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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  July 29, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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preliminary peace talks. >> a jewelry caper in cannes fit for hollywood. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald >> well, good morning! it is monday, july 29. i'm brian hackney in for frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:00. let's get a look at the weather and traffic. first with lawrence. how's it looking? >> looking good so far. we have a couple of patches of fog out there this morning. the sea breeze not particularly strong this morning. i think it's going to be a slow breakup with low clouds and broken out over the bay right now. as we head toward the afternoon it's going to be cooler than average all around the bay area. numbers right now running into the 50s. i think by the afternoon, though, these temperatures heading way down because of the sea breeze. that strong onshore flow to 16 miles per hour out of the southeast in san jose right now. breezy there continuing all along the coastline and then right through the delta. the 23 miles per hour in fairfield gusting over 30 this morning so a strong sea breeze early on. slow breakup of the low clouds and fog and these temperatures going to wind up cooler than
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the average. today probably the coolest day of the week. these temperatures running a good 7 to 13 degrees below average. about 76 in san jose. 79 in livermore. and about 60 degrees in san francisco. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thanks, lawrence. we got two new accidents just reported in the last few minutes. the first one is in berkeley and is causing some slight delays already westbound 80 before or after ashby avenue. the right lane is blocked and traffic is stacking up through berkeley. this may be causing those delays through the altamont pass and livermore. a new crash just reported in dublin westbound 580 near foothill and look at that, a lot of brake lights this morning beginning in tracy coming off of 205. also bart now back on time after some earlier power issues causing some delays on the richmond line. muni, caltrain, ferries and ace train number one and three by the way are all reporting no delay.
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that's your latest traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. one week from today, the bay area could be experiencing another bart strike. and if the unions and management can't come to an agreement when the clock strikes midnight sunday night bart workers could walk off the job again. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is in san francisco with the numbers behind a key issue in the negotiations, pay for the workers. >> reporter: a new report by the san jose "mercury news" shows that bart employees already make more money than any of its peers. it says average bart union workers made more than $76,000 last year. the top paid train operator grossed more than $155,000. and bart's best best paid january core made almost $83,000. this comes -- janitor paid almost $83,000. this comes as the negotiators go back to the table tomorrow. the public is losing patience. >> it's affecting all of us. they need to go to work until
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they come to terms with what's going on. >> reporter: some of the figures from the "mercury news" are based on high levels of overtime and cashing out paid time off. so far, the two sides have made progress on smaller issues but they had yet to address those major sticking points. live in san francisco, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> starting today, oakland commuters will have to pay more to park at bart stations. parking fees are going up at the mcarthur and west oakland stations. the new price at the macarthur station $1.50 a day $5.50 at west oakland. fees at other bart parking lots went up this month. new this morning, one person is dead after this red car flipped and landed upside- down on railroad tracks at about 10:15 last night on westbound 580 in richmond. the chp says the car went off the road at the bayview avenue on-ramp. officers have been on the scene overnight to try to find out what happened. foreign pilots landing at sfo have to follow new rules.
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the july 6 crash on runway 28 left exposed difficulties some pilots have landing at the airport. kpix 5's sue kwon joins us now to explain why some pilots are now required to use new technology. >> reporter: there is a gps system on all the runways here at sfo and starting today all of these pilots coming in on foreign carriers are being told to use that landing system. that is because of concern that pilots on foreign carriers may not be as familiar with touching down here manually using cockpit instruments and manual eyesight. this year foreign eyesights have made an unusual number of aborted landings or go-arounds according to the faa. this comes after the july 6 crash landing of asiana flight 214. one plane watcher caught one such go around just this weekend. >> the larger plane passed the smaller skywest and the air traffic control told the skywest to abort and go around.
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>> reporter: so now finds are using -- so now pilots are using a gps system. this is a solution until another instrument known as the glide slope indicator is available in late august. it has been down since june during airport construction. live at sfo, i'm sue kwon, kpix 5. >> our very own phil matier wrote in the "san francisco chronicle," asiana's number of go-arounds is 6 to 8 times greater than normal. new details in the death of a teenage girl who was hit by a fire truck after this month's plane crash at sfo. the "chronicle" newspaper reports at least 4 san francisco firefighters saw ye meng yuan curled up on the ground. two of them reportedly thought the girl was already dead. it is still unclear how she ended up on the ground in front of the plane's left wing. tense moments for air travelers flying from cedar rapids, iowa, to st. petersburg, florida last night.
