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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  August 26, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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tests on the bolts that were of concern on the new span appear to be going fine. here's the story. >> absolutely, we are opening on time and we feel very safe. >> reporter: for the last couple of weeks, this parking lot just off the bay bridge toll plaza has been turned into a makeshift laboratory where officials have been trying to gauge the strength of hundreds of bolts on the new bay bridge span whose strength was brought into question when 32 bolts on a key anchor snapped after being tightened. it's not a fancy operation. >> the threaded ends are submerged in saltwater and one end is held in place and the other slowly tension and every two days they slowly increase the tension a little more and more. >> reporter: this weekend, the bolts you're seeing here snapped. oddly enough, officials are actually happy that it broke. why? >> we took them to the highest possible level of tension that they could be under and that is a higher level than any of the bolts are at on the bridge. >> reporter: for months, questions about the bolts' strength have been hanging like a cloud over the new $6 billion
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span. and for a while, they even threatened to postpone its opening. >> this is a serious issue and it's being taken seriously. >> reporter: but it's not over. our snapped bolt will now be cut up into pieces and taken to a lab for more tests. >> the fact that they broke after nearly 5 days at the highest possible tension means that at least initially these bolts could last a very, very long time. >> reporter: still, not everyone is slapping high fives at least not yet. >> i think we're still looking at, oh, i would say several months' worth of additional testing to have an absolutely clear picture of where we're at and again, that's the long term. on the short term basis i think we know where we're at. >> reporter: where's that? >> we're into good place. >> reporter: and that place may be the opening one week from today. on treasure island, phil matier, kpix 5. with no traffic going over the bay bridge, officials expect more activity certainly on the golden gate bridge. there's concern those drivers may not be up to speed on the new electronic tolling.
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mark kelly is at the golden gate bridge. don't stop. mark? >> reporter: no cash lanes here allen. this is all-electronic. this is something they started back in march. as you can see behind me the cars are flowing through just fine. of course, if you have a fast track, you can go through no problem. for the drivers who don't, this toll can get a little confusing. for most, a drive across the golden gate is unforgettable. but for out-of-towners like norman, it's confusing. >> seeing the signs three to five miles up that cash was not accepted. >> reporter: when we found him he was out of the car standing at this small sign thinking up one big question: how does he pay for a toll that doesn't take cash? >> a little confusing according to the sign that i have looked at right now. >> reporter: he isn't alone. and this labor day weekend officials expect traffic to be 20% heavier. that's what it was the last two
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times the bay bridge shut down. and that's what got people like kerry witt who run the bridge educating drivers now rather than later. here's the basic rule. >> after the golden gate bridge there are no toll collectors so you don't need to stop. >> reporter: that doesn't mean the bridge is free. one way to pay, find a kiosk like this. here you can do a bunch of things like register your license plate for automatic payment and add money to your fastrak. of course, you can also do nothing at all. you won't go across the bridge scot-free. if you do nothing else, just keep going and you'll get a bill in the mail in about two weeks. >> unless there's a way i can pay cash, i'm out of luck. >> reporter: michael is in from new york city. he was planning to pay with cash. >> i guess i'm in for a surprise once i come back over the bridge. >> reporter: with no bay bridge just a few days away, more drivers may soon get a confusing surprise bill. so officials are doing what they can to keep the message simple. >> the main thing is to be
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patient. >> reporter: so when this electronic tolling first started, there was a backlog with some of those bills in the mail. officials reassure me today that all those kinks have been worked out. live at the golden gate bridge, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> and for information on how to navigate around the bay bridge closure, we got you covered. find our survival guide online at it appears faster than crews can clean it up. now chp officers are going all out to catch san jose taggers. the unprecedented crackdown has netted several arrests. kpix 5's len ramirez on the special task force catching criminals in the act. >> reporter: this railroad bridge over highway 101 in san jose did not stay graffiti-free for long. it was painted over by the state last may at a cost of $18,000. today it's tagged all over again. >> jose [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: but in an unprecedented crackdown, san
