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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  July 26, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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[ dad ] jan? i'm anne makovec. michelle d frank are off. of spain. >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. good afternoon, i'm brian hackney. >> i'm anne makovec. michelle and frank have the day off. >> in spain, the police have detained the driver of the train that went off the tracks killing 78. authorities have identified an american woman among those who died in wednesday's crash. cbs news reporter tina kraus with the passengers who say they could feel the train car lean sideways like a roller
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coaster. >> reporter: this video from a crash site shows the police officer leading away the driver of a train that slammed into a wall killing dozens of people. now authorities have 52-year- old francisco jose garzon in custody as they investigate the cause of the disaster. a security camera caught the moment of impact after the train barreled around a curve and flew off the tracks in the northern city of santiago de compostela. 47-year-old ana maria cordoba from virginia died in the crash. her husband and daughter and several other americans were also injured including robert fariza's wife. >> she unfortunately got really, really -- she got hurt very bad. >> reporter: crews are hauling away wreckage as investigators inspect the black boxes for clues about why the train may have been traveling at more than twice the 50-mile-per-hour speed limit. rail experts say the driver must have had a visual or audio warning telling him to slow
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down because he was approaching a curve. passenger steven ward from utah says he saw the train speed on a monitor seconds before the crash at 121 miles per hour. >> we went around the corner and the whole car leaned sideways. >> reporter: the driver spoke with officials after the accident and allegedly said, i messed up. i want to die. so many people dead. so many people dead." tina kraus, kpix 5. >> more than two dozen people are still in the hospital in serious condition including four children. train traffic resumed today, by the way, on the line right next to that crash site. in developing news a pg&e crew capped a gas leak in an apartment complex in richmond about 30 minutes ago. gas began spewing around 9:45 this morning when the crew working on marina bay parkway hit a natural gas line. residents at the anchorage at marina bay complex were evacuated. a lot of people who live in
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oakland are angry about the violence that's triersing their city and this -- terrorizing their city and this afternoon we have a new example of it. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran joining us live now with some disturbing video. cate. >> reporter: anne, we just got this video moments ago. we want to go straight to it. it's another crime that happened here in this area. you can take a look for yourself. this is a shooting that happened in the same neighborhood two months ago at island market. it's a liquor store. we know that there was a seven- year-old in the back seat of one of those cars. you can see the suspect very clearly firing his weapon. we are work on gathering the details. we'll have more at 5:00 on kpix 5. now, that was an incident brought up in today's conference and i can tell you that neighbors in this area are very angry. they are fueled by the deaths of both 8-year-old alaysha car carradine and this woman 66- year-old judy salamon. they are demanding that the
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city do more to protect them. city council members joined the residents to demand claimings to public say. several speakers say oakland police force's is not enough. salamon was killed wednesday afternoon when she was shot as she was driving near her home in maxwell park. we were told that jean quan was supposed to show up to today's meeting, but we understood from the mayor's representative that she was tied up with other obligations in downtown oakland which really did not sit well with residents in the area. live in oakland, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> oakland is getting ready for possible protests this evening. those demonstrations are in response to the george zimmerman acquittal. similar protests earlier this month got violent. vandals bashed in windows and caused other damage to downtown businesses. opd says it is prepared for tonight's protests and next week, by the way, the city council is going to consider making it against the law for
