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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  July 30, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. nearly 5:00 now. let's get you out the door with weather and traffic. lawrence, what are we looking at? >> temperatures running cooler than average last couple of days today no exception. we have a good onshore breeze again. that's carrying with it low clouds and fog. clouds stretching into the bay. 50s out the door. this afternoon comfortable in some spots but it's going to take time for low clouds and fog to break up so closer to the coastline the temperatures going to be cooling down and, well, still running below average no matter where you go in the bay area. these temperatures are well below average. numbers as much as 4 to 13 degrees below normal. 75 the expected high in concord, about 62 and breezy into san francisco. and 81 degrees one of the warm spots if you can call it that in livermore. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thank you, lawrence. things are quiet so far on this tuesday morning commute. not a lot of huge hot spots. we'll take you out to the bay bridge because we are learning about three of the cash lanes
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are closed. so that's why we're seeing slight delays overall, no big deal though heading into san francisco because the metering lights are off. 5:01 a nice ride up the incline over to the san mateo bridge the drive time 14 to 15 minutes from hayward and foster city. the taillights on the right side of your screen westbound 92. golden gate bridge the lane change trucks are continuing farther north towards marin. a little while ago they were beginning the lanes change process four southbound two in the northbound direction and no delay the in either direction. that is traffic. back to you guys. [ sound of explosions ] developing news this morning. a series of explosions lit up the night sky and injured seven workers at a florida gas plant. here's a look this morning at the blue rhino plant. this is a live look. it's still smoldering hours after those initial blasts. and it started late last night
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near the town of tarvaris. that's northwest of orlando. as tara mergener reports, it appears everyone survived. >> reporter: a huge fireball went into the sky as a propane company was rocked by explosions. >> a big circle of fire. >> reporter: the blast started around 10:30 at the blue rhino propane facility, a company that exchanges and cleans propane tanks. at least 2 dozen employees were in the building at the time of the blast. >> i heard the explosion and it threw me back about 3 feet. i landed on my butt and then my sight was blurry and my ears were ringing real bad and everyone was running. i just got up and ran. >> reporter: there were more than 53,000 tanks at the facility. >> sounded like a bomb going off. and hundreds of them. >> reporter: some of the 20- pound canisters ignited shooting into the sky. >> we started seeing those gas tanks flying up in the air and it literally, it had be at
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least 300 feet in the air. >> reporter: the blast could be felt for miles very far away. >> people in towns 10 miles from here were reporting feeling the homes shaking. >> reporter: officials initially evacuated all homes within a mile radius. >> it was shaking everything in the house. >> reporter: the evacuation order has since been lifted. the cause of the fire is still undetermined. tara mergener for cbs news. >> the plant was built in 2004 and employs about 50 people. right now there is relief in paradise as tropical storm flossie is downgraded to a tropical depression. still, floodwaters are threatening power outages and minor damage in hawaii as the storm hits for the big island and maui. in anticipation of the storm, airlines canceled several flights out of hawaii including some heading here to the bay
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area. >> we flew in from hilo this morning and we were supposed to jump on a 1:00 flight up to san jose but everything was canceled right now so we're going to see if we can jump on a plane tomorrow. >> the national weather service says a flash flood watch remains in effect through tonight. a bay area man who was the spokesman for the california department of fish and wildlife has died in hawaii. 51-year-old michael taugher was snorkling, he was found dead in the water. he was an assistant deputy director of communications of a wildlife agency and previously was a newspaper reporter. new this morning, in san francisco a pot grow house was discovered when firefighters battled a home in visitacion valley. it happened on tucker alley around midnight. several marijuana plants were carried out and it's not clear if anyone lived there. time is running short for negotiators trying to avert
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another bart strike. the deadline for a new contract is sunday night at midnight. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is in millbrae with an update on where things stand this morning. >> reporter: frank, now that bart's chief negotiator is back hopefully the two sides can make progress on the major sticking points. [ chanting ] >> reporter: that was from yesterday morning when union workers interrupted the bart general manager's speech to the american public transportation association. the unions are calling for the bart chief negotiator to step down. he missed 10 of the negotiating days and unions say they have not been able to touch the major issues without him. >> bart has had a very sort of laid back approach to it which makes us suspicious of their intentions. >> reporter: the two sides have yet to figure out salary. according to the bay area news group, the average pay for a
