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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  August 14, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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as. >> turning bay area sidewalks into personal junkyards. the new tactic to crackdown on illegal dumping. >> pelley: tonight, a massacre. we have the latest casualty numbers now from today's massive assault in the streets of cairo. charlie d'agata and alex ortiz are covering the still-unfolding action. clarissa ward on what it means. there's late-breaking news on the jet crash today in alabama. manuel bojorquez is on the scene there. what does it cost these days to raise a child? the government has a new estimate. elaine quijano looks at the reality facing parents. and why did a chinese millionaire build his shangri-la on top of this apartment building? seth doane goes to the man-made mountain top. >> mr. zhang, are you home? captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news"
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with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening, for days, egypt's military warned supporters of the ousted president mohamed morsi to end their sit-ins. the crackdown came today. it was bloodbath. riot police and soldiers stormed encampments in cairo and other cities. by the government's count at least 278 were killed. again, that is the army's version of the death toll. to us, this picture seemed to is up the military coup that began in july: an army bulldozer shredding a poster of morsi who was the first and only freely elected president of egypt. vice president mohammed al bare day, the winner of the nobel peace prize, quit in protest today. the white house condemned the violence. egypt has, of course, but a key u.s. ally and a partner in piece with israel.
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we have a team of correspondents covering this story beginning with charlie d'agata in cairo. charlie? >> reporter: scott, today, quite frankly, the streets of cairo looked like a war zone, and if anything, security is clamping down even tighter tonight around the city. the main protest camp outside the rabaa al adawiya mosque was the scene of the worst carnage. the makeshift field hospital quickly filled up and severely wounded protesters were carried upstairs to new rooms as volunteers tried to give what little emergency care they could. in other parts of the building, the bodies piled up as protesters struggled to keep up with the task of giving names to the dead. most of the wounds our cbs team saw were gunshots to the head and chest. that's consistent with reports of police sniper fire pouring into the camp. at the peak of the battle, the sound of automatic weapons fire was deafening. this man is shouting at the protesters to stand their ground and for hours today they did, despite the brutality of the crackdown.
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>> this is what they do to civil protesters! >> reporter: for the most part, the protesters tried to fight back against the overwhelming assault by throwing stones at the security forces, but tonight egyptian t.v.-- which supports the military-led government-- is broadcasting video that it claims shows automatic weapons being fired from inside the camp. it's true the violence isn't one-sided. these pictures show a police vehicle being pushed off a bridge. four policemen were killed. tonight the wreckage of the camp is in flames and the interim government is claiming that it's arrested the top leadership of the muslim brotherhood. now, the muslim brotherhood are insisting that their leaders have not been arrested and i guess the question tonight is whether they go to ground like they did before. but we passed that mosque, the scene of all that violence, you saw lots of people, pro- government supporters holding sticks and machetes, making sure
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that those protesters don't return. >> pelley: the muslim brotherhood being the political party of the ousted president. charlie, thanks very much. among the dead tonight are at least three journalists. mick deane was shot today. he often risked his life to cover the news and people in our newsroom who knew him said he was a good man to be with when things got rough. also shot and killed was habiba ahmed abd elaziz. she was 26 and reported for a weekly newspaper in dubai. egyptian journalist achmed abdel gawad lost his life today as well. one of the reporters in harm's way was alex ortiz, a cbs news producer who's been covering egypt for more than three years. he was in the middle of it today and he joins us now. alex, what did you see in. >> hi, scott. when we arrived at the field hospital, the scene was madness. there were snipers positioned on the only functioning entrance and exit that was accessible to protesters trying to either get
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into or out of the camp. the hospital came under siege. as people were trying to exit it snipers would fire at them so you had to run and duck for cover to dive into the hospital. when we got there, the floors and the walls were slick with blood. it was utter madness. all floors of the hospital being full of bodies of the dead and wounded. >> pelley: it appears that the egyptian government is doing whatever it can to keep all of this quiet, trying to keep foreign reporters from reporting what they have seen. what has the situation been for reporters trying to cover this? >> well, journalists have come under fire from both sides, both pro and anti-morsi sides. the government in particular is taking a strong tack against
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specifically independent media reporting the story. there's been constantly blaming international outlets for getting the story wrong and for spreading lies and rumors. >> pelley: alex ortiz, cbs news producer in cairo for us. thank you, alex. clarissa ward is our most experienced egypt reporter. she happens to be in our london bureau tonight. clarissa, what is this? is it headed to civil war? >> well, scott, i think it's important to remember the military and the government it install have had huge public support in egypt at the moment. many people actually approve of the actions of security forces today. one egyptian woman said to me "if you have a bleeding wounded leg you have to amputate it." that may sound shocking to us but it is a common attitude there. at the same time, even if the muslim brotherhood were only supported by 10% of the country, that's still nine million people. the government must know it can't kill its way out of the stalemate.