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protestors to carry things like hammers, clubs and items that could be used for vandalism. a 15-year-old girl tells a harrowing tale of being locked in a box for days in lake county. two men are facing federal charges. 30-year-old ryan balletto and 24-year-old patrick pearmain are accused of kidnapping the teenager and using her for free labor and treating her as a sex slave. authorities say the men were behind a huge marijuana growing operation in clearlake. neighbors still can't believe it. >> it's disgusting, terrifying. i don't even know what people's head -- why. what could be in someone's head to, you know, to do that? >> it's crazy. it's weird. like why would someone do that? >> authorities seized 1400 pot plants along with a stash of 22 weapons. a daring escape by a man held captive in a car trunk. witnesses say two suspects through 40-year-old shane newhouse in their trunk after a fight and drove off. newhouse fought out while the
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car was moving and escaped near napa state hospital. police station arrested the two vallejo men in the car minutes later after a short chase. it's not clear what the fight was about. the man who kidnapped and held three women captive for over a decade will spend his life in prison. ariel castro from cleveland appeared in court today and accepted a plea deal. pleaded guilty and agreed to serve a life sentence plus 1,000 years. in exchange, he will avoid the death penalty. before the judge accepted the deal, he asked castro if he knew what he was doing. >> do you understand, mr. castro, under the plea you will never be released from prison. >> i understand that and [ indiscernible ] [ inaudible ] >> the agent dave sex crimes that i knew i was going to get pretty much the book thrown at me. >> investigators say castro raped and beat the women. he even fathered a daughter who is now 6 years old. 53-year-old castro will serve
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his life sentence without a chance of parole. pope francis is spending his fifth day in brazil. the world's largest roman catholic country. unusually heavy rains and cold temperatures have changed some of the final events. a march has been canceled and a closing mass has been moved. today the pope met with young detainees and other young church members as he celebrated "world youth day." now in cairo two dozen people are dead and two dozen injured. supporters and opponents of former egyptian president mohamed morsi were throwing rocks and rioting in the streets today. president morsi was removed from office this month. since then, tension is mounting between supporters and opponents. crews spent the morning cleaning up the lincoln memorial in washington, d.c. after someone splashed it with paint. cbs reporter danielle nottingham with more on the disappointment in d.c. >> reporter: the bright green paint was splattered on abraham lincoln's left leg tail of his
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coat and chair. it also landed on the in front of the 19-foot statue that honors the nation's 16th president. >> honestly? from the personal level it breaks my heart. it's that somebody would do this. >> reporter: u.s. park police discovered the paint around 1:20 this morning. they didn't see any words, letters or symbols in the vandalism. crews are tackling the paint with a nontoxic citrus-based cleaner. the damage is not permanent but tourists who came to the national mall this morning to see the monument were disappointed. >> we won't have another opportunity to go through the lincoln. of course, it's one of the big ones as far as what we would like to see. we were very disappointed. >> reporter: the lincoln memorial has been the site of a number of protests and gatherings. the best known perhaps, the 1963 march on washington when martin luther king, jr. gave his "i have a dream" speech in front of the marble statue. the national park service says more than 6 million people visited the memorial last year.
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>> we would hate to have it closed. nighttime is one of the best times to see the monument. >> reporter: park police say no one has claimed responsibility and they are investigating using surveillance cameras to help determine the culprit. in washington, danielle nottingham, kpix 5. >> and the memorial is rarely shut down. it hasn't been closed since the earthquake in 2011. there might be a new fix for the bad bolts on the new bay bridge and it means the bridge might open before december. broken bolts delayed the original labor day opening. but caltrans says they are working fast to temporarily fix the problem. the plan is for crews to start installing shims to secure the bridge in the coming weeks. a more lasting fix, something called a saddle, will be done while the bridge is in use. but still, there is no word yet on exactly when the new span could open. trying to avoid another bart strike, workers and bart management are scheduled to go back to the bargaining table today. august 4 is the deadline for a new contract.
