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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  August 8, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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i'm hoping that my house is still okay because we left. >> a dangerous wildfire in california burns homes to the ground and forces more than a thousand evacuations while severe storms and flooding cause havoc and heartache in the midwest. >> fields of water, and you just know it's just a disaster. >> the sole survivor of an arizona fire fighting team speaks about the deadly wildfire that killed 19 of his friends. >> everyone in that wildfire wanted to do everything they could and they did. cause on camera. a violent collision sends the bus passengers and the driver flying. and there are some newly minted millionaires out there. captioning funded by cbs rom the jackpot.
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this is t this is the "cbs morning news" for thursday, august 8th, 2013. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm alexis christoforous. this morning firefighters in california are battling a fast-moving wildfire that has injured three people and destroyed about a dozen buildings. the silver fire is burning about 100 miles east of los angeles. it started yesterday afternoon, then exploded. the flames were so fast area officials were trapped. they've been safely evacuated but more than nine square niles have been destroyed. and the fire remains out of control. >> reporter: in the center of what was a home a grand fireplace stands, fire still burning around it. the same scene repeated itself at hardware at home after home. this fast-moving fire leveled sections of this rural
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neighborhood and in nearby twin pines another home destroyed. >> we tried to get out. we were all packed up, but we didn't think we would be able to -- we couldn't get to the end of the road. >> reporter: sherry said she and her family could not eed the evacuation orders because the flames were so quick moving. >> i hope my house is okay. we had just left and fire was just there, but the fire that was further up 243 hadn't yet come this way. >> reporter: the fire raced through this rural community whipping up through the hills fueled by stiff winds and dry brush. holmes didn't stand a chance as walls of flames blew through the areas. in many cases firefighters could not even get to some of the houses. and you can see this occupied house was one of the victims. one of the ones that caught fire. very random here. there's no other flames in the area now, but take a look. this house is destroyed. firefighters tried to get a
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handle on it quickly, but the fire was moving too fast. >> we have to realize how quickly this fire moved. within the first three hours we were over 2,500 acres. it's a long skinny rapidfire. the difficulty was getting the evacuations. that's always our key. life first, property next. now to the midwest where the national guard has been called in to help with deadly flooding in central missouri. in the words of one official, it's a real mess. in a hard-hit wayneville area, one boy is killed and a woman believed to be his mother is missing. major highways are closed and more than 100 homes flooded. >> we walled them all shift. propane tanks were busting up in the air and as soon as we opened our front door, the river had come all the way through here. >> in kansas north of wichita, officials closed floodgates in preparation for the high water. in southwestern wisconsin folks are cleaning up after being hit with a string of severe weather
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including a tornado. the twister plowed through a camp ground where some 60 campers set up tents. large trees fell on the campground and campers barely escaped injury. >> the next thing i know, the tent is going over. i think i went over 180 degrees or so. >> there's people in tents that were trapped. nobody was hurt. >> there were also reports of a tornado touching down in northeast ohio. it struck down homes and trees but there were no reports of injuries. president obama's cancellation of the attendance of the summit is being applauded by the u.s. lawmakers from both parties. in a written statement the white house said we believe it would be more constructive to postpone the summit until we have more results from our shared agenda. the u.s. and russia have been butting heading over russia granting asylum to nsa
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leaker edward snowden. a meeting between the u.s. and russian defense ministers is still scheduled for tomorrow. this morning there are reports of another suspected u.s. drone strike in yemen. at least six suspected al qaeda members were killed according to local officials. it would be the third day in a row and the sixth such strike in less twan two weeks. yemen's government said yesterday it had foiled al qaeda plots to seize gas missiles. president obama talked about the terrorism threat that forced the u.s. to temporarily shut 19 diplomatic posts during a visit to camp pendleton, california. he talked about the war on afghanistan and sexual assault in the military. bigad shaban reports. >> reporter: nearly 3,000 marines cheered president obama. as he took the stage at camp pendleton. president obama discussed the shutting of 29 diplomatic posts this week. >> the united states is never going to retreat from the world. we don't get terrorized.
