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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  July 26, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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what? we have that great smell as you drive down towards gilroy! and you know what? they are already getting ready to go here. flaming up on the great barbecue stuff and all things garlic today. here we go, flame on, guys! looking good. more on your weather coming up. >> that's a live shot, brian, you have been waiting for. cool stuff. thanks, lawrence. outside right now, we already have some problems on the road. an overturned big rig is leaking fuel northbound 29 that connector ramp to eastbound 37. chp heading to the scene so we'll have the latest details coming up. new this morning, we have two people in the hospital after a violent crash in the east bay at about 1 a.m. the chp tried to stop a car for reckless driving and speeding on highway 4. the driver sped away and five minutes later crashed into a wall at the alhambra off-ramp. there is no word on the conditions of the two people in the car. a woman who was shot while driving in her oakland neighborhood yesterday was killed by the same type of
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crime she tried to stop. her neighbors talked to kpix 5 reporter juliette goodrich as they gathered to remember the woman. >> reporter: judy salamon's family and neighbors stood in front of her oakland home many of them with their pets judy it watched. they held candles and expressed kind words about the woman known as the pet nanny. >> breaks your heart that somebody would lose their life senselessly. >> totally random, stupid, wasteful, i can't even understand the motivation. >> reporter: police say the shooter fired directly into salamon's car on fern avenue a few blocks from home. at the time, she was pet- sitting lucy. lucy was in the back seat when salamon was killed. >> we found out what happened and it was horrible. >> reporter: neighbors say they heard 3 gunshots but until police track down any surveillance video there are no witnesses. recently salamon and a few other neighbors were trying to hire private security guards to make their neighborhood safer.
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>> she has been someone who has been advocating going door to door for signatures and try to get people to sign up so we can get this started. >> reporter: in lieu of flowers her family is asking people to donate money to local animal shelters or the spca in honor of judy salamon. in oakland, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. >> by the way, police don't have a description of the suspect. they are asking anybody who might have seen what happened to give them a call. and a teenaged girl is held captive on a farm in lake county locked in a box for days. as kpix 5's joe vazquez reports, she told the cops she was forced to have sex with two men and then work on their pot growing operation. >> that's terrible. that's bad. >> reporter: neighbors in clearlake can't believe it but just beyond this gate in rural lake county right next to a large-scale marijuana grow operation, the feds say ryan and patrick kept a teenaged girl as a sex slave. >> it's weird. >> reporter: the two men, ryan
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balletto and patrick pearmain, are in jail. the girl told the cops she spent at least three days locked inside a box. near the box, the cops found a noose as well as a rack used to hold somebody against his will. they also found other sex devices related to bondage and the girl says the men described her as a trooper because she didn't scream while being held inside the box. >> just disgusting, terrifying. i don't even know what people's heads -- why. what could be in someone's head to you know -- to do that? >> reporter: authorities say the men also forced the 15-year- old to work. her job? to cut the marijuana and prepare it to be sold. the feds say they were already investigating the grow operation when the lapd called lake county authorities alerting them that balletto had kidnapped a girl who had been reported missing in los angeles and that she was being held
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here in clearlake against her will. along with nearly 1500 marijuana plants, the cops also confiscated this arsenal which they described as the largest and most sophisticated bulk of weapons seized in recent lake county sheriff's office history. the lake county district attorney's office tells me the girl is in a safe place right now. no other details. there may be other victims and as such, the federal authorities, the department of homeland security, is asking anyone who might have been victimized by these men to give them a call. in lake county, joe vazquez,kpix 5. >> the girl went missing out of los angeles a few months ago and while she was staying at a hotel in west sacramento with the suspects, she was able to make a phone call to police and let them know that she was okay. a napa man who told police he fought his way out of trunk of a moving car to escape his kidnappers has come forward. witnesses say the two men threw him in there and took off during an argument yesterday afternoon. the victim, 40-year-old shane new house, jumped out near napa
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state hospital. he is being treated for road rash. police arrested the two vallejo men in the car just minutes later after a chase. it's not clear what the dispute was about. in novato a close call a car smashing through the front window of a pizzeria. if it happened a half hour later it would have been full of people at a fundraising dinner. but the room at 4:30 was empty when the car hit. only minor injuries to the three people in the car. >> felt bad because we couldn't go on with the fundraiser. but -- but i also feel a lot of joy because nobody got hurt. >> that's the important thing. the fundraiser was moved to a different location. police are investigating if it's driver error or a mechanical problem is to blame. and in vacaville, a worker spent nearly an hour trapped under 3,000 pounds of steel. a bundle of two inch square
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tubing pinned down a man's leg. it was stabilized and then workers used airbags to lift the steel to pull him out. fire crews kept an eye out for flare-ups in bay point overnight. the brush fire near the general chemical plant was fully contained at 8 p.m. firefighters say the plant was never in danger but 120 acres around the plant did burn. there's no word yet on what started that fire. and traffic is moving through i-80 at the california- nevada border this morning. a massive mud slide blocked 80 westbound for hours yesterday. some vehicles were trapped in that messes. summertime rainstorms we had over the past couple of days triggered the mud slides. lanes were reopened at about 10:00 last night. the man who was hoping for thunderstorms and a lot of rain is now down in gilroy this morning at the fabled gilroy garlic festival. and lawrence, right now he is standing not far from where i went to high school. >> reporter: we are enjoying the gilroy garlic festival. how about that, brian?
