or relieve foot pain. but those claims are unproven. some products were found to have potentially dangerous ingredients. pop just doesn't have as much fizz as it used to. people are drinking less soda in the u.s. the makers of coca-
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cola, pepsi and dr. pepper all saw decline in soda sales in the 2nd quarter in north america part of a trend. one industry tracker says that per capita soda drinking has been slipping since 1998 as more people worry about gaining weight. but never fear, the companies are make up for it by selling bottled water, tea and sports drinks. those are boosting sales a bit. the harlem globetrotters have been around 85 years and played all over the world. for them there is no off season. their basketball camps teach kids some of their moves and also life skills. we think that's pretty cool. reporter: at a "24 hour fitness" in san ramon, kids are on the basketball court learning drills, skills and because their teachers are harlem globetrotters, some thrills. >> they know that they're going to have fun. no that they're going to learn -- they know that they're going to learn some fundamental basketball skills as well as
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get a chance to see some of our cool tricks. >> everybody is really nice. >> reporter: during the season bull and buckets travel around the world wowing millions of fans. but if the summer, they teach what they learn on the road. >> taught us how to dribble and learn how to do stretches and how to shoot. >> reporter: and in between the dribbling, passing and layups, the kids are learning how to act off the court. >> teaches you sportsmanship and respectful and responsible. >> reporter: it's life lessons and most of all fun. so much fun, i had to learn the globetrotters' most popular trick. >> all you need is one finger. >> reporter: one finger? >> yes. >> reporter: okay. >> step over here. >> reporter: all right. >> don't look at the ball. look at the camera. >> reporter: look at the camera? why can't i look at the ball? >> because it will fall off. >> reporter: it's on my nail. >> now loo at the ball. it's going to fall off.
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>> reporter: why does it do that? >> you're concentrating on the ball. >> then as soon as i looked at it, boom, it fell off my nail. >> i think your nail has a bright future. [ laughter ] >> nicely done. that's great. >> well, thank you. what is cool about your school or summer camp? submit your nomination on our website, and we may come and feature your school on the show. okay. it's now 19 minutes after 5:00. coming up, more sharks in the bay. why experts say the sudden spike is a good thing. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. what forced a baseball player to tears tonight and the giants look anything but a defending world champion coming up next. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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let's take you in for your microclimate forecast for today. we are going to see plenty of sunshine in the valleys. a hot 91 degrees in walnut creek. >> and checking bay area roads once again, just some fog blanketing the golden gate bridge right now. but no delay approaching the pay gates. no metering lights yesterday over at the bay bridge toll plaza. and now that they cleared the stall on the san mateo bridge, everything is moving at the limit out of hayward. we'll have more traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. a welcome sight in the section of the south bay. sharks, not just any kind of sharks. those are leopard sharks. and they don't pose a threat to humans. they look just like little swimming leopards. they are a side effect of the
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largest wetlands restoration project ever attempted on the west coast. >> that's a really good sign. so when the predators are doing good, that means there's a lot of prey in the water so that tells me that the water quality is getting better. >> uc-davis researchers say the changes along the thousands of acres of former industrial salt ponds are truly amazing. san mateo county will show off its plan to transform highway 1 at devil's slide into a new hiking trail with spectacular views of the pacific. the new tom lantos tunnels replace this stretch of highway 1 at enormous cost earlier this year. the county plans a $1.3-mile walking trail with biking lanes. it wants to add fences along the path plus metal guardrails at the overlook areas. the trail is set to open early next year. good morning, everybody. six days from now the major league trade deadline will be at hand and from the looks of things, the giants might be sellers instead of buyers. kirk reeter might get a call from brian sabean if things