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>> reporter: but the crowd grew silent when the president touched on sexual abuse within the military. >> we're going to work together all of us to stop these crimes of sexual assault and uphold the honor and integrity that defines the finest military on earth. >> reporter: as many as 26,000 military members may have been sexually assaulted last year alone. the president also promised fewer deployments as the war in afghanistan draws to a close. >> in just 17 months the transition will be complete, afghans will take full responsibility for their security. >> reporter: many of the servicemembers here in camp pendleton have seen the fiercest combat since 9/11. captain lambert watched from the front row. he was deployed last year and left both of his legs to an ied, but with his prosthetics, he
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returned just 13 months later. >> why did you decide to go back? >> honestly being a soldier or marine is something that's been in my blood since i was a little kid. i didn't want to give that up. >> reporter: the president praised him by name. >> once a marine, always a marine. >> reporter: lambert will leave on yet another deployment in the coming months. syrian rebels are claiming credit for an attack on bashar al assad's motorcade in damascus today. state tv showed assad following an alleged attack. he appeared unharmed as he attended prayers. rebels say rocket fire did hit the motorcade and there were casualtie casualties. syrian government denies that. there are more calls for protests in egypt today. in cairo, egyptians marked the end of ramadan. yesterday they said an international effort to immediate the end of the standoff between the muslim brotherhood and the new government had collapsed. the government is vowing to
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crack down on supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi. coming up, the lone firefighter who survived the fire that killed 19 of the fellow granite mountain hotshots relives the tragic day. this is the "cbs morning news." ? botox® is an fda-approved treatment that significantly reduces headache days for adults with chronic migraine, 15 or more headache days a month, each lasting 4 hours or more. it's proven to actually prevent headache days. and it's injected by a doctor once every 3 months. the effects of botox® (onabotulinumtoxina) may spread hours to weeks after injection causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away, as difficulty swallowing, speaking, breathing, eye problems, or muscle weakness can be a sign of a life-threatening condition. side effects may include allergic reactions, neck and injection site pain, fatigue, and headache. don't take botox® if you have a skin infection. tell your doctor about your medical history, muscle or nerve conditions, and medications, including botulinum toxins,
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the the cleveland home where ariel castro held three women for nearly a decade was demolished on wednesday. it took just an hour and a half to tear it down. neighbors took pictures and applauded. one of castro's victims, michelle knight, released balloons outside the home. >> michelle, what do the yellow balloons represent? >> they represent the millions of children that were never found. >> and why -- >> and the ones that passed away. >> castro is serving a life sentence plus a thousand years. we're getting a firsthand account of what happened when the arizona hot shot crew was overrun by a wildfire just over a month ago. 19 firefighters were killed.
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as carter evans reports, the seoul survivor is telling his story. >> reporter: 21-year-old ryan mcdonagh was the lookout the day the fire swept over his team. this was shot by the daily newspaper in prescott, arizona. >> my captain reach med on the radio saying we were going to expect 180-degree wind shifts and we could expect gusting up to 50, 60 miles per hour. and once i heard that, i knew the fire was going to change rapidly, and he understood that too. as i looked back to see how they were doing, i turned around and i could already see the wind had shifted. i turned around and i could see the smoke building. it was starting to gain a lot of potential. >> reporter: mcdonagh had to move from the fire, being pushed
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by gusting winds. >> i relayed this information back to my captain. he said, i can see what's going on, brendan. just make sure you're safe. make sure everything's good for you. >> reporter: radio traffic made it clear his friends were trapped. >> that was the last time that i heard my superintendent's voice. i was crushed. mentally and emotionally. i didn't know what to do. i mean everyone on that fire wanted to do everything they could, and they did. it was just a horrible freak accident. >> reporter: mcdonagh also said he hopes the community will continue to support the families of the fallen hotshots and to that end, arizona lawmakers are now preparing a bill that would give lifetime benefits to the
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families of the 13 hotshots who were initially denied coverage because they were not full-time workers. carter evans, cbs news, los angeles. six decades ago a doctor removed cancer cells from a poor parent named henrietta lax. it was done without her knowledge or consent. now, for the first time, her descendants will have some control over how they are used in research. it's part of a deal with the national institutes of health. those cells have led to various medical breakthroughs and big profits for the biotech industry. straight ahead, your thursday morning weather, and time to check your powerball lottery tickets. several of you have become instant multimillionaires. ♪ the joint is jumpin' [ male announcer ] osteo bi-flex helps revitalize your joints to keep 'em jumpin'.° like calcium supplements can help your bones, osteo bi-flex can help your joints. osteo bi-flex...
