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tv   KPIX 5 News Saturday Morning Edition  CBS  August 31, 2013 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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♪ man: ♪ you and me solve a mystery ♪ with huckle kids: ♪ in busytown! girl: let's get busytown! man: ♪ you and me... kids: ♪ you and me! man: ♪ solve a mystery... kids: ♪ solve a mystery! man: ♪ with huckle kids: hooray for huckle! man: ♪ in busytown...
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kids: ♪ in busytown man: ♪ we're gonna solve a busytown mystery! ♪ kids: hooray for huckle! lowly: "the lost key mystery" (planes buzz) (news van beeps) (tires screech, lift whirs) greetings earthlings! this is goldbug reporting live for busytown action news! there's a lot of excitement in the air as busytown eagerly awaits the arrival of astronaut moon. and, in the crowd we have huckle and his team of amazing mystery-solvers! we're also waiting for mayor fox, who will present astronaut moon with... the key to busytown! hmm... i didn't know you needed a key to get into busytown. (laughs) that must be a big door! the key to busytown doesn't open a door, lowly! sally's right! it's a gift you give someone special, to let them know they're always welcome in busytown!
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oh... heh-heh. i knew that. oh! i can't wait to meet astronaut moon! someday i wanna go into space like her! this just in, folks! here comes mayor fox now! (horn honks) good morning, mayor fox! i hope you brought the key to busytown with you! (chuckles) of course i did, goldbug! i have the key right... here? oops! i seem to have misplaced it. sally: i lose my keys all the time. they are pretty small! but this key isn't small, sally. see? here's a picture of it. whoa! how could anyone lose a key that's that big? i don't know, lowly. i was sure it never left my hand all morning! hmm... a missing key! well, you may have lost the key to busytown, mayor fox, but i think we just found...
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a mystery! (news van beeps) all: busytown action bug news! goldbug: what's the scoop, huckle? well, goldbug, mayor fox doesn't know where the key to the town is, and we're going to find it and solve the lost key mystery! right, team?! all: right! ready for it? here it goes! ♪ who? what? why? how? ♪ who? what? when? where? why? how? ♪ ♪ everybody ♪ who? what? when? where? why? how? ♪ ♪ solve a mystery ♪ who? what? when? where? why? how? ♪ sally: let's get busytown! there you have it, folks! stay tuned as huckle and his team look for key clues to solve... the lost key mystery! this is goldbug, signing off! let's get busytown, guys! hmmm... you must have put it down somewhere. where have you been today, mayor fox? the only other place i've been today is monsieur sweet's new candy shop.
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i was there for the grand opening ceremony. great! then that's the first place we'll check! (wind gusts) (helicopter rotors beat) (gasps) oh no! astronaut moon's helicopter is here! what will i do without that key to the city to give to her?! huckle: don't worry, mayor fox, we'll find it. someone will need to keep astronaut moon busy while we look for the key. ooh! i'll do it! no! me! me! great! tell you what, lads. you can both do it. oh, and we'll use these to keep in touch. both: ohhh! walkie-talkies! okay, guys, as soon as we find the big key, we'll call you on the walkie-talkie, and then we'll meet back here. got it? roger, huckle! 10-4, good buddy! (car whirs) (rotors beat) crowd: (excited and awed chatter) it's astronaut moon! pig will and pig won't: welcome to busytown, astronaut moon! thank you. thank you.
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um... i don't suppose one of you is the mayor of busytown? no. i'm pig will. and i'm pig won't. we're mayor fox's official assistants! you'll be meeting him soon. but first, we're supposed to show you around busytown. uh-huh! so, we're going to take you to... to... um... (nervous whine) help me out here, pig will. er... uh... (gasps) the busytown fair! that's where! it'll be great. we can go on rides! i love rides - how they go up and down and 'round and 'round! just like you're in outer space! let's go, astronaut pig won't! ready for take off, astronaut pig will! pig will to huckle. operation orbiting astronaut has just been launched. that's great, pig will. we're at the candy shop now looking for the key. pig will: a-okay. over and out. monsieur sweet: i'm very sorry, mayor fox, but i've looked all over the shop and i can't find your big, shiny gold key anywhere!
