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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  August 6, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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answer for hundreds of thous of commuters. good evening, i'm ken bastida. i'm elizabeth cook. let's get right to christin ayers... who's outisde a-c transit headquarters with n information. christin? so there is not a lot separg the two sides frnltsz let's get right to christin ayers outside ac transit headquarters with new information tonight. christin. >> yeah, liz, we've just learn it had strike has been averted. bottom line, if you have to catch ac transit to get to work or school tomorrow, you will be able to. the 180 thousand or so riders who take that bus line on a daly basis will not have to contend with a strike. we just word a tentative agreement has been reechled. the major sticking points had been over salary and med kalg benefits. officials informed us they agreed to a three-year agreement that provides a raise of about
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9.5% with employees contributing to their medical benefits. they also said health and safety issues has been a dressed in this agreement, as well. we are actually awaiting. they had been working closer and closer to an agreement last week. they were just a fraction of -- of a percentage from actually reaching that agreement, and now we hear they've done it so another strike averted tonight, and shortly we will hear from those union officials. liz. >> great news for workers and commuters. all right, christin, thank you. as for bart, tomorrow morning both sides, management and the union will make their case to the independent panel investigating the negotiation. the board of iven kwirly will report its tiendings to the govrper who could order a 60-day cooling off period before there's another strike. a woman whose job it is to find other people and investigate the truth is hearst
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missing tonight. she works for the federal government and as joe vasquez tells us, the latest case she was working on was personal involving her stolen dog being held for ran some. >> sandra is a good and kind woman. her daughter neesd her. her family needs her. >> tanya says her sister is missing and might be in danger. sandra is a well-respected investigator for the attorneys at the federal public defender's auchs in san francisco. >> she has spent her career working in legal offices as an investigator, you know, fighting for the underdog. >> the underdog in this case may have nothing to do with her job. her family pet, a cocker spaniel was recently stolen during a burglary. two men told her they would give her the dog back for a thousand dollars. those men ended up in jail but one recently got out. her dog is still missing.
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>> possibly trying to meet with one of these guys trying to get her dog back. >> she was last seen sunday night at her home. the cops found her car last night about two miles away in the 800 block of 32nd street in oakland. tanya tells me her work phone was found in emeryville and that she traced her sister's personal cell phone through various parts of oakland before it ended up in richmond near mcdonald's in wilson. this part of richmond is largely a commercial area with various store fronts, a church and bank nearby. this intersection is also close to a freeway so it's possible somebody tossed the cell phone out as they were traveling up i-80. >> she needs to come home. if there's anybody out there who knows about her or has her, please let her go. call the police. let her be in touch with us. >> joe vasquez, kpix 5. >> if you have any information, please contact the oakland police department. the search continues tonight for the man accused of killing a
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san diego area woman and abducting one or both of her children. police believe 40-year-old james lee dimaggio has 16-year-old hannah antder son with him. investigators say it's possible he also has 8-year-old ethan but the body of a child was found sunday night in this burning house in eastern san diego county. investigators haven't been able to determine if it is ethan. the body of his mother, christina anderson was also found. christina's husband and the children's father hopes his missing daughter can hear this. >> hannah, we all love you very much. if you have a chance, you take it. you run. you'll be found. >> brett anderson also urged the suspect to turn himself in. he says dimaggio and his wife had a close platonic relationship. authorities say the children thought of dimaggio as uncle jim. dimaggio is believed to be driving a blue nissan versa with
