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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  August 8, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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good e cook. her ex just got out of skpreufpb now nobody can find her. where the bay area detectives are searching right now for missing investigator sandra coke. >> dive teams are searching the fairgrounds and lake shavo. we have is a live look at the search times right now. don knapp is with them at this moment. he got new information, we will had hear from him in just a moment. first, though, linda is at oakland police headquarters where tonight, investigators are focusing on a man that saundra used to date. linda? >> reporter: -- sandra used to date, linda? >> reporter: now, tonight the police are involved in an all night search for sandra coke who mysteriously vanished five nights ago. >> reporter: the detectives with the major crimes unit, homicide, headed to the headache tonight. the police say they developed a lead after talking to
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registered sex offender who was recent he released from prison and arrested today on unrelated charges. but he is considered a person of interest in this case. >> randy alana is known for the missing standard, coke, they have had history of dating, known to each other. >> reporter: coke is an investigator with the federal public defenders office in sacramento. she disappeared sunday after 8:30 p.m. leaving her 15-year-old daughter at home. >> she left her house to go to the drugstore on her daughter's behalf. hours later her daughter called me frightened and that is -- that is too unusual. >> information that was developed that they were seen later that evening. >> reporter: the police found her car monday about two miles from her house. they also located her two cell phones, one thrown out near the oakland emeryville border and another off of interstate 80 in richmond. the latest development comes as family and friends announce a
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$100,000 reward for information about coke's disappearance. >> my sister is an incredibly devoted mother. and sister and friend and coworker. that is why there are so many people here today supporting us. [crying] trying to find her and her safe return home. >> reporter: randy alana is in custody tonight but the police say he has not been charged in this case yet. meantime, kpix-5 don knapp is where the search going on, don? >> reporter: that is right, linda. quite a massive search or building up to be a massive search. take a look behind us. we are at the fairgrounds t is three miles of land here that is also including a lake or a couple of lakes, even, discovery kingdom, a residential area here at highway 80 and 37. what we are looking at is an
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area, staging area. not many people because what happens a lot of people come in and get their intersections and go out into the darkness to begin searching. this began about 8:30 this evening. the numbers are growing, including people from the sheriff's office, contra costa county, napa county as well as oakland police and the f.b.i. >> at this point it is an above ground search and we are searching as much area as we can. it has just begun. we just deployed, i believe, two or three teams out right now. there is a lot of area to be searched and they are doing it grid style. they want to be thorough. that is where we are at. >> will you go all night? >> that depends on our manager and oakland police department and depends on a couple of things. we will go as long as we need to go or they tell us to stop. >> are you prepared to go in the water? >> at this point we have
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resources to do that. >> reporter: oakland police have not told us exactly why they are searching this area but we learned the man that opd consider a person of interest also may go by the alias of anthony rigolona. there is an address not far from the fairgrounds for him, ken? >> all right, don kna about pp with the latest, thank you, don. we got the latest word on a possible b.a.r.t strike. the good news they did not give 72 hours notice tonight, the bad news, we could get 48 hours notice tomorrow. the unions tell us they are still negotiating but far apart on the key sticking points. wages, pension, and health contributions and worker's safety. they can not work it out a second strike could happen as soon as monday, hr-ls a governor orders a cooling off period. for the second time in a week on the same ground a muni bus caught fire while passengers were on it. you can see heavy smoke pouring out of the bus on the outer
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richmond this afternoon. muni blames an engine problem, the driver got all of the passengers out safely. are you ready for football? we were pleased to bring you the game but fans going to candlestick faced new rules. i was at the stick before the game. >> reporter: no more backpacks, no more ice chests, large purses or even diaper bags are all out now. fans are only allowed to bring in clear plastic bags, about the size of a large freezer bag. 12x12x6. that is it. you can buy nfl bags on site or bring your own zip-lok bag. >> what do you think of the rules and putting everything in the bag? >> i think they suck.