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thethe airplane made an emergency landing in georgia. the crew and passengers went down the emergency chute. no fire was found in the plane. san francisco police are searching for two suspects after a the shooting left one person with life-threatening injuries. it happened just before 7:00 last night at geary boulevard and 29th avenue. investigators say shortly before the gunfire, the victim was arguing with another person in the car. the car was left with a shattered window and two bullet holes. a suspected shoplifter shot a home depot security guard in the shoulder and pistol-whipped another guard. it happened yesterday afternoon at the store on hesperion boulevard. police say the guards had approached the man after seeing him try to steal some tools. the man ran off after the attack. riot police clashed with unruly crowds in huntington beach. the chaos erupted after the u.s. open of surfing competition. [ yelling ]
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>> vandals knocked over porta- potties and smashed windows. there were fights at the beach and in the downtown area. police called for backup when they couldn't get the crowd to break up. >> it started with like a fight and then broke out like they are tipping porta-potties and then the cops started to move in throwing tear gas at everyone and everyone was coughing and dodging into stores and everyone was just running down main street. >> officers in riot gear arrested eight people. no word of any serious injuries. a lifeguard helped uncover more than $2 million worth of pot from a penga boat in santa cruz. saturday morning the lifeguard noticed something suspicious and found the boat with almost 1200 pounds of marijuana. multiple law enforcement agencies stepped in and arrested four people. they say smugglers have recently gotten better moving larger amounts of drugs and there have been other sightings and busts recently along the central coast. investigators say it's too soon
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to tell if the various busts are all related. a speedboat crash in new york killed a bride to be and the best man. they were thrown from a speedboat that collided with a barge on the hudson about 30 miles north of new york city. the wedding was supposed to be in two weeks. the best man's relatives are concealed by the fact that his death at least was quick. >> we're confident that he didn't suffer and that's most important to us that he didn't suffer. he went out happily. >> six people were aboard the 21-foot speedboat when it crashed. the driver is facing vehicular manslaughter charges. investigators are trying to find out if the barge they hit was property lighted. anytime weather becomes a factor, you're messing with disaster. >> from airport blackouts to a tour bus flipped over in floodwaters. how extreme weather is causing hov vac around the country. >> america's -- havoc around the country. >> america's cup watchers may
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have seen more than just sailboats. the "a" list celebrity to took to the water without a stunt double. >> there is a new iphone coming out. >> big change in the weather for today. what about the rest of the week? we'll talk about that coming up. metering lights are on now at the bay bridge toll plaza. so traffic is quickly filling in, in all lanes. your traffic trouble spots we'll have them for you after the break. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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raging flood waters. the tour bus flipped on its side... about 300 yards froe size, a pack bus returning to las vegas from the grand canyon flipped on its side in floodwaters 300 yards from the roadway near the border between arizona and nevada. everybody got out through the bus windows. it's not clear why the driver did one of the stupidest things
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you can do in a flash flood, try to cross it and he had 30 tourists. heavy rain and hail soaked las vegas over the weekend. a flash flood watch was in effect for most of sunday afternoon. dime-sized hail fell in some parts of vegas. a storm in the northeast dumped more than 7" of rain in philadelphia. power outages caused major delays at the philadelphia airport because the region that includes southern emergency also experienced widespread flooding. one traffic artery between philly and south jersey was completely closed down. tropical storm flossie is expected to bring high surf, strong winds and heavy rain to hawaii today. the governor issued an emergency proclamation ahead of the storm. yesterday people stocked up on essential items like water and batteries and also gasoline. boat owners are preparing for potentially drastic tide changes. they are now trying to make sure their vessels are secure. >> that storm named after your dog. >> that's why they named it flossie. it looks like the path of it is
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going dead over the big island. >> right over the big island south of the other islands. never probably going to get to hurricane strength but still if you have your nice plans to go to hawaii for the sunshine, not today. that's coming onshore today. looks like the bay area is going to enjoy some of the cooler weather we have seen for some time. temperatures below average over the weekend, today cooler if you can believe that. low clouds and fog spreading onshore right now. below average temperatures today and then slowly warming but really kind of staying on the cool side for the better part of the workweek. you have low pressure along the coastline and the trough just carved itself out along the west coast to help keep these numbers down. the coolest day of the week is today. after this we warm up and the numbers will start to improve as we head in toward the latter part of the week. low clouds and fog into the bay early on this morning mostly clear in concord and livermore. by the afternoon the clouds likely to linger at the beaches, maybe into san francisco, as well. a strong sea breeze, winds gusting over 30 miles per hour in parts of the bay area this morning. 80s and 90s into the central
