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what's called rolling traffic breaks where some cars get through. then the bridge was closed to investigate. that full closure lasted for about 30 minutes. >> let's take a look at how traffic is recovering tonight. this is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. and from up here all the way to richmond on the eastshore freeway, it is backed up. the fastrak lanes are moving okay. taking a look at other traffic now, mobile5 is out live on highway 101. you can see conditions there moving at the limit. that is good news. >> here's a live street view of harrison an bryan getting on the bay bridge, a parking lot. cars just unching along there some folks trying to get home, trying to get on the bay bridge, some folks trying to get to the giants game one of the many events going on this evening. >> other bay area roads are crowded as drivers try to get to the many concerts that you mentioned, the ballgames that are going on tonight. in san francisco, the critical mass bike ride starts at 6:00
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at justin herman plaza. as we said, the giants play at at&t park tonight at 7:15. justin timberlake and jay-z perform at candlestick at 7:30 and there's a concert at america's cup pavilion. people are trying to get to shoreline amphitheater in mountain view for the john mayer concert at 7:30. in the east bay, expect delays in both directions on 880, of course, as people make their way to the 7:05 as game at >> 101 may be crowded into gilroy as people head to the gilroy garlic festival. the big news on the new bay bridge. the eastern span. engineers may have found a way to fix the busted bolts and at the same time get traffic moving on the bridge sooner than expected. kpix 5's linda yee is live on treasure island with where the plan goes now. linda. >> reporter: well, ken, maybe, just maybe, the new portion of
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the bridge might be open well before december. that's because the engineers have found a way to strengthen the bridge while that repair work on those faulty bolts continues. reporter: it's a temporary fix, crews placing shims in to help stabilize seismic safety devices under the bridge. >> these green shims prevent the bearing from sliding back and forth this way. >> reporter: the shims provide the strength to hold down the bridge that was lost when the bolts broke. crews will still continue to install the permanent saddles around the broken bolts. but if the shims work the new bridge could open sooner than december. >> these wedges are going in to protect the bearings while this permanent fix is going on. but there are some out there who believe that that would give us enough stability to open the bridge sooner and not wait until the permanent fix is completed. >> reporter: no new opening date is set. the toll bridge program oversight committee first wants the opinions of the federal
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highway administration and engineers from the seismic safety peer review panel. >> to make everyone confident to move traffic on the new bridge as opposed to leaving it on the old bridge. that decision hasn't been made yet. >> reporter: that's the hope? >> that's the idea. but we all hope to get on the new bridge as soon as possible. >> reporter: cal advance says before the new bridge is -- caltrans says before the new bridge is opened, it will be closed for four days for paving and lane painting. will there be a celebration with 200,000 people walking on it before traffic moves through? >> the issue is public access to a new bridge. there's a long tradition to have public access to a new bridge. there's a plan to allow public access on this bridge when it were to open but all of these decisions are now up in the air. they have been postponed. we don't know yet the answer to that question. >> reporter: he the toll bridge program oversight committee hopes to have an announcement on that opening date sometime
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in mid-august. so hoping for good news. >> it's still several weeks away. i know they are progressing on the span as if they are going to open labor day on september 1. okay. with that in mind, and the shim solution looking like it might actually work, why can't they give us a firm date right now? >> well, actually, they are saying that the labor day opening is actually off the table although they won't say for sure it's off the table but they say right now it's not possible. but they can't give us that exact date because they want to hear from all of these other independent sources, the engineers from the national highway traffic safety administration exactly what do they think of this plan, can we get cars moving on this bridge before the final fix is done with the use of these shims. they want to make sure. they say safety first. and i think we have to agree with that. >> yup. absolutely. priority number one. linda yee on treasure island tonight, thank you, linda. bart and the union leaders continue their negotiations today. the deadline for the contract extension is august 4. a bart
