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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  August 30, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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probably on your way to a great weekend. these guys will go 24 hours around the clock until they open ton tuesday morning. a bit of a smoky scene earlier this afternoon just below where we were standing. turned out to be nothing to worry about. we're told there's some clean- up work going on at the yerba buena island tunnel. and that includes some sandblasting and some power washing. access of course to the new bridge very tightly controlled over the past 48 hours. but we are able to give you a quick look at what is going on. and there's a lot going on. a chp patrol car actually led the way on to the new eastern span of the bay bridge just before the tunnel. we actually headed east but in the newest bound lanes weaving through a fleet of construction trucks. we sped up the tape there for you but you get the sense of what the new bridge looks and feels like especially as you drive on the suspension span with the cables reaching up to
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the tower. this is what you'll all enjoy come tuesday. we put this clip on our website. you can click on the video page if you want to go over it and watch it again. so the eastern span, work continues out here. big chunk of the grinding work at the toll plaza is done. it will get a smooth coat of asphalt next, followed by some lane striping. we can see some sweepers going by about an hour ago getting some of the dust and rock off preparing for that striping. over on the old bridge workers are chipping away on a 1,000- foot stretch of the incline section and that's to make way for the new bike path but there's another urgent reason that work needs to wrap up and very soon. >> it's very close to live traffic on tuesday morning. on tuesday morning at 5 a.m. when we open the bridge up, they don't want to be doing this demolition work. >> reporter: yeah. on the other end of the new span paving on the top deck is
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completed. that got done today. and they will finish off a lower connection to yerba buena island over the weekend. now, the western span of the bridge is not being ignored. again, they are using the five days to do some much-needed repair work right there and kpix 5's mark sayre is telling us how that side is getting a sprucing up of its own. >> reporter: you usually roll through the middle of the night and see two or three lanes closed with big spotlights out. that is enough for the caltrans workers to get the job done but they say with the full bridge closure under way, things are a lot more efficient right now. from the eastbound lanes on the lower deck of the bridge to the towers high above the san francisco skyline, caltrans crews are busy on just about every section of the western suspension span. >> we are estimating that over the course of four days, we can get as much work done as normally requires three to four months. >> reporter: while the new eastern span is getting all of the attention, the western span needs repairs, inspections and general sprucing up.
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and while there is still one lane of traffic in each direction, to allow access to yerba buena and treasure island, it's just a fraction of the traffic. so having the span essentially closed is a big benefit. >> we're taking advantage of the closure to perform tasks like bridge painting, electrical system work, making sure all the lights are working, replacing any lights that don't work, looking at the expansion joints, making sure they're properly lubricated or replaced if they have to be, doing any kind of pavement work, striping. >> reporter: for example, having these crews suspended above the roadway during normal overnight work hours would likely require at least two lanes below to be closed for safety purposes. but today, working in the daylight is a whole lot easier and safe for the crews and there's no additional disruption for commuters. >> because again, when there's no traffic on the bridge, you can accomplish so much more so much more quickly and so much more safely.
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>> reporter: we asked the caltrans spokesman when people come around into san francisco for the first time, what are they going to notice on the western span? what are they going to see as a result of all this work, ken? his answer was pretty surprising. he said nothing. probably nothing you'll actually notice but it's really important work that needs to be done so they are happy they are doing it. [ laughter ] >> reporter: all that stuff behind the scenes is so critical and so important and how infrequently they get five days to do that kind of work. so they are going to take every opportunity even if it just means cleaning out the gutters, maybe the one chance they have to get that done in the next several years. thank you, mark sayre. not all the work is out in front of the public. a lot of it's behind the scenes. and a bill that would name the new span after former san francisco mayor willie brown sailed through the state assembly. you think that's going to be controversial? willie brown?!