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there needs to be serious reconciliation and it's hard to see that happening now. we need to be careful about using terms like civil war but these are dark, dark days for egypt. >> pelley: reconciliation is what the u.s. government for is calling for tonight. clarissa, thank you. at his court-martial today, u.s. army soldier bradley manning apologized for, as he put it, "hurting the united states." while manning was stationed in iraq, he downloaded hundreds of thousands of classified documents which he then gave to wikileaks, the web site dedicated to outing national secrets. chip reid is on the story. >> reporter: private first class bradley manning read a statement from the witness stand. stand. >> reporter: two weeks ago, manning was convicted of 20 counts, including espionage, for leaking more than 700,000 secret
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military documents when he was a low-level intelligence analyst in iraq in 2010. he did it, he has said, to provoke a public debate about the wars in iraq and afghanistan. but in his statement today manning said: hoping to avoid the maximum sentence of 90 years, manning's lawyers today called a psychiatrist to the stand who testified that he suffered the gender identity disorder. they also released a photograph of him dressed as a woman. the psychiatrist said at the time of his offenses, manning was in a state of severe emotional distress. in his statement in court today, manning said he still hopes to go to college, get a degree and one day find a productive role in society. whether that ever happens, scott, is now in the hands of a military judge who could make her decision on a sentence as soon as next week. >> pelley: chip, thank you. a u.p.s. wide-body cargo plane crashed this morning as it was attempting to land at the
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airport in birmingham, alabama. the two pilots were killed. this evening, the national transportation safety board brought us the latest information on this and manuel bojorquez is in birmingham. >> reporter: flames lit up the predawn sky on a grassy field just half a mile shy of birmingham international airport. flight 1354 was on a routine service flight from louisville, kentucky, to birmingham, alabama, when residents were suddenly awakened by a loud explosion. eddie smith lives near the crash site. >> shook my house so bad i thought it was coming off the foundation. that's how bad it shook the house. >> reporter: pine tree tops were sheared off as the plane made its approach, barely missing houses. debris was spread for blocks. flight tracking data show at 4:43 a.m. central time the plane made a steep descent from an altitude of 9,500 feet to 2, 600 neat about a minute.