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jose chp officers have arrested seven alleged taggers over a two-month span. at least two of the suspects are believed to be responsible for tagging the 101 bridge. >> we are making a stand and a point. don't do this. >> reporter: officer chris says an explosion of tagging has been going on in speed and number of tags this summer. this is one example. the concrete was barely dry on some new retaining walls on 680 at the alum rock overcrossing when they were heavily tagged. he says officers were just as upset as neighbors. >> the citizens did not like it and neither did the officers. he drove in this area as well not only on duty but also home. and our children are in the cars and it was just not something we wanted to tolerate. >> reporter: so they set up a special task force for the first time diverting an undisclosed number of officers away from regular duties to focus only on arresting taggers. >> they are targeting areas that look like the graffiti vandals are targeting. >> reporter: prosecutors do have options when it comes to charging the suspects partly due to the cost of the clean-up of graffiti and partly to send a message they will pursue the
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cases as felonies. >> as a felony offense, we can seek up to three years of custody time. we can also have the court order restitution. >> reporter: they could be fined tens of thousands of dollars each but officers say as successful as they were several other taggers got away. the graffiti patrols will be ongoing in hopes of at least slowing down a persistent problem. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> if you see someone about to tag, you can call 911 and also report anonymous tips about graffiti vandals by calling 311. now on to the massive wildfire burning near yosemite. the feds are going to pick up 75% of the cost of fighting the "rim" fire. governor brown could ask for more. 3600 firefighters are making slow progress getting a handle on it. 150,000 acres are now scorched and the fire is only 15% contained. and a big concern for the bay area, the fire's creeping up on
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the hetch hetchy reservoir and could get there soon. >> probably a couple of days with the weather we got and the way it's moving, i'd say two or three days. >> firefighters say it could be december before the fire is completely out. >> you can see how close it is to the reservoir. the burn area 235 square miles about the size of the city of chicago. it's so big you can see it from space. you can see the flames and the plume of smoke that stretches across the sierra into nevada. the bay area has a special connection to yosemite and many of the camps around the park. one of the camps has been destroyed by the flames. john ramos on the memories amid the ash of berkeley's tuolumne family camp. >> reporter: nicole delancey came to work at her san francisco medical office today but her heart really wasn't in
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it. >> being at work and just trying to keep the day-to-day going, you know. >> reporter: today she, like thousands of people in the bay area, are mourning the death of a childhood friend. that's how they will remember the berkeley tuolumne family camp destroyed in the monstrous "rim" fire near yosemite. >> what happened in these trees and wood cabins, it went up like a match. >> reporter: the camp near groveland has been operating since 1922. a place for fun and friendship where kids could begin to love nature and get their firs taste of freedom. >> there's a sense of commute and safety. >> reporter: all day people have been using social media as a sort of group therapy sharing photos and memories. >> an absolute tragedy. i hardly slept last night. i know tuolumne was a fairy
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tale to all my friends and now it's a fairy tale in their lives too. feeling sad. >> reporter: nicole worked at the camp as a teenager and credits her strength to the lessons this place taught her. >> learned things about music, learned things about food, politics, how to treat people, how to be a good employee, how to be a good friend. and it's hard to think that those buildings that i did that in, did those things in, aren't there. >> reporter: the buildings are gone. but so are the trees and they will take generations to come back. all that's left of camp tuolumne are memories. but perhaps the camp has given those who loved it one last parting gift, the reminder that we need to cherish the good things in our lives because nothing is forever. in san francisco, john ramos, kpix 5. >> as for other bay area camps, san francisco's camp mather is safe. fire crews built a warrier around it and say the flames have passed it by. but at least one building
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burned at camp tawonga. and the san jose family camp is now closed for the season. we have more "rim" fire coverage at you'll also find interactive maps. coming up at 6:30, more on how officials are handling the threat to bay area water and power. mark sayre takes us inside san francisco's emergency operations is there. other bay area headlines. orange cones are blocking streets in pleasanton flooded by a water main break. crews have been mopping up in the area of hopyard and black since just after 4 p.m. this afternoon. the two turning lanes from hopyard to black will be closed and repairs will begin tomorrow. a former san mateo psychiatrist will spend 8 years in prison for molesting underaged patients. 81-year-old william ayres was supposed to be treating the five boys. his victims tearfully gave statements during a sentencing today. he pleaded no contest to 8 counts of lewd and lascivious acts on a child under 14. the couple charged with