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the last contract was extended until then ending the four-day strike that began july 1st. there will be a break in the bargaining next week so some of the chief negotiators can go on vacation. but then bart says contract talks are planned every day starting july 30. the transit agency and its two largest unions are still far apart on contract issues including pay and benefits, pension contributions, and safety concerns. a traffic trifecta. blame it on this guy. justin timberlake. the big ticket events that will be making driving difficult tonight. >> and what started a wild chase in the east bay that ended in a big crash. coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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speed chase. that chase checking news around the bay area the chp is investigating a crash that started as a high-speed chase. that chase started on highway
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24 in martinez around 1:00 this morning. the driver crashed at the alhambra avenue exit. officers tried to pull the guy out for reckless driving and both the driver and the passenger went to the hospital with injuries. the driver of this big rig is recovering from some bumps and bruises after his rig overturned on highway 29 in vallejo. chp shut down the connector ramp from 37 to 29 for the entire morning. two alameda county cities are topping two very different lists. fremont ranks as the second most safe city in the country with a population of more than 200,000. irvine took the number one spot for the second year. oakland is the third most dangerous city. detroit and flint, michigan, took the top two spots. the list was derived from the fbi's latest crime reports. well, there have been smoother days on wall street. stocks are lower as investors digested a batch of mixed earnings reports, a live look at the big board.
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the dow is slightly down, 25. and that's off about .16 of a percent. we'll see how the day progresses. from flaming garlic to john mayer it's going to be an action packed weekend around the bay area and a lot of folks out on the roads. elizabeth wenger summing it up. >> reporter: from concerts to ballgames, there's a lot happening in the bay area tonight. should be a lot of fun but it is going to cause some traffic headaches. so what's going on in san francisco? we have a giants game over at at&t park. justin timberlake and jay-z perform at candlestick at 7:30. then if that wasn't enough we have our usual critical mass bike ride that kicks off at 6 p.m. over by justin herman plaza so expect delays at the embarcadero, the bay bridge and the plains over in mountain view, shoreline, john mayer concert tonight at 7:30. then out in the east bay, we have as versus angel, he could that starts right after 7:00. expect delays both directions there along 880. and then like every year, the
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big gilroy garlic festival attracts huge crowds down 101, happening all weekend long from south san jose into gilroy. use mass transit. bart systemwide on time, muni, caltrain and ac transit get your roundtrip tickets in advance if you can. that's the latest from here in the traffic center. i'm elizabeth wenger. >> no rest for the weary. we need to you go and give us a look at the weather if you will. >> i can do that, too. >> if you mind. >> in this business it pays to diversify. mostly sunny conditions around the bay area at this hour. looking toward the bay bridge and finally nothing but blue. the day started out with dense fog and a lot of drizzle and the numbers around the bay right now, up to 80 degrees already. that's out in the east bay, of course. the numbers closer to the shore are cool. it's only 60 at oakland, 76 at concord and in livermore, 80 degrees. 66 up in sonoma county in santa rosa. in the weather headlines we'll get sun but you can't be close to the coastline for it. low clouds will move inland again tonight and a cooling trend begins this weekend. the numbers are going to come
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down a few degrees so the weekend bottoms out but we'll warm up as the week goes on. it's all being caused by low pressure off the pacific northwest and also a little low that's out in the pacific. and would you think -- look at this subtropical moisture coming up that with the low off the south shore and high that refuses to budge that that would funnel this into the bay area. but this low is going to be moving closer to the shoreline and when the low comes in, it's going to push all that subtropical moisture to the east. so if there's any thunderstorm chances it's going to be in the sierra. for us we'll keep it mild below average temperatures for the next couple of days. and then after that we are going to warm up a little bit. pinpoint forecast for the day, still plenty warm down in the south bay. 83 at campbell. 89 for morgan hill. 75 degrees at fremont. out in the east bay the numbers look nice and warm at brentwood. 89. 83 at napa. up in the north bay, we are looking at 66 degrees at bodega