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a controversy?! absolutely! it's getting some pushback in the senate from three former supervisors, senators aaron pep kin, matt gonzalez and quentin cobb arguing that the bill fails to meet some standard criteria. for instance, the author does not represent the bay bridge. a technicality. and the would-be honoree willie brown is not deceased. at least not as last check willie was still hanging around. all the three former supervisors have clashed with brown in the past so what's the news angle here? this whole bridge has been political from beginning to end. so why not the naming of it as well in they say they respect willie brown's public service but they say that naming the bridge after him would not be appropriate for various reasons. the bridge closure has forced commuters to use alternative transportation. you guys know what's been going on. you been driving to work or getting on bart or taking caltrain or taking the ferries and now it's been crowded. and your patience has been greatly appreciated. we saw the long lines at the
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vallejo ferry this morning. san francisco ferry reported a 60% hike in ridership. and that's an additional about 1700 passengers for the day. just like bart, ferry parking lots are filling up very quickly . here's what bart looked like in hayward this morning. but earlier bart was completely packed. it was packed. passengers were shoulder to shoulder. yesterday bart's busiest day in history holding more than 400,000 riders almost a half million people taking bart. good use for public transportation. some people turning to bart to get to work are making rookie mistakes we are told. and they are paying the price. and kpix 5's ryan takeo went with bart officers who were busy handing out some tickets. >> good morning, hi. >> reporter: if you think of
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this parking lot as a vip section, then jennifer o'connell is the bouncer. >> you have a single day permit for today? great. go right on in. thank you. >> reporter: she is one of bart 20 community service officers or csos, thanks to the bay bridge closure they are writing up plenty more tickets than normal. bart police wrote 30% more tickets yesterday than one week before. and more than half were in permit lots like this one. bart expected the increase. with thursday being the agency's third busiest day ever, there were bound to be some inexperienced riders parking. >> we figured that people would just come and park anyways because they did need a place to park so they could get where they were going on the trains. >> reporter: and the number of tickets could be higher. remember, o'connell and other csos are blocking some of bart's busiest lots like this one in walnut creek. >> do you have a permit? >> no. >> no? this is saved for permitholders until 10:00. you can try the parking structure or on the opposite side of the structure for $1.50 today. all right? you're welcome. >> reporter: but once 10:00
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came, the empty spaces went fast for just a buck fifty a car. while being a parking lot bouncer can have some down time, the csos got plenty done. all you had to do was find the $40 fine peppered in most bart parking lots. in walnut creek, ryan takeo, kpix 5. thank you, ryan. a lot of people couldn't take bart today. they couldn't take the ferries. they had to climb in their cars for one reason or another. and let's not forget today's friday. the beginning of a big holiday weekend. so people are trying to get out of town. that is adding to the situation with not having the bridge open. liza battalones has been in a traffic center. i understand 101 in the north bay was a mess this afternoon. >> it has been a mess. sir francis drake in san rafael, still a parking lot getting towards the golden gate. i want to start off with live pictures from chopper 5. they have been out over the mess we have been looking aat for 101 all leading to the san mateo bridge. we are beginning to see some
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improvements out there. i think a lot of the folks that plan to make the drive out for a three-day holiday are already out there and it shouldn't get worse than this. drive times are 1 hour 45 minutes leaving san francisco down 101 across the san mateo bridge. i also want to show you a tape from chopper 5 from earlier this hour where 101 has been jam-packed leaving the sfo area heading towards highway 92. the 101 commute as ken was mentioning in marin county still extremely slow leaving san francisco heading towards that 580 turnoff towards the richmond/san rafael bridge. ken? >> all right, liza, good job. it's been a busy day. thanks very much for that. juliette, you know, in our effort to bring you the very latest on what's going on out here, i just saw christin ayers down on the deck of the bridge wearing this kind of day glow vest and a matching helmet. she looks pretty sharp out there with joseph her photographer and they are no doubt working on the very latest breaking news from this
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bridge story. [ laughter ] >> i believe it. yes, like when it's going to open. sounds good. all right, ken, thank you for all of those reports. you can find a full list of travel alternatives during the bay bridge closure on our website. go to to check out our survival guide. new at 6:00, prosecutors say a woman found dead in tiburon back in the '80s is the sixth victim linked to a convicted serial killer. last week, a jury in marin county found 79-year-old joseph naso guilty of murdering four women dating back to 1977. naso is also suspected in a fifth murder in nevada county. prosecutors say the sixth victim was 56 years old when her body washed ashore in 1981. prosecutors want to include this case as more evidence why naso should be sentenced to death. it was a rare occasion for san jose police overnight. two police shootings in a matter of hours. the first happening at 1 a.m. on king road near wilshire