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it's high performance skincare™ only from roc® here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. new york, thunderstorms and 83. miami, partly sunny and 89. chicago, sunny and 76. dallas, sunny, and 104. los angeles, cloudy and 75. now for a check of today's national forecast. showers and thunderstorms will be widespread from the ohio valley back to kansas today. scattered showers are expected from new mexico up to colorado and showers are also expected in the northeast. on the "cbs moneywatch," are you a powerball winner and a no-brainer when it comes to smartphones and your kids. ashley morrison here in new york with that and more. good morning, ashley. >> and good morning to you, alexis. there were three grand prize winning tickets in last night's $448 million jackpot. one was bought in minnesota, the
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other two in new jersey. the winning numbers are 5, 25, 30, 58, 59, and powerball 32. wednesday's jackpot was the third largest powerball jackpot. 34 matched the first five numbers, good for a $1 million prize. a slowdown has leveled off. honk song's hang seng added a quarter per september while tokyo's nikkei lost a quarter percent. the dow lost 48 points while nasdaq was down nearly 12 points. americans are borrowing more. consumer borrowing rose by nearly $14 billion in june to a seasonally adjusted $2.85 trillion. that's the highest ever. credit card use dropped by 2.7
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billion according to the federal reserve. publishers involved in the apple electronic book price fixing case says the penalty the government wants to impose is too stiff. last month they ruled they were involved in price fixing. the government wants to ban apple from entering into ebook distribution agreements for five years. the publishers changed that ban in court yesterday. they say it will hurt them more than april. and, alexis, an advocacy group says smartphones do not make for smarter babies. they want the government to examine mobile apps for babies. it says babies need active hands-on play for motor development. one of the apple open solutions says electronics are not a substitute for human interaxe, but apps can help with children's human development.
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it can also help when you're stuck on a plane for several hours. >> exactly. we're both guilty of that. everything in moderation. that's my motto. ashley morrison here in new york. thanks so much. in sports no team in baseball has no bigger lead in standings than the atlanta braves. justin launches a homer to left field and check out what happens next. braves' pitcher luis avilan catches the ball with his cap. atlanta beats washington, 6-3 for the 13th straight win. the braves sweep the nats and now hold a 15 1/2 game lead in the east. and in san diego, orioles' first baseman chris davis hits his major league leading 43rd home run of the year. it helps baltimore over a 10-3 win over the padres. when we return, a bus accident caught on tape. the bus driver and passengers are sent flying after a truck rear ends it. we'll have the incredible video. ruck rear ends it. we'll have the video. hey girls!