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california license plate of 6 wcu 986. police say he may be headed to texas or canada. now, this case marks the first time an amber alert text message was sent out statewide. a tone was heard for about ten seconds when people with cell phones got the text around 11:00 last thieth. it's part of a national program called wireless emergency alerts. >> it became a topic of discussion on the neighborhood lists. i think some people found it, i don't know, invaifs or something, but i didn't. didn't bother me at sfwlaul the program uses local cell phone towers to send alerts to any phone in the targeted area, even if you have an out of town area code. the fbi telling us tonight ajents are zeroing in on several dangerous bank robbers here in the bay area. authorities call this guy up close bandit. he walks into banks pretending he has a gun then pulls out a note to the teller demanding money. fbi says he has hit at least two
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banks since june. these are surveillance photos of three criminals the fbi calls the high jumper bandits. since april, they are believed to have violently vobed five banks in san francisco and san mateo counties. the crews storms in with guns, jumps the counters then empties the cash drawers. fbi is concerned they're getting more violent. smell something funny coming from your tap? kiet do is in mountain view and tells us it's nasty. kiet. >> liz, this is a problem that affects 60 thousand plus customers all over los al, parts of cupertino and right here in mountain view. they are battling mother nature right now and doing everything they can. >> at allison taylor's home in los al, there's really no polite way to describe the smell and taste of the water. >> actually, that tastes a bit like lake water to me honestly. >> it does taste a little like
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there's dirt in it almost. >> we are in what's called the smell and taste season from august to october where the combination of summer heat and low water levels cause the algae to multiply. the algae survive the trip to all the various reservoirs in the south bay. it eventually ends up here, the water treatment plant in los gat, but the 45-year-old facility is so old it doesn't have the high-tech machinery to get rid of all the funny smell and taste. the santa clara valley water district says this is the most severe case they've had in five years. the trikt calls it anesthetic issue and says the water is completely safe. >> i would imagine some people would look at that water and say safe, yeah, right. >> yeah. some of the calls we may get are often that nature. we kind of explain to them the science behind it and why it comes from the algae and it's a by-product and really all it is is taste and odor.
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>> that's little comfort to allison who even bought a new dishwasher thinking that might solve the problem. >> they say it's safe to drink. you trust them. >> i don't trust anyone. i mean, unfortunately, so many things in our country are falling apart, and we have to take they thinks on ourself. >> and so in the meantime, the district says if you don't want to filter the water, put it in the fridge. that'll help with the smell and taste. in the meantime, they will work with the state to try and get cleaner water shipped over here. of course, if you wait until fall and winter, the cool weather will kill all the algae and then the problem goes away. liz. >> well, kishgset, when will the plant upgrades be finally finished. >> they are working on that now venlt they say it'll take about five years to get done so we're looking at 2018 time frame. >> sound lieks a long time. all right. thank you. well, it just got a whole lot worse for one disgraced california mayor. how a wounded marine is accusing him of using her as bargaining
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chip for sex. what's missing from new cars that could leave you straunded. and what's behind the medical and health benefits? weal have that story coming up. temperatures outside today only in the 70s away from the water even with sunshine. 11 straight days below average, and it gets colder. find out when coming up.
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topped with chocolaty drizzle... and fraudulence. i'm in deep, babe. you certainly are. [ male announcer ] fiber one. fiber beyond recognition. try new fiber one peanut butter protein bars. buses will run tomorrow. the agency and its unions reach tentative . we learned ago the ac transit strike has been averted.