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bart union worker is $76,000. bart has offered a 5 to 8% raise if employees contribute to healthcare and pension. the unions want a 20% pay hike over the next three years. bart says if it caves to demands it means raising fares by 18%. and this comes from the riders. talks are expected to continue today. and we're told they will continue every day until that sunday deadline. live in millbrae, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> union officials say if another strike is necessary, they will give 72 hours' notice. opening day is delayed. the new bay bridge's eastern span will not be ready labor day weekend. a caltrans source told kpix 5 even if the proposed quick fix to 32 broken bolts worked it would take weeks to approve and implement and there isn't enough time. the working theory for now is that the bridge will open in december. surveillance video helped build a case against a bay area
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couple accused of stealing from airline passengers the day of the asiana crash. sean crudup a baggage handler at united and his wife raychas thomas were charged with stealing items from luggage. the suspects tried to return some of the suitcase items at nordstrom's and their luck ran out. >> our victim is well known in nordstrom's apparently. nordstrom's contacted her and they identified items going back and forth. and it was determined that the person who returned them had no association with the victim. >> crudup has pleaded not guilty. his wife goes to court next month. other bay area headlines, today the oakland city council will consider a measure aimed at reducing violence and vandalism at protests. it would ban possession of items like hammers, wrenches and slingshots that can be used to cause damage at the demonstration. tonight richmond city council will take up the question of whether the chevron refinery endangers the
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community. a proposed resolution expresses concern about hazardous conditions. it also directs staff to find out whether dangers exist. this follows the explosion and fire last august. fumes from that fire caused temporary breathing problems for hundreds of residents. 5:08. coming up, how you could enjoy bonbons with a billionaire. >> plus how anthony weiner's "sexting" scandal is now enveloping the clintons. >> who is accused of vandalizing more national monuments. >> clouds rolling back in the sea breeze blowing in spots. we'll talk about that coming up. >> one of our busiest commutes right here the westbound 580 ride beginning in the altamont pass and continuing towards the dublin interchange. your drive times after the break. ,,
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believe was involved in vandalism at the national cathedral. park police say s still wet when police in washington, d.c. have arrested a woman who they believe was involved in vandalism at the national cathedral. park police say green paint was still wet when they discovered it splashed on the organ console in the oldest portion of the cathedral. >> this is cosmetic damage so we can remove the paint that was strewn, quite thankfully.
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>> authorities also found green paint yesterday on a statue outside the headquarters of the smithsonian institution. in addition, crews are still working to green paint on the lincoln memorial. >> why would they do that? traffic time at 5:12. liz? >> thanks. quiet on the roads. no big issues out there. couple of different things but not on the main lines of the freeway. we are seeing the usual delays right now actually beginning in tracy. the drive time already in the slow category in that yellow. so 23 minutes right now between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. once again you have roadwork in livermore going eastbound between north greenville and north flynn. the nimitz 880 still moving at the limit. 16 minutes between 238 and the maze. and the eastshore freeway, pretty quiet, as well. 19 minutes carquinez bridge to the maze. that was definitely our hotspot yesterday after a couple of different accidents. so we still have some areas of
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overnight roadwork now that we're past 5:00 a lot of it is cleared. traveling in milpitas, various lanes blocked blocked until 7:00 southbound 880 between 237 and great mall. now one of our speed sensors is showing speeds about 65 miles per hour in the area. bart 35 trains all running on time. muni, caltrain and your ferries are also reporting no delays. so let's take a look outside. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. earlier we saw delays in a few of the cash lanes. they have closed a couple of cash lanes overnight. but right now you can beat the later morning rush if there is any. 880 in oakland, southbound between embarcadero and fruitvale, overnight roadwork should be picked up. no delay in either direction near the oakland airport. lawrence says we are cooling down. he has the forecast. >> caught in a trough here right now and that is keeping
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the temperatures well below average for this time of year. not bad but no heat wave, either. out the door this morning, we have low clouds and fog stretching onshore looking like it's making its way into the bay and partly cloudy into the interior valleys this morning. this afternoon, mostly sunny inland staying mild for this time of year. you will see some 70s and 80s in the interior valleys, 60s and 70s and bay, cloudy and breezy at the coastline, 50s and 60s. the trough is camped out along the west coast. as long as it stays here, it is going to keep these temperatures below average. that's what we're expecting again for today. and really only slow warming as we head in toward the latter part of the week. so these temperatures staying below the average really the better part of the workweek. low clouds and fog on our futurecast fog progress showing that slowly breaking up that will keep the temperatures down. then the sea breeze going to keep the clouds at the coastline and the numbers cool. you will see about 77 degrees in san jose.