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but it has to be here! sally: what if we watch mayor fox redo everything he did at the grand opening. then we can see if he ever needed to set the key down. great idea, sally! and if he did need to set it down, we'll know where to look for it. and to make it easier, i'll stand in for the key! ta-daaa! great, lowly! so, what did you do first, mayor fox? well, the first thing i did was... cut the ribbon for the grand opening. great, then that's the first thing we'll get you to do again. monsieur sweet: ah! i'll go get the scissors and ribbon and meet you outside! pig will: calling, huckle. come in, huckle. have you solved the mystery yet? sorry, pig will, not yet. are you guys okay? pig will: sort of... we're keeping astronaut moon busy at the busytown fair... isn't this fun?! pig will: i guess so. pig won't: as long as our caramel corn and cotton candy stays inside our bellies. huckle: well, try to keep astronaut moon busy
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a little bit longer. pig will and pig won't: hurry, huckle! i'll call you as soon as we find the key.
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you're just in time! mayor fox is ready to redo the ribbon-cutting! (snip) well, that was easy to do with one hand! so, mayor fox probably didn't set the key down to cut the ribbon! right! so, what did you do next? ah! next, i packed the first box of monsieur sweet's yummy chocolates! great! then you should do that again! (munches) mmmm! there! that was easy, too! just like before. well, we've learned two things: the mayor didn't have to set the gold key down
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to put chocolates in the box... (giggles) and he has a sweet tooth! whoa! what's that gizmo, monsieur sweet? ah, lowly! you'll see! follow me! now watch! the mechanical arms grab these scrumptious nougat bars... then carry them to a vat... where they dip them in creamy chocolate! finally, the chocolate-coated bars are whisked away for packaging! mayor fox: ooh... chocolate! i'll make sure you each get one! (chuckles) so what did you do next, mayor fox? ahhh! next, i got to stir a big tub of monsieur sweet's gooiest taffy! all: to the big tub of taffy! this was my favourite part because i got to lick the big spoon after! aha! did you see that, sally?
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yep! mayor fox had to set lowly down, because he needed two hands to hold the big spoon! why, you're right! i didn't even notice! huckle: hmm... so that means the mayor must've set the gold key down here, too! but if i did, where did it go? it's not here! lowly: hey! where am i going?! lowly? sally and huckle: where are you, lowly? lowly? lowly: over here, guys! sally and huckle: (gasps) lowly! jump! sally: lowly! are you okay? lowly: (sighs) that was close! i almost got chocolate-coated! chocolate-coated? hmm... (mechanical whirring) aha! i think i know where we can find the mayor's big gold key! tell us, huckle! do you have a sweet solution to the mystery?
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a very sweet solution, goldbug. here's what i think happened. since the only place mayor fox had been was the candy shop, we knew that the key must be there somewhere. we watched mayor fox redo everything he had done earlier to see if he had ever needed to put the key down. we figured that he must've put the key on the conveyor belt. then i think that the conveyor started moving and carried the key over to the mechanical arms, dipped it in chocolate and took it to be packaged. monsieur sweet couldn't find the gold key because it was now a chocolate-coated key in a package! can you please show us where the chocolate-coated bars get packaged? of course, huckle. follow me! i'll bet the key is in one of those packages! the shape of this package doesn't look right. yup. one chocolate-covered key to the city. ♪ everybody, all together
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♪ solved a mystery with huckle ♪ ♪ you can solve one too! all: hurray for huckle! there you have it, folks! huckle and his team have found the key evidence to solve the mystery of the lost key! come on, everyone! we have a famous astronaut to welcome! come in, pig will and pig won't. i've got great news! we found the key! roger, huckle. we'll see you soon... if our legs stop shaking. astronaut moon: hey, space cadets! how about one more rocket roller coaster ride?! pig will and pig won't: (groan) mayor fox: as busytown's mayor, i officially welcome astronaut moon by giving her the key to our fair city! thank you so much. mmm, chocolate! my favourite! i would like to share this key with my two delightful astronauts-in-training. here, have a taste, pig will and pig won't.
