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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  August 31, 2013 1:35am-2:11am PDT

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craig: we've had a fantastic time here in new orleans. we hope you enjoyed the show. i'd like to thank everybody who helped us out, including the new orleans police department, who i've got a much better relationship with me than most ore police departments i know. thanks, everybody. thanks to the people of new orleans. get out of here. come on, let's go. captioned by the national captioning institute goodnight.
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. this is kpix 5 news. good evening. i'm ken bastida, high above the new bay bridge, three more days before the grand opening. >> and i'm juliet,e goodrich. tonight a popular restaurant once featured on the food network is shut down because of an outbreak. more than a dozen people got sick. joe vasquez is there now. joe. >> juliett e, on a regular friday night, this place would be packed. not the case tonight. as you can see, this owner has placed this note up on the window. it says they are closed
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voluntarily until monday buzz of an e. coli outbreak. >> very well known. i guess we have to go elsewhere. >> san francisco's department of public health put out a health alert today warning the public that around august 16th or 17th, 14 people got sick from e. coli. >> i'm scared because i eat here all the time, and that's a major major problem. >> and 9 of the 14 ate here they're investigating the other five cases but can't tell where they came from. they believe this is an isolated incident. there's no ongoing risk to the public's health. one of the patient social security doing worse than the others with a condition that can lead to kidney failure and can be fatal he says pashths are more likely to report cases of
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e. coli these days because they're more aware of it. >> you can have diarrhea without any blood and so if someone, you know, has been to that particular restaurant and, you know, developed diarrhea then they should report to the health department, as well. >> joe, do they know where this e. coli came from. >> it could be meat contamination or vegetable contamination, or which is often the case in restaurants, cross contamination meaning they dbt wash the dishes properly or hands properly. >> joe vasquez in san francisco. joe, thank you. >> thanks. tonight, we're on island again a couple hundred feet above the new bay bridge roadway. you can hear the grinding, the compressors going, jackhammers, a hub of activity going nonstop as they ready the bridge for the
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grand opening coming up on tuesday morning. we got out here and saw something we've never seen before. they lit up the bridge, and we saw a vortex of light come up off the top of the bridge. now, this photograph, which shot by brian, our photojournalist tonight. we call it the tower beams. it's a big v that shoots up over top of the bridge. there's a lot going out here as i say. christin ayers at the toll plaza looking ahead at the next big step in this project. chrisin. >> tim, the next big step in this project is to move on from the toll plaza. if you look behind me you can see it's actually relatively quiet out here. crews have finished just about everything they have to do here at the toll plaza and will probably be wrapping up tonight. they are clearing some of the final hurdles before the new eastern span can be open. caltrans says they are picking off the final project one by one. now, here's what will happen
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over the next 24 hours. crews will finish demolishing roadway. they will also clean the tunnel leading to the western span and add led lighting to it, and lastly cranes will start bringing in large tres el pieces that will be use today actually build the bike path. this afternoon, we got a chance to go out back on the old bridge and get a new perspective on the bike path that will go on the new bridge. from this vantage point, you can actually see where the bike path ends right there. it dead ends right in that area. it can't be built any further because the oeltd bay bridge is actually still in the way. going to take at least three more years before crews are able to completely demolish the old bridge piece by piece. >> back out here live, some of this work continuing out here. caltrans reaffirming tonight that they are on schedule and when you look at the fact that
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in just a little over 38 hours they have managed to finish the work they needed done right here at the toll plaza and are able to move ong to the next naz, you have to think if there is any possibility this could open a little early than that tuesday 5:00 a.m. deadline. >> all right. christin, thank you very much for that. that is a key component. the oakland touch e touchdown that she's talking about over on the eastern side there. that is something they were worried about there, would it go as smoothly as possible, and as it seems to be moving along right on schedule. something that didn't go on schedule today rgs that commute home. it was a nightmare. partly because today is a friday, it is first of a big three-day weekend, and partly because you can't cross the bay bridge. it was absolutely crazy. a lot of us drive around the bay to get to the city just like you do every day. at one point when i was driving, i saw people so frustrated they