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drive. the second was just before 5:00 this morning at west san carlos street and lincoln avenue. in the first incident officers tracked down a suspect in a car accused of holding up a woman at gunpoint and stealing her purse. the driver sped off and crashed. as officers approached the car, the driver sped towards them. fearing for his life, one of the officers fired his gun hitting the driver. the driver took off again. but police caught up to him and arrested him. investigators were processing the second scene late into the morning. in that incident police were after an armed man who stole beer from a safeway. they caught up to him at west san carlos and lincoln avenue. when the suspect refused orders to get on the ground, police say he reached for a gun in his waistband and that's when an officer fired his gun. the suspect raymond cardenas wasn't hit but was arrested and booked on a number of charges, including robbery and brandishing a weapon on a
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police officer. that gun was an airsoft pistol. it's toy replica designed to look realistic. they shoot plastic pellets. >> we can go weeks or months without having an officer- involved shooting and to say that we had two in one night is -- it's going to weigh on the officers when they hit the streets. it's a dangerous job. >> there have been five police shootings in san jose this year. other bay area headlines, the relative of a man and woman found dead in pinole today has been arrested on suspicion of murder. their bodies were found in a home on tara hills drive this morning. so far police say it's an isolated incident. the names haven't been released. firefighters say a grandmother was critically injured in a burning home in san jose and this is the aftermath of the fire on commodore drive. a slightly damaged roof and light smoke. firefighters had to pull the woman out of the home. no word on the cause of the fire. and a woman smashed her suv
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into a san francisco store window this afternoon. shattered glass on the ground, yellow tape wrapped outside the sunset premier dental group building eight 31st and noriega. no one was hurt. the accident is still under investigation. they are not respecting my rights. >> coming up, why these bay area airport workers walked off the job today. >> how thousands are acres in the bay area and the wildlife that lives there are being rescued with recycling. >> and i'm meteorologist paul deanno. treasure island typically a windy chilly place is neither today. temperatures pushing 80 degrees. look at that water! barely a breeze out here on san francisco bay. but we do have changes coming up for the holiday weekend. i'll detail those in my forecast coming up. and why the bay bridge shutdown is actually a blessing in this bay area neighborhood. ,,,,,,,,,,
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today, dozens of food serve and cashiers at oakland international airport went strike following the large fast food strike yesterday, today dozens of food servers and cashiers at oakland international airport went on strike. they tell kpix 5's da lin they are dispute isn't over more money or better benefits. >> reporter: passengers arriving at oakland international airport were greeted with loud chants. [ chanting ] >> reporter: and picketing workers. dozens of restaurants and retail workers at the airport walked off the job for this one- day strike. they say their company host international wants to freeze their wages and cut their benefits. >> they want to takeway our pension, health insurance and the overtime. >> reporter: they struck restaurants and gift stores at
6:17 pm
the airport. most workers make $10 to $13 an hour. they do get free healthcare and pensions. nancy has worked here for 15 years. she makes $12.50 an hour. >> it's just enough, barely enough to pay for the rent and food. >> reporter: she says the company wants her to pay $600 for her existing healthcare. >> i don't want to end up or welfare or medicare or all these programs. i want to work. >> reporter: these workers say they would like to have a raise increase but at the least want to keep their benefits. >> health and pension benefits have skyrocketed. what host is proposing is something that would continue to revive the same benefits or similar ones but at less cost to the employer. >> reporter: the company says it's also making less money because passenger traffic at the airport has dropped by one- third in recent years. but nancy says they are not asking much, not even a pay increase. >> we are here and going to
6:18 pm
keep fighting. >> reporter: in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> an oakland airport manager said the strike did not affect operations. host international brought in other workers from other airports to keep the restaurants and stores open during the strike. let's take another live look at the new bay bridge. about three days and count offing before the first cars head across. there's still a lot to do between now and then. but the pieces are quickly falling into place. paving work is well under way on both ends of the new span. and crews could start assembling the final sections of the bike path as soon as tomorrow. first, they have to get a big chunk of the old incline out of the way. they have been working on that for nearly 48 hours now. people in one san francisco neighborhood are in heaven now that the bridge is closed. the empty streets resemble a ghost town. kpix 5's patrick sedillo on how neighbors are loving the peace and quiet. >> reporter: where is everybody? >> i know the day that the
6:19 pm
bridge closed it was chaos over here. i tried to go to the gym. it was literally impossible. i had to go home. now the streets are empty. feels good to be honest with you. >> reporter: because of the closure of the bay bridge over the weekend the traffic that usually clogs these streets is down to a trickle transforming it into an eerie silence. >> it's usually congested, noisy, a lot of traffic on a daily basis. >> reporter: and for those now days that silence is golden to people like rod figueroa. needed a break. >> i have to drive in it every day. i deliver for the restaurants so it's a problem. it's not a problem now. the bridge should stay closed forever. records without the congestion it -- >> reporter: without the congestion it looks like an entirely different neighborhood even, of all things, easy parking. >> i can go anywhere i want now, the bank, downtown, anywhere i need, which is sweet. i'll savor every moment of it. it won't last long but for now it's great. everybody is out of town and i'm staying right here. >> it's nice.