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that's three times faster than it normally descends. robert sumwalt from the n.t.s.b. says there was no distress call from the pilots. >> it appears the aircraft went through some trees and then initially impacted towards the bottom of the hill where a fireball -- where there's evidence of fire. the tail section of the aircraft is still smoldering, still smoking, and for that reason we have not been able to get in and get the black boxes, if you will, the cockpit voice recorder, the flight data recorder. >> reporter: a law enforcement official tells us at this point there is no evidence of terrorism or foul play. scott, the a-300 aircraft is the workhorse of the shipping industry but in the u.s. it is no longer used for passenger transport. >> pelley: manuel, thank you. no doubt that raising a child is expensive. but did you ever try to figure out exactly how much it costs? well, the government did. according to a report today from the agriculture department, no less, raising a little sprout born last year to the age of 18
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will cost more than $241,000. that is up about $6, 100 from the year before. elaine quijano takes a look for us at where all this money is going. >> whoa! >> reporter: music producer david bruner stopped working when his daughter mae was born. child care cost too much, even though his wife earns a six- figure salary as an attorney in new york city. >> it's expensive from the moment you find out you're pregnant until -- until the end of it. >> reporter: when adjusted for inflation, the cost of raising a child born in 2012 is 23% higher than for a child born in 1960. the fastest-rising costs are child care and education, health care, and clothing. all up 3.6% or more compared to the year before. the report does not include the cost of college or take into account the income lost by
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parents who stay at home. expenses are the lowest in the south where it will cost more than $226,000. it's highest in the northeast where david bruner lives. the cost there typically tops $277,000. the bruners plan on having another child, but for financial reasons two is probably their limit. an expensive blessing. >> yes. an expensive blessing. >> reporter: you're okay with that? >> oh, yeah, more than okay. >> reporter: the report found that as a family has more children expenses per child decrease. that's partly because there's more sharing of things like clothes and toys. scott, families with three or more kids spend about 22% less per child compared to families with just two children. >> pelley: it all adds up. elaine, thank you. business is booming for one funeral director, but for no good reason. and we'll show you a rescue mission to save a whale when the "cbs evening news" continues.
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$43,000 wristwatch. his wife sandra got one year for filing false tax returns. the judge agreed to let her serve her term after the term of jesse jackson, jr., so that they can continue to care for their two children. we have been reporting for quite some time on the chronic gun violence in jackson's hometown. there have been 214 shooting deaths in chicago so far this year. the violence is keeping not only the police busy but also the man you're about to meet. here's danielle nottingham. >> reporter: the leak and sons funeral home has been on chicago's south side for 80 years. >> where was the death? >> reporter: spencer leak, sr., arranges 2,000 funerals a year. more and more they are for shooting victims. how many gun violence funerals have you done so far this year? >> i would think the number is about 45.
5:47 pm
>> reporter: and that's about the number of murder last year in seattle and tampa combined. >> a significant portion of my day is spent trying to counsel with mothers who have lost sons through gun violence. i've seen three mothers over the weekend. i'm waiting to see a mother today, possibly another. with ask your blessings on this family, especially this mother and dad and all the family that is grieving. my heart goes out to her because i know what's happening with her. wn ost can't turn her down or away. >> reporter: what's the hardest part of your job? >> the age of the young people. the fact that they are victims of just rage, rampant violence, not necessarily directed toward them. >> reporter: one was jonylah watkins. she was hit by a bullet meant for her father. >> i buried this little baby, six months old. the most beautiful baby you would ever see. a baby girl killed in her father's lap. that just goes all through me.
5:48 pm
it -- it makes my stomach turn to have to do that. i'm angry. i'm sad. i just worry about my grandchildren having to live in a city that's so divided, a community so divided that we are destroying ourselves as we go. >> we have to press our way on. >> they come to these funerals, they come by the thousands to see young people lying in a casket. they are looking to experience the same fate because of the nature of our city. we in the black community, people like myself, we must come together, band together, and stop the division that exists in our city and then try to turn around some lives. >> reporter: the man leak buried today was 40-year-old clifton balentine. scott, he was at a cookout when someone walked up to him and his group of friends and opened
5:49 pm
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>> pelley: at least 35 large wildfires are burning throughout the west tonight. this one outside park city, utah, is one of the most serious. 13 homes have been destroyed. hundreds of others are threatened. the fire started by lightning
5:52 pm
has grown to more than 2,000 acres. it's 25% contained. it used to be that when a rocket went up it either splashed down or crashed down. but in a major test yesterday, a private company wanted to prove that buck rogers was right. the space-x company programmed its rocket called "grass hopper" to climb to just 800 feet, travel 300 feet sideways, and the company hoped that it would return to the launch pad. look at how it went. went. a complete success. space-x is already delivering cargo to the space station and hopes eventually to use the "grass hopper" for multiple missions. a whale needed some help getting out of a tight spot off australia's east coast. the 30-foot humpback got caught in a net that is meant to protect swimmers from sharks. rescuers cut it away string by string and the whale swam away,
5:53 pm
apparently tired but unhurt. and this could be an unexpected by-product of climate change: california's giant redwoods and sequoias are in a growth spurt. scientists said today the trees have grown more rapidly over the past century than at any other time in their lives. one theory is that rising temperatures have lengthen it had growing season. there are 20 million stories in the city of beijing and we found one of the strangest 26 stories up. we'll have that for you next. purchase eraser? e e i need to redeem some venture miles before my demise. okay. it's easy to erase any recent travel expense i want. just pick that flight right there. mmm hmmm. give it a few taps,'s taken care of. this is pretty easy, and i see it works on hotels too.
