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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  July 26, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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"cbs evening news" is next. captions by: caption colorado >> mason: tonight, a predator strikes a deal. criel castro admits to torturing three women for a decade in a house of horrors. terrell brown on the plea bargain that spared his life. san diego mayor bob filner says he'll undergo therapy after several women accused him of dexual harassment. >> the behavior i have engaged in over many years is wrong. >> mason: but john blackstone says the mayor is not quitting. missiles and flowers-- seth e getsgets a rare look inside north korea where a huge celebration masks terrible poverty. evd steve hartman's "on the road" with a man who makes sure the forgotten are remembered. mb when we leave this world, when we give people back, we wn't want to give them back alone. captioning sponsored by cbs
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this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> mason: good evening, scott's on assignment. i'm anthony mason. the cleveland man who raped and d andred three women in his home for a decade knows where he will spend the rest of his life. ariel castro was in court today to accept a plea deal. he will face life in prison without the possibility of parole, plus 1,000 years. that spares him the death penalty. and we've learned one of his victims is set to testify at his stntencing next week. serrell brown was in the courtroom. >> you have had a chance to read t?is document? >> reporter: the judge asked ariel castro if he understood ce consequences of pleading nallty to 937 criminal counts. >> so finally, sir, again, do you understand, mr. castro, that upon entering this plea you will never be released from prison? was go understand that and i much theas going to get pretty much the book thrown at me. >> reporter: the former bus
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driver did not speak about his three victims, amanda berry, gina dejesus, and michelle knight. gina d instead, castro tried to explain ca was a victim of his own demons. ollmy addiction to pornography and my sexual problem has really taken a toll on my mind. >> reporter: state prosecutor timothy mcginty: >> this man is going to prison for the rest of his life, is never coming out, except nailed in a box. todeporter: many times during the hearing today, castro tinted himself as the victim what do you think about that? >> i think he's a coward, and he feels sorry for one person and pee person only-- himself. an rest is an act. ter:eporter: castro had faced the death penalty for punching ngd starving michelle knight dntil she had a miscarriage. the lawmaker representing the three women released this statement." amanda, gina and michelle are andeved by today's plea. they are satisfied by the resolution to this case." earlier this month they released resolution an online video in which knight thanked the public for their support. >> but i am strong enough to tlk through hell with a smile
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on my face. on and with my head held high. gh reporter: at the sentencing paring next week, prosecutors plan to bring the chains that castro used to restrain the umen. we've also learned tonight there are plans to tear this house down and replace it with a park or garden, anthony. a mason: san diego's mayor bob filner has been resisting calls to resign, even as seven women have accused him of sexual harassment. the democrat has been mayor for eass than a year after two decades in congress. today, filner addressed the y,sue. here's john blackstone. sa reporter: san diego mayor bob filner took responsibility for the accusations made against him. >> let me be absolutely clear-- the behavior i have engaged in over many years is wrong. my failure to respect women and the intimidating contact i engage in at times is inexcusable. >> reporter: the 70-year-old
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mayor did not announce he's stepping down. >> so beginning on august 5, i will be entering a behavior counseling clinic to undergo two weeks of intensive therapy to begin the process of addressing my behavior. >> it's clear to me that two weeks of therapy will not illress years of systematic abuse against women. >> reporter: laura fink is among seven women who have accused filner of sexual harassment. she was his deputy campaign sanager when he was running for reelection to congress. she was shocked by what filner did when a supporter complemented her work. >> they said i should be eppreciate forward working my behind off and he told me to ourn around and without think ago i didn't know what he wanted -- i turned around. he patted me on the rear and laughed and said, "no, it's still there." leaeporter: at least temporarily the mayor is operating under new rules at city hall. tyty attorney jan goldsmith. > the mayor is not permitted to meet with women alone in city
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etcilities. that was agreed to with his lawyer. wyereporter: filner, a democrat, has lost his party's support. local, national, and state democratic leaders have all hised for his resignation, and, anthony, a poll shows 70% of san diegans want filner to go. >> mason: also refusing to quit singnthony weiner who is running eor mayor of new york city. this week, weiner admitted he continued to text sexually explicit photos of himself to en an even after he resigned from congress two years ago. and he revealed as many as 10 women were involved. campaign appearance today, thener said the voters will ultimately decide if he should run the city. run bob schieffer is cbs news chief washington correspondent and the anchor of "face the nation." bob, what do you make of these candidates and their refusal to quit? >> reporter: well, i think the brokm is so broken now that these are the kinds of people that are running for office a