6:20 pm
the air is much cleaner. it's quiet. well, being able to walk across the street without worrying about being hit by cars, trucks or bicycles, it's nice to come out for lunch. >> reporter: everybody i talked to said they had no problem with the bridge being closed. next week, reprieve ends, back to business as usual. reporting from san francisco, patrick sedillo, kpix 5. >> yeah. enjoy it because the four days of peace comes to an end early tuesday morning. the bridge reopens on schedule we hope. traffic will once again flow into the neighborhood. chief meteorologist paul deanno joins us now from treasure island tonight. paul. >> this weather is an absolute treasure out here tonight. if you like it warm and you like it not windy, this is not the place. about 362 days out of the year. today's one of those three other days. it is 77 degrees out here right now. and nary more than a 7-mile-per- hour breeze. the bridge is beautiful with the blue sky as a backdrop. look at that flag over there. it is barely even blowing.
6:21 pm
now, you get an offshore wind in september and october and that's weather we get hot and the fire danger shoots up like a rocket. today is the day where you have high pressure strong enough an close enough that all you have is the lightest of a light onshore flow just cutting the heat enough and you will see in today's highs just how beautiful it was outside near the water. it was toasty away from the water. case in point livermore 97 degrees today in concord. you made it into the 90s. redwood city hit 90 degrees. but look at downtown san francisco. not hot. but it certainly was warm with a high of 77. your warmest day in the city since july 4th. here's something you can go do over the weekend holiday weekend. head over to sausalito. it's the sausalito art festival. beautiful weather tomorrow, a little cooler than today, partly cloudy skies, 68 degrees along the waterfront, comfortable for the arts festival this weekend. high pressure which gave us the warmer weather today is beginning to move out which will allow the low pressure area we have been talking about for the past several days to move in. that will increase the onshore flow tomorrow and tomorrow we'll just simply cool down to
6:22 pm
what's average this time of the year. here are your highs, oakland normal high 74. tomorrow 73. concord normal 87, tomorrow 86. other highs around the region livermore 8 degrees cooler with a high of 89 and fremont 75 degrees. extended forecast, here's your seven-day forecast. highs around 90 inland tomorrow, low 70s near the bay couple of degrees cooler on sunday. monday will be cloudy and cool. still very pleasant mid-80s away from the water and upper 60s near the bay. and then we'll warm back up toward the middle of next week. beautiful weather outside and pleasant weather for the upcoming weekend before that bridge opens next tuesday. meteorologist paul deanno reporting from treasure island. back to you. still ahead how thousands of areas of bay area salt ponds are being restored with recycled water. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:23 pm
6:24 pm
area wetlands back to it's natural landscape. the wetlands are located ju of
6:25 pm
's there's a massive project under way to restore a section of bay area wetlands back to its natural landscape. those west lands are just off state highway 37, those wetlands. kpix 5 reporter don ford tells us a key element to the preservation project is somewhat manmade. [ applause ] >> reporter: napa and sonoma county supervisors utility directors and even a congressman came to congratulate themselves on a job well done. and this time, they deserve it. the final stages of restoring nearly 12,000 acres of old industrial salt ponds back to wetlands has started. two smaller seconds will get special attention. >> this project today is 700 acres, it's been charged with reused water. >> reporter: this is one of those ponds that will get extra care. it looks like a moonscape and almost nothing except some red algae lives here. officials say recycled water
6:26 pm
will help dilute and restore the area. >> we are bringing water from the sonoma county valley sanitation district which is about five miles away from here. >> reporter: the recycled water comes from here. it's treated at the sanitation plant and once cleaned, the water is transported in a special nearly completed $10 million pipeline directly to the future wetlands. sonoma county supervisor david rabbit says it's good stuff. >> very clean. in fact, sometimes cleaner than other jurisdictions elsewhere, potable water so it's actually very, very clean. >> reporter: some of the water will be used in the vineyards, too, the manager saying the whole project only makes sense. >> more we cap preserve our natural resources, i.e., wetlands, that's a good thing for agriculture. >> reporter: today is the beginning of a long process. for such contamination it could take up to 20 years to restore