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and a choice. take up to 6 tylenol in a day or just 2 aleve for all day relief. all aboard. ♪ catch the perps in the act.t weather talent appears at wx center with generic pinpoint filling monitor then we take special >> pelley: according to legend, when the british mountaineer george mallory was asked why he wanted to climb mount everest he replied "because it's there." and if you ask us why we wanted seth doane to climb a mountain that sprung up on top of an apartment building in beijing, well, we'll give you the same answer. >> reporter: why battle beijing traffic to get to the mountains if you could just take the elevator? there's no obvious explanation why a wealthy, well-connected chinese man spent six years building this roof top villa and
5:57 pm
mountainscape all without proper permits. from a neighboring skyscraper, the ladders, terrace and foliage came into view, but perched above the 26th story it appeared more precarious than peaceful. many neighbors were unimpressed. mr. li remembered drilling sound. "we've always heard noises from upstairs" he told us. "it was loud, indeed." chinese regulations state that the structure and layout of buildings cannot be changed without government approval. we tried to reach the villa's owner at home. mr. zhang, are you home? we found a letter pasted to his door dated august 12. it read that he must tear down the 800 square meter 8,600 square foot illegal construction within 15 days. that could not come soon enough for neighbor mr. lu. "he shouldn't be abe to do that," he told us.
5:58 pm
"sometimes you'd see construction materials in the elevator. om've climbed up the stairs from the 26th floor. right below this mountainscape, and this is what we've found. trees, tree stumps, and fake branches. the man behind this mountain is zhang biqing once a member of a political body that advised the ruling communist party. the government says it will force demolition if the owner doesn't tear it down first. neighbors told us they felt powerless to stop this roof top monument to one man's ego. his faux rock display of flouting the law. seth doane, cbs news, beijing. >> pelley: and that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night. w. captioning sponsored by cbs
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald breaking news. only on kpix 5, mark your calendars. it now looks like the new bay bridge will in fact open on labor day weekend. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm allen martin. we're going to begin with a kpix 5 exclusive. sources telling us tonight, the date is all but set. the new bay bridge will finally open to traffic labor day weekend. christin ayers joining us from oakland with the information we have just confirmed. >> reporter: that information coming from some high ranking sources in the state transportation hierarchy. they are saying that the bridge will open on labor day weekend. that that opening will be contingent upon the vote of a three-person committee that will vote tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. to officially open the bridge
6:00 pm
on labor day weekend. they say that the governor has actually thrown his support behind a labor day opening and it's up to the committee which includes the head of caltrans and executive director of the bay area transportation authority and the head of the transportation commission to actually take a public vote that will happen at 10 a.m. and again that will be a formality at this point. they will officially approve a labor day opening. there will be a modest ceremony of sorts nowhere near the big grand opening party that's been planned earlier this year in order to open the bridge on labor day. instead it will be something modest but there may be discussions to have a larger ceremony at some point something that is open to the public and will be sort of a large-scale celebration of the opening of the bridge. any other details about that celebration will come in that meeting tomorrow but again we want to stress we have learned from some very well placed sources within the state tr