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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  September 1, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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touches being done now-- be tomorrow's chain cutting ceremony. new evidence--- supporting e chemical weap getting closer by the hour. the opening of the bridge. new evidence supporting the claim that syria used the chemical weapon on its own people killing more than one,000. undoing the damage from an online photo or post. what is helping teens undo the damage on the internet. we are less than two days away from the opening of the bay bridge. looking at where the bridge connects to the tunnel it is different from yesterday. you can see the new sphapb is now striped with traffic lanes. crews are dotting the i's and crossing the t's and kpix5 brian wedd shows us what is
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being done today, brian? >> no hiccups or headaches. >> reporter: they are working on the lanes back there. working on striping, barriers and the cleanup. they still say they plan to open the new bridge tuesday morning at 5:00 a.m. that means the countdown has turned from days to hours. >> the heavy lifting is almost over. this demolition will make way for a new temporary wooden bike and pedestrian pass already waiting in the wings. >> they are demolishing it and putting a temporary bike pack there so on tuesday they can start using that bike and pedestrian path. >> 16,000 tons of brand-new asphalt covers the 2.2 mile span. specially designed for water to seek below to make steering safer. >> they put up the second fast track here and put up the barriers keeping it them in the
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right direction. >> speaking of tunnels, this one, it was sandblasted and power washed. now, bigger and brighter led lights to lead the way. >> there will be a lot to pass by the roadway sweepers to, you know, make sure there are not odd bits of metal in the roadway. that kind of thing. >> a few more nips and tucks, a touch of paint and tlc and the bay area has its a brand-new bridge. >> there are plenty of ups and downs this year. so, i think everyone is very excited, relieved to be at this point. >>and they have begun tearing down part of the old bridge. they say the entire process will take three years as they do it piece by piece. coming up tonight, we will tell you how there are a few drivers out this trying to make their way on the old bridge even now. >> even after all of this. >> all right, brian. let me ask you this, we heard
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they made the temporary repairs to the broken bolts. when do they expect to fix them for gooded? >> the officials say the short answer is they should be done in december. and that most of the work, all of the work will be happening up under the bridge and the drivers should not even notice. >> that is good to hear. >> thank you brian webb. >> b.a.r.t is on a role this labor day weekend. it recorded a quarter of a million trips. the record was first broken october 6th last year when people were heading to fleet week. america's cup, a cal game and a justin bieber concert. 300,000 rode that day. here is a live look at the traffic conditions here on the bay area right now. here is the bridge. cars going away from us? heading west to the peninsula. no problems reported all day. on the golden gate bridge. traffic bridge, slubbish at times. for the most part, moving along
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but for around 2:00 this afternoon when there was some police activity on the bridge. there does appear to be new evidence that syrian government used the deadly gas against its own people in an attack nearly two weeks ago. this information comes as senior officials today present a case to lawmakers for a military strike. capitol hill leaders still need to be convinced. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry says the united states now has evidence a deadly nerve agent was used in a chemical a tack on civilians in syria. >> those samples of hair and blood have been tested and they have reported positive for signatures of seran. >> president barack obama wants the u.s. to respond with military force but says he will wait until he gets congressional approval. national security advisories went to capitol hill on sunday to convince house members to support limited military action. >> i think the administration presented to congress a strong
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case. >> not everyone was convinced. >> i am still skeptical. it is not clear to me that we know what the results of this attack will be. >> many members of congress are not ready to say how they will vote. >> i will not answer that part until we have a lot more questions answered. if my mind they need to be answered. john mccain wants more information from the white house. >> i think the senator and i and others will be wanting a strategy, a plan, rather than just, we are going to launch missiles and that is it. >> reporter: the white house claims last month syrian president used chemical weapons to kill 1400 citizens including 426 children. next week congress will debate how they should respond to the alleged attack. >> the regime denies using the chemical weapon, syria's opposition urges congress to
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approve the military stphaobgz meanwhile, -- meanwhile, they are speeding up tests. two syrian government officials are monitoring the process. the rim fire is now the 4th largest fire in california state history. it has been burning for two weeks and the firecrews now have it 40% contained. the fire has spread about 350,000. high heat and humidity is expected to slow it down and give the firefighters a chance to strengthen the lines around the communities. it burned 100 structures and they extpoebgt have it fully surrounded near the end -- expect to have it fully surrounded near the end of this month. ford is recalling cars, the problem could result in a loss
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of steering that could cause crashes. model years 2005 to 2011 crown victoria and lincoln town cars, you can check with your dealer and they will inspeck the cars and make any repairs that are needed. he was known for his hard- hitting interviews with head's of state including richard nixon. tonight we will look back at the career of david frost who died today on a cruiseship. and never do -- do you ever do something you really wish you hundred? the new law to keep teenagers from embarrassing themselves on- line. good evening, everybody, sure it is the holiday and yes, showers in the forecast. i will show you where and when as the news continues right here on kpix5.