6:27 pm
this back to normal wetlands but you have to start somewhere. in napa county, don ford, kpix 5. >> the project will support a wide variety of wildlife including the endanger delta smelt and the chinook salmon. >> reporter: i'm mark kelly. coming up they have a lot more work to do on the bridge's eastern span. but coming up on kpix 5 we'll break down all that construction they have to do over this upcoming holiday weekend. >> also, making the case against syria. how president obama today hinted the u.s. is closer to a military strike against syria. >> all children. '80s. >> pacman, anyone? the game plan in the bay area to save arcades from extinction. ,,,,
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to get the bay bridge ready its labor day opening. we are estimating that over the course of four days, we can get as much work done as normally requires three to four months. >> now at 6:30, construction crews working against the clock to get the bay bridge ready for the labor day opening. ken bastida is high above it all on yerba buena island. it's spectacular when there's no fog out there. >> yeah, man, i tell you what, they could not have picked a better week, allen to conduct
6:31 pm
this project. we just saw something kind of interesting. it looked like a chp escort including several motorcycles and several chp cruisers with some vip. so somebody just took a ride across the bridge in the wrong direction on the upper deck. track that down and figure out what that was all about. the work continues here. there's good progress being made. and kpix 5's mark kelly is over on treasure island. now, mark, i know you got a really good look at what's going on. >> reporter: ken, there was a press conference late this afternoon to give us the very latest of what's going on as far as the construction there over the holiday weekend. they say that they are still on track as far as the tunnel. they are done paving. they still have some work ahead there. they have to switch out the lights, they have to then wash the tunnel. and as far as the toll plaza area westbound is half paved. and the eastbound area is 20% paved. but they still have a lot of
6:32 pm
work ahead this coming weekend. don't let this beautiful shot of the new bridge mislead you. there's still plenty of work to do. first the toll plaza. there, a large chunk of the grinding work has wrapped up laying a smooth coat of asphalt will be a focus heading into the holiday weekend. >> as of right now everything is going quite well. we are on schedule and looking forward to opening on time. >> reporter: believe it or not, the old bridge is still a priority. specifically, a 1,000-foot stretch of it. crews have been chipping away at its concrete deck and torching the steel underneath. bridge officials are calling this part of the bridge a critical path for two big reasons. one -- >> because it's very close to live traffic on tuesday morning. on tuesday morning at 5 a.m. when we open the bridge up, they don't want to be doing this demolition work. >> reporter: and two, it's time to get going on that new bike path. crews hope to start piecing it together saturday. >> it could be far enough along by saturday night where they could start bringing in sections of that bike path
6:33 pm
connector and start putting those in while they are wrapping up the demolition work. >> reporter: and the tunnel on yerba buena island getting a face-lift of sorts. paving on the top deck is done. work on the bottom deck continues into the weekend followed by striping. and when it's all done, no more dreaded "s" curve for any drivers. here it's pretty much a straight shot into the tunnel and a straight shot coming out so you'll be able to continue driving at 50 miles per hour. as for when the public will see all this hard work and get on the new bridge, officials are still playing it safe. >> progress is good. but it's a little too soon to start making predictions about opening early. >> reporter: so big picture construction crews are heading out of the demolition phase. they are heading into the paving phase as we head into the holiday weekend. ken, back to you. >> all right, mark. thanks. good to see the progress is continuing. and according to caltrans, they are right on schedule. now, that's the highlight for
6:34 pm
sure what's going on, on the new eastern span. but caltrans is also taking advantage of bridge closure to attend to the western span, as well. the crews are busy on just about every section of it making repairs, doing inspections, and generally just cleaning up sprucing up the bridge. caltrans estimates that it will take 4 months -- rather we'll get four months worth of work done in just about four days. >> we are taking advantage of the closure to perform tasks like bridge painting, electrical system work, making sure all the lights are working, replacing any lights that don't work, looking at the expansion joints, making sure they are properly lubricated or replaced if they have to be, pavement work, striping. >> it's also safer for crews because they can get the work done during the day instead of at night when traffic is lighter for lane closures plus tow don't have to pay for the security to have the chp out here. so it is a savings for the