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buses will run tomorrow. the agency and its unions reached a tent tiff agreement just before the midnight strike deadline. it's a three-year contract with a raise of 9.5%. employees will be contributing to their own health and medical benefits. the workers will vote on that contract later this month. also in the news tonight, a the body of a 74-year-old woman has been found in her suv nearly a month after she was last seen. tonight we have learned that she kept a journal detailing her final days. wishgslma's suv got stuck on a log on a rural road near her home in grass valley. friends say she may have been in that area to visit a campground she used to go to with her late husband. a nevada county sheriff's office says there is no sign of foul play and that she was far from food and water. deputies will not say what she wrote in the journal. >> she wanted to go up there to
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reminisce and took a wrong road. >> i would just like, i think, to find some peace that she had found peace with where she was at. >> and friends hope to read whatever messages wilma mafz left behind. as if the accusations against a california mayor weren't sordid enough, tonight a female marine is accusing him of some pretty awful behavior. >> i don't appreciate being used as a bargaining chip to fulfill his sexual desires. >> injured in the iraq war. she says she and her nurse, michelle tyler, met with san diego bob fill ner to ask for his help dealing with the veteran's administration. the woman said the mayor seemed to be willing to help for a price. >> it was extremely disturbing to me that he made it very clear that his expectation was that
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his help for katherine depended on my willingness to go to dinner with him, spend personal time with him and be seen in public with him. >> tyler is the 11th woman to accuse the mayor of sexual harassment. the mayor began intensive counseling this week to address his behavior, but so far he is refusing to resign. cindy plans to run for governor next year. members of the peace and freedom party tell the sacramento bee that she is expected to announce her candidacy in a couple of weeks. you may raul sheehan made headlines for protesting outside then-president bush's texas ranch after her son was killed in action in iraq. she ran for vice president last year and for the house of representatives before that. millions of car owners could be in for a rutd awakening as maurice dubois explains, they are driving around without an important piece of safety
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equipment and have no idea. >> the dreaded flat tire. it happens toe just about everyone some time or another. when it happened to joan freeman, she called for help instead of changing the flat hearst, but when the mechanic looked in the trunk, there was no spare tire, noevent a donut, the temporary tire. >> he said, "there's no donut." i said, "what do you mine". >> freeman's husband says this was in place of the spare. repair kit useless given the damage to his wife's tire. >> we had an order a flat bed. >> as an emergency road service organization we've seen this quite a bit. >> not too long ago nearly every car came with full-sized spare tire, but in recent years, fuel economy requirements have prompted auto makers to shift toward offering smaller temporary spares, and in some vehicles, they provide no spare at all. >> as vehicle manufacturers are faced with the need to get better mileage from their vehicles as a result of
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mandates, they try and do everything and anything they can. >> see the car he was test driving on this day also didn't come with a spare. >> might have to go through the trouble of getting this thing to a shop and having it towed. >> just another profit building for them at your expense. >> auto safety expert is worried. he says a car with no spare is a safety hazard. >> if you're stuck at night, there's nobody available to replace a tire, you're going to get a tow, what are you going to do? where are you going to go. >> i frankly never ever would have bought the car without a donut. >> the freemans are outraged. the dealership never told them their car didn't come with a spare. >> this is just unsafe and the people don't know about it. >> safety experts want manufacturers and dealers to make sure consumers are better informed. >> there needs to be ample disclosure so you're not learning this on the side of the road. >> some car models do have a no-spare disclosure on the inside door panel but the best
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way to know for sure is check with your dealership or rental company before hitting the road. protesters dumping a lot of russian vodka in front of san francisco city hal today, and they want all of you to know that you should be boycotting russian products, they say. why? because of new russian laws that are antigay, including one that makes it illegal to talk to children about home sexuality. these protesters took aim, but there's a twist here. the vodka company issued a letter last month emphasizing the brand doesn't follow the russian laws, and it has even sponsored gay events for years. well, paul, where did the summer go? we're just waiting for it, waiting for the middle of august, and feels like winter almost. >> we have put out all points bulletin for summer. missing, gone. can't get rain in the winter, can't get sun in the summer.
