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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  August 26, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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main water supply for millis of people across the bay ar. good . tonight, the wildfire is threatening the water supply for millions across the bay area. ash has been raining down on the hetch hetchy reservoir as the flames inch closer. so far, the fire is not effecting the water quality. the fire has spread to 160,000 acres and is now 20 percent contained. >> and that fire's burning on the western edge of yosemite national park. here's the latest on the firefighters effort. >> the monster wildfire is challenging firefighters in every way. it's an area larger than the city of chicago. thousands of homes and businesses are in danger. the fire's within a mile of the
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hetch hetchy reservoir, the main source of some its water and power in san francisco. >> are you confident we're going to protect it any way we can. >> 150 firefighters are stationed at the reservoir. the fire hasn't effected water quality yet, but some generators that power the city have been shut down. chief glen stratton says the change in terrain may help. >> it's running into rock as the fuels get more sparse. >> cooler temperatures may also help firefighters trying to save two groves of giant sequoias. >> we've done everything possible to save these very sacred resources. >> firefighters are hosing down
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2,000-year-old sprinklers with sprinklers. cbs news, near yosemite. >> this is hard to believe, the fire is so big, it may not be completely out until winter. . >> hundreds of people sang camp songs at a memorial in berkeley tonight for the family camp that burned in the fire. it has been around for nine years when it was swallowed by fire last night. >> it's got the river and the rocks and the trees and activity, but most of the all, the people who are just instant friends. >> it was a magical place. i made my best friends there. >> campers evacuate ed two days before the camp went up and flames. >> and another yosemite camp grounds are closed because of
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the wildfire. check at the interactive fire maps on tonight, a bay area nanny is under arrest for allegedly drinking on the job after parents trusted her. >> brian webb says she was about to drive the kids home from school in kentfield when the cops said, not so fast. >> the afternoon pick up included the arrest of an accused drunk driving nanny. >> i'm just surprised that it happened here. >> chp officers tell us 46-year-old natalie wynn, then got out, staggered over to the kids, and tried to put them in the car. someone was watching and called it in. she hit a sign several times. >> i'm shocked. >> maggie mcfearson rentseso
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rented a -- mcfearson rented her apartment to her. >> i just look at it as an illness. the nanny failed a field sobriety test and arrested her for drunk driving and even an elementary student knows that's not right. >> it's horrible to drink and drive. even if you have kids in the car or not. >> the two students are okay. authorities are still looking at child endangerment charges. kpix 5. >> chp says it's too early if drugs or alcohol played a role in a crash tonight. two men killed when their suv flew through a guardrail and crashed down an embankment. this is about 5:30 this evening. the victims were both 35 years
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old. another man in the suv was taken to the hospital as precaution. tonight, the obama administration is considering military action against syria. evidence strongly indicates chemical weapons were used. >> the killing of women and children and innocent bystanders is a inhumanbele. >> many of his relatives in syria have already escaped to egypt, lebanon and the u.s. >> my uncle was shot by a
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sniper. they have no mercy. >> the syrian-american hopes president obama will help the regime fight the syrian president. >> what kind of action can we expect from the u.s.? senior administration officials say something with a coalition of allies without putting the troops in ground. >> tear ready to launch cruise missiles hours after president obama gives the call. they could fire at night and a.m. at military command center -- at night and use the military command center. >> steven zunis says a military strike is riddled with problems. >> a military intervention will not likely speed the end of the
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regime given the opposition, given some hard line extremist groups. reports are that he has deliberately placed them in highly populated civilian areas. >> americans aren't interested in getting involved, according to a rheutr's pole. they should take military action if the president did use chemical weapons. >> the united nations have arrived at one of the syrian suburbs last week hit by attack after snipers fired on their convoy of the the inspectors arrived at the site to visit hospitals and meet with
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witnesses, survivors and doctors. they're collecting blood samples and other evidence to determine whether a chemical weapon with was in fact used. coming up, we have heard of a lot of scams over the years. this is one of the strangest. how crooks are using people's fear of snakes to break into bay area homes. >> two days until the old bay bridge shuts down. the new free option for working closer to home. and a antioch man receives the medal of honor and opens up about battling his interdemons. coming up in weather, find out when a significant cool down is coming. ,,
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. the old bay bridge closes in less than 48 hours. the new bridge won't open until after labor day. we've heard a lot of dire warnings, so we sent linda yi out to find out how bad the traffic is really going to be. linda, anybody know? >> reporter: oh, yes, they have a lot of good guesses and they