6:35 pm
taxpayers, as well. taxpayers right now are going to take a weekend off. most of them are trying to get out of town if they're driving. it is not easy. we have heard horror stories about the traffic especially on 101. liza battalones has been keeping an eye on that for us this afternoon. liza. >> hi there, ken. it's still a rough ride out there. the good news is we are seeing some improvements for this friday getaway commute. we'll start off with pictures from chopper 5 over 101, to and through the peninsula still very crowded south 101 from 380 approaching highway 92. now, the good news, once you hit that highway 92 interchange it does pick up a little bit as you head across the san mateo bridge. westbound traffic fine at the toll plaza. but for that eastbound getaway over at the san mateo bridge, if we can go to a map i can show you that traffic has picked up. you can see that on the left side of your screen with very light traffic now for the san mateo span. the golden gate commute which has been a headache all day long, it's still very slow out there. in fact, park presidio's backed
6:36 pm
up towards golden gate park. that 101 drive leaving san francisco still clocking in at 70 minutes between san francisco and san rafael with very slow traffic heading across the richmond/san rafael bridge. and you can see our sensors are still picking up very slow traffic for 101 heading to and through marin county. but local transit has been doing a fantastic job of getting people through this. still no delays for the bart system. ken? >> applause to all the folks who took public transit today. way to go. people who rode bart and the ferries and caltrain, you helped out a lot. now, we're going to keep an eye on who the vip was that crossed the bridge just a minute ago. they are over on the other side. if they come back we'll have the camera ready for it. we'll get to the bottom of it. >> my odds are it's the governor. what do you think? >> somebody is getting a sneak preview, yeah. they are doing it while the weather is nice on this friday afternoon. so we'll keep an eye on it. >> no doubt. all right, ken, thanks. you can find a full list of travel alternatives during the
6:37 pm
bay bridge closure on our website, to check out survival guide. the world is watching and waiting as president obama considers a military strike on syria one that could come within hours. >> we cannot accept a world where women and children and innocent civilians are gassed on a terrible scale. >> the white house says a new intelligence report shows syrian chemical weapons experts were on the ground ahead of the attack and regime personnel were warned to prepare with gas masks. more than 1400 people died nearly a third of them children. >> the american intelligence community has high confidisturbance -- high confidence. -- high confidence. high confidence. this is common sense. this is evidence. these are facts. >> the evidence came from spy satellites. the u.n. says analyzing samples taken on the ground near
6:38 pm
damascus could take weeks. put down the angry birds. there's an old sheriff in town. games from the '80s delivered to your front door. i'll tell you how much they cost. >> and how the bay bridge is being turned into a temporary playground. ,, ,,,,,,
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computer, console, and mobi games. on the consumerw video gaming is expect to rake in $70 billion this year. you have got computer, console,
6:41 pm
mobile games, all contributing to that. on the consumerwatch why we shouldn't forget about the arcade games. sue kwon reports. >> reporter: it's all about at the time trust and donkey kong and others. now, two bay area brothers are saving these relics from dying dusty deaths in garages and duchess fixing them up and creating a marketplace for arcades one they hope will go nationwide. >> quite a few guys who have nice flashbacks because of this. >> reporter: this vintage heavy barrel game brings james cook back to his teenage years spent plugging in quarters at the local arcade. it's a software company's new $75 a month perk. an old school very popular employee benefit. >> look at the very competitive market one of the first things you do is take people through your office and kind of show them the break room. >> reporter: the enablers of fun, seth and tim peterson, the two brothers find refurbish and
6:42 pm
