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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  July 30, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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and play them back in any room. [ female announcer ] so call at&t now. choose a u-verse triple play bundle for just $79 a month. that's our new low price. you'll get the same great price for 2 years. plus, switch today and get a total home dvr included for life. why wait? [ male announcer ] choose at&t and build your bundle. it's whatever works for you. ♪ >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald hi, everyone. good afternoon, i'm frank mallicoat. michelle is on assignment. new at noon at this hour, the army private who admitted to handing over hundreds of thousands of classified documents to wikileaks won't be spending the rest of his life in prison. today a military judge acquitted bradley manning of the most serious charge against him aiding the enemy but he was
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convicted on six espionage counts. we have more on the verdict. >> reporter: a military judge found army private first class bradley manning not guilty of adding the enemy in the biggest leak of classified information in u.s. history. that was the most serious charge that could have put him in prison for life. but the judge did find the 25- year-old guilty of lesser charges including espionage, theft and computer fraud. manning faced a court-martial for leaking more than 700,000 classified documents to the website wikileaks. he has admitted leaking the information. during the nearly 2 month trial prosecutors called manning a traitor. they say while he was a low ranking intelligence analyst in baghdad he handed over state department cables, iraq and afghanistan battlefield reports, and videos among other materials. wikileaks released some of the information online in 2010 including footage of the 2007 u.s. apache helicopter attack in baghdad that killed at least 9 men. the defense argued manning is a
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naive whistle-blower who didn't think the information he leaked would threaten u.s. security. they say he chose information the public needed to no. some of his supporters rallied outside fort meade in maryland. >> if people like bradley can't stand up and tell us what our government is doing when it's wrong, ostensibly wrong, then we're in a lot of trouble. >> reporter: manning still faces years in prison. there will be a hearing to determine his sentencing on wednesday. >> it's called a dangerous case of national security extremism from the obama administration. another case of exposing classified government secrets the u.s. plans to declassify information about the national security agency's surveillance programs as early as today. the disclosure comes in the wake of the leaks by the former nsa worker edward snowden and bipartisan efforts from congress to end or change government surveillance programs. the documents would also
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include information about foreign intelligence surveillance court. the lead negotiator is back from vacation and for the very first time in more than a week, bart leaders and union workers were able to hammer out a compromise before sunday night's deadline. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran tells us the latest salary proposal from each sideshows they are still far apart, though. >> reporter: bart and the unions walked back into the caltrans district 4 building to start another round of talks. leo ruiz couldn't talk. >> we have five days left. >> reporter: the current contract offer was given to the union addressing sticking points including 8% raise over four years. >> we took out all the qualifications on some markers what's the economy like, ridership. we took it out, so no matter what they are getting an 8% raise on top of the 1% in july.
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>> reporter: bart countered with 2 1.5% over three years. the state employees is 4.5 over three years for their approved state contract. bart says if they meet the union's demands they would have to increase fares to riders by 18%. >> that seems steep at this point. they are not already cheap. >> it's already expensive. not thrilled about that. definitely it's going to be a struggle. definitely. >> reporter: other riders we spoke to say they're willing to pay the extra bucks. >> just more convenient to work in san francisco because at the bart station, if i take caltrain i have to walk two miles to get to the office. >> reporter: good news so far bart and the two unions agree if talks progress over the week, they could continue the temporary contract extension until a deal is reached. but progress needs to come
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first. in oakland, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> union officials say they will give the public 72 hours' notice if they decide to strike. today marin county supervisors are taking up the problem of freeway jumping. marinwood residents say too many commuters heading southbound on highway 101 get off at miller creek road, then travel along through neighborhood streets before getting back on the freeway. the problem presents a safety hazard and also affects local traffic flow. the jumpers aren't really accomplishing very much, either. >> i think it's a psychological thing. they just want to feel that they're moving and that they are getting somewhere. >> they are taking a little shortcut. they get off, they scoot along and get back on the freeway. and i think it's -- they are basically cutting in line. >> the proposed law would prohibit u-turns at several key intersections. a public hearing is likely to happen one week from today. cab drivers in san francisco have had it with the competition. they are calling for an end to ride sharing services at sfo.