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spokesman tells us progress is slow but sure. >> well, this week seems we have made some progress. i'm not going to go into details. but we have a lot of things we have to agree on. so moving forward is what we're trying to do. >> both parties will be back at the negotiating table on tuesday meeting all day long. bart is hopeful that they will have an agreement in place in order to avoid another strike. fed up and frustrated. people say they are tired of dodging bullets in their own neighborhoods in oakland. they say shootings like this one caught on surveillance happen way too often in public places. kpix 5's da lin is live on why neighbors say police are too busy to protect and serve. da. >> reporter: well, liz, one, the police department is understaffed. two, neighbors say those officers are constantly dealing with protests in downtown oakland. those neighbors and some city leaders gathered at the spot right here. this makeshift memorial where
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someone killed dog walker judy salamon. they say killings like this one and a recent gun battle in the same neighborhood are reasons why neighbors need to team up and fight back. reporter: a shootout caught on tape. it happened in may outside of a liquor store just a few blocks away from where judy salamon was shot and killed. you can see a man in a white t- shirt running and returning fire at another group of people shooting at him. those people were shooting from across the street. that's why you can't see them in the footage. caught in the crossfire was a 7- year-old boy sitting in the back seat of this car. the car took six stray bullets. the little boy was unharmed. his grandfather is angry. >> crazy. >> reporter: the grandfather jose ortiz joined neighbors and city leaders friday morning to voice their outrage following the shooting deaths of judy salamon and 8-year-old alaysha carradine. >> it is time for us to take
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back our city, take back our streets. >> reporter: councilmembers say neighbors need to organize and look out for one another. they also need to partner up with cops by providing tips. >> we can no longer hide behind those windows. we have to take action. >> reporter: neighbors say more officers need to patrol this neighborhood. they are upset that the mayor and the police didn't show up to this press conference. the mayor and the police chief were busy dealing with a planned trayvon martin protest. >> we are getting tired of this! if "occupy" wanted to help oakland they should be working with opd to help solve some of these crimes. >> reporter: many neighbors like jose ortiz say they feel helpless. in the shootouts, surveillance footage in the liquor store helped cops identify the gunman. what upsets ortiz is that investigators told him since these people were shooting at each other, technically it was a case of self-defense. again, police know who those gunmen are but so far they have
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not arrested them because of that self-defense reason provided by the district attorney. liz? >> that was maybe not necessarily cold-blooded murder but what about this one, judy salamon. any update on that shooting? >> reporter: so far police have not provided a motive in the killing. so not a whole lot of new information. >> thank you. with more police looking for anyone who may have lost tens of thousands of dollars in a craigslist rental scam, police say the teenaged suspect used the family condo as bait. kpix 5 reporter ryan takeo is in livermore tonight and explains how the renters were taken. ryan. >> reporter: ken, police say this was an elaborate scam at one of these apartments. they say the suspect even gave victims fake leases and working keys. reporter: >> the other person fell through and it was available and i set up a walk-through that day. >> reporter: when tia started looking for apartments on craigslist she thought she knew most of the warning signs for
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scams. so she felt comfortable when she was shown inside the livermore rental. >> no red flags. he was well mannered and educated. >> reporter: she paid him a $1,300 deposit for the two bethed bed two bath condo. >> everything was legitimate. he had contracts. he showed them the unit to rent. he gave them move-in dates. when it came time to move in he was nowhere to be found. >> he gave us a lease and working keys to the apartment. >> reporter: there were only a couple of things missing. >> he said that he had to order the keys for the outside door and the parking. >> reporter: she started guessing suspicious when he wouldn't return her calls. she was supposed to move in this week. she went to see if he was at the apartment and a neighbor told her the police were looking into potential fraud. police got a break a couple of days ago. buxton said the man emailed her to collect her first month's rent. >> he didn't realize that i knew that it was a scam. and we set up a location and
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the police when he arrived there arrested him. >> reporter: the suspect faces 18 felonies in all half fraud charges the rest grand theft charges. live in livermore, ryan takeo, kpix 5. fire crews are fighting a grass fire in sonoma county. this one broke out just before 2:00 this afternoon. it scorched more than 80 acres near the lakeville highway. the firefighters say winds are helping push the flames. you can see smoke there. right now, that fire about 50% contained. the cause is still under investigation. today president obama decorated a bay area hero with one of the highest military honors. army staff sergeant ty carter of antioch awarded the medal of honor. his brave and courageous actions during battle in october of 2009 in afghanistan earned him that medal. staff sergeant carter is the fifth living recipient to be awarded the medal of honor for actions in iraq or afghanistan.