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make this city safer." (from christin's pkg) and in oakland - a baby boy killed while he slept. mayor quan answers tough questions about her crimefighting plan. plus - a bart showdown. governor brown orders both s to show their offers. we sew far apart they are. join us for kpix 5 news this morning... beginning at 4:3 ,,
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here's look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. washington, d.c., showers and 85. atlanta, thunderstorms and 88. st. louis, thunderstorms and 84. denver, cloudy and 76. seattle, sunny and 80 degrees. one person is dead and nearly two dozen injured following a collision of a truck and a bus in southern china caught on tape. incredible. cameras inside the bus captured the crash. the driver and a passenger fall out of windows as the bus rolls. passengers are tossed around as the bus turns on its side. the driver of the truck that hit the bus was killed. police in new york are investigating the vandalism of a jackie robinson statue outside a minor league ballpark in
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brooklyn. it includes a swastika and racial slurs. the statue shows robinson and a white teammate in 1947, the year he became major league baseball's first black player. higher blood levels may raise the rate of dementia. those with higher glucose levels who didn't have diabetes to begin with had an 18% higher risk of getting dementia. higher levels of sugar in the blood could damage the brain. former president george w. bush is home following a heart procedure on tuesday. a spokesman says he's doing great and that he plans to return to a normal schedule today. doctors inserted a stent in one of bush's arteries. they discovered a blockage on monday during a regular checkup. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," jim nantz with a preview of the pga championship. i'm alexis christoforous. this is the "cbs morning news." christoforous.
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new lean cuisine honestly good.
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in in florida, researchers have been given permission to dig up the grounds of a former reform school in the panhandle. as manuel bojorquez reports they're searching for the remains of boys who were sent to that school between 1900 and the 1950s. >> reporter: these crosses are a modest tribute to the 96 boys who died in state custody at the arthur d. dozier reform school. >> there's always been a part missing. my brother. >> reporter: richard's 13-year-old brother thomas was sent to dozier in 1934. he died a month later. what was that like for your family? >> devastating. devastating. that's the only way i know to explain it. >> how did you and your family find out that thomas was dead?
4:26 am
>> sent us a letter. >> what did the letter say? >> that he was dead and he was already buried. >> reporter: former students have long claimed beatings were routine at dozier. some even suggested murder. >> we found 20 or so individuals that actually died within the first three months of arriving here. >> reporter: last year anthropologist angela kimmerle's team from south florida used radar and soil appal sis to discover 50 unmarked graves. >> there are a number of boys who ran away from the school whose death certificates indicate they died traumatic deaths. one was shot, one had blunt trauma to the head. >> reporter: excavations begin later this month. investigators will use dna from living relatives to identify remains. >> that will tell the story of
4:27 am
how they lived and how they died, and i think that will reflect what a society we were when they were in the care of the state and who we are today by investigating them. >> reporter: richard just wants to bring his brother home. what would that be like for you? >> it would probably be emotional, but i would be overjoyed at finding him. >> reporter: give him a proper good-bye? >> a proper burial and a proper good-bye. >> reporter: one better than this unmarked plot nearly lost to overgrown trees and time. manuel bojorquez, cbs news, marianna, florida. and coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," an update on the wildfire in banning, california. we'll be live from the scene. plus, problems in the ft. hood shooting trial. we'll get analysis from jackford. and all eyes are on tiger woods as the pga tournament tees off this morning.
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jim nantz has a preview. that is the "cbs this morning" for thi thursday. thanks for watching. i'm alexis christoforous. make it a great day. -- captions by vitac --
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> >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald good morning, everyone. hey, the weekend is getting closer! it's thursday, august 8. i'm frank mallicoat. >> good morning to you. i'm juliette goodrich. michelle griego is off. it is 4:29. >> shall we go to the weatherman? >> why not? sure. >> he brought cookies in.
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>> absolutely. yes. there has to be a reason to get up in the morning because it can't possibly be the fog and low clouds. but that's what we have for today. the usual slick streets out there to start out with. the numbers warmer than yesterday. we have a bit of a slick forecast coming up. first let's see what's new in traffic. >> yeah. be careful of slick roads. but so far, so good on the bay bridge toll plaza. >> thank you. here we go. it is 4:30 now. bart and the unions are $100 million apart. they will get back to negotiations this morning and kpix 5's linda yee went to find out if they are so far apart after all these months, how can they possibly reach any deal at all? >> what an unreasonable -- >> reporter: it was a chance to air their grievances. bart management and the unions clarifying what's been going on in talks that started last april. what was clear?


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