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taxi companies claiming services like lift and uber are illegal because they drop off and pick up passengers without being licensed to do so. cabbies say the services are now cutting into their business, as well. they are holding a rally at this hour asking mayor lee to step in and shut down ride sharing programs. some new details on the deadly train crash in spain. a preliminary investigation out today says the train's driver was on the phone and going almost double the speed limit when the accident happened last wednesday. the train was going 95 miles per hour on a section of track with a limit of only 50. investigators say at the time, the drive was talking by phone to an official from the national rail company and looking at a paper document. 79 people were killed in that train crash. news around the bay area now, friends and family remembering the short life of alaysha carradine. the 8-year-old was killed in a hail of gunfire in oakland this month. she was at a sleepover when someone fired bullets through the front door of the apartment. her funeral service began about
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an hour ago. so far, police don't have any suspects. this communication tower went down with a bang. chopper 5 flew over the mangled mess this morning. police think vandals cut guide wires causing it to collapse. it's on rocky ridge in contra costa county west of san ramon. it's used forayed i don't communication here in the east bay, radio communication. it's a homecoming section decades in the making. he died as a prisoner of war in 1951 and today, he is finally home. it's been 62 years since army sergeant first class joseph signberg has been on u.s. -- steinberg has been on u.s. soil. the remains were flown into san jose this morning after being discovered in north korea. reunited with family six decades later after starving to death in a p.o.w. camp. >> the caseworker said it's a
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positive id. i started crying. what else -- who could imagine it? >> reporter: steinberg grew up in the mission district one of eight siblings who survived world war ii only to reenlist in the late '40s. it was his brother charles' mission to bring him home. he died 21 years ago and now thanks to dna testing the two will be reunited at golden gate national cemetery. >> eight years ago when they asked for my father's and aunt's dna they didn't hear from the government for eight years so when they got the call, i think it was back in may, they were stunned. >> reporter: the patriot guard riders were part of the procession. the nearly final leg of a journey that began back in 1951. >> they don't grieve alone. we as a nation grieve with them and after 62 years, we want to make sure the family knows that their loved one has not been forgotten. >> steinberg will be laid to rest at golden gate national cemetery in san bruno thursday alongside his veteran, his three brothers, with full military honors. this news is probably a
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little difficult for bay area baseball fans to swallow. the giants are going to be the once fearing the beard now. the arch nemesis down south the l.a. dodgers have signed brian wilson to a minor league deal. the dodgers' plans for wilson is unclear. he has been rehabbing. wilson known as the beard plate an integral role in the giants' world series title in 2010. hardships hitting bay area families. the one thing new parents are having a hard time affording and what investigators are learning after a propane plant exploded and why they say workers were spared from a worse situation coming up. >> reporter: we are live here at the embarcadero in san francisco. the sun is breaking through, the people are enjoying some fresh fruit and veggies. we'll talk about your weather coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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florda propane plant one afr one they exploded last nigh miraculously, all the worket pl hundreds of charred and blackened propane tanks littered a florida plant. one after one exploded last night. all the workers at the plant survived. at least four people though were critically injured. we have a reporter in tarvaris where investigators say the blast could have been worse. >> reporter: hundreds of charred propane tanks litter the ground that moved rhino propane tank in florida. it's hard to believe nobody was killed after a massive fireball was triggered by a wave of explosions. 20-gallon propane tanks commonly used for barbecue grills were launched hundreds of feet into the sky. >> did you see that? >> we are finding cylinders outside of the property line for blue rhino. >> reporter: there were about 53,000 tanks at the time of the blast. there were about 2 dozen workers on the overnight shift
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when the violent firestorm broke out. >> threw me back 3 feet. >> reporter: it was bobby's first night on the job. he said he wasn't told about evacuation procedures or what to do when something like this happens. >> i just kind of got up and just ran and just kept going off. it looked like -- like -- like missiles of cylinders flying everywhere. >> reporter: the explosion could have been worse. not far from the blast site, there are three 30,000-pound propane tanks that did not ignite. investigators are looking into why hoses set up to spray water on those tanks in case of a fire did not go off. the fire chief says the possible causes of the accident include equipment malfunction and human error. investigators do not suspect sabotage. cbs news in florida. >> evacuated residents who live in the plant are now back home. the nation's housing market continues to strengthen.