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doesn't that look delicious? let me try it. calamari and garlic. mmm! for breakfast? fantastic! let me tell ya. this is great, folks. if you want to come down here, it will be 100,000 people that will come down to the gilroy garlic festival over the weekend and it should be a great weekend weather-wise to do it. it's not going to be too hot. we have to get through the patchy fog and low clouds this morning. they have moved inside the bay with temperatures in the 50s a couple of 60s. although the fog will break up throughout the morning. so we are going to notice some changes coming up over the next couple of days. high pressure is breaking down a bit. we have a low approaching the coastline and that's going to bring more low clouds and fog coming in our direction. so some cooler temperatures for today and looks like cooler numbers over the weekend. these numbers running a little bit below average as we head in toward the afternoon. but still, very pleasant. lots of sunshine coming our way. and gilroy is looking good! we are going to have more from
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the garlic festival all day long. my breath is so nice this morning! elizabeth. >> you have a mouthful and doing the weather forecast. he does it all. let's go to vallejo. we have problems this morning and we have a slight location change. it's an overturned big rig on its side. it's eastbound highway 37 right there at highway 29 sonoma boulevard. hits up it's leaking fuel. chp is on scene, could cause delays if it's out there for a while as the morning commute gets under way. except for that, things are quiet. here's a live look outside. this is the silicon valley commute through milpitas 880, 237. 237 looks good towards sunnyvale. that's traffic. back to you, brian. >> thank you. developing news out of spain where one american died in wednesday's horrific train crash. cbs reporter tara mergener has the latest details on the investigation. reporter: video of the crash outside the city of santiago de compostela shows how quickly the speeding train
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twisted off the tracks and crumpled into pieces. there are indications the train may have been traveling twice the speed limit. this is new video of a police officer leading away the driver, 52-year-old francisco jose garzon after the accident. he is hospitalized and in police custody. 78 people died in the crash a revised figure. one of the victims was an american identified as 47-year- old anna maria cordoba from annandale, virginia. cordoba was an administrative employee of a catholic diocese. she and her husband were on the way to visit their son where there was a catholic pilgrimage was to begin yesterday. >> i'm sure they were looking forward to it. i can only imagine how horrible it was for the son waiting for them to arrive. >> reporter: cordoba's father told cbs news he learned about
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the death of his daughter yesterday. he says he is very upset and confused calling the accident pathetic. cordoba's husband and daughter were among the dozens hurt in the crash. a couple from houston were on the train. the wife is in critical condition. >> she got hurt very bad, her scalp like that flipped over. >> reporter: investigators were back at the crash site this morning to determine the cause of the accident. tara mergener for cbs news, washington. >> investigators are examining a possible failure of the train's safety systems as well as how the driver was operating the train. we're learning more about the driver. he had bragged last year on his facebook page about running his train right at the speed limit saying any faster and he would be fined. the southwest plane that took a hard landing at new york's laguardia airport hit nose first before the front landing gear broke. the national transportation safety board said the plane's
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nose was pointed downward when it struck the runway. it's designed to touch down on the mainlanding gear first with the nose up. the new findings indicate that it might not have been an equipment or maintenance failure. 16 passengers had minor injuries in the accident on monday. one of the jurors in the george zimmerman murder trial says she feels like she owes trayvon martin's parents an apology. she says she thinks zimmerman got away with murder but that there wasn't any evidence to convict him. >> i stand by the decision because of the law. but as the law was read to me, if you have no proof that he killed him intentionally, you can't find -- you can't say you're guilty. >> juror b-29 a mother of 8 named maddy says she wasn't the only one who thought martin was murdered. the uc-davis cop who lost his job for pepper spraying students wants worker comp. the video of the pepper spraying went viral. that's former officer john pike
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hitting students in the eyes two years ago. he says he suffered psychiatric injury after that "occupy" protest. there will be a settlement meeting next monday. time now on your friday morning is 18 minutes before the hour of 5:00. if you thought the government spying on your email was bad, wait until you hear the secret way the feds are trying to snoop on you now. >> how drinking bottled water could give you wrinkles.