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about 83 and mostly sunny this afternoon in morgan hill. 76 in palo alto. and 74 degrees in san mateo. east bay numbers in the 70s and low 80s so very comfortable there. inside the bay 62 in san francisco breezy. 67 in oakland. 71 degrees in santa rosa. looking out over the next couple of days, some minor fluctuations in weather, warmer tomorrow then cooling slightly toward thursday. high pressure builds back in over the weekend and maybe some temperatures near 90 degrees on sunday and monday. but these temperatures well below average about 4 to 13 degrees. >> they are still oakland. >> i'm not complaining. i like it. >> yesterday was great. >> it was. >> thank you. 5:15 now. today we'll learn if a u.s. soldier accused of aiding the enemy will spend life in jail. bradley manning is on trial for giving the website wikileaks classified national security documents. he is charged with multiple
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counts of espionage, computer fraud and theft for leaking more than 700,000 government documents. more than 100 children are rescued as part of a nationwide crackdown on child prostitution. the fbi worked with local police agencies and recorded some of the arrests on video. in the bay area alone, a dozen kids were saved. and authorities arrested 21 suspected pimps. that's the highest number arrested in the sting among all regions in the country. >> the san francisco bay area is one of the largest urban areas in the united states. so it's understandable why there would be an increase or large amounted of these types of crimes. >> it's a tourist town a lot of folks from out of town, it's really hinging on demand. >> the fbi says all the children rescued in the bay area were local not from other countries. nationwide, 105 children were rescued and 150 suspected pimps were arrested. james comey is now confirmed as the new director
5:17 am
of the fbi. the u.s. senate voted 93-1 in his favor yesterday after republican rand paul of kentucky dropped his filibuster. paul was the only senator to vote no. comey is a former deputy attorney general who worked in the george w. bush administration. 5:17 now. anthony weiner's latest "sexting" could cost him the election for new york's mayor. weiner's popularity has taken a dive since it came out that he had continued "sexting" even after he resigned from congress over that very same issue. last week he was the leading candidate in the mayoral race in new york and now down to number 4. but he isn't giving up. >> i'm going to keep talking about the things important to this city. i don't really care if a lot of pundits or politicians are offended by. that i'm going to keep doing those things. >> weiner vows to stay in the race, has angered the clintons though. a source close to the political power couple tells cnn they are
5:18 am
livid with him personally because they care about his wife who was a top aide to hillary clinton. vice president joe biden is having breakfast with former secretary of state hillary clinton. this follows a private lunch yesterday at the white house between clinton and president obama. it's not been discussed or disclosed exactly what clinton and mr. obama talked about. the white house says it was just lunch between friends. clinton has not decided whether or not to run for president in 2016. do you ever dream of eating bonbons with billionaire warren buffett? now is your chance. he is auctioning off all you can eat tour of sees candy factory in los angeles. bidding is already up to $35,000. the money goes to andreacasion nonprofit in l.a. buffett has owned sees candy since 1972. 5:18. little leaguers from all around the world converging on the bay area. why livermore was the chosen spot. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. the as continue to light up the
5:19 am
scoreboard and the defending champions get their day in the sun at the white house. coming up. >> and what's cool about your school? or your camp? you can submit your nomination on our website, and we may come and feature it right here on our show. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the oakland athletics against the blue jays today. 7:05 game time. partly cloudy and cool. >> we continue to check in with chp but look at this, the bridges are still moving all at top speeds including across the golden gate, the bay bridge toll plaza no wait at all, and your milpitas cam 880/237 so far at the limit. "timesaver traffic" camera in 10 minutes. 5:22. excitement over little league baseball building one more time here in the bay area. if you remember last year, petaluma's nationals reached the championship game of the little league world series in williamsport, pennsylvania. this week, young ballplayers are in livermore for the first- ever little league intermediate division world series. this tournament involves 10 times from asia, canada, latin america, puerto rico and six regions of the mainland u.s. each team brought about 50 people for the eight-day event and will boost the livermore