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just got out of their cars and waited on the side of the road hoping traffic would kind of thin out anyway. caltran says the traffic on the san mateo bridge today almost 60% higher than normal. you think about the numbers of cars on that bridge. its's mind boggling. on the golden gate, traffic was up 13%, as well. traffic wasn't just a headache. majorly headache for commuters. tom pa bay pitcher daefd price, get this story, he spent two hours and $200 on a cab ride to the coliseum. he didn't have a car, couldn't get across the bridge, had to get to the game so jumped in a cab, cost 200 biks and all that time to get around all the traffic. apparently he didn't want to take bart. that would have cost him about 4 bucks. there you go. he tweeted about his misadventure today. as for tomorrow, he says, don't worry, i have a helicopter rented. i'll get to the field in
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estimated time of 6 minutes 24 seconds. going to cost more than that cab ride. i'll have you know that. to help you get around during the commute and the closure, you can check our web site will have all the information there. our survival guide you can find on in just the last hour, un inspectors left syria and so the u.s. could launch a military strike at think time. tonight, six navy warships are in position. a white house intelligence report says the united states has high confidence that the syrian government attacked civilians last week with nerve gas killing more than 1400 people including more than 400 children. the president says he hasn't made any decisions but is considering a limited strike, one without any boots on the ground. allen martin on how the administration is making its case for retaliation. >> secretary of state john kerry laid out the evidence. much of it comes from spy satellites and intercepted communications.
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. >> we know that for three days before the attack the syrian regime chemical weapons personnel were on the ground in the area making preparations. >> the syrian army had been unable to retake using conventional weapons. in the early-morning hours of august 21st, satellites detected the flashes of rockets being fired and detonated. >> we know where the rockets were launched from and at what tomb. time. we know where they land and when. >> 90 minutes later, kerry said all hell broke loose on the internet with videos where the rockets had landed and then a conversation between two syrians was intercepted. >> we know that a senior regime official who knew about the attack confirmed that chemical weapons were used by the regime.
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>> for analysts, it adds up to high confidence but not a smoking gun, and they reached that conclusion knowing intelligence about chemical weapons in iraq turned out to be wrong and that a previous secretary of state colin po well ended up presenting a bogus case for war. >> our intelligence committee carefully reviewed and rereviewed information regarding this attack, and i will tell you it has done so more than mindful of the iraq experience. we will not repeat that moment. >> iraq was an invasion. this is expected to be a brief, limited air strike, but just in case, the pentagon has moved an am fibbous ship with several hundred marines on board into the eastern mediterranean. allen martin, kpix 5. >> the un says it could take weeks to analyze the samples taken from the attack sites. nurse practitioners, mid wives and physicians assistants
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may soon be able to perform some abortions. a bill on the governor's desk would let them perform what's calleded an aspiration abortion. that's done in the first try meser critics say it's too risky to allow nondoctors to perform this procedure. well, beautiful warm night across the bay area and, paul, a great start to this holiday weekend. >> yeah. folks made it a four-day weekend. livermore 97 degrees today. 82 dprees was the high in palo alto. where are we going tonight, start off weekend tomorrow? upper 50ings and low 60s but not going to stay that warm. details and how cool it's going to get coming up. and the new theory about how this massive fire in yosemite got started. also, ever do something you really wish you hadn't? the new law keeping teenagers ,,,,,,,,arrassing themselves
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growing pot could have stard a fire chief fro . it looks like the big rim fire near yosemite was human caused and get this, people growing pot could have started it. a fire chief said in a community peting that the cause of the fire was highly suspect especially because there was no lightening in the area. the four services reported an increasing number of big marijuana grow operations in national forests. well, in this age of social media, oversharing is the norm,