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stealing luggage from sfo following the deadly asiana plane crash was back in court today. police say former united baggage handler sean crudup and his wife were caught on camera taking unclaimed luggage from a diverted flight. the two will face a preliminary hearing in november. a top official at sfo is accused of helping his nephew get a promotion despite multiple disciplinary actions. lar ray mazzola is the president of the san francisco airport commission. phil matier reports his nephew mark kennedy is in line for a permanent $86,000 a year safety job at the airport. kennedy resigned from an earlier airport job for having porn on his computer. he also pleaded no contest to assaulting the boyfriend of his ex at an airport terminal. mazzola said he helped a lot of people get jobs, family or not. but he says he has never interfered with the airport's disciplinary actions involving his nephew. if you want to know what a true american hero looks like, then you don't have to look too
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far. you just have to look at your dad. >> a bay area soldier receives the nation's highest military honor. how he went above and beyond to help his comrades in an intense six-hour ambush. >> i'm ken bastida. the extreme fire danger not just in the sierra foothills. we'll show you an area right in the middle of san francisco that cal fire has been warning the city about for months. >> it was a cloudy start but nothing but blue skies as we look from the pyramid south across san francisco bay and the city. we'll talk about how long the sunshine is going to stick around and a change coming as we head toward the holiday weekend. details coming up. >> i was looking for my picture and realized, probably the best photo i have ever seen. >> hear from the kayakers who took these photos near monterey. what surprised them about the obvious about these 80,000- pound humpback whales. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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taking action. ken bastida is live with mobile five...o tell us why more than one-thousand s are being cut down. hazardous conditions on san francisco's mount suit tro have crews taking action. -- on mount sutro have crews taking action. ken bastida reports. >> reporter: this is what it looks like on mount sutro. there's a lot of undergrowth here a lot of blackberry bushes, small trees and other things that can be ladders fires in a big fire situation. here's what it looked like when they cleaned it out today. crews came out this morning and chopped down smaller trees. they are not taking anything that's bigger than 6." but the extreme fire danger here is going on for a while and cal fire and the city of san francisco, the fire department, has warned ucsf that this is an extremely hazardous fire situation.
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the ucsf fire marshal says they don't want to see anybody hurt. >> what we want to do is prevent obviously loss of lives and property. this clearing this underbrush will prevent what's called ladder fuels from the fire on the ground getting into these high trees eucalyptus trees and becoming more of a conflagration, big fire, keep it out of the crown. so it's a preemptive strike. >> reporter: let me show you something else here, liz. this is the reason why they're so concerned. up on the hills here and all around mount sutro is the ucsf student housing. now, 400 students are housed in here. you can see the interface with the trees here and a lot of these are non-native eucalyptus that can burn as we saw in 1991 in the oakland hills fire. they say it's going to take about two weeks to do about 15 acres here. again, they're not clear- cutting anything. they're taking out small trees and shrubs that will act as ladder fuel to get up into the higher canopy there and maybe in the process save some lives.
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liz? >> all right, ken. thank you. an unusual warning for homeowners. burglars in fremont are posing as animal control officers looking for snakes. in one report, a woman in dark clothing with a pierced tongue claimed she was searching for poisonous snakes. she also said she needed to take measurements of the backyard and insisted everyone in the house go into the yard. then a man came inside the house and stole cash and jewelry. >> well, it is scary. i mean, things are because of the economy, everyone is really resorting to all kinds of tricks to get people to, uhm, you know, give them money or come in and rob them. >> police say city employees have a picture id card and if anyone comes to your door claiming to be an employee, ask to see it. union city had a similar possibly related incident last
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week. swimmers surfers borders can get into the water at stinson beach. a shark sighting prompted a closure. a shark appeared in waist deep water last month. there have been no reports of great whites so the beach reopened yesterday. a group of whales paid a visit to kayakers in monterey. anthony mason spoke with kayakers about their up close and personal experience. >> they sensed me. they heard me. they saw me. i don't know what happened. but they dove underneath me like very quickly. >> reporter: one of those playful 80,000-pound humpback whales surfaced and dove 3 feet from karen's kayak and with the grace of a diver no water hit her. >> i was in awe of the sensitivity of their surroundings that they were able to sense me and just cruise underneath me not hit me, you know, very sensitive to their surroundings. those two whales came up later to hang out with us again.