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bay, 78 petaluma, novato 78. it's in the extended forecas 80s inland. in the middle of the week a little roller coaster in the weather department. 60s around the bay and 50s at the coast. so not a good beach week. and if you want things to cool off just stick around because that's what's going to happen this weekend. >> we'll be here to update you all weekend long in the morning. therapy is what san diego's mayor says he is going to do even members of his own party in the meantime wanting bob filner to resign. democratic party leaders in san diego county voted last night to call for him to step down as four more women have come forward to say filner made unwanted sexual advances. and that makes 7 women in all. he is refusing to leave office or answer reporter questions so far about the charges. so he is speaking out this afternoon. in new york, anthony weiner is still running for mayor even though as vinita nair test us, we have learned that carlos danger, as he likes to be
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called, was "sexting" a woman named sydney leathers. >> he actually said that about himself. >> reporter: this is the woman behind the latest "sexting" scandal involving disgraced former congressman anthony weiner. 23-year-old sydney leathers told "inside edition" that she and weiner exchanged racy photos add mess starting in july 2012. >> i felt manipulated. the exact wording was that he is an argumentative perpetually horny middle-aged man and at the time, i was like, oh, no, you're not. but yes, he is. [ laughter ] >> reporter: their online relationship ended after about 6 months. leathers say weiner began trying to control her. >> he would, like, look at my facebook frequently and he would tell me that he would get jealous if other men would compliment me. >> reporter: a similar scandal forced weiner to resign from congress in 2011. he apologize and many of his supporters thought that was the end of it until this week when
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a gossip site posted the new exchanges. on thursday, he said leathers wasn't his only x-rated penpal. >> i don't believe i had any more than three. >> reporter: the controversy is having an effect on weiner's bid for mayor of new york city. a poll taken after his latest admission shows him going from first place to third among democratic candidates. pollsters say it could cost him the primary. >> voters are willing to give him a second chance but with this latest round of revelations, clearly voters are reluctant to give him a third chance. >> reporter: the primary is 6 1/2 weeks away. vinita nair, cbs news, new york. in a minute, taking a look at an effort to protect girls from cancer. this new report that shows many are skipping a vaccine. ,,
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watch. many teenage girls are not getting the h-p-v vaccine. that's according to the centers for disease control. they say only about half of the teens are getti shot that protec on healthwatch many teenaged girls are not getting the hpv vaccine according to centers for disease control. they say only half of the teens are getting the shot that protects against human papilloma virus. it's a sexually-transmitted disease and causes cervical cancer. health experts say the shots are necessary. today's "tony's table" tips for picking out the best grape tomatoes and tony shows us us. >> reporter: well, today's tip
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of the day is going to be is cherry tomatoes. they give out great moisture and juice. selection and storage is important. this time of year, the prices are great and so is the quality. come over here let's talk about selection. when you buy them, make sure nice and red. very, very important. no shriveling at all. check the whole display and also you have to look through the bottom if there's any moisture at all. when you bring them home, simply store them on the counter not the refrigerator. it's summertime. they are picked in hot temperatures so when you get them at the market they already have a lot of sugar so buy them and enjoy them in two or three days. grape tomatoes. they are shaped like grapes, they are fantastic. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. they're good out of hand. still ahead how a family bet everything on beanie babies and lost big time. if you have a consumer problem or question, call the hotline, 888-5-helps-u.
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yes honey? dad told me that cheerios is good for your heart, is that true? says here that cheerios has whole grain oats that can help remove some cholesterol, and that's heart healthy. [ dad ] jan?
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in the air this early friday afternoon. and it's coming m gilroy.... i think it's the gilroy garlic festival. ope there's something in the air this early friday afternoon. it's coming from gilroy. i think it's the gilroy garlic festival. it opens today runs all weekend and lawrence karnow is on hand and after all of that he may or may not have his eyebrows after
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his encounter with a garlic chef. it's a lot of fun. it's happening all weekend so check it out if you get a chance. one family took the beenie baby craze to a whole new level. they have a $100,000 collection. it's led the family to bankruptcy. the father thought you can turn them around and sell them in a few years and wanted to make enough to send his kids to college but never sold them. and now they are bankrupt. >> sad. >> that's the end. thanks for joining us. hope you enjoy the rest of your afternoon. captions by: caption colorado
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