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valley about 96 degrees but sunny in yosemite. 79 degrees in lake tahoe. temperatures around the bay today into the 70s and still warm into san jose. 70 in fremont. breezy into oakland at 66 but only about 60 degrees in san francisco. next couple of days we'll start to warm up the temperatures a few degrees and then finally toward this next weekend we could see some of those numbers maybe near 90 degrees. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thanks, lawrence. we are still watching this problem in berkeley down the eastshore freeway. it's causing significant delays right now through berkeley. the accident is actually before ashby avenue. the right lane is blocked. so westbound 80 is pretty heavy. once you get past the accident though it looks like speed sensors improve as you get closer towards emeryville and the macarthur maze. 580 slow this morning, look at that, a long line of red sensors, speeds under 25 miles per hour. once you get past vasco road it will be a little after there the speeds sensors turn back to grown and starts to improve and then we have a new accident now
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just past the dublin interchange. westbound 580 by foothill, one lane is blocked there. that was a solo car crash blocking the slow lane so there's a few tapping of the brake lights before you get to the accident. here's a look down the eastshore freeway. the drive time is almost a half hour now obviously the accident in berkeley isn't helping the morning commute there. westbound 580 has been busy all morning especially out of tracy. and the nimitz 880 in oakland, that is our bright spot, so far looks good. but usually around 8:00 is when we start to see delays here. let's go outside show you a couple of our live traffic cameras. san mateo bridge commute direction westbound 92 traffic looks good heading out over the high-rise. coming into hayward nice and quiet, as well. take you to the south bay, i believe, here's a look at 101 and mckee. headlights and taillights northbound and southbound 101 a little busy earlier. not the case now. quick trip to santa clara. over at the bay bridge the metering lights were turned on at 6:01 this morning so yeah we're starting to see the
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delays begin to fill in. it looks like it's still not a horrendous morning commute. no incident there. looks like it's jamming up towards the overcrossing and crawling up the incline as well towards treasure island. that is your latest "timesaver traffic." amazon is putting out the help wanted sign. the company says it will add 5,000 full-time jobs at its distribution centers in california and a dozen other states. the world's largest online retailer says it needs more help to meet growing customer demand. it says the new positions will pay 30% more than traditional retail jobs. this recent photo is fueling rumors of a future iphone. it appears to be plastic retail packaging for apple's budget iphone. it's expected to be called the 5s. as part of recovering possible i photo boxes. the photo is surfacing on chinese discussion forums but apple hasn't confirmed this. so far it's just a rumor. >> we'll find out. fresh off his first
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international trip, pope francis makes headlines on the ride home. the major way he is reaching out to homosexual priests. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell coming up the giants hit rock bottom again and yoenis cespedes finds his slope as the as pad the lead in the american league west. see you in a couple of minutes. look at 'em. living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver. you see in my day, when my mom was repainting the house, you couldn't just set up a tv in the basement. i mean, come on! nope. we could only watch tv in the rooms that had a tv outlet. yeah if we wanted to watch tv someplace else,
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all right. checking out your forecast, hey the as the hottest team in up to playing the toronto blue jays tonight. breezy, cool, grab a jacket if you are headed to the ga i am. >> we are still waiting for tow crews to clear this accident in berkeley, westbound 80 by ashby avenue. one lane is blocked and traffic is really backed up past golden gate fields towards the accident scene. more "timesaver traffic" coming up. the new zealand racing team is headed straight for the
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finals. yesterday the team beat italy's luna rosa in their final meeting in the america's cup challenger trial in san francisco. they secured enough points overall to advance to the louis vuitton cup final. the italians will soon face the swedish team in the semis. the louis vuitton cup finals start august 17 and the winner of that race will face oracle team usa starting september 7. look at this. actor tom cruise and his 19- year-old son got a taste of speed at the helm of an america's cup catamaran after yesterday's race. cruise and his son connor boarded a new zealand boat. they took turns at the helm and were guesting of one of new zealand's sponsors. the skipper says star of "mission: impossible" and top gun movies appeared to be a natural at the controls. good morning, everybody. with the texas rangers mired in a huge slump right now the as are beginning to run away in the american league west. the sun was the as ally
6:23 am
yesterday that's for sure. they erased a 5-0 deficit. down 5-4. yoenis cespedes up in the air nobody could find it. and we got a tie game at 5. then steven voting hit another one in the sun. hamilton collides with trout. as win 10-6 and lead the west by 6 games. lincecum struck out ten but his 109th pitch of the afternoon did him in. wellington cast cityey untied the game with a deep shot to left. giants just can't hit, folks. no sugar-coating that. only three runs in the series combined. blanco popped out to end it. bank of the west finals at losing set one dominika cibulkova storms back to win the second set being agnieszka radwansak to capture the crown. and the united states wins the gold cup. buried the goal in the 69th minutes as the americans' first since 2007 they beat panama 1-0 and somehow some way vern