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it's going to get cooler before we get some milder weather in here. live look outside our oakland airport cam. there's airport. cloudy drizly, already drizzle out there. widespread drizzle expected tomorrow morning. what's not going to happen tomorrow, san francisco will not hit 70 degrees. tomorrow will be the 34th consecutive day we have not done that. you are getting ready to watch fireworks over the bay bridge. the last time we hit 70 in the city was july 4th. take you inland where it's not going to be much milder. late-day sunshine tomorrow. high of 75. 77 on thursday. still well below your average high of 85 degrees. here's the culprit. big area of low pressure sitting offshore not only giving us on shore flow but a southwest component to the wind. that really brings in the clouds, really thickens up that marine layer and allows that to go all the way inland to sacramento and san joaquin river valley. that's been happening and
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nothing is really changing tomorrow so that will happen for you tomorrow. cloudy start. lots of drizzle and fog and chilly afternoon. low pressure will actually get closer to us over the next couple of dayings. temperatures are actually going to drop a few more greece before they go back up. cooler than average, yes. little bit mierld starting thursday. bigger change by sunday. still be below normal. in the city tomorrow 63. san jose 73 again very chilly for you. sunnyvale 74. hayward only 66. 71 for mill valley. your extend eded forecast, little bit milder thursday. we have friday and saturday temperatures in the 80s, milder again on sunday but staying below normal with morning clouds each day for the next seven days. we have breaking news coming
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out of east africa. take a look at this video. huge fire raging in the main arrivals terminal at the international airport in nairobi, kenya. that's live coverage from ken yan tv, one of the channels there. we don't know about any casualties, any people inside the building, but the associated press is saying that the terminal was gutted. passengers say it took a long time for fire crews to get there. nairobi airport is the busiest in aes africa. meanwhile, dennis, you've got a look at baseball. >> yeah. i don't know what's happened to the a's and giants since the all star break. it's all about hitting. the giants trying to make it two-straight wins against the last-place brewers and which struggling team would come out on top in cincinnati next. ,,,,
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the all star break, in fact. they are just 8 and 9 and since july 30th, they scored just ten runs playing their first ever game at the great american ballpark in since gnat teechlt just enough gas to get out. one to nothing reds. allows two runs in just four innings. blew even and a third scoreless. left big slugger can't get it going. oak lapd was 0 for 8 with runners in scoring position. a's lose three to one. their lead in the west is down to one game over victorous texas. and matt cain knows all to way. he made just one mistake, and here he is. carlos gomez sends souvenir into the bleachers, his 18th of the year. big daddy allows just two earned runs in seven innings, but tfts two runs too many. even bust other posey made a rare attempt. beat the giants 3 to 1.
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san francisco averaged 2.2 runs over their last 15 games. we, too, can have some offense nfl style. bolden was brought into complement crabtree, but bolden has welcome johnny on the spot. 11-year vet says he's developing little kem tri and that he has a new appreciation for the quarterback now that they're on the same side sgli think, you know, from the outside looking in, you hear about how athletic he is, and a lot of times, you know, the quarterbacks a poekt gets overloofshged, but i think people had a chance to play with him and see him up close, they'll understand how good of a quarterback he actually is gl and i need to count down the kickoff clock. thank you very much. count it, ladies and gentlemen. under two days away. denver bron es, myself; tim ryan, vern glen will call it. time for the tuesday night top five. we haven't had a pool dunk in awhile. i swear i've seen this somewhere on the top five before.
11:27 pm
this was perfection. no. 4 andrew mccutchen. taufk about, you know, look at his glove. robbing the marlins here of base hit. brilliant number. and no. 3, red sox catcher ryan ties the major league record with four pass balls in the first inning and that led to two runs. not a good night for the catcher. no. 2, tony stew art, you know, this is when if you got a good thing going, stick to what you do. he reyeses nascar, right? great racer. he decided to do a little moonlighting and there's his car. he break z his legs and now going to miss his first reyes he's entered since 1998. and no. 1, keep your eye on the pins. bowler tony walker going for perfect 300. he needed just one strike to get it. look what happens. >> oh my god. >> oh my god. >> i mean, somebody must have
11:28 pm
pressed the reset button, and the bar comes down. he got another turn, but he missed, and he settled for 297. >> painful. >> painful is right. we'll be right back. ,, . construction on the original bridge linking san francisco to oakland began in 1933. it cost $77.6 million. governor frank miriam cut the chain to open the bridge on november 12th, 1936. the initial toll back then, 65 cents each way. that would have been $10 in today's money. >> this bay bridge highlight is sponsored by chase, so you can. thank you. so you can make a payment from your cell to almost anyone's phone or email. (speaking french)
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they will soon have to figu that out. we were at kavanagh liquors . what would you do with 425 million bucks. >> bye bye. >> what. >> people in the bay area are hoping they will soon have to figure that out. the california lottery considers to be a lucky retailer. people were lieng up tonight to buy those lucky tickets. tomorrow's $425 million jackpot is the fourth largest ever chances of matching all six
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our next newscast is tomorr morning at 4-30. . letterman is next with salma hayek. >> and there is no ac transit
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