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keep going the way they are. chad gaudin allowed one run in his last two starts but that ended last night against the reds. phillips knocked one into right. pence and blanco misplay t giants lose 8-3. they are 7.5 games behind the dodgers now in the west. as keep rolling against the astros. oakland with a run in the 7th. coco goes downtown to put the as ahead 4-3. they remain 3 up against texas. rough night for tim hudson. eric young stepped on his foot on a play at first base. he broke his ankle and is out for the season. young left the field in tears. hudson was 8-7 this season. team usa's record winning streak is 10 games. gold cup semifinals in cowboys stadium. landon donovan scores two goals and team usa beat honduras 3-1 so they will face panama in the
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finals on sunday. that's it. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. we go to boston's fenway park for our play of the day. bottom of the 4th and it looks like a hit up the middle but here's tampa bay's escobar who gets to the ball flips it out of his glove behind his back. >> wow. >> there you go. >> oh, my gosh. >> double play. the rays won 5-1 and pull within half a game of the league leading red sox. >> just when you think you've seen it all, we have more ahead. 25 minutes after 5:00. the price tag for the warriors' proposed new arena just got bigger big time. the under water problems that's now upping the costs. >> reporter: and another bart strike could be a week and a half away. what's the backup plan? we'll talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald
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transit officials are trying to make a backup plan in case there is another bart strike. we are 1 1/2 weeks away from the possibility and how this time could be even worse. >> fog settling in over the bay area now a lot of sunshine to come. we'll talk about that coming up. >> bay area drive times so far in the clear except for we are just beginning to see our usual delays in livermore. but a check of mass transit is coming up. and a hail and hearty good morning to you. it is thursday, july 25. i'm brian hackney. frank is off. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 5:29. bart and the unions have until august 4 to hammer out a new contract. if they don't, workers would go on strike again. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is live at the embarcadero bart station in san francisco where hundreds of thousands of riders face another strike. anne. >> reporter: the backup plan the transit officials are now coming up with is probably not
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going to go over very well at stations like the embarcadero here in san francisco because this strike if it happens could be even more painful this time around than what we saw just a few weeks ago. bay area transit leaders are trying to come up with a plan right now to deal with this strike. these are pictures of the last strike in early july and so far it sounds like we could see a repeat. bart bus shuttleses, extra ac transit buses and additional ferries trying to pick up the slack. the only real changes this time around, one extra ferry and bus shuttle from concord. that will mean hundreds of thousands of commuters are stuck in traffic and waiting hours again for a bus ride home. >> it was a nightmare. i have to be here every morning for work and i mean, i have to park, spend money like $16 a day parking here. it's a nightmare. >> if they go on strike and inconvenience everyone, that's not good. but at the same time, got to have what you got have.
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>> reporter: so the question is, why don't officials try to beef up the backup plan for the strike? they are concerned that other transit unions could get upset if they have to work harder to pick up the slack. they are afraid it could be a domino effect when it comes to labor strikes. another reason it could be worse, last time it was a holiday week during the 4th of july so fewer people were commuting. back to you. >> anne, how are the negotiations going between bart and the unions? >> there's a gag order so we don't have details. but so far, from what we understand, the two sides are still very far apart. >> we'll see what happens. anne makovec live in san francisco, thank you. at this hour the pope's schedule is packed today in rio de janiero as he continues his visit to brazil. he is going to be blessing the olympic flag. the olympics are coming to brazil in 2016. he will visit a slum. he will address upward of a million young roman catholics
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for world youth day a week-long festival for young catholics. pope francis is known as the people's pope. he insists on reaching out to large crowds and staying close to the people but they have had so many gaffes and missteps in brazil, the subway broke down. his driver took a wrong turn and people were pressing in. it's a concern because brazil is hosting the world cup soccer in 2014, the olympics in 2016, and so far, a lot of critics are wondering if brazil is ready for all that, you know, after all the gaffes that have happened out there. so we'll see. >> we'll see. dense fog this morning outside. very thick approaching the coastline again so be careful with that. the bay bridge now disappearing. we have the low clouds and fog even sweeping inside the bay. temperatures are very mild again in the 50s and 60s already mid-60s into livermore if you can believe that and 60