6:24 am
glenn talked management into going to washington, d.c. to cover the giants at the white house. we'll have that story coming up tonight in our 6:00 news. have a great day. time for the play of the day. from the links of the canadian open in oakville, ontario, mark wilson with an impressive shot from the rough. amazingly, the ball lands, takes a good bounce, hits off the pin and right into the hole. it was brandt snedeker though who won the tournament. a parade will move through downtown livermore tonight to mark the start of the intermediate little legal world series. >> yes. the parade will start at 6 p.m. and go down first street. it ends at the bankhead theater where teams will gather for a ceremony. first game in the tournament happens tomorrow at 9 a.m. at max fairfield. organizers have also announced a partnership with the oakland as. 24 minutes after 6:00.
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coming up, a "sexting" scandal takes its toll the new shake-up for anthony weiner's mayoral campaign. >> an effort to free survivors from a mangled bus in italy. what witnesses saw just before it plunged down a ravine. >> and bart and its unions are a week away from their negotiations deadline. where they stand and the new information on how much bart employees really make. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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his predecessor. his candid comments on gay priests in e catholic church. >> reporter: we're live in san francisco. we are about a week away from the negotiation deadline and bart and the unions are still
6:29 am
very far apart. >> pope francis making a major departure from his predecessor. his candid comments on gay priests in the catholic church. >> temperatures cooler than avenue. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and traffic lighter than normal this morning at the bay bridge but it may be because a traffic jam in berkeley is backing things up there. we'll have your morning commute coming up. good morning, everyone. it's monday, july 29. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm brian hackney. frank is off today. the time is 6:29. this time next week, another bart strike could put the bay area in for commuter chaos. and if it happens, it has the potential of being even worse than the walkout earlier this month. that's when, as you remember, people scrambled to find rides wherever they could find them including ferries, buses and casual carpools. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is in san francisco. cate, both sides lost a crucial week of negotiating time, right? >> reporter: right, brian. so far, bart tells us they have made progress on smaller issues. but at the same time, they are
6:30 am
no closer to finding a deal than they were this time last week. the major sticking points we're talking salary, pension, health benefits and safety have not been addressed. seiu local 1021 says they won't be able to until bart's chief negotiator gets back from have a cail. a new report from the "mercury news" says bart workers make more money than any peers. the average bart union worker makes more than $76,000. last year the top paid train operator grossed more than $155,000 and bart best paid janitor made almost $83,000. the unions say their pay is fair. >> i think there's been a fallacy out there that all that bart workers do is kind of push a button or stand around. these are critical workers who provide a service to keep the public safe. >> reporter: however, the public is losing patience. if the two sides don't reach an agreement by sunday the bay
6:31 am
area could see another strike this time next week. both bart and the two unions will be back at the bargaining table tomorrow. reporting live in san francisco, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> thank you. some of the figures from the "mercury news" are based on high levels of overtime and cashing out paid time off. new this morning one person is dead after his car flipped and landed on railroad tracks. it happened last night on westbound interstate 580. the chp says this red car went off the road at the bayview avenue on-ramp around 10:15. officers have been on the scene overnight to determine what happened. fresno county, firefighters are working to contain a wildfire that burned 14 square miles in the sierra national forest. about 75 miles northeast of fresno. authorities have evacuated 16 campgrounds near shaver lake. so far, no houses are threatened and the fire is about 15% contained. but it keeps expanding in the late afternoons when the
6:32 am
temperatures increase. there's something that won't be happening here at least not temperatures increasing i mean. >> no. not today. yeah, we're really seeing a strong onshore breeze. we are seeing smoke from the fires in some of our cameras outside right now from the fires burning around the state right now. you can see that in that beautiful looking beginning to the day as we have the hazy smoke out there right now changing the atmosphere into more of an orange color as you wake up this morning. a lot of fog though inside the bay starting to thicken up again and partly cloudy there a moment ago but now the clouds are rolling back in. so looks like today we have that strong sea breeze in place. that will carry with it some cooler temperatures well onshore today. 50s around the bay area now. but by the afternoon, these numbers much cooler than the average as much as 13 degrees below normal. 80 expected and comfortable in morgan hill. 76 in cupertino and san jose. east bay numbers 70s and low 80s and i think that's where we top out today. then inside the bay a cool 60 and breezy into san francisco. about 69 degrees and breezy into hayward.