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no thank you. my tummy hasn't returned to earth yet. and mine's still on planet dizzy. all: (laugh)
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g: "the door knocker mystery" beep, traffic whirs) (bike bell dings) hmm... (cars slow down) why'd you stop, lowly? am i seeing things or does that bush at mr. gronkle's house have feet? sally: it does have feet! that is weird! i think someone might be spying on mr. gronkle's house. should we tell mr. gronkle? sure we should. no one likes being spied on. come on!
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let's sneak around to the back door and tell him. (knocking) grrr! there's that knocking again! maybe he's not home. mr. gronkle: aha! huckle, sally and lowly: yaaahhhh! so it's you knocking on my door! we just wanted to tell you that someone's spying on you, mr. gronkle! he's hiding in the bushes in front of your house. oh, that was me! someone's been knocking on my door, but every time i open it, there's no one there. i was hiding in the bushes so i could catch the rascal. (knocking on the door) it sounds like your knocker is back! hurry! let's go see who it is! sally: who would knock on a door and then go away? that's what i'd like to know! i'd like to know too. this sounds to me like... a mystery!
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huckle, sally and lowly: busytown action bug news! (tires screech) (lift whirs) goldbug here with busytown's latest news story. huckle, what can you tell our viewers? well, goldbug, someone has been knocking on mr. gronkle's door. but every time he answers it, there's nobody there. how can that be? that's what we don't know, and that's what we're going to find out! right team? right, huckle! we sure are! ready for it! here it goes! ♪ who? what? why? how? ♪ who? what? when? where? why? how? ♪ ♪ everybody ♪ who? what? when? where? why? how? ♪ ♪ solve a mystery ♪ who? what? when? where? why? how? ♪ sally: let's get busytown! there you have it, folks! will this be an open and shut case? stay tuned as huckle and his pals try to solve the door knocker mystery. and that's the buzz in busytown! goldbug out!
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(tires screech, van beeps) hmm... what clues do we have to work with, team? well, we have a door. (camera chutter clicks) and no one in sight. wait a minute, there's someone! postman pig! maybe that's who knocked on mr. gronkle's door. come on, guys. sally: hi, postman pig! huckle and lowly: good morning. hey! hello, kids. what's up today? well, someone was just knocking on mr. gronkle's door, and we wondered if maybe it was you. nope, it wasn't me. my delivery route starts from the other end of the street. i haven't reached mr. gronkle's house yet. thanks. oh, you're welcome. pig will: i'm the birdwatching expert, so i get to carry the binoculars. i'm more of an expert than you, so i get to carry the binoculars. i should carry them! i should carry them! lowly: why don't you both carry the binoculars? that way you can spend more time bird watching, and less time arguing. pig will: well okay. pig won't: i guess so.
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(high pitched squeak) i hear a rare bird calling! me too! sally: (giggles) that's not a rare bird. it's a common squeaky gate! pig willa and pig won't: we knew that. (horn honking) pig will and pig won't: hey! pig won't: i hear another bird! pig will: let's go find it!
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i whirs by) (knocking on a door) someone's knocking on mr. gronkle's door again! that's not coming from mr. gronkle's house. it's coming from miss honey's house! let's go check it out! sally: there's nobody here! the mystery knocker must be a magician! who else could keep disappearing so fast? look. miss honey has a doorbell button... so why would someone knock on the door? you're right. why would they knock? (door opens) miss honey: why good morning, children. i thought i heard someone knocking at the door. sally: actually, we aren't the ones who knocked, miss honey. but we're looking for whoever did. someone's been knocking at mr. gronkle's house too, and then leaving before he answers the door.
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that's strange. why would someone do that? (knocking at the door) now there's someone at the back door. do you mind if we take a shortcut to see who it is? please do! go straight on through! (door squeaks open and closed) gone again? do you believe it?! lowly: ah... it's someone invisible playing a joke on us. that's what it is. someone invisible? who would that be? who knows? you can't see them! huckle: hmm... that's odd. (taps on the door) this screen door goes tap tap tap, not knock knock knock. the knocking must be coming from somewhere else. (knocking sound nearby) it's coming from the garden shed! this mystery just keeps getting stranger. who would knock on a garden shed door? no one lives in the shed. sally: maybe it's someone on the inside, knocking to get out. nope... no one in here. look at this.