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>> reporter: a buffet of anchovies drew the whales to monterey bay's submarine canyon, an ocean shelf that in part is wider and deeper than the grand canyon. >> it's absolutely amazing. >> reporter: but jean carlo alongside hatch took the photo that turned it into a last moment. >> when i took the photo i was really scared, not only i didn't know it was going to happen to karen. when i got back to land, i realized that i was looking through my pictures and realized, this is probably the best photo i have ever seen. >> amazing! well, that was antony anthony mason reporting. there were 15 humpbacks, the most spotted in the bay area this year. the oldest california gull ever known is being nursed back to life in silicon valley. a tracking band on its leg shows the bird is 28 years old. california gulls are known to
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live up to only 25 years. wildlife caretakers found it this month dehydrated and injured. today it's flying on its own and will be released back into the wild eventually. >> i'm sure he stole my lunch at the beach. i'm certain of it. 27 years ago! >> exactly. [ laughter ] >> back in 1986! >> i'm going to get him. >> hold a grudge. >> way to go, allen. [ laughter ] you know what? >> what? >> just great weather. this is just really good. you wake up in the morning you're wondering, is today the day the sun is not going to come out? the answer is no unless you're right at the coastline. look at all the sunshine we have outside but look at what happens in the evening. transamerica camera looking toward the golden gate bridge. you can make out the top of the bridge the top center of your screen. here comes the low clouds and fog through the golden gate. another vantage point, different camera, same building, transamerica cam looking south shows you nothing but sunshine. what a beautiful picture. we'll be using a lot of these pictures coming up over the next days and weeks.
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temperatures outside the mid- 80s in sonoma and livermore. upper 70s today for san jose. oakland 72. there's always a difference between sfo and downtown san francisco, today it was 5 degrees. sfo hit 70 and downtown san francisco made it to 65 with afternoon sunshine. nothing on our radar here. kpix 5 hi-def doppler showing a dry sweep strongest radar in town sitting atop mount vaca always looking for rainfall. now where the rain is? it's in southern california. it's in las vegas. it's all around basically anywhere between palm springs and vegas right now. look at what happened here. many different locations we have flash flooding about a half inch of rain that's all it takes in the desert in southern california to cause problems. we have seen major problems for the past several days and likely will continue to see major problems for the next several days. there's a plume of tropical moisture coming up from the south. you may be wondering is some of this rainfall going to make it to the burn zone near yosemite? the answer is yes and no. there's a scattered thunderstorm chance but that actually could make things worse because we could see dry lightning strikes which could cause more fires.
6:22 pm
so actually we want this moisture to stay away but there it is. staying to our south what we'll be having here is a light onshore flow what you had today. morning cloud cover but lots of afternoon sunshine. that will change though coming up this weekend as low pressure comes in closer to us from the north. the onshore flow gets stronger and just in time for the holiday weekend we are going to see more cloud cover and temperatures not as warm but tomorrow, tuesday, gorgeous. concord 87. san jose 80 degrees. redwood city your high 79. san rafael 83. in the city morning clouds and drizzle afternoon sunshine highs in the upper 60s. extended forecast, pushing the repeat button all the way through friday. the change comes right when the holiday weekend begins. cooler, cloudier, low 80s inland. upper 60s, low 70s near the bay and low 60s at the coast. it's not going to be cold. but it certainly won't be as perfect as we had throughout the week but outdoor plans, don't cancel them because of that change. >> okay. thank you. forget gpa. many colleges now want graduating seniors to take an exit exam. how it could mean a leg up in the job hunt.