6:33 am
let's check the roads with elizabeth. thanks, lawrence. and tow crews are on scene now in berkeley at this accident on westbound 80 near ashby avenue so it was a minivan hauling a trailer. the trailer ended up on the guardrail. it's taking a while to clear it and traffic is jammed from el cerrito. drive time already 40 minutes on westbound 80 from the carquinez bridge to the maze. let's go toward the bay bridge because the traffic is backed up towards the eastshore freeway it's not able to get to the bay bridge toll plaza so traffic is lighter than normal. metering lights are on but as you can see, very, very slight delays right now getting into san francisco. that's your latest traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. the brakes on a tour bus may have failed causing a deadly crash in indianapolis. a youth pastor, his wife and another church member were killed saturday afternoon. they were on a trip to michigan. one victim was the son of a senior pastor and was made youth pastor last year.
6:34 am
despite that, church services went on as scheduled yesterday. >> they're with god in heaven right now we know that without a doubt but we grieve the fact that they're not here with us. we miss them. >> 11 crash victims remain hospitalized. workers are hauling away debris from a bus crash in southern italy last night. at least 37 people including the bus driver died when the bus tore through a guardrail and plunged into a ravine. witnesses told cbs' alfonso van marsh what happened right before the crash. >> reporter: workers hauled away the crumpled bus that crashed last night at a major highway crossing in southern italy. dozens of passengers died. officials say the tour bus headed back to naples tore through a guardrail and plunged 100 feet into a ravine. this fire chief says the impact was so strong, even the concrete barrier gave way. witnesses say the bus was going at a normal speed on a downhill stretch of the highway when it suddenly swerved and started slamming into cars. some witnesses say it sounded
6:35 am
like the bus blew a tire. firefighters work through the night to cut away wreckage from the mangled bus and to free survivors. nearly a dozen are recovering in the hospital. rescue crews lined up bodies along the highway. authorities say the bus driver, who lost control of the vehicle about 160 miles south of rome, is among the dead. alfonso van marsh, cbs news. >> the driver of the derailed train in spain last year says evidence careless speeding around the bend. now he faces multiple counts of reckless homicide. a houston woman died from her injuries over the weekend. her death raises the number of dead to 79. the driver was released from custody yesterday. a rash of car bombings has killed at least 23 people in iraq. police officers in baghdad say a total of 8 car bombs hit markets and parking lots in shiite neighborhoods within an
6:36 am
hour. dozens of other people are wounded. the attacks come amid an increase in violence that started in april leaving more than 3,000 people dead. israeli and palestinian negotiators will meet face to face in washington, d.c. tonight for the first peace talks in three years. the breakthrough to get the two sides talking came after israel's cabinet approved the release of more than 100 palestinian prisoners. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu calls it a tough decision. it's unpopular with a lot of people in israel. >> both leaders in the region, prime minister netanyahu and president abbas, have made a courageous decision to try to return to final status talks. >> u.s. secretary of state john kerry will host the talks at the state department. in egypt tensions are escalating as protests continue. today police in cairo arrested two leaders connected to the "muslim brotherhood" accusing them of inciting violence. protests are showing support of
6:37 am
the "muslim brotherhood." the political party is that of the president of the country, mohamed morsi. violence killed more than 260 people since the military coup this month. and new this morning, pope francis says he will not judge priests based on their sexual orientation. the head of the catholic church just returned to it will i a little while ago. he -- italy a little while ago. he said, "if someone is gay and he so much as for the lord and has good will, who am i to judge?" the comments were made on the flight back from "world youth day" in brazil. a sacramento man was among the millions who traveled to see the pope. >> coming here and experiencing all of this is just amazing. i love it. >> the "world youth day" was the largest turnout for a papal mass in recent history. time now is 6:37. a caper in cannes. the multi-million dollar jewelry heist fit for hollywood. and the notorious group that may be behind it. >> and cameras captured the dramatic moment a landslide
6:38 am
engulfs a car but it's what happened right afterwards that is absolutely amazing. >> and the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. let's get a quick look at the early numbers here. not looking good. everything is down at this point. coming up an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. ,,
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manager. his previous campaign manag resigned... after new n surfaced about new york mayoral candidate anthony weiner is scrambling to find a new campaign manager. his has previous manager resigned after new information surfaced about inappropriate text messages and photos that weiner sent to women. he admits the texts happened after he quit congress because of a similar scandal a couple of years ago. the primary is a little more than six weeks away.