5:23 am
economy. >> livermore has proven itself on the world stage. we did a phenomenal job with the amgen tour and brought the world to livermore. >> the field includes a host team from pleasanton. the tournament begins today at max baer park. good morning, everybody. this time last year, the as were clawing their way up the division ladder. last night they had a six-game cushion over the rangers in the american league west. there is no sign of losing it. the as welcomed the blue jays to the coliseum. yoenis cespedes still trying to get that average up and here we go. past third base, two-run score, cespedes digs out his third triple of the season, 3-0 as. josh reddick found it. the gap, rolls to the wall. the as 7-1. they win 9-4. and aj griffin picks up his tenth win of the year. ryan braun susexpended for the rest of the year for using performance-enhancing drugs but the team is also paying the
5:24 am
price. milwaukee will offer its fans $10 vouchers for anybody attending a home game in august. and giants met with president obama yesterday on the white house lawn for winning the world series. vern glenn caught up with two white house employees who grew up giants fans. >> ist i was just in san francisco, flew back last flight with my brother just to come here and see the ceremony. >> it was pretty cool. it was really cool. huge giants fan, grew up going to the stick, then they moved. so it was wonderful to be here. >> unfortunately, the giants are 12 games under .500, 10 games out of first place, they were not granted a presidential pardon. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. thank you, dennis. 5:24 now. play of the day, last night in oakland, brett lowry with a ballet move the pirouette before throwing out josh donaldson to first. not enough to beat the first place as.
5:25 am
they beat up on the jays 9-4. it's 5:24 right now. we continue to follow developing news from florida. a propane plant explodes sending a fireball into the air. what we know about evacuations this morning. >> plus -- >> what do we want? >> contract. >> when do we want it? >> now. >> and yes, a bart strike looms even closer. why a deal could still be blown to riders coming up. >> reporter: i'm sue kwon. i'll tell you about the awkward shortcut commuters are making here in marinwood that could soon be illegal. ,,
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a propane plant explosion rocks a community. how no one was killed. >> time is ticking for a new bart contract. bart says it can't afford what the union wants. why this cost may have to fall on the riders. >> temperatures below average today. will we warm up? we'll talk about that coming up. >> and we are starting to see our usual delays now as we fly over highway 4, "a" street to somersville. your drive times and a check of mass transit coming up. good morning, it's tuesday, july 30. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 5:29. evacuation orders in florida have been lifted following a gas plant explosion. all workers at the blue rhino plant are accounted for and the fire is out. 7 people are being treated for injuries at nearby hospitals. at least 4 are listed in critical condition. here's a look at the scene this morning at what's left of the blue rhino plant.
5:30 am
smoke is smoldering in some spots hours after the initial blast. it started last night near the town of tarvaris northwest of orlando. at least two dozen workers were in the main part of the building when the explosions began elsewhere. >> i heard an explosion and it probably threw me back about three feet. i landed on my butt and then i was trying to -- i was blurry and my ears were ringing real bad and everyone was running. and i just kind of got up and just ran. >> at one point the flames could be seen for miles. the plant refilled propane tanks typically used for barbecues. a local fire official said equipment error and human failure appears to have played a role in the blast. six days and counting, bart and union workers must reach a contract agreement by sunday night at 11:59 p.m. no progress so far on resolving major sticking points. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is in millbrae with where
5:31 am
things stand this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank. bart is now saying if they do concede with what the union demands, the riders are going to be the ones who have to pay. >> what do we wanted? >> a contract. >> when do we want it? >> now. >> reporter: tensions between the two sides are extending beyond the bargaining table. union workers interrupted bart general manager yesterday at a speech yesterday. they are still far apart. bart and the unions will address major issues today one of them pay. according to a recent analysis, the average pay for a bart union worker was $76,000. bart did offer a 5 to 8% raise only if the workers agree to pick up some healthcare and pension costs. the unions countered with a 20% pay hike over the next three years. bart says this will come out of the riders' pockets.