5:33 am
into san jose. the clouds not thick but spreading onshore now. toward the afternoon pulling back toward the beaches where it will hang out leaving sunshine in the south bay 80s and ninths toward morgan hill and gilroy east bay up in the 90s in many spots and then inside the bay, it will be comfortable but cooler 66 degrees in san francisco. and 74 degrees in oakland. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thanks, lawrence. we are seeing our usual pattern developing now over at the bay bridge toll plaza. the cash lanes are beginning to stack up but if you are a fast track user those are the lanes to be in the middle lanes getting by great so far all the way into san francisco. as it is, even if you're in the cash lane not much delay so far this morning. they have not turned on the metering lights. out in the south bay 101 near the trimble exit in san jose, at the limit from downtown san jose all the way up towards santa clara. to our maps, drive times, westbound 580 the slowest drive time around the bay area up to
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25 minutes between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. once you get past vasco, though, we see quite a bet of improvement on our sensors. ace train number one a delay about 7 minutes late. got a late start out of tracy. systemwide on time for bart, muni and caltrain, also reporting no delays. that is your latest "timesaver traffic." back to you. >> thank you. anthony weiner is not giving up. he is still running for mayor of new york. weiner is under fire again for sending sexually explicit messages to a woman he met online. a similar scandal forced him to resign from congress two years ago. his rivals told crowds at a candidate forum that weiner's latest "sexting" scandal is a distraction. >> if you want to play to the cameras, that's your business. i'm here having a serious conversation about issues. that's what these good people came to hear. let's honor their being here. [ applause and cheers ] >> a group of women at the debate turned their backs on weiner in silent protest. trouble is growing for san diego mayor bob filner.
5:35 am
two more women now accuse him of sexual harassment. school district psychologist morgan rose claims filner repeatedly tried to kiss her during a business meeting in 2009. >> he tried to move my face towards his to kiss me on the mouth and now listening to the stories of other victims, it probably wouldn't have been on my mouth, it would have been in my mouth. >> the woman says the sexual harassment happened at a restaurant across the street from his office. joe tuman is running for mayor of oakland. the election is november next year and tuman said he learned last time starting early is important. the san francisco state professor and former kpix 5 political analyst finished fourth in 2010. he says public safety is the city's biggest issue and he respects mayor jean quan, who you see here, but he says that she has had her chance. >> this is not personal with jean. and i think she works very hard. but i think what's required in
5:36 am
this situation is arresting what is basically a city in a freefall. >> long-time city councilman larry reeved says he is considering -- reid is considering a run. also port commissioner brian parker and neighborhood activist patrick mccullough. quan is not officially a candidate for re-election. the golden state warriors' plans for a new waterfront arena in san francisco is facing another wave of costs. the building which would be on piers 30 and 32 was already going to be expensive. as it turns out, there was another price increase hitting below the surface of the bay. the piers were built a century ago and need a bigger overhaul than expected. >> the extent to which we are going to have to rebuild the piers is becoming more visible over time. originally we thought it would be 60 to $70 million. now it's up to $150 million. >> add that to a $700 million
5:37 am
arena and other retail space and a total cost adds up to about $1 billion. the warriors say the project will be privately financed. >> so it's not the cost but the added traffic on an already congested embarcadero. the arena is just one new project planned for the waterfront. there's also a massive development led by the giants at mission rock plus a handful of high-rise office and residential buildings. city leaders say the developers should be required to help ease congestion. >> this is an opportunity for anybody developing in this area to be told, yes, you want to build new housing this is where muni needs help. this is where we need one more streetcar two more buses. >> stadium parking is another big concern. the team is trying to get access to the downtown parking garages. so if you buy a ticket and plan to drove the added cost of parking would include an assigned spot in a downtown garage. in other headlines around the bay, the sailboat skipper who was arrested outside the golden gate will face criminal