rent arcade relics through the service started as a passion as arcades shut down from digital competition. >> we want every one back to the condition they were in give them the life, the art work, everything that they had when they were in their prime. >> reporter: they have collected more than 100 different games. availability depends on your delivery location. and the hope is arcade owners will also make their lonely machines available for delivery to companies and private homes creating a national marketplace for pacman and tetrus. >> really the fun part is to keep finding the titles that people want. >> yup. >> we are all childre of the 80s. >> reporter: the good thing is these are rigged for free play and the delivery it free. pat has the high score. you have to come down and
6:43 pm
challenge him. cosmic avenger. >> come down to the garage? >> reporter: a garage turned into arcades just for like an hour. [ laughter ] >> they are not charging. >> you know. >> reporter: if i charge i have some explaining to do but maybe our boss will let us keep these. [ laughter ] >> for the holiday weekend. what the neck is. >> a great concept. >> reporter: $75 a month. it might seem like an exhausting 4/7 it's -- 24/7 task to get the bridge open on time. see what else is being done on the bridge that's less stressful. >> reporter: i'm meteorologist paul deanno. do you see that white scaffolding under the roadbed on the new span of the bay bridge? find out why that's so important to make sure the bay bridge wins the war against the elements. that's coming up. i'm not telling you. >> what raiders head coach dennis allen isn't revealing. i'm kim coyle. the 49ers get some bad news on the injury front and it's a
6:44 pm
changing of the guard at de la salle. >> nobody cared about me before. >> and with the bay bridge closed, how much did one mlb player pay to take a cab to the coliseum? that's coming up in sports. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
6:47 pm
bridge: it's getting downright celebratory. you know, there are men and women working out on that bridge. what's the mood like out there? they say downright celebratory. some of the contractors who helped build the new bridge took their cell phones and took video tossing a frisbee around today with the old eastern span wide open right now one guy pulling out a bike took a quick ride. can't do that every day. >> why not? >> chief meteorologist paul deanno joins us from treasure island tonight with our forecast. paul. >> reporter: i'll tell you what, as beautiful as it is outside today and tonight with this clear sky and temperatures 80 on treasure island, this is a very harsh environment to maintain a bridge. i spoke with some engineers a couple of weeks ago for a piece we did. they told me they wanted to see how harsh things were when it comes to the salt and the
6:48 pm
humidity, the water in the air which is corrosive. they scraped off some of the paint off of the old eastern span of the bay bridge to see how quickly rust would form. guess how quickly it formed? one day! 24 hours was all it took for new rust to form and rust can be corrosive and actually make the steel not as strong. they not only used the top- notch resin and paint to make sure the new bay bridge doesn't begin to rust or corrode. they actually had scaffolding which will always be under the roadbed so they can go and they can apply new coats of resin and paint virtually all the time to make sure that all the salt in the air and all the water in the air does not become a problem when it comes to corrosion on the new span of the bay bridge. talk about some weather now. what a beautiful night we have outside. some partly cloudy skies from our cliff house camera. temperatures right now away from the water are still pushing 90. we have 89 in concord and livermore. with gusts to 33 miles per hour now at sfo temperatures in the city have dropped from the 70s
6:49 pm
to the upper 60s. weekend plans maybe you want to head out to pleasanton to the scottish gathering & games. alameda county fairgrounds sunny and warm 85. here's the setup in the atmosphere. you have a big dome of high pressure of high pressure in the desert southwest. that won the battle of the sky today but tomorrow it begins it retreat so the low pressure area off to our north and west will win. when that wins we get a stronger onshore flow meaning cooler weather and more cloud cover in the morning near the bay. so what to expect? we are cooling things off tomorrow back to normal. we'll call it seasonal weather. a little more cloud cover working its way up from the south on sunday and monday so partly sunny skies for sunday and also for labor day. it will feel cooler outside if your plans will be outdoors and many of you will be. warmer weather this time next week. high temperatures tomorrow in the city 60s as opposed to today's 77 in livermore back down to normal from the upper 80s. redwood city your high 82. campbell tomorrow 84. antioch warm for you, not the 9/11 but the upper 80s.