6:42 am
a bay area city's republican party endorses gay marriage. >> a republican state senate candidate wins in a heavily democratic district. they are two signs the gop is starting to tone down its opposition to same-sex marriage. "san francisco examiner" columnist melissa griffin joins us. >> good morning. >> last week we talked about the election in central california. >> there's an important election happening last tuesday, it happened, and lo and behold the republican candidate won. and that was really interesting because again the district is over 60% latino and the democrats in that district have a 22-point advantage over republicans so it seems like it was going to be a cakewalk for democrats. in fact andy vadak won. this is important. other republicans all over the state are taking a look at this. democrats shaking their heads. there still needs to be an autopsy of what happened in the election but they are going to
6:43 am
look at how vidak appealed to the liberal voters. he advocated a pathway to citizenship illegal immigrants and toned downed the rhetoric on same-sex marriage. he said i believe marriage is between a man and woman but the supreme court has ruled. and there's nothing the legislature can do about it so let's move on. and he sort of tamped down the rhetoric. so that was a really important move on his part. in light of that, on friday night, the marin county central committee of the republican party a central committee to determine who the republican party endorses on a local level whether it will be ballot measures or candidate, the committee voted to endorse same- sex marriage. this is a huge deal. this is the first time a republican central committee has done this in california. only the second time it's happened in the nation. the washington, d.c. republican central committee has also done this so an important shift we are seeing it looks like among california republicans. >> do you think they did that
6:44 am
because vidak won and that he was not throwing his support behind but at least acknowledging same-sex marriage? >> well, in addition to seeing that kind of success, marin is overwhelmingly democrat. they voted 75% against proposition 8. they are clearly in favor of same-sex marriage. the head of the marin republicans said basically look, if we want to have a future here we are need to be more inclusive. also, right now, the democrats are in a little bit of trouble in marin. there's a very serious issue with how they plan for more affordable house, more dense housing in areas of marin and people are yelling and screaming, it's gotten to extreme places. and that's actually a recall effort against one of the marin county members of the board of supervisors. so things are not looking good for local democrats. i think that the marin county republicans saw this as an opening to not necessarily increase their roles but at least get democrats in the area to think about some local
6:45 am
republican candidates who have been firmly against this newhousing proposal. >> do you think that other republican groups will do the same? >> you can bet they are definitely paying attention. well, first of all, it requires a relatively moderate republican group to begin with. if you have a core group of republicans on the central committee who are right wing it's not happening soon. but in areas of say the bay area and greater los angeles, you can see more moderate groups maybe considering this. in addition, again you can see marin is a little bit of maybe democratic party overreach in those kinds of instances. again, we have a moderate group of republicans and a lot of people mad at their local democrats, then you can definitely think that some republicans are going to be considering making this move as well. they are all going to be watching. >> thank you, melissa griffin. remember, you can find more of melissa's segments on tomorrow santa clara volusia county the voters will have a re-election -- tomorrow, santa clarita county voters
6:46 am
will have a special election to replace george shirakawa. he resigned his post on the board of supervisors earlier this year amid a scandal involving public and campaign funds. this will be another week of traders responding to new economic reports. here now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks to tell us about it. >> reporter: it's a big week for the economy. and we are going to see some caution early on before we hear from a couple of key players. the fed wraps up a two-day policy meeting on wednesday. we'll see if there's further talk about pulling back on quantitative easing the tapering of its monthly bond purchases and on friday, the labor department reports the july employment report. right now economists are calling for a forecast of 175,000 jobs created last month. weaker than the month before. feds need to see stronger job growth before it starts tightening up the easy money spigot. a big retail play in play today.
