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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  August 31, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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. this is kpix 5 news. it's not what you're used to seeing outside your airplane window. the emergency that forced this flight to turn around and come back to sfo. the bay bridge checklist is getting shorter. the major progress made today and what's left to do before it reopens. and president obama says he's ready for a military strike on syria, but why he's looking to congress for the final say. good evening. the news eastern span of the bay bridge is almost ready for its debut with just a bit more than two days until its skijed opening. work on the bridge is on track. tonight kpix 5's don knapp took a preview ride of the new eastern span. >> no one here will say the bridge is ahead of schedule, but it certainly looks that way. about the only challenge is a thousand-foot section just beyond the toll plaza being
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demolished. if they don't get it demolished, they'll still open on time or even sooner. this is it. literally the end of the road for the old eastern span. even as demolition continues the new bridge is ready to go. >> i would say this bridge could eetzly accommodate prafk now. >> on the media tour, the ride is as soon as the infather and motherous. gone are the rumble strips that warn drivers of speeds. >> we're going to reriend you when the bridge does open up, there's a strict speed limit on there. work continues in the tunnel, mostly cleaning of the walls. while paving has gone oo a bit slower than expected. >> if we can open early to the public, we will. there's no reason to keep it closed until 5:00 a.m. if we don't have to. >> whant those defective rods and bolts? work with continue on them in
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the days and months ahead after the bridge is open, under the deck as cars make their way across the bay. >> this bridge is one of the most seismicly advanced bridges in the world so even with those -- that handful of broken bolts, it is still far and away incredibly much safer than the existing span. >> we're just beyond the toll plaza here. all of these lanes have been repaved. paving on the eastern side heading -- heading towards the east should be done by mid niethd tomorrow night so a lot of work yet to be done but looks like they're moving along well. reporting live in oakland, don knapp, kpix 5. >> lumbar street on the way to the golden gate bridge is one street that's off and then backed up. the chp is encouraging drivers to take public transportation if they can, and many are. so bart continues to be crowded during the bay bridge closure. no official numbers in for today
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but bart says cidership was up this morning compared to last saturday. yesterday morning 457,000 people rhode bart. it was the agency's fourth business busiest day ever but not as busy as thursday. and if you want to drive and use google maps to plan your route, you'll notice a what i think while the bridge is closed. google maps has been updated to reflect the bay bridge for now just isn't an option. we entered it in your search and it tells you to go north and then across the richmond san rafael bridge. the alternate route geven is south on 101 and across the san mateo bridge. we know plenty of people will be navigating around the closure this holiday weekend, and we do have help for you at well, a plane flying from san francisco to hong kong today
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had to turn around. a passenger reported this video of the plane dumping some of its fuel over the pacific ocean as it returned to sfo. the passenger says it happened about an hour in united flight 869. the pilot and flight attendants kept all 366 passengers calm while flying, but there were problems after the plane landed back at sfo. >> you could see the masses right around the gate. everyone wushgsz like, looking at each other. everyone was trying to talk to the gate ajent saying where exactly. someone made an announcement. you could hardly understand it. it was really just chaotic. >> that passenger says he was given a voucher for hotel near the airport as was vouchers for dinner and breakfast. united says its maintenance team is inspecting the aircraft and booking passengers on other flights. >> it now looks like president obama will not launch an attack
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on syria this week. cbs reporter marly hal reports the president is seeking congressional support for the attack, and that could take awhile. >> i have decided that the united states should take military action against syrian regime targets. >> president obama says he's ready to give the order but will ask congress to authorize the use of military force against syria. >> here's my question. for every member of congress and every member of the global community, what message will we send if a dictator can gas hundreds of children to death in plain sight and pay no price. >> president obama was ready to order a military strike against syria without congressional support but on friday night he told advisors he changed his mind. saturday after a two-hour debate in the white house room with his national security team, the president addressed the nation with a plan to seek lawmakers' ie provl. >> while i believe i have the authority to carry out this
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military action without specific congressional authorization, i know that the country welcomes stronger if we take this course and our actions will be even more effective. >> the white house says evidence shows syrian president launched a chemical attack that killed more than 1400 people, including 426 children on august 21st. the president sent congress a draft of the resolution seeking their approval for a military strike to deter and prevent the syrian government from using chemical weapons in the future. president obama says military action would be limited and would not include american troops on the ground in syria. marly hal for cbs news. >> the senate foreign and a vote will likely take place the week of september 9. meantime a bay area professor who teaches a course on congress says he believes the president's appeal to congress may actually be a way to avoid going to war. >> he put himself in a box by
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creating this artificial red line of his own making, and now he's under numerous pressure not to look weak and indecisive because that would only damage him but damage the country as a whole. i think congress may be a way out because i'm not certain congress is going to authorize the action. >> there were protests across the country today by people opposed to u.s. intervention. here in the bay area. they said what's happening today is reminiscent of the buildup to the iraqi war. this protest was one of many around the country organized by the coalition. people also gathered to protest outside san jose city hal. many of the demonstrators urged leaders to allow the united nations to continue investigating the regime. the regime has been accused of atrocities against innocent civilians. the rim fire is keeping many tourists away from yosemite this holiday weekend. it burned more than 222,000