5:32 am
>> it's going to cost our riders 18% fare increase. >> reporter: both sides say they made progress on smaller issues but have yet to touch the issues of salary, pension and healthcare costs. part of that was because bart's chief negotiator was on vacation for the past 10 days. but we're hearing he is back today. he will be back at the bargaining table. live in millbrae, cate caugiran, kpix 5. san mateo county is experiencing a spike in property crime up 36% in the past six months. theft of smartphones, auto break-ins and residential crimes topped the list. the police chief of san mateo licked the increase to the release -- linked the increase to the release of low level criminals. >> since we started talking about realignment, we recognize that this wholesale release of 35,000 prisoners of the lower level was going to increase crime in our communities. there is no question about that. >> one common tactic is to pose as a salesman knock on a door and if no one is home find a
5:33 am
way to get in. police suggest locking all doors. they say deterrents like dogs, alarm systems and neighborhood watch signs also help. protestors plan to be at tonight's oakland city council meeting to oppose a surveillance center for the port of oakland. the city council will consider taking a $2 million federal grant for domestic awareness center at the port. the idea is to have one location for checking the ports and the police departments' surveillance cameras. voters will head to the polls today in santa clara county's district 2 to decide who will replace george shirakawa, jr. on the board of supervisors. shirakawa resigned back in march before pleading guilty to charges involving misuse of public and campaign funds. former san jose vice mayor cindy chavez was the top vote- getter in the last month's special election and will face valley water district official teresa alvarado in the runoff. funeral services will be held this morning for 8-year- old alaysha carradine. she was shot and killed during
5:34 am
a sleepover at a friend's home in oakland. two other children and their grandmother were also shot when someone fired through the front door. there are no suspects in the murder. a wildfire in the sierra national forest has grown to about 11,000 acres. but the good news it's not threatening any communities. it's burning 75 miles northeast of fresno near shaver lake and is now 20% contained. lightning started the fire last week and firefighters do not expect to have it fully out until later in the week. so far, firefighting efforts have cost $2.8 million. now let's get a look at weather with our very own lawrence karnow. hey, welcome to the party. >> thank you very much. good to see you guys today. hey, you know, that fog and low clouds has surged back onshore again. the sea breeze is blowing and that's going to keep the temperatures down again a bit today. we talked about it yesterday bottoming out. we are going to wallow right around the bottom early on today and well in the afternoon the temperatures well below average for this time of year.
5:35 am
50s out the door. plenty of clouds onshore. looks like some of that in the north bay valleys as well so a slow burnoff with the sea breeze and these temperatures way down. warm 83 in morgan hill. comfortable into san jose at 77 and sunny this afternoon. in the east bay you'll see some 70s and low 80s and then as you head inside the bay slower burnoff, cooler temperatures and breezy too. 62 degrees in san francisco. 67 in oakland. we'll have more on your weather coming up. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thank you, lawrence. our morning commute is finally getting under way over at the bay bridge toll plaza. so no metering lights why you you can see we are beginning to see the usual delays especially in the outer cash lanes. again, the middle lanes if you are a fast track user you can still get by okay all the way into san francisco. by the way there's some lower deck roadwork not causing any huge problems. let's go out to some other bridges and roadways. this is a live look at westbound and eastbound 580 for the dublin-pleasanton area. i just checked the drive time. it's up to 25 minutes between
5:36 am
the altamont pass and 680. so that's typical for this time of the morning but it is starting to get slow as you can see very crowded right now as you approach hacienda. and one more live traffic camera. this is in san jose, 101 near trimble and so far no problems between san jose and santa clara in both directions. back to you guys. >> thank you. some north bay commuters are trying to skip traffic jams by driving into a neighborhood along highway 101. neighbors are not happy about the extra cars filling up their streets. kpix 5's sue kwon is in marinwood this morning where there could be new restrictions for commuters coming soon. >> reporter: oh, yes, that is right. we are just starting to see the community wake up a little bit. i'm a couple of hundred yards from 101 and about -- you can see the lights very close to the marinwood freeway entrance and exit. you know, commuters here think they have it all figured out. marin county is putting the
5:37 am
brakes on these freeway jumpers. they see the backup ahead on 101 when they get off just north of here at miller creek road. they think they're going to go screaming through the neighborhood roads and pop back on at marinwood. today county supervisors are going to review an ordinance that would ban u-turns here at this intersection at miller creek road and marinwood avenue and nearby intersections that enable these renegades. >> i don't think it helps their cause. they are still going to get back on the same gridlock so they might as well be patient. >> i made a conscious effort to live as close as possible to the city that i can afford in order not to get into this traffic problem and now it's here at my door. >> reporter: so the bottom line for motorists is no u-turns from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. here at this intersection and other nearby intersections cutting off that maneuver and enforcing the 25-mile-an-hour speed limit could do the trick.