5:38 am
charges. david mccormack is accused of sending out a false distress call sunday morning. the coast guard says he also failed to stop his boat and assaulted an officers. he will be back in court next month. the city college of san francisco is on a deadline. they have just a year to prove to the accrediting commission that it's worthy to continue operating. college officials are working to get things in line. they have already instituted paycuts, closed campuses, and built a new administrative building. today san francisco assemblyman will hold a presser with the college's board of trustees in hopes of getting the school on track. 22 machines now before 6:00. unusual -- 22 minutes now before 6:00. unusual bedfellows, what brought together president obama and the republican establishment. >> why george h.w. bush shaved his head. >> and a bar hopping bear. how this guest went unnoticed by patrons. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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bear if he walked into the ? well most of the patrons fr lonigans bar in estes park, colorado missed the would you notice this bear if he walked into the bar? >> i think so. >> so would i but most of the patrons from lonnie began's bar in colorado missed the 6'3" customer. the black bear wandered to the back of the bar and up the
5:42 am
middle of the bar before he walked out the front door. the bartenders are now offering shots in honor of their thirsty visitor. >> i think everyone had too much to drink. stock futures are lower this morning possibly meaning a third straight day of losses. weak earnings from caterpillar the world's largest equipment company dragged the dow down. facebook delivered better- than-expected 2nd quarter profits with revenue from mobile ads leading the way. last year at this time, they posted a loss. facebook stock jumped almost 20% in after-hours trading. still, its stock is several dollars below the price of its initial public offering about a year ago. the nation's housing market had been making progress this year. but will the recent jump in mortgage rates derail the recovery? who knows? maybe cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger who is here with an update on the real
5:43 am
estate market. >> reporter: good morning. >> well, there are a few housing reports this week. so what do they say? >> reporter: well, first of all, i know that everyone in the bay area has like a little bit of a warped view of what's going on in the housing market so i'm going to talk about some of the national trends. we'll talk about you in a second. over all some parts of the housing marked slowed down. year-over-year the trend is strong. over the first half of 2013, multi-family starts, up 33% from a year ago. single families starts, up 20%. existing home sales up 15.2% from a year ago. new home sales, gang, up a whopping 38% from a year ago. >> that's amazing. well, mortgage rates are up a full point over the past two months. will that hurt housing? >> reporter: activity numbers indicate that the recovery should remain intact. but as rates move higher, certainly people get spooked from the market. so think about this. if you are a first time home buyer, the calculation of
5:44 am
renting versus buying might cause to you say i'll keep paying the landlord. also jumbo borrowers, loans more than $417,000, they might be spooked by higher rates. we know that actually higher rates have changed a little bit of the calculation in the bay area. looks like multiple bids are still obviously pretty much abundant but they are slowing down over the couple of months. so i think rates are starting to impact the market a bit. with more people expected to list their homes and higher mortgage rates, the double- digit price increases that we have seen should start to slow down. the national housing market should remain in recovery mode. and if you are in the market, hey, on today i have a nice little kit for you a mortgage application preparation kit, i'm second you through the airwaves a little -- i'm sending you through the airwaves a little bit of a shot glass also because it's a very agonizing process. >> so we need that shot glass. >> and how. >> reporter: you might need it. >> thank you, so much, cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger in new york. president obama will be in
5:45 am
florida today explaining his plan to get the u.s. economy back on track. during his address in illinois yesterday, he said it's time for bold economic action from congress. >> repealing obamacare and cutting spending is not an economic plan. this moment does not require short term thinking. it does not require having the same old stale debates. our focus has to be on the basic economic issues that matter most to you the people we represent. >> the president's plan for a stronger economy includes raising the minimum wage and investing in education and job training. japanese leaders welcome the nomination of caroline kennedy as washington's new ambassador to japan. the chief cabinet secretary says it's a positive development in u.s.-japanese relations. of course, she is the daughter of president kennedy. if approved she will be the first woman to serve as u.s. ambassador to japan. the most recent polls by