6:23 pm
>> secretary of state john kerry says the evidence of a chemical attack in syria is screaming at us. the signs the u.s. is moving closer to a military attack. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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over accident is blocking l on north bound 280. this is e. have a traffic alert for commuters on the peninsula. this is a deadly rollover accident that's been blocking rains on northbound 280. this is just south of trousdale drive. the first reports say two people were killed when their caroled over and it is between those fire trucks and the bushes right there. it appears to be just often the freeway. the right lane is blocked by emergency crews but again, this interstate 280 in trousdale, this is a double fatal accident. we'll keep an eye on it as it
6:26 pm
affects the evening commute. well, it's no secret, state funding for colleges and universities has dwindles over the years and today, uc- berkeley's new chancellor talked about how the university must get creative to get more money. >> we are going to have to find new ways to generate new kinds of revenue through certain kinds of programs and the use of our resources and in very fiscally prudent and sometimes even adventurous ways. >> chancellor dirks says in no way will the university privatize. college gpas may not hold the same weight with employers in the future. next spring, 200 colleges across the country plan to launch a new test called the collegiate learning assessment. it goes beyond the s.a.t. to assess skills like critical thinking, reasoning and communications. the idea is to give a better picture of a student's real value in the workplace beyond just their gpa. coming up in our next half
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hour, the massive fire in yosemite poses big concerns for the bay area water supply. >> the concern is ash deposition on the surface of the reservoir. >> how the "rim" fire could contaminate our water quality long after the flames are put out. >> i'm eager to represent the thousands who suffer the invisible wounds of war. >> a bay area soldier receives the medal of honor for his courageous actions in battle. what he wants everyone to know about his struggles after the war. >> and the donald gets sued. how trump university is accused of pulling a bait-and-switch on aspiring student entrepreneurs. ,,,,
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months before the wildfire yosemite is completely out. i think 100% dead out it's going to be the wintertime. >> know at 6:30, just -- now at 6:30, it's going to be months before the "rim" fire is out. the "rim" fire is now the 13th largest in california history. the fire's unrelenting march has destroyed 150,000 acres so far. the fire is burning on the west end of yosemite. and it is getting close to the hech hechy reservoir where the bay area of course gets much of
6:31 pm
its drinking water. it is also making a run towards the communities along highway 108. andrea menniti on the fire crews digging in for a fight. >> like a war zone. >> reporter: helicopters fly above as the "rim" fire moves closer to tuolumne city. >> everybody is on pins and needles but super grateful we have all the firefighters and law enforcement here to support us. >> reporter: fire crews are working to keep flames from reaching homes here and other communities along the highway 108 corridor. skip anderson has lived in his home since 1961 and plans on staying put even though his neighborhood has been placed under an evacuation advisory. >> it's got to get really bad before i'm worried that these guys can't handle it. >> reporter: the hope is gusty winds will cooperate. firefighters from all over are here standing guard in case flames arrive. >> for three or four days now, we have been building contingency lines preparing this area so that if the fire
6:32 pm
makes a run in this direction, those contingency lines hopefully can hold the fire out of the community. >> reporter: the fire continues to burn in different directions. fire crews say they are slowly making progress. in tuolumne city, andrea menniti, kpix 5. >> even though that fire is more than 100 miles away from here, kpix 5 reporter mark sayre says fire could affect water quality for the bay area. mark. >> reporter: indeed, elizabeth, we're here in menlo park and on that trestle behind us you might be able to see the pipes that actually bring water from the hetch hetchy system across the bay area on to the peninsula and then right up into san francisco. as the "rim" fire continues to grow, water managers are keeping their options open. here in the emergency operations center, staff members of the san francisco public utilities commission are keeping a close eye on the hetch hetchy water and power system. and while the "rim" fire is now only about a mile from the reservoir itself, so far, authorities are not seeing any problems. >> we're monitoring water
6:33 pm