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a survey of home prices in 20 cities find they jumped 12.2% in may compared a year ago the biggest annual gain since 2006 and in addition prices from april to may of this year surged 2.4%. prices keep rising as more people bid which in turn encourages more owners to put their homes on the market. stocks run following encouraging earnings reports. the dow is up 11 right now. today goodyear tire & rubber said its earnings doubled in the 2nd quarter. pfizer came in with positive numbers, as well. how about some weather? lawrence is live with mobile weather at the ferry building where people are enjoying fresh locally grown food. >> reporter: this is one of the summer treats to come to the farmer's market. this one in downtown san francisco at the ferry building, of course they have all these beautiful wonderful vegetables you can enjoy. these are those sun gold cherry
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tomatoes. they're like candy. they are wonderful! not only that, they have all kinds of veggies and fruits. you name it. but one of my favorite things is you can have taste tests all along. do you mind if i grab one of these, sir? don't mind my fingers here. all right. thank you very much. peaches, whoa, i guess i won't be eating that one. [ laughter ] moving right along, they have all kinds of great vegetables and wonderful fruit. but not only that, they have all kinds of tasty foods. donna has put together some tamales. >> we have cheese chili corn tamale and kale, white bean and summer squash. >> can i take a bite? >> absolutely. >> yeah. definitely. >> all right. let me try one of these. that is wonderful! >> it's a beautiful day to be down here. >> every tuesday it's a great place to be. >> we are glad you're here to help everybody out. thank you so many. the weather going to be okay.
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we are looking at temperatures now in the 60s and 70s around the bay area so numbers a little cool and it's hazy outside, as well. i think as we head in toward the afternoon, most of the low clouds and fog will pull back toward the coastline. it's going to stay at the coast and keep the temperatures down. these numbers all running cooler than average for this time of year. the latest satellite image shows that you we have that trough of low pressure that continues to pump in the sea breeze and the cool temperatures along the coastline. that is keeping the numbers down across the board though even in the interior valleys. it's hazy outside. we have seen a lot of smoke. we have a couple of fires one in southern oregon and one in central valley causing a lot of the smoke but that's about 4 to 6,000 feet so air quality is not all that bad. all right. into the south bay we go. those temperatures today expected to be in the upper 70s in san jose. 80s morgan hill. in the east bay the numbers generally in the 70s and the low 80s and then inside the bay we'll keep those numbers mainly into the 60s and 70s so you get the idea, cooler than normal but still a nice day outside. the temperatures no major
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changes in the next couple of days. but as we head toward the weekend, things should warm up. if you haven't had a chance to do it tuesday, thursday and saturday, come on down here to the ferry building. they have the great farmer's market, lots of good things to eat and a great time, too. that's the latest from here. back to you, frank. >> thank you, lawrence. baseball stars are in livermore this week. little league all stars that is today kicking off the first little league intermediate division world series for kids 11 to 13. six american teams plus teams from asia, canada, latin america, puerto rico make up the tournament including a team from pleasanton. livermore beat out cities like chicago and vancouver to host the eight-day event. >> livermore has driven itself on the world stage. we get phenomenal job -- we did this phenomenal job with the amgen tour and brought the world to livermore. >> they sure have. the tournament begins today at max baer park. it is called the silent epidemic. families who can't afford diapers. after the break, a bay area event to help mothers out. ,,
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we're making beautiful potato gnocchi with summer squash. >> summertime, summer squash. right now we have summer squash heating up with olive oil. >> now we have heirloom tomatoes one of your favorites this time of year which i agree with. we have nice red heirloom tomato here and putting in -- you don't want to overcook it. >> you want to put it in at the
