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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  August 7, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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and tonight he's just anoth sad statistic in a bay areay an't figure out . this is kpix 5 news. take a look at this little boy. a one-year-old named drew. tonight he's just another sad statistic in a bay area city that can't figure out what to do. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. tonight a small memorial sits in front of the east oakland house where drew and his dad were killed. 20-year-old andrew thomas and his son were in town from fresno to celebrate a relative's birthday. last night they were in a back bedroom asleep when police say someone snuck into the backyard and opened fire through a window and a wall. >> pop pop pop pop pop pop like eight or nine times. >> i just wish it'd stop. i don't want, you know, my other
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cousins to try to retaliate. >> police believe that these killings could be connected to another fatal shooting last weekend. this is just the latest in a series of unsovd murders in oakland. three weeks ago tonight, 8-year-old was shot during a sleepover in the diamond district. a week after that, 66-year-old judy solomon, a popular pet sitter was shot while driving her car near maxwell park. many people have wondered before what is going on in oakland. tonight, christin ayers asked the mayor and the police chief that, and wait till you hear what she learned about the city's no. 1 crime-nighting plan. >> on the day that one-year-old drew jackson became oakland's youngest homicide victim in at least a decade, the mayor and police chief did what they do when tragedies like this strike. they talked about yet another public safety plan that has not worked for oakland.
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cease fire. >> we're going to be calling in the -- some of the people who have been involved in the most violent crimes. >> that was the mayor 11 months ago rolling out the program, and now today --. >> mayor, with all due respect, we've all seen this happen so many times, so many young children shot, and on top of it, we keep hearing about these plans to change things and we haven't seen a lot change. what is oakland's centerpiece plan to address young children being killed. >> we plan to continue with cease fire until we've called in pretty much the top 2 and 300 violent people in the city. >> why hasn't it been fully funded at this point? why have we been waiting so long. >> i think --. >> all right. so cease fire is absolutely my no. 1 strategy for reducing violent crime, shootings and murders in this town. >> but we found out cease fire is not being run like the city's no. 1 strategy. there is no permanent director, and the few officers who have been running cease fire have
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only been doing it part time. chief sean went says that will change. >> i'm able to dedicate full time enforcement team to cease fire to make sure the police department meets our end of the program. >> in the meantime, both the mayor and police chief say they're working with teens. east oakland nonprofit youth uprising to start a youth-based safety program. those teens told me they want to be optimistic. >> when it is all said and done, when the cameras are packed up and the microphones are put away, then i don't know how much hope there's going to be. >> you know, good for you for asking the mayor that direct question and the police chief. you and i have been doing these storys and other reporters here at the station, what is going on in oakland. cease fire has been a failure. it failed in 2008. quan keeps going with it. how long are they going to keep this up. >> you know, the oakland police are saying cease fire can actually work, it's worked in other stis, and they say they used it to dismantle two other
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gangs, but at the end of the day we do know oakland's homicide rate is still very close to what it was last year and at the end of the day the city is going to need to put more money and resources into cease fire. >> can you fix the problems in oakland by hiring more cops? they are hundreds short. >> i think that's the next thing that has to happen, and we've actually seen a slow progression where we've seen people hiring more cops, 35 new cops just came on, and we're hoping to see more. >> 35, maybe 350. >> that's how many they'd like to have. >> all right. christin, thank you. also tonight in oakland, the family and friends of saven dra koch are in increasingly desperate search for her. sandra was last seen in her north oakland home sunday night before leaving to talk to someone who may have had information on her stolen dog. now, her car was found abandoned monday night in an apartment complex. >> truly a painful, painful thing to have somebody who you love and who has family members
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who depend on her just disappear. it is just unthinkable. >> koch is an investigate for the federal defender's office, which represents death row inmates, but her coworkers do not think her line of work had anything to do with a disappearance. the amber alert for a missing 16-year-old girl has just been widened after two possible sightings of the suspect's car, one in way northern california and another in southern oregon. james dimaggio is accused of snatching hannah anderson three nights ago and killing her brother ethan along with the children's mother. two bodies were found inside this burning house in san diego county. hannah's friends say dimaggio may have had a crush on the girl. authorities believe he is headed to canada. if you've been wondering who what's taking so long to get a bart deal tonight, well, we know the details and they're an eye opener. bart and the union are $100 million apart, 100 million. that's the difference between