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lot of the time now. serious people don't want to leol with it. in san diego, this is just a case of arrogance triumphing gment.ood judgment. you know, you see this-- and we've seen it before in other offices -- people get elected righthey think that gives them the right to paw all the women in the office. eople kt doesn't, of course, and normal people know that. ois guy, obviously, thought he was about to be kicked out of office when he agreed to go off and have some intense training. a may have bought himself a little time, but i think it's very much a question as to whether he will remain in office. in new york, anthony, you know, i think it's a much more serious situation here. you are seeing a person who is obviously ill, seriously ill. i think if this were the case of an alcoholic who went away to rehab and came back and he was still drinking, people would understand he was sick. and the thing they find so
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interesting about all this is why aren't the people around anthony weiner talking about some sort of intervention rather than talking about some sort of strategy. st this thing is going to go nowhere. i the end, i have great confidence in the people. the people will decide the fate politi of these politicians because in the end, people get the representation they deserve. >> mason: bob schieffer, thanks. and bob's guests this sunday on sune the nation" including congressman mike rogers, rs,ublican of michigan; and democratic senator mark udall of colorado. this weekend marks 60 years since the armistice that ended the korean war. rmsth korea is mark the date rth a massive festival. seth doane was given a rare opportunity to travel to the capital, pyongyang. tonight he reports on what the north koreans allowed him to see. >> reporter: only in north korea etuld a flower show get this much international press, but we're guests of the government,
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and they select what we see. iois pyongyang flower exhibition was set up to mark 60 years since the end of the korean war. it made for an odd arrangement of missles and begonias. this guide told us she was asked to assist here. her usual day job is with the some americans would think it's odd that in a country that has trouble feeding its own people and is at the center of so many international controversies, that we're being brought to see this flower show. what did she say? >> she said it's a great t's aure to see you. >> reporter: she said it's a pleasure to meet me but did she answer my question. >> especially an american. >> reporter: but did you ask her? despite the tense situation, she old us, general kim jong un geted this exhibit to express the people's desire for peace.
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if that message was too subtle, the show at our next stop was not. in the games, tens of thousands of performers acted out the founding of this nation. in this communist country, the ,nderlying message in this performance, of course, is that the individual gives way to the mreater common good. hoill, there are thousands of individual stories that make up this spectacular display. ks likeoks like pixels in a giant billboard is actually 20,000 people, each holding up different colored cards to make diff up different images. ompecompetition to get into these games is fierce. for many, the biggest privilege is to perform for their supreme leader as they did tonight. the celebration may be about country, but it's centered
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around one man. >> mason: seth doane joins us erom pyongyang in north korea. eth, why would the north koreans take you to see these oulds? >> reporter: well, anthony, because it shows such ability how precision but much of this is for domestic consumption. people from the countryside are brought into pyongyang, a place they consider the showcase city to see the potential of life laes but there is reminder very quickly that it is, indeed, just a show. when we left we were in a bus, and looking out you didn't see e lele leaving in automobiles. tou saw them walking home in the ome i >> mason: seth doane in north korea. thanks, seth. pope francis is also drawing huge crowds in brazil. they lined the streets of rio de janeiro as he arrived for a service at copacabana beach. this is his first overseas trip ry pope, and by every indication he loves being among the faithful. dean reynolds is there. >> reporter: from the moment of >> reprival in rio, pope francis
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has been hands opening his opndow and his arms to countless who have flooded to his side. it has frazzled the nerves of his security detail and left his aides gasping. father thomas rosica is a vatican spokesman. >> we saw the exuberance and desire of people to touch the vans, shut the windows. f peoof me was saying, shut the window." part >> reporter: but this pope goes to of his way to return the affection. his bear hug comes in bunches. there is kissing, caressing, and blessing with hands. there is no apparent papal forrd for the dangers that may lurk in crowds of strangers. yesterday, residents of a violent slum. on wednesday, drug addicts. holding them all was the pope. 15-year-old carlo francisco -year-, the son of two drug addicts, met him wednesday night. he said the pope was cool but he had the jitters. were you shaking?