6:47 am
this is on the luxury side of things. saks is being bought by lord & taylor's parent company hudson bay for $2.4 billion. saks has more than 100 stores, 41 of its flagship saks fifth avenue stores including one in san francisco. includes the off fifth stores which are in the outlet malls. three of them in the bay area including petaluma, gilroy and over in livermore, as well. stocks are starting out a little lower this morning. saks up on its deal by 3% but the dow is down 10 points. nasdaq off to a decent start up by 5. s&p down by 1. back to you. >> thank you, jason brooks. watch this amazing video as a landslide nearly buried four men alive in china. they were driving along a mountain road when the mud and rocks came crashing down covering that car. but take a look, when it finally stopped, the men managed to get out of the car.
6:48 am
rain in china is causing flooding and crop damage. flooding has killed at least 337 people in china this year, more than 200 missing. all right. it's 12 minutes now before 7:00 on this monday morning. starting out a little overcast and a little cool. >> the strong sea breeze kicking in this morning. that's going to cool temperatures down around the bay area. temperatures the coolest day of the week today. this morning plenty of clouds and drizzle at the coast. below average temperatures for today as much as 13 degrees below the average. and really staying on the cooler side of things as we round out this week. we'll improve at the latter part of the week. next weekend will be warmer. numbers looking at cool numbers with that stronger sea breeze. the trough at the coast will you ear in the cool marine air temperatures at the coolest levels of the week.
6:49 am
tropical storm flossie bearing down on hawaii this morning. heavy rainfall and tropical storm-force winds. if you have plans there expect major delays in the hawaiian islands. how about this? 60s and 70s into much of the south bay. you will see maybe 80 in morgan hill. east bay temperatures in the 70s maybe some low 80s and that's it. then inside the bay cool only 60s and breezy in san francisco. 66 in oakland. next couple of days warming up, then this next weekend in the low 80s in the hottest spots inland. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thanks, lawrence. and it is still a mess. we have a hotspot in berkeley right now. it's causing some significant delays still down the eastshore freeway. so the accident is right before the ashby avenue exit. one lane is blocked. check out the speed sensors. cars are moving at a crawl right now. looks like from richmond really starting to see delays around san pablo dam road down towards
6:50 am
berkeley and then once you get past ashby speeds improve to the macarthur maze. the latest drive time 54 minutes. that's pretty bad. usually it's about 30 minutes or less this time of the morning. that's westbound 80 from the carquinez bridge to the maze. let's show what it's doing to the bay bridge toll plaza. barely a delay at all. so this is the good news. it's all stacked up down the eastshore freeway. so if you are coming from highway 24, 580 or the nimitz, traffic is super light unusually light even though the metering lights are on this morning over at the bay bridge heading towards treasure island. towards the nimitz now, 880 in oakland, taillights that's northbound traffic heading up towards downtown no delay 15 minutes between 238 and the macarthur maze. and the golden gate bridge pretty good once again no delays from san rafael towards sausalito and it's moving fine across the deck into san francisco. that's your latest traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." charlie rose joins us now from new york. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, brian and michelle.
6:51 am
ahead, never-before-seen color film of president john f. kennedy. it was taken just four months before he was assassinated. plus, whitey bulger the penpal. you will hear interest a man who received more than 1,000 pages of personal letters. they detail the mobster's time on alcatraz. and brains, beauty, a sense of humor, we'll reveal the results of a new "60 minutes" "vanity fair" poll that asks what makes the perfect woman. >> hm. >> the news is back in the morning. >> what do you think makes the perfect woman? [ laughter ] all right, challenge. >> a combination. >> good point. it's getting to be more expensive for gas. the average price of a gallon is up 8 cents in the last week. in san francisco the average price of a gallon is $4.03. 10 cents less on average in oakland and in san jose. $53 million worth of gems are missing in the latest jewel heist on the french riviera.