quality at all times and we have seen no change in water quality which is why we're continuing normal water operations. >> reporter: these monitors show the readings from a series of sensors monitoring what is called turbidity, or cloudiness, in the water supply. most gauges show a 0.2 reading which is about the same as before the fire. managers would only become concerned if the readings increased to a 5 or about 25 times higher than they are right now. >> the concern is ash deposition on the surface of the reservoir. >> reporter: while the sf puc owns and manages the hetch hetchy system, it serves 2.6 million customers throughout the bay area, in san francisco as well as alameda, san mateo and santa clara counties. but during a tour of the fire zone today, governor jerry brown says water clarity could still be a significant concern long after the fire is out. >> as the months go on the
6:34 pm
winter comes and the floods move all the ash and loose debris on the water and the water gets contaminated that's bad. so whatever the firefighters can do to prevent that we're doing. and then after the fire is contained, then more action will be taken. >> reporter: puc officials say they do have contingency plans if the hetch hetchy system needs to be taken offline for any reason. and they already have direct links with other local water utilities. >> we have several months of storage locally here with our local drinking water reservoirs, concrete storage water reservoirs like out at the sunset reservoir. >> reporter: now, before the fire began, the puc was busy pumping water from hetch hetchy into local reservoirs. that is something they do every year. that is part of the normal process. but as a result of the fire, they have actually increased the amount of water from 275 million gallons per day before the fire began to 302 million gallons a day. today they say they are doing
6:35 pm
its a precautionary measure. live in menlo park, mark sayre kpix 5. >> in conjunction with our ongoing coverage with the "rim" fire we have assembled detailed maps on our website, at he risked his life to save fellow soldiers. and today, an army staff sergeant from antioch was presented with the nation's highest military award the medal of honor. >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states accompanied by medal of honor recipient staff sergeant ty carter. >> reporter: more than 40 members of army staff sergeant ty carter's family filled the room but the president had a message for the two oldest carter children. >> if you want to in what a true american hero looks like, then you don't have to look too far. you just have to look at your dad. >> reporter: in this video, recorded by the taliban, it was an ambush at command outpost keating. on october 3, 2009, u.s. troops were outnumbered by hundreds of
6:36 pm
taliban fighters. ty carter risked his life to save an injured soldier and resupply ammunition to soldiers trapped in a humvee. >> it was chaos. the blizzard of bullets and steel into which ty ran not once or twice or even a few times, but perhaps ten times. and in doing so, he displayed the essence of true heroism, not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost but the urge to serve others at whatever cost. >> reporter: while eight soldiers died in the battle, ty carter wasn't done fighting. >> with much of the out post on fire the flames bearing down on the aid station with so many wounded inside, ty stepped out one last time exposing himself to enemy fire grabbed a chainsaw, cut down a burning tree, saved the aid station and helped to rally his troops as they fought yard by yard. >> reporter: they pushed the enemy back and retook their camp. ty carter didn't speak at the ceremony, but last month when the honor was announced, his
6:37 pm
father mark in antioch was extremely proud. >> not too many dads get to experience this where their son or their daughter survives. [ pause ] >> and then he gets recognized. [ crying ] >> president obama also credited sergeant carter for acknowledging his struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder. carter spoke after the ceremony about troops suffering with ptsd. >> know that they are not damaged. they are simply burden with living when others did not. know that they, we, are not defeated. never defeated. we are resilient and will emerge stronger over time. >> we have posted the full video of today's medal of honor ceremony at the u.s. could soon launch a military strike against syria. the obama administration says syria's government used chemical weapons against its own people and then tried to
6:38 pm
cover up the attack. secretary of state john kerry said he watched video showing the victims suffering. he says president obama believes there must be accountability for those who use the weapons. >> what we saw in syria last week should shock the conscience of the world. it defies any code of morality. >> military experts members of congress and others say using cruise missiles to strike syrian targets is most likely the action that would be taken. tracking toxic fish. scientists pinpoint the source of mercury in the pacific ocean. why we will need to pay even more attention to what's on our plates. >> and as we take another live look at the bay bridge, we are counting down to wednesday night's closure and this time next week, when the new span makes its debut. thank you. so you can make a payment from your cell to almost anyone's phone or email. (speaking french)
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so you can express your gratitude... in the moment.