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used last time the bridge closed what they do to measure how many people will be there. typically, about 250,000 drivers before labor day are out on that bay bridge both directions. this week, when they close down the bridge, those hundreds of thousands of cars will be lying on bridges and roadways elsewhere are around the bay area. it is not going to be pretty. >> during a typical compute hour traffic gridlock is bad enough. here's what it looked like on the golden gate and the san mateo bridges tonight. >> commuters on thursday and friday can expect it to be worse. the chp's advice, don't drive. >> you're going to probably want to plan for a double-time commute. you might want to give yourself at least an hour. closer to 8:00 or 9:00, probably give yourself an hour-and-a-half. >> and those are conservatively
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time estimates. >> traffic moved painfully slow and there's no reason to believe this week's five-day closure will be any different. besides public transportation, commuters have another option, a company that rents out work space in 30 locations around the bay area, is offering its business lounges thursday and friday. >> it will be free, free wifi, and complimentary coffee. >> the morning of september 3rd, the new bridge will finally open. it promises to make the commute easier and safer, especially with the addition of emergency shoulders. >> everybody's passed the disabled car or crash on their way to work on the commute, obviously blocking a lane. instead of being stuck, you're going to be able to bypass that traffic. >> reporter: chp expects some of the worst jams will be between san rafell and the golden gate
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bridge. that's where traffic is expected to clog. don't drive that day if you can help it. reporting live, linda yi. >> hundreds of replacement bolts are doing exactly what they're supposed to be doing. they came into question though when 32 similar bolts snapped back if may. for the last couple weeks, engineers have been putting new bolts under a strength test. one snapped, but it was supposed to. >> the fact they broke after nearly five days at the highest possible tensions means these bolts could last a very long time. >> several months of additional test suggest still ahead -- testing is still ahead. the cph has launched a special task force to catch criminals in the act. they're focused only on arresting those who are tagging
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freeways. several taggers have been arrested the past two months. all were found with fresh paint on their hands or clothes and used spray cans in their backpacks. in some cases, freeway overpasses or retaining walls are tagged not long after old graffiti is painted over. >> the citizens and the officers don't like it. we drive in this area and also home with our children in the car. >> prosecutors have decided to see the cases as felony. they can see the cases as jail time and restitution. now, scammers are opposing as animal control officers to steal from bay area homeowners. it's happened twice in fremont and union city. >> a woman comes to the door and says they're looking for a poisonous snake in the
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neighborhood. police say an accomplice breaks in the front and steals cash and jewelry. >> there's been a lot of people coming around here soliciting for different things, and mostly they don't really look for professional so it looks a little bit suspicious. >> he's right. police say anyone who really works for animal control would have a photo id to prove it, and no, there aren't really any snakes on the loose. a soldier original from antioch received the nation's highest military declaration today. president obama presented average staff sergeant ty carter with a medal of honor in aer is money at the white house. more than 40 of his friends and family filled the room. the president says carter is a true american hero for his actions during a battle in the war in afghanistan. >> ty jumped out of bed and put on his boots and helmet and vest and he ran into bullets coming
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down like rain for 100 meters to resupply his comrades in that hum v. this is video of that battle in 2009. carter rescued a fellow soldier as nearly 300 in surgents shot at troops. he hopes to help urge other soldiers help for ptsd. >> please. take the time to learn about the invisible wounds of war. know that a soldier or veteran suffering is one of the most dedicated, passionate people you will ever meet. >> staff sergeant clinton romisha received his at the white house ceremony earlier this year. >> a couple of amazing guys. a lot of men and women doing the
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job. they're all heroes, but talk about the best of the best right there. awesome weather? >> some changes coming before we get to the holiday weekend. first, the low cloud cover, a little bit late to arrive. it will be there tomorrow morning, maybe getting the kids off to school. without the fog behind it right now. i want show you a pretty amazing picture from space. we have this huge fire burning from yosemite. can you see the smoke plumb literally from space. this is a nasa picture zooming down on the burn area. you can see the southerly wind pushing up to the north. it carried it all the way as far way from reno and tahoe. the microclimate forecast will take to you yosemite. now here's something that could potentially be good or bad. a chance of thunderstorms. we could use the rainfall. what we don't want is dry lightning. we can't make that prediction that far out. there is a chance of thunderstorms coming up wednesday near that huge fire
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burn nothing yosemite. >> -- burning into yosemite. a lot of moisture moving into the area. the oregon and washington coast. that stay to the north. and we'll stay in that sliver of dry for a while. we're also going to stay not hot and not cold, thanks to the on shore flow. keeping weather really pleasant for the next several days. >> low pressure gets closer to us. once thanes, the on shore flow increases the morning cloud cover and we'll see a pretty significant cool down coming up for the holiday weekend. all week long, tuesday through friday, morning clouds, a little drizzle, afternoon sunshine, very pleasant. san jose tomorrow, for you, 80. 3 degrees below average. 80 for millepedes.
