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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  August 13, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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. this is kpix 5 news. the new bay bridge ready for its close up. tonight caltrans so we can see what it will really look like. good evening, i'm ken. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. we should know for sure later on this week when the bridge will finally open. christin ayers is on the bridge right now. christin, what are you hearing? will it open sooner rather than later. >> well, caltrans is set to make the announcement of whether the bridge will open on labor day on thursday, but this is what it will look like when they actually do open it. all of the led lights on the bridge all fired up for the first time tonight and a bridge spokesperson told me it would be ideal to open it by labor day. >> when the sunset this evening, the entire eastern span of the new bay bridge lit up for the
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very first time. >> the light is very uniformed and there's not patches of light and dark on the roadway. >> hundreds of custom made led lights, the final finishing touches on a bridge that is nearly complete. >> here's what's unique. the direction the lights are pointing. if you look down, you can actually see where my shadow is. that means drivers crossing the bridge will be back lit. they'll only be able to see the glare of the lights through their rear-view mirrors. by thursday, the toll bridge oversight committee will make the call whether to open on labor day. yesterday, kpix 5 broke the news that the federal government had ae proved a temporary fix for 32 bolts that busted last march clearing way for the bridge to open labor day. >> that is good news. we want to get people on to the
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new safer bridge. >> a bridge spokesperson a number of dates and logistics, but crews are working as if they'll open labor day. >> and all together now, a total of four reports have approved that temporary fix on the bridge. you have to think that that adds a huge measure of confidence to any plans to open by labor day, liz. >> yeah. christin, you're standing on the bridge. you've been around these guys all night long. do you get a sense that caltrans, they've already made up their mind. >> i get a sense that is what they are shooting for, that labor day is what they are, in fact, shooting for, but i think it's al going to depend on logistics. >> sure. all right. the clock is ticking. all right. thanks. tonight we know it was a woman in her 40s who was killed in a tragic construction accident. she was walking on the san jose city college campus when kiet do tells us a tractor hit her. >> by the time emergency crews got to her body at the front of
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the tractor's bucket, she had no pulse. they tried giving her cpr, and even though the hospital was literally across the street, but the time she got there, she was dead. it begs the question, was the construction area properly core donned off? the spray paint markings show where the woman's body was laying here on one of the main sidewalks in the heart of campus right next to the fine arts building. now, employees tell us there used to be a lot of construction barricades all around here, but for some reason they were all taken down. osha got the call shortly after it happened and is investigating. hours after the accident, the college chancellor and president held a somber press conference and couldn't say much, only that the woman was on foot when the front loader hit her. >> it's typical when construction projects are taking place, matters of precautionary measure are taken to make sure people don't walk into them. >> was it core donned off. >> i cannot answer any details to that at the time. >> the crews were there to
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update the campus water system. in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> the school won't say if the woman was a student, a member of the faculty or another construction worker. official confirmation came today. the body found near vacaville on friday is sandra. the 50-year-old federal investigator vanished august 4th after leaving her north oakland home. sandra told her theen age daughter she was heading to the store and will be back soon. what happened then, well, police aren't saying much. >> at this time, the police department will not be releasing any additional information other than the identification. >> police later arrested 56-year-old randy on an unrelated parole violation. he and sandra dated some 20 years ago. at this point, he hasn't been chargeed in her death, but police say he is a person of interest. also tonight, we have learned that it was a trail of blood that led cops to a stash of drugs, a lot of drugs.