5:38 am
again, that will be up for debate. there will be a public hearing on august 6. >> i know it's early and there's not too much traffic on the highway yet but have you seen any traffic jumpers? >> reporter: you know what's really interesting we were the only ones who had to do it so far so we could get into this gas station to park. the way that this is configured and i'll step out of the way for a second is this is a four- way intersection and basically, there are no "no u-turn signs" so that's what's happening during the heavy commute. we are really interested to see what happens as the commute picks up because you can see the traffic as you're coming down 101 and how tempting it would be to try to beat the system. >> we will see and check back in with you a little later. sue kwon in marinwood, thank you. cab drivers plan to hold a rally in san francisco today calling for an end to ride sharing services. the cab drivers consider them to be illegal taxi services cutting into their business.
5:39 am
in the past month, san francisco airport officials have been cracking down on ride sharing companies which drop off and pick up passengers without being licensed to do so. coming up another reason to pay attention to your credit report. how it earned one woman $18 million. >> plus attitude shift. a pope shares progressive views on homosexuality. what about his stance on divorce? >> a violent tornado in italy. the damage the twister caused at an industrial park coming up. ♪
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the dow dropped 36 points, e the nasdaq lost 14. this morning, stock futures sugge wall street started the week off with modest losses. the dow dropped 36 points while the nasdaq lost 14. this morning, though, stock futures suggest the market will open a little higher. we are go to get economic data and you might call it econo palooza. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger is with us now. all right, jill. tell us what's on the docket. >> reporter: well, you know, we're right in the middle of earnings season and it's amazing because we have three huge events this week. that firs one is gdp. 2nd quarter growth coming in on wednesday morning. then we also have a two-day federal reserve policy meeting which kicks off today concludes tomorrow afternoon. then we have the monthly jobs report on friday.
5:43 am
now, in between, we are going to get home prices out in about 15 minutes. construction spending, manufacturing, factory orders, auto sales, personal income and spending, it's going to be a complete rundown on the u.s. economy in just four short days. and after which, you can take the month of august off until we start talking about some sort of crazy battles in dc. >> everything is happening today, apparently, right? >> oh, my god, it's just unbelievable! this week is crazy. >> so what can we expect to hear today? >> reporter: first of all we'll get the house price report. i think we're going to continue seeing some good price gains from a year ago. it's going to start tapering off as these higher mortgage rates creep n then i think the combination of the sequester and general global slowdown probably conspired to drag down 2nd quarter growth. i think we're talking just like a measly 1% annualized rate that's well below the 1st quarter rate of 1.8%.