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kwon reports on why donald p may have trouble on the consumerwatch, two bay area businesses have a
6:41 pm
reason to celebrate. as sue kwon reports, why donald trump may have trouble enrolling students in his university. >> reporter: donald trump is calling the new york state attorney general a lightweight. this in reaction to a $40 million lawsuit filed against trump university over the weekend. the suit claims the university now name the trump entrepreneur initiative defrauded more than 5,000 students in a classic bait and switch scheme that promised to make them rich through real estate seminars. students paid as much as $35,000 each to meet trump, learn how to do deals and receive apresents ships after their -- apprenticeship training. onyx and 900 employees have a new owner. amgen is buying the cancer drugmaker for $10.4 billion in cash. this amounts to about $125 per share for onyx, $5 more than it
6:42 pm
offered in a previous deal that onyx rejected. amgen gets full rights to the new lucrative multimyeloma drug and it will get revenue from the liver and cancer drugs onyx created with bayer. it's the fifth larger biotech deal in history. new sales numbers from the california new car dealers association shows a new carmaker taking the lead in luxury sales. tesla has surpassed the porsche, jaguar and volvo. so far tests la sold more cars than the other three. tesla still has a way to go against toyota, though. it has sold 157,000 cars in california so far this year. on the consumerwatch, i'm sue kwon. if you have a consumer problem to resolve, call our hotline 888-5-helps-u. scientists believe they
6:43 pm
figured out how mercury gets into the fish supply. they say 80% of the toxic form of mercury found in deep feeding fish in the pacific likely produced by bacteria that cleaned a sinking bits of organic matter. researchers also noted mercury in fish near hawaii traveled through the air for thousands of miles before being deposited by rain. it's likely from factories from china and india. the suggestion to reduce mercury in fish reduce global emissions from industrialized nations. the mtv vmas known for shocking moments. >> last night miley cyrus made lady gag ga look time. the performance one hollywood star called desperate. >> how do you follow that? talk about the weather, right? sunshine out there. highs in the 80s today away from the water. 70s near the bay. we are going to throw it on cruise control for a while and wait until you see the timing for a cooldown coming up.
6:44 pm
i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, the 49ers cut a quarterback today. are they trying to trade one? >> it's on the internet, it must be true. >> baseball team held a funeral promotion day you will never guess what they gave away. put your seatbelt on. this sportscast is guaranteed to throw you for a loop. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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racy dance number at last night's v- m-a s... here's a pg-13 rated version here. the 20-year-old pop star exactly as intended, miley cyrus' vulgar dance at the vmas. here's the pg-13 version. she made it clear she moved past her hannah montana disney days with her moves. she stripped down to bra and underwear at the end. actress brooke shields called the performance, quote, desperate. >> and >> her father -- >> i probably didn't want to be part of the headline i'm assuming but it's a challenge when you're a young star.
6:48 pm
you want to stay "relevant" > i'm not sure what bar was raised. >> lady gaga, mini me. >> when she says that, i'm not sure. you know you've done something. >> when tony bennett sang the world, golden sun, there is the golden sunshine but starting to get blocked a bit by the low cloud cover. this is a beautiful picture capturing the beginning of the onshore flow moving through the golden gate spilling over the city and giving us another cloudy start tomorrow. which it will. but inland, is not nothing but blue sky now. concord at 79 comfortable same story livermore santa rosa at 80. san jose sunshine 72 in the city starting to get cloudy breezy too 64. and oakland currently 70 degrees. schoolcast every day during the week we are going to give you a forecast for a specific school and for tomorrow morning, san pablo bayview elementary school, cloudy start, sunshine lunchtime 62 degrees. final bell, sunny, mild, 69
6:49 pm
degrees. the bayview elementary dolphins k-6 at bayview elementary. head to let's talk about the microclimate forecast for tomorrow. highs in the mid- to upper 80s calistoga 87 tomorrow. sunny skies 88 degrees coming up on wednesday. there's a lot of moisture all around us. we have had widespread flooding thunderstorms in arizona, southern california, the empire state building getting wet and also the las vegas basin but none of that heading in our direction. stays off to our east and we have a lot of moisture to our north, oregon, washington, rainfall staying to the north. in between we find the bay area under the influence of high pressure off to the east keeping the moisture away, and two, low pressure to our north which is giving us just a light onshore flow. that's why the weather has been so nice. it's been sunny in the afternoon but not hot because we are getting just enough of that cooling influence of the chilly pacific ocean. that's going to change toward the weekend. on the holiday weekend, onshore