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[ laughter ] >> i had a plastic back pack, they can see everying in there? the sun is beating on my sandwich. that is a downfall. other than that, man, i am ready to watch football. >> part of me is okay with it for safety. but they have gone a little overboard. everybody with their little freezer bags looked stupid when a good clear backpack or a good clear bigger bag as long as you can see in it. >> reporter: another item banned that is not sitting well with fans across the country. it is seat cushions, the nfl says it is too easy to hide explosives inside them. >> and the nfl stadium security committee came up with the new rules, in the wake of the boston marathon bombings two days ago the 49ers amended the seat cushion policy. you can take one in now but it has to be searched. coming up in a few minutes,s
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willie mays, joe montana, the beatles, we relive the greatest moments at candlestick park. firefighters in southern california have their hands full right now. the fire in the national angeles forest forced dozens of people from their homes near rightwood. the fire broke out at noon today. burned at least 60 acres in the heavily wooded terrain and 0% contained tonight. no homes have burned but mandatory evacuation orders are in effect for nearby neighborhoods. one of 2 out of control wildfires burning in the area. the other, called the silver fire it is racing across the mountains about 60 miles to the southeast. even scarier scene in riverside county where the 14,000 acre silver fire is just 20% contained. at least 10 homes have burned, hundreds more are evacuated and more than 1,000 firefighters are on the ground. no word yet on the cause of either fire. >> we learned tonight that the
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san diego county man suspected of kidnapping a teenage daughter of a woman he killed may be armed with home made explosives. the police believe that he booby trapped his car and may have ditch today somewhere and warning people if you come across this car do not approach it. while a statewide amber alert for hannah anderson and her brother, ethan, remain in effect, investigators said it is possible that a second body found with the mother's mody in his scorched home could be the young boy. an arrest in the murder of a san jose nursing student. 19-year-old kimberly chico was a passenger in a car when she was hit by gunfire. the police have this man in custody for the murder. and this was the scene of a shooting in down town san jose early saturday morning of the same shooting, even though chico was hit by gunfire, the
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driver was not hit. new lawsuit tonight in the asiana airline crash. 9 families who were on board are suing asiana and the many's manufacture for negligence. 3 of the families are from the bay area. the lawsuit claims the airline failed to train its pilots properly, boeing is also being accused of not providing safe seating. three chinese students died as a result of the crash. more than 180 passengers were injured. a bay area family says a local amusement park red flagged them the minute they headed to the go-kart. it was not age or weight or height the problem. it was what they were wearing. >> reporter: a fun day of riding go karts became safety and religious freedom. she was banned from riding because of her head scarf. >> could you just take it off for a few minutes while you ride? >> no, i have to wear it all of the time but at home.
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>> reporter: the manager handed them the policy. no head wraps of any kind because they can get tangled and caught and cause neck injuries or death. quote, fashion, religion expression or hairstyle is more important to you than safety that is fine. you can do what you want with your life, you just can not do it at our park. >> you think they could be more sensitive? >> absolutely. i think they took the easy way out. simple as that. >> reporter: on july 28th, three boys and an adult trying to right the card the employed the thing on your head is not allowed. a group started an online petition to change the policy. >> i think that they should think of a better alternative so people who wear head covering for religion purposes have another alternative so they can ride. >> we tried calling boomers parent company, palace park based in southern california, but did not get a call back.