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there are little holes in the door. sally, could i please see those pictures you took of mr. gronkle's and miss honey's doors? sally: sure thing, big brother! look. miss honey's door and mr. gronkle's door both had tiny holes in them. sally: could the little holes have something to do with the knocking? (bushes rustle) shhh... aha! pig will and pig won't: yaaahhh! why are you guys hiding behind there? shhh... (bushes rustle) we've spotted a rare bird! pig will: it's called a flamingo! i'll bet nobody in busytown has ever seen one before! heh. unless they've been to the gardening store. what you've found is a plastic flamingo. it's not plastic! it's a real flamingo! yeah! can't you hear it calling?! (squeaking sounds) (clothesline squeaks)
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(giggles) all i hear is the neighbour's squeaky clothesline. i told you that wasn't a flamingo calling. then what does a flamingo sound like? (squeaky honking sounds) pig will and pig won't: that's what a flamingo sounds like! (squeaky honking sounds) sally: it's just someone practicing the saxophone. huckle, sally and lowly: (stifled laughter) come on! if we're going to solve our mystery, we need to look and listen for more clues. (knocking sound) that's strange. i'm sure i hear someone knocking, but there aren't any houses around. that knocking isn't coming from a house... it's coming from that tree! who would be knocking up in the tree? pig will: someone must be building a tree fort up there. pig won't: that's silly! we would see a tree fort. no, it's someone's nailing a sign to the tree. a sign?! now that's silly!
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who could read a sign if it's way up there?! i'll find out what it is! can i borrow your camera, sally? sure. (camera shutter clicks) guess what?! it's a bird! (camera beeps) a bird was nailing a sign to the tree? heh. it didn't have a sign. pig won't: it was building a tree house? sally: (giggles) no. nothing like that. look. oh. it's a seagull. no it's not. it's a pigeon. i don't think it's a pigeon or a seagull. do you mind if i borrow your bird book, please? let's see here. "d" is for "duck." "h" is for "hawk." sally and lowly: that's it! yup! "w" is for "woodpecker." it says here that woodpeckers peck at wood to search for their favourite food - insects! well, that explains what was knocking on the tree. but we still don't know
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what was knocking on the doors. hmm... could i see that bird picture again? sally: sure. huckle: these little holes that the woodpecker made in the tree look awfully familiar... that's it! i think i've solved the door knocker mystery! (news van beeps) well, huckle, can you give us the key points on this door knocker mystery? i sure can, goldbug. here's what i think happened. we knew that the mystery knocker wasn't postman pig, because he hadn't even been down mr. gronkle's side of the street yet. we also thought it was odd that whoever knocked on miss honey's door didn't think to use the doorbell. that's when we noticed the garden shed door had tiny holes in it. the same holes that were in ms.honey's door and mr. gronkle's door. and then we heard a woodpecker pecking in a tree - making a noise that sounds just like knocking. when i noticed that the woodpecker made little holes in the tree when it pecked at it... i realized that the holes were just like the ones we saw in the doors.
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so i think that the mystery door knocker was actually a woodpecker, pecking at the wooden doors trying to find insects. a bird that knocks on doors?! i'll have to see that to believe it! sally: there it goes! (knocking) what do you know? huckle was right! yes! huckle was right! you heard it here first, folks. the door knocker mystery has been solved! ♪ everybody, all together ♪ solved a mystery with huckle ♪ ♪ you can solve one too! sally, lowly and pig twins: hurray for huckle! when it comes to solving mysteries, you can't knock huckle and his team. they're the best in busytown! goldbug out! (tires screech, news van beeps) huckle: hey, woodpecker! i'd fly clear of mr. gronkle's door, if i were you! (chuckles) he's grumpier than usual today.
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pig won't! i see a bird that looks like you! no it doesn't. it looks like you! both: no you! no you! no you! you! no you!