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this is $1.5 million worth of the illegal drug ecstasy that san francisco police found on sunday in an apartment on mission 29th street. officers were answering a burglary call when they followed blood from a broken window and found all this. more than 50 pounds of the powder used to make ecstasy, more than 30,000 pills, and nearly $30,000 in cash. police arrested these two guys, 31-year-old steven terrell and 36-year-old benjamin both of san francisco. investigators suspect the men may have been planning to deal the drugs at the outside lands music festival. tonight american air license and u.s. airways promised to fight the government's attempt to stop the two carriers from merging. the justice department filed an antitrust suit say tg merger would reduce competition forcing travelers to pay more for tickets. tonight one airline analyst told cbs news the airlines will still
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probably get together eventually if they make certain concessions like giving up launding slots at reagan national airport near washington dc. well, it took less than 140 characters for a billionaire to send apple stock through the roof. investor carl ican tweeted that apple stock is undervalued and that he made a large investment in the company. the news pushed apple stock prices up 5% just under $490. but that's still way off its 52-week peak of $705. last night we heard oracle ceo say apple will never be the same company, never have the same incredible success without steve jobs. well, tonight, elli son is talking about his beloved america's cup in an exclusive interview with charlie rose of cbs this morning he has this message for critics who think
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the sailing race too dangerous. >> it has to be attractive to kids, and it has to be risky. it has to be a little bit risky. >> you can see much more of charlie rose's interview tomorrow on cbs this morning and whaer that ellison has to say about people who think that he has changed the sport of sailing for the worst. the cbs this morning starts at 7:00 a.m.. reporter sharon chen came into work this afternoon and told us something many in the news room just couldn't believe, that the malibu grand prix is closing in just a few days. do you know it? this is a family entertainment center right off 101 in redwood city. >> from bumper boats and birthdays to evan white's first big hole in one, this is where memories are made in redwood city. this is one council member's third trip this week. >> we're just trying to do as much as we can before it goes
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away. >> visitors are ra cing to the malibu grand prix for the last bumper boat ride, last putt, last at bat, and it's the last laugh at the family fun center that's been around since 1979. malibu grand prix will close on sunday night. since earlier this year, its owner palace entertainment had been on moont-to-month lease with property owner. >> the lease had come up, worked on an extension and just weren't able to come to any type of groement that would allow us to stay. >> many visitors who came have brought their families. >> we just have a lot of friendship here, a lot of bonding with each other. >> you could drive without having a license and stuff and it's just, you know, fun. >> better than video games. >> yeah. much better. >> definitely. >> i'm sad to see this place go. we'll have to go far to find anything else similar to this. >> many say they'll miss the
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arcades and adrenaline rush from racing on the bay area's largest single track. you've got a few more days before malibu ends its reyes. >> how was it. >> that was fun. >> sharon chen kpix 5. >> so what will become of those 14 acres of fun? the property owner wouldn't say, but it is zoned for industrial use. coming up, we go along with a man who has the most unusual commute in the bay area. >> the commute is the best part of my life. >> he does this every day, but see what he found in the middle of the bay on his way home. too sleazy for hooters. the one california man the chain says it won't serve. a bedroom door, and i had to wake my poor husband up who was no longer poor. >> and you're going to hear from some of the winners of the massive powerball jackpot about why the millions mean so much. meg heat around here today, close to 100 degrees in
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livermore, 97 degrees travis air force base, fairfield 95. 90s in los altos. take a live look at that soon-to-be-oeched new spawn of the bay bridge. we'll talk about fog coming back and how warm we're going to get in the 7 day next.
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do you see the 10% back in points, aw baby, i'm seeing triple again. plus another 10%, plus free shipping?
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yeah. you're good. this is the member triple play deal. this is sears. middle of the bay.
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the stranded pup was taken shore by a . tonight a dog is safe and sound after being found swimming in the middle of the bay. the stranded pup was taken to shore by a man in a motorized raft. now, a vet checked out the dog and says he'll be just fine. now, of course, a lot of people were talking about theing to today, but the guy who helped rescue him has also quite a story, too. he has what has to be one of the most unusual commutes in the bay area. reporter joe vasquez and photographer scott ethan joined the guy on his way home tonight. >> this is the world's greatest commute bar none. >> adam cohen is headed home from work from san francisco to berkeley in his raft. >> the commute is the best part of my life. i like to tell my friends that i'm forced to have fun twice a day kind of no matter what. >> it's a pretty fancy raft with out board motor, infreightable sides, fiberglass bottoms. it takes about 20 minutes to get
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across the bay. >> i don't know what's more interesting, you saved a dog or you make this commute every day. >> it was on his commute yesterday almost home about 3 miles that adam spot add scene of chaos. wind surfers who first looked like they were in trouble. >> they were waving. so we went over there said, like, you guys all right, what's up? they're like we've got aing to. i was like, what. >> adam volunteered to bring the exhausted dog on board his boat and eventually took her home. turns out she's a puppy. she had a collar but no tag. the vet checked for a microchip. no such luck. they've named her richard parker after the character from life of pie. she seems to be doing okay, but there's still two big questions. who is the dog's owner, and how in the world did she end up in the middle of san francisco bay? actually, i had one more big question for adam. considering the impending bart strike and the commuter chaos that would follow, does riding his raft save him any money.