5:44 am
the average growth rate is 3% for the past 60 years, so 1.8% is lousy. the fed will keep buying bonds and keep the interest rate at 0 so no big surprises there. i think the action is really geared towards the end of the week with the jobs report. the economy is likely to have added somewhere between 150,000 to 200,000 jobs during the month. unemployment rates should come in at 7.5, maybe 7.6% so still high. overall, economists say that we are going to pick up more steam in the second half of the year to boost the labor market but right now, it is just slow going maybe just perfect for the beginning of august. >> there we go. all right. jill schlesinger in new york, thank you. julie miller tried for two years to get equifax to correct majer. >> reporter: in her credit report and finally sued the credit bureau and now has been award $18.6 million. miller's lawsuit says she contacted equifax 8 times about
5:45 am
the mistake. the judgment is the largest awarded to a consumer against one of the major credit bureaus and it likely will appealed. bmw unveiled its new electric car. check it out. the i3 can go 80 to 100 miles on a single three-hour charge. that's on the higher end of the average. but it will have a tiny rear engine that can double the car's range. the body is made entirely of carbon fiber making it lighter and it's sells for $42,000. americans on average are working less than their predecessors. in the 1965, americans reported 35 hours of look your time a week. in 2012, americans spent 42 hours a week doing whatever they want. the amount of hours worked dropped from 38 to 34 hours a week. and the government says the reason is an increase in part- time jobs. >> that leisure time is so overrated, don't you think? >> overrated? no way! we love our leisure time. [overlapping speakers]
5:46 am
we have some cooler air making its way onshore again today. these temperatures well below the average for this time of year. still, if you are headed out the door a lot of clouds in many spots along the coastline cloudy skies into the bay and also into the north bay. still, as we head throughout the day today, it is going to peel back toward the coastline but again staying cool to mild in spots today. these temperatures running a good four to 13 degrees below the average. and only minor changes for now for the better part of the workweek. the weekend things may begin to start to warm up but right now this trough of low pressure camped out at the coast is ushering in cool air. so a cooler-than-normal day. warmer in the valleys, but numbers below average. we have been talking about flossie the last couple of days, now a tropical depression, all that moisture running across the hawaiian islands staying mainly to the north now but still can produce lots of heavy rain in that direction but kind of catches a glancing blow with this system that's going to move off the coastline and away from the hawaiian islands over the next
5:47 am
this hours. -- over the next 24 hours. back in the bay area, not a bad place to vacation, 76 in palo alto, 61 foggy in pacifica, east bay numbers up in the 70s and some low 80s. then inside the bay, about 67 degrees in oakland. about 65 in richmond. and 71 in kentfield. next couple of days, just minor fluctuations in the temperature. and then i think we'll start to warm things up over the weekend still can't get away from the low clouds and fog. temperatures inland though could be moving back to the upper 80s, maybe even some low 90s. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thank you, lawrence. and outside right now one of our biggest problems is about 10 miles west of 101 out in marin county. so out on lucas valley road by big rock. expect some delays with an accident blocking the road noninjury crash. that is the good news but we don't know how long it's going to be out there. just a heads up if your commute takes you anywhere near that area in marin. westbound 580 one of our slowest drive times that we're seeing up to 26 minutes now out
5:48 am
of the altamont pass towards the dublin interchange. no incidents. once you get past vasco road exit things break up and traffic speed sensors improve. let's go outside. here's a live look at the nimitz, 880 in oakland. they picked up the overnight roadwork between embarcadero and 23rd. if you are continuing down towards milpitas, however, there are various lanes blocked until about 7:00 this morning. that would be southbound between 237 and great mall parkway. san mateo bridge, bridge check for ya, and no delay in either direction of 92. that is traffic. back to you. 5:48. new this morning, watch as a tornado tears through an industrial region of northern italy of all places. cell phone video captured the twister as it destroyed cars and trucks and uprooted telephone poles. nobody was killed. pope francis is hinting at change for divorced catholics.
5:49 am
right now, divorced catholics who remarry without an annulment can't receive holy communion. on a flight from brazil to italy yesterday the pope told reporters the church's annulment process needs to be streamlined and he intends to work with a commission to reform the process. there's cautious optimism in washington this morning where u.s. secretary of state john kerry is hosting peace talks with israeli and palestinian negotiators. kerry hosted a dinner last night at the state department. all sides acknowledge it's going to be tough to find common ground for any kind of long-term deal. le. >> many difficult choices lie ahead for the negotiators and for the leaders as we seek reasonable compromises on tough complicated emotional and symbolic issues. >> the plan is for negotiations to continue for at least nine months. 5:49. coming up, a little parasite is causing major stomach problems. who is at risk of catching it? >> plus, a zoo escapee?
5:50 am
maybe. where this pink flamingo has been spotted in the bay area. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. having necessary school supplies can mean the difference
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between success and failure. the day i start, i'm already behind. i never know what i'm gonna need. new school, new classes, new kids. it's hard starting over. to help, sleep train is collecting school supplies for local foster children. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help a foster child start the school year right. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child.