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acres near the park. cbs reporter tells us smoke from the fire is changing the scenery. >> the views at yosemite have been pristine despite the wild fire just a few miles away. that all changed this morning with a shift of wind. this is now what looks like from yosemite valley. the threat of fire has kept some tourists away. park officials fear attendance will be down by as much as 18,000 this weekend. fire crews have set up a containment line, but thousands mor acres could burn before the fire reaches it. >> i've never a fire in california this intense or important. >> mike is with the incident command team. >> is the strategy heerz to just let it burn. >> no. what we're planning to do at yosemite is to use fire and natural barriers to stop the fire where we can without losing precious resources we all enjoy
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and know yosemite for. >> the pentagon approved the use of unmanned drone helping firefighters map out where the flames are advancing. >> outside the park residents are back safe bid firefighters, but the smoke lingers and so does an empty feeling. tori moss books vacation rentals, which should be full. >> it's the biggest weekend of the year for us. it's like the 4th of july. every home that we have was booked. >> the reservations have to be cancelled and estimated $20,000 loss. >> we would rather them be safe than try to make some money, you know, to get them up here. >> it could be two weeks before crews have the fire fully surrounded. cbs news los angeles. >> the rim fire is also causing air quality concerns in the el dorado foothills. some winelys are concerned smoke has hurt the quality. studies have shown that with too
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much smoke, some wine can't be sold. labor day weekend usually means great shopping deals. coming up, why it could also mean record numbers for car dealerships. art, wine and a whole lot more. the new attraction at this festival that's giving guests quite a thrill. i heard mention labor day weekend. showers, thunderstorms, back in the forecast, a pinpoint outlook as the news continues right here on kpix 5. ,,,,,,
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sale going on, including car dealerships. kpix 5's john ramos explains why they st than usual . just about everyone has got a labor day weekend sale going on including car tealer ships. kpix 5 john ramos explains why they could see a bigger boost than usual this time around. >> this streamers are flying in concord, but things look kind of quiet. the same is true at future ford. so where are all the customers. >> they'll have all their shopping done. they might have already been to our store, and they're just waiting for that moment. >> that moment is labor day weekend when car companies offer incentives to boost sales, and this month's sales are nothing short of epic. j. d. power estimates that in
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august alone, americans will spend $36 billion for new cars. >> there's a lot of wait and see going on for a few years. even after the economy is recover and had people are back to work more, there is still a little bit of a conservative view. >> that new fru galty means people are holding onto their old cars longer. the average car on the road is now estimated to be 11.4 years old and those cars are starting to wear out. >> we had a lady come in. her car was basically on its last leg, and she's ready for a new car. she drove it till it die and had barely made it in here. like, i got to buy a new car. i got to get to work tomorrow so get me in something. that worked. >> and there are other factors sweetening the august books, as well. prices are up. the average car now costs over $31,000, but consumer credit is easing, meaning more people can buy. even the calendar is helping out
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providing five full weekends this month for new car shoppers. >> for a long time, people were a little bit more downtrodden. people were a little sick and tired of being sick and tired, and they want to go out there and enjoy the fruits of their labor. >> all things considered it's a good month to be a car tealer. >> are you optimistic about the future. >> i am. yeah, definitely. >> are you optimistic about this weekend. >> this weekend is going to be fantastic. no question. >> in concord, kpix 5. >> dealerships say they will offer their best incentives this weekend but they may not be as good as they were a few years ago when inventories were high and people just weren't bieg. piecings were on display at san francisco's america's cup park today. art in the park at pierres 27 and 29 featured works by local artists. the park will also be busy tomorrow when the america's cup kicks off. the america's cup finals begins
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next saturday. soring to new heights on the peninsula, a 200-not zip line is the new attraction at the 43rd annual art & wine festival this weekend. there's also music, arts and crafts and, of course, food and wine at the festival. you can check it out tomorrow from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.. it's a free shuttle. people enjoying a three-day weekend but not so great for some folks in the midportion of our country. >> oh, they've been having a dreadful heat wave, and they will continue to have that heat wave at least for another two or three days. my son is going to school in norman, oklahoma. 109 greece for their very first football game today. here locally, we have some changes. sent me in this photo. what to you see there, ann. >> two ufos. >> it looks like that, right, fly saucers. actually, those are len tick lar clouds.
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they're formed when the current of moist air is actually forced upwards, but then the moisture condenses and those kind of clouds are formed. they look stationary but they're actually moving. it seems right that they would form because we have a lot of moisture from subtropical moisture moving in our direction. i'll explain more about that. right now it's our live kpix 5wet every camera looking out towards very busy embarcadero. it's saturday night. holiday weekend. people are out and about. 58 degrees. otherwise santa rosa also in the 50s. 0s in san jose, livermore, oakland and currently 64 degrees in mountain view. today pretty windy during late-day hours. 60 beaches, 80 in redwood city as well as san jose, pretty spot on this time of year. mid 80s to the east and nearly 90 today in santa rosa. overnight tonight 50s and 60s across the board. 64 degrees outside number
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mountain view into fremont as well as union city. so tonight overcast skies. tomorrow morning wake up to gray conditions and then turning partly sunny, a little bit on the muggy side, just a little bit, then we had that possibility of thunderstorms in the forecast. i'll get to that with future cast. watch the clouds. here's your sunday night. notice out towards the sacramento valley, stray shower then here is your labor day. looks like everything wants to remain tu east, however, a stray shower cannot be ruled out of the mix or even a thunderstorm. it's all subtropical moisture. see those little blobs of green picking up here and there. all associated with this right here. look at the subtropical moisture over nevada running into the desert southwest up in northerly direction in toward it is bay area. that will be the scenario over the next 48 hours. sure high pressure is still in command but we do have that. how does this affect the gathering and gains? got to love men in skirts.