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in livermore, back to you. >> they say they have video. their legal team contacted the company. coming up, a famous actress calls the mess on scientology. beer is not what it used to be. the new drink of choice an update on breaking news the search for a missing bay area investigator: search crews in cloudy start, a sunnier and warmer finish. some of you went into the 80s. we get warmer, find out how warmer, next ,,,,,,,,,,,, the critics agree, build your
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own pancakes part 2 is a hit! i put caramel and bacon, says bobby. i like it when syrup goes down the side, says jenna. and michael was left speechless. build your own pancakes are back for a limited run, only at denny's. vallejo are gearing up for a
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long night. they'll be he solano county breaking news, search crews are gearing up for a very long night. they will be scouring the county fairgrounds and nearby lake for any trace of sandra coke. she left her oakland home on sunday and has not been seen since. the police say they 0ed in on the area -- zeroed in on the area after talking to this man, registered sex offend errandy alana. the 56-year-old paroleee was arrested today on unrelated charges. he and coke dated briefly 20 years ago. the police say the two were seen together the night she disappeared. an actress, who broke off from the church of scientology is going after its leader. leia remidi has filed a missing person's for friend who has not
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seen her six years ago. the church insists that she is not missing but is doing church work. one year from now, 49ers will be playing at their new digs in santa clara. a beautiful park. we shot the pictures of the construction at levi stadium today. the nfl says the $1.2 billion stadium is right on track to open on time. before the big move the 49ers have a final season at candlestick. it marks the end of the nfl there. but, football even baseball are not the only things that fill this bay area icon. >> reporter: in the late 1950s san francisco was making good on a deal. they promised the giants a new stadium if they moved west from new york. park historian says they considered a handful of sites. >> they discussed downtown, they did not want it, they discussed south of market. they looked aren't the site of
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where at&t is. the port was in operation those days. >> reporter: so they settled on kapbdel stick point, they bout the land -- candlestick point they bought the land. it was a gateway for winds, whipped off of the bay. a floor heating system under the stands did not help much. in fact, it was so cold that famed san francisco attorney sued to get his season ticket money back. >> the giants advertised it would be warp. it was not warm. he -- warm. it was not warm. he won his lawsuit. >> reporter: despite the weather it was a golden time for the giants. >> there are 5 in the hall of fame that played here at the same time. mays, perry ... >> reporter: they hosted the first professional football games, not the 49ers but the oakland raiders who played 1960
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and all of the 1961 season there. but the biggest stars of the 1960s may not have been athletes at all. >> the beatles performed their last public concert here at candlestick stadium. they walked right in through the visitors locker room right here, got ready the last time together as a band. >> reporter: the 49ers showed them how rough of an afternoon it was going to be. >> reporter: the 49ers wanted to upgrade from the stadium. >> they add escalators in the plan, gates, football press box. >> reporter: in the '70s artificial turf came and went. just in time for the '80s when the 49ers were really coming into their own. >> looking, looking, throwing in the end zone. he caught it! >> how fame us is this part of candlestick? >> i think this is, you know, 49er fan this is hollowed ground. >> reporter: in 1987 pope john paul ii held a mass for more
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than 70,000 people. >> come on, let's go. >> reporter: two years later, the earthquake rocked the park. full of world series fans. [cheers and applause] the giants played their last game at candlestick september 1999. and now t is the 49ers turn to say good-bye. this will be their final candlestick season. >> i love the shots of the "beatles" it was only 33 minutes long. 11 songs and the screaming of the fans pretty much drowned out the music. you could not hear it. >> surprising. it would be neat. the history there. >> could have been us. >> that is true. we were close. if only we were so lucky. we just found out 16 people in an office people have won of the 3 winning powerball tickets. they work in new jersey, a community devastated by hurricane sandy. if they choose a lump sum
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payment they will each get $4 million after taxes. wow! >> yes. a lot of people not going to work tomorrow. >> yeah, right? >> i mean, yes. empty out the office. >> yes. >> we did not win $4 million. >> no. we will be at work. >> yes. we will be here tomorrow. >> plan on seeing us tomorrow and plan on talking about another day with an onshore flow. we are going in the right direction, about if you like warmer weather, many of you do, you will be happy to see and happy to know the temperatures went up today and will continue to climb. sanfrancisco, not back to normal yet. got there yesterday. today's high, retreated a bit. the trend is the temperatures going up, sunshine amounts going up but staying below normal for awhile. san jose, microclimate for you. high of 75 and 76 on saturday. all summer long san jose you have only been in the 90s once, that is how chilly it has been. relative to normal to what it can be. when you have this going on you
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will not be warm or hot. a big area of low pressure to the north and west giving us the flow coming from the chilly air on. wherever the fan is blowing it will be cold. we are the recipients of the air right now. low pressure moving away from us. why it is sunnier today. a little sunnier tomorrow and temperatures rebound. even when low pressure makes the farthest past from us, we are still going have a light no and likely still, back to normal. the temperatures are slowly increasing, mornings will still be cloudy. afternoons sunny and maybe by next week we will get back to normal. next week, milder, not back to average. average is 88. your high tomorrow, 88. santa clara, 76. fremont, 69 degrees, cloudy start for pleasant hill, sunshine in the afternoon, feat for you. mill valley, 72. 64 in the city tomorrow.