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31-st. good morning, i'm anne makovec. i'm brian hackney. we start today with latest the new eastern span of the bridge. the switchover from old truss structure to the w self- anchored suspension is movi along this morning. and it's expected to open on time. let's take a live look at t construction right now. we' less than three days away from opening day. roads are paved... but the new bridges far from finished. there's
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still plenty of work ahead this labor day weekend. all that construction has bn going on since wednesday ni there's no holiday break foe crews in charge of clearinge of the final hurdles before new eastern span can open to drivers. let's go live now kpix five's brian webb, whos standing by for the latest update from bridge official brian webb is out there live with the latest...brian. andrew gordon, bb pio "basiy where people were driving a wednesday afternoon there'sw almost a one thousand foot gab... where they started t ascend onto the bridge tha' why we can't finish the pert path of the bike and pedstrn path into oakland of that section of the bridge was causing a conflict." brian we're hearing there wl be no more s- curves?
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brian webb live at the bay bridge this morning - thank here is what will happen ov the weekend. crews will finish demolishi 1000 feet of roadway to maky for the bike path on the new bridge. they will also clean the tu leading to the western span add l-e-d lighting to it. and finally, cranes will stt bringing in large trestle ps that will be used to build e bike path. and take a look at an remare sight that we spotted for t first time last night. the lights of the bridge createa vortex of light. ... a big "v" appeared in the air abo the new tower. this apparently will be visible certain angles every night now on. there's a debate going on at naming the new bridge. a bill passed the assembly name it after former san francisco mayor willie brow
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but there's push back in the senate. former supervisors n peskin, matt gonzalez and quentin kopp say the bill ds not meet standard criteria. requiring, for example, thae honoree be deceased. check out this time lapse v of the new bay bridge construction. more than 42- thousand hour work condensed into four minutes. the video was madey "earth- cam." the m-t-c... the metropolitan transporta commission... actually relin earth-cam's 12 cameras to document the construction progress. the cameras have been up there since 20-08. you can find more details oe construction project on our website. we also posted a full list of travel alternas during the bridge closure. go to kpix dot- com, slash bridge, to check out our 'survival guide. developing news in the midd east... u-n experts investigating a chemical wes attack have now left syria d crossed into lebanon. they e heading to europe to test samples of blood, urine andl that they collected from damascus. the u-s says it is confident that the regime of president bashar
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assad carried out the attac days ago... killing more th4 hundred people. president obama continues to weigh a military strike aga syria... which he says woul "limited" and "narrow" in s. today military planes and an unmanned drone flew over a air base in turkey. the base is in the same area of turkey where u-s troops are stationed. the president says he hasn't made any final decisions. kx 5's allen martin explains h the administration is makins case, to punish syria for violating international nor. secretary of state john ker laid out the evidence
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publicly for the first time about the chemical weapons attack. today he urged president oba not to rush into a decisiona military strike. mister putin also questioned wheth strike would help end the violence and be worth poten civilian casualties. new video of a five-point-ne magnitude earthquake hit southwestern china today...
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can see the camera shaking this video. chinese officials say many buildings were damaged... forcing thousands to evacuate. the earthquake left five people dead. there are also report landslides. and another strong earthquake has hit the aleu island region off alaska. the 6-point-1 magnitude qua struck late last night near adak... a small and isolated town. that's near where a larger 7- point-oh quake hit earlier yesterday. there reportedly is no danger of a tsunami. it looks like the big rim fe near yosemite may have been started by people who were growing pot. a fire chief from twaine hae said in a community meetingt the cause of the fire was "high suspect..." especially because there was no lightng in the area. the forest service has reported an increasing number of big marijuana growing operation national forests. the rim fire is now 35-perct contained. firefighters have had some new help fromp above. this is video from an unmanned drone.. that the national guard operates. i' helping crews pinpoint spot fires... and give them
7:38 am