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a california mayor accused of sexual harassment says he is sorry. >> i must become a better person. >> what san diego's leader says he is doing to try to make things right. >> who is keeping the food on your table safe? the surprising change the fda wants to make to food that comes across the border. >> we have a streak going without rainfall. it has hit 31 days more than a month, and there's no rain in sight but there is a big change coming up. you may keep the sunshine, but wait until you see how cool it is going to get. the forecast next. >> and shop early to save. but it's not that simple. the back-to-school strategy parents need to get the most out of your money. ,, ,,,,,,
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but he is seeking help afte least 7 women accused him of sexual harassment. the behavior i have engagedn over many years, is wrong. failure to respect women ane intimidating conduct i engan at times i bob filner says he is not stepping down as san diego mayor but he is
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weeks undergoing what he ca behavioral therapy. during time, he says he will get d therapy. he will spend two weeks undergoing what he called behavioral therapy. during that time says he will get daily briefs on city activities and despite calls from fellow democrats to resign, once therapy ends he plans to return to city hall. there will be no lengthy trial for the man accused of kidnapping three women and holding them captive for 10 years in cleveland. ariel castro appeared in court today and accepted a plea deal. he pleaded guilty agreeing to serve a life sentence plus 1,000 years. in exchange, he will avoid the death penalty. the judge asked castro if he was clear about what he was signing up for. >> do you understand, mr. castro, [ indiscernible ] under this plea you will never be
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released from prison. >> i do understand that and i stated that to dave -- [ inaudible ] >> -- the agent dave of sex crimes that i knew i was going to get pretty much the book thrown at me. >> investigators say castro raped and beat the women. he even fathered a daughter with one of them. 53-year-old castro will serve his life sentence without parole. reports that the government is demanding internet companies give up your passwords. the serious dangers that could pose. >> plus, stores are rushing to start their back-to-school sales. and we're not even done with july yet. we have the inside strategy on the best times to buy so you can save some money. denny's red white & blue plate specials
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are as american as apple pie. especially, the apple pie french toast. come in today for specials starting at just $4.99.
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nearly 80 people in spain. "francisco police have arrested the driver of the train that smashed into a wall killing nearly 80 people in spain. this is 52-year-old francisco jose garzon amo right after the deadly crash. the train flew off the tracks as it approached a curve. houston resident robert fariza survived the wreck but his wife is still in critical condition. >> she unfortunately got
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really, really -- she got hurt very bad. >> three wreckage is removed for further investigation. the driver was warned to slow down because he was going double the speed limit. another day another report about how deep the feds are digging all in the name of national security. this time, the government is accused of secretly asking major internet companies to hand over user information. more specifically, they want your passwords to allow the feds to decipher encrypted deciphers and delve into accounts. >> what's at stake is what's the government going to do if they get someone's password? are they going to use it to log into an account?! are they going to uses it to impersonate someone? that's unexplored terrain. >> the fbi has not responded to the claims. tonight at 6:00, the biggest danger to users if feds do get a hold of your password.
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the fda is proposing higher standards for imported food to require u.s. importers to make sure foreign companies are following american food safety standards. this comes after a mysterious stomach bug sickened more than 275 people. more than 150 countries export food to the u.s. and only 2% of that food is inspected at ports and borders. kids aren't back from summer camp yet and already back-to-school sales are in full force and retailers are getting a jump on one of the biggest money making periods of the year. on the consumerwatch, sue kwon on whether it pays to shop early. sue. [ pause ] [ inaudible ] crayola stick managers. >> reporter: raquel long lists off the supplies to write with store homework and survive during the school year. it all adds up to a midsummer
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rush to find the best deals. >> 50 cents per crayon. >> if i saw back to school in the middle of summer and i was a 10-year-old i would freak out. >> reporter: walmart manager feels guilty to startle kids still working on their summer sunburn but the fact is one in four families started back-to- school shopping in july according to the national retail federation. >> i learned that school clothes shopping i have to start early. if i wait too long the selection isn't there. so we're done with shopping for school clothes. >> reporter: but being first done won't always get you to the head of the class. a restory of survival for shoppers examined 500 back-to- school deals from 2012 across top retailers and found 78% of the supplies sold in july were the same price in august. that was the case at walmart. walgreens did sell about 50% or half of its schools supplies cheaper in july. office depot actually sold 62% of its items cheaper in august. anna and her friends started today and will probably shop