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what the unions want and what bart is offering. linda yee went to find out if they are so far apart after all these months, how can they possibly reach a deal at all. linda. >> well, that is the big question tonight, liz. you know, the talks have deteriorated so much that they both can't even agree on how far apart they are. now, bart says that their deal will only cost $18 million, but if they take the union's proposal, it would be $118 million. well, the bart union say that is an overstatement. it's more like a $56 million difference. >> the media and say, well, what an unreasonable --. >> it was a chance to air their grievances, bart management and the union clarifying what's been going on in talks that started last april. what was clear? they're about $100 million apart in pay and pension issues. public policy advocates the bay area council says that's shocking. >> a little bit fraber gased by
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how big a divide there is between bart and the union. >> in fact, the council says bart's proposals are fair, and the union should take the contract and start paying into their pension. findings from the hearing will go to the governor who could then impeez 60-day cooling-off period for more negotiating time. bart wants that. the union say that's not necessary. one of the board members did not agree. >> i'm a little surprised to hear you say you think this can be achieved by sunday night. >> what would it take to get both sides to settle? at least one former bart director and now-retired judge has an idea and it's not what commuters want to hear. >> i think the resolution will come if they strike. the resolution will come because the public will be heard. >> that's going to happen, you're saying a strike is inevitable and then when the public gets mad. >> yeah. yeah. somebody will wise up. >> well, the govrper is expected
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to make a decision on that cooling-off period by sunday. liz, that's when his 7-day extension of the contract expires. >> yeah. when is the next bargaining session, linda, and what are the chances of the settlement by sunday. >> well, they are scheduled to talk again beginning tomorrow, and we continue on friday. now, judging from what happened at the meeting today and what some of the people said, chances are pretty slim they'll come to an agreement by sunday, but we can always hope. >> we can. all right, linda, thank you. also tonight, major league baseball is playing hardball with san jose. kiet do on mlb's new legal move to keep the a's from moving to the south bay. >> after four years of staying mostly silent about the a's move to san jose, major league baseball finally talks sort of. today, league lawyers filed a motion to dismiss san jose's lawsuit. it says the business of baseball is exempt from the antitrust laws as it has been since 1922,
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and the city's claims are fatally defective. san jose's attorney calls it a moral issue. >> can major league baseball block a competitor in this country from relocating his business simply because someone else says, "we don't want them to move. ". >> back in june, the city sued the league claiming commissioner bud is illegally blocking the a's move. the a's want to build a new stadium in san jose, but the south bay is giants territory. the league said if san jose loses its lawsuit then every time the team want today move it would lead to absurd results. from any city that does not want to lose its team. >> not what the competitive laws say. that's not what the antitrust laws say for any other business in america. baseball shouldn't be treated differently. >> and so this 14-acre lot in midtown san jose where the
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stadium would go has pretty much been unchanged the past four years. both sides would be in federal court october 4th. in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> as for a's owner lou wofl, he is officially on record as being against suing mlb. a semitruck slammed into a bus in china, and before we show you the video, a quick warning. it's a little graphic. niven who believed this bus driver flew out the window and survived. passengers told him he missed the exit so when he backed up, a huge truck slammed into the bus. now, this is footage from inside. one person in the semitruck was killed. 22 people were on the bus and suffered various injuries. >> wow. coming up, a california mayor accused of preying on women he met at a sexual assault support group. and look what we found swimming in the bay. we'll see what kind of shark this is. and check your tickets. the big powerball winner tonight
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in the bay area. fire danger increasing in northern california. coming up in weather, find out why that is key to temperatures finally going up down here in the bay area. your forecast next. ,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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anning, near highw . right now in river side county, a 5,000-afker wild fire growing as we speak. this is just south of banning near highway 243. at least a dozen structures have burned, including some homes. those are live pictures right now from our sister station kcbs in los angeles. 1500 people forced to evacuate. both ends of a highway were blocked by the wild fire. earlier tonight forcing some residents and deputies helped them leave to take shelter in place. they all evacuated safely. tonight, two more women are accusing san diego's mayor of pretty creepy behavior. listen to the voice mail he left one of them. >> donna, hi, it's your newly-favorite congressman, you know, the one who fell in love with you, your last speech. >> now, says she met bob at a sexual assault survivors group for women in the military. fer nan dez is a retired u.s.