information for a more comprehensive fire map. new this morning. a 14-year boy has been arrested in ala for sexually assaulting a fe student. according to the oakland tribune: police say the teen attacked the girl bathroom at ruby bridges elementary school. it happened around four in the afternoon yesterday. officers say the suspect do not attend that school and d not know the victim. the girl was taken to children's hospital. a popular san francisco restaurant is closed becaus an outbreak of e- coli. more than a dozen people got sick after eating at burma superstar. it's located on clement street in the city's richmond district. san francisco's department public health has put out an alert saying that about two weeks ago... 14 people got from e. coli. and nine of tm ate at burma superstar. health officials are still investigating the other five cases. an e-coli expert at u-c berkeley says patients e more likely to report casesf the illness... because they more aware of the symptoms. "this disease is not just limited to bloody diarrhea. could have diarrhea without blood. and so if someone had been to that particular
7:39 am
restaurant and developed diarrhea, they should repor the health department as we one of the patients is doing worse than the others... suffering from a condition can lead to kidney failure and death. some say the pilot is luckyo be alive today after his ple crashed on a beach. what he did just minutes before his plane flipped over. exploding bottle @ 3:56 (na exploding bottle) ((butt to steinberg: oftentimes they very good judgment and somes they don't" watch what you post on-line. we've heard the advice... n- the new effort to give teens a do-over if they cro the line. brian tease weather
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bridge. ((ad lib scene)) so far everything is on schedule to open the new br early next week. new video: close call for the pilot of this small pla that crash landed on a beac southern california. the single engine 19-53 piper was flyin ad banner when it lost powet slowly descended towards the beach and flipped over once it hit the sand. a mann the beach saw the whole thi play out. "i talked to the pilot afterwards and asked him wh happened and he said he was losing power to the engine, was trying to bring it back couldn't get the engine to t so he ditched the banner cae it creates a lot of drag, s order to make it back to the beach that's what he had too and luckily he made it." the pilot was lucky... he oy suffered a minor head injur
7:43 am
happening today - ruth bader ginsburg is about to do something no other supreme t justice has ever done. she will officiate a same- sex wedding. the ceremony is in washington, d.c. kennedy ce president michael kaiser wi marry economist john robert kaiser is a friend of ginsburg's. oakland's pride celebration kicks off today. downtown streets from 19th to 22nd a between broadway and webster will be closed for the two y festival. the big event tod: the pride bike ride that st at 6 tonight. tomorrow: headliners... and oakland'sy own.... en vogue will perfon the main stage. ten dollars will get you into the celebration. (anchor tosses to weatherca) brian - thank you. in this age of social
7:44 am
7:45 am
media...overshari ng is the norm. and we've all heard about ts getting in trouble for postg crazy photos or updates. here's kpix 5 s kiet do... h the new law aimed at givingm a do- over. bad singing @ 1:28 (nats bad singing: "shadows searchingn
7:46 am
the night")
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we'll be right back.
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"dancing" you can call him a super fa, "dancing"
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cameron hughes busted out h year of their own money for classroom supplies. that's according to this week' s jefferson award winner.. a n sharon chin reports is suppg teachers with some relief. kathleen montgomery offers county
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online at kpix dot- com. clk the logo at the top of the page, then "jefferson awardo find the email nomination f we'll be right back. here's a look at this mornis top stories:,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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construction on the new bay
7:56 am
bridge is on schedule and 's expected to open on time. 'e looking at live pictures of work being done. roads are d but there's plenty of work e done over this labor day weekend. president obama continues to weigh a possible strike aga syria over a chemical weapo attack outside damascus. toy u-n inspectors left syria... carrying samples. those samples will soon be testedn europe. tomorrow on a special editif
7:57 am
k-p-i-x 5 this morning. whae some of the lessons learnedm the new bay bridge? randy rentschler eng_matier weekend_8-30 "i k one of the hard parts that project gave to everyone was this idea that you were goio spend a great deal of moneyt not get a whole lot for it. know, you weren't going to t more lanes of traffic. you weren't going to solve congestion." and what if we wanted to bud something like the golden ge bridge today? the concerns some people may have on thet big public works project. 's on k-p-i-x 5 this morning - starting at 8:30 a- m.... or on kbcw 44/cable 12. time for our last look at weather.... (anchor tosses to weathercaster) as for the mood out at the y bridge: it's getting downright
7:58 am
celebratory. some of the contractors who helped build the new bridge their cell phones out - takg video as a frisbee was gettg tossed around yesterday. with the old eastern span we open right now - one guy pu out a bike for a quick ride. time for us to call it a morning. thank you for watc k-p-i-x 5 news this morning. we'll be back,,,,,,,,,,,,
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