6:52 am
a single thief walked away with the jewels in broad daylight. they were part of an exit in cannes. yesterday's theft may be related to recent jail escapes by members of the pink panther jewel theft gang. russian president vladimir putin caught a massive pike weighing 46 pounds. he and his prime minister spent the weekend fishing at a national park. they visited the natural beauty of the park and fished for hours. one of the three women held captive for nearly a decade maybe a public appearance at a rap concert. amanda berry and her family joined the rapper at the cleveland music festival. it came a day after ariel castro pleaded guilty to 937 counts for keeping berry, gina dejesus and michelle knight captive in his home for years. and check this out. pretty cute. five new penguin chicks waddled through the san francisco zoo this weekend. the march of the penguins is an annual event but this is the
6:53 am
first one open to the public. they are about 2 months old and spent the last week at fish school getting used to the water. the san francisco zoo now has 53 penguins. coming up on kpix 5, bart and the two unions have a week before the negotiation deadline. we'll tell you where the two sides stand coming up. female narrator: closed captioning brought to you female narrator: by sleep train.
6:54 am
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psychology? as long as i don't tell him the cereal is healthy -- he can't get enough. sad, really. i kind of feel bad that i tricked him. was easy. surprise... uh, ha ha ha. ♪ vo: it says: average bart u workers made more than 76-thousand dollars last ye. the top paid train operator grossed more than 155-thousd and bart's best paid janitor made almost 83 grand vo: s are based on welcome back to kpix 5. i'm cate caugiran. a new report from the "san jose mercury news" shows that bart
6:57 am
employees already made more money than any of their peers. it shows average bart union workers made more than $76,000 last year. the top paid train operator grossed more than $155,000 and bart's best paid janitor made almost $83,000. some figures are based off high levels of overtime and cashing out on paid time off. this new information comes less than a week from the negotiation deadline. the bart's chief negotiator has been on 10 days of vacation. seiu local 1021 says this set negotiations back. both sides will go back to the table tomorrow and the clock is ticking. so far, the two sides say they made progress on smaller issues but they have yet to hit those major sticking point. live in san francisco, cate caugiran, kpix 5. chp is trying to figure out what caused a deadly crash in richmond. a car went off the road at the 5 five bayview avenue on-ramp, flipped and landed upside-down
6:58 am
on railroad tracks at 10:15 last night. one person was killed. the faa is telling all foreign airlines to use gps systems when landing at sfo. this month's deadly plane crash exposed a difficulty foreign pilots have while landing at the air. officials worrisome foreign pilots don't have the skills to rely on vision and cockpit instruments to land their planes. >> i guess we have some good news and bad news in traffic. it's all because of this accident. bad news, we have big delays now down the eastshore freeway. westbound 80 by ashby avenue is taking a long time to clear this accident. it was reported more than an hour ago. it's still blocking a lane and right now it is jammed from hilltop so there's your drive times. 54 minutes on westbound 80 from the carquinez bridge to the maze. the good news with this is that it's causing really light traffic conditions over at the bay bridge toll plaza. no delay practically getting into san francisco. so bart just tweeted there are new five- to ten-minute delays
6:59 am
on the richmond line getting into san francisco. they have been having ongoing power issues so again that's some breaking bart news right there. muni, caltrain and your ferries are all reporting no delays. and a quick look outside. guess we still have more time. san mateo bridge no delay this morning either direction and we'll show you the bay bridge because we can. and there you go. looks good right now getting into san francisco. >> i have some good news-good news! we are starting out on this monday with some clouds outside right now but what a beautiful shot out there over the bay bridge slightly broken the sun peeking through a bit. now today likely going to be the coolest day of the week so the good news is only getting better from here. looking good as we sail in toward the afternoon. the temperatures not too bad. 50s outside right now. got a good sea breeze out there and that's keeping clouds in place. the temperatures only in the 50s and 60s coastside. i think 70s low 80s inland but how about this? the next few days, that's some good news, very nice day. >> i have some excellent news.
7:00 am
>> frank's back tomorrow! [ laughter ] >> see you tomorrow. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday, july 29, 2013. welcome to cbs this morning. the political word turns on anthony weiner. plus, deadly flooding in north carolina. and the pope's surprising comments on gay priests. >> a huge jewel heist in cannes. is the pink panther gang back in business? and the color film you've never seen before. president kennedy and his family in the year that would change everything. >> we begin with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> millions of americans are cleaning up after bouts with powerful weekend storms. >> record rains swamped the east


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