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>> no. >> you don't save money? it's a boat, right. >> no, no. it's a hole in the water to pour money in. that's what it is. >> i'm sure everybody that owns a boat is probably shaking their head right now going, yep, it's a money pit. but, you know, it is hard to kind of decide which story you want to tell. the back to the dog, joe, any idea, any speculation on how he ended up in the middle of the bay, he or she ended up in the middle of the bay. >> liz, it's still not clear. i mentioned she was found about three miles off berkeley here. it was also about half a mile from treasure island, but still the spokesperson for berkeley dog and cat hospital that i spoke with today said it's just highly improbable she wam that distance in that current in the cold temperatures so that means she might have been abandoned or perhaps she fell out of a boat, but we don't know because no one has come forward yet to claim her. >> all right. hopefully she'll find a good
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home. definitely very lucky dog sgli hope. >> all right. joe, thank you. san diego mayor and accused sexual harasser bob fill ner has been banned from, wait from it for it, hooters. they will not serve mayor philner. signs announcing the decision were posted at all four locations today. they say in part, we believe it is imperative for people to have standards. the mayor of san diego will not be served in this establishment. we believe that women should be treated with respect. it's hard to find a group happier than 16 garage workers in new jersey. they're still partying tonight. i can hear brown says they came forward today with stories of how they'll spend their share of a $448 million powerball jackpot. >> the coworkers at the ocean county maintenance garage have been plague the lottery for
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years. on wednesday, they gave lisa $6 apiece to buy 48 tickets. she looked up the winning numbers the next morning sfwli immediately just started shaking and i'm just staring at it and i didn't know what to do. so i got up. i walked down the hal. i opened up the bedroom door, and i had to wake my poor husband up who was no longer poor. >> each worker's share comes to about $3.8 million after taxes. >> is anyone quitting their jobs? [ laughter ] . >> could be a possibility. >> this is willie. >> i'm just going to continue watching nascar racing on sunday. maybe i'll be at my log cabin on multiple acres of land. >> all expect to keep their jobs except joe. he was planning to retire last year. >> just a miracle and shocking and after 34 years and almost retiring last year, this happens, and you just don't have
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another choice. >> the odds of winning powerball are one in 170 million, but what about the odds of winning a lottery created by your father? that's what happened to barbara joe. her late father was the state senator who wrote the law that created new jersey's lottery. >> i couldn't ask for a better dad, and i wish he was here to share in the moment. >> six of the winners were victims of superstorm sandy. the house darlene rented with her daughter was destroyed. >> the first thing i'm going to do is buy me and my daughter a home and bring my dog home. >> first new jersey's newest millionaires went back to the garage. they had to finish their shifts. perhaps you did not win the lottery. chances are you didn't but you enjoyed that sunshine today. more coming tomorrow. we will hit the peak of our heat and peak of the sunshine later on tomorrow. looking live outside tonight we don't even have the low cloud
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cover yet. it will move in before sun vise. san francisco downtown for the first time since fireworks day, since independence day, july 4th with us the last time we had 70 until today. the longest such stretch in about five years. 36 miles away, though, we nearly hit 100 greece today. our microclimate spread here. downtown san francisco, 70, livermore you hit 97 degrees tot. santa clara tomorrow, sunshine, mid 80s for you, little morning fog comes back thursday with high of 81 degrees. kind of hitting the peak tomorrow. here's why. that's groing to move well to our north. nowhere close to us. we're not going to get that on shore flow. instead we have this huge ridge of high pressure. that's going to influence our weather more than anything else. chances are you isle be a couple degrees milder tomorrow than today. changes coming up thursday.