5:52 am
let's check out your microclimate forecast. right into fremont, temperatures there expected to be 72, sunny and mild this afternoon. >> around the bay right now golden gate bridge traffic looks good. the bay bridge commute is beginning to stack up. and there is a stall reported on the incline section through the dublin-pleasanton area. we'll have more "timesaver traffic" coming up. a small parasite is causing a rash of intestinal infections in the u.s. more than 350 people in 15 states have become sick. so far, house officials are not
5:53 am
sure how people are ingesting the cyclospora. it's been linked to contaminated produce in the past. the parasite is nasty but treatable. >> one thing that's important is there are medicines that can help. so this is not something thankfully that we're seeing people die from. >> so far this is not affecting anyone in states west of the rockies. this inn this morning's healthwatch doctors propose to redefine cancer. the national cancer institute says some precancerous conditions should be renamed. that way, patients could avoid treatments that are unnecessary. they say some precancers never develop into full-blown cancers. the final decision is still years away. and a new study finds 3-d imaging of the breast leads to fewer false positive results. it also helps give more accurate readings. researchers at yale found women who have both mammograms and 3- d screenings were 30% less likely to have false positives. younger women and women with
5:54 am
dense tissue benefitted the most. a new study links the duration of breast-feeding with higher intelligence. researchers at boston children's hospital tested the iqs of 7-year-olds whose mothers breast-fed them as babies. for every month the children were breast-fed, they say the iq rose about a third of a point and for a full year it rose about 4 points. a new study indicates a large percentage of americans are having trouble affording diapers. the journal "pediatrics" released a study on monday called diaper need and its impact on health. they found as many as one in three low-income families cannot afford plastic diapers which can cause up to $32 a box translating to $1,000 a year. as a result, babies sit longer in dirty diapers developing rashes and infections. >> we have come into homes where they have just some paper towels or a little sheet that they made out of diapers and
5:55 am
stuff to help cover that child. but that's what we're coming up against. they are trying to survive. >> since government programs do not pay for plastic diapers, nonprofits have been stockpiling donated diapers by the hundreds of thousands fighting what many call a silent epidemic. witnesses say that san francisco bay is being visited by a very unusual and out of place creature. and now we have photos to prove it. this pink flamingo is shocking hikers and birdwatchers as it mingles with the usual sea birds off the bay trail i sunnyvale. it's tens of thousands of miles from its home in africa. zoos are not missing pink residents. some think it's an escaped pet. looked like missiles cylinders flying everywhere. >> boom after boom. workers at a florida gas plant survived dozens of massive
5:56 am
explosions. but we're now learning about the cause. >> and bart and the two unions are expected to tackle the major issues at the bargaining table today. why bart says the unions may have to pay for what the unions want. ,, [ indistinct conversations ]
5:57 am
5:58 am
hi. hi. hot shot? ♪ how's it taste? ♪ [ gasps ] ♪ woo, boy! [ male announcer ] that hot spicy taste is like a slap to the face. new kfc hot shot bites. 100% breast meat with a spicy cayenne pepper marinade. try 10 hot shots and a boneless bucket, just $15.99. today tastes so good.
5:59 am
sounded like a bomb going off and hundreds of them. >> explosions rock a gas plant in central florida. >> like a big circle of fire. >> heard the explosion and probably threw me back about three feet. >> what do we want? >> contract. >> when do we want it? >> now! >> time is running out to reach a compromise before another bart strike. >> workers are angry. >> emotions are running high for everyone. >> it's a brilliant piece of absolute simplistic easy robbery. >> the jewelry heist in cannes may be europe's biggest ever. >> can't be able to take care of my children without diapers. >> parents struggle to afford a basic need. >> the agency is giving out a quarter million diapers this saturday all across the bay
6:00 am
area. >> let's go, central, let's go. >> little leaguers from around the world descend on livermore. >> livermore has proven itself on the world stage. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. captions by: caption colorado good morning, everyone. tuesday is here. it's july 30. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:00. let's get a look at weather with lawrence. hey, lawrence. >> hey, guys. yeah, we're going to see temperatures below average again today. low clouds and fog sweeping onshore so we're starting out mostly cloudy over the bay and the coastline, partly cloudy in some of the valleys. temperature-wise in the 50s right now. not seeing drizzle this morning. but it is going to stay cool especially out toward the beaches today. you're going to see the sea breeze kicking in keeping the fog along the coastline. and it will be a slow burnoff today so these numbers running well below the average for this time of year. in fact, as much as 4 to 13


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