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air force master sergeant. she and another veteran say fillner preyed on the women and made unwanted advances, even groeched them. >> he didn't have our backs. he was looking at our backs. >> he had our front. >> it's wrong. why would you come here with us and do what you did? why? is it a turn on? . >> a total 13 women now accused the hay yor of sexual harassment. he checked himself into a two-weefk program but says he is not resigning. something cruzing through our own bay caught people's attention so i went down to see what was going on. >> it looked ominous, almost like a scene from jaws. well, not quite. a shark circling nearby the hide street pierre peer, a fin sticking out of the water. >> i could just see the top of
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his fin and the back of his tail. he's just kind of swimming along. it was a really cool thing to see. >> at first glance, kuld you mistake it for a great white. >> yeah. i could definitely see how someone could make that mistake. >> it was initially thought to be a great white. none of our biologists had a chance to actually see the animal. the animal in question upon closer inspection of the photographs appears to be a salomon shark, which is very closely related to great whites, and they're also commonly seen here in the bay. >> while the salomon shark is related to the great white, it is not a man eater. >> yeah. try to explain this. a dead shark found on a new york city subway overnight. that's right. guy who took this photo said it was still wet and had blood on its mouth. was it maybe a shark week stunt? discovery channel says, nope, they had nothing to do with this. well, tonight there is a powerball winner in the bay area. not the jackpot but still a big
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winner. the ticket with five of six winning numbers sold at a shell station on the north lawrence expressway in sunny vail. that person will get 289,000 bucks before taxes and as for the $448 million jackpot, three tickets matched all the numbers. two of the tickets were sold in new jersey and one in minnesota. and here are tonight's lucky numbers, 5, 25, 30, 58, 59 and the powerball number is 32. one in 175 million. those are your chances. a hundred percent if you're looking for weather, we can guarantee it. >> yeah. a hundred percent of us. a hundred percent chance it's going to be chilly tomorrow. >> there you go. >> very few guarantees in weather. that's how we stay employed. san francisco designated landmark no. 165. that's another deck of cloud
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cover sitting behind us. foggy, drizly, cloudy start to your thursday. add another day to streak going here. last time hit 70 in downtown san francisco july 4th. we've got nearly five weeks. check out the lack of temperature spread. 25 miles separates downtown san francisco and concord, but only four degrees today. you hit 67 downtown, concord with clouds until early afternoon only high of 71. another chilly day tomorrow, microclimate forecast cloudy start, sunny finish for high well below normal. it's going to be a long, drawn-out process to get us back to normal. here's the reason why. rarely can you see an area of low pressure so crisp and so clear. huge counter clock wise swirl and that's causing thunderstorms tonight in central oregon. those storms will make it as close as about mendocino county tomorrow. that means low pressure is on the move moving away from us. as that happens the on shore
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flow will get weaker and very slowly we will begin to warm up. it's still going to give us on shore flow because it's to our north and counter clock wise flow around it will keep temperatures below normal all the way till the middle of next week. get used to the clouds and fog tomorrow. it will get a little bit milder starting tomorrow and friday and by the middle of next week weal be back than normal. san jose 74 tomorrow. your average was 8. los al 76. union city, hayward not even hitting 70. cloudy start for concord. san ramon, mrez san ton, mid 70s for you. oakland 67 and lower 80s tomorrow. little bit sunnier, milder other the weekend but still below normal. middle of next week, that's the earliest we will get back to what is average for mid august. >> okay. staying chilly. >> yeah. just looking for some sun. >> well, may have to look arizona, new mexico. >> i know. >> speaking of chilly. >> yeah, no kidding, man. >> you guys ever miss the birth
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of any of your kids. >> thankfully, no. >> that's a very good thing shths i'm going to tell you why a progolfer quit a tournament despite leading by two strokes, and the a's are fit to be tied. we'll show you why. and less than 24 hour ace way from kickoff. the 49ers first preseason game of the season against the broncos. we'll have all the action. and big brother will follow at 10:00 right after the fifth quarter post-game show. ,, ,,
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tougher road than the a's se the all-star break is antho . the a's. >> yeah. pitching elizabeth, but bartolo colon has been their rock but once he starts going, the whole team starting to go. the only guy who's had a tougher road than the a's is anthony weiner. the a's had a six-game lead last monday. it's all gone tonight. the a's are just trying to catch a break. bartolo colon's streak. he's over cincinnati's jay bruce who had two-run jack forcing colon to the showers after two
11:25 pm
and two-thirds. he allowed five runs. the a's would chip away. here comes alberto, the dead man walking thrown out by bruce. the a's will come within one run, but that was as close as they would get. they fall to the reds 6 to 5. you know, there's no more wiggle room for the a's. take a look at the standings. texas won tonight. dead leet in the american league west. niners and packers in the nfl opener. i'd say that sgie ready. buster pose y for extra bases. look at chris davis. crawford comes into score so the giants were up one to nothing but myison bumgarner. got to be on the bag at third. giants defense fell apart. they lose 6 to 1 and dropped 13 games out of first place. wow. pga championship begins tomorrow and hunter has no plans of leaving early.
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two weeks ago at the canadian open, mayhan had a two-stroefk league but pulled out of the tournament before the third round to be with his wife who was giving birth to their daughter zoey. >> i went on twitter a little bit after to see what the response would be because usually twitter, they tell me how much i suck all the time and how dumb i was. >> maybe or a million dollars taking the baby. wednesday night, top 5, please, at no. 5. >> goods night. >> this is a huge fish. >> that is not big. carl ma loan takes his former teammate fishing and the 7 footer cashes his first fish. have a nice trip, see you next fall. at no. -- i should laugh. that guy is, like, 85 years old and still got it. no. 3, carlos gomez robbing giants left and right tonight and then again later on the
11:27 pm
sandoval fly ball. brewers are flying everywhere at at&t park tonight. no. 2, in his opening match of the rising cup by having his own dance on the course. niners beware, the mannings' brothers with their new hit single football on your phone, that's what i said. ufk watch it in bed. take it with you wherever you go. show your frinds and watch them all go hooo. >> who gave them the advice to do that? remember the chicago --. >> the hair is terrible. >> remember the chicago bears super bowl shuffle, they were the first ones to do it. not good. >> we'll be right back. . that is bay bridge highlight from kpix 5. >> a bike path along the new span will be two miles long between oakland and island. it's 15 and a half feet wide
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