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and let's face it, sometimes it's tmi. other times it's downright embarrassingful well, tonight kiet do tells us teenagers may soon get the chance to erase the past. >> to all the teenagers who ever thought to themselves, "posting that video online seemed like a good idea at the time," california lawmakers are trying to save you from yourselves. the slate legislature has overwhelmingly passed sb 568 that would require social media web sites minors to delete. >> we all know that is a particular time of life between childhood and adulthood where teenagers are exploring boundaries. >> these hordes of asian people
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that ucla sepg into our school --. >> the law would not apply to videos others repost like this racist rant by a ucla student but combing through social media sites, lawmakers say teens can get all the help they can get. >> that will save a lot of young people from embarrassment. >> 13-year-old thinks the bill is a good idea and says teens feel invincible and make bad choices to get asglengs i feel like they're not thinking when they post, like, dumb stuff. >> 17-year-old robert perez says teens need that second chance. >> if this was passed, it will be like giving someone, like, a new start. >> in san jose, kp 5 -- kpix 5. apple is building on the iphone 5s. customers can turn in their old iphones for store credit toward it is purchase of a new model
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even though apple hasn't announced when the new one comes out. according to the wall street journal the highest value a customer can get for a trade in is $280. before angry birds and farmville, we had donkey kong and pac-man. sue quan shows us how two bay area brothers are saving arcade from the dump. >> this vintage heavy-barrelled game brings james cook back to his teenage years plugging in quarters at the local arcade. software company $75 a month perk and an old skood very popular employee benefit. >> look at the very competitive market. one of the first things you do is take people through your office and show them the break room. >> the enablers of fun e the two
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proers find, refurbish and rent arcade. their service started as a passion to rescue the machines after arcades shut down from competition between home computers and mobile devices. >> we want to restore them back to the condition they were in. we want to give them the light, the artwork, everything they had when they were in their prime. >> they have collected more than a hundred different games. availability depends on your delivery location, and the hope is arcade owners will also make their lonely machines available for delivery to companies and private homes, creating a national marketplace for pac man and tetra. >> really, the fun part is to keep finding the titles people want. >> they're all kind of children of the 80s. >> the last time our crew chief don here played berserk was when he was in grade school but he doesn't have to sind the announce because the machines are all rigged for free play. sue quan, kpix 5.
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>> and the peterson brothers say the idea isn't to make millions of dollars. they just want us to put down angry birds and enjoy the klassics. yes. we enjoy pac man. my kids love pac man. they know what it is. that's awesome. >> galaga. >> holiday weekend. >> but you got to get outside. don't play the arcade games this weekend. go outside. little cloudy, little cooler but certainly was toasty today. what a beautiful shot there. this may be your mode of transport for the next couple of days as opposed to bay bridge. let's take a live look at the bay bridge right now. still looking good with the bay lights and, of course, the wroeshgers are out there doing their thing getting the eastern span open by monday or tuesday. the temperature trend shot up like a rocket. up 80s for the past couple days but couldn't crack livermore until today. 97 one of the hottest days since
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july #49, but you will be cooling off tomorrow. maybe you're heading up toward tahoe or some of your family members are, it'll be a little hazy, smoky despite the sunshine,ing and sunday there's a slight chance of a storm. our weather here in the bay area dominated by this area of low pressure but as it get closer and stronger, more of the ocean influence moves into the bay area. high pressure hot today moving away opening the door for that low to move in. once it happens you'll notice only partly sunny skies on sunday and monday. highs will be about 5 to 10 degrees cooler. more seasonal tomorrow. all we're doing is cooling back doin to normal. little bit cooler than that. warmer weather if that's your thing. that'll be back by the middle of next week. livermore tomorrow, 97 today, 89 is your high on saturday. 81 for san jose. couple degrees cooler than