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host -- who interviewed presidents and movie stars,a career that lasted half a century. british broadcaste- david frost died suddenly lt a former tv game show host who interviewed presidents. british broadcaster david frost died aboard a cruiseship. edward lawrence looks back at his legacy. >> reporter: he received worldwide fame for his series of interviews with president richard nixon. best known for getting the former president to admit wrongdoing in the watergate
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scandal. >> i let down my friends. i let down the country. >> reporter: in 1977 three years after resigning, nixon refused to talk with anyone. frost offered him $600,000 and a cut of the profits, nixon said yes. anthony nathan talked to frost in 2008 about that interview. >> do you think he picked you to do this interview in any way because you were an out sider? >> i think it happened. >> reporter: it helped for later bases of the film frostnixon. he wore his trade mark red socks. >> did you believe about him having weapon of mas destruction? >> reporter: he questioned 8 presidents, and prime ministers. frost was called a friend and fierce interviewer. beyond politics he want on one
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with one with celebrities. >> when i meet this man, if you think the world was surprised when nixon resigned wait until i whip foreman's behind. >> you nighted in 1993, the late princess diana was god mother of the youngest 3 sons. frost died from a heart attack after giving a speech. he was 74 years old. back to you. frost began his career in the 1960s as a host of a show that scooped the news. at the time of his death he was working mandela's health remains critical and he will continue with the same care he got in
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the hospital the president released little information about his health. take a look at the skies and we will talk about it as the news continues on kpix-5. ,, [ telephone ringing ] [ male announcer ] answering your phone between 5 and 7 on a weeknight? not so smart. [ drumming ] buying your own kid a drum set. not so smart. getting a complete meal on the table under 10 bucks? now that's smart. the new kfc $9.99 6-piece deal. 6 pieces of chicken... 3 biscuits, and one large side just $9.99! bringing home a meal the whole family loves for under ten bucks? very smart. today tastes so good.
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other times.. it's downright embarrassing. kiet do tells us: teenagers may soon get e e the past. in this age of social media oversharing is the normal. sometimes it is embarrassing. teenagers may get the chance to erase the past. [singing] >> to all of the teen aimers whoever thought themselves, posting that video on-line, seemed like a good idea at the
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time. california lawmakers are trying to save you from yourselves. [ laughter ] >> the state legislature had passed sb five68 that would require social media sites to make it easy and obvious for minors to delete photos or status updates. these hoards of asian people at ucla lips lips. >> reporter: and then this post of a racist slant. >> reporter: teens need all of the help they can get. >> that, i think, will save a lot of young people from embarrassment. >> reporter: for this 13-year- old, she thinks the bill is a good idea and teens feel invincible and make bad choices
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to get attention. >> they are not thinking when they post on facebook. they are not thinking when they post dumb stuff. >> reporter: 15-year-old robert perez says teens need that second chance. >> if it was passed it would be like giving someone a new start. >> reporter: in san jose, kpix- 5. >> all right. if the governor signs the bill into law it would go into effect in 2015. u.s. endurance swimmer made it safely through her firsten night in the straits of -- first night in the straits in florida. he did suffer from fatigua at one point but the doctors are saying she is looking good. the 64-year-old is trying to break the record to be the first person to swim from cuba to florida without a shark cage. this is her 4th try. we will keep an eye on that. roberta is keeping an eye on the forecast. dihear you say showers? >> yes.
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we have been calling this for the last two weeks. >> yes. we have not liked it. >> yes. tropical moisture going into the area. causing a dramatic time. i want to thank all of you e- mailing, facebooking me and also tweeting me your pictures. in fact we have this one right here from eric in concord. then we head to san jose with paula saided what is that? looks like a flying saucer up in the air. now, we segue to our live kpix camera. and you can see the clouds developing there as well. and not only in vacca sreul but i heard from patricia saying have you seen this? the beautiful scenery right now? looking out towards the mountains? yes. in is our live camera looking out there. lenticular clouds. the high air is rising and up over the hills and the mountain ranges and then the moist air condenses. that is what we are seeing because of the subtropical
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moisture that is invading the bay area. 65 degrees in san francisco. 70s in oakland. it is now 79 degrees in santa rosa after a high today in the low 80s. this is the scene, a different type of cloud. over the golden gate bridge. low clouds and areas of patchy fog. winds whipping out of west. bottom line, we will be mostly cloudy tonight. a chance of showers for your labor day outdoor plans. then a huge warm up. we will talk about that. first, this. tonight, overnight, 50s and 60s with the cloud cover. now, here is your future cast. this is how we are playing that possibility of showers, 7:00, a.m., rise and shine. eastern portion of our bay area. this is the moisture producing the chance. chance towards the delta and the sacramento valley. we remain partly to mostly cloudy during the day and then high pressure builds in. subtropical moisture lift on tuesday and we will be rid of all of the mugginess and those developing showers. they are dissipating right now.
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you can see that. the bottom line is, subtropical moisture it continues to lift from the south to the north. a few breaks for your labor day. plenty of clouds. how does it effect the oakland a's? they play against the texas rangers. 78 degrees, a few peaks of sunshine. grab the sun block and any of it. all right, tomorrow, the temperature, 63, beaches, 73, all of the way up to 63 degrees morgan hill. wrapping up the eastern portion of our bay area. 86, outside number. talking 60s and 70ss. 60, 70s, 80s, north of the bridge. slightly warmer than that, mostly cloudy. the extended forecast, high pressure nudges out the subtropical moisture on tuesday. it fills in rapidly and built in, and as it does so we have the temperatures soring to the middle 90s by the end of the workweek and into next weekend. >> yes. all righty. >> thank you. >> vern has a wild card update
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for us. >> i do. yes. the a's making noise. a monster series. the rangers coming in. a's had a chance to shave a game up on the rangers before the game even started. could they do it. the giants playing arizona, sports is next ,, ♪ [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be great if all devices had backup power? the chevrolet volt does. it's ingeniously designed to seamlessly switch from electricity to gas to extend your driving range. no wonder volt is america's best-selling plug-in. that's american ingenuity to find new roads. right now, get a 2013 chevrolet volt
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more than $61,000 coco crisp...hits it is september, baseball, time for the contenders to step up. that means your oakland a's. breast cancer awareness day.
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a sea of pink. a's raised $61,000. a's against the rays, crisp. he hits the ball, hard. lead off home run. cocoa and swago. 16th of the year. when you see aj griffin. chances are a ball might leave the playing field. james, another statistic. griffin leads the majors in home run offerings with 33. that tied it at 1. a's up to 1 in the 7th. jennings. base hit to the left. meyers, oh ... but he gets it. now, the sweeping one. he gets it. he got it. all right. bottom of the 7th. insurance time. off of the bat of steven. the a's. 5-1. bring on the rangers. bring them on. hay. with that victory and the texas
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loss. the a's gain a game on those rangers. they sit 1 game behind in the west and extend their lead over tampa bay for the top spot in the wild card race. they are in good shape. the giants, diamondbacks, remember back when the experts thought these guys would be the contenders in the rest of the season? that was then, as they say, this is now. diamondbacks, with patrick, corbin on the hill. he ropes one to center. adam, going to come all of the way around from 1st. we got ourselves quite the play. and he is safe. diamondbacks up 1 early. tied game. then, 2 on in the 4th. hector sanchez, he smacks one. it is the gasper. now, 1 run is in. 2 runs in. giants take the lead and they
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were not done. hunter, back, away, gone. his 17th for the year. giants up 5-1. that is all they would need. that is all he gets. he was hao aoá. >> he was kind of a big deal. any way. 10 diamondbacks, going way back throughout the course of the game. the giants going to win, final of 8-2. oh. love that one. nfl now. alameda. more cut downs today. a quarterback and a special teamer. rookie wilson, two preseason games, threw for under 100 yards, just did not work out for the 4th rounder. now, number 8. he is gone. looking for work. a bit of a surprise here when they cut ties with chris cloe kwr-rbg. he signed him but decided to go with undraft -- chris cloye.
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he signed him but decided to go with under crafted king. now, round 3 outside of boston. resumed after a little bit of a weather delay. now, he follows this simple baby in as it goes. and it is -- oh! man, oh. [ laughter ] >> leaned one way. sergio garcia kept up the momentum today. at the 17th hole. nice spot. he had the right stick, taps it in. he is your leader at 19 under par. switch it over to tennis, seereena, top 2 women in tennis. -- serena, top 2 woman in tennis. now, oh. williams near court, serve,
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volley control, you might say. go ahead, put it away. williams won the first set, 6- 4. stevens tries to hang on from there. find a friend. put the on there, that is it. williams gets this one. 6-4, 6-1, on to the semifinals. indy car racing. the grand prix of baltimore. marco andretti. leading the race 13 laps until then. oh. yes. like domino's, going right into each other. the 29-year-old french man, simon pegino takes the lead at the restart. goes on to win his 2nd race. my old stomping grounds, baltimore, maryland. >> that is it for us. see you back here in half an hour. good night. ,,
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mom... yes honey? dad told me that cheerios is good for your heart, is that true? says here that cheerios has whole grain oats that can help remove some cholesterol, and that's heart healthy. [ dad ] jan?
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>> jeff: tonight the debate begins. >> use of chemical weapons is wrong and it can't go unpunished. >> today on this current resolution i would vote no. >> jeff: with military strikes delayed, the president saying he will seek congressional approval. syria hails a quote historic american retreat. nancy cordes is on capitol hill. elizabeth palmer in damascus. >> jeff: former south african president nelson mandela is out of the hospital. deborah in johannesburg reports on what could be mandela's final trip back home. >> jeff: we remember sir david frost, the british broadcaster who stunned the world with his richard nixon interviews. >> well, when the president does it, that means it is not


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