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ou was really afraid of falling down," he told us. the pope picked 10-year-old marcele seixas out of a receiving line and gave her the gavefrancis. "he gave me a big hug," she said. shegave him my rosary and he nd hsed it." >> he's inviting people to ohare, to reflect, and to encounter one another. >> reporter: and to reconnect sith the church that this pope of the people now leads. dean reynolds, cbs news, rio de janeiro. >> mason: prosecutors in egypt daday charged the ousted president mohammed morsi with hurder, espionage, and conspiracy. in cairo, hundreds of thousands of people filled tahrir square thsupport the military takeover earlier this month. outraged morsi supporters also took to the streets. reeteast five people were killed in clashes in alexandria. half the fruit we eat comes from other countries. so who's inspecting it?
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and one of this country's most recognizable monuments has been vandalized. that's ahead when the cbs evening news continues. pearls. hairbands. for a tough dog like duke. >> mason: last night, north carolina's legislature passed a
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>> mason: last night, north law requiring a government- issued photo i.d. in order to vote. north carolina is the first state first state to act since the u.s.
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supreme court struck down federal review of state election laws under the voting rights act. michelle miller looks at what's happening now. >> it is taking us a step backward. >> n.c. state sophomore molly mcdonough is among voters who don't have the photo i.d. the new bill requires. beginning in 2016, polling places will accept only a north carolina driver's license, state i.d. card, immediate i.d., or u.s. passport. mcdonough doesn't have a license and explains the time and expense of getting an i.d. unfair. she felt so strongly she was arrest forward protesting inside the state capitol. >> this voter i.d. law is primarily going to affect students and poor people of color. >> reporter: republican state senate leader phil berger denies that. he vote forward a bill that passed on party lines. your state elections board said that they've only had one documented case of voter impersonation fraud in 2012. you say? >> that the important thing is
5:47 pm
enhancing confidence in elections. this is something that is about making sure that when people show up to vote, they are who they say they are. >> reporter: according to north carolina's board of elections, a third of voters here without photo i.d. are african american including 78-year-old alberta currie. >> i have tried and tried. >> reporter: she's voted in every presidential election since 1956. like many of her generation, currie was born at home and has no birth certificate. are you frustrated? >> i won't have no rights if i can't vote. >> reporter: are you concerned that those people are simply going to be stripped of their right to vote? >> i am concerned that people are talking about their being a substantial problem with this that-- that i don't agree exists. >> reporter: north carolina's governor plans to sign the bill next month but it's expected to face legal challenges long before its implementation. michelle miller, raleigh.
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>> mason: the lincoln memorial was close today. it was vandalized overnight. workers spent the day removing green paint smattered the statue of the 16th president. police are examining security video to find out who's arsponsible. s army staff sergeant will receive the nation's highest military honor. that's just ahead. ust ahead. starts a fight,avorited trusted heartburn relief that goes to work in seconds. nothing works faster. ♪ tum, tum tum tum tums! bjorn earns unlimited rewards for his small business. take these bags to room 12 please. [ garth ] bjorn's small business earns double miles on every purchase every day. produce delivery. [ bjorn ] just put it on my spark card. [ garth ] why settle for less? ahh, oh! [ garth ] great businesses deserve unlimited rewards. here's your wake up call. [ male announcer ] get the spark business card from capital one and earn unlimited rewards.
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bug is spreading. 14 states now report infections. more than 300 people have gotten sick. health officials suspect cyclospora, a parasite usually found on imported fresh fruits and vegetables. and these days, much of the food we eat comes from other countries. today the food and drug om onistration proposed new rules to ensure it's safe. e it's dr. jon lapook. >> it's a sweet strawberry. >> reporter: stew leonard is the c.e.o. of a chain of specialty food stores in the northeast bearing his name. his customers may be local, but ftenfood is often global. >> these are now new zealand >> res. >> reporter: nearly half of the nation's fruit and 20% of esgetables come from abroad. ight nht now, when one of those products comes here, how is it hspected? onright now, we rely on the department of agriculture and the f.d.a. >> reporter: but under the current system, the f.d.a. screens less than 2% of imported imod. we f.d.a. proposals would require importers to prove avreign suppliers have food proty programs that meet u.s.