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okay. kilts. partly sunny skies. tomorrow, temperatures 60s at the beaches, 70s and 80s around the peninsula. 88 degrees, morgan hill and gil roy. pretty much what you saw today is what you're going to get again for your sunday. pretty much the 80s. as you get close to the central bay we're talking about numbers. the north bay numbers stacking up from the 560s through the 70s into the low 80s and san rafael also around. 84 degrees in cloverdale. west and southwest winds, 10 and 20 late day. there's that chance of a thunder bumper in the forecast late sunday night into your monday. otherwise you got to look at friday. go ahead. look at friday. >> i'm looking. >> almost triple digits. >> daddy like that is. >> daddy likes that. now, we're talk k about the boys of summer. >> that's right. >> nice. thank you. all right. but it's cal football tonight. >> game is still going on, and
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it's changed the disposition of everybody in the control room. football, football, football. straight ahead including this thriller at uc berkeley. hang on. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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rose bowl . for only the second time ever, cal played northwestern in a football game. this was the opener tonight for cal. northwest earn was ranked 22nd
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in the nation. first time they met, the 1949 rose bowl. coach sonny dikes era. memorial stadium packed. first drive. fake field goal. jackson boos. runs it in for a touchdown. cal up 7 to nothing. now, freshman jarrett golf. 35 of 57. he had 400-yard game chld rounding the bears back from ten down in the third. chris harper, 52 yards, touchdown. lee trims to three. then after a turnover, harper again off the jump ball. cal led 24-20 then strange stuff like the bad at ball into the hands of ellis, and he gone. 56 yards for the pick six. northwestern back up by three. then in the final period, cal down three, picked again.
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ellis again. northwestern with under two minutes to play leads 44 to 30 again in the season opener with the bears. nfl cutdown day. add i don't say to the longest brian jennings. jennings bham expendable. mcder mott also costs $500,000 lez in salary. share the team record with 208 in consecutive games played. now, 21 players in total did not make the 53-maven roster, including veteran wide receiver austin collie and excal star lavelle hawkins. travis john sons. he is not retired contrary to what jim harbaugh had earlier stated. on the other side of the bay the raiders let go of former star andre carter.
11:25 pm
linebacker omar good faither. rookie david boss and chase thomas from stanford among others. interesting to know the raiders will keep four quarter barks on their roster. quarter back tim tebow is available, cut this time by the patriots. tebow remains one of the most polarizing figures in the nfl. in the preseason he threw for a couple touch touns and two interceptions. all right. we're going to step away. when we return, the a's forecast call for a sunny, gray night. >> oh, nice. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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masterful performance by the rookie...6 2/3..,7 strikeouts...he . rookie sonny gray got the ball for the a's tonight tampa bay. left to a standing o. 35,067. now, this one would be scoreless in the 6th and then coach goes chris right back at you. gave the a's a one-to-nothing lead. morgan in a moment. base threat tong time the a's. >> swing and a sglisz evan lorp gar yeah strikes out. now, bottom 8th. coco again. back away. say it with me. go!
11:29 pm
two to nothing athletics, and it was full-time for grant balfour to come in and get kelly johnson on the ground out to end the a's. beat the rays 2 to 1 and they're still up on tampa bay in the wild card reyes. all right. how about those g-men. looking good. we're in arizona. down 3-2 in the 7th. buster posey ties it upright here with rbi single to score marcu scutero. the game is tied at three. we got defense pan part of the giants. in a second game back. big fellow center field, but in the 9th, former athletic eric gaper ball game. diamondbacks win final of 4 to 3. other to golf, tiger woods, phil mick elson in the same
11:30 pm
pairing again. no luck here. out of the yuck and into the rough. mickelson even par for the round, five back. tiger woods, five birdies on the afternoon. that's solid. sergio, where you been, son? 764 for him. eagle and 18. one streak lead clear the field. this event outside of boston. and in soccer, landon donovan, remember once upon a time he was a san jose earthquake. he still went in for the donovan. that factors being shot down final of 3 to nil. >> all right. thanks. weal be right back. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. all right. . >> northwest earn 44. cal 30. spoils of 400-yard game for freshman. >> next time next time. all right. that's it for us. see you again tomorrow at 5:30. good night. ,, female narrator: through monday, get three years through monday, get three years interest-free financing and save up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get three years interest-free financing on serta icomfort and tempur-pedic, but this special financing offer ends labor day at sleep train.
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