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very end. you want to heat them up so they are consistent with the temperature with the rest of the dish. add the gnocchi. >> you got it. putting the whole thing in there. . >> this is a nice hearty dish here. >> it is. but look how beautiful it is. >> we are going to put it into the bowl and this is very summary. finish this off with a little bit of ripped basil on top. when it's on hot pasta the oils come out. >> ricotta salata. >> that's salty cheese so don't add extra salt. >> i am going to add a little bit of pepper to this. and a touch of olive oil. and there we go. what a beautiful pasta dish. you did it again. >> the colors of summer, thank you, dad. >> you're welcome. look at this. a new study shows a high percentage of american families are having trouble affording a
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basic need. diapers. kiet do shows us how moms in the bay area are getting helps to beat the odds. >> reporter: diapers, for struggling moms, they are as critical as food, rent and medicine. >> say thank you. >> all right. >> reporter: this woman was running low on diapers for her 1-year-old daughter. so as a student on a fixed income, she made an emergency call to lisa moody at star vista a local parenting help agency. it was not an easy call to make. >> it's not a good feeling. it's not. like i said, i always have diapers for her. >> reporter: the journal "pediatrics" released a study today entitled diaper need and its impact on health. it found as many as one in three low-income families can't afford diapers which can cost up to $32 a box or $1,000 a year. as a result, babies sit in dirty diapers longer, developing rashes and infections. mothers feel guilty and stressed out. >> we have come into homes where they have just some paper towel or little sheet that they
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made into diapers to help cover that child. but that's what we're coming up against. they are trying to survive. >> reporter: since government programs don't pay for diapers, nonprofits like help a mother out have been stockpiling donated diapers by the hundreds of thousands in their warehouse fighting what many are calling the silent epidemic. michelle mackey just got some help for her son luis this week. in the past she had to stretch the supply. how does that make you feel as a mom? >> not very good. i can't be able to take care of my children if i don't have diapers. >> reporter: the agency is giving out a quarter million diapers this saturday all across the bay area. they desperately need sizes 4 and 5. to help, you can go to in east palo alto, kiet do, kpix 5. >> you can drop off donations or ship diapers directly to them. they have given out more than a million diapers so far.
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for more information go to, check under "links & numbers." first there was a mystery gigantic kentucky fried chicken bucket in the front yard. coming up how kfc is now topping off the surprise for one lucky family. ,,,, ♪ [ hero mom ] oh, yeah. we're gettin' cereal. 'cause over 40 general mills cereals are 130 calories or less per serving. just look for the g.
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and no one really knows howt got there. ck/"i was driving a georgia woman woke up to find a 7-foot-tall bucket of
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kentucky fried chicken in her front yard and no one knows how it got there. >> when i was driving by i saw it in my yard and i thought for sure i was hallucinating so i called my teenagers who were at home and checked to have them go outside. >> but there it is. for now, the bucket will stay put and as a bonus kfc offering the family a free fried chicken picnic to go with the bucket. have a great day. captions by: caption colorado
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>> liam: all right. the steaks are on. when dad's here, it's red meat only. i hope that's okay with you. >> wyatt: as long as it's rare. >> liam: [ chuckles ] >> bill: my sentiments exactly. >> liam: yeah. two rare steaks. got it. uh, wine? >> wyatt: uh, sure, if that's what you're serving. >> liam: uh, no. we got other stuff. >> wyatt: got any scotch? >> liam: scotch is my dad's drink. >> wyatt: [ chuckles ] >> bill: how do you take it? >> wyatt: neat. >> liam: amazing. all right. two scotches neat. >> wyatt: are you not joining us? >> liam: uh, no. beer for me. >> bill: are you comfortable? >> wyatt: yeah. [ chuckles ] it's hard not to be.


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