5:52 pm
standards and give the f.d.a. new enforcement powers to monitor these programs and stop shipments from suppliers that don't follow the rules. shia. commissioner margaret hamburg. sioner mve to have clear and >> we it standards for all food producers, and we have to make sure that industry is really accountable for the food safety hactices, whether they are in other countries or in the united states. >> the key is deal with a great supplier. >ight now, my certification trocess is i talk to them on the phone. tmay go visit them. and i trust them to bring good ph stuff in. these regulations are going to make it more formal. al.the end, it's good for the customer. >> reporter: it's estimated the osw regulations will cost the industry more than $480 million to implement. chan.d.a. says these changes will help it prevent outbreaks of food-borne illnesses instead of reacting after one has occurred. >> mason: we hope so. currk you, jon.
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president obama today announced th he will award the medal of honor pr to army staff sergeant ty carter. he is being recognize forward rtsplaying conspicuous gallantry during a day-long firefighter in afghanistan in 2009. carter is one of the five living necipients of the medal for 09.ion in iraq or afghanistan. dden whartman is on the road in a city where no one is ever the meten. oming coming up next. next. multivitamin every day. , sure. can't hurt, right? and now today, i see this in the news. once again, centrum silver was chosen by researchers for another landmark study. this time looking at eye health. my doctor! he knows his stuff. [ male announcer ] centrum. the most studied. the most recommended. and the most preferred multivitamin brand. the choice is clear.
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access to your online passw. tonight at six on kpix 5. weather talent appears at wx center with generic pinpoint filling monitor the take special >> mason: finally tonight, no one looks forward to a funeral uneral would someone attend up to 300 funerals every year? steve hartman found the answer an the road." >> reporter: in louisville, kentucky, there's a civil servant who has devoted his life is lifeh. >> because i finally realized at t this is where i belong and i was called to do this. >> reporter: after retiring as a police captain, buddy dumire sought out and got a job with the jefferson county corner's office. he wanted the job of burying louisville's poor and homeless. ir years, these people had been buried in this potters' field. you can tell by the grave markers how the county couldn't nty ccared less. t there had to be a better way. when you and i come into this a md we have a mom and a dad,
5:57 pm
loving arms around us, people taking care of us. when we leave this world, when we give people back we don't want to give them back alone. >> reporter: to that end, buddy ddy nowes sure no funeral in louisville is ever unattended. he teamed up with three local ocal schools to provide volunteers not only for carrying the casket, but for mourning the loss. >> we're here today to honor gary boroughs. >> reporter: at the beginning of every service buddy tells the kids what he knew of the deceased. >> if you would have all met him, you would have liked this guy. >> reporter: and by the end the kids say they do care, much more north only about the person who med but about the living as well. >> it's just so humbling. it makes you appreciate what you have in your family that you-- r: these're blessed with. >> reporter: these kids go to st. xavier high school. >> every human life is worth the ise. no one person should be left behind, i guess. >> reporter: that's a sentiment no one appreciates more than the people who get buried here.
5:58 pm
a know that because every once in a while, a friend or relative shows up at the service. lily daulton met art adams at a dance last year. he was down on his luck, but she got to know him, learned about wis cancer, and talked about his death. tat would he think of this? >> he would love it. he would absolutely have loved it because he thought nobody would be here. he was so afraid of that. >> reporter: buddy says it's a fear shared by many indigent share, although now it's a fear unfounded. >> i appreciate you giving up unfo hole whole day. r: reporter: steve hartman, steveville. >> mason: wonderful story. that's the cbs evening news. for scott pelley, i'm anthony mason. thanks for watching. i'll see you tomorrow on "cbs this morning saturday." good night. this mor captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh ptioned media access group at wgbh
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expected. even if the busted bolts aren't fully f. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. 'm ken bastida in for allen >> we have learned that there might be a way to open the new eastern span of the bay bridge. sooner than expected, even if the busted bolts are full effects. >> i'm elizabeth cook. >> linda talks to some experts now say it is possible. >> that is good news. it is very possible, we may see the new part of the bridge opened well before that december day that they were talking about and that's because you don't like we work for those broken bolts continue.
6:00 pm
>> these green gyms prevent the bearings from sliding back and forth this way. >> they provide the strength to hold on the bridge that was lost when the ball broke. crews will continue to install the broken bottles around the bolt that editions work the new bridge could open sentiment number. >> these budgets are going in to protect the bearings while the permanent fix is going on, and there are some out there who believe that it gives enough stability to open the bridge sooner. >> microsoft opinion of the federal highway administration and engineers from the seismic safety review panel. >> it would make everyone confident to move everything onto the new bridge as opposed to moving it on the old bridge and that position has not been made yet. but we all hope to get on the new bridge as soon as possible. >> the bridge