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upper 80s for san ramon, and right around 90 degrees tomorrow for yukia. >> just about ferfect -- perfect. not cold but a little bit cooler and cloudier. changes coming towards the weekend. >> what's the weather like in la where elizabeth is getting married this weekend? 86 and sunny. >> i've been asked that every a day since march. >> we're going to be right. sunday, sunday, 100% chance of nuptuals. it was a coco-- coc ashgsoa and being cabrera show.
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we'll have more when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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him. he's been playing in pain. josh reddic is on the disabled list. not good for the team struggling for runs. miguel cabrera is a hungry man. he hit his 39th home run of the season. >> derrick barton replaced josh on the roster. big nate is coming home. drop the piano, billy joel. >> ryan cook's in trouble, bases loaded. tory hunter trying to put the tigers -- a's hold on for drr life. dear life. the sunset for the giants about two months ago. looking to bounce back after
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getting shelled. 89-year-old sends the two-run shot over the wall. he gave up 5 runs. >> nine giants were struck out tonight. san francisco routed 6-1. and the 49ers cut the quarterback scott polzine. the capper followed by colt mccoy and wallace at 43. harrelson got trade to the saints. >> the 49ers are so deep with linebackers he was extendible. >> i have in my hand the monday night top 5. >> this is miguel amador, principal dancer with the cincinnati balet, throwing out
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the first pitch. >> animal sanchez just stuck out his glove and a baseball happened to be in it. it took away a base hit from seth who soerl need -- sorely needs one. >> and scott dixon was leaving the pits in sonoma. >> he was assessed a penalty that cost him the victory with willpower. >> probably the most blatant thing i've seen in a long time. if you watch most pit guys they troo to get out of the way -- try to get out of the way of other people. that was a bit of a [ bleep ] move right there. >> he made this catch. that was the beauty. he also hit his one hundredth home run. cocoa had three hits. cocoa goes, so goes the a's. if he's healthy, he's the -- the a's will win. >> the rangers are going cold in a couple days. the a's are going to pass them up.
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>> we'll see them in the rear view in a couple days. and coming up, a kayaker explains her incredibly close encounter with a hump back whale. ♪
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encounter.. with some of the
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biggest creatures on earth. . tonight, we're hearing from a kayaker who had a very close to encounter with some of the biggest creatures on earth. karen hatch was kayaking off monterrey last week when a fellow paddler snapped this amazing photo. we showed you this a few nights ago. an 80,000 hump back whale surfaces and then dives just three feet away from her tiny little kayak without splashing a drop. >> i was really surprised of the surrounds, and cruise underneath me, not hit me, very sensitive to their entire surrounds. and those two whales came up later to hang out with us again. >> so why were the whales so close to shore in the first place? well, to snack on some anchovies, of course. >> of course. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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tomorrow morning at 4-30. . letter man is next with patrick -- letterman is next with patrick dempsey.
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>> four more days. but i'm not counting. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the heart of broadway, broadcasting across the and around the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now, handsome hazelnut, david letterman! (cheers and applause) captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs ( band playing "late show" theme


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