6:50 pm
napa 85. petaluma hitting a high of 81. san leandro you'll top up at 83. mendocino county up ever 80s tomorrow. cooldown continues monday and sunday. upper 60s near the bay on monday with highs in the 90s away from the water by the middle of next week. on a beautiful friday night heading into the holiday weekend, meteorologist paul deanno live from treasure island. sports is next. ,, ,,,,,,,,
6:51 pm
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we have the 49er game but there was also a raider game last night. >> in part because you were trying to watch them both at the same time. fortunately we have a lot of tvs in the sports department but four games later, we still don't know what the raiders are going to do. >> what? >> last night the raiders third year quarter terrelle pryor had a chance to take the starting job away from matt flynn. the former ohio state star played the entire first half against the seahawks and wowed the raider nation with his speed running for 48 yards on three carries. but it was a different story when pryor was in the pocket. he was 3 for 8 and an interception. he had a 9.9qb rating. not exactly 1a and 1b. both quarterbacks have struggled in the preseason combining for only 2 touchdowns and four interceptions. flynn sat out last night with a sore arm so dennis allen who
6:54 pm
gets the start in week one? >> i'm not telling you. you got to think about competitive reasons, too. so i want to -- we'll keep that in-house and, uhm, we'll announce it at the appropriate time. >> this guy's a good athlete that can create and make plays with his feet. i thought he managed the huddle. i think there was -- there's still some meat left on the bone there that we got to try to improve on. there have been reports that 49ers quarterback santa wallace was announcing his retirement. he went brett favre on us saying he has no plans to retire and simply removed himself from the 49 yours because he wasn't a good fit. the 49ers are likely to officially release the quarterback in tomorrow's final cut. michael james suffered a sprained mcl last night in the win against the chargers. he is expected to be out 3 to 4 weeks. the good names is lamichael james won't need surgery. kyle williams is now expected
6:55 pm
to take reps with the 49ers punt returner. what would a sportscast be without tim tebow sacked four times by the giants last night but the patriots quarterback threw for two touchdowns in his best performance for the preseason and afterwards bill belichick had no comment about tebow's chances of making the game day roster. tonight when de la salle plays, bob lat sore won't be at the helm for the first time -- ladoucer won't be at the helm for the first time in 34 years. >> me pressure for de la salle's new head coach 33-year- old justin alumb. ugh who is taking over for ladoucer. he still remains with the team as a runningback and lines coach. alum because who is an alum and teacher at the school has been on the spartans coaching staff for more than 10 years and he still is getting used to being
6:56 pm
the guy calling all the shots. >> nobody cared about me before. there's been more before the season. >> there's been a lot of success that's gone through here and i am different that coach ladoucer. we have similar philosophies. we are almost in lockstep with how we see young men and football but i'm a different person. there's going to be some differences and the head coach might be different but there's not much different outside of that. tpc boston and deutsche bank round2. tiger woods approach on 7 lands near the cup. he birdied the hole and shot 68 five shots back. tiger had a front row seat to lefty. phil mickelson finished the front nine with five birdies. he shot a 63 tied for the lean with brian davis who also shot 63, tied for the lead.
6:57 pm
you can't avoid the bay bridge traffic even as a cy young winner. david price in town to play the a's had to pay $202 for a cab ride from san francisco to oakland and, of course, he couldn't help but tweet about his frustration. yeah, join the crowd. why aren't you riding bart? right? there have been other major league baseball players who have done that. >> we are all in the same boat and the a's play at home so keep in mind take bart or circuitous route if you are in the city. >> they have the series with the rays and the rangers coming in so they will look to gain some ground on them monday. >> he wasn't saying he couldn't afford it. >> come on. >> he can afford t. >> i think so. >> you know. >> still. [ laughter ] >> he gets to know that cab driver pretty well. >> bart. bart. >> all right. thanks. thanks for watching. for news throughout the evening the latest news and weather are always on captions by: caption colorado "switch to progressive on, and you could save hundreds."
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