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did you know that much of the financial district is built on the skeletons of old tall ships? yup. remnants of the gold rush, an archeologist digging in a san francisco construction site struck a piece of that gold rush history. a 23-foot boat that might have been used to ferry cargo from ship to shore in the mid 1800s. isn't that something? it now sits more than two blocks inland. it wasn't inland back then. at folsom and main. there are abandoned boats buried all over the financial
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district. most became part of the landfill used to expand the city into the bay back in the day. hey, drive south on 101 to gilroy this weekend and you'll find two things, a traffic jam and garlic in the air. lawrence karnow is live at the gilroy garlic festival. >> reporter: yes, guys. we are already getting ready very early in the morning. i can smell the garlic from san jose southward this morning! they are getting fired up. we have steve and his daughter. they are already getting ready to go here. they are flaming up the garlic calamari. wow! i tell you what i have already had a plate of this, this morning. and it is delicious. but it's going to be everything garlic as you head down to the garlic festival. you can get the garlic ice cream, garlic fries and anything you crave. you have been doing this for a lot of years, steve? >> 33 years. >> reporter: what brings you
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out every year? >> ? >> need i say more? fire and garlic and squid? >> reporter: you never get tired of it? >> i'm easy to please. >> reporter: 100,000 people are coming through here. you have to be excited, all kinds of people come here just to see this. >> absolutely. this is the show of the whole deal really. there are so many great things to see here of course but they love the flames no doubt about that. we love to give them a good show. >> reporter: it is a good show. if you want to come down here, of course, weather is always the big concern. it can hotter than the blazes down here but i think it's going to work out great this weekend if you want to come down here. out the door this morning we have a lot of low clouds and fog along the coastline and we're seeing some drizzle out toward the beaches. some of the fog is inside the bay and partly cloudy inside the valleys but by the afternoon, it will become mostly sunny inland. these temperatures soaring into the upper 80s in the warmer spots inland. so we start to cool things down just a little bit today and then it looks like we are going to see some changes over the weekend. that area of low pressure that's been sitting off the coastline looks like it will bring with it some cooler
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temperatures throughout the weekend and then it looks like as we head in toward the beginning of next week going to keep those numbers down. so with that in mind, if you are heading around the bay area today we'll find a lot of sunshine toward the afternoon. but it looks like those temperatures are going to be running a little cooler than average for this time of year. next few days, it looks like those temperatures are going to be down throughout the weekend. more low clouds and fog. and then it looks like temperatures will start to warm up toward the middle of next week. but you want to come down here to the gilroy garlic festival check it out lots of garlic everything all you can imagine. that's the latest from here. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thanks, lawrence. need a big old toothbrush later. outside right now, we'll take you out towards the bay bridge one of those tollbooth lanes closed again. they have been doing this on and off throughout the morning commute for the last week. heads up now. it's "friday light." we love to see this so far getting into san francisco. lower deck is quiet as well towards oakland. over at the golden gate bridge, just caught a sneak peek at some lanes change trucks. you can see them heading out of
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screen right now. but they will be re-opening four southbound lanes and two the in northbound direction. and just updating you on this traffic alert, this is out in vallejo, a connector ramp has been shut down overturned big rig on its side. there's fuel leaking in the roadway. that's southbound highway 29 connector ramp to eastbound highway 37 remains closed until further notice. that's traffic. brian, back to you. >> thank you. authorities uncover one of the largest hacking schemes in the u.s. five people are now charged with stealing and selling over 160 million credit card numbers. four russians and one ukrainian are accused of hacking financial information from more than a dozen major companies including j.c. penney, jetblue, 7-eleven, nasdaq, and selling them to individuals. prosecutors say it all happened over a seven-year span and resulted in losses of at least $300 million. >> the scheme was so sophisticated and brought together some of the most experienced and skilled hackers
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in the world. those who have the expertise and the inclination to break into our computer networks threaten our economic well- being, our privacy and ultimately our national security. >> prosecutors say two of the suspects are in custody. they are still looking for the other three. consumers are not required to pay fraudulent charges so some of the retailsers are on the hook for the losses. our colleagues at cnet are reporting the feds have demanded internet companies hand over people's user names and passwords!! the fbi wouldn't comment on the report. cnet quotes industry sources saying tech companies fight these orders but it's not clear how many passwords from how many companies may have been given to the government. speaking of passwords, students and staff at stanford are being warned to change their passwords following a breach -- a security breach at the university's secure server. >> i'm not sure how often this happens but it's a little scary. i was surprised. >> i'm not sure what sort of