6:50 pm
flow is stronger and temperatures drop five to 10 degrees coming up for the holiday weekend. we will be several degrees cooler than average starting saturday. but pleasant weather all throughout the week, cloudy in the morning but lots of afternoon sunshine. cooler and cloudier though toward the weekend. no rain but it will be cooler. san jose tomorrow, 80. in the city 67 just like today. sunnyvale, mountain view, 77 tomorrow. fremont 76. upper 80s with sunshine, pleasant hill, walnut creek, pittsburg, 90 for fairfield. we are look at 64 with a cloudy start in daly city. mill valley 81. san leandro 72. and windsor and cloverdale highs in the upper 80s for you tomorrow. extended forecast we are throwing it on cruise control through friday. upper 80s inland, low 70s near the bay and there's your change for the weekend. not a huge change but it will be cooler. down to around 80 inland. upper 60s near the bay and with morning clouds and afternoon sunshine. that is your forecast. we have sports coming up next. ,,
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
the a's are in detroit toni, but outfielder josh reddicks back in the bay area after e team led as hurting in more ways than one. they have to get it together. they are in detroit tonight but outfielder josh reddick is back if the bay area after being on the dl with a sprained right
6:54 pm
wrist. the hottest hitter on the planet miguel cabrera his 34th home run. two-run blast tied the game at 4. derrek barton from aaa, here comes the throw. safe at the plate. a's leading 7-4 in the 8th inning. the rangers and a's have a huge series coming up a week from today. schedule over the next seven days much softer than the a's for the texas. combined 26 games under .500 compared to the a's who get teams that are 44 games over .500. look out. breaking news out of 49ers headquarters in santa clara. within the last hour, the team reportedly traded linebacker paris harrelson to the saints. he was drafted in 2006 recorded a career-high 8 sacks in 2008.
6:55 pm
ross' starting job to alden smith in 2011 sat out all of last year with torn triceps. now, the 49ers have to kurt their roster to 75 players tomorrow. today, they waved quake, stoll tolzien. jim harbaugh says his backup quarterback is colt mccoy who played two quarters last night against the vikings. before the game, reports surfaced that mccoy was being shopped for a trade. we know what jim harbaugh thinks of rumors. >> as you know we never talk about, you know, the things that appear on the internet. if it's on the internet, it must be true type of speculation. but very pleased with the job that he did. >> so mccoy gets the number 2. myself, tim ryan, vern glenn will have the call in san diego fifth quarter will follow that football game. i tell you what. i nearly died when i saw this next story. the san rafael pacifics hosted
6:56 pm
funeral night over the weekend. the prize? a free burial courtesy of a marin county mortuary. 54-year-old matt of novato submitted his own obituary and won a burial worth up to $3,000. he says he wants to be cremated to save space. >> what? >> he is an indian. >> he is an indians fan. how he could possibly get that? congratulations to him. >> okay. if you were at a greek wedding this weekend, here's what you missed. ♪[ music ] >> this is why they have the pre season. the chargers think they are in trouble when ryan matthews fumbled at the goal line. for some reason johnson laterals the ball to a player who fumbles it. john phillips man in the right place at the right time for the easy touchdown. 49ers safety michael thomas had his own embarrassing moment. easy interception bounced off
6:57 pm
him into the chase forward for the reception. roger bernadina is new to the phillies. but he is clearly at home in center field. he robs a home run then dives to rob a base hit against the diamondbacks. same player, same game. priceless. they say the odds of a hole in one on the pga tour about 2500 to 1. at liberty national, aj choi rolls in an ace from 135 yards out. then 15 minutes later, following group, ray chalmers steps in the tee and knocks in his for another ace. will power tire changer at the ground preof sonoma. got taken out by scott dixon. he finished 15th. will power won the race. captions by: caption colorado bo [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds."
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announcer: this is joey fatone. it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: welcome to the show. thank you all very much. thank you very much, folks. thank you for coming. thanks a lot, everybody. hey, welcome to "family feud." i'm your man, steve harvey. you know what? like always, guess what. we got a good one for you today, 'cause returning for the third day, with a total of $20,730, from marietta, georgia, it's the kennedy family. [cheers and applause] and from chicago, illinois, my new hometown, it's the patel family. [cheers and applause] let's go. give me sheila. give me roshni. ladies, here we go. top 7 answers are on the board. name something a man useen


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