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average. campbell 84, san hat, 80 very nice. come intoog the city tomorrow, make sure don't plan on the bay bridge. high of 67. 92 for lake port. your forecast for sunday couple degrees cooler. all in all still very mrez sabt and likely dry. we'll have sunshine back female narrator: through labor day female narrator: through labor day at sleep train, get 36 months interest-free financing plus big savings of up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get three years interest-free financing on serta icomfort and tempur-pedic, plus free same-day delivery, set-up, and removal of your old set. when brands compete, you save, but this special financing offer ends labor day at sleep train. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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. well, he could have taken bart. >> he could have, and, you know, josh hamilton took bart a few years ago. there are shefrl a's players that take bart all the time, but i understand where major league baseball wants to put these guys in the city of san francisco because that's where they want to be, but when bridge is closed not such a good thing. david price did not have a good day. he spent $200 on his cab ride to the coliseum, and when he got there, the a's hand him his first loss in nine starts. there he is. expensive ride. one nothing rays in the fifth. welcome back kurt suzuki. he opened the lead with a three-run shot but wouldn't hold. tampa bay down 3-2 in the
2:02 am
8.lines one into center field but chris young can't come up with it. scores to tie the game and then in the boot tom half of the inning, jed lowry lines a double down the right field line. scores coco crisp. the a's hang onto win 4 to 3. they're now two games back. back in the giants lineup after missing the last three months. he made his presence felt from the start. he would later score on a brandon bell sacrifice fly giving the giants one nothing lead. tim tossed six shut out innings. pab low sand value gets them out of a bases -loaded jam in the 6th with a great diving stop and throw. the giants hang onto win one to nothing. >> less than 24 hour away, face no. 22 northwest earn tomorrow night in berkeley. the bears will have true freshman starting at quarterback and dikes doesn't want to make things too complicated for the youngster. >> not going to ask him to drop
2:03 am
back and throw it 50 yards down the field early in the ball game play after play after play. we feel like we need to complete passes, develop a little confidence and that's going to be big for him, being confident, believing in himself and get ago feel and comfortable with the game. it is time for your friday night top 5. at no. 5, lakers star kobe bryant has an interesting rehab exercise for his torn acchilles. ouch. jumping off a 40-not high dive. no. 4, blue jays and royals toronto third baseman brett hops up and steals the ball bare happeneded to get the out at first. no. 3 another great defensive play. makes the sitting throw to get parra. no. 2, michigan state and western michigan, spar tan safety makes spectacular one-handed interception. and at no.
2:04 am
1, mariners and astros. makes the sliding cash on the warning track robbing houston's rob by grossman. >> beautiful catch. >> absolutely. >> all right kim. thanks so much. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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[ horn honks ] kevin! toaster strudel, yah? ♪ warm, flaky, gooey toaster strudel. faster than kenny can dodge a question. honey, how'd that test go? [ female announcer ] in just 60 seconds, you've got snack-defying, satisfying mmmm. totino's pizza rolls. mmm hmmm. mmmm. [ female announcer ] zero to pizza. pronto. today, they had a . and you're looking live at the new eastern section of the bay bridge. that tower right there according
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to the architect donald macdonald was to mimic an atlas 5 rocket, and guess what, this bridge is set to launch for real on tuesday morning. the guys who have been working on this and the women for years and years and years have been building this structure and they have been building history in the process. today, they had a chance to kick back for little while and just kind of enjoy the view. a lot of them took that opportunity. there were a lot of workers down there, police officers taking photographs, a handful of contractors shot cell phone video as they tossed a frizz bee around on the old eastern span. one guy even took a quick ride around on a bicycle. not sure his boss saw that, but there was plenty of room for all that. but that was nothing compared to the view these guys got. chopper 5 spotted a couple of workers at the very top of the tower, one of a kind view from a one of a kind bridge and all of it, as i say, gets underway on,, ,,
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. and before we leave you tonight, paul is here with a quick check of our weather and our holiday weather. >> a little hot for some today, maybe drought for some of you 97. not as hot over the weekend. little bit cloudier sunday and monday. all in all, great holiday weekend weather. >> thanks for watching. david letterman is up next with denzel washington. we leave you now with shots of the bay bridge. have


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