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and, 80s for lake county. first-rate thunderstorm there. milder side. a couple degrees more on sunday. a few more next week. add it up, do the math, we are back to norm alibi next wednesday. watch out for the morning clouds every morning for next week. >> yes. get used to those things. >> yes, stay chilly. >> what a day it today. >> you know, have you had that talk with tim lincecum, yes, he will take it. >> yes, timmy and i, yes, we are friends. >> yes. [ laughter ] >> now, football season is finally here, we will kick it off next in sports ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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remember how everyone was disappointed in the super bowl? >> yes. >> it is all gone. >> yes. you just want everyone to get,the season healthy. now, eric wright, he was acquired two weeks ago via trade but failed a physical. his new team kicked off the preseason against the broncos and what some say could be a
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super bowl preview. faired well for candlestick park. now, 4-4 for the 49ers settling for a field goal on their first drive. the defense was strong giving up 225 total yards, hard hit in the 49er debut, as good as the defense was the offense was sloppy. second quarter, harper, fumbled. phillips scoops it up and returns it for a touchdown. that would be the only touchdown of the game. throwing for 158 yards but was picked off in the 3rd quarter. 49ers turned the ball over 4 times, the broncos win the defensive struggle, 10-6. you know, we turned it over. could not get it going leak we planned. you know, it was disappointing. but, we are there together. we are one big family. one of our guys get hit we all feel it. one of our guys turn it over, we all feel it. taken air out of it but at the same time we are professionals
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and we know that happens sometimes. the giants trying to pull themselves up and salvage a split against the brewers, 1st inning, hammers one in. off of hand for a 3-run shot. it was the giants first home run at at&t. later in the tpáurth inning, hope -- 4th inning, hoping for more. now, robbing him of a hit. tim lincecum got payback. averaging 7 strikeouts a game. 8 today, the brewers got more hit in the bench than they did timmy. he gave up only one hit. the giants win 4-1. rodchester, new york round one of the pga championship. tiger woods red figures until reaching the final hole. the shotgun, the rough. from the bunker, he double bogeys finish 1 over. the shot of the day, former pga
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martin, backs up for an eagle. what a year for scott. winning the masters and nails the putt on 14. gives him the lead at 6 under. now, 18 different players won the last 20 majors. >> yes. let timmy pitch. >> he is -- he is on a role right now. >> no. put him out there. >> i am am glad you were able to have words with him. >> yes. >> we get along. >> you bonded. >> yes. had a little coffee. good to see him doing well. [ laughter ] >> thank you, kim. >> sure. [ laughter ] the new grapes that taste like cotton candy, really? >> yes. they do. >> all right, we will see ,,
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turns out, though, it's nott it used to be... fewer people who drink say ir beverage of c football games, like tonight, it turns out it is not what it used to be. fewer people who drink say beer is their beverage of choice according to a new poll.
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just 36% compared to 47% in 1992. hard liquor is not just as popular as beer followed by wine, why? well, drinks like burbon and vodka is more popular with young adults. now, from beer to grapes. >> this is a new kind that taste just like cotton candy. no joke, really. a couple guys in bakersfield invented them. no genetic modification involved just school plant breeding by hand. the fruit has 12% more sugar than regular table grapes, cotton candy grapes cost $6 a pound. it is pricey. >> yes. you got some of the grapes. >>s yes. try them. yes. look like grapes but do they taste like grapess? >> you be the judge. >> pauly what do you think? >> kimy take one. >> it takes like cotton candy. that is strange. >> call me when they taste like beer. >> or chicken. [ laughter ] >> that would be worth $6. >> yes. [ laughter ] >> yes. pretty good. >> these are pretty good.
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they do taste like candy. >> bacon. bacon. >> well, that will sell well. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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