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low pressure ifrmgs a little bit closer to us grabbing some of that ocean influence and making us a little bit cooler and cloudier near the water. highs will hit their peak tomorrow. cool off starting thursday. that'll last near saturday. you want to get a pool day for the kids before school starts, we will warm up and be like lie in the 90s inland on sunday. livermore 92. a few degrees above average. palo alto 84. hayward sunshine 76. fairfield, pittsburgh, concord, walnut creek, danville all in the 90s. 70 again for downtown san francisco. oakland 73. novato 85 and mid 90s for northern sonoma and napa county. cooler friday and saturday warming back up on sunday. look at those highs near the bay right around 70 each of the seven days. that's your forecast. we'll be right back. ,,,,
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one inch was the differencen the a's game tonight as thed a chance to tie the rangers first place in . the a's so close. >> you know, at the end of the season when you're right up against to win the division, you always look back at one game. this might be one of those games. one inch was the difference in
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the a's game tonight as they had a chance to tie the rangers for first place in the west. bartolo colon looking to bounce back after getting roughed up last start out. former athletic chris carter with rbi double. colon would give up five runs in four innings. but what would an a's game be without some comeback? first to the left, two-run shot and the a's were down by one run. go to the bottom of the 9th. there are two outs. chris young is at the plate. he launches what would be the game-winning home run. question is, is it fair or is it foul? the umpires review it to see it's a baseball grazed the foul pole, which would have been a home run. the umps say it did not hit the pole, and houston would win the game 5 to 4. oakland remains one game back in the american league west. well, a rain delay during the fifth inning of the giants and nationals game in dc, but it
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only delayed the inevitable. adam la roesh launches two-run shot. giants lose 4 to 2. they are 16-and-a-half games behind the donlers who won their 7th straight. 49ers still looking for the guy who will start opposite end. made the probowl three times all on special teams. he hasn't taken an offense ef nfl stat nins 2011, but that is not stopping him from believing he can make an impact from the a's as a receiver. >> i just want to go out there and let him know wasn't a spot wasted on the roster. most people will tell you at the beginning of your career you're not going to make it to nfl and you should try to give up and be a doctor or lawyer, but if you have faith in yourself and faith in god, you can accomplish anything. pete rose was banned for baseball for life. in 1989 for gambling. he starts tonight's top five. >> be honest with you, i picked the wrong vice. i should have picked alcohol. i should have picked drugs or i
11:27 pm
should have picked beating up my wife or my girlfriend because if you do those three, you get a second chance. pga champion jason duff ner tweeted this video out of himself sleeping with a trophy. he's still dreaming of his pga champion victory on sunday. we've seen winners celebrate victories before, but sunday we saw it all. all star high school showcase that show it is best players from across the country. both teams dog pile on top of each other indeed. it was there. wasn't that amazing celebration in there it is. they go absolutely nuts. >> yes, they do. no. 2, that was the cubs game prior to that, and at no. 1, this is why drivers should have car windows. the seagull flies into a car while practicing in toronto.
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out the window. weal be right back. . this bay bridge highlight from kpix 5. >> 3, 2, 1, high-tech lights will keep the glare out of driver's eyes when they cross the new span at night. lighting of castro valley installed 48,000 high intensity led lamps individually aimed to avoid glare. leds use less energy and are expected to last up to 15 years. >> this bay bridge highlight is sponsored by chase, so you can. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, [ male announcer ] what is performance?
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to us, performance is not about doing one thing well. it is about doing everything well. because in the end... everything matters. the best or nothing. that is what drives us. a study from h . marriage is increasingly becoming a luxury that fewer americans can afford. study from harvard and the university of virginia found that middle and upper-klass americans are much more lieshgly to get married and stay married than working class americans. that's because couples with a little more money are generally much more stable and better able to roll with the inevitable difficulties couples and families. can you believe this nonsense? the researchers say americans with less-stable jobs usually have less-stable relationships. don't buy it. i don't buy it. >> all right. . >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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our next newscast is tomorr morning at 4-30. . david letterman is next. >> all right. our next news cast tomorrow morning, bright and early.
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