5:46 am
the way show 49% of americans disapprove of how the president is handling the economy. 45% approve of his work. cbs survey shows 61% think the economy is in bad shape. time now 5:46. i didn't see it driving in but apparently, there is fog out there. >> hello! you have to open those eyes. [ laughter ] >> very thick around parts of the bay area right now. we're seeing dense fog developing outside along the coastline and moving inside the bay. some of the interior valleys looking clear though. temperatures on the mild side, 50s and a few 60s. i think toward the afternoon, though, we'll see plenty of sunshine in most spots away from the coast. 70s and 80s inside the bay and mid-90s in the hottest spots inland and 60s, sunshine and clouds out at the coast. high pressure remaining in place for now but eventually this low is going to start to scoot toward the bay area tomorrow helping to cool down the temperatures but for today we'll keep things seasonal around the bay area about average for this time of year. at sfo, delays due to the low cloud cover toward the morning
5:47 am
hours. by the afternoon we'll clear out about 71 degrees. around the country houston 99 and partly cloudy, chance of thunderstorms in denver at 88. 82 and sunny in chicago. and checking in with some showers at 79 degrees fairly cool into new york. we are looking at those temperatures on the rise today at 86 degrees in san jose. 94 in morgan hill. 77 fremont. 78 san mateo. you will see 60s at the coast. a lot of 90s showing up in the interior valleys so getting hot there but there is cooler weather on the way. mild temperature very pleasant 74 degrees becoming mostly sunny in oakland today and about 61 degrees a few clouds into daly city. as we look out over the next couple of days that low pressure area approaches the coast our temperatures start to cool down. we'll see more low clouds and fog on the way throughout the weekend. then slowly warm up toward the middle of next week. all right. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thanks, lawrence. in the last hour or so we willly have not seen too many big accidents. there is some overnight roadwork but a lot of that has been picked up. it is foggy this morning
5:48 am
crossing the san mateo bridge. westbound 92 is the right side of your screen, taillights leaving hayward. the drive time is 15 minutes now between hayward and foster city. let's take you to a real foggy commute at the golden gate bridge. we haven't seen the golden gate bridge much the past few days for the morning drive. very thick this morning out of marin county through sausalito towards san francisco. over at the bay bridge we are seeing that kind of uneven pattern forming again. they have a couple of the cash lanes the tollbooths closed once again so the far right lanes are really stacking up towards the overcrossing. the middle lanes if you are a fast track user once again there's barely a delay at all getting into san francisco. and we'll let you know as soon as they turn the metering lights on and we see the real big backups begin toward the macarthur maze. we're not there yet. let's go to our maps. we'll take you flying over the altamont pass. that westbound 580 ride seeing your usual delays right now looks like beginning on 205 and continuing all the way to vasco and then we see things break up maybe a little bit of slowing once you reach closer towards
5:49 am
hacienda and the dublin interchange. westbound 4 tight squeeze at. to somersville. pittsburg bay point looks good. silicon valley commute looks good through milpitas. we're taking you live to the scene of a deadly crash in spain. a train crash that happened yesterday, earlier today. crews are working to clean up the wreckage. it split in half. 78 people were killed on the bullet train. it is spain's worst train accident in decades. more than 140 have been injured. the crash was caught on tape. you can see the train speed around the corner at speeds estimated at twice what it should have been going at. it flies off the track. it hits the concrete barrier and splits in half. officials say the engineer of the train now officially under investigation. that's according to reuters. it was rated at going 190
5:50 am
kilometers an hour when this happened. that's about 120 miles an hour. twice as fast as it should have been going around that curve when the accident happened. the national security agency surveillance program survived a close vote on capitol hill. the house voted last night to continue collecting americans' phone records in the fight against terrorism. the vote was 217-205 against an amendment to the defense bill. >> leading up to the september 11th attacks a terrorist overseas called a terrorist living amongst us in the united states! and we missed it because we didn't have this capability. >> if it had passed, the nsa would have been required to identify specific targets before collecting data. the majority of democrats would like to see hillary clinton run for the white house in 2016. according to a survey, 63% say that they would back hillary clinton as their presidential nominee vice president joe