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until the first bell rings. >> i think it's good. >> that was sue kwon reporting from daly city. for the link on where to buy the cheapest back-to-school essentials, as well as tips with dealing with bullies in transitioning to high school all important things. >> hard to believe summer is halfway over but there's still fun things to do. >> we can't do that. >> it's -- >> stores can. >> we're still in july. there will be kind of a late summer early strong feel this weekend but one of the nice things you can do in summertime here if you like garlic and you like sunshine, i think you like this stop. it is the gilroy garlic festival. they are cooking up the garlic making everything -- they even have garlic ice cream. still open tonight. it's open for your eating pleasure. smell garlic, too, smells nice on saturday and sunday in gilroy. highs in the upper 80s there. but look at what's going on at
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the beach. ocean beach right now, inland your temperatures are going to fall another 10 degrees between now and sunday. a significant cooldown is coming. concord 85. livermore 88 with the cloud cover san francisco 61. san jose 75. santa rosa 74 degrees. sunrise tomorrow 6:09 your morning temperatures tomorrow vallejo 56, concord 56, redwood city 56 and fairfield also 56 degrees. so a nice start pleasant start but a cooler finish. we have kind of a double-decker of low pressure out there. the first one i want to talk about is going to keep us cool through sunday. that's the one off the california coastline. kind of meandering to our south giving us the southwest flow of air and that onshore flow will drop us to the upper 70s away from the water coming up on sunday. next week same flow of air different reason. big area of low pressure to our north and west will enhance the onshore flow and we'll be below normal for temperatures the next five days until next wednesday. so what to expect?
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that flow from the ocean staying strong. the chilliest day is going to be sunday. i don't think anybody even hits 80 degrees. we'll be below normal for each of the next five days. highs tomorrow below normal in livermore. only 83. san jose 76. 7 degrees below average. santa clara 75. los gatos 79. palo alto 70. we are look at low 80s for san ramon and pleasant hill. antioch 83. look at the city tomorrow, 61 and cloudy for much of the day. alameda only 65. sonoma 75. got the race up there this weekend. lakeport 98 so you want the warm stuff you have to go north. sunday nobody hits 80 degrees. rare for late july. monday couple of degrees milder but it's going to be until next thursday that we get back above average. we'll have lots of fog, lots of clouds near the bay for the next several days. >> by then we'll be talking about the weekend again! >> exactly. [ laughter ] >> and probably school shopping, too. >> can't believe we're already talking about that. >> too early, in my opinion.
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thank you. he is celebrating his new title, uncle. the role prince harry will play in the upbringing of his nephew. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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be an uncle. he spoke about his new neph, a live look at interstate 80 and the mess that was created when a suspicious
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device was found near treasure island. that is the residual backup that is going through emeryville trying to get to the bay bridge and out of the city both directions really a mess tonight. >> have patience. but expect a lot of traffic on the way home. prince harry excited to be an uncle. he spoke his about nephew white at a charity event in london. >> another member of the family. i only hope my brother knows how expensive my babysitting costs are. >> he is known for his partying ways but seems ready to take on the new mission helping to look after the baby of the duke and duchess of cambridge. >> make sure he has fun. the rest of it i leave to the parents. >> not too much fun.
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>> give him a little noogie. the new baby prince george's george is third in line to the throne and doing well. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ summertime violence. how a y area church grou role, in cracking new at 6:00 a unique approach to fighting summertime violence. how a bay area church group is playing a key role in cracking down on gang crimes in its community. plus, it's friday night. a glass of wine -- is a glass of wine in your future? why the price you pay for your favorite bottle is going up. those stories and more tonight at 6:00.
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thank you for watching. "cbs evening news" is next. captions by: caption colorado >> mason: tonight, a predator strikes a deal. criel castro admits to torturing three women for a decade in a house of horrors. terrell brown on the plea bargain that spared his life. san diego mayor bob filner says he'll undergo therapy after several women accused him of dexual harassment. >> the behavior i have engaged in over many years is wrong. >> mason: but john blackstone says the mayor is not quitting. missiles and flowers-- seth e getsgets a rare look inside north korea where a huge celebration masks terrible poverty. evd steve hartman's "on the road" with a man who makes sure the forgotten are remembered. mb when we leave this world, when we give people back, we wn't want to give them back alone. captioning sponsored by cbs


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