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information they are trying to get. but i know there are -- there's pretty sensitive information on there so i definitely wouldn't want people to know about it. >> so far stanford doesn't know who is responsible. the university says it's taking the hacking seriously and it's upgrading its computer defense system. two democratic politicians from opposite sides of the country are under fire for sex scandals. new york city mayoral candidate anthony weiner admitting to "sexting" more women and more women are accusing san diego's mayor of sexual harassment. san francisco representative nancy pelosi had something to say about both. >> the conduct of some of these people that we're talking about here is reprehensible. it's so disrespectful of women and what's really stunning about is they don't even realize it. they don't have a clue. and it is really -- if they're clueless, get a clue. if they need therapy, do it in
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private. >> yeah. apparently, uhm, the, uhm, -- weiner says he is not going to drop out of the mayor's race despite all the revelations. so we'll see what happens there. meanwhile, four more women are accusing san diego mayor bob filner of harassment. that makes seven women who have come forward claiming to be groped or kissed by the san diego mayor. filner refused to answer reporter questions about all of that when he appeared at a public event yesterday. san diego county democratic party leaders voted last night to have filner leave office. stranded at sea with sharks closing in. how a fisherman's boots saved his life. ,,,,,,,,
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we all heard the advice to drink lots of water for good health but christine it may not be good for you. >> reporter: suzanne drinks plenty of water but she never listened to a warning from her mother. >> she used to say stop drinking around that bottle. you're going to have lines around your mouth. here i am. >> reporter: where is she? the office of a cosmetic dermatologist. >> we tell our patients, keep on drinking. it's great for your body. it's great for your health. it's great for your skin. and unfortunately, over time, it either causes these lines or it aggravates them. >> reporter: she says she drinks about six bottles a day. >> and then at my desk i keep a big one with a plastic straw which is probably worse. >> the repetitive motions of things that we do in everyday life like drinking from water bottles were form these deep wrinkles in our lips. >> reporter: joyce newbeck also knows all too well the effects
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of drinking from sports bottles. >> i purse and then i relax and then they would still be there. they weren't moving. >> reporter: see she had a cosmetic procedure a few weeks ago am here's newbeck before the procedure and now after. the doctor says there are new and painless procedures to correct some of the damage from botox and filler to laser technology to help etch out those lines. the simplest solution avoid water bottles altogether. >> drink from cups. >> i think drinking out of a straw is the same thing. corrective procedures are pricy about $1,500 to dewrinkle. a lobster man is back with his family this morning after spending 12 hours stranded at sea. a simple accident almost ended his life. >> i went to move a cooler, the handle broke off and i fell off the back of the boat just like that. >> if you look at this video,
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that orange blob that you see is john aldridge. he was suddenly adrift in the atlantic without a life vest wednesday off the coast of new york watching his boat quickly receding. his survival instincts kicked in. he filled his fishing boots with air and he used the fishing boots as life preservers as sharks circled. >> held on there for hours. the jet kept coming flying by the coast guard jet and i thought he might have seen me. and about a half hour later the coast guard chopper from cape cod came right down the buoys and came right over me. we have been looking for you for nine hours. i have been looking for you for 12 hours! [ laughter ] >> he had drifted 43 miles. he was treated for sunburn, dehydration and exposure. after a little time off, he says, he will be back on the water. all right. on this friday morning, four minutes before 5:00.
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coming up, the lincoln memorial in washington closed. why tourists are being turned away from the iconic d.c. monument. >> we're learning the oakland woman killed this week was trying to fight the crime that killed her. what city leaders are doing to continue her battle. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, announcer:
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choose $300 in free gifts with tempur-pedic. even choose 48 months interest-free financing on the new tempur-choice. the triple choice sale ends sunday at sleep train. that's terrible. that's bad right there. >> disgusting, terrifying. >> a teenaged girl held caption a farm and locked -- captive on a farm and locked in a toolbox for days. >> she was made to have sex with men and work on their pot farm. >> an american one of the victims killed in a horrific train derailment in spain. >> there are indications the train may have been traveling twice the speed limit. >> it's really tragic. >> breaks your hearts that someone would die senselessly. >> new calls for private security after an oakland woman is gunned down. >> i felt manipulated.
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>> the woman at the center of the latest anthony weiner "sexting" scandal speaks out. >> he is saying one thing to me, saying another thing to his wife. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald and hello, hi, welcome back back. it is friday, july 26. i'm brian hackney. >> i'm anne makovec. michelle and frank are off. it is 5:00. let's check in with meteorologist lawrence karnow with a check of the weather. he is live in gilroy this morning. >> reporter: yeah. hey, guys. it is all about the garlic at the gilroy garlic festival one of the greatest federal officialively of summer here in gilroy. they are already whipping up the calamari and garlic. the weather will be great, temperatures in the 80s this weekend. still we are starting out with low clouds and fog this morning if you are heading out around the bay ea


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