5:51 am
biden a distant second. no clear front-runner at this point on the gop side. but 15% of those surveyed picked new jersey governor chris christie as their nominee. and former president george h.w. bush, 41, is coming out with a new hairdo. he shaved his head in support of 2-year-old patrick, who has leukemia. you can see them both here in this picture with matching shaved heads. patrick's father is on mr. bush's security team. the entire team shaved their hair last week to show support for patrick. the bush family lost their second child to leukemia 60 years ago. it's 9 minutes now before 6:00. something very spooky, a freaky thing that happened at the winchester mystery house that no one can explain. plus -- >> it was just one of those things where you care so much about an animal they are like a family member. >> the risky thing a bay area man did to rescue his dog from a riled-up raccoon. ,,,,
5:52 am
announcer: announcer: sunday's your last chance to save big during sleep train's triple choice sale. for a limited time, you can choose to save hundreds on beautyrest and posturepedic mattress sets. or choose $300 in free gifts with sleep train's most popular tempur-pedic mattresses. you can even choose 48 months interest-free financing on the new tempur-choice with head-to-toe customization. the triple choice sale, ends sunday at sleep train! ♪ sleep train
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rescued. this happened a couple of days ago... the one-year old buck's entire y was caught... you can see the deer struggling to free ' deer trapped in melting in the santa cruz mountains is rescued a couple of days ago. the body was caught in netting. you can see the deer struckling to free itself. -- you can the deer struggling to free itself. workers climbed on the deer and he was eventually freed. fish and wildlife are checking to see who put up the netting. there is a wild rescue in san francisco, too. it all happened when a raccoon attacked a dog and the owner of the dog came to the rescue. the raccoon went after the labradoodle named toaster. the dog's owner hurled the raccoon down the stairs. it happened this weekend. it's already had more than 6 million views on youtube. >> i wanted to get them
5:55 am
separated. i didn't want to kick -- probably kick my own dog. the only thing i could think of was to grab the back and toss it. >> toaster is nursing a couple of bites and scratches and as far as we know the raccoon is also doing okay. >> toaster is cute. >> he is a cute little dog. probably ill equipped to take on a raccoon. they can be mean. you probably heard that the winchester mystery house in san jose is haunted. >> mystery is its middle name but now there's video that might prove that bay area legend. the closing operations manager was giving the last tour of the day when suddenly out of the blue or out of the dark the chandelier started shaking. he was the lone witness. that's suspicious. and he shot this video. in another room a tour guide experienced the same thing with a different chandelier. >> sometimes we get doors
5:56 am
closing and lights flickering but this is the first most substantial experience employees an guests have felt in a few years. >> this is a 160-roo mansion. the late owner was known to consult spirits in the home. one shook chandeliers. the tour guide now refuses to lead the last tour of the day again. >> he is scared. >> it was a very scary chandelier. in the next half hour breaking news a bizarre theft in sacramento. an atm stolen from a walgreens. how the suspects got caught redhanded. >> reporter: we're live in oakland where an elderly woman was shot and killed blocks away from her home. the evidence left behind that may help police find the suspects. >> and a night in jail for the price of a three star hotel. the perks inmates can get if they are willing to pay. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
dozens killed. some of the train cars toppled over trapping passengers. a bay area woman shot for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> police say the suspects fired directly into the woman's car. you can see the shattered glass still here on fern avenue. >> this is one of our pods. >> a bay area city launches the first pay as you go jail. >> you get cable tv but you don't get a warm cookie on your bed. >> the only thing icould think of was to grab the back and throw the raccoon. >> a man saves his dog from a wild raccoon and the video goes viral. >> it was just one of those things where you care so much about an animal, they are like a family member. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. >> it's a double play, nicely turned -- >> good morning, thank god it's friday minuses one. it's thursday, july 25. i'm


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