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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  August 13, 2013 1:35am-2:11am PDT

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what did we learn on the show tonight, craig? ♪ farts. [laughter] craig: geoffrey, i have something to tell you. geoff: what's that, craig? craig: i would like you to get your pilots license.
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geoff: oh, and why? craig: because i feel you were left out this evening with my friends laughing at the dehavilland beaver and bush pilot. i think you would enjoy the entendre opportunities of a life in the skies. geoff: i would love it just so i could say to people -- get off my plane! [applause] craig: good night, everybody. captioned by the national captioning institute,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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burner. the . >> this is kpix5 news. a labor day weekend opener back on the back burner. what could open the bay bridge in 3 weeks? >> they are telling caltrans open that bridge as soon as you did. tonight kristin has new details. >> reporter: the feds wrote this letter that could put the bridge back on track. that could be a good thing. in a letter kpix has obtained,
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caltrans has the green light to open the bridge by labor day. we see no reason not to open the bridge for the 32 busted bolts on the bridge. the fix could be done by labor day. >> i think it is properly focused on safety. >> reporter: caltrans will put 3-inch steel platescalled shims in that will adequately replace the anchor rods. it will take a week and a half. then they will notify the public and businesses about the
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change. caltrans will work on a permanent fix to stabilize the bridge for good. >> we have 270,000 vehicles that use that bridge. we want it safe and ready to go. >> reporter: there will be a committee and caltrans that will make a decision about the labor day opening. they will have a conference call tomorrow about it. >> people know something is up. there is nothing on the span. everything is cleared off. there is lighting and guard rails. it looks like it could open any day. >> reporter: it looks cosmetic. they will let us look at the lighting situation. we have the highway patrol sign
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up troopers to work shifts in case they open it then. >> the wheels seem to be turning. kristin at treasure island. thank you for the report. hillary clinton hasn't said she will run for president, but she sounded like a candidate today. the annual meeting of the bar association, she accepted an award for legal work and helping women lawyers advance. >> call a congressman and tell them you believe in the right to vote for yourself and your fellow citizens and our government cannot fully represent the people unless it has been fairly elected by
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them. >> reporter: pole polls show most people like hillary. fans of apple products are not going to like. apple will never be the same. sharon chen has been interview that was on cbs this morning. >> days before the premiere of jobs, oracle said the ceo lost its core when it lost jobs. >> he was brilliant. he was our edison, our picasso. >> what will happen? >> we already know.
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we conducted the experience. we saw apple with steve jobs and without and with and now without. >> so you are shorting apple? >> i think there are a lot -- steve is irreplace i irreplaceable. he will not be as successful because he is gone. >> reporter: they are right about the leadership today. >> i am being perceived as liars. >> reporter: they have competition with samsung. >> apple was the magic.
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when you remove the magic you have something different but it is not apple. >> reporter: the oracle ceo has mellowed. >> a certain venn ear venear of charm. >> you can see the entire interview on cbs in the morning and find out what ellison thinks of google. one of the most av --
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affluen and poorest neighborhoods and parking. >> reporter: we are in palo alto. these houses go for 7 figures and they have modest cars parked out here.
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oo the city manager is strying to come up with a solution. it will last for one year. life in palo alto. >> the man fell 60 feet into a parking lot and the fall was accidental and investigators are wondering if rainy conditions were a problem with the upper deck. he is the guy who through the banana at at&t park. he grabbed a banana and threw it at the field in frustration.
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it landed near adam jones in center field. it was not racially motivated. he tweeted i want to thank the blank who threw it. way to show your class. they apologized. it in no way reflects our organization or our fans. a kidnapped girl is hope again. >> he has been through a tremendous ordeal. >> what she learned after she was freed. >> i knew i would be part of a
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life-changing motion. >> the tribute to shelter dogs. tubular travel behind space travel. >> two weeks of temperatures >> two weeks of temperatures climbing, will we ,,,,,,
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your carpet stains can reappear. [ laughing ] [ male announcer ] try resolve stain remover, the formula penetrates deep into your carpet and removes stains so they don't come back. trust resolve. forget stains. teenager hannah anderson met with . >> a thank you to the media and
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an appeal for privacy. the father of hannah anderson met with reporters. she was abducted and driven across 3 states before the fbi killed james dimaggio. >> please pay attention to the amber alert, even if it is annoying. >> hannah didn't know about her mother and brother being killed until she was rescued. a statewide amber alert went out last week and many found it annoying. the state hopes you keep your
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phones tuned in for that and natural disasters like earthquakes. 5,000 dogs are destroyed every day in shelters. they are trying to keep their memories alive. >> reporter: shirly gets paintings of dogs they tried but failed to save. shasta was 5 years old. they accused the so sonoma county animal shelter of
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killing the dogs. this museum will promote animal rescues. they are making portraits of the youth euthanized dogs. they are searching the nation for a permanent home. >> we wanted to create a memorial museum to pay homage to the animals. >> reporter: they plan to raise $20 million for a no-kill shelter so dogs like shasta and
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eli would be spared. now their stores can live on one painting at a time. sharon chen, kpix5. they are looking for a home for the gallery for a dog friendly community. you may call it bart on steroids. tesla is talking about the hyperloop. it could shoot people from san francisco to los angeles in 30 minutes. it isn't just a pipe dream. it would be cheaper than the l.a. rail system. >> we have been waiting for
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those things. >> i want to know what that feels like, 700 miles an hour in a vacuum. >> kind of like that. >> reporter: we have mainly cloudy skies to be expected this time of year. you have a lot of sunshine today and will have more tomorrow, even the coast. the on shore flow will be back. yesterday was 80. we will hit 90 on wednesday. here is what we have for fog, lots of it around the bay, but it will burn to the coast in the afternoon and temperatures will climb again tomorrow. 75 with afternoon sunshine and wednesday the warmest day with a high of 77 degrees.
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here is the change. low pressure in northern california feeding an onshore flow, it is further away from us. we have an area of high pressure building. some of you will hit 90. things changing and temperatures dropping. the bouys recording the temperatures is pretty chilly. temperatures will be normal. inland will go up tomorrow and wednesday. in the city tomorrow pretty
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close to normal. sunnyvale and walnut creek 80s. upper 60s in the city and 90s far to the north. mid-80s from the water through the weekend. as i mentioned the porridge is just right, goldilocks. all right. >> heating up in kansas city. the place is rocking. that could be the case friday night. the 49ers and alex smith and the a's. >> reporter: rand paul is here. we will take you to london to ,,
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[ female announcer ] mcdonald's dollar menu at breakfast. home of the irresistible sausage burrito. and freshly brewed premium roast coffee you love. plus other amazing tastes for just a dollar each. every day. ♪ after starting 0- for-11 inn a's uniform..alberto callas delivered the game-winning t yesterday and . >> all right.
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a's are getting better and better. >> i will admit i criticized billy beane. the game winning hit yesterday had another chance today. 1-0 oakland. they hit one to caillaspo. he regains himself. oakland wins 5-1. back and april darvish was 1 out shy of a perfect game. there was a solo shot to right.
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he is adding to his record. with the sweep in houston it could change with they those the astros. they are 11 and 1. the 49ers will face an old friend in kansas city. jim harbaugh and his team are looking forward to it. >> it is the first time for everything. we are looking forward to it, and i know alex knows we are coming. >> i hope we smack them up. we are friends off the field, but when he play i don't want him to do well. >> that game is on channel 5 friday night. >> yes.
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>> i will mention it all week. we all played wiffle ball as kids. this is a replica stadium. jason williams is playing in taiwan. look at that. walk off home run to get the win. he was pelted by bubble gum. reigning league champs, copenhagen. showing off, look at that. are you kidding me?
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bare handing it and getting the out. that is the number 1 play of the night. 49ers this friday night on channel 5. it will be on channel 5. >> awesome. >> don't forget ,,,, if you're like me, you've been working you've been working like a dog all year. but you don't need to camp out 'til labor day to reward yourself! mattress discounters' labor day sale is on now!
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... and it's spreading all across america. quantum with power gel delivers amazing clean and shine, even in the hardest water, which cascade just can't do. take the finish shine challenge with quantum. voted product of the year by consumers ! cub see each other for the t time since its birth... the baby had to be kep cause of a leg i . >> a heart-tugging reunion at a
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china zoo. >> a mother panda and her cub see each other for the first time. the baby had to be kept isolated because of a leg injury. mom can't wait. >> a bizarre incident of a hammer head shark giving birth in florida. they got them back in deeper waters. the shark